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Just once // SHAWN MENDES

“God, just once could you be here for me? Once. Thats all I’m asking,” I cry, my hands flying into the air. 

“I’ve always been there for you,” He says, one hand running through his messy curls.

“May I remind you last month, dinner, Michelles- 7pm? Ring any bells?” I scowl.

“I was at the studio, you know how I get after a long day writing,” Shawn turns away like he’s going to walk off.

“I texted you 3 hours before!” the anger in me uncurled, blinding me to any other emotions. “Then the meeting with my parents! We barely see them and they wanted to meet up with us and where were you?” 

He shoots me a regretful glance. “Getting drinks with the boys,” Shawn murmurs.

“Damn right you were,” I cry again, my arm flying out, knocking the wall, pain shooting up my wrist. “Shoot,” I whisper, rubbing the area to try and soothe it. 

“Baby, are you o-” He begins to ask stepping towards me. 

“Stop,” the word hangs in the air, silence engulfing us. I sigh. “Every award show, as many concerts as I can, I’m always there- cheering you on,” I look up at him. The sight of him made my stomach clench in a way that made me want to throw up. Pain from his mistake, was clear in his eyes.

“I know you are, I love that you are there for me,” He tries to say but I cut him off again.

“Then can you understand how much it meant to me, for you to be at university as I graduated? I looked for you!” my eyes began to water and I knew that soon I would become a fountain of tears. 

“When I was waiting for my diploma and I couldn’t find you I just thought ‘Maybe Shawn’s just the late, the parking was pretty bad!’” Here came the tears. “Then it got later and it was time for my year to line up and I still couldn’t see you anywhere so I just blamed it on ticket issues, or you couldn’t find which hall we were in,” I finish in a sob, my arms wrapping around my waist trying to provide a sense of comfort from the isolation I was feeling. I meet Shawn’s eyes again and it does nothing to cease my crying. 

“That wasn’t the worst part- the worst was walking across the stage and having to stare out into an audience, filled with strangers, and not being able to identify a single person who came to see you,”

I turn away, pressing my back against the wall, sliding down till I’m seated. 

“Y/N” Shawn whispers, not knowing how to approach the situation. The distance hadn’t done anything good for our relationship. It made it worse. Provided a void I didn’t know how to fix.

“After the ceremony I walked out,” I hiccup, my voice raspy after my crying episode. “Everyone was taking pictures with their family or friends or at least someone. I waited again. Hoping that maybe you were just seriously late and you would at least show up to take a photo with me in my robes before I had to return them,” I stare across the room. 

“I waited for at least an hour. You didn’t show. I returned the robes. Got in my car. Drove back home.” I shrug my shoulders as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. My teary, red eyes lock with his watery ones.

“You were here of course, watching TV, Should have guessed,” I say sarcastically, pulling myself from the ground and trying to appear stronger then what I felt inside. 

“Baby I swear I completely forgot- I never meant to miss you graduate,” He pleads reaching out to grab one of my hands. I tug my hand out his grasp.

“But you did, you always do it. Whether its because of work, distracting you, making you forget or some other reason you always seem to forget me and that’s- that’s okay because I’ve realized I’ll always come second best to you and I always will,” I chuck my diploma on the kitchen bench, the paper making a soft slap against the cold marble.

I turn and begin to make my way upstairs, my eyes sore and dry. 

“Y/n, please, baby no, I’ll do anything to make this up, make it up to you,” Shawn calls trailing me up the stairs. I turn around to face him.

“Just,” I cry, pausing to calm the anger that reappeared. “I need space right now,” I reach the top of the stairs and go to the cupboard pulling out an overnight bag and begin to quickly chuck clothes I may need.

“What are you doing? Stop! What is that supposed to mean?” Shawn calls tugging at the roots of his hair in a stressed manor. 

“I’m leaving for a couple nights, I’ll stay at Sammy’s,” I say calmly. 

“Like hell you are,” Shawn goes to my bag and pulls things out I previously put in.

I’m leaving,” I state firmly holding his gaze. “You can’t stop me,” 

“Will you come back?” He asks and for a fraction of a second he looks scared and vunrable. A fraction. 

Maybe,” I say, finishing up with my bag, I race to the front door, lugging my bag with me as Shawn chases after me.

Once I go to open the door I look back at him as he gives me a wavering look, begging me not to leave.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll forget I was ever here in the first place,” with that remark I slam the door shut.

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Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

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What are some beginner mistakes you often see in beginner cosplays?

Hello there!

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about construction issues here – things that beginner cosplayers may not think about that would improve the overall look of the costume – and not issues of costume choice or people not having fun in the right ways, etc.

One of the major things that I see is people not thinking of their cosplay as a cohesive look on their bodies/brought into real life. Of course, not all beginner cosplayers have the same resources as veteran cosplayers, but things like wigs, makeup (regardless of gender), and shoes that go with the outfit really help bring the look together, and if cosplayers are making their outfits, making sure that the material and color choices make sense together, on that particular outfit, and on their bodies. Thankfully the days of costume satin, crushed velvet, and shiny PVC for /everything/ have largely passed, but even so, thinking about things like whether a fabric makes sense for a particular character/garment type or making sure that the colors and textures of a costume work together (so not using a flat quilting cotton for a princess ballgown, or not using a formalwear fabric for a school uniform, or making sure that the colors have similar undertones as to not clash with each other, or changing a color slightly to be more flattering on the wearer) can really step up the costume so that it looks like a cohesive outfit.

I would say that the second major thing I see with construction is people not hiding the construction of their garments and props. Obviously, things happen and sometimes we don’t have time to finish (start early! don’t procrastinate!), or things break at the con, or whatever else may happen, but paying attention to this from the start can also have a huge impact. Even things as small as hemming garments, clipping loose threads, or pressing seams can greatly improve how something looks, and when dealing with props and armor, making sure that attachments, adhesives, and the texture of the base material are hidden can also really help. These things take time (especially on props and armor!), but even something as simple as facing a cardboard sword with some posterboard before painting to hide the corrugated texture or not using duct tape on the outside (when it can be helped and isn’t an emergency repair) or otherwise taking a little bit of extra time and care to plan things out can really improve the overall look. When making something, it can help to prioritize what needs to be done – even if you don’t have time to line the garment, you should still hem it and pink the seam allowances to prevent fraying, and clip your threads.

