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I’ve been thinking about this game. Personally to me it represents a lot of lost potential - it’s a great concept but it’s brought down by a less than stellar execution. The cartoon designs look more like stickers than anything, just barely resembling a stereotype of a stereotype of the 1920′s-30′s cartoon style. While I don’t like complaining about people’s choices in design and art, I guess the theme is one that I’m rather passionate about, and a little bit of research from the developers would bring the game to a much greater level of quality than it is at the moment. The monsters in the game are also just unimaginably lame, and to me represent just plain blowing off the original idea in favor of more “serious” horror.

(Continued under a readmore because I say a lot; tl;dr I talk more about where the game went wrong in my opinion and how I would recommend changing it.)

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Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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 Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

That’s the beginning of my Victuuri Merman Au ~ (sorry for any english mistakes ^^’)
Whenever Victor was at the beach to play with Makkachin ,he always had the feeling someone was watching him.Of course he would like to avoid coming back there but since that’s the only place nearby,where Makkachin could freely run around ,he goes anyway and completely ignores his safety..only when he grows older ,he comes closer to find out who his secret oberver might be.

First Loves Aren’t Always The Greatest

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Summary: Damon and (Y/N) have a rocky relationship. Just perfect timing for a untimely stranger to swoop in

Pairing: Damon x Reader for now

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

I knew he was growing distant. I could feel it, the boy I first loved slipping away from me. He had come home late that night. Probably with her. I couldn’t blame him, he fell in love but it just wasn’t me.

“Hey babe.”, Damon said, closing the door behind him. He walked into the room and noticed my saddened expression. “Hey, what’s wrong?”.

I looked at him then turned my back and walked to the fire which was set ablaze. With tears brimming in my eyes, I asked, “Were you with her?”.

“What? Who? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”, he answered almost instantly.

What was he doing? I knew that Damon could be mean sometimes but lying to my face. He owed me more that.

“I can’t do this-”

“Do what?”

“Watch as you drift away from me Damon. You’re lying to my face! It’s like you have no respect for me whatsoever.”, you confront, “So I’ll save you the trouble. I’ll leave. I’ll break up with you. I’ll do anything to stop feeling like a piece of garbage.”

With that, I walk out of the Salvatore mansion and climb into my car. Then I start drive. To nowhere really. No place. I don’t know where to go anymore.

Moments I found myself in front of the Mystic Grill. Great! At least, I’ll get a drink! As I entered the grill, I completed ordering a bourbon but then I settled for a glass of gin. Thinking about bourbon only led to a total downpour of emotions to which I drowned in the alcohol. Becoming highly intoxicated, I spotted a man with handsome features. Something was off about him. I could smell it. Werewolf? Warlock? Vampire? Definitely vampire. He shifts out of his chair and sits in the seat next to mine. “What you drinkin’ luv?”, he asked in a British dialect. I swirl the contents of my liquor in my glass and ponder.

“British and a vampire? Let me guess, a Mikaelson.”, I say. His eyebrows arch.

“I wonder which one you are. Well, I hear Elijah is always dressed to the nines so that rules him out. And Klaus has dirty blonde hair and Finn’s a big stick-in-the-mud and this is certainly not his scene.”, I ramble, thinking, “So I guess that leaves… Kol.”

I offer my hand, “Hello, Kol Mikaelson.”

Hotter Than The Pizza - Smut

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Author: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dave Hodgman/Reader
Words: 5,504
AN: This fic was going to just be Chloe’s but then I jumped in to help her and it became a collab. You’re welcome. There’s just not enough Hodgman stories in the world.  Contains masturbation (both), Oral (female receiving), ‘Skype Sex’, inspired by Chloe’s truly embarrassing events at a pizza restaurant, except hers didn’t end this well. 

She couldn’t really be counted as the ‘new’ waitress anymore, seeing as she’d worked there for four months now. But in those four months business had spiked. People just adored her service.

Parents admired how well she treated the children.

Kids loved when she brought over crayons and drawings she’d printed herself.

Staff took advantage of the fact that she did many tables at once, leaving them to stand idle and chat while still getting the wages.

Teenage girls relished in the times that she would make chat and give advice on everything from lipstick shades to what has the most or few calories in.

Teenage boys simply came for the skirt that she wore showed just enough to tease without being slutty, her legs on show and her top fitted, pens lined along her top pocket.

