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BTS Reaction - sex while camping

A/N: Here’s for that anon that requested this! You also requested something else, which I’m going to write as well so I hope you look forward to that! I love you.

Warning: mature themes below 

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Caught by the Sea

AN: AGAIN. THIS IS NSFW. This is for @illyriantremors , and I promised I’d write this for her like two weeks ago and I kept procrastinating LOL. But this ended up being SUPER FLUFFY and is based on a headcanon that Feyre and Rhysand kind of have a thing for public sex? And they did it in the Summer Court and got caught and now have to be reminded every time they visit NOT TO GO TOO CRAZY. So here’s some fluffy smut wherein Tarquin catches them having sex. Enjoy!!!

Feyre pursed her lips as she gazed at the palace of the Summer Court, something deep within her aching at the thought of being away from home for an extended period of time. She hadn’t left the Night Court for more than a few hours at a time since she’d returned from the war with Hybern, since she’d brought the Spring Court to its knees.

At least she had Rhys with her.

Not that they could do anything, she knew. Not with their relationship with Tarquin being so newly healed, so precarious. They’d been invited to the Summer Court for three days as a gesture of goodwill—three days of meetings and a parade and a festival celebrating the end of the war. She and Rhys could make it three days. She’d been able to go weeks without touching Isaac Hale. Surely, they both had enough self-control to make it three measly days.

Rhys tapped on the wall of her mind, the essence of him dragging a single finger across her barriers, knowing exactly how and where to press to beckon memories of black silk sheets and silver handcuffs into her mind. She dropped the wall immediately.

You seem on edge.

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Back to School Tips

for the ADHD student 

just a list of things that have helped me while struggling at community college:) hopefully these will apply for high school ADHDers too!

- don’t choose classes that you don’t love, unless absolutely necessary. uninteresting classes will kill your motivation so fast guys.

- when scheduling classes, DO NOT sign up for a class before 8am!! or even 9!! you’ll think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Nemo. 

- take it easy on the redbull. energy drinks, sugar, and any other processed foods and/or drugs isn’t the best for concentration or memory or functioning in general.

- speaking of memory, it is very important to get enough sleep, because that is when memories are consolidated. specifically, get enough deep (NREM) sleep; deep sleep is when explicit and factual memories are established, while REM sleep only consolidates procedural and emotional memories. Basically, if you’re gonna skip sleep and do homework, wake up early to study, don’t stay up late.

- and while we’re talking of sleep, keep in mind a couple things: 1) yes, sleep is important but 2) you will undoubtedly not get enough so don’t cry over it and 3) this is when coffee comes in.

- and i don’t mean Starbucks, because that heavenly, fantastic shit is for much richer people. get used to strong, black coffee because it’s cheap and works better and it’s cheap.

- make friends with your professors at the BEGINNING of the term. sometimes all you gotta do is start the conversation and your grade will magically become better.

- always have a healthy snack on hand, like almonds or dried fruit.

- find yourself a sanctuary. THIS MIGHT BE MY MOST IMPORTANT TIP. on campus, things are gonna be overwhelming and hard and tiring, and you’re gonna need something or someplace to return to, where you can study, cry, get shit done, nap, stair into the endless void call Life, etc. I usually find myself a hidden corner or table or couch in each hall to claim as my territory, then camp out in in it between (and sometimes during) classes.

- always have your earbuds.

- find a study partner, not a study group.

- don’t be afraid to ask for help from tudors, peers, professors or Student Disability services. I got SSD accommodations finally after 8 terms and it SAVED MY LIFE. usually, services for students with disabilities can get you extra time on tests, note taking help, and other stuff specific to your school.

- bring a fiddle toy, coloring sheets, chewing gun, or anything else to help you sit through class. and if someone comments on your fidget cube, glare or slap them or stab their eyes out. this is college, bitch. survival of the dog-eat-dog. or something.

- on that note, do whatever you need to get through class. and i don’t mean blackmail your professor. i do mean show up to class in pajamas, or create a crazy wall with tacked-up papers and red string and crossed-out codes, or bring a pot of tea to morning yoga. usually people don’t actually care about what you do or say or look like, so just be.

- yes, color-coding + sticky notes are always a good idea.

- take your notes on paper! we all know that computer note-taking is a gateway to distraction which leads to online impulse buys and obsessive research about probably time travel. or penguin migration habits. or what colors go best with your skin tones. just, write notes in a notebook.

- last tip! have a pre-game playlist. get hyped. energize yourself so you can make through the class, the day, the week, the term, the Life. find what inspires you and don’t forget it. 