Related to the above point is costume fit. This is something that can take a lot of sewing experience to really nail, but making sure that items fit and have the proper structure can go a LONG way in improving construction. Interface collars, waistbands, and other items that require it. Add boning where needed. Make sure that items aren’t overly baggy or overly tight. Make sure that items are proportioned correctly to your body (a lot of beginners tend to make accessories overly large, since they’re thinking in anime or comic proportions and not human proportions), as well.

A few other things, just as general convention tips: eat and drink enough (I bring my own snacks and water which can really help), and eat at least two solid meals a day (don’t live off of Pocky and soda). Take rests. Get enough sleep. Bring makeup for touchups. If possible bring comfortable shoes or clothes to change into. Learn a pose or two for when people ask for your photo. Practice good hygiene. Treat other congoers respectfully (and treat cosplayers like people, not their characters or like celebrities). Look at the con schedule ahead of time and plan out your day. Be sure your phone is charged/you have a backup battery (you may not be able to get to an outlet to use a wall charger). Practice common sense.

Here are a couple of resources I have for beginner to intermediate cosplayers looking to improve their craft: 1 2

A lot of beginner cosplayers are just starting out with garment and prop construction, and many are excited about being able to cosplay for the first time, and that’s great! I’d rather see someone make something that isn’t perfect and be happy about it than see someone stress about their first time cosplaying and trying to make everything 100% perfect and then be unhappy with it. However, a few simple fixes like making sure that you wear makeup and ironing your outfit can really make it that much more enjoyable because you know that you can embody the character better, and these are things that can be done whether you make or buy your costumes.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Suspects Part 1 (Jughead)

Part one: Intimidation tactic

Summary: A two part story based off this imagine by @morefandomimagines

Jughead thinks Y/n might have some info on Jason Blossom turns out they might be hiding something else.

Word count: 584

Requested? No

Prompts: None

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Your eyes scanned over the dark parking lot through the window of Pop’s, a twenty-four hour diner were you spent a great majority of your time. Currently, you were sitting comfortably in the furthest booth to the back on the right row, leaning against the window with your legs stretched out making sure your shoes hung over the edge out of common curtesy.

You didn’t mind the lack of company, instead you sipped on your salted caramel milkshake while looking over your notes from class, trying to make sense of the questions on radiation. It was common for you to refuse the teacher your attention as your mind was always filled with locations and possible photo opportunities. ‘Maybe I should make flash cards?’ you thought. Your mind was so preoccupied you hadn’t noticed the person stalking over to your booth, or at least you didn’t until they sat down directly across from you. You recognized them from school. Jughead Jones, the third.

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Nct 127 visiting their s/o's country

Request: Can i reaction a nct reaction (especially 127) about them dating a foreigner and she asks them for the summer holidays to visit her country?? Thank youuu

A/N: since you didn’t give a specific unit i’ll just do the 127 unit! do request again if you want other members/units hehe



Would be more fascinated at your house rather than your country tbh. Would also probably stay at home with you for a few days rather than visiting places because he prefers spending time with you alone. But once you start whining and begging him to go visit other places though (your favourite restaurants, places etc.), he’d agree full heartedly and would also probably take many pictures so he can save them as memories.

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Was probably the one who suggested to go visit, because he’s excited and curious to see the environment you grew up in and he wants to visit new places so he suggested it. Is prepared to spend the whole day out with you just visitinh different places and famous places, and would probably also ask you to do cliche and cringy poses for pictures together with him.

“I heard this place is really wonderful and famous *points to your house*”

“And where did you hear that from?”

“I just knew, because it helped to bring up such a beautiful person *winks*”

“Stop omg-”

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Would probably jump around excitedly from the moment y'all landed at the airport, and would also ask you to bring him to somewhere with good food. Loves taking random selfies and photos of the both of you, and would also compliment everything about your country like 24/7.

Never fails to tidy up your house and room every morning ever since you brought him there to stay, because he claims that ‘it was too messy’ when everything was in place (at least for you).

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Like Taeil, but extremely lazy. Both of you probably spent half the vacation hugging and cuddling in your house rather than actually going out to visit places. Mainly because he wants to spend more time with you, and he also wants to use it as an excuse to come back again with you, “because we didn’t get to do much”

But when y'all go out to visit and go sightseeing though, he takes every moment to snao pictures and would also compliment on how beautiful everything is, just like you.

pretend you’re winwin

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Really excited over it but doesn’t show it, but would get shocked and amazed by how different everything was there as compared to Korea. Unlike Yuta, he’d be the one dragging you out to bring him around, asking you to show and explain things to him as he loves learning new things. Would probably also try to learn your language and interact with the people there, who’d laugh at his awkward accent every single time.

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A mix of Doyoung and Taeil tbh, some days he just wants to cuddle with you and spend time alone in your house, and the others, he’d be all excited and hyped up to go visiting your favourite places.

Has a small little to-do list with you and wants to complete every single one before y'all go back, some includes: meet her parents, visit her favourite cafe, go shopping and buy her clothes

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Is happy and excited over the fact that he’s visiting your country with you, and tries to spend every minute wisely with you. Doesn’t say much as he loves everything that you suggest y'all do, and he’s more than happy that he’s able to spend quality time back at your home country.

“I’m happy that you’re happy”

“Aw babe, love you. Next holidays we’ll go China together alrights?”

“ Of course, love you too”

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Really excited and happy too, and would also ask you to bring him to your favourites places-which then also becomes his favourites too. Would probably be fascinated and amazed by everything around him too, and takes pictures too, as a form of memory.

Is also very happy being with you and does whatever you call him to do. All he wants is for the both of you is to have a short break since it’s the holidays.

“Oh my goodness, even the chocolate tastes different here”

“Mark… We have that brand back in Canada & Korea too… What do you mean?”

