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“You could never imagine what I want to do with you. Even here and now, I’m just…”
“Okay, I don’t want to talk with you anymore.” Cecilia turned her back to him and covered her ears. Then, Gregory appeared in front of her and smiled like he was the happiest mammal on heart. “Don’t look at me like that” she grumped.
“Can I at least kiss you?”


Nothing to say here, just a little fanfiction about Gregory and his bride-to-be Cecilia. It’s settled about 20-25 years before the events narrated in Black Jack. Hope you’ll like it! As usual, credits to @rem289 for the beautiful sketch!
Another Broken Soul (2/6)

Summary: Modern AU. Emma arrives in Storybrooke to start anew with her life. What she didn’t expect is to find someone there who she met ten years before, in completely different circumstances.

Ratings: General.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Once Upon A Time, or its characters (I’d like to, at least some of them, but I don’t).

Chapters: One; Two;

Thank you so much to my lovely beta @laschatzi

And a huge tank you to everybody who read the first chapter and sent me words of appreciation or simply liked the story. Seriously, I didn’t expect such response, I’m touched! I hope I won’t disappoint you. Enjoy the new chapter!

Chapter Two.

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Can I request the dr1 girls with a male best friend

You sure can ;P I hope you like it :D ALSO thank you so much for your patience!

DR1 Girls and a male best friend

Kyoko Kirigiri:

- You often end up chasing her around the school

- “Kirigiri - san… Could you… Possibly slow down”

- She gives you a glance over her shoulder and smiles

- “Crime waits for no one L/n - kun”

- “That’s true but you could at least wait for me…”

- You hear a quiet giggle as she speeds down the hall again

Toko Fukawa:

- She would often accuse you of something you didn’t do

- “W-Were you staring at me with inappropriate thoughts?! Y-You scum!”

- “Wh-?! Of course not I was just staring off into space”

- “Liar!”

- “No I swear!”

- You often end up in trouble with the librarian and you can hear Toko snickering behind you

- Revenge will be sweet…

Sayaka Maizono:

- Everyone always asks you if you’re her boyfriend

- After reassuring everyone five times that no, you’re not she comes bouncing up to you and hooks her arms around yours

- “L/n - kun! Let’s go to a cafe together okay?”

- Maizono - san… You’re not helping the situation here

- You often find photographers following you

- So you often end up wearing a hat, sunglasses and a big scarf

- Making Maizono comment about how silly you look

Aoi Asahina:

- She’s always challenging you to new things

- Often in the pool

- And she wins like 99% of the time

- “Hah! Once again I beat you, how do you feel about that L/n?!”

- “Isn’t it technically cheating… You’re the Ultimate Swimmer aren’t you?”

- “That doesn’t matter!”

- She clenches her hands and looks at you, determination in her eyes

- “I will do my best to teach you L/n!”

Sakura Oogami:

- Just like Asahina, she likes to challenge you

- She often prods at your muscles and nods

- And then proceeds to hand you a protein drink

- “Uh… Thanks Oogami - san”

- “You have to get stronger if you want to beat me”

- “Eh… I don’t… You know sure”

- You find yourself spending the majority of your free time at the gym with her cheering you on

Celestia Ludenberg:

- You gamble with her a lot

- And once you lost your lunch money for the whole week you decide to stop

- “Hmm? Do you intend to quit so quickly?”

- “Sorry Celes - san… I literally have nothing left”

- “That’s incorrect”

- “Huh?”

- “How about, if you win I’ll return your money but… If you lose, you’ll have to make me my favourite type of tea for a month”

- You blink, processing what she just said

- “Okay sure, how hard can it be to make tea?”

- You regret what you just said

Junko Enoshima:

- She takes you shopping with her a lot

- And you end up carrying like, all her bags

- When you ask why she simply replies with

- “Because you’re a strong handsome man silly”

- She then blows you a kiss before running off to another store

- Handsome huh?

- She would often say things like that 

- Because apparently you looked ‘adorable’ when you’re flustered

Mukuro Ikusaba:

- She’s not too sure what to talk about

- And you find that she’s often just sitting and blushing

- “H-Hey, Ikusaba - san, no need to be shy! We can talk about whatever, I don’t mind”

- “But I… I don’t really know what to say”

- “Hm… Then how about I say something about myself?”