Anyways, that’s all. this got a lot longer then i had planned. hope this is helpful to at least one person!! if you have any tips you wanna add, feel free:) good luck this year, my dudes. 

p.s. if you find this post helpful but you don’t have adhd but you wanna reblog anyway, chill. it’s okay. reblog anyway. just everyone be respectful and fucking nice and tag correctly. i really don’t care❤️❤️❤️

Dark Nights (Part 1)

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Summary: The reader meets a strange Alpha, Dean Winchester, one terrible night that leads them down a path neither ever intended to set foot on…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, attempted assault, violence

A/N: Hope you enjoy the first of many parts!…

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Hello sweeties! During my high school days, I had a good relationship with most of my teachers. That made class much more bearable and it’s also helpful for any kind of recommendation so here are my tips ♥

Be positive: 
It’s always nice to have people who are at least positive about class and topics that are going to be discussed. There’s so many complainers and people with crappy attitude, but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Arrive to class on time:
I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like waiting for people. I don’t mean 15min but I’ve gone out with my friends and they’ve been an hour to 2hrs late. That has also happened for projects and presentations. You’ll always look professional if you’re on time. 

You don’t have to ask a question every 5min because you’d be interrupting. But make sure to participate if you have something interesting to share or if you have any question. That way, the teacher will know you are willing to be vulnerable to learn more. 

Be prepared:
-lion king song starts playing- ok but seriously
you don’t want to be the one screaming for a pen when you have midterms. 

Show your nice manners:
Don’t be on your phone during a lecture or even when other classmates are doing a presentation. It’s not only disrespectful but makes the person in front feel discouraged. 

Dress well:
Of course this is mostly for people who wear uniforms, because it doesn’t look very nice to have stains on your shirt or dirty shoes. But even if you wear casual clothes, try to look presentable and at least clean! 

I wrote each one of these personally, so please don’t repost. I hope this helps you, and remember to always trust yourself! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on messaging me ^_^ © freepic icon

Love, Yumi ✨

Leaders in Blue

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Leaders in Blue

Leonardo x Reader

Note: I was in a Leo mood. There were no Leo prompts. Enjoy.

It was a nice afternoon. Because it was Saturday, you had the day off of school. Therefore, you were hanging out in the lair until your plans later that day.

When you walked into the home of your boyfriend and his brothers, he was sitting in his spot, meditating.

“Hey,” You greeted him quietly, not wanting to startle him as you had accidently done so many times before. “How are you?”

“Better now,” His eyes were still closed, but a smile pulled at his lips. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” You set your bag down on the couch and walked closer to him. “How are things?”

“Things are good.” He finally opened those blue, blue eyes that made you want to melt. “I thought you had plans.”

“Not until later. Going out for dinner and a movie with my aunt.”

“Ah, sounds fun.”

“It will be.” You kissed his cheek and took his huge hand in both of yours. “But I had to see you first. School was so stressful this week.”

“Hey, how about we make some tea and talk about it?”

“It was just tests and stuff. Nothing conversation-worthy. But tea sounds nice.” He stood up and pressed a kiss to your forehead. The tall turtle towered above you, but he really did love how short you were compared to him. It was cute. Every time he looked down at you, it reminded him how lucky he was to be dating anyone at all, let alone a perfect little human like you. He walked to the kitchen with you.


A few hours later, you and your aunt Becky were sitting in a booth at your favorite diner. You had ordered your burgers and shakes with a shared basket of fries, and were talking a bit about everything. You had lived with your aunt for a year or so, but when you graduated high school, you got an apartment with some friends to go to college on the other side of the city. However, you still liked to see her, so you had weekly lunches and every month you went to see a movie with her.

“So, how are your classes going?”

“They’re all right. Had a few tough tests the other week, but I think I passed them, so it’s all right.”

“And your relationship status?”

“Still with Leo.” You replied.

“Ah Leo. The elusive Leo. Will I ever get to meet this mysterious boyfriend of yours?”

“Eventually, I’m sure.” You lied. In all honesty, you weren’t sure Rebecca Vincent, the chief of security would ever be able to handle the giant mutant that was your boyfriend without pulling out her taser. So at least for the time being, she couldn’t meet him. Not yet. “He’s great. I think you’d really like him. Brave, patient, smart. I think he’d be a cop if he had his druthers.”

“Sounds like a very nice young man.” She smiled and nodded. Finally, your meal arrived.

“He is. So how’s work?”

“Oh you know…same old.” Your aunt knew you couldn’t handle hearing about the four giant mutant turtles the police force had been working with these days. You did not know she knew your boyfriend, and she did not know that one of the heroic turtles was dating you.

“Well, it is New York.” She clinked her glass against yours.

“Cheers to that.”


After the movie, you and your aunt walked out of the theater, and no sooner did she get a call. You didn’t catch much of the conversation. Just a little.

“Mmhmm. Yeah. Yes. Okay. I understand that, but- yes. I can be there. In a few. Do you mind if I…nevermind. I’ll be there.” She hung up and looked at you with an unspoken question. “Come on, (Y/N). I think…well, I think it’s about time I introduced you to some friends of mine.”

Never could you have imagined what she meant.

A few minutes in a cop car and you were there, an empty underpass. You got out of the car and looked up at the…familiar green van. Oh my God. No freaking way. This was not happening. But sure enough, your aunt rapped her fist against the car door and out they came. Raph, then Mikey, then Donnie, then Leo, whose blue eyes widened the moment he saw you standing there.