“O-Oh, yeah sorry, my bad *starts giggling*”

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Small little excited bun!! Probably looked up on all the places he wanted to visit and already joted it down on a small notebook, including the things he wants to do with you. Once y'all landed, he’d just jump and run around excitedly while holding your hand, exclaiming loudly, “I’m in my girlfriend’s hometown!!! Yay!!!”

Would also try to learn your language, and would purposely make a funny accent so that he can make you laugh. Doesn’t show it but he’s really happy that you’re finally back home, and with him. Would randomly hug you and give you small pecks, “Thank you for bringing me here”

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Hey there bud !! First of all just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for you and I love your art a lot!! Second I was wondering if you had any tips on starting an art blog ? Ily!!

tysm!! and tips hmm.. i think what most people find appealing when they come across an art blog is how active it is (both with posting, reblogging art-related stuff, and interacting with the artist). 

take good pictures of your art if you draw traditionally (natural lighting is the best). consider putting a watermark or signature somewhere in the photo too. even if theft is often inevitable and it can be cropped out, at least you make it more difficult.

perhaps post work in progress photos, such as the sketch, lineart, and then final product along with mentioning what you used

support other people’s art too by reblogging and interacting with people in the art community

 do those little challenges where people send you prompts to draw and things like that

be sure to tag your posts appropriately, its more likely something will notice your art if you use tags

set up your blog with a nice theme too; this isn’t important of course but its cool to customize! 


My Chemical Monday

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hey! this might seem like an odd question but can I ask how you design your outfits/armor designs? whenever i try to design something for a character it kinda comes out simple, or is similar to other designs i've made in the past and i was wondering if you had any other tips ^_^ (also, i absolutely adore you're hq!! fantasy au and i can't wait for another update X3 )

Hey there Anon! :) I’m sure your work is fantastic! Just brainstorming and trying new things (even if you think it turns out too similar or simple) is always a good thing! Tbh I’m not really experienced in concept design and I don’t find my work to look very skilled haha but here’s a couple things I do when doing these kinds of drawings. First, I think it’s good to grab as many reference photos as you feel you need. For Ushijima’s (shiratorizawa) armor outfit I was looking at a lot of ancient Greek armor. What I did was take the general shape of the armors in the pictures and elaborated on it. It is VERY helpful (at least for me) to have a “base” for your designs that you can start with so that it’s easier to add in detail and embellishments. It also helps you understand how clothes/armor fits. I struggle a lot with making armor look like it’s wearable with room for the bending of elbows and knees, so I try to take time to figure out how the armor is being worn and what pieces are separate from the others. Second, when trying to think of something new, I like to try and think in shapes. Like Ushijima’s is very round and circular but Iwa’s is very sharp and diamond shaped. It’s easier for me to make something more detailed when I have a basic shape that applies to the whole outfit: if I wanted to add designs on the fabric for Ushijima, it would probably be a lot of curved lines and circular designs. Lastly, reference, reference, reference. On clothes and armor around the world. You won’t find a better inspiration than real life designs! It’s not like you have to copy it, just observe it and maybe take aspects of what you’re seeing, such as a cloth wrapped on one side of the body, or a utility belt/strap that goes around the waist and over the shoulder. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the design you make at first <3 just keep sketching over and over and don’t give up! And have fun experimenting with different things ~ Sorry for the long ramble hahah

Answering other ASKS here (it’s gonna be a long one… lol):

Hi there! Hmm drawing technique… I would define it as HOW you draw something. Or HOW you use your choice of medium to draw/paint. For example, if you use pencil/pen, there’s something called stippling, which is a bunch of dots to create an illusion of shading. Stippling is a technique you use to draw with the pencil/pen. Same with cross hatching. You can’t really have a drawing technique, as it is something used by a lot of people. But you can USE technique and HAVE a personal style, which is the end result of you using technique. If that makes sense? Ahhh I hope this helped at least a little ;__; That was a hard question haha I had to think about this quite a bit XD

Hi @plants-blooms! Thank you so much! Ohhh another hard Q hahah. I agree it can be hard to achieve a natural look on photoshop. I think it really comes down to your choice of brush and your understanding of light and color on hair. 

I did this super quick and messily but I think it gets across the impact of using different brushes while drawing the same thing. It’s very important to know what kind of look you are going for and brushes factor a lot into it. And then there’s color and light. I think the best way to do realistic, natural looking hair is to observe real life and understand how the environment interacts with it (careful though since there are a lot of different types of hair). The amount of light a person’s hair is exposed to affects it’s color; not painting it in the right shade when the environment is really dark or really light can throw off its realism. Also, you don’t HAVE to emulate real hair and draw every single strand. If you understand all that light/color business, you can actually draw very simply and it will still look realistic. I’d like to point you towards WLOP’s work <3 their work IS detailed but it’s also a combo of specific brushes and an amazing understanding of light. And Wlop’s painting tutorial HERE. In general make sure to practice by observing portrait photos (perhaps flickr) or just creep on people in real life hehe

Haha hi there ~ Ahh thank you so much >///< yes that is me! *cough* Butiwaswearingalotofmakeupinthatreferencephotolmao *cough*

Ahh thank you so much @ichigodaisuki! <3 The small square above the nano is a very lazy and quick attempt to draw 3DS game cards hahah. It’s Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire XDD and it’s completely illegible hahaha

Hi there, Anon! <3 Ohhh this question haha. I’ve been following figure skating since, I think, Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1990s (she was so good). I’ve also loved animation since I was little. The problem is I’m VERY VERY picky about the shows that I choose to watch, so I decided to keep tabs on anime studios based on the number of shows they’ve made that I enjoyed. MAPPA has been on my list since Sakamichi no Apollon and Zankyou no Terror (both are extremely beautiful, mature shows btw if you haven’t seen them), so when I heard they were going to make an original FIGURE SKATING show… I was all in. I think I was waiting for Yuri on Ice for over a year because the trailer came out 10 months ago and the announcement was a while before that. 