Dave, however, had entirely different reasons for being here. He loved how her smile lit up when she was left a good tip on a bill. He loved how her hair fell perfectly around her face when she would let it down after shutting hours, cleaning the tables and singing her heart out to the music blasting. He loved that she worked overtime at the little shop, so that he could casually swing back and say hi.

He loved her.

He also hated that he was so sentimental about it and he couldn’t just think like the rest of the male population thought about her. Which he hated too.

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Ubbe x Reader

You stood awkwardly in the clearing. Hvitserk and Sigurd had been away, you weren’t sure where but Ubbe had decided to spend his days with Ivar. It saved you having to speak with him. Which you guessed was fine.

The only issue was you still felt too nervous to make your presence known. Until Ivar tapped his brother’s arm and pointed to you. “Wife!” Ubbe cheered.

“Hello.” You muttered quietly as he poured a drink.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you can do a prompt in the future where bughead had a baby but they break up so she never told jughead about their baby.

Hmm tricky!

Betty had to hold back tears of laughter as her two year old son tumbled face first into the sand before popping back up and putting his tiny hands on his hips, turning back towards his mother with a look of complete dissatisfaction.

Veronica openly laughed beside her, getting up from the bench and lifting the dark haired toddler into her arms

“Not even a tear? You most definitely are my godson.” She nuzzled the little boys neck before dropping down next to Betty and handing him her phone to play with.

“He’s getting so big.” Veronica ran her hands over his soft, baby shampooed hair, her nose taking in the familiar scent and sighing “instill love that smell”

Betty laughed
“I know, it’s the best. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried sneaking him into bed at night just so I can cuddle” her son was already fiercely independent and loved sleeping alone in his half crib, although on occasion he would fall asleep wrapped up in his mothers arms and stay there the whole night.

Hunter Jones was the worlds best baby, maybe Betty was biased but the hundreds of people who had the pleasure of meeting him would agree. He was sweet and quiet and even as an infant he hardly ever cried, he was talking now, although he couldn’t quite string together full sentences he sure did try.

Looking up as if he knew they were talking about him, Hunter held the phone out to his mom, clearly disinterested he crawled down and headed back for the sandbox, a look of complete determination of his face. Betty bit back the pride she felt and handed Veronica back her phone.

“He hates technology, doesn’t even like the tv, only when I put on Winnie the Pooh. He gets that from..” she trailed off, the familiar ache still pounding in her chest when she thought of Hunters father.

Veronica placed a soothing hand on Betty’s arm
“Any word on him?”

Shaking her head, Betty looked back to her son.

Jughead Jones had run away three years ago, leaving Betty Cooper pregnant, terrified and alone. There had been no way to find him, he had erased his existence form the map, he had no idea she was pregnant, Hell, she didn’t even know until after he was gone.

Things were rough the first few months, Alice Cooper was overbearing to say the least, she wanted Betty under her watch every hour of the day, Hal Cooper had completely cut off his daughter, refusing to look at her when she was in the same room. To say things were tense was an understatement, but then something amazing happened.

The flower shop Betty had worked her entire high school experience was like her second home so when the women she called her boss found out she was pregnant she sat Betty down and handed her the keys.

“I know this may not be the future you planned but I never had children and I always wanted this place to be handed down to someone who could take care of it, I think it’s time for me to retire. It’s all yours, there’s room up above the shop, you can set up a nursery for the baby and run my store. That is is you want it”

Betty had cried for hours before gratefully taking the keys and moving her things in the day of. That’s where she lived now, it was a beautiful place and she loved running the shop. Veronica was currently home on spring break and Archie was due home this afternoon.

“Momma!” Hunter called from his place in the sand, he picked up a shovel and scooped the soft tan substance into a pile, his face so proud both the girls were swooning. He really was going to be such a handsome boy when he grew up.

“That’s so good baby! It’s a sandcastle!” She glanced over at Veronica and the girl nudged her head, she knew nothing could keep Betty away from her son. Betty nearly tripped over herself, moving to kneel by the sandbox and pulling her water bottle out of the diaper bag
“See love, if you put a little water it’ll stay in a shape, just like your play doh!”

Hunter gasped his eyes coming up to stare at his mother like she hung the moon and stars
“I love you.” The raven haired toddler said, his chubby hands coming around his mothers neck as she laughed heartily.

Hunter said “I love you” to his mother more than he said anything else, the little boy adored his mom and everything she did was the best thing in the world.

“I love you too baby.”

“Bets! Ronnie!” The familiar voice had Betty turning around, a smile instantly lighting her face as Archie came running towards them, heaving Hunter up and placing him on her hip she moved to meet Archie, her smile instantly fading when she saw the sheer look of terror on his face.

