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Excuse My French [Part Five]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language, Angst
A/N: ughhh sorry for the wait on these updates, college has been kicking my butt so it’ll be a little tough. I can say that there is likely going to be seven (maybe eight cause I have no self control) parts in this, and after that I’m writing a cool au that I’m pretty excited for. requests are still open but I won’t get to them for a while, sorry guys! REMINDER: I do not have a tags list

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Sixth months after Ben’s death and Peter deciding to be just friends, things had changed almost drastically.

When it came to just you, you knew you weren’t quite the same person from six months ago. You hadn’t been in New York long, but you could tell your accent was fading slightly. Your English felt even stronger than before, and you never hesitated over words like you had when you first got here.

American life was the new norm for you, and the things you found weird before, you now considered normal. Though, now having a new superhero in the borough was a little more than weird, but ever since Spider-Man had shown up months ago, even that was considered normal.

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