“What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“Wait.” Your aunt looked between you and Leo a few times and suddenly it dawned on her. Boyfriend Leo was elusive after all, and with good reason. This was why you hadn’t introduced her to him yet, and it explained every description of him you had ever given her. “You two are…”

“Aunt Becky, this is my boyfriend Leonardo.” You stated.

“This is your aunt?!” Leo whisper-yelled. You only nodded.

“Well, after everything I’ve heard about you, you appear to be quite the catch, Leo. Now, you treat my niece right or else. You hear?”

“Of course, ma’am.” Leo nodded respectfully. His blue, blue eyes fixed themselves on you. “I wouldn’t dream of treating her any differently.”


You and Leo was something Rebecca would have to get used to. But the gentle smiles, the heartfelt laughs, the quiet moments, the sight of you running into his muscular arms of him holding you against his plastron, it meant the world to see both of you happy. And more importantly, she knew he could protect you. She knew he would be good to you, treat you right.

He was so careful with you, so gentle. He opened doors for you, pulled out your chair and pushed you in at every dinner. He helped you get things off of high shelves, grabbed your coat and your purse on your way out of the lair and/or your aunt’s apartment when the two of you went over for dinner, which was much more frequently now.

Honestly, she was just excited to call him her nephew-in-law.

How sure was she that the two of you were going to get married? Pretty sure. Leo had shown her the ring.

When Fate Intervened

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: Day one of the hamwriters write-a-thon! This is actually not the fic I have had written for this day for like a week and a half. No I wrote this last night and this morning because this was a better idea than my other one. Also I’m posting this now because in my time zone at least it’s the right day for this so here we go, enjoy!

AU: Soulmate AU

Warnings: nothing? 

Word Count: 1,700

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A world without color has never particularly bothered you. Sure it would be nice to see colors the way your sister can, but really it’s never been a big thing. You watched all through high school and college as the people around you desperately tried to find the person they were destined to be with but you never really tried to look for them. You’ve always believed that when it’s time to meet your soulmate, fate will be there to make sure it happens.

“Y/N… did you know that when you reach 26 your chances of meeting your soulmate drop dramatically?” Your sister asks as you pull your gloves and scarf on in preparation for the cold winter morning air you know is waiting for you outside.

“That is bullshit. People in their 60’s meet their soulmates all the time. Not everyone get’s to meet them in the first grade like you” you grumble.

Your sister has always been like this, she’s younger than you by three years and likes to bother you about meeting your soulmate at every chance she get’s. Why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with her and her soulmate you have no idea.

“Goodbye” you call out, not bothering to turn around to face her as you grab your bag and make your way out of the apartment.

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Summary: Harry searches for his missing hoodie that was taken by [Y/N]. When confronted, [Y/N] playfully denies ever having it, but Harry’s got paparazzi photo proof. **FLUFF**

~ Requested ~ | Requests are open

“The Missing Hoodie”

You were woken up by the weight of a heavy arm rested over your stomach and loud snoring. You turned over and saw Harry peaceful and in deep sleep. Your eyes shifted over to your clock. 7:00 AM, it read. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You slowly moved Harry’s arm off of you, careful not to wake him, and placed a kiss on his temple. It was Harry’s day off after seven continuous days of working. You wanted Harry to sleep in and replenish his strength and energy. You had a laundry lists of things to do before you headed to work. You had your morning run, then grocery shopping to restock the refrigerator and pantry for Harry, as well as cook breakfast. You needed to move quickly if you wanted to get everything done before he woke.

Your footsteps were light and quiet as you scrambled around the house to get ready. You were careful not to make too much noise. You grabbed the nearest items of clothing you could find— black leggings you found in a hamper, a hoodie that laid on the sofa, a cap hung up by the door. You tip-toed back into the bedroom and kiss Harry softly on his forehead. “Good morning baby, I’ll be back,” you whispered, “I love you.”

You threw on your Nikes, grabbed your sunglasses and keys that were on the table by the door, and were on your way.

It was a peaceful run around the neighborhood. You and Harry bought a home just on the outskirts of the city away from the madness but still within reach of everything necessary. There weren’t too many paparazzi in your area but occasionally some would show up. A few fans knew where you and Harry resided but respectfully kept their distance and honored your privacy.

After your run, you headed straight to the grocery store. You went through your grocery list on your phone and bought everything  you thought Harry might need. Harry had mentioned how, as much as possible, he wanted to stay home on his day off. As grateful as he was, he needed a break from the chaos that surrounded him and wanted to remain within the calm, safe, private perimeters of his home.

You returned home with just enough time to whip up Harry’s favorite breakfast. Once everything was cooked, you hopped into the shower, and got ready for work. You were applying your everyday makeup in your bathroom when Harry sleepily walked in, wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Good mornin’, baby,” he said groggily.

“Hey, sleepy head,” you giggled, “What are you doing up? It’s still early.”

“I didn’t feel you next to me. Come back to bed,” he whined, tugging slightly on your arm.

“I’ve got work, babe,” you told him. A pout formed on his lips. You turned to face Harry and draped an arm around his neck while your other hand wiped the sleep from his eyes. You got on your toes and placed a kiss on his lips. “Guess what?”