“Archie? What’s the matter?” She asked as her son rested his head on her shoulder, her hand moving in soft circles on his back to soothe him, Hunter was very good at reading people and if someone else was upset, he was bound to feel the same way.

“Betty..I..” he stuttered and was quickly cut off by a sharp gasp coming from Veronica

“Oh my god.” She said on an inhale, her eyes wide as she stared at something behind Betty’s back.

“What?!” Betty whisper shouted, trying to Remain calm for her son, she turned around slowly, adjusting hunter. Her heart nearly fell out of her chest when she turned around.

There, standing before her, in the middle of Riverdale park was Jughead Jones, he looked almost exactly the same except for the addition of some muscle mass and his missing beanie.

“I tried to warn you. I ran into him at the airport, I texted you but..” Archie said from beside her.

Betty was too busy staring at Jughead to take in what he was saying, his eyes were trained on Hunter and Veronica instantly moved forward to protect her friend.

“Id like to say it’s great to see you again but that would be a lie and I don’t lie in front of children, let’s go Betty” Veronica hissed, her eyes lethal as she glared at Jughead.

Betty nodded solemly, tightening her grip on Hunter as she turned to walk away. Before she could leave Jughead Gripped her forearm

“Bets..” he begged, his eyes pleading with hers

Betty pulled her arm away as if she had been burnt.

“Is he.. is he mine?” Jughead asked, tears visible in his eyes. Even after all these years, the sight of him in pain was enough to make her weak, her own eyes filled with tears as she nodded slowly, Jughead exhaling sharply as he stared at Hunter.

The toddler seemed to sense his mother was upset and he placed a messy kiss on her cheek

“Don’t cry mama, I love you.”

The tiny voice of her two year old son shook Betty out of her daze and with one final look at Jughead she said

“Leave me and my son alone. We didn’t need you then and we don’t need you now, so stay out of our lives.” She whipped around, Veronica draping an arm over her shoulder as Betty held back the stinging tears.

Jughead stood in the center of the park watching his son and love of his life walk away.

Archie moved beside him.

“I know you had a reason for leaving man but… that’s your kid.”

With that Archie walked off to catch up with the girls.

Jughead stared down at his hands, clenched into fists, a habit he had picked up from Betty, Archie was right

That was his kid.

A Thank You Note to Patty Jenkins

This isn’t a review so much as it is a post about how Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins have changed Hollywood (or at least I believe they have). At this point in time, I’ve watched Wonder Woman twice in the span of 1 week and both times I found myself staring in awe of Gal Gadot (my imaginary wife) and the other Amazons kicking ass like nobody’s business. Though I am a big fan of superhero movies, I am more of a Marvel fan, as the recent DC films have been quite disappointing with the plots being all over the place. Then came Wonder Woman, the first female-centric superhero film in over a decade, which caught my attention. I’ll just say that this is the best DC film I have watched since The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a true origin story that doesn’t get lost in attempting to connect to the larger DCEU, but rather focuses on telling the story of how Diana, Princess of Themyscira, became Wonder Woman.

Now, on to the main reason why I wrote this post. Walking out of the theater, I felt empowered, like if I yelled “shield!” in the middle of the mall, someone would give me a boost so I could spin in the air and shoot arrows at people. As a 17-year-old girl who is a huge fan of superhero films, I have only ever really seen men rule the screen and kill evil aliens and defeat their enemies. Seeing a powerful, kind, compassionate and incredible woman fight for what she belives in, put a smile on my face that will last a lifetime. The genius behind this film and the smile on my face is Patty Jenkins, and I am writing this to thank her. 

A couple days ago, I came across this THR headline:

What I took notice of, along with many others, was the use of the word “gamble” in the headline. Using the word “gamble” made it feel as though Warner Bros. did not BELIEVE in Jenkins. As though the reception and box office of this film was all up to chance, just like in gambling. People took notice of this and pointed it out, recalling other male directors who had similar career paths as Jenkins, who never received this headline. One important example was Colin Trevorrow, who prior to directing Jurassic World, a film which had a budget of $150 million, had only directed the small indie film Safety Not Guaranteed, which had a tiny $750,000 budget in comparison. Articles about Trevorrow highlighted his incredible leap from indie film to iconic blockbuster film, never implying that the success of JW would be up to chance. This makes it seem as though Jenkins is somehow less qualified for the job of helming a big budget superhero film than someone like Trevorrow, when in reality, Jenkins’ $8 million indie film Monster won an Oscar and outdid other male directors’ pre-big budget films.