Anyways YES I loved the show, however it is not in my top favorites list (weird I know haha I’m sorry). But while I had issues with the character development and the animation, this show NAILED the main three. I could draw Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all day! I think those guys were what made me love YOI, especially the relatable personality and character progress of Yuuri. Really wish there was more on Victor though, considering how significant of a character he is.

Ohhh Anon ~ If you want to watch something you should do it! Not being an artist or a reviewer should never stop you from watching a tv show, or doing anything for that matter <3 be yourself. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you because they think you’re “untalented” is a jerk and not worth your time anyways! The YOI community on here has been very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid! Please take care and think higher of yourself ~ Have more confidence <3

Hello there Anon! Oh my goodness thank you so much! >////< And of course that’s totally ok with me! <3 ahhhh thank you so much for your support and I’m so honored you want to try and cosplay the design! I would LOVE to see it when it’s done if that’s alright with you?? *o*

Hi there Anon! Thank you so much and thank you for the interest! <3 There is only ONE king/queen at a time, but they are chosen by both of the two clans together and that person can be from either clan. Tsukki is definitely moon clan along with Asahi, Kiyoko, and Suga. Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Yachi and Hinata are sun. I’m struggling with Yamaguchi, Takeda, Ukai and the rest… Kageyama is actually from Seijou and was banished to Karasuno and takes over as a dictator, sort of. So he has some work to do haha. Here’s the crests but they’re subject to change considering how fast and sloppy I did them LOL:

@fuckdin Of course. To both. Hehehe. But seriously yes, I definitely plan to draw more of the fantasy AU. It’s getting to the point where I want to draw all the characters and all the outfits and all the locations. And I have no time. It’s baaaaad hahah. But in terms of Iwaoi, their relationship in this AU is a bit… angsty. Mutual. But angsty… Soon. I’ll draw more soon!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! I have a few unanswered ones because this post turned out rather long haha. I’ll get to those when I can. And I’ll pm replies to the non-answer ASKS assuming you are not anonymous :)) Take care all! Have a great week <3 and a little iwaoi heh

Hi guys, you may have noticed (or maybe not) that in these days the blog is closed. I will come back? I answer immediately: No

This blog was my little puppy, I took care of it with love for over a year. Why I closed the blog? Because I’m tired.

This fandom is a sequence of constant battles and fighting and I don’t want to be part of it. I’m sorry to say this, but It’s not allowed to have an opinion and it’s not allowed to remain neutral. You are forced to choose a side. I don’t want to choose any side. 

I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me in these months, publicly and privately. I thank you all with all my heart.
In particular I would like to thank @jamiefraserfan and sweet @sonodivergente for your great moral support :****

I will leave the world of Outlander? No really, I decided to open a new blog. I asked myself: what actor I would follow beyond Outlander? The response was Sam. I will not take advantage of my almost 6,000 followers, so I have not renamed this blog, I opened a new one.

Perhaps only ten people follow me? Okay, at least I’ll have the assurance that those 10 followers are interested to Sam. It will be a Daily blog, dedicated to his acting career (obviously Outlander will be part of it, you will find updates from the set, photos, gifs, artlicles, etc.), his life, his friends. But it will not be a blog about Jamie Fraser. I want to be clear on this.

For those interested in Sam Heughan and for those interested to my new blog, you can find me here: Sam Heughan Daily 
(It’s under construction, it will take several days to update, sorry)

For those not interested: Ok, it was a good trip, maybe we’ll meet again in a new life ;)

Ps: this blog will remain active as a kind of database, It will not be updated.

BTS REACTION: You Hating When Anybody Takes a Picture of You

Rap Monster: He honestly didn’t understand why you hated having your picture taken. He thought you were absolutely stunning and he was always sad when you didn’t let him take pictures of you.

“But Y/N I’m going to be on tour for the next couple months! Please let me take on picture of you to look at every night…”

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Jin: As sad as it made him when you declined taking a selfie with him, he still managed to put a positive (if not slightly snarky) spin on things. 

“It’s fine. I’m beautiful enough for the both of us.”

Originally posted by kths

Suga: He would understand that you didn’t like taking selfies, but not taking a picture with him???? If you didn’t take picture with him he couldn’t brag about how hot you were to his bandmates and he simply couldn’t stand that. 

“Just one. Please. Please. Honestly, why are you so stubborn Y/N!?” 

Originally posted by jungsooneul

J-Hope: He would immediately begin to bribe you. He’d tell you that if you picked an ace out of the deck of cards, he’d leave you alone. However, if you didn’t, you had to take at least one selfie with him so that he could make it his phone background.

“Any ace at all…” 

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Jimin: He would honestly not understand why you didn’t enjoy having your picture taken. You were so beautiful???? You looked good from every angle???? He didn’t have enough pictures of you????? Those should all be valid reasons, he thought. 

“Honestly, you confuse me Y/N…aish…”

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Taehyung (V): He didn’t mind that you didn’t like others taking photos of you, but when you told him it was because all of the photos were very unflattering, he was beyond surprised. 

“I will show you unflattering, Y/N.”

Originally posted by bwihob

(he’s too cute oh my god)

Jungkook: He gave you The Look. The one where he he turns and glares with his mouth slightly open. Yeah, that one. He could not understand why you didn’t think you were beautiful. Besides, he was mad he didn’t have any pictures of you to use as his background on his phone.

“I will literally photoshop a school yearbook photo into one of my selfies I’m not even remotely joking.” 

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Previous post.

I made a post earlier today about my efforts to take some pictures of a sunrise over an icy lake. As you know…..I did not work out at all due to the fog from hell! The rest of the day continued in the same way when it got sunny and it became to be a gorgeous day. I was picking up my car at a shop outside my hometown and when I drove back it began to get foggy again and I saw a perfect picture :) A windmill that was half covered in fog and the other half of the propeller was glittering in sunshine. I stopped, went outside and opened the backdoor to grab my camera…..Not there! I had forgotten to bring it with me which I never do………So the moral about this is: When I try, it don’t work and when there is a perfect motive, it goes sideways. Some days life sucks hard….