“What?” he asked.

“I made you your breakfast,” you smiled.

“You did?” he asked excitedly, a grin forming on his lips.

“Mhmm,” you nodded, “It’s downstairs waiting for you.”

“I love you,” he whispered before kissing you once more, pulling you towards him, closing all gaps, and savoring every second of this sweet, innocent intimacy.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” you told him.

Harry nodded and made his way downstairs into the kitchen. Once you finished getting ready, you followed. Harry was sat at the dining table with his breakfast nearly finished as he scrolled through his phone. “You woke up hungry,” you teased, eyeing his almost empty plate.

Harry smiled back sheepishly. “It’s delicious,” he told you, “I’ve been craving a decent breakfast. The muffin’s Jeff’s been buyin’s shit.” For the past seven days, Jeff had been buying the same bland muffins every for the team. He claimed it to be “a quick, healthy meal”. Everyone hated it.

“Well, I stocked our fridge and pantry,” you said, “If you need anything else, just let me know and I’ll get it on my way home.”

“You di’n’t have to do that,” he said appreciatively.

You shrugged, “I wanted to. You work really hard— for the both of us. It’s the least I could do. I want you to have a nice day off.”

Harry opened his arms, an invitation to sit on his lap. You accepted and kissed his pink lips. “What are your plans today?” you asked him.

“Dunno,” he answered shrugging, “Maybe have a run. Stay home, mostly. Wait for you to come home.”

“I’ll be back before you know it,” you assured him. “Get some rest today.”

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How to Fake a Marriage (chapter 1)

Adrien Agreste is excited to go to London to get a degree in Physics- but he’s less excited about the ridiculous list of rules his father keeps giving him, especially since it’s clear that his father doesn’t trust his judgement at all.

So what better way to rebel than to fake a wedding with one of his friends as soon as he gets to London?

(AO3) (

Gabriel Agreste was an overbearing parent, everyone who knew him and his son knew that. He micromanaged Adrien’s life to the point that everyone wondered if he even trusted his son to make any good decisions on his own, even now that Adrien was very much an adult.

“He thinks I’m going to do something impulsive and ridiculous the second I’m out from under his thumb,” Adrien complained to Alya and Nino during their weekly meet-up at a local cafe. He scowled down at the quiche on his plate and stabbed at it a bit irritably. “Like, what could I possibly do? Go out to a fast-food restaurant? Forget to exercise for a week?”

“Go to a rager, get drunk, and get tattooed all over?” Nino suggested.

Alya rolled her eyes and elbowed her boyfriend. “That is why Mr. Agreste thinks you’re a bad influence on Adrien. You make the most ridiculous suggestions.”

“I wasn’t saying he should do it, I just was giving him better examples of impulsive and ridiculous things that his dad might think he would do.” Nino rolled his eyes right back and slumped back in his chair. His head lolled to the side so he could look at Adrien. “Dude, it’s gonna be weird with you and Marinette both gone. She’s in London too, right?”

Adrien nodded eagerly. Marinette had headed to London several months earlier to do a year-long internship at a fashion house there. From what Adrien heard, she was enjoying herself but missed her family and friends. He had texted her a few times since she left, but hadn’t really asked too many questions about her internship beyond a few basic inquiries about how it was going. She was probably pretty busy getting herself set up in another country by herself. “Yeah! Hopefully we’ll be close enough together that we can hang out sometimes. I don’t know how close my apartment building will be to hers.” With a wince, he added, “Nathalie was in charge of finding a place for me to stay, so I don’t actually know where, uh-”

“You don’t know what part of London you’re staying in,” Nino said flatly, looking thoroughly unimpressed. “Dude. Really? Your father wouldn’t even let you do that by yourself?”

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Giving a hand pt.5 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 8249

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

Mr. Lee called you to his office and you were sweating.

You couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday’s events. That wasn’t on your contract. Shit. Did Mr. Lee knew? You were told you were going to be watched, for your security, but that would also mean that they would be watching you in order for you to no make any mistakes. Don’t they? Shit.

But wasn’t he the one who told you, you could do more with the guys if both parts agreed? Or maybe you heard wrong. Damn it, you were doubting yourself. For some reason every memory of you reading the rules of your contract faded from your head, and all that was left was Taehyung’s finger pumping inside of you, and the dark promise of Min Yoongi.

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Okay, so thanks to @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, I had this moment a few months ago where I was scrolling through my dash, found a really pretty picture, and had this exact train of thought:
“oh, wow, these look really nice, and look, is that a furisode? and it’s sparkly and oooh, fairy lights could work really well with that cape… OH NO YOU DON’T, you have at least 10 projects on your list and you haven’t started any of them!“

So of course I went and asked beanpots a ton of questions then went on fabric-hunting and a month ago, I started putting the project together.
Yesterday night, I hemmed both layers of the skirt (I finished by 01:45, it was totally worth it!), and this morning, I finished the collar of the juban - now everything except the cape is done! (At least sewing-wise, I’m still waiting for “some” beads and the fairly lights to arrive.)