I brought up the article to say that I don’t think it was a “gamble” hiring Jenkins to direct this film, but rather a choice to do so. It was a CHOICE to produce the first female-centric superhero film in over a decade. It was a CHOICE to hire a talented female storyteller to TELL the story ABOUT a woman FOR women (and men). It was a CHOICE to show the world what women could do, that they were capable of exactly what men are shown as being capable of. 

The release of Wonder Woman has inspired many people all around the world. For the past week, I have seen countless images of little girls dressed as Diana, going to the cinema and posing with posters and cardboard cut-outs. Each time I scroll through my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, I see celebrities tweeting, posting statuses and pictures, praising Jenkins and Gadot for an excellent, empowering film. And each time I see these pictures, tweets and posts, I can’t help but smile and think “A woman did this. She MADE this.”.

Watching the success of this film brings joy to my heart, knowing that Patty Jenkins, a female director, has changed the game for women, especially for women behind the camera. I believe that the success of Wonder Woman will prove to studios that women are indeed capable of creating successful films, it’s just a matter of believing in them and giving them the opportunity to do so. As a young girl whose dream it is to direct films, I want to thank Patty Jenkins from the bottom of my film-loving heart for bringing this film to life and being the reason behind its success. I know for a fact that you have changed the way Hollywood sees and treats female directors, or at least I know you WILL. I know that because of you and because of this film, female directors will be given more opportunities to tell more stories and to do what they love. Furthermore, the success of Wonder Woman will no doubt inspire young girls to do what they love, regardless of the obstacles they may encounter on their way to success.

hey guys. i’m leaving.

this has been a while coming but uh….. basically it’s time for me to move on. i love daniel howell and i love phil lester with all my heart, but i need to leave, and for a couple reasons.

first of all i’m going through a very difficult time right now. i’m stressed from school and family issues and i’m trying to cope with grief and i’m just.. struggling. trying to run a phan blog alongside all of that just isn’t working.

secondly, i’ve kind of lost interest. don’t get me wrong, i love the boys, but i just haven’t found the energy to watch any of the gamingmas videos or post anything at all. i haven’t even thought about making a moodboard in at least a month.

the last main reason is a bit of a more positive one. despite all the shitty stuff going on around me, i’m starting to feel like i’m in a better place than i was when i joined the phandom. i’m no longer living vicariously through dnp’s lives and relationship. i no longer depend on them for my happiness. i still love them, but i don’t feel the need to dedicate my life to them anymore. it’s time to focus on myself. and in order to do that, i need to move on from this era of my life.

who knows, maybe i’ll come back when i feel ready, but for right now i know that i’m making the right decision for myself. i’ll be unfollowing of lot (not all) of the phan blogs i follow, and if mutuals have a side blog you want me to follow just let me know. i love you all so so much, and i am going to stay friends with everyone.

this has been a wild ride, and i am so glad that i chose to join this community. this was the most fun i’ve ever had. 💕

Snowed In

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Author: @oppsiwrotemorefanfic

Summary: You and Sam spend the night in one of Bobby’s old cabins.

Word Count: 828

Warnings: implied smut, drinking

*Feedback is appreciated. I’m kind of debating whether or not I should continue this story. Let me know what you think! Please and Thank you!*

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funny habits;

⇢ summary:  “You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.”  ⇢ this wasn’t what you were expecting to find out over an exchange of homemade cookies. for this request from this prompt list.

⇢ relationship: chae hyungwon/reader.

genre: cat hybrid!au, supernatural, fluff.

⇢ words: 3.9k

⇢ warnings: prehensile tails. cat hybrids.

Originally posted by hyungvon

a/n: I really wanted to try my hand at a hybrid au at least once in my life, and this prompt screamed something cute so~ originally this was a drabble request but then i almost hit like 4k so!!!

You really liked living in the apartment at the end of the hall. Ever since you’d moved to the not-so-shabby complex in the middle of your college career, you had found it funny that not once had anyone occupied the only apartment next to yours. You had been living in that very building since you were nineteen years old, and here you were now at the ripe age of twenty-three, still enjoying that almost impossible luxury. Your rent wasn’t terrible, your neighbors across the hall were quiet, and you could be as loud as you wanted without fearing the tenant next door would hear. It came in handy some nights, when you lost yourself in a marathon of nostalgic music or “ooh”’d and “aw”’d watching Your Name for the hundredth time. You never got noise complaints from anyone else on the floor anyway.