- She gives you a small nod

- “Okay so, I’ve been playing Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds lately and-”

- “The one where you go around trying to be the last survivor?”

- “You’ve heard of it?”

- “Of course, I end up winning quite a lot of the matches afterall!”

- You then proceed to spend the next hour discussing what tactics each one of your use

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i don't care how many people say taylor didn't change. she did change and i hate this new taylor but i'm trying to love her but like i can't. she's so much... darker now. it's weird. i miss the sunny taylor from the 1989 era. i miss the interviews and talkshows. i want her back... -rant over. I'm hoping taylor will see this since you follow her-

she hasn’t changed, and she isn’t dark, she was putting on a show/mocking what pop culture says about her. the same taylor still comes online and likes our posts and laughs with us and does cute videos with her cats and is a giant dork, taylor hasn’t suddenly become a new person!

as for the interviews and talkshows, she’s alluded that she probably won’t be doing those (or at least not many), and it’s probably because they’re never really on her terms, they’re for the media enjoyment and she’s done doing what they want her to do. this era isn’t for them, and she’s not going to play their games.


After waiting for Chloe to be at the house alone, Jace walked up the drive and knocked on her door. When she answered, he could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t pleased to see him. But he was confident that he could convince her to change her mind.

“What are you doing here, Jace?”

“I needed to talk to you and this was the only way.”

“You need to leave. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say and Greyson will be home any minute.”

“Look, Chloe, I’m sorry about what happened yesterday but you can’t just cut me out of your life just because I made one mistake. We belong together. At least give me a chance to make up for what happened.”

“I was questioning our relationship before yesterday,” Chloe started to explain. Hoping that after he knew everything he would agree to leave her alone. “And what happened just solidified in my mind that we shouldn’t be seeing each other. I love my husband and my life and to be honest, you’re not the type of person I want in my life even if I was single. It’s better this way. Please try and understand.”

“I don’t understand and I think you’re just confused because you feel guilty.”

“I was confused. And that’s why I started seeing you. But I’m not anymore. I know what I want out of my life and you don’t fit in. So please just leave me alone. There’s nothing you can say to change my mind.”

“There has to be. And I’m not going to give up on us, Chloe.”

“That’s not your choice to make,” she replied, frowning at his insistence that she change her mind. “And if you don’t leave right now and stay away from me, then I’ll have to tell my Dad the real reason I don’t want you around anymore.”

“He already knows most of it.”

“He does?”

“Yes, he told me this morning.”

“Well, then I’ll tell him all of it, including what happened yesterday. And I promise you he will not take it well. So just leave, okay? I don’t want to talk about this anymore and if Greyson finds you here it will be hard to explain why.”

“Fine. If that’s what you want I’ll leave. But I’ll find some way to change your mind. No matter what I have to do.”

Frowning as she watched Jace turn and walk across the street to his car, Chloe stood on her porch trying to calm her nerves. She knew that it was for the best that she break things off with Jace, but she worried about what he would do to try and get her back. He wasn’t going to give up easily.

So she decided that she would have to tell her Dad everything in order to be assured that he wouldn’t show up at her house again. She had made her decision to stay with Greyson and she couldn’t risk him finding out. He would never forgive her.

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Hey. Can I get Widowmaker or Sombra with a S/O who is trying to run a gaming channel with kittens (harder than you'd expect because they keep chewing through wires)?

I decided to do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind ^-^


  • When she noticed you struggling to keep your cat away from the wires, she immediately picked them up.
  • She tries her best to keep the cat away from you when you’re recording
  • it doesn’t work sometimes, though
  • at least the people watching can see someone running around in the background, chasing after a cat.
  • at least it keeps the cat away from your stuff, that’s for sure!


  • When the cat isn’t busy getting attention from Widowmaker, it’s busy trying to play with the wires of your headphones.
  • While recording, your cat didn’t hesitate to pull on the wires so the headphones would fall of your head.
  • After the fifth time, Widowmaker decided to distract the cat
  • Basically, just try to get the cat’s attention and keep petting them.
  • But at least it works, right?
everyone loves Granny

my dearest darlingest @kat2609, my favorite and my best: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you get showered with love and treats today and that this is just one contribution to an overall amazing day because you deserve all the best things! here’s a bit of Granny love to (hopefully) get your day going! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!

