at least i take good photos of you

this is the least comfortable or true to myself i’ve ever felt taking a photo but it’s for a good cause.

today is #worldmentalhealthday and with Young Minds i’m saying #helloyellow to show people aren’t alone with their mental health. if you live in the u.k. and want to raise money text ‘YMHY17 £3’ to 70700 - i hope to search the # and see you there too!

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I've been drawing for nine years now and have gotten considerably better since I started, but I find myself still struggling to get things right like facial features, bodies, and, my biggest problem, hands. This coming Spring I'm going to college for animation and illustration, but I just struggle so much that it makes me wonder how I could ever be successful in that area. I really want to do this, but I lack in many resources (I have a box of old crayolas and all of digital art is done on (1)

Don‘t worry, everyone struggles at first, mostly if you’re self-taught. I’m sure at college they’ll teach you the basics of drawing again before starting with more specific stuff (at least that’s how it worked at the school of comics)
But if you want to know some basic exercises I was given for human bodies and facial features, here there are:

the first thing to do is simplify figures, instead of starting drawing the body with anatomy right away, think of it as geometrical shapes put together

For the head there are these structures that might help you

For the hands, believe me, even the most expert artist on the earth has difficulties in drawing them.
But as the other parts, it helps to make a geometrical structure before

I do this

I’m not really that good at drawing hands but that’s the principle of it.

As exercise for human bodies and gestures, photos of athletes are really useful,

study their gesture drawing mannequins over photos

You can do the same exercise for faces and hands.

You can take all these “shortcuts” and modify the proportions to have the type of figure you want.

As for the equipment, I think if you want to go for animation you need at least a computer and a drawing tablet… For traditional illustrations you can use anything really

Just once // SHAWN MENDES

“God, just once could you be here for me? Once. Thats all I’m asking,” I cry, my hands flying into the air. 

“I’ve always been there for you,” He says, one hand running through his messy curls.

“May I remind you last month, dinner, Michelles- 7pm? Ring any bells?” I scowl.

“I was at the studio, you know how I get after a long day writing,” Shawn turns away like he’s going to walk off.

“I texted you 3 hours before!” the anger in me uncurled, blinding me to any other emotions. “Then the meeting with my parents! We barely see them and they wanted to meet up with us and where were you?” 

He shoots me a regretful glance. “Getting drinks with the boys,” Shawn murmurs.

“Damn right you were,” I cry again, my arm flying out, knocking the wall, pain shooting up my wrist. “Shoot,” I whisper, rubbing the area to try and soothe it. 

“Baby, are you o-” He begins to ask stepping towards me. 

“Stop,” the word hangs in the air, silence engulfing us. I sigh. “Every award show, as many concerts as I can, I’m always there- cheering you on,” I look up at him. The sight of him made my stomach clench in a way that made me want to throw up. Pain from his mistake, was clear in his eyes.

“I know you are, I love that you are there for me,” He tries to say but I cut him off again.

“Then can you understand how much it meant to me, for you to be at university as I graduated? I looked for you!” my eyes began to water and I knew that soon I would become a fountain of tears. 

“When I was waiting for my diploma and I couldn’t find you I just thought ‘Maybe Shawn’s just the late, the parking was pretty bad!’” Here came the tears. “Then it got later and it was time for my year to line up and I still couldn’t see you anywhere so I just blamed it on ticket issues, or you couldn’t find which hall we were in,” I finish in a sob, my arms wrapping around my waist trying to provide a sense of comfort from the isolation I was feeling. I meet Shawn’s eyes again and it does nothing to cease my crying. 

“That wasn’t the worst part- the worst was walking across the stage and having to stare out into an audience, filled with strangers, and not being able to identify a single person who came to see you,”

I turn away, pressing my back against the wall, sliding down till I’m seated. 

“Y/N” Shawn whispers, not knowing how to approach the situation. The distance hadn’t done anything good for our relationship. It made it worse. Provided a void I didn’t know how to fix.

“After the ceremony I walked out,” I hiccup, my voice raspy after my crying episode. “Everyone was taking pictures with their family or friends or at least someone. I waited again. Hoping that maybe you were just seriously late and you would at least show up to take a photo with me in my robes before I had to return them,” I stare across the room. 

“I waited for at least an hour. You didn’t show. I returned the robes. Got in my car. Drove back home.” I shrug my shoulders as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. My teary, red eyes lock with his watery ones.

