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Photojournalist tim au where jason doesnt think hes good looking and during their photography expedition tim starts taking photos of Jason in secret and eventually jason sees them and hes shocked bcus they look so good, and tim says thats how he sees jason always

nonnie you are speaking my language! I definitely headcanon Jason as being a bit self conscious (or at least unaware) of his appearance.

If you want to share more, I am all ears :3

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Mini rant.

If you don’t know the source of something, don’t post or reblog it. If you do know the source, credit it. It’s just rude not to. If someone is good enough to share their photos with us, after standing outside all day to take them, the least we can do is make sure they get the appropriate credit.

If someone had stolen my gifs, I’d be pissed, so would a lot of the people I see reblogging un-credited photos. Let’s not be hypocrites. The same rules apply.


Ok, Tonya, I know you don’t like people and you have no reason to like me anymore than anyone else, but giving me that face isn’t going to do any of us any favors.

The ferals in the first room in the kitty cabin are just as nonplussed about humans as they were when i had to take time off. But at least they’re not all squished into one carrier. That’s good.
Tanya was at least facing me, and not presenting her back feet while i was a couple feet back at the door. 
One of the black cats did come forward and let me give them petting and love with breaks to calm down, though.

Some progress is better than none.
I joke about Tonya’s look but these guys are very much a case of needing to work on being able to trust humans enough we can have them at minimum be barn cats so that they can go to a good home even if they aren’t inside a house. Its not the best thing, but it’s better than working themselves up everyday when someone comes in to clean. 
They’re letting me offer my hand and glasses [in the few cases they won’t accept my hand, so progress is there] for interaction, and they are watching me interact with the one black cat that allowed me to pet it. Said cat let me pet it because it was watching me closely while i pet another set of cats in an adjacent room. 
I have hope for them, and i’m going to keep working with them, it just worries me how long they’re spending stressed out after interactions. 


Hi lovely people <3

I still get so many requests to host more contests, so here we go!

I’m doing something different this time, where you have to create a sim that looks like me. 


Create ONE sim as similar to me as possible ( as the photos ) 

2. Take at least 2 photos and post it with ith the hashtag  #s4modelscontest5

3. Enter before 9th of october


A chance to create a new Halloween skin collection with me.  I prefer people with good create ideas that truly care. 


My Chemical Monday


Here is a lil summary of the trip I had this weekend! Y'all ready? Here we gooooo!
Sorry if this annoys you, but Lil Lambie was like do itttttt so here we are.

Picture 1&2: we got to the hotel, THE MIRRORS WERE TOO GOOD NOT TO TAKE MIRROR SELFIES IN!!! We got unpacked and took too many photos lol

Picture 3: We went to the planetarium and it was sO COOL I CRIED! SPACE IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m in mars in that photo lol

Pictures 4&5: We took some hot photos that night at the hotel. These are the least scandalous ones lol. But photo shoots are fun dudes! Always do photo shoots!

Picture 6: We only spent one night in the hotel that was in this big city about an hour away, but then I was looking fly when I was dropping some stuff off at my house so I had to take a pic in my bathroom and show y'all.

Picture 7: We spent the majority of my friends birthday doing what we usually do, driving around, exploring and being idiots.

There’s a little moment in my dumb life! Hope you cuties enjoyed! Love y'all and remember to keep sending questions for the Q&A!!!

-Lil Laddie

So I went to the shelter today...

It’s not usually what I do, but it was cold out and I wanted to find somewhere to warm up. The shelter seemed like a good idea, at least there I could pretend like I was interested in some bitties to adopt and take home. While walking around the different habitats, a flicker caught my eye. I saw her:

(Photo provided by shelter staff, great if you ask me. Not.)

Her name is Aurora, which makes sense with the way her flames are. She was resting, hugging her belly in a loving fashion. A member of the shelter volunteer group told me she only had a few weeks to go. It was unsurprising really, given the fact that her stomach was so heavily swollen. They also told me nobody wanted to adopt her, but these individuals were more than willing to take in the child she was to give birth to. It caused me sorrow to think of a mama torn away from her baby, not to mention this was her first one. In that moment, I knew I had to have her, so she could raise her child. Too bad for the others.