Of course, all of this had to change sooner or later, and it seemed it would be the former when you awoke to something thudding against the wall adjacent to your bed, the thudding continuing long until you’d been roused out of your fitful sleep and into a grouchy mood. At first, you had wondered if the sound was misplaced and instead coming from the hallway, but there was no denying that there was someone in the room on the other side of your wall, and your grouchiness melted into a dramatic panic. Someone couldn’t possibly be moving in, could they?

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Was it really necessary? - Zach Dempsey

Originally posted by joeck

Request: Can you do an imagine with Zach where him and the reader (girl) get into a fight and she ignores him and goes to Bryces with all the other boys and gets high or drunk, which is totally unlike her, and she gets hurt somehow and Zach takes care of her and they make up, please?❤️

word count: 1614


“Why won’t you just talk to me Zach?” You asked scared. Your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey, wasn’t the type to get mad so when he acted like this you knew there was a big problem. The two of you decided to watch movies, at least you asked to watch a movie but he ignored you so you just went over to his place. There you found your boyfriend working out his anger on a punching bag. He ignored you for the first 40 minutes so you were confronted him, after another 20 minutes he suddenly started to speak.

“So now you’re interested in me again?” He said on an irritated tone. You were completely in the blue.

“Why wouldn’t I be interested in you?” you asked confused. There was no reason for your boyfriend to think you weren’t. You have had a couple occupied weeks but nothing for him to worry about.

“I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks? You didn’t even mind talking for 10 minutes with me in the hallway y/n!” Oh so he was worried about you being unable to spent much time with him. The thing was you were a high class ballet dancer, so every time a competition came close you dropped everything that could take your mind of it and practiced like a maniac. You told Zach before how you became when there were games but this was the first time he really experienced it. It seemed like he underrated it.

“Really Zach this is about my ballet? I told you you didn’t need to worry about that!”

“No one spends so much time on sports. What is it? Are you seeing someone else behind my back?” Zach didn’t realised how much those words hurted you. He practically told you he suspected you cheating on him and he didn’t trust you. This exact same thing was the reason your previous boyfriend dumped you. All you wanted to do was be the first at every ballet competition but it seemed like no one understood it. When you met Zach you thought you finally met someone who understood your passion for sports but you were wrong. Tears started to stream down your face, the most important person in your life didn’t understand the most important thing in your life. It hurted, it hurted pretty bad. You started to gather your stuff.

“Where are you going? Your other boyfriend?”

“STOP! Stop it Zach. You have no idea how much you hurted me right now, you knew how heavy my ballet was, you knew it! I warend you a million times. and if you want to know I ended first, but it is not like you were bothered asking me. and for the record I love you, only you. Not like you are going to believe me since you don’t trust me.” you said before walking out. Even tho it was a short argument it was a pretty painful one. You supported Zach for every basketball game, why couldn’t he do the same? You were walking through the streets since you didn’t feel like going home. You didn’t want your parents to see you with your puffy eyes. They weren’t that fond of Zach so if they saw he hurted you they would go crazy. Suddenly you heard a car slow down next to you.

“Hey y/n! What are you doing here on your own?” It was Bryce Walker, probably on his way home.

“Just wandering around. You?”

“I was on my way home from a beer run, we’re having a little getting together. You want to join? You can invite Zach too, he didn’t answer my invite.”

“Or we don’t invite Zach.” You saw while you’re getting in the car. Bryce grinned.

“Alright or we don’t.” the two of you drove off to his house, the other guys were already in his pool house.  You sat yourself down in between Justin and Montgomery. They already seemed pretty drunk.

“Where’s your sidekick y/n?” Montgomery asked. He was your best friend since kindergarten. He knew every little thing about you and you knew every little thing about him. he helped you with your huge fear of failure and you helped him with his anger issues.

“I don’t know, probably looking up who my second boyfriend is.” You said while rolling your eyes. The more you thought about it the more frustrated you got. Where did he even found the confidence to ask you this? He knew you were the most loyal person in the world and still 2 weeks of ballet made him doubt you.  Montgomery looked at you with a shocked face.

“No he didn’t?”

“He did, but let’s not talk about it. I want to forget.” You said before opening the bottle of tequila and taking a huge gulp. Justin and Montgomery both looked at you with shocked expressions but they knew when you had your mind on something there was no stopping you so they let it go.