“You were here of course, watching TV, Should have guessed,” I say sarcastically, pulling myself from the ground and trying to appear stronger then what I felt inside. 

“Baby I swear I completely forgot- I never meant to miss you graduate,” He pleads reaching out to grab one of my hands. I tug my hand out his grasp.

“But you did, you always do it. Whether its because of work, distracting you, making you forget or some other reason you always seem to forget me and that’s- that’s okay because I’ve realized I’ll always come second best to you and I always will,” I chuck my diploma on the kitchen bench, the paper making a soft slap against the cold marble.

I turn and begin to make my way upstairs, my eyes sore and dry. 

“Y/n, please, baby no, I’ll do anything to make this up, make it up to you,” Shawn calls trailing me up the stairs. I turn around to face him.

“Just,” I cry, pausing to calm the anger that reappeared. “I need space right now,” I reach the top of the stairs and go to the cupboard pulling out an overnight bag and begin to quickly chuck clothes I may need.

“What are you doing? Stop! What is that supposed to mean?” Shawn calls tugging at the roots of his hair in a stressed manor. 

“I’m leaving for a couple nights, I’ll stay at Sammy’s,” I say calmly. 

“Like hell you are,” Shawn goes to my bag and pulls things out I previously put in.

I’m leaving,” I state firmly holding his gaze. “You can’t stop me,” 

“Will you come back?” He asks and for a fraction of a second he looks scared and vunrable. A fraction. 

Maybe,” I say, finishing up with my bag, I race to the front door, lugging my bag with me as Shawn chases after me.

Once I go to open the door I look back at him as he gives me a wavering look, begging me not to leave.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll forget I was ever here in the first place,” with that remark I slam the door shut.

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Night Moves (Part 4)

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend Jess is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,900ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: This one was a fast write but tons of fun to come up with!…

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anonymous asked:

What are some beginner mistakes you often see in beginner cosplays?

Hello there!

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about construction issues here – things that beginner cosplayers may not think about that would improve the overall look of the costume – and not issues of costume choice or people not having fun in the right ways, etc.

One of the major things that I see is people not thinking of their cosplay as a cohesive look on their bodies/brought into real life. Of course, not all beginner cosplayers have the same resources as veteran cosplayers, but things like wigs, makeup (regardless of gender), and shoes that go with the outfit really help bring the look together, and if cosplayers are making their outfits, making sure that the material and color choices make sense together, on that particular outfit, and on their bodies. Thankfully the days of costume satin, crushed velvet, and shiny PVC for /everything/ have largely passed, but even so, thinking about things like whether a fabric makes sense for a particular character/garment type or making sure that the colors and textures of a costume work together (so not using a flat quilting cotton for a princess ballgown, or not using a formalwear fabric for a school uniform, or making sure that the colors have similar undertones as to not clash with each other, or changing a color slightly to be more flattering on the wearer) can really step up the costume so that it looks like a cohesive outfit.

I would say that the second major thing I see with construction is people not hiding the construction of their garments and props. Obviously, things happen and sometimes we don’t have time to finish (start early! don’t procrastinate!), or things break at the con, or whatever else may happen, but paying attention to this from the start can also have a huge impact. Even things as small as hemming garments, clipping loose threads, or pressing seams can greatly improve how something looks, and when dealing with props and armor, making sure that attachments, adhesives, and the texture of the base material are hidden can also really help. These things take time (especially on props and armor!), but even something as simple as facing a cardboard sword with some posterboard before painting to hide the corrugated texture or not using duct tape on the outside (when it can be helped and isn’t an emergency repair) or otherwise taking a little bit of extra time and care to plan things out can really improve the overall look. When making something, it can help to prioritize what needs to be done – even if you don’t have time to line the garment, you should still hem it and pink the seam allowances to prevent fraying, and clip your threads.

Related to the above point is costume fit. This is something that can take a lot of sewing experience to really nail, but making sure that items fit and have the proper structure can go a LONG way in improving construction. Interface collars, waistbands, and other items that require it. Add boning where needed. Make sure that items aren’t overly baggy or overly tight. Make sure that items are proportioned correctly to your body (a lot of beginners tend to make accessories overly large, since they’re thinking in anime or comic proportions and not human proportions), as well.