That being said, I’m currently sitting here on my bed, Aurora on a spot I cleared at my bedside table. She has a soft pillow to lay on, and a few sheets of scrap fabric that she decided to arrange into a nest of sorts. Rory has said a few things, but seems to be a tad bit on the timid side. I haven’t taken Any pictures of her yet, i don’t want to offend her. I guess I’ll read the pamphlets and info sheets the shelter provided, maybe even do some research on flame bitties with the wonderful world of the Internet

For now though, I sit here clueless, a half asleep, expectant bitty nearby She’s a sweetheart, and I want to provide for her to the best of my abilities. Though I may need advice along the way… 

The time for gift giving is upon us, so I’m making my official plea now: no one other than Gwen is allowed to give me a seashell comb as a present this holiday season, please. That goes for whoever my Secret Santa is, too. I hate to put a ban on it but there’s only so much a girl can take. 

This would also be a good time to tell me if receiving just a photo as a present isn’t up to your standards, because otherwise you’re at least getting one of those, guaranteed.

This is my Tumblr icon. My guinea pig Reeses, photo taken May 10th, 2014.

I don’t know how old he was, since we got him from someone else, but Reeses died today, February third, 2017.

I take solace knowing he died in a clean cage with fresh food, hay, and water. He was warm, comfortable, and knew he was loved.

Rest peacefully, Reeses. You were a very good pig.


8.2.17 - 9:02pm

Finally finished and printed out all of my media coursework, and did some geography homework that’s totally not due in tomorrow! I took wayyy longer than I’d expected to finish this media but at least it’s done! Now, to memorise my English speech… (that I’m performing tomorrow whoops)

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Lady Loki horn tutorial

As most of you probably know I have a massive obsession with Lady Loki so naturally I’d want to cosplay her at some point. Now, a LL cosplay is not complete without her horned headpiece. I initially wanted to get mine commissioned but the person I had in mind could not do it, so I gave it a try myself. I’m not good with symmetry and complicated crafting methods so I figured out my own with the help of Pretzl Cosplay’s horn tutorial, and figured I’d write a tutorial for the whole headpiece just in case anyone else is in my position. Also, my apologies in advance for the lame captions, I always take plenty of photos for snapchats but not enough serious photos.

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It’s hard when someone you love stops loving you. It’s difficult to go on with your days as if nothing is wrong when you feel like your world is crumbling around you. But let me tell you one thing, things get better, it may take some time, but things do get better. However, the above photo is true. Though you may have surpassed that hurtful relationship, though you may not love that person anymore, it will always be in the back of your mind why you were never good enough. Especially when they’ve cheated on you. You feel less than, unworthy, unlovable. Well at least that how I felt and feel sometimes. Even though I know now that she was definitely not the person that I deserve, I still ask myself why! Why wasn’t I good enough? Was I really that bad looking that you couldn’t look at me? Was I so dreadfully boring that I couldnt keep your attention? Am I really that unlovable? No matter the answers to those questions, they wont change how you feel.

Okay but have you considered married!DeanCas going to a formal restaurant for their anniversary because it’s a change of pace and Cas is just in a mood to dress up. And even though Dean grumbles about having to get into a monkey suit he’s still fucking peacocking in that mirror because fuck yeah, they look good. So good that after the first course, they have to take at least one selfie at the restaurant—“Dean, we haven’t taken any nice photos of ourselves since the honeymoon”—and Dean’s about to be a little shit about it and make a face when the front camera reveals a pair of glowing retinas in the background. 

“Oh, come on! A shapeshifter? Now my steak’s gonna get cold!”

“Yes, because that would certainly be more heinous than a monster murdering people and stealing their identities.”

And ugh, Dean hates it when Cas logics him like that, but he knows they’ve gotta take care of it. So Dean dismisses himself while catching the tail end of Cas explaining to the waitress that “my husband had a sudden burning sensation”—and swear to God, Dean’s going to kill him right after the shapeshifter—but despite having the silver ammo on hand, turns out there’s a pair of these fuckers. And because his body ain’t getting any younger, Dean realizes he should probably do the semi-smart thing and call Cas for backup so that they can take these bitches to the cleaners and manage to make it back to their table before their waitress thinks they’ve pulled a dine ‘n’ dash.

