at least i like my outfit

So like I was rewatching the space mall episode-

-and my weaboo alarm started going off when I saw the space pirate outfits and!! It turns out that each of them has bits that reference different anime and reflect the personality/situation of the paladin wearing them and I’m cryindkfg LOOK

Pidge’s glasses are Kamina’s from Gurren Lagann. Kamina is an older brother character who uh inspires his (pseudo) sibling to travel to space and fight in a giant fucking fighting robot. And after Kamina dies, Kamina’s little brother ends up wearing his glasses (or a version of them, at least).

(*Matt voice* “believe in the me that believes in you, Katie”)

I’m actually willing to bet my entire firstborn child that Keith’s outfit is referencing Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, who, shit you not, starts out as a rival character from a planet of evil killer furries and then becomes a grumpy ally/friend to the heroes. He’s even crossing his arms just like him I’m so mad

I spent like an hour trying to figure out Hunk but then I realized: spiky shoulder pads, spike on head, apron (later on in ep). He’s Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, aka a big, strong, compassionate kid who likes cute things, food, and hugs, and will kick your entire ass if you try to hurt anybody in front of him. Also Alphonse is a suit of armor, and Hunk’s lion is the most armored, like…

Lance’s little glasses and long coat are just like Vash’s from Trigun. And fucking. Vash is a fucking marksman who acts goofy but gets serious to help others / when in trouble and doesn’t understand the full extent of his abilities. Does any of this. Sound familiar at all.

I couldn’t figure out Coran’s (apparently I’m not that level of weeb yet) but if someone knows who he’s referencing please tell me so I can get mad about that too because I can’t believe I didn’t notice all of these fucking parallels the first time around what the fuck

12.07 Rock Never Dies
  • Dean: Ever thought of mixing things up? This is L.A *gestures to Cas's outfit*
  • Cas: At least I don't look like a lumberjack
  • Dean: *is offended*
  • Dean: *caresses flannel* *whispers* it's okay flanny
  • *Next Day*:
  • Dean: *waltzes in with bad ass black leather jacket, tight black jeans, shades, two layers of clothing*
  • Dean: This is totally me trying to blend in and not impress my bf

tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

Kelsey, 25

“Growing up I was really into 80’s movies. It’s something my mom and I bonded over. I feel like that reflects in almost all of my outfits with at least one article I’m wearing. I feel most comfortable in trousers and high laced boots, and jackets/coats. Some days I feel my strongly femme side, and others I look like the boy you crushed on in high school. Both are equally me.“

Nov 5, 2016 ∙ The Mission
December 17th (m)

A/N: I’m currently hella stressed with school but luckily I had already written this a week ago! I hope I will be able to keep posting things until Christmas like I wanted to :( Thanks for reading everybody, have a good day! x

Warning: SMUT

Words: ~2,850

MASTERLIST                            Jungkook Christmas Masterlist

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I spun in front of the huge mirror in the bedroom one last time, admiring my reflection. Ruffling my hair, my look fell onto the red lingerie I had gotten the previous week. It covered the least amount of skin, sparkled and between the valley of my boobs sat a red bow, perfect for this time of the year, I had thought. My “outfit” was completed with a red see-through dress that ended just about where my legs started. It had white fluffy fur at the top, which now rounded my boobs and reminded me a little of Santa’s clothes. Additionally I had put on black stockings, completing my surprise for Jungkook. He had headed out to help Taehyung with something, and I had waited for him to come back for an hour already. If he wouldn’t hurry he wasn’t going to see this masterpiece in its full perfection, I thought impatiently. With a loud huff I plod over to the bed, turned around and plopped down in the middle of the heavenly soft, white blankets I had laid out. For a few minutes I simply enjoyed the way the soft material felt on my bare skin, nuzzling my face into the fabric in comfort, but after a while even that got boring. My eyes scanned the room in search for entertainment and ended up on the window. Little snowflakes met the probably cold glass repeatedly as the wind swirled them through the freezing winter air. Next to me lay my hat, red with white fur and a fluffy white ball at the end. Jungkook and I had been busy with Christmas present shopping the last few days, barely getting a quiet moment with each other, and I was finally going to make up for it. If he would finally come home.