It takes 30 minutes to put this thing on alone - and I can’t even do it correctly, because I can’t fold the sides up neatly. Luckly, I have a friend who agreed to cosplay Day!Viktor with me and help me dressing up. Otherwise, I have to do this thing with the sleeves that Chihiro does, because they are in the way:

Phone Call from Julian 2016
Max T. and Julian (the Janitor) Koster
Phone Call from Julian 2016


I’m still freaking out that was seriously the best 6ish minutes of my LIFE.
I managed to record it, so there’s not much to say about the call that you can’t hear for yourself, but overall, just, oh my goodness what a lovely person. He was so polite and friendly and it felt like talking to your best friend. Not to mention, he’s SUCH a good storyteller, something about the way he speaks is just so powerful and pulls you right in to listen, I couldn’t ignore any of his jokes. (Yes, plural, he told me THREE jokes!!) 

I didn’t get to ask him some questions like I had hoped, (I was planning on trying to get some show-related info for the fans) but I did at LEAST get to compliment him, which you’ll hear. He said I had a nice voice and I said that he did too, and that he should be on the radio, and he got SO flustered and grateful, it was heartbreakingly adorable to hear him be so happy that someone WANTED him to be on the radio. <3<3<3 What a cinnamon roll… #protectJulian2K16

Anyway, enjoy the audio, he was absolutely lovely to talk to and it really made my day. <3

(And BTW, @ichigo-otokonoko, yes of COURSE I got him to say hi to you like you wanted <3 Anything for you my darling ^u^ Love you, enjoy!!)

Wake Up Call

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♥︎ Genre: Really just fluff

♥︎ Request: jungkook scenario where you wake up from a nap bc he’s giving you hickeys, please!

♥︎ A/N: Just kind of drabble-ish to keep me going, and since the request was kind of small! But I still hope you enjoy it!!!

The day had been going nicely, and you were enjoying a small nap after hours of cleaning around your home. At least it was going nicely until someone decided his needs were more important than your sleep.

Jungkook had helped you clean, but unlike you, he wasn’t tired. He had decided to leave you alone for a good 30 minutes before boredom kicked in.

“Jagiya?” He whispers close to your ear, trying to wake you up. You don’t respond, lost in dreamland. Jungkook resorts to trying to poke you instead, but he still gets no response. He groans and glare at you, “How are you such a deep sleeper during a nap?”

Just as he’s getting ready to give up, he gets an idea. He’d try to get you worked up a little. The shirt you were wearing give him perfect access to your neck and collar bones. Jungkook smirks, feeling brilliant. He beings kissing your neck with soft open mouth kisses that quickly begin to escalate.

Jungkook begins to suck and nip at your neck as you squirm under him, but you still don’t wake. He growls at your stubbornness and bites down on a sensitive spot hard enough to wake you. You gasp, but it quickly turns into a moan as you realize what’s happening.

“Kookie,” you sigh groggily. A hand reaches up to tangle into his hair as he continues his ministrations on your neck. “Mm, well hello to you too…”

“You wouldn’t wake up,” he growls against your neck, sending a shiver down your spine.

“So you decided giving me a hickey would be a good way to wake me up?” your let out a breathy laugh and roll your eyes at him. He doesn’t reply, choosing to suck harshly at your sensitive spot instead. You moan and tilt your head back to give him more access to your neck.

“You clearly seem to be enjoying it,” he replies smugly after leaving a rather large hickey near your collar bone. He found an odd satisfaction in seeing his mark left on your delicate skin.

“Hmm~ maybe I wasn’t complaining, just making an observation” you smile at him. Jungkook laughs and looks into your eyes. He always thought you were so breathtaking, even with your groggy eyes and slight bedhead. 

“I should wake you like this more often then,” he stated confidently. You smile and lean up to kiss him. The kiss was passionate and gently, unlike his rough kisses on your neck. You both sigh out in bliss as the kiss is broken.

“I couldn’t think of a better thing to wake up to,” you say as you pull him in for another kiss.

EXO: who would say 'I love you' first?

Xiumin:  you. Though I find him to be really romantic and gentlemanly, I think saying it first wouldn’t matter to him, and he wouldn’t feel as though he needs to say it to take your relationship to another level. He’s more than happy just showing you his love everyday, but he’s ecstatic that you said it nonetheless.

Suho:  him. He’s such a sweetheart and definitely wants to let you know that he’s in love, just in case you had any doubts. He’d take his time and not really rush this though, and would only say it when he knows you feel as deeply as he does.

Lay:  100% HIM DUDE. Like I can’t imagine him not saying this at least 100 times a day when he’s dating someone. Absolutely goes insane when you say it back, esp after he took the time and effort into setting up a nice date and telling you how he felt. He’d scream it from a rooftop or from a window if he saw you on the street tbh, he will not hide his feelings.

Baekhyun:  him. I just feel like he wouldn’t think this is a big deal though, you know? A random word vomit would escape his mouth one day and he’d just straight up say it, not really caring if you say it back or not bc he’ll be patient. Sometimes he just feels like he needs to tell you how he feels bc he feels closer to you than anyone, so this is a natural thing for him.