What I feel about this day!

@islandfeuer It might be funny, but I was not joking :)

@mykorniss I will never give up!

@lunoday I was on the very edge (at least mentally) ;)

@sims3-4-creations-mycats It got more funny during the day :) And it will be better days :)

@lunoday I will get many opportunities to take those pictures. I just had a bad day and wanted to do something creative with it. Obviously I did that as you smiled :) 

@ifollowmyfeets Don’t be so dang positive gal ;)

@islandfeuer Chasing the rainbow is a common problem :)

@whereness We all have those days :)

@krickeleien Correct…I did not wast more time on it. Slept a good nights sleep and got up and took a bunch of new good photos :)

So I will shut down and reboot myself and have a better day tomorrow! Sheers…………………………………………………………

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Omfs more Mafia!Phil and Pet!Dan like shiiiit mate


Please bear in mind I did not write the first one, which you can find here, which explains the situation and is like,,, the best hc ever? Just sayin

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~

Another long af one


- Phil rarely goes anywhere without Dan at his side, and he never leaves Dan in the office alone. While Phil’s office is protected, it’s a target for any of his enemies. Today, Phil had to rush out in an emergency, and didn’t have time to take Dan home, so Dan’s waiting in there with orders not to leave. Dan knows what can happen if he disobeys, so he stays. After a little while, Dan gets bored and starts to jerk off. He runs his thumb over the head and whimpers, trying to keep quiet. If anyone catches him and tells Phil… well, suffice to say there’ll be consequences.

-Soon, just stroking his cock isn’t enough, so Dan’s other hand reaches behind him to start fucking his plug in and out. It barely brushes his prostate, like Dan’s teasing himself, even though he’s already reaching the point of desperation to come. It’s not enough, and Dan is getting frustrated, to the point where he can’t help but let out long, desperate whines.

-The door opens quietly, and Dan doesn’t see it happen because he has eyes shut and head tipped back in pleasure, full on moaning now. One phrase makes Dan freeze and open his eyes. “What are you doing, pet?”

-”N-nothing, Daddy,” Dan stammers, moving to sit with his legs crossed and his hands folded in his lap. Phil raises an eyebrow and shuts his office door, stepping over to Dan and standing in front of him.

-”Doesn’t look like nothing,” he drawls. “If you’re dishonest, things will get much worse for you.” Dan mumbles something incoherent. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

-Slowly, Dan looks up. “I was touching myself. Thought about you while I was doing it, Daddy.”

- “How should I punish you?” Phil muses. “Maybe I should edge you, maybe overstimulate you?” Before Dan can answer, Phil goes over to office chair and gestures for Dan to come over, and grabs Dan, throwing him over Phil’s lap once he’s within reach. Phil bends over to whisper in Dan’s ear. “I’m going to punish you, and you’ll take it silently, like a good boy, won’t you?”

-”Yes, daddy.”


- Phil pulls his phone and texts for a few minutes, ignoring Dan, ruffling Dan’s hair whenever the boy gets restless, and after what feels like an eternity, spanks Dan, hard, making the brunette jerk against Phil’s thigh, biting back a yelp at the sudden impact and friction he got from the movement of his hips against Phil’s slacks. Immediately afterward, there’s a knock at Phil’s office door. “Come in,” Phil calls, smoothing his palm over the hand print on Dan’s ass. Two men Dan recognizes as Phil’s contacts with the British Government. Both of them stare at Dan, who raises his head to look at them. “No,” Phil chastises, punctuating his remark by tangling his left hand in Dan’s hair and forcing his head down. “What can I do for you gentlemen?” He asks, spanking Dan again, pleased to hear Dan’s silence.

- “The- the-” one of the men stammers, eyes fixed on Dan still.

- “Spit it out, I don’t have all day,” Phil snaps.

- The second man raises his eyebrows. “Would that happen to be Dan Howell?”

- “He’s my pet,” Phil answers, eyes cold in challenge. “Isn’t that right? You may speak.”

- “Yes, Daddy,” Dan says breathlessly.

- Phil smirks, but releases his hold in Dan’s hair as a subtle form of praise. “Anyways, what do you need?”

- “We need assistance in catching this man.” Phil is handed a photograph, and he spanks Dan three more times as he studies it, fighting a smirk. 

- “Consider it done. If I may ask why?” Phil pulls Dan up to sit in his lap and whispers, “Ride me in front of these men, Dan. Be quiet.” As Dan gets down onto the floor to unzip Phil’s jeans and take him into his mouth to get him wet, the two men watch Dan. “Well?”

- The first man seems to shake out of his trance. “That’s classified information.”

-By now, Dan is pulling out his plug and setting it aside, then climbing back into Phil’s lap, lining up and sinking down, facing Phil. He balances by holding tightly to Phil’s shoulders and burying his face in the crook of Phil’s neck, biting back a moan when Phil brushes against his prostate. Phil gives the men a steely gaze. “I suggest you tell me.” In the middle of his sentence, Phil spanks Dan again, harder than before. 

- “Drug trafficking, murder, treason…”

- “Ooh, treason?” Phil questions, moving his chair closer to his desk and opening up his laptop, typing away on its keyboard. “Did he tell the Syrians what small dicks you all have?”

- “No, he gave away the names of all our secret agents and personal allies to an unknown source.”

- Phil stifles a laugh, because he’s the unknown source. “I trust that my name wasn’t given?”

-”Of course-” the words are interrupted by Dan finally making a sound- a high pitched string of curses and ‘daddys’ that was more a moan than anything. 

Immediately, Phil lifts Dan up off of his cock and sets him roughly on the floor. “Since you can’t be a good toy, you can sit on the ground and be my little cockwarmer,” Phil growls too quietly for the men to hear, and spreads his legs enough for Dan to crawl between them and take Phil into his mouth. This is one of Dan’s least favorite things, because he can’t try to make Phil cum or feel good- he’s just supposed to sit there with his mouth open and taste Phil, hot, heavy, bitter, and perfect on his tongue. “How soon do you need him… disposed of?”