My thoughts wandered to my boyfriend and the way he would always stare at me with so much admiration in his eyes, with so much innocence, while my back arched beneath him, breathless whimpers left my mouth and I saw stars. The way he would grab my hair and softly pull, forcing me to do whatever he wanted me to and his shyness would suddenly be miles away. The way his lips felt against my skin, biting purple marks into it, leaving hot trails all over me, as if he had set every single of my cells on fire. At my thoughts I ran my hands down my body slowly, my breathing getting stuck in my throat when I thought back to the night Jungkook had tied me to the headboard and fucked me until I had been crying of pleasure beneath his restless, rough thrusts. Sometimes he would slow down all of a sudden, his unsteady breath would hit my ear and he would mumble something along the lines of “… being such a good girl for me…” and I would completely forget how to breathe. Which wouldn’t matter because he would remind me how to suck in a surprised breath when his hips would aggressively snap back against mine, burying himself deep inside of me again. We had spent countless nights that way, and somehow I couldn’t seem to ever get enough of him.

By now my breathing was ragged and I sighed softly as my fingers pressed against my center in need of relief, but it didn’t do much for how worked up my entire body was from simply thinking about him. My head shot up when I heard the front door close and our puppy Kako bark. I rolled around so I was laying on my stomach, facing the door as I buried my head into the soft sheets and waited. Quickly I put on my Santa hat, grinning to myself.

“Baby I missed-”, Jungkook began, bursting into the room, but he stopped when his eyes fell on my butt on display for him, barely covered. Curiously I gazed up at him, blinking my eyelashes a few times innocently. His hair was messy and hung into his face, a simple black sweater and black skinny pants on his body. Smirking, he closed the door behind himself and came closer, bending down in front of the bed so his head was on level with mine.

“I don’t know what this is for but I like it,” he said, flashing me his bunny smile and pulling the hat off my head swiftly. As he put it on his own head jokingly, I stroked one of my fingers along his jaw slowly.

“Not what. Who. This is for you, silly,” I replied, grinning and kissing him sweetly. I felt him smile into the kiss before I pulled away and decided to sit up, showing my outfit off to Jungkook. The young man licked his lips hungrily as he stood back up and I placed my hands on his muscular shoulders as I kneeled in front of him. His eyes scanned my body as if he was scared he could miss something if he didn’t look close enough.

“I got so badly worked up thinking about you just now, and you just wouldn’t come home, Kookie,” I mumbled, diverting his attention back to my face. At the same time his hands grabbed the back of my thighs, pulling me a little closer to the edge of the bed.

“Did you, baby? How badly?” he questioned while getting closer to me, his lips almost touching my neck. Then he sat down next to me, pulling me into his lap in the process, making me straddle his hips. His hands felt so damn good on my skin I had to hold back a soft moan that wanted to escape just from the way he looked at me, at my body.

“I wanted to touch myself,” I said, my lips brushing his before diving in for another kiss, this one hungrier and more needy, his lips parting instantly, his tongue dipping over my lips. My hips weren’t moving but I was sitting directly on his bulge that was growing with each second, frustrating me endlessly. Eagerly, I pulled on his sweater, wanting it off, and thankfully he wasted no time in taking it off, revealing his sculptured upper body.

“And…Did you?” he asked, pushing my hips so I was straddling one of his thighs. As much as I wanted to move, I knew he loved being in control so I sat patiently, shaking my head at his question.