A few other things, just as general convention tips: eat and drink enough (I bring my own snacks and water which can really help), and eat at least two solid meals a day (don’t live off of Pocky and soda). Take rests. Get enough sleep. Bring makeup for touchups. If possible bring comfortable shoes or clothes to change into. Learn a pose or two for when people ask for your photo. Practice good hygiene. Treat other congoers respectfully (and treat cosplayers like people, not their characters or like celebrities). Look at the con schedule ahead of time and plan out your day. Be sure your phone is charged/you have a backup battery (you may not be able to get to an outlet to use a wall charger). Practice common sense.

Here are a couple of resources I have for beginner to intermediate cosplayers looking to improve their craft: 1 2

A lot of beginner cosplayers are just starting out with garment and prop construction, and many are excited about being able to cosplay for the first time, and that’s great! I’d rather see someone make something that isn’t perfect and be happy about it than see someone stress about their first time cosplaying and trying to make everything 100% perfect and then be unhappy with it. However, a few simple fixes like making sure that you wear makeup and ironing your outfit can really make it that much more enjoyable because you know that you can embody the character better, and these are things that can be done whether you make or buy your costumes.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

Nct 127 visiting their s/o's country

Request: Can i reaction a nct reaction (especially 127) about them dating a foreigner and she asks them for the summer holidays to visit her country?? Thank youuu

A/N: since you didn’t give a specific unit i’ll just do the 127 unit! do request again if you want other members/units hehe



Would be more fascinated at your house rather than your country tbh. Would also probably stay at home with you for a few days rather than visiting places because he prefers spending time with you alone. But once you start whining and begging him to go visit other places though (your favourite restaurants, places etc.), he’d agree full heartedly and would also probably take many pictures so he can save them as memories.

Originally posted by taeiljaeh


Was probably the one who suggested to go visit, because he’s excited and curious to see the environment you grew up in and he wants to visit new places so he suggested it. Is prepared to spend the whole day out with you just visitinh different places and famous places, and would probably also ask you to do cliche and cringy poses for pictures together with him.

“I heard this place is really wonderful and famous *points to your house*”

“And where did you hear that from?”

“I just knew, because it helped to bring up such a beautiful person *winks*”

“Stop omg-”

Originally posted by pawjohnny


Would probably jump around excitedly from the moment y'all landed at the airport, and would also ask you to bring him to somewhere with good food. Loves taking random selfies and photos of the both of you, and would also compliment everything about your country like 24/7.

Never fails to tidy up your house and room every morning ever since you brought him there to stay, because he claims that ‘it was too messy’ when everything was in place (at least for you).

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Like Taeil, but extremely lazy. Both of you probably spent half the vacation hugging and cuddling in your house rather than actually going out to visit places. Mainly because he wants to spend more time with you, and he also wants to use it as an excuse to come back again with you, “because we didn’t get to do much”

But when y'all go out to visit and go sightseeing though, he takes every moment to snao pictures and would also compliment on how beautiful everything is, just like you.

pretend you’re winwin

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Really excited over it but doesn’t show it, but would get shocked and amazed by how different everything was there as compared to Korea. Unlike Yuta, he’d be the one dragging you out to bring him around, asking you to show and explain things to him as he loves learning new things. Would probably also try to learn your language and interact with the people there, who’d laugh at his awkward accent every single time.

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A mix of Doyoung and Taeil tbh, some days he just wants to cuddle with you and spend time alone in your house, and the others, he’d be all excited and hyped up to go visiting your favourite places.

Has a small little to-do list with you and wants to complete every single one before y'all go back, some includes: meet her parents, visit her favourite cafe, go shopping and buy her clothes

Originally posted by l-sj


Is happy and excited over the fact that he’s visiting your country with you, and tries to spend every minute wisely with you. Doesn’t say much as he loves everything that you suggest y'all do, and he’s more than happy that he’s able to spend quality time back at your home country.

“I’m happy that you’re happy”

“Aw babe, love you. Next holidays we’ll go China together alrights?”

“ Of course, love you too”

Originally posted by nctlimit


Really excited and happy too, and would also ask you to bring him to your favourites places-which then also becomes his favourites too. Would probably be fascinated and amazed by everything around him too, and takes pictures too, as a form of memory.

Is also very happy being with you and does whatever you call him to do. All he wants is for the both of you is to have a short break since it’s the holidays.

“Oh my goodness, even the chocolate tastes different here”

“Mark… We have that brand back in Canada & Korea too… What do you mean?”

“O-Oh, yeah sorry, my bad *starts giggling*”

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Small little excited bun!! Probably looked up on all the places he wanted to visit and already joted it down on a small notebook, including the things he wants to do with you. Once y'all landed, he’d just jump and run around excitedly while holding your hand, exclaiming loudly, “I’m in my girlfriend’s hometown!!! Yay!!!”