- “Actually, we just need him arrested,” the second man says, pointedly looking anywhere but at Phil.

-”I don’t make arrests. He’s good as dead.” The man in the photo works under Phil, but he won’t anymore, since he couldn’t do his job subtly. “He’ll be in the Thames tomorrow. Remember not to let the media in on it. Dismissed.”

- Turning to leave, the first man is yanked back by the second. “Who the fuck do you think you are, being a condescending douche bag? And fucking some twink in front of us while we talk, too?”

- “I’m your worst nightmare, gentlemen, and I suggest you leave before I have you… taken care of.” The men leave, and Phil looks down at Dan. “This is what you’re made for. You look good with a mouthful of my cock, so pliant and pretty for me.” Phil clucks his tongue. “Too bad you’re such a naughty slut. I’m going to fuck your mouth, and then I’m going to come all over your face. You’ll stay that way the rest of the day, and you will not be coming until tomorrow, and that is, if I’m feeling generous. Put your plug back in now.” Dan pulls his mouth off of Phil’s cock, and is met with a hand in his hair, yanking him back. “Did I say you could stop?” Whimpering, Dan fumbles behind him for his plug and pushes it into himself with a wince, and then crosses his arms behind his back, a wordless invitation for Phil to use him as he pleases.

- Phil holds Dan’s head in place and starts to thrust in and out of Dan’s mouth, picking up speed until he’s moving at a brutal pace. When he’s close he pulls out and looks at the sight of Dan, who has tear tracks running down his flushed cheeks, swollen, fucked out lips and glazed over eyes. Phil rapidly jerks off until he comes on Dan’s face, harshly breathing. Once Phil’s tucking himself back into his pants, Dan sticks out his tongue to lick away what cum he can reach, and says, “Thank you daddy.” The visual and those words are nearly enough to make Phil hard again.




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balancemylove  asked:

I don't know why but I am so scared. I have many questions.. I started today and I am doing so well, but the whole "bad metabolism" thing scares me. Will water fasting actually make me appear smaller.. Many people say you just lose weight and its not visible. Also will i begin to smell? How long should I fast? How should I break my fast?

Hello again! I’ll try to answer those questions as best I can, though bear with me because it’s going to be a bit of reading. 

Bad Metabolism Will my metabolism slow down/drop from fasting?

——Yes, your metabolism will slow down (don’t worry, I’ll tell you the solution). Your body is trying to make up for the lack of nutrients, and therefore is telling your digestive system to calm down and not rely on an outside source of energy to pump through the body. Metabolism is responsible for the way you digest your food: people who can eat a ton and hardly gain anything have a fast metabolism, while others who eat normal amounts of food but gain easily have slower metabolism. During fasting, your metabolism pretty much does the same as a bear during the winter – it enters a state similar to hibernation. The good side of this is that you enter ketosis, a state where your body begins to nibble at fat deposits (stomach, thighs, etc.). This hibernation-like state is not permanent. You can either gradually work yourself into a healthy exercise (weightlifting, jogging, etc.) after your fast, or you can do simple exercises during your fast to prevent it from slowing down too much. The safest exercises to do during a fast are light dancing and taking a 30 min. to an hour stroll (not jogging). Metabolism is controlled by your thyroid, and also by the amount of exercise you do. The more exercise you have in your lifestyle, the faster your metabolism will be. Please be aware that doing heavy exercise during a fast is not safe, so please be gentle on yourself. It only takes a few days of exercise to bring it back up after you end your fast. ^^

Visible Weightloss / Smaller Body Mass Will I be noticeably smaller / thinner after my fast?

——This depends on a lot of factors. It depends on how long you fast, how much you are trying to lose vs. your actual weight, and how well you stick to it. Everyone’s body works a bit differently, so I can’t say for sure which fat deposits will disappear first. Usually it’s most noticeable in the face and arms. As you continue into your fast, it becomes more obvious in the ‘troublesome areas’ (thighs, stomach, love-handles, etc.). Most people can lose 5 to 10lbs from a week of fasting, and 10lbs is a BIG difference. The question though isn’t whether or not other people will notice, but will you as the faster notice? A lot of times, people will lose a considerable amount of weight, but due to self-image issues and looking in the mirror all day, we don’t notice the changes unless they’re immediate and extreme. If you’re worried that may be the case, it’s probably worth it to take a photo of yourself every 2 days (with good posture and a pretty smile of course), and get an electronic scale that will tell you exactly how much you’ve lost since your last weigh-in. That way if you can’t see progress in the mirror, you can at least see it on the scale.

Smelly Will I start to smell from fasting?

——Yes and no. If you eat during a fast, or immediately after the end of one, it is common to smell like what you ate (you are what you eat, as they say). This doesn’t happen to everyone though. From personal experience, don’t eat fish unless you want to smell like salmon (lol). If you eat, just make sure you eat something like fruit. It has tons of vitamins, has a natural sugar that will give you energy, it’s gentle on your tummy, and you’ll smell like fresh strawberries. The smell is very faint though, and can easily be covered with deodorant, perfume, or even the smell of your shampoo after taking a shower.

Time-Length How long should I fast?

——If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a 1 to 3 day fast. Some people experience negative reactions such as headaches and nausea, and some can become faint on their first day. This is not typical of all people, and if you’re worried about such side effects, then you should only take it one day at a time (see how far you can hold out for and stop when you need to). If you are just naturally a nervous person, it’s best to distract yourself by hanging out with friends, playing video games, chatting online, tumblr-ing, dancing to music, etc. to avoid tricking your body into thinking it has these symptoms. It’s really not a scary thing, so try not to worry yourself over it. More experienced fasters can go anywhere from 10 to 60 days (though anything above 20 days isn’t recommended without some break in-between). Know your limits, and don’t push / punish yourself if you can’t fast for as long as other people. It’s a learning experience, and takes time for some people to adjust to.

Breaking A Fast How do I end / break my fast?