“Good girl,” he breathed against my lips before pulling me in again. Even though I was already barely wearing anything it suddenly became a few degrees hotter in the room when he grabbed my thighs roughly, pressing me against his thigh. This time I couldn’t stop a soft moan from leaving my throat, not when my already wet crotch ran over the material of his black pants, every of my senses coming to life. My hands held on to his shoulders for support as I noticed how Jungkook bit his lip and admired the way I whimpered and closed my eyes. I felt him flex his thigh under my core, intensifying the friction that I had needed so eagerly. In approval I hummed and smiled while my eyes were still closed, wanting to feel every last bit of stimulation the rough black fabric gave me. Jungkook’s thigh moved along with the way I rolled my hips over it, only adding to the pleasure. When his hands ran over my still covered boobs I let out a soft sigh and reached behind my back, finally wanting my dress and bra off. Jungkook noticed the way I struggled and helped me. That’s when I opened my eyes again and my look fell onto his head, where the Santa hat sat. Jokingly I played with the pompom at the end while he got rid of my clothes, licking his pink lips once more. I moaned quietly when he began kissing one of my boobs, paying attention to my nipples, biting and sucking hungrily. Instantly, my hands went to the nape of his neck, pulling his hair a little. I almost wanted to whine when he pulled away, grinning at me mischievously.

“You’ve heard of the daddy kink,” he stated, still grinning. “Now get ready for…the Santa kink.”

I hit his chest whilst I tried my best not to laugh at how proud he was if his joke. Meanwhile I quickly pulled his hat off, throwing it into a corner of the room. He only giggled and hid his face in my neck.

“You’re killing the mood, pabo,” I spoke, not able to hide my grin while his breath tickled my skin. Without hesitation he responded with grabbing my hips again, forcing me to roll them against his thigh once more, leaving me breathless again. At the same time he began attacking my neck with rough kisses, his teeth grazing over my skin now and then.

“I need… more,” I breathed, making him gaze at me with attention. After a moment he nodded, moving me so I sat next to him on the bed while he got up and finally shed off his pants, along with his underwear. His member was hard, reddened at the tip and he looked almost god-like, staring down at me innocently. The second he lowered his head, my lips evolved his in a passionate kiss as his hands did their best in getting rid of my panties, purposely leaving my black stockings on. Never disconnecting our lips, he climbed on top of me, my legs spreading so he could settle between them. My stomach turned when my ears caught his groan as there was no more fabric separating his hot skin from mine, sharing our body warmth. Under our bodies, the soft blankets pulled us into the mattress further.

“Have you been naughty or nice this year, baby?” he suddenly mumbled against my lips, and even though my eyes were closed, I knew him all too well to be sure he was grinning again. Laughing, I covered my face in my hands and turned my head to my side, nuzzling my face into the sheets. His laughter was heaven to me, but the pooling heat between my thighs blinded my amusement. Playfully, I pushed his chest so he rolled over, leaving me on top of him.

“If you don’t shut up I’ll tell all your friends not to get you that stupid video game you keep talking about,” I threatened him, and he almost looked offended, but went quiet.

“Sit on my face,” he suddenly spoke, running his hands over my sides impatiently.

“That’s more like it,” I said, already straddling his torso. Moving around, I ended up with both of my thighs around his head, facing the rest of his body. I thought I had been ready for the sensation, but when his tongue finally licked a wet stripe over my core I whimpered helplessly and needed to steady myself, my hands placed on Jungkook’s abs. His rough hands pulled my thighs down, not allowing me to go anywhere while he began sucking and playing with my clit, his skilled tongue making me feel dizzy. He hummed in approval at how wet I was by then, leaving me moaning quietly. Then I remembered my previous plan and licked my lips for a second, bending down so my head was at the same level as his cock, pre-cum already leaking at the top. The groan he let out when my hands touched the base of his member almost made me cry out in pleasure as vibrations got sent through my core. My fingers spread the thick liquid a little, before pumping him a couple times. Meanwhile my actions only seemed to motivate Jungkook, making him fasten his licks. Sometimes his teeth would run over my sensitive bud of nerves, spreading the fire in the pit of my stomach. He was completely stiff, it almost looked painful by now, so I decided to relief some of the strain, wrapping my lips around the head of his dick and swirling my tongue around it, paying special attention to the slit. It was like an endless circle. Whenever he would quicken the way his hot muscle worked against my clit I would moan, resulting in my voice vibrating against his cock as I bobbed my head up and down. The feeling would then make him moan, and the same thing would happen to me. It was surprisingly difficult to keep up a steady rhythm when I felt like I was going to collapse every few seconds, not able to fully bare the pleasure that ran through my whole body. Tears stung in my eyes from when I hadn’t payed enough attention and Jungkook’s member had hit the back of my throat, to his own joy, but I didn’t mind. The way his raspy moans sounded and felt against my skin would make me do almost anything for him. My eyes shut tightly and I slowed down my movements when I felt my orgasm dangerously close, completely diverting my focus to the fast licks of his tongue against my center. Over and over and over and…

“I want you coming around my cock,” he said, earning a whimper from me when he pushed me off him gently. Impatiently I turned around and watched him as he reached for a condom in the bedside table. He was sitting up and I straddled his thighs, staring at him as he ripped the foil, almost going insane at the slowness.