Would also try to learn your language, and would purposely make a funny accent so that he can make you laugh. Doesn’t show it but he’s really happy that you’re finally back home, and with him. Would randomly hug you and give you small pecks, “Thank you for bringing me here”

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Suspects Part 1 (Jughead)

Part one: Intimidation tactic

Summary: A two part story based off this imagine by @morefandomimagines

Jughead thinks Y/n might have some info on Jason Blossom turns out they might be hiding something else.

Word count: 584

Requested? No

Prompts: None

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Your eyes scanned over the dark parking lot through the window of Pop’s, a twenty-four hour diner were you spent a great majority of your time. Currently, you were sitting comfortably in the furthest booth to the back on the right row, leaning against the window with your legs stretched out making sure your shoes hung over the edge out of common curtesy.

You didn’t mind the lack of company, instead you sipped on your salted caramel milkshake while looking over your notes from class, trying to make sense of the questions on radiation. It was common for you to refuse the teacher your attention as your mind was always filled with locations and possible photo opportunities. ‘Maybe I should make flash cards?’ you thought. Your mind was so preoccupied you hadn’t noticed the person stalking over to your booth, or at least you didn’t until they sat down directly across from you. You recognized them from school. Jughead Jones, the third.

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And The (2017) Winners Are...

Favorite Rhyming Poet: @ellenya
Favorite Short Poem Writer: @sapphire-red
Favorite Prompt Participant (wrote for any 2017 prompt): @teacup13
Favorite Photograph Poet (uses photo uploads): @just-4-thought
Favorite Poetry Blog Platform (as a whole): @theprocast
Favorite Storyteller (short stories): @unsettlingstories
Favorite New Writer (blog less than a year old): @something-like-scripture
Favorite Writer of 2017: @teacup13

Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees!

What do you win? I guess just the comfort of knowing that at least a few people love your work, and hopefully that puts a smile on your face! Which is good for wrinkle protection, SO YOU’RE WELCOME! :p All jokes aside, I wanna thank you all for taking part in this whether you were nominated, voted, or just made this a thing by being an active member of the tumblr writing community in the first place. DO NOT feel bad if you didn’t win or even get a nomination, because you are still special and loved! I really just wanted to do this as a way to remind people that their work is seen and appreciated, and also to just boost some spirits and bring light to the community!

Did I succeed? I think so! I got some messages from people saying they gained some followers throughout the experience, which warms my heart, not to mention I myself found some new writers through your nominations, and ultimately I felt a bit of a positive boost in the community throughout the process, which is the goal. So success! Plus, it was just awesome to see who voted for who. That’s right, I could see your names. So if you used your url name to vote… I KNOW WHAT YOU DID! :p But seriously, I was overwhelmed with the amount of votes that came in. Guys… I had email notifications on for that shit! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY EMAILS I GOT?! …Me neither, I deleted them.

Will I do this again next year? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t… we’ll see! :p
Thanks guys!

PS. If you think I’m done coming up with ideas to spread the tumblr love around, are you new here?! I ain’t eva gonna stop. Too many awesome blogs out there I want to help promo. I’ll see you guys soon. Just you wait. We’ll all get some luv.


Photos at the Movies Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: michelleloc17


Hi, I love your Bill Skarsgard x Reader stories. I was wondering if you can do one where Bill is at a premier of a movie of some sort and the reader is a photographer and they somehow end up TOGETHER! I’ll leave you to think of how the rest will continue because I trust it’ll be great! Thank you so much! :)

Warning: None

Note: Movie Theaters are awesome to work at cuz you get to enjoy free movies during your breaks. I was planning at working at one but then I decided not to cuz I’d rather not come home smelling like buttered popcorn thanx.

I mean I LOVE popcorn but to have that smell all over you but no popcorn is like torture cuz then you’d be constantly craving popcorn. Don’t think I’ve said popcorn enough.

“Because they pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” One of the most CUTEST scenes with Georgie’s giggle.

I’m sorry I love Georgie he’s just the cutest little thing ever X3!!! 

Okay enjoy! :D! 

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Originally posted by gabbiesworld

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(OH MY GOSH THIS FOX GIF IS CUTE!!!! X3!!!!!!!!!) 

You were so excited as you started your job at the local movie theater in Hollywood, California. You worked at the local movie theater but you were also a photographer, a writer, and a little bit of an artist.