Another day, another dollar, right? At least, that was what Granny told herself as she shuffled into the back of the diner, still yawning. Not that the money really mattered in Storybrooke, but at the very least, she had her reputation to uphold. That, and if she didn’t feed everyone, who would?

Blearily, she flipped on the lights and headed through the kitchen to the main dining area to flip on the coffee makers, giving her a few minutes to catch a bit more rest. On days like these, she really missed having Ruby around—today especially—but certainly didn’t begrudge her granddaughter a shot at True Love.

Nevertheless, she sighed heavily while the coffee percolated and the pleasing aroma began to fill the air. It did perk her up a little, and that’s when she noticed something on the counter that certainly hadn’t been there the night before.

At first, she thought someone came in and used one of her mugs. But this one was different; the handle of it was shaped like a crossbow and the cup had arrows all over it. And tucked inside was a note.

Written in chicken scratch that could only belong to a teenage boy,

Dear Granny—To the most badass crossbow wielder in the world. Have a fantastic day! —Henry

She paused for a moment—he didn’t know, did he? How could he, though, she reminded herself. Plus, it was Henry—he was a thoughtful boy, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to drop off random gifts. Though she might have to say something to his mothers about B&E. Maybe he was spending too much time with Hook.

Regardless, she took another few minutes to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in her new mug before getting a head start on cooking for the morning.

Barely a half hour later, she was in the middle of frying bacon when she smelled something else coming from the dining room. Now what was going on?

Whoever had snuck in must have had magic on their side, because she would have heard the door open and close. And given the fact that she could already tell there were bear claws in that box from the bakery, she had a pretty good idea which witch it was.

Treat yo self, Granny! love, Emma was scrawled across the top. Two very fresh pastries were inside. As she bit into one and took the other to the back for safekeeping, she decided that maybe it wasn’t the pirate who was influencing Henry…and began to wonder what was really afoot.

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by @mothlissa 

Lynet felt a fierce need to protect her stepmother, to earn the pet name Mina had given her so long ago. If she couldn’t tell her father what she wanted for her own sake, at least she could do it for Mina’s. “Nothing will come between us,” Lynet said. “I promise.” She took Mina’s hand and pressed it gently. 

 Mina returned the gesture, but there was still doubt in her eyes, in the corners of her weary smile, and she mouthed something low and nearly inaudible as she started to stand. Lynet couldn’t make out the words exactly, but she thought she heard Mina say, I hope you’re right.

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you guys cracked me up with your live reaction videos ahahaha i hope you make them the rest of the season! man tho i wish i had friends to watch figure skating and freak out over yuzuru with...

Awww thanks dear :3 Yuzuru is such as source of joy and @yuzuruspoohsan makes it a hundred times better (and crazier 😝😝)
I’m not sure how our schedules will match for the following comps but I think Su will definitely do hers so look out for those :D (I’ll do recommendations for her FS snacks at least, the popcorn was such a success hehe)

Prompt: !! can you do relationship headcanons with their villain s/o for himiko toga?             

Requester: Murder Baby Anon

Notes: like with Dabi, I’m working on her characterization still so bear with me! I hope these turn out ok though

Originally posted by tobiasjc


○ Loves to snuggle up to her s/o at the base and hang around them. She likes to be close so she’s glad she can spend time with them at ‘work’ too

○ Thinks her s/o is at least 100x more attractive all covered in blood, especially if it’s someone else’s so she loves going on missions with them

○ If they don’t have a mission for the Villain Alliance she often tries to get s/o to go out on crime sprees of their own. Killing people is a date idea to her

○ Likes to spar with her s/o - though really she just likes to see their blood after a decent fight.