——At the end of the fast, you need to think of your digestive system as a new child born into this world (sounds cheesy, but bear with me here xD). Your stomach will be sensitive to food, so it’s best to slowly reintroduce solids into your diet. Many people start by replacing water with tea. 2 days later, tea gets replaced with juice. Another day or two after that, juice is replaced with smoothies and milk, and maybe some gentle foods like fruits, rice and soups. The duration of time it takes to break a fast again depends on the faster’s experience and how long you’ve been fasting. If you’re new to fasting and held out for 3 days, you could get away with drinking juice and eating soup on your first day off of your water fast. If you go for a long period of time, you may want to ease yourself back into solids over a longer duration as I mentioned above. Just so you know, you may have some diarrhea when you reintroduce solids (not the painful, gassy kind, if you ate proper foods), but this usually only lasts a day. Don’t panic when this happens, your tummy was just a little surprised is all. ^_^

I hoped this helped in some way, and don’t forget, a lot of members in the fasting community are open to helping others get started! If you ever have any concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out, alright? We’re all here to support each other. 

lifeinahole27  asked:

CS + yoga (pants).

Um. Apparently I got carried away with this one. It also went from complete smut in my head to this schmoop you find here.

Paper Packages
~2500 words/Captain Swan AU

A03 | FFN


Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Long, hot, steam-filled showers.

The mixtapes Henry makes her.

The satisfying click of handcuffs closing around a skip’s wrists.

These are all things Emma Swan knows she likes. They’re things she knows can bring their own form of peace when her thoughts get away from her, when the day is too long, or when she feels a pang of loneliness in her chest.

Standing at her back window, pressing the rim of her coffee mug to her lips, she’s beginning to think she should add the sight of Liam Jones’ brother in a pair of yoga pants to that list. It’s probably a sign that she needs to get out, scratch an itch, have a drink, anything but continue to low-key stalk the brother of her landlord. Instead, she continues to stand there, not drinking her coffee, as she watches him crouch next to Henry and point at one of the knobs on the camera slung around her kid’s neck.

She should probably worry about her son befriending a man she doesn’t know, but his t-shirt is creeping up as the band crinkles at his waist, exposing the dimples at the base of his spine. And with them, all rational thought is lost to her need to lick along them, to find out whether he tastes as good as he smells.

Not that she’s catalogued how he smells or anything.

Then he’s standing again and she’s stuck on the drape of the fabric against the curve of his ass and the line of his hips as he makes his way to the back door of Liam’s apartment.

She definitely needs to get out.

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Sweet As Honey 1

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6  AO3

Alya had been so careful with her money, she swore she had. Write an article here for her paper, put some it away for emergencies, even cut down on groceries by grabbing some enough leftovers from her mother’s workplace to last a week or so. She had been managing it so closely and so efficiently that her friends joked she could start a class on financing. The idea had been ridiculous at the time and yet…

It wasn’t that she was scrapped for cash but it wasn’t like her job paid her that much for her talents either. What Alya needed was a boost to her wallet. She had made a list and checked it twice but none of them seemed viable at 23. That’s how she ended up sitting in a large booth with her friends from lycée. To her left sat her best friend, the girl she most likely considered her soulmate, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. To her right sat Alix Kubdel, followed by Juleka and Rose Couffaine-Lavilliant, Myléne Bruel-Harpele, and Lila Rossi.  

“Why not just move in with Nino?” Marinette asked innocently enough. Alya caught the hesitation in her voice though.

“We can’t all live with our high school sweethearts,” She teased as she threw mock glare at Marinette’s direction. She then turned it on Myléne (who looked away sheepishly) as well as Juleka and Rose (who both merely smiled a little smugly).“Besides, as much as I adore the guy, things would just be too weird.”

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seventeen as things said in my groupchat
  • S.Coups: daddy 👀😩👅
  • Jeonghan: JOSHUA IS PURE AND SAVED THE WORLD WITH HIS EXISTENCE... Me: tbh, Biggest #1 Jisoo, stan
  • Jun: advice: take a really good selfie and then fall in love with yourself
  • Hoshi: *sends picture of DK* anyways i'm putting this on my shrine
  • Wonwoo: why are people intimidated by me I'm more scared of everyone else
  • Seokmin: meme me up buttercup... I'm sorry i just said that
  • Mingyu: I just remembered I had a dream last night that I broke into someones house just to pet their dog
  • The8: *sends 27 photos of jun* oops my finger slipped
  • Seungkwan: BOOM BOOM BINCH
  • Vernon: "do you have a folder of 200 memes?" "217 to be exact. I'm still adding."
  • Dino: sometimes I forget that you guys are 2-5 years older than me and now is one of those times I have no idea what you guys are talking about

rianeli  asked:

Hi Petra! Your photos are breathtaking. My friends and I are actually going to be renting a house in Wales in July, and we're currently debating whether to get one around Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons, Pembrokshire, or somewhere in the middle. I was wondering if you had any advice on where we would be best located. The photos you take - forests and ruins, are exactly what *I* like in my wanders at least. Totally understand if you don't have time! Thanks in advance, Rian

HI Rian :o) Thank you so much! The majority of my photographs are taken in or near to Snowdonia. I’m not too familiar with South Wales but I’m sure it’s very beautiful. But if you want a good mix of large hills, forests, mines and quarries, North Wales is definitely the place to choose. Wherever you do decide to go, I wish you a very happy time!

Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.

lmfao have y’all seen my Official Author Photo?

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i noticed that you reblog a lot of tensemi fics, maybe you have any rec for another tensemi fan??

Hi dear anon!, rec? like, recommendations? well yeah i always reblog Tensemi fanfics, and YEAH! i have a lot of reccommendations ‘cause people just write such good fanfics!! ahhh!! (?)

So, let me begin

Mole by  lilaevolet

This is the first Tensemi fanfic that i read, and i think is pretty good! short summary, Semisemi has a mole in his hip and the team found it and Tendou is a dork ‘cause he wants to see it again but he has the biggest bad luck ever xd

The kids are alright by kobattsun

I have to admit that i blame this fic for my obsession with the ‘’Tensemi parents’’ thing. Everything is so mom and dad stuff with Tendou and Semi and had a very funny and cute start! and then, AND THEN! shooort summary! Tensemi act like Shiratorizawa parents and the team tease them a lot with that, but  then they realize that they love each other and Tsutomu fears his parents want to get divorced (?)