“Hon, you’ve got some blood on your cheek—no, your other cheek.” 

“Oh. Shit. Thanks, babe.”

And although their meal’s room temperature by now, they at least make time for dessert before packing up the leftovers and doing a little “reheating” of their own at home.

”Misty Meditation (Clearing the Fog of the Mind)”

It was foggy and raining all day, so I decided to do a quick self portrait while the the rain slowed down to a drizzle. After taking a few shots, I thought the photo would have a lot more impact if I shed some layers, adding another layer to the meditation concept I was going for.
I’ve never been good at meditation, at least the kind where you clear your mind and only focus on one thing. My mind is always full of thoughts, and it seems like one thought will spawn a dozen more. Perhaps that’s why I have a good imagination.
Lately I’ve been trying a form of meditation where I try to analyze my current emotion before I react to it. I’ve been focusing on anger, trying not to “freak out” as soon as the emotion hits me. If you can stop yourself from reacting for even a second, I feel like the outcome is much better. It’s far from easy, but give it a try and see for yourself.


[EN] slipper-blog: “Photobomb has become so popular recently…” drawled the mare, biting off a piece of one more cupcake. “Essy, is Salem your friend? And what will you do if somepony attacks Photobomb?”

        alexey-qazqwer: A simple photographer? Well, well, taking photos with a help of an anomaly certainly signifies being simple *is eating a cake and observing the area around (which isn’t hard if you have eight eyes)* At least, she’s a good photographer.

[Essy] ~ Hmmph… well, yeah, something like a friend.

[Essy] ~ Depends on a situation. But I really hope that nopony attempts to attack her. 


[Essy] ~ Oh, yes, I was warned about you… Wait, what anomaly?

        winter-cold15: DAAAAAAAAANCE! *ran into the centre of the Hall in a large pompous dress, tripped over it and fell down* I’m okay! It’s a new dancing move! *whispers* I think I’ve broken my nose…

[Photobomb] ~ Hey, need help?

*sad squelch*

[Photobomb] ~ CALL A DOCTOR, NOW!!!

[Essy] ~ Ok, this time something definitely happened. Wait here, I’ll go and check.


To wrap up my long love letter to the #GlobalEasterCosplay, here is a little video I took of all the competitors after their performances! I think it’s so smart to bring everyone back on stage after their entries, so the audience can applaud them for a great show! It really promotes a friendly atmosphere, and allows the contestants to all feel a part of the same team! And it makes for a great photo op!
Maybe this is not possible for contests with over 50 entries, but I hope to see more competitions in North America adopting this custom, when possible.

Anyway, I hope you’ve been inspired by these cosplayers’ work, and will consider entering the Global Easter Cosplay next year at @polymanga! Remember, at least 10 countries will be eligible to enter, so if you have what it takes to create an amazing costume, AND put on a great show, you should enter!

And now I go to bed before my flight in the morning! Good night, my Cosbabies ❤️

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Rachel submitted:

Hi Julia!!

Nice surprise that you posted my submission on your tumblr recently, thank you! :)

But I want to know if you know much about Simon Kassianides??  He and Cait seem to have a very close relationship judging from viewing his twitter account yesterday and seeing pics of them together (at Glasgow, taking photos of each other at the airport etc.) and he with a few photos with her adored cat Eddie!

My heart sank after reading and seeing all this. Totally. Miserably. :(

hi again! Simon and Cait are very good friends. I don’t know how they met exactly but Simon lived with Cait or at least shared an apartment/house with her for a while and then he took care of Eddie when Cait left to shoot s1 (Eddie’s in Scotland now). He’s actually Eddie’s godfather ;). I believe Simon also had a pretty serious girlfriend the entire time he was living with Cait though last I heard they’d broken up. He also follows Sam on SM, went with Cait to the LA marathon to support Sam and since there’s a fair amount of proof for Sam living with Cait/in her house during the hiatus last year, I feel like Sam and Simon are probably good friends at this point so nothing to worry about at all :)

ps. I’ve been posting these as text pots since I don’t know if you want your email posted on my blog!