○ Excited to hear about all the things s/o had done to become  villain before joining the alliance. If s/o was small-time and unknown she gets just as excited to plan things they could do

○ Obsessive. She hovers a lot and occasionally steals shirts ripped from injury in battle or her s/o’s weapons. S/o eventually figures out where their things go but, with the exception of weapons, it’s best to just let her keep them

○ Wont stand for anyone else trying to get too close to her s/o. It doesn’t matter who they are, though her control is somewhat limited if they’re another member of the alliance. If they’re not though she’s not afraid to threaten, hurt, and/or kill to keep perceived competition away from her s/o.

○ Pouts whenever she can’t be partnered up with s/o for missions and always finds them right away afterwards

○ Gushes a lot. Be it to the other villains or her victims while she’s attacking them she just can’t stop talking about her lovely s/o

○ Loves when s/o praises her after a good kill

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I just really wish she'd notice me. I wish she would talk to me. I want to be there for her, but she wouldn't let me into her Life.

then she isn’t the girl for u, as much as u want it to be, she isn’t. at least not now. u know? you can still be there for her, but from afar, like in ur heart u can be there for her. sometimes…things happen and people doesn’t want us in their life and u just…have to understand. u don’t have to be okay with it, but u have to understand and just, do ur best to move on

((I tried again and it isn’t fantastic, but I feel like it’s better than the other one at least. :P

It was supposed to be she was tucking him in after long night of overtime at Arkham after the Hatter just got back (to assure he stayed there) and it turned into it being her intention - but then she fell asleep on him and they stayed peacefully as they were.

I’ve been practicing head angles lately and I’m feeling inspired so the chances of me drawing more are high!!! XD I really hope you guys like it!

You, @lylebolton, and all others who enjoy this ship! Because honestly it’s cute and I like it, so I’m really happy to be in the mood to draw it!!! ))

((I am amazed how much you get this ship

This is legitimately something that would actually happen


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Natasha looks like she's lost a lot of weight since the negative feedback on her weight gain in season 2. Hope she's eating and taking good care of her health

I didn’t even notice anything?  Besides, she wasn’t even insecure about it (at least that’s what she said on social media).  That one shirt really was just tight and look uncomfortable.  She’s fine, she’s got a petite frame and it’s not like she has a bad diet.  

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I wanted to give Elena the BOTD because I used to be a really awful person and didn't care about my word choice. The difference is though, is that I realized that my word choice was awful and offensive. I apologized profusely when I realized I was wrong and I'm a better person because of it. She doesn't seem like she's wrong at all and I haven't seen an apology once. I won't hold my breath for her to apologize, but I hope that she at least knows she's wrong to say those things.

That’s exactly the difference. People can change! But like you said, you realized it and apologized. She clearly doesn’t care though based on her reaction, and based on her actions in the house, she hasn’t changed either. I think she does know that she’s wrong, based on what she’s liking, she just doesn’t care lmao

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First sentence: "It's just me."

‘It’s just me,’ Jenny calls through the keyhole, and then knocks once, redundant but (sort of) polite.

Behind the door, in the empty bath with her feet dangling over the rim, Susan sighs out a puff of smoke and replies, ‘Oh, is it? What a shame, I’d so hoped it would be Alec who’d come to babysit.’

‘Susan.’ Jenny knocks again and then tries the door; it’s open, and she at least makes a show of poking her head around it for a respectful couple of seconds before she comes in, shuts it behind her, leans against it. ‘He’s gone now.’

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Fic rec for someone who is currently wide awake despite it being 2am, but is avoiding working on her essay due Tuesday because gotta love that #procrastination.

Also it’s the fic rec requester again, I’m a sucker for AUs. Any AUs at all.

Sorry it took me so long to see this, Nonny!  I hope you got some sleep or at least some work on your essay done lol

I’m rushing off to work, so I don’t have a detailed list right now, but if you haven’t already, go check out the DeanCas Tropefest 2017, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in there that’s really good :D

A note on transphobic feminisms

Last week I found myself embroiled in all sorts of arguments around transphobic and transmisogynist feminisms. I find it so depressing that this stuff is still around. I’m also depressed by how discussions around the Gender Recognition Act are being used by cynically by certain feminists in these milieux, whose main politics over the last decades has been to whip up hatred against trans* people, to try to gather a crowd behind them. I know that quite a few people who are currently lining up behind the likes of Julia Long (or who at the very least refuse to recognise the deeply divisive positions and gestures that people like her are taking and making) read my wall. My hope is that some of the stuff below will make you see this differently.