Tandem by All_My_Characters_Are_Dead

It’s not only Tensemi! chapter 3 and 4 are about them and…it’s an AU but i don’t know yet about what, obviously about dragons and riders but…a book? a movie? ahem. Short summary! Tendou is a dragon and Semi his new rider but Tendou, Tendou is a dick! (in the beggining) and then he hurts Semisemi and he wants to apologize and he can’t ‘cause Eita doesn’t want to believe him and i want to cry ‘cause the truth is Tendou is deeply in love with him and…you’ll love this

PS: Chapter 6 is an Ushishira (WOOHU!) and in that chapter Tendou is a cute but jealous boyfriend *wink*)

Breaking Hearts, Mending Hearts by BrokenFics

This is a new fanfic! and is so good!! has a dorky Tendou and Tsun Semi and Tsun Shirabu and Ushishira and a first meeting flashback and! short summary! Tendou realizes that he’s in love with Semi and want to confess his love in San Valentin! plus #PleaseletYamagataHayatosleep xD

Let me be your good night by ashtxns

This is so funny xD, Tensemi reach a new level in this, they are almost  psychics and it’s so hilarious that i wanted to cry xD. Short summary! Semisemi is sick and lost his voice okay? and Tendou wants to help him being his Interpreter and Reon and Yamagata are like ‘’Oh my god they’re dating!)

(Oh! four fics already! four more!)

Window Vine by glass_owl

Gold, the first word that come to my mind when i think in this, GOLD! i’ll leave the mistery here and just the fanfic summary:

“Tendou-san named the storage mop after Semi-san.”

“That is concerning,” Kawanishi concedes.

Yeah, he kissed that mop

Pictures by phantomdieb

This is so good!! i really like those fanfics where Tendou just realized like a BOOM that Semi is beautiful! and this is one of those. Short summary! Practice time and Semisemi is giving his best, then Tendou fuckin’ Satori comes and start to take photos of him, then, THEN!! 

“Say cheese!”

Nobody saves me (the way you do) by ashtxns

Oww this is a sweet one, at least i think is sweet!! short summary! Semi has the biggest dumb crush on Tendou (same for Tendou ahem) and, ohhh, they are so in love! i don’t know how to describe this but is a big AHHH!!

AND!! last but not least, ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST! 

OIKAWA SYNDROME!! by zeldaring

THIS FIC IS MY F FAVORITE!! I’M SCREAMING RIGHT NOW!! how can i say HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FANFIC!! has EVERYTHING!! i would love to read in a Tensemi!! Semisemi depressed about not being the team setter anymore, flirty Tendou, Ushijima best friend forever, Tendou pissed ‘cause his Semisemi DESERVE! be the team setter!, Semi overworking to have his position again, worried Tendou just want him to be happy and safe, Semi feels insecure, Tendou want to help, DORKS IN LOVE!, the dumbest confession scene EVER! but it’s so Tensemi! and i want to cry ‘cause this is PERFECTION!! i want everyone in the world to read this ‘cause is a work of art! AHHH!!!

And!!  JoyridingNicknamesHot Chocolate (only the best without cream)The Butterfly EffectGet out of my School AND MORE! I LOVE TENSEMI!!

These beautiful fics are my favorites and i recommend these AS F****!! hope this is enough for you dear Anon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

And i wanted to say that, if someone that wrote these wonders (or any Tensemi fanfic ‘cause to be honest i think i’ve read them all) THANK YOU SO MUCH! i would love to give you a big BIG comment for your work but my english is…not good adn limited, but every single fanfic is awesome! and if i had written a comment just imagine that have a bunch of synonyms of perfection and salvation (●♡∀♡)

Exo When They Find Your Phone Unlocked


*Leaves a sticky note on your phone and places it in your bedroom after leaving the phone to idle on a newly taken picture of him doing a kissy face and aegyo*

I was going to mess with you and maybe go through the pictures on your phone or something, but I thought that you’d rather appreciate it if I didn’t. You can also appreciate the new picture on your phone of your hunk of a boyfriend. ;) love you - xoxo xiumin

Originally posted by chentrollchenlovechen


“Cool guys don’t go through their girlfriend’s phone…”

*30 minutes later*

“Imma just listen to music. It’s the least worst thing I can do.”

*presses shuffle*

“Woah, he’s gonna put his hand in her where?”

Originally posted by exoandbtsreactions


*finds one of your nudes*

“This is one of the best days of my life.”

“Was not expectin’ that.”

Originally posted by luderella


“I’ll just turn it off so-” *notices that he’s your lock screen*

“Aww, my baobei is so sweet. Why is she so cute?”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


“Is this Y/n-ah’s? I must find her and return it to her before the kids steal it and pawn it with their broke asses.

Originally posted by parkchny


He decides to trick you into thinking you lost it by hiding it in his pillow’s case.

When he sees you freaking out over it:

Originally posted by happyvirus


*Plays games on your phone*

“Wait, Kim Kardashian has a game?! Can I be the next A-lister? Hellz yeah!”

Originally posted by daenso


He sends messages to people like:

To - Omma


I’m pregnant

And it’s not Chen’s

And then he waits

Originally posted by exoxoolf


He takes a billion selcas and posts them on your social media.

“Oooh, that’s a good angle. Instagram worthy.”

Originally posted by lil-duckling


“I could ruin her life with one swipe.”

*accidentally turns the phone off*

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


*gets his chicken grease all over your phone*

“Hey look, her phone. I’m gonna order chicken.”


*tries to call you with your own phone*

“Oh, wait”

Originally posted by edanzgarden


He replaces your lock screen and home saver to a picture of him.

“I believe everyone deserves at least one photo of Oh Sehun on their phone, but she gets two. The things I do for this girl. Wow I’m good.”

Originally posted by caritocolil