Well your boss had heard about your photography skills and how you had won 15 blue ribbons and at least 5 trophies due to your photography skills. You had a natural born talent for it from your grandmother who had first taught you how to take good photos at a young age when you used a small plastic camera.

Ever since then you gradually blossomed until you had won a ton of contests and trophies and prizes. Well a new movie called IT was such a highly anticipated movie that the theater was sold out on tickets for a whole week.

So your manager thought it was a brilliant idea to set up a 3D-cardboard scene with a life size cut out of Pennywise standing there with his pointed grin and a handful of bright red balloons.

He was standing in the sewers with Georgie just barely noticeable in the background. You had set up a tripod to take pictures with the incredibly life size and detailed cut out.

It was $5 for a picture and your manager said you’d get half of whatever the total amount was. Well you were sure you were going to be able to buy a yacht at the end. Crowds, upon crowds came in some dressed as clowns and even if they weren’t going to see the IT movie they still took pictures with the scene.

Eventually you heard cheering and screaming and your heart raced when you saw the main cast of IT including the directors were walking your way.

“Hey there.” Andi greeted, “Do you mind if we take a picture?”

“Uh. Yeah totally.” You replied.

You took a picture of the directors with the Pennywise, the Losers club with Georgie, the Bowers gang, and then the killer clown himself.

Bill Skarsgård.

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The XX-File

Jonathan Byers x Reader

Jonathan has a file cabinet full of photos filed by genre. One day you find a file labeled XX.

Word Count:

Warnings: Smut

Note: I want more Jonathan Byers smuts in the world

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

“Jonathan? Baby, I’m here.” You looked into his room and wondered where he was. His car was out front. You sighed, figuring he went to find Will somewhere in the woods. Toeing off your shoes, you padded to drawers. You swapped your jeans and blouse for a pair of Jonathan’s boxers and a white tshirt, then opened his file cabinet. You flicked through the files, smiling when you saw one labeled with your name. You kept sliding through, looking to find something new. In the back of the file cabinet, hiding along the back seam, there was a black folder labeled with white chalk. “XX-File”.

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My Chemical Monday

the vlive ended around 6:30pm KST

as a person who was just in Korea to look at all the ads, I can tell you that it takes at least 40 minutes to travel by subway from their company (Naebang Station) to the subway ad (Hapjeong Station), including transferring twice between 3 lines

the ad itself is also within the transfer area between line 2 and line 6, so you have to go INTO the station to take a photo with it

he got to the subway ad around 8:00pm KST

because he promised fans he would go take a look at it, he really ran out of his company and immediately went to the ad

conclusion: kim donghyun, you are too good

BTS REACTION: You Hating When Anybody Takes a Picture of You

Rap Monster: He honestly didn’t understand why you hated having your picture taken. He thought you were absolutely stunning and he was always sad when you didn’t let him take pictures of you.

“But Y/N I’m going to be on tour for the next couple months! Please let me take on picture of you to look at every night…”

Originally posted by kppoptrash

Jin: As sad as it made him when you declined taking a selfie with him, he still managed to put a positive (if not slightly snarky) spin on things. 

“It’s fine. I’m beautiful enough for the both of us.”

Originally posted by kths

Suga: He would understand that you didn’t like taking selfies, but not taking a picture with him???? If you didn’t take picture with him he couldn’t brag about how hot you were to his bandmates and he simply couldn’t stand that. 

“Just one. Please. Please. Honestly, why are you so stubborn Y/N!?” 

Originally posted by jungsooneul

J-Hope: He would immediately begin to bribe you. He’d tell you that if you picked an ace out of the deck of cards, he’d leave you alone. However, if you didn’t, you had to take at least one selfie with him so that he could make it his phone background.

“Any ace at all…” 

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Jimin: He would honestly not understand why you didn’t enjoy having your picture taken. You were so beautiful???? You looked good from every angle???? He didn’t have enough pictures of you????? Those should all be valid reasons, he thought. 

“Honestly, you confuse me Y/N…aish…”

Originally posted by suga-com

Taehyung (V): He didn’t mind that you didn’t like others taking photos of you, but when you told him it was because all of the photos were very unflattering, he was beyond surprised. 

“I will show you unflattering, Y/N.”

Originally posted by bwihob

(he’s too cute oh my god)

Jungkook: He gave you The Look. The one where he he turns and glares with his mouth slightly open. Yeah, that one. He could not understand why you didn’t think you were beautiful. Besides, he was mad he didn’t have any pictures of you to use as his background on his phone.