Speak From the Heart (Oliver/Felicity; G)

Summary: Set during 3x17. In which Oliver delivers his best man speech, Team Arrow take photos and the Queen siblings have a good chat about their respective love lives.

Ships: Oliver/Felicity, Diggle/Lyla, Thea/Roy, Diggle & Oliver, Oliver & Thea, Ray/Felicity, Oliver & Lyla

A/N: So while I loved Suicidal Tendencies as an episode, I have to say I was disappointed that the Dyla wedding made up only four minutes of the episode. I was expecting at least a best man speech and maybe an Olicity dance. I couldn’t figure out a way to work in the latter, just because of the way the episode panned out, but I did manage to put in a speech. 

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“All right. John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Oliver joined the guests in applause, still unable to take his eyes off Felicity, whose widening smile at the kissing couple only made him smile more. He watched, trying to hide his wistfulness as Lyla took Sara from their nanny and Diggle embraced them both.

The photographer snapped photos of the three of them, and Palmer stepped out of the shot, moving towards drinks table. Oliver made to get out of the way, too, when Diggle caught his eye. Patting his new wife on the shoulder, he stepped towards Oliver and said quietly, “How about a Team Arrow photo? I want at least one with my best man in it that isn’t Photoshopped.”

“John…” Oliver began to say, wanting to object (Diggle knew he didn’t do photos), but then, seeing the look on his friend’s face, he changed his mind and said mock-sternly, “You know we don’t call it that.”

Diggle grinned, putting his hands together. “Great.”

Oliver peered over Diggle’s shoulder, looking for Felicity, and when he found her (laughing at something the officiant said), he waved her over.

She joined them moments later. “Mazel tov, John,” she said, giving him a hug and bestowing a smile upon Oliver.

“Thank you.”

“John wants a photo,” said Oliver. “Of the three of us.”

Felicity looked at him, her eyebrows arched in surprise. “This is a first,” she said.

“It’s just the one,” Oliver said.

“Two, actually,” John corrected. “The original team – us three – and our… additions.”

Felicity just laughed. “Sounds good.”

Diggle gestured to the photographer, who was busy snapping photos of Lyla and Sara. At that moment, though, Felicity turned to Oliver, tiptoed and started to fix his bow tie.

“It’s gone a bit wonky,” she said in explanation. She didn’t seem to notice his sharp intake of breath at their sudden close proximity, and Oliver was so occupied in trying to decide where to look (anywhere but at her) that neither of them registered the photographer taking a picture until they heard the click of the camera. 

“Is it too late to change my mind?” Oliver said as Felicity stepped away.

“No takebacks, man,” Diggle said, smiling. Felicity put her hand on Diggle’s shoulder, and Oliver smiled for the camera as the photographer snapped the picture.

“Now one of everyone,” Diggle said, waving over Lyla, still carrying Sara, and Laurel, Roy and Thea. “Time for a group photo,” he said once everyone had assembled and offered their congratulations and Diggle had thanked them. Roy looked like he was going to object, but Oliver caught his eye and shook his head. The group shuffled, all trying to arrange themselves, and Oliver found himself squashed between Felicity and Laurel.

To his surprise, after a moment, he then felt a small hand on his waist. Looking down, he realised it was Felicity’s, and she looked up at him and smiled just as the photographer started snapping. He smiled back, managed to extricate his arm and tentatively put it around her shoulders. For a few glorious seconds, the room was empty except for Oliver and Felicity, but then the spell ended and the group dispersed. It was then, also, that Oliver caught sight of Ray, who was watching, waiting for Felicity with two glasses of champagne.

Trying to push this from his mind as Felicity made her way to Ray, Oliver took a deep breath – now was as good a time as any. He signalled to stop the music and went to the drinks table, where he grabbed a glass and a spoon. After taking a draught of champagne for good measure, he clinked the spoon against the glass.

“Excuse me, may I have your attention, please?" 

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