“Jungkook, hurry,” I complained, my voice weak and dripping with greed. He smiled at me cheekily.

“Gotta wrap the present first,” he said, and I almost wanted to throw him out of the bedroom right then. But I realized how badly I wanted him, so I simply grinned and shook my head in annoyance while pride showed up on his expression again. I huffed and hit his hand away, rolling the condom on myself as he chuckled in amusement, blinking his eyelashes at me. His hands caressed my sides and pulled me close as I finally sunk down onto his length slowly. In unison we sighed, getting the relief we had both wanted for what had felt like eternity. While I adjusted to his member, he pulled me into a kiss again, his tongue battling mine for a couple seconds, and I let him win eventually, too involved in the way his cock felt between my walls. I slowly rolled my hips against him, a couple times with care, feeling every cell in my body ignite. Jungkook let out a groan against my lips, followed by a breathless “I love you”, which I returned. Outside, heavy snowflakes were covering the streets, but I felt hot, my skin sticky where it touched Jungkook’s. Then, he suddenly snapped his hips up against mine, brushing over my sweet spot with his swift motion. I whimpered and wrapped my arms closer around his neck, his movements repeating over and over. It was almost impossible to keep up with the pace, wanting to move my own hips in the same motion, but the sensation was too much for me. My eyes closed while my forehead lingered against Jungkook’s as he pounded into me, making me wonder where he got the power to do so when I almost felt like passing out of pleasure. Still extremely stimulated from before, I felt my orgasm building up rapidly once more, my hands tangling up in his messy hair in the attempt to hold onto something. My chest was pressed so tightly against his, I could make out his quick heartbeat beneath his soft skin, and I placed my head on his shoulder, now moaning and whimpering against the side of his neck as I let the pleasure consume me fully. At the same time I noticed he wasn’t far from his high either, his movements quickening and becoming less controlled beneath me. His name fell from my lips a few times when my stomach twisted, the familiar knot untying and my orgasm washed over my body and mind at the same time. The way my walls clenched around his cock intensified his sensation, and when I felt him grip the flesh of my hips tightly, guiding my core through his last few thrusts I purposely clenched around him again, sending him over the edge. As I was already recovering from my climax, he groaned loudly, the husk in his voice like music to my ears as his head hung back, lips parted, his eyes shut tightly. In other words, he looked absolutely perfect.

I was smiling when his eyelids fluttered open, our chests heaving against each other in attempts to regain our normal breathing. Gently, I pressed my lips onto his, savoring the silence for another couple seconds before pulling away slowly.

“If you tell my friends not to get me the video game, could you maybe get it for me…?” Jungkook suddenly mumbled, making me giggle again and nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck, rolling my eyes.

Thought Of You » Jason Todd

Request: Hello! Could you write something with Arkham Knight!Jason where he had a crush on the reader when he was robin and finally does to find and tell them how he feels after the events of the game?

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Fandom: Batman + DC Comics

Words: 2311

A/N: Okay, I know I haven’t posted a story in so long and that makes me so sad, but my breaks are coming up and with school out of the way, I’ll be able to write a lot more! c:

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  • Yang: Oh my god Ruby, what are you wearing?
  • Ruby: Uhh clothes, why.
  • Yang: I mean the new outfit! You look like a badass little red riding hood!
  • Ruby: Heh, thanks.
  • Blake: Meanwhile Yang looks like she's about to join the Atlas army.
  • Yang: Say's the woman dressed up as a mafia boss slash assassin.
  • Blake: At least I pull it off.
  • Yang: I'm sure I could too....
  • Weiss: Honestly we've all just met up after being months apart and we're nitpicking at each others clothes?
  • Ruby: Oh wow Weiss! That dress! It's like you evolved into your second stage of Ice Queen-ness.