Zach’s POV

Zach was punching his bag a last time. How could he be so stupid. He accused y/n for cheating on him when he knew she was the kindest, most honest person he ever met. She didn’t deserve it, and he didn’t deserve her. When she told him she ended up first he felt so bad, he was so caught up in his own thoughts he didn’t even asked her. He knew she warned him but he didn’t expect her to be so occupied with it. y/n practiced before school hours and after school she drove right to the dance hall and continued to 11. The same routine for 2 weeks straight, no breaks. Deep down he felt a little proud under all his guilt. Never in his life did he met someone this determent, she made him a better person, she really did.

Zach stopped punching his bag, when he walked over to were his phone was he saw the thing was blowing up. It was full of snapchats and text from Bryce, Justin and even Alex? Were they trying to make you jealous for not coming to their little part? He opened the first one from Bryce but he wasn’t prepared for what he was going to see.

It was y/n, dancing on a table with a half empty bottle of tequila. He heard Bryce on the background telling someone the girl had some serious moves. What did he expect she was a professional dancer, the idiot. But what was more to his concern was her, this wasn’t like her? She drank sometimes yes but she never got drunk. Zach felt even more guilty. He made her want to forget and he was so mad at himself for doing that. He went through the other snapchat’s. They were all of the party, always with you on the front of background, drinking. When he came to the lasts, who were Alex’s, he saw everybody moved to the pool. He could see at y/n’s posture she was really wasted. He had to go pick her up, she couldn’t be there for another minute. The others boys wouldn’t take care of her and they would let her drink even more. So Zach jumped in his car and drove off to Bryce’s place.

 Back to general POV

You were totally gone. Everything was a blur and you could barely stand on your feet. The thing was you thought this was what everybody did to forget everything? Then why did your feelings feel more present than ever. You tried to stand up but you couldn’t, you were sitting at the edge of the pool alone. Some went home including your best friend Montgomery, some went back inside. You said you were going to meet them in a couple minutes. You didn’t had any power left to get up, your arm slipped and you collapsed into the pool. As much as you wanted to get out and breathe, you couldn’t. You were numb. But what was the deal of getting out? Was it really necessary, life? Suddenly you felt something jump in the water next to you, lifting you out and laying you on the grass. You just rolled over with your eyes closed, you were tired.  You hear a familiar voice screaming at you.

“y/n? Y/N! Wake up!” it was Zach, even tho he was mad he came to help you.

The other boys were running out of the poolhouse when they heard Zach scream. They were shocked by the scene they saw. They should have stayed with you. Zach kept shouting.

“No no no no, you’re alright, come on wake up.” You started to caugh but still kept your eyes closed.

“I-I’m f-fine Zach.”

“Oh thank god, I’m so sorry y/n really I shouldn’t have said those things. Never ever do this again. Dance as much you want but don’t drink this amount of alcohol never ever again.” You left out a drunk chuckle. Zach tried to make you sit up but he saw how hard that was for you, he picked you up bridal style while you putted your arms around his neck hiding your face in his neck.

He walked with you to his car when you whispered:

“I’m so sorry.” Zach felt so bad when he heard you say it because all of this was his fault. He was never going to let you get hurt ever again. He kissed your temple while he held you closer to his body. His little girl was laying in his arms, looking so vulnerable.

“I love you y/n” You let out a cute giggle, the ones that made Zach’s heart melt from the first times he heard it. It was the first time he told you and even tho you were drunk you would never forget this moment. You felt so happy inside but you were even more thankful that Zach came even tho he was mad, he saved you when no one else did. 

“I love you too Z.” and that was the last thing you remembered before falling asleep.

Hope you liked it, let me know what you think and thanks for reading! 

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Guiding Stars


Prompts: 115.- “Here, take my blanket.”
130.- “I had a bad dream again.”

Summary: Reader gets down to the ground just to find out Bellamy, whom she was dating before she got locked up and who thinks she’s dead, is there as well. She doesn’t approach him at first because she’s afraid, but later when night comes they share heartfelt moment under the stars.

Word Count: 1226

Originally posted by starkquinzel

I didn’t like the idea of going down to the radiation soaked planet at all, but I couldn’t complain much since I wasn’t even meant to be still alive. I had passed eighteen years a long time ago and it was miracle I was still alive. I was lucky to have a friend who had changed my records the moment I had been arrested for stealing some clothes that were meant for Octavia, Bellamy Blake’s sister.