1. There has been a small but vocal scene of feminists around London - people like Sheila Jeffreys, Gail Chester, Julia Long - whose politics over the last couple of decades has centred on making the argument that trans* women aren’t women. A good proportion of these people’s opinions go further though: they claim that gender reassignment surgery is nothing other than self-mutilation; that trans people demanding protection from oppression are “male rights activists” (that is, aligned with certain far-right movements); and that the main aim of trans* people’s lives is to undermine the gains of the women’s movement. But what has been peculiar to this politics - and I only know about London here, but I hear the same from other places - is that its mode of expression has been to attack trans* people themselves. Far from making theoretical interventions or arguments, far from entering into conversations, this group of feminists have gone about instituting their politics by publicly outing, doxxing, and monstering trans people. They do this in a context (and take full advantage of this context) in which transphobia predominates in the mainstream press and many other institutions of civil society. In more immediate social interactions their politics consistently and deliberately misgender all trans people they come into contact with. Ultimately their politics amounts to the idea that trans*-women, in their very being, undermine feminist movements, and they wish to undermine them in every way possible, playing opportunistically on wider social transphobias.

2. It is significant that this pattern has been known to feminism in the context of debates over sex work. On that question certain feminists have attacked women sex workers (most prominently on Reclaim the Night marches.) They do this instead of negotiating the dialectical tensions of labour, commodity, libido, possession, and exchange under patriarchal capitalism. Instead the sex worker herself becomes the scapegoat and centre of gravity of the entire system. If only she can be done away with (and with no particular care for how she came to be selling sex), the whole system will apparently simplify itself. The whole thing is slightly bizarre - akin to blaming proletarians in a munitions factory for a society founded on perpetual war, rather than blaming the society based on perpetual war for the fact that certain proletarians find themselves having to produce munitions. This isn’t to say there aren’t important and nuanced debates to be had about sex work, safety of workers, the consequence of sex being sold on the most anarchic open market for all women, and so on. Although there is an irony that feminists whose political movement arose from hatred of the “it can wait until after the revolution” now take precisely the same attitude to sex workers merely defending their physical safety. This is all slightly by the by. But the same brutality of attitude, which leads to certain feminists putting the blame of sexual exploitation at the feet of sex workers, which leads them to attack their very existence as scapegoat, has been transferred wholesale to how some feminists are treating trans* people. This has now been going on for very many years.

3. In the discussions that have surrounded the Gender Recognition Act, those women who have for many years been aggressively transphobic have been trying to reposition themselves to win support from other women and feminists who might not really agree with the extremity and violence of their positions. They have started to talk about defending civil society institutions, and about having debates. To many trans* people in London it is clear that these aims are not true. Indeed last week’s shitshow of a “debate” mainly involved slinging insults and platforming people whose only point ever is to say that trans* women are men (indeed people who have somehow made careers out of this!) There are questions about civil society, and about womanhood, raised by the act. The trouble is that these particular feminists are not interested in them beyond a very specific, outmoded and divisive line. 

4. There are genuinely some people who (mainly on the internet) take an “against nature” position in the trans* community, and who respond to anyone questioning trans* discourse - or even the primacy of discourse in trans* scenes - as an existential threat that can only be met with violence. There are certain individuals who send death threats, punch people, shout “kill all TERFs” etc. Apart from these people are the enormous majority of trans* people who are consistently in conversations, discussions, social movements, reflections with all sorts of people (and alone) about questions of sex, gender, sexuality, nature, history. The transmisogynist and transphobic feminists consistently attempt to play up the extent of this violent, silencing culture, because they know that ultimately plays out in their favour. This behaviour is analogous to Zionists who play up the anti-Semitism of small elements of the Arab population to justify the violence meted out by Israel against all Palestinians. They know that it is ultimately beneficial to their position to claim that they are being silenced and attacked, that all discussion is made impossible. Often their aim has been to provoke this situation (for example by holding meetings where the only speakers are those who routinely claim that all trans* women are men.) The events this week in London, when divisions were cynically sown in this way - people like Julia Long know that their position is ultimately stronger, that their hatred of trans* people and violence against them appears more legitimate and more reasonable when people are most divided. It is for this reason that these people have for so long practiced such a highly antagonistic politics. But none of this really helps women, trans* or otherwise. At the same time it is really a terrible shame for most trans* people that the time they need to defend themselves has collided with what can only be described as a crisis in the politics of oppression, where (turbo-charged by the internet) significant numbers of people advocate nihilist violence against their oppressors to shore up the community of the oppressed. But this trend seems thankfully to be waning. It is a strange irony too that an all-out-war has broken out only where these internet cultures have come into contact with those feminists who first tried to drag the movement into communitarianism. 