“I will literally photoshop a school yearbook photo into one of my selfies I’m not even remotely joking.” 

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anonymous asked:

hey! this might seem like an odd question but can I ask how you design your outfits/armor designs? whenever i try to design something for a character it kinda comes out simple, or is similar to other designs i've made in the past and i was wondering if you had any other tips ^_^ (also, i absolutely adore you're hq!! fantasy au and i can't wait for another update X3 )

Hey there Anon! :) I’m sure your work is fantastic! Just brainstorming and trying new things (even if you think it turns out too similar or simple) is always a good thing! Tbh I’m not really experienced in concept design and I don’t find my work to look very skilled haha but here’s a couple things I do when doing these kinds of drawings. First, I think it’s good to grab as many reference photos as you feel you need. For Ushijima’s (shiratorizawa) armor outfit I was looking at a lot of ancient Greek armor. What I did was take the general shape of the armors in the pictures and elaborated on it. It is VERY helpful (at least for me) to have a “base” for your designs that you can start with so that it’s easier to add in detail and embellishments. It also helps you understand how clothes/armor fits. I struggle a lot with making armor look like it’s wearable with room for the bending of elbows and knees, so I try to take time to figure out how the armor is being worn and what pieces are separate from the others. Second, when trying to think of something new, I like to try and think in shapes. Like Ushijima’s is very round and circular but Iwa’s is very sharp and diamond shaped. It’s easier for me to make something more detailed when I have a basic shape that applies to the whole outfit: if I wanted to add designs on the fabric for Ushijima, it would probably be a lot of curved lines and circular designs. Lastly, reference, reference, reference. On clothes and armor around the world. You won’t find a better inspiration than real life designs! It’s not like you have to copy it, just observe it and maybe take aspects of what you’re seeing, such as a cloth wrapped on one side of the body, or a utility belt/strap that goes around the waist and over the shoulder. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the design you make at first <3 just keep sketching over and over and don’t give up! And have fun experimenting with different things ~ Sorry for the long ramble hahah

Answering other ASKS here (it’s gonna be a long one… lol):

Hi there! Hmm drawing technique… I would define it as HOW you draw something. Or HOW you use your choice of medium to draw/paint. For example, if you use pencil/pen, there’s something called stippling, which is a bunch of dots to create an illusion of shading. Stippling is a technique you use to draw with the pencil/pen. Same with cross hatching. You can’t really have a drawing technique, as it is something used by a lot of people. But you can USE technique and HAVE a personal style, which is the end result of you using technique. If that makes sense? Ahhh I hope this helped at least a little ;__; That was a hard question haha I had to think about this quite a bit XD

Hi @plants-blooms! Thank you so much! Ohhh another hard Q hahah. I agree it can be hard to achieve a natural look on photoshop. I think it really comes down to your choice of brush and your understanding of light and color on hair. 

I did this super quick and messily but I think it gets across the impact of using different brushes while drawing the same thing. It’s very important to know what kind of look you are going for and brushes factor a lot into it. And then there’s color and light. I think the best way to do realistic, natural looking hair is to observe real life and understand how the environment interacts with it (careful though since there are a lot of different types of hair). The amount of light a person’s hair is exposed to affects it’s color; not painting it in the right shade when the environment is really dark or really light can throw off its realism. Also, you don’t HAVE to emulate real hair and draw every single strand. If you understand all that light/color business, you can actually draw very simply and it will still look realistic. I’d like to point you towards WLOP’s work <3 their work IS detailed but it’s also a combo of specific brushes and an amazing understanding of light. And Wlop’s painting tutorial HERE. In general make sure to practice by observing portrait photos (perhaps flickr) or just creep on people in real life hehe

Haha hi there ~ Ahh thank you so much >///< yes that is me! *cough* Butiwaswearingalotofmakeupinthatreferencephotolmao *cough*

Ahh thank you so much @ichigodaisuki! <3 The small square above the nano is a very lazy and quick attempt to draw 3DS game cards hahah. It’s Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire XDD and it’s completely illegible hahaha

Hi there, Anon! <3 Ohhh this question haha. I’ve been following figure skating since, I think, Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1990s (she was so good). I’ve also loved animation since I was little. The problem is I’m VERY VERY picky about the shows that I choose to watch, so I decided to keep tabs on anime studios based on the number of shows they’ve made that I enjoyed. MAPPA has been on my list since Sakamichi no Apollon and Zankyou no Terror (both are extremely beautiful, mature shows btw if you haven’t seen them), so when I heard they were going to make an original FIGURE SKATING show… I was all in. I think I was waiting for Yuri on Ice for over a year because the trailer came out 10 months ago and the announcement was a while before that. 