Chen:  you. I mean he wouldn’t go the full nine yards and try to get it out of you, he’d just prefer it if you made the first move and say it before him. Sometimes he doubts himself and needs some sort of assurance from you, so he’d really like it if you made the effort and lay his doubts to rest.

Chanyeol:  you. I feel like even if you say it jokingly one day, he’d take it seriously and starts to become smug. And ofc after thinking about it for a while, he’d confront you and tell you that he feels the same. He’d make such a fool of himself bc you’d be like ??? OK? So he ends up being the one saying it first, at least seriously.

D.O:  him. Tries to hide his feelings and deny them for so long just bc he’s never felt this way before. It really feels like giving his heart to someone and trusting them not to break it into a million pieces, so he’d hesitate before telling you. But there’s no doubt that he’d put thought into telling you, since he never wants you to forget.

Kai:  him. Like most feelings, love will come to him naturally. He wouldn’t be afraid or hold himself back from showering you with affection and he for sure won’t hold back on telling you he loved you everyday. He’d tell you pretty early on, just so you’d be aware of his intentions and to make sure you aren’t going anywhere.

Sehun:  you. This wildcard is anything but normal and it’d be hard to figure out his feelings sometimes. You might end up saying out of frustration or sadness, and that’s when he’d finally fess up and tell you himself. He wouldn’t say it often just bc it holds so much meaning to him, but he’d make sure you know how he truly feels without saying any words.

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My Hero

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Nayeon x Reader

fluff & angst?

Word Count: 2948 (i’m so sorry I went all out lmao)

Written by Admin LJ

(Author’s Note: it’s almost 2 AM here and I’m so tired so I didn’t proofread, so I’m sorry if there are any errors!)

There were a lot of differences between you and Nayeon. For one, Nayeon was the easily the most well liked, most beautiful, and most kindhearted person to attend your school. It was an honor to be acknowledged by her (which wasn’t uncommon, because she was sweet to pretty much everyone, telling classmates who she never spoke to prior that they looked cute that day, or helped another student in class when they were struggling with some work), and wherever she went, smiles erupted in masses. Her personality didn’t quite fit her appearance- when you had first seen her, you were convinced she was going to be much like those stereotypical popular snobs, but you were so very wrong.

You, on the other hand, were apparently not as appealing as Nayeon was, according to your classmates. You considered yourself to be average, not stunning but not repulsive either, but compared to Nayeon, people seemed to think you looked the equivalent of a trash heap, which was entirely unfortunate for your social standing.

Nayeon was also so incredibly involved with extracurricular activities, you sometimes wondered if she had a life outside of school. Every day she stayed after the school day ended, whether it be for cheerleading practice in the fall, track practice in the spring, or the drama club- she was pretty always on the school grounds.

You, not so much. You didn’t really associate yourself with the rest of your students- not exactly by your own decision, but moreso everyone else’s. You were dubbed the “nerd” early on in your schooling, just because you were really smart, and that stuck all the way until high school. Most of your classmates didn’t talk to you- some even bullied you, which was completely unfair, given the fact that there was nothing wrong with being smart, and you never did anything to harm anyone. It wasn’t fair at all.

And, of course, with Nayeon’s popularity, it was a given that she had a hot boyfriend- Park Jinyoung, senior, football captain in the fall, soccer captain in the spring. His grades were lacking all around, but who ever looked at grades when your athletic capabilities were extraordinary? (the answer is no one. Jinyoung should have been expelled by now, with the way his grades were, but no one gave two shits because he was the school’s star athlete.)

And you? Hardly anyone ever looked your way. That changed, though. It just took a lot of time.

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(Dis)like at First Sight - Seungcheol (S. Coups) Angst

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 Request: Arranged marriage with hoshi or hiphop teams? Cold hearted, being a meanie stuff like that? Fluff ending please ❤

Word Count:1352

Genre: Fluff/Angst(?)

Member/Group: Seungcheol of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Every girl dreams of the day she gets to walk down the isle in a white gown, so how come yours felt more like a nightmare?

A/N: I’m sorry posts are kinda more spaced out now, I am back in school and preparing for my last exams in the next few months along with a few band competitions. I’ll probably post more on the weekends and a few times throughout the week.

 It’s strange how quickly emotions can fog up human judgement. Rage can turn to grief in mere seconds, which can cause anything to go south. You always hear about arranged marriages, yet its quite rare to meet actual participants in the old-fashioned act. Maybe if you and your surprise fiancé had known a bit sooner than a week before your wedding about what lied in your futures, he wouldn’t have been so mad about it. Yet here you are, in a bustling room of women, getting ready to marry somebody and close to tears. 

 Your hair was in a classic up do with a a sheet of lace veiled over your head. The cream colored gown that was wrapped around your figure accentuated points and curves you where never aware that you had, and your make up did wonders to compliment your skin tone. It’s amazing what a few thousand dollars can do to someone with the help of a mask of make up and fake happiness.