5. One frequent line of argument that is common is the “gender” is all post-modern nonsense. But to think that the transformations in social relations that have taken place in the last 30 years can be done away with through the power of a demystifying gaze, which does away with the ideology of discourses only to rediscover nature, is to miss the point. We are without a doubt living through a sexual revolution - one as great as those that preceded it, that of the 20 years following the French Revolution, that of Weimar Germany (and Austria) in the wake of psychoanalysis, and that of the 1970s. And indeed it is the revolution of gender itself. Perhaps it is better to think by analogy. When I try to think about the early decades of psychoanalysis it is impossible to think about the great advances it offered people in thinking about their sexuality, about understanding the sexual lives of children, without at the same time thinking of its victims: of Dora, of the children subject to the prevalent paedophilia of Western Culture over whom psychoanalysis had thrown the darkest cloak (until Ferenczi’s late interventions). But to take up the position that just refuted it as pseudoscience - the position of someone like Karl Kraus - is to sort of miss the point. The great historical movement of psychoanalysis (which remains unfinished) was already transforming people’s lives, people’s self-understandings and self-misunderstandings, people’s relations and relationships. So too is the case with something like Butler’s view of gender, which has now entered the everyday. And whether you agree with it or not is no longer the issue, because questions of humanity are not staked either for or against it but within it and through it. When I was teaching classes of 18 year old humanities students a lot of them had read Butler while at school. Most of those who hadn’t were at least aware of the discourse, and were familiar with replicated or bowdlerised forms of it online. It was just part of their sexual growing up. And sometimes I think of the old arguments against the psychoanalytic revolution: that it left the continent of Europe deep in anxiety, packed full of people narcissistically introspecting, discovering uneasily, and obsessing over, their own neuroses. And perhaps if psychoanalysis left in its wake a generation of neurotics, then theories of gender leave a generation of gender disphorics. But it is unclear to me that they are any less well as a result. All of this isn’t to say that something like a fiendish Krausian rejection isn’t interesting, but it is nonetheless brutal, polarising, as Benjamin would say: destructive. But the Karl Krauses of today’s sexual revolution have none of his style; they are experts in the brutishness of brutality alone. They refuse even to accept the divisive effects of their own polemical skepticism, and refuse to notice the bodies trodden underfoot.

6. Perhaps one of the arguments used by transphobic feminists that I find myself most sympathetic to is the idea that we need to return to a conversation of nature. The claim stands against the idea that questions of gender and sexual identity are entirely matters of society and consciousness, in a world that has apparently (at least in these spheres) overcome the forces of natural necessity, the expressions of nature, and natural divisions. But where I absolutely disagree is with the sort of nature that is invoked by these people: it is nature viewed with the taxonomic gaze of Linnaeus. The point of this thinking is to show, just as Linnaeus tried to do with animal species, that sexual divisions are eternal and unchangeable, and thus can be given names. It is to invoke precisely those figures like Goethe’s “eternal feminine” that feminism initially set out to undermine. Absolutely no regard is given to questions of sexual development, transformations in sexuality in childhood, puberty, maturity or old age. No discussion of how socialisation and historical catastrophe might affect this. Instead all of this is ignored in favour of the sovereignty of the persistence of the genital, in its purely fleshly form. After the arguments I had this week I went back and read Firestone’s Dialectic of Sex and Mitchell’s Feminism and Psychoanalysis - two of the brightest stars in the constellations of the second wave. What I love about these books is their views of nature (and in Firestone’s case, where she is most indebted to late Engels, quite polemically) as something utterly dynamic, as a world of constant change, modification, and dialectical force, utterly unrecognisable to Linnaean fixation. This thinking shows up the will to fixate nature - the brutal domination of nature - as that which bourgeois thinking has mistaken for the mastery of nature by an enlightened nature that would lead it to reconciliation. This fixated and fixating view of sexual difference ultimately disregards all questions of sexual development (and decline), and in questions of consciousness it willingly swaps out the sensitivity and nuances of developmental psychology for the stark fruitlessness of evolutionary biology. 