Anyways YES I loved the show, however it is not in my top favorites list (weird I know haha I’m sorry). But while I had issues with the character development and the animation, this show NAILED the main three. I could draw Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all day! I think those guys were what made me love YOI, especially the relatable personality and character progress of Yuuri. Really wish there was more on Victor though, considering how significant of a character he is.

Ohhh Anon ~ If you want to watch something you should do it! Not being an artist or a reviewer should never stop you from watching a tv show, or doing anything for that matter <3 be yourself. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you because they think you’re “untalented” is a jerk and not worth your time anyways! The YOI community on here has been very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid! Please take care and think higher of yourself ~ Have more confidence <3

Hello there Anon! Oh my goodness thank you so much! >////< And of course that’s totally ok with me! <3 ahhhh thank you so much for your support and I’m so honored you want to try and cosplay the design! I would LOVE to see it when it’s done if that’s alright with you?? *o*

Hi there Anon! Thank you so much and thank you for the interest! <3 There is only ONE king/queen at a time, but they are chosen by both of the two clans together and that person can be from either clan. Tsukki is definitely moon clan along with Asahi, Kiyoko, and Suga. Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Yachi and Hinata are sun. I’m struggling with Yamaguchi, Takeda, Ukai and the rest… Kageyama is actually from Seijou and was banished to Karasuno and takes over as a dictator, sort of. So he has some work to do haha. Here’s the crests but they’re subject to change considering how fast and sloppy I did them LOL:

@fuckdin Of course. To both. Hehehe. But seriously yes, I definitely plan to draw more of the fantasy AU. It’s getting to the point where I want to draw all the characters and all the outfits and all the locations. And I have no time. It’s baaaaad hahah. But in terms of Iwaoi, their relationship in this AU is a bit… angsty. Mutual. But angsty… Soon. I’ll draw more soon!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! I have a few unanswered ones because this post turned out rather long haha. I’ll get to those when I can. And I’ll pm replies to the non-answer ASKS assuming you are not anonymous :)) Take care all! Have a great week <3 and a little iwaoi heh

Art Show Tips for Newbies

So a friend asked for some tips–he has another friend who’s a good artist, but doesn’t know where to begin in selling his work.  I wrote up a long list of tips and advice for him–and figured hey, there might be a few people online who might find this helpful too!  

So here’s what I’ve learned from selling my work over the last 4 years!

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Snap Decision

My very first fanfic! I’m terrified! But I’m also excited. It seems I have a ton of beginnings and middles to different fics started, but this is the first one I’ve actually completed. I can’t believe I finished one! This is completely unbeta’ed, so all the mistakes are mine. I’m not a writer by trade, so I’m sure there are plenty!

Thank you so much to @loveinpanem​ for hosting the New Author’s Month. This was exactly the push I needed to actually put something out there. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism. Also, as much fanfic as I read, I’m not sure what the etiquette is for posting a full story on tumblr, so you can read this in its entirety on AO3!

Her sister, Prim, had insisted she download the Snapchat app. So technically, it was her fault that she was in this predicament to begin with. Well, Madge had also put the idea in Katniss’s head, so she could shoulder some of the blame too.

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Race x Katherine'sSister!reader