 “(Y/N), are you almost ready? Your father is waiting outside the entrance to the church, and the organist has already played eight songs!” Your soon-to-be mother in law called from outside the door. A stray tear dripped down your cheek as you clenched the skirt of your dress. You quickly checked to make sure that you’re make up was not running, then you finally stepped out the door to get into the limousine.

 Inside the church, Seungcheol’s family waited alongside yours. Long pieces of silky white fabric were draped along each pew, with a light red carpet splitting the room in half. Orchids in vases were scattered along the edges of the room, and a table near the entrance displayed a book for each guest to sign before going to sit in their spots. The sound of an ancient organ echoed through the room, the melodic ebony and ivory keys releasing a sound that reflected a joyous occasion. At the head of the alter, a not-so-eager Seungcheol stood with his hands crossed over his pelvis. His suit was neatly pressed without a single piece of lint or hair caught on the smooth black fabric, and his hair had been neatly styled. 

 “Is she going to show up?”

 “I heard that she is in love with someone else and is planning on ditching the ceremony!”

 “I bet she’s only in it for the money…” Bouts of gossip extended from both families mouths, some positive and some negative. Suddenly, the creaking of the large oak doors opening interrupted every conversation.

 You and your father took a step into the room, and every person seemed to stop breathing as they took in your appearance. Your (length) hair was neatly pushed back and adorned with a long lace veil, but the natural makeup you wore still was eye-catching even when semi hidden. Your long gown trailed for a few feet, and the pristine bodes was covered in sparkly jewels with the occasional pearl thrown in. They expected the best considering how wealthy the Choi family was, but even this exceeded their expectations. The only person that was not in complete awe of you was your soon to be husband, Seungcheol.

 As you reached the alter, Seungcheol stepped forward to let you shift from your father’s arm to his. 

“You look nice today, brat.” It was supposed to be a compliment, but his cold tone and icy features pierced very ounce of happiness in the words and almost made it sound like a threat.

 “Thank you.” You looked down, and the Minister began the ceremony.

 “I now pronounce you man and wife.” As soon as the words left the old mans mouth, cheers erupted around the room. Seungcheol’s iron grip latched onto your hand and you both turned around to walk out. Flower petals rained down on your heads as you left, but you couldn’t get over the overwhelming feeling of self-pity that had begun to sink in your stomach. Even when the door to the limousine was shut, nothing but cold stares were exchanged between you and Seungcheol.

 “How about you tell me a bit about yourself?” The mousy voice that left your mouth was almost alien to you, but Seungcheol nodded nonetheless.

 “My name is Choi Seungcheol, and I am 21 years old. I specialize and business, and my father arranged this marriage because he considers me ‘anti-social’ and thinks that I would otherwise be hopeless in finding myself a wife, and your father just so happened to make a deal with him. What about you?” His words felt like poison stings, but you decided to try and be kind anyway.

 “I am (L/N) (Y/N), a (Age) year old woman of all trades. Until recently, I was working part time to earn the money to help pay my family’s bills and hopefully get to open my own bakery one day. It’s nice to meet you, and I hope I can be a suitable wife for you.” A smile peaked through your lips, but Seungcheol simply avoided your gaze and looked out the window.

 “Sounds like you married me for the money, huh?”

 All evening, you and Seungcheol were busy introducing yourselves at the wedding reception. His family seemed to be fun of you, but his frosty ways didn’t change at all. After the ‘first dance’, you both quietly ate and sat next to each other as the party went on without you. After the last piece of cake was served and the last drop of wine had been drank, you and your new husband clambered over to the car that would escort you to the hotel you would be staying at for the night. The drive was a silent one, and nothing felt better than finally getting to step out of the tense space.

 The hotel room was quite simple. The walls and floors were matte nude tones, but each room contained utilities that were most likely more expensive than anything you had ever used in all your years of living.

 “This room is really nice-”

 “Shut up. I get it, you are coming from a poor lifestyle, but I’m not here to hold your hand. Don’t act like this is even love, and just stay out one my way.” His words brought tears to your eyes and fire to your cheeks. You let out a croaky gasp, and did something you never thought you would do; you hit him on the chest. It wasn’t hard or anything, but the force caused your knees to buckle and you fell into a heap on the floor.

 “You know what, Seungcheol? I’m trying to make the best of the situation, and you are making it super hard. Yes, I did agree to this to help my family, but that is what love looks like! You are a cold hearted bastard, and this isn’t how marriage works! At least try to be nice, and maybe one day we can learn to love  each other…” Sniffles left your mouth and you hugged your knees. The room was silent, but the growing worry that your pleas had fallen on deaf ears was ringing violently throughout your head.

 Never had you felt so alone with another person. But then again, never had you felt as shocked as the moment that Seungcheol actually crumbled to the floor and rested a warm hand on your shoulder.

 “You know what… I’m sorry. I don’t really know what marriage is like, but now I realize how hard this day must have been for you. I just… I want to tell you that I’m willing to try, I guess.” His thumb swiped over your cheek and collected your tears, and your watery eyes finally glanced up at him. For the first time that day, a small smile was apparent on Seungcheol’s face. You stared at him for a few seconds, then embraced him with all your strength.