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Headcanon that Alec starts spending hours every night after they put the kids to bed studying Spanish. At first, Magnus continually tires to usher him to bed, telling him that he’ll pick up more Spanish than he thinks just by speaking it. But after weeks of Alec responding with, “If you want to help me, that’s fine. But don’t keep me from this,” Magnus finally gives in and simply begins making Alec coffee each night, sitting with him until they’re both too tired to study any longer.

For Rafael’s 16th birthday, Alec gives him a letter that he has written entirely in Spanish. In it, Alec explains everything from what he first felt when they decided to adopt Rafe to the first time he watched Rafael kill a demon. Rafael can’t quite make sense of any of this, though. Sure, it’s touching and meaningful to him, but just why his father would tell him all of these things is beyond him. At least, it was until he finishes the letter. 

“When you found out just how much I was studying Spanish,” it read in Alec’s neat script, “Your ten-year-old self cried because you thought your dad was breaking his back doing something you didn’t even need him to do in the first place. But I’ve spent all this time studying Spanish, not because I ever thought you needed that of me, but because I simply wanted to be able to show you my love in a way that was all my own. The hours spent studying and stressing were nothing compared to the smile on your face when you realized I’d finally pronounced something correctly or I’d finally grasped a certain grammatical concept. All those years ago, you asked me why, and I wouldn’t explain it to you back then. But here is my answer, son: for you; always and forever will it be for you.”

Chapter Five

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,731

      You got ready and sat at the window of your empty house until the car pulled up to the curb. Saeyoung was driving, as usual, and Saeran met you half way to your door.

     “A dress?” he pulled a sucker from his lips but his mouth hung open still.
It was just a simple, white quarter-sleeve dress and some boots. You brushed your hair behind your ears. This was the final decision after standing in front of the mirror changing probably 17 times. How were you supposed to know what to wear to this thing?

     “I knew it, I look dumb!” you rocked on your heels.

     “No, you look-“

     “You look great!” Saeyoung chimed in from the drivers seat.

     Saeran gave his brother a quick annoyed glance, “anyway, let’s get going.”

     He opened the back door for you to get in, and you felt him slide unexpectedly next to you.

     “Ah, what the heck, now I feel like a chauffeur!” Saeyoung whined from the front.

     “So act like one and get going,” Saeran replied.

     They both stared at each other for a moment through the rear view mirror while you dug through your purse to retrieve your phone. Saeyoung looked away while stepping on the gas.

     “Seat-belts for safety!” Saeyoung sang as you began to drive down the road.

     “Yoosung snuck out! Did you see in the messenger?” you showed Saeran your phone.

     “He actually did it,” Saeran laughed, “I like this new bold Yoosung,” he put the sucker back in his mouth and twirled it with his fingers.

     “Yeah, until you’re playing babysitter tonight,” Saeyoung made a hard right turn.

     “Whatever. Let him have fun,” Saeran shrugged and sank back into the seat.

     The rest of the car ride had some oddly quiet moments. You spent most of the time staring out of the window watching the houses progressively become larger and more expensive looking, a sure sign you were getting close. What would it be like to live in one of those mansions? It seemed like a waste to have all of those rooms you’d never use. You decided it would be much more comfortable to live in a slightly smaller house. Having too much space would be creepy at night.

     When you finally parked at the docks you could hear the sound of laughter and music echoing from a distant pier. It was a clear night and the breeze from the water was extra chilly.

     “You cold?” Saeran placed an arm around you while you walked, avoiding Saeyoung’s glance.

     “I’ll be alright in a bit,” you smiled, suddenly feeling much warmer.

     The yacht was incredible. You’d never seen one up close, let alone been on one. It seemed like half the school was there. There were groups of people dancing, some girls taking selfies, a clique huddled together passing a joint around and laughing. It was all a little overwhelming. Before you even got a drink Yoosung had stumbled up to the three of you, taking a deep gulp from his glass.

     “Yay, you’re here!” Yoosung’s speech was slurred and he pulled all three of you into a hug, spilling some of his drink behind Saeran.

     “Are you seriously wasted already?” Saeyoung sighed.

     “Heyy, I snuck out I’m already in trouble so imma have fun.”

     He seemed perplexed by his now almost empty glass. Sipping what was left he walked off to get more, you assumed. His steps were harder than they should be as he left, like he needed to plant his foot into the ground or he might just float away.

     “Like I said. Babysitting. Have fun with that,” Saeyoung winked to Saeran and left to meet V and Jumin who were casually sitting on some lounge chairs.

     Saeran groaned, “I’m gunna go smoke…do you?…” his voice trailed off at the question.

     “No,” you shook your head, “but go ahead.”