7. Amongst responses to the Gender Recognition Act are a set of arguments that have been virally circulating on the internet about how it is set to roll back the victories of the second wave. Most of these arguments are patent nonsense, relying on convincing readers (with no evidence) that legal gender reassignment isn’t already possible (the Act would just streamline these processes, and would not require the sign-off of doctors.) But more than this, these arguments often rely on a total revisionism about the gains of the feminist movement. Reading them one might quickly believe that women in the 1970s spent their time arguing for single sex toilets and women’s prisons. Meanwhile these arguments have a habit of eliding the work done by many trans* people continuing the best of the struggles of the second wave, in organisations like Sisters Uncut, fighting for better domestic violence services. Similarly on questions of sexual violence these viral internet ventures seem to take a step back. Far from the perspective of the second wave that so often saw press sensationalism around street rapists and unknown attackers as often used as a mask for not dealing with the prevalence of sexual violence in the home and amongst known men, the sensationalist figures have been reinvented as the spectre of a sexually violent man who becomes trans* only to gain access to women. This is not to say that street rapists and the like are not real consequences of patriarchal society that need a feminist response. But it is to say that the rolling back of the perspective that finally after decades won out against the marital exemption for rape into a sort of tabloid sensationalism is a step backwards. And more than this, it is terrifying that this sort of sensationalism is used to justify punishing all trans* people, not least when there is absolutely no evidence that this behaviour is any more prominent in the trans* community.

8. Perhaps what has been most grotesque in the last week is the willingness of people to talk explicitly and aggressively about trans* people’s bodies - about bodies they don’t know in any sense other than seeing a clothed photograph, and about which they have no real right to speak. This is matched with the cruelty that wants to point to every moment when those bodies might be most uncomfortable, when they might not “pass”, when they betray a difficult history or an unfulfilled wish, when they express a neurosis that they try to compensate against or disguise. I have been so upset by how friends’ bodies have been spoken about - and all just to try to elicit an angry reaction from them at best and to destroy them at worst.

All of this isn’t to say that no conversation should be had. Nor is it to say that that gender is some easy solution (and I challenge you to find a single trans* person who thinks it is.) The point, however, is that at their best theories of gender - in their natural-historical, dialectical elaboration - are capable of saying “well sex isn’t that easy or simple either.” But the point is really to give some background and hopefully some understanding about what is going on. I know lots of people feel uneasy too and want to have conversations, and that they feel silenced. The best suggestion I have - other than joining in existing discussions, forming reading groups, or getting involved in struggles together - is not to line up behind people like Julia Long, Sheila Jeffreys, Miranda Yardley, Jen Izaakson, and the rest. Strangely their politics of hate wants you to be silenced too - they want to leave the field divided so that their hatred can win out (as it did in London this week.) Similarly, quite a few people in the last week have responded to me by simply denying the violence and effects of transphobic feminisms. I would encourage everyone who says this to go and talk to some trans* people about their effects it has on their lives. Why not just ask them about it? And find out how a discussion with them can happen humanely without all of this shit. This is quite the opposite of organising meetings where the one thing the platform speakers have in common are repeated press claims that trans* women are men - never mind acting all naive afterwards when it causes shit to kick off. It will require some savviness to work out who is involved in what position and why - but what is needed now is to be savvy, and to not think that Julia Long presents the only option for “opening debate” while she in fact closes it down. It is also true that the Gender Rights Act has the potential to affect more people than just trans* people. This really ought not be responded to by publishing outright lies, provocations, and viral content, only to conclude “let’s have a comradely debate,” by which point the “debate” is already utterly uncomradely.

I can see people’s auras… and it’s a curse.

by A10A10A10

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

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