-requested by anon. hope this was good!!
•so you’re Katherine’s sister
•you love tagging along when she goes on these crazy adventures
•while you’re mostly there for moral support and cheesy jokes, you are completely in love with photography and love to take photos of anything exciting
•you and her fantasize about actually getting a story in the papers (with her writing and your photos)
•so obviously when you notice the newsies strike you guys are fREaKinG oUT bc this could be something big
•"(y/n), we can’t let this story slip out of our hands! this could be our big break!“
•"all true, but I think we should meet up with the guys and get some behind the strike material. like something none of the other newspapers’ll have”
•you meet them at the deli
•and they’re all like ‘woah. two pretty girls’
•then they see jack being a lil too comfy with Katherine so they decide to focus on you more (totally not bc jack would soak them if they so much as looked at Katherine in the wrong way or anything)
•race is just as starstruck as the rest of newsies
•cuz look at you!!
•as soon as Romeo walks up to you and starts delivering dumb pick up lines he realizes it’s a fat chance he’ll end up with you with all these other boys around
•but that didn’t mean he wasn’t gonna try
•so he decided to approach you b4 any other guys could make a move
•like, you were so down to earth and determined it shocked him??
•and nothing shocks Racetrack Higgins
•((for the most part))
•and when the newsies see race talk to you they all groan bc when race likes a girl HE WONT SHARE OR GIVE UP
•your first conversation went a little like this:
•"so you take pictures of pretty things, aye?“
•"yeah, it’s a hobby of mine”
•"well, I’m sure you take a lot of yourself cuz you sure is pretty, darlin’“
•cue the blush
•"actually I like taking photos of the scenery. New York has a lot of nice views”
•"sure does. in fact, I’m standin’ in front of one right now!“
•he was very persistent with the flirting, that’s for sure
•but as time went on, you got more and more used to it bc you guys got more and more close
•especially bc of the strike and you wanted to get as much footage of it unfolding as possible so you were around the boys a lot
•((that includes race ;)))
•you just assumed he flirted w every girl and was just touchy in general but boy were you wrong
•he def had a thing for you
•but of course you didn’t know
•now race wasn’t the only one w these feelings
•you liked him too
•like a lot
•you constantly asked yourself 'how he could be funny, charming, and rlly handsome all at the same time??’
•you were rlly frustrated once you realized your feelings for him
•cuz, surely he only thought of you as a friend maybe even like a sister, bc he was always ruffling your hair n stuff
•so you obviously vented to Katherine
•"I really like him but-it’s just…he probably just sees me as a good friend. he treats me like all the other guys”
•"then do something for him that none of the other guys would do. stand out. then he’ll know how you feel"
•"what if he doesn’t like me back though?“
•"you guys are good friends anyways. just say you wanted to do something special for him because of your good friendship or something”
•after much thought, you decided to take loads of photos of him (when he wasn’t looking because when he was, he’d always make faces at the camera)
•after you’d gathered a good amount of photos, you placed them all around the lodge where you knew race would find them
•for example: under his pillow, one folded up in his cigar pack etc.
•he would be finding these rlly good pictures of himself all day and he knew it was you bc who else would dedicate all that time to taking all those photos of him??
•at the end of the day, when he figured he’d collected the last one, he confronted you
•"so, it appears a rlly good photographer has been stalking me. what should I do about it (y/n)?“
•"at least compliment them”
•he gave this cute laugh
•he flipped through the stack of photos again
•"wait a minute. lookie here. you caught my bad side" he joked and waved a picture in your face
•you grabbed it and pretended to inspect it
•"that’s impossible. you don’t have a bad side, race"
•"listen, I took all those photos of you to do something special for you. you deserve it"
•he was even more shocked bc no one usually did anything special for him let alone take the time to take all these beautiful photos of him
•he was just so touched
•bc he knew you cared
•"thanks, (y/n). it means a lot. now can I do something for you?“
•you shrugged
•literally swooped in and kissed you
•Katherine may or may not have walked in at that moment
•and then slowly backed out
•she would so tease you about this later

hc where hairu drags ui’s old ass to literally every purikura they pass,

literally, it doesn’t matter if they’re on duty or not, if hairu sees it, she’s going for it.

“it’s not fun by yourself!” she protests when ui tells her to just do it on her own. she is shockingly stubborn. he learns inevitably that, rather than spend the next hours arguing and pouting, it’s much easier to step into the booth for a couple minutes of too-loud music and high-pitched voices booming in his ear.

still. he poses grudgingly; he doesn’t make faces, except sometimes when his unlit cigarette is about to fall out and he has to purse his lips a bit to keep it in; he exits as soon as cued. hairu becomes very good at decorating all the photos on her own within the time given while ui lights up outside.

“done?” ui asks, when hairu comes out.

“yup.” she shows him the stickers, beams at them. ui takes the cigarette out of his mouth and exhales.

“haven’t you outgrown purikura already?”

“outgrown! no way! i could never do them at all as a kid.” she pockets them carefully, making sure they don’t get bent. “so i’m making up for it now. i want to do at least — at least a thousand.”

“a thousand.” ui rubs his forehead.

“a thousand at least. speaking of which. do you think arima will ever do one with us sometime?”

“not if i have anything to say about it,” ui tells her. “leave him out of your childish games.”

“they’re not childish.” but she isn’t fazed at all. she considers, and then hands him one of the sheets. “are you sure you don’t want one?”

“yes,” ui says, as he has said every time. “i’m sure.”

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