at least i kept myself busy for a bit

S. Devang

Old | Retired | DEGAF

On her second body (at least it has a heartbeat) and trying for a fourth or fifth time to retire for good.  Has an unhealthy thing for pizza and runs a small pizza joint (Patch’s Pizza). She’s still settling into the old-folks way of life.

By all accounts, she’s harsh, direct, and stupid as fuck, but also resourceful and connected. Making her a good person to know for information or help work out unusual situations.

She’s a tough old dog, but getting to know her on a less than professional level leads to getting quite a bit of her dedicated time and energy. Not to say, even for a moment, that she’s easy to get to know at all.

Follow for the hardcore dry humor.

(If nothing else.)

Extra Bullshit

  • Indie OC
  • Open to all fandoms and other OCs
  • Open to AU adventures
  • Non-NSFW
  • Adult Themes; Such as graphic language or violence.
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • Script & Para (as appropriate)