Emphasis on the BOO.

I just wanted an excuse to draw Holtzmann eating a salty parabola. In cheerful bubblegum-pop colours. Because it amuses me to. 

Also, that glove doesn’t go with that outfit, at least not in any photo I’ve seen. Not that it matters because just about any item in her wardrobe goes with anything else. ‘Least, that’s my justification for including it (and probably sounds better than, ‘Because I like how it looks’).

I haven’t drawn Carrot Top in forever, like years

For @sytacus who request Ichigo in 4B for the expression challenge!! Thanks for requesting Ichigo, I REALLY enjoyed drawing him all >:O Hope you enjoy!! <3

Just thought I’ll share my own little transformation on #transformationtuesday When I moved to America I was 12 and immediately I gained at least 50+ lbs and being in that age it was the most terrible thing ever! But I’m so glad and thankful for all the help my mom provided and over the years I got to lose all that weight in a healthy manner without following an eating plan that made me deprived of all the things I love. I still eat cake but it’s a process and I would just like to say that anyone trying to lose weight just know there is absolute no shortcut to it✨

Very minor spoiler and a nod to in-game canon of grunts having to buy their own outfits.

You can supposedly buy Team Skull’s outfit. At least the shirt.

Best game ever 10/10.

I’d like it if it gets acknowledged by other characters too tho, like:

Guzma (after a fight): *shock* Did I just get beat by one of my own grunts? No–wait a sec, you’re that snot-nosed little punk who keeps interferin’ with our plans!

Plumie: *starts up a conversation before noticing that you aren’t one of her dumb brother/sisters, and then challenges you*

Gladion: *probably tries to rip it off a la HGSS Silver as a funny callback only to get dragged away by his Silvally*

Hot Stuff!

This is Glitter Hair Barbie and I still have mine.  There isn’t any glitter in her hair, so I guess I only ever used it on myself?  That wouldn’t surprise me because I was a fastidious sprout and didn’t like my dolls getting “messed up”.  At any rate, I thought this outfit was the height of fashion.  I suppose it was, at least in 1994.  Personally, I still think it’s pretty bitchin’.

Additionally: I am extremely old.

If there’s at least one future episode where Ash and co. have to disguise as Team Skull to sneak into the hideout im gonna


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Stammi Vicino/Viktuuri Pair Skate]

Yay! More QRs! With these, I only (ONLY, HAHAHAHAHHAHAH) have 11 more to go till I finish all the ones I had planned on making plus requests! Then I’ll be free to… what? Look for more. Yep. Because I’m not resting until I have at least all the skating outfits!!!

On a side note, please, forgive Emil’s and JJ’s QRs… Emil’s outfit appears for… like… 10 seconds on the show. And JJ’s was so HARD to make jfc… But Michele’s looks really beautiful in game! I’m probably going to use it for a few days now lmao, sorry Yuuri’s Stammi Vicino. I also included on this post Yurio’s FSP outfit because no one noticed I had already made it!

Oh well, I hope you guys like it!!! 

*lil edit, I named Emil’s wrong, this outfit is from his short skate program (ssp) not his free program (fsp) as it is written on the Qr name. Sorry!!!

January is almost coming to an end so I put a little sketch of my favorite outfit of this month, hoodie+denim jacket! (at least what i tried to draw n_n) Tbh I wore this outfit like every single day 😅
Anyways, having a green theme was the easiest for me because I love green and I already had a lot of green stationary 🤗

Huh that seems to be…. uhh…

*Searches on my wall map* 

Norway I think? Interesting place to visit.


Nice to have some info on that at least.

Holy shit Buddy those drawings are fucking sick.

And with a plume no less. I tried one of those and they’re awful to do anything.

I really like strawberries, but I don’t buy them often because they go bad really quickly. The sweetness goes away in less than a day sometimes.

I love that they have their usual outfits even though they probably didn’t look like that.