 “Let’s try this. Together.”


anon said : Shinee reaction to secretly dating but then they kiss you in front of cameras on accident (like the exo one). Please and thank you!! You’re writing is amazing!!

[exo version

Onew: It was ironic… He called you to ask you to meet him at the spot where you two first met to ask you how you would feel about your relationship becoming public. There were already rumors that he was dating, so why not confirm them? He had no idea that there were fans behind the two of you, capturing the entire meeting. He kissed you out of excitement when you agreed to go public and the kiss soon went viral. The next day he got calls from the other members asking him if he knew about your relationship going public and he was more than shocked. He.. he hadn’t said anything about it yet, so how did everyone know? When he realized that fans had captured the kiss and that the kiss had gone viral he was angry that the relationship had been exposed like that, but at least it was public, right?

“I mean, we did want to go public Y/N…”

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Key: How nobody had caught that the two of you were kissing in the background of the “group” photo posted on Instagram was a mystery. Sure, the two of you were mostly in the shadows but it was clear that Kibum was kissing somebody. The photo- while the original had been deleted- quickly spread and he was given the choice to either break up with you or go public. The choice was ridiculously easy, so he went public, asking for privacy when it came to you and the relationship he had with you. He tried to make the situation light when he saw you next, joking around.

“Well at least we can go on dates wherever we want now. Want to stay at a hotel one night just to freak everyone out? Hey! We don’t even have to have sex there!”

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Jonghyun: Fans noticed that he often went to the same place at night, they just didn’t know why he went or who he was visiting. He thought he was being discreet enough and often waved to the fans who saw him in order to appear “normal” though he did feel a little bit of a thrill sneaking around to see you. It wasn’t until one night that, as you’d been showing him out that he’d kissed you impulsively… and in front of the fan’s cameras. Of course the pictures spread. When he saw them, he called you to make sure you were okay. He wasn’t a fan of the photo being spread and the fact that your relationship was now in the open, but there was nothing he could do about it. So he decided to make the most of it.

“Your apartment’s nice and all, but now I can finally take you out on a real date babe.” 

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Minho: The members had all decided to go out to a restaurant and he brought you along, wanting to treat you but have it seem inconspicuous that the two of you were dating. And it wasn’t noticeable to the strangers at the restaurant that the two of you were dating. To everyone else it looked like a group of friends had gotten together for a fun dinner together. It wasn’t until he’d kissed you goodbye afterwards that people figured it out… Kibum caught the moment on his insta-live and immediately shut the video off before scolding Minho for not being careful enough. Minho shot you a sheepish smile before asking Kibum to turn back on his livestream to make the news official. There was really no use denying that the two of you were dating…

“Ummm well… I mean at least we can go on nice dates alone now… Kibum is really annoying wanting to take photos all the ti- I was KIDDING!” 

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Taemin: He was performing at a small SMTOWN concert and had invited you to stay backstage to watch his performance, an offer you happily accepted. After the performance he ran off stage to allow the next group to perform and kissed you out of joy. He wasn’t sure you’d be able to come and seeing you standing there with that big, goofy smile on your face really made his day… except that he forgot that people in the audience could see him from certain angles. The moment was caught on fancams and the fancams were posted. It was such a stupid move on his part and he was beating himself up about it until you told him that you were fine if he confirmed the relationship. When you mentioned that you’d love to show him off, he got incredibly shy and agreed that it was probably best if he confirmed it.

“I’m supposed to be the one showing you off!”

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remaining-head-spirits  asked:

Could I just start off by saying that I absolutely adore your art? Alright, now that that's out of the way, I'd really like to see uf!Paps in your style, and your take on the Underswap bros. Also, I'm really intrigued over your skele!Frisk, do you have any backstory to the character? PS: so sorry to hear about your mental state, depression is terrible to deal with :( I hope you had a nice b-day regardless

WOWIE! So many asks x) 
But at first - thank you so much for your words.

Speaking about UF universe, his story underground not so interesting… So here I talk about what happened after Frisk set everyone free x)
At least, I imagine UF!Pap like the owner of few restaurants. Dunno why. So, here you’re this scary-cool dude.

I like them. It’s crazy universe. And I like all of interpretation!
Buuuut, as we speak about me…
Sans is younger brother. He’s like UT!Pap, brave, hyperactive, heroic, smarter in some point than he shows, childish in another. I guess with all the training he has with Alphys he’s very powerful, strong and pretty thin.
And Pap… well, that’s UT!Sans. More spoiled. But still punmaster, lazy, fearful when he wants to, careful, but, I guess, he didn’t lost his hope in the same degree like UT!Sans. 
So… I see them like this. Don’t judge me.

Yeah, Skele!Frisk has his story behind. Painful, dark, sad… but beautiful,  full of L O V E  and love.

And thank you again, dear. It’s nice of you to be worried about me.

evil-is-relative  asked:

So, do any of your lovely, crazy characters celebrate Heart's Day?

I imagine my TESO trio would at least. Some had better time than others… :’)