     “Okay, I’ll be back in a sec.”

     You wandered around for a bit, stopping to see Zen playing beer pong at a table. You recognized his partner, another theater kid that he hung out with a lot. It was a close game, both sides down to their last two cups, and both teams missing shot after shot. Finally, Zen sunk one in and everybody watching cheered. When he sunk the next and final shot the other team let out a loud groan of defeat while his partner gave him a victory high-five.

     “Hey! You made it, come play the next round with me!” Zen called out to you as he filled the plastic cups back up and formed a triangle.

     “Alright…” you put your purse on the ground next to the table leg.

     “Don’t worry, I’ll drink all of the shots they make so you don’t have to,” he winked, “and it’s okay if you miss. It’s just for fun,” he dipped the ball into the water and handed it to you.

     It had been a long time since you last played. Everyone was watching you try and line up your shot. You aimed for the middle, letting it loose and sinking it first try.

     “Hey, you’re pretty good! Okay you’re officially my new pong partner!” Zen clapped.

     “What the fuck, man!” his last partner yelled from the side, throwing his hands up.

     “Sorry, man. She’s got you beat in more ways than one, what can I say?” he shrugged.

     He kept his promise and drank all of the cups for you both, though it seemed to have no effect on him. You missed a few shots but he just smiled and waved it off. It got louder and louder the more shots you both sank, and finally Zen won the game once again.

     “Ready for this next one?” he cracked open another fresh beer and began pouring.

     “I should go see what the others are up to, actually,” you looked around trying to find where Saeyoung or Saeran where at.

     “Damn, really? Alright. But you have to come back for at least one more game!” he called as you walked away.

     “I will!” you turned to smile and wave.

     You peeked inside the cabin to find the glasses and bottles of wine that had been laid out for everyone. Your fingers traced the labels of the various bottles, they looked expensive. You may not have been to many parties, but even you could tell this one was pretty strange. You were used to plastic cups and watery beer. Not real glasses and expensive liquor and wine. It was like a high school party mixed with an adult party. Half of the people were by Zen drinking cheap beer and the other half were sipping wine and self-made cocktails next to V and Jumin. You poured yourself a glass of red wine and took an immediate sip. It was a burst of flavor and aroma and you closed your eyes in delight. You poured a bit more in your glass before walking off.

     After scanning through the various groups of people you found Saeran sitting alone on a chair. His face was buried in his phone and he had that usual annoyed look, illuminated by the screen light as he scrolled. The hood of his jacket was now over his head and he looked like this was the last place on earth he wanted to be.

     “Hey,” you sat next to him with your glass in hand, “having fun, I see,” you laughed.

     “Loads,” he rolled his eyes, “but at least I get to watch Yoosung make a fool of himself.”

     He gestured to Yoosung who was having trouble standing in one spot as he talked to three girls. It seemed like he was trying to get them to dance, but when he spilled some of his whiskey on one of their heels they shrieked and walked away.

     “Has he always been like this?” you asked.

     “No. He never used to drink, or even go to parties. A year and a half ago his cousin died. She was part of our group, and he really looked up to her. He’s been acting crazy ever since. I just let him do his own thing but we all watch over him, hoping he gets over this soon,” he explained.

     “That’s so sad. He kinda mentioned something about that the other day…” you took a sip of your wine. You hadn’t had much but you could already feel a slight buzz coming on.

     Yoosung stumbled his way over to you both and slumped into a chair. His eyes were lidded and his movements uncoordinated and sluggish.

     “How ya doin, champ?” Saeran smirked.

     “No one want’sa dance with me,” he seemed to almost cry for a moment.

     “I’ll dance with you, Yoosung. But maybe we should get you some water, first?” you suggested.

      “You’re so pretty,” his head tilted towards you and the words came out mushed together, “so nice’n prettyy.”

     “You’re drunk,” you replied, embarrassed.

     “It’s not fair you like Saeyoung,” he took a sip of his whiskey again, “did’joo know that, Saeran? She likes him,” he turned to Saeran and sighed.

     “Yoosung!” your face was flush and your heart jumped, “I-I…you’ve had way too much to drink. Saeran…do you think you could take him home?” you asked while grabbing the cup out of Yoosung’s hand.

      Saeran groaned and pressed his brow in, “come on, dummy. Way to ruin my night,” he sighed and picked Yoosung up, helping guide him towards his car.

     Though you couldn’t see it, Saeran’s face had twisted into an expression of sadness as he tried to process what Yoosung just said. Was it true? He felt a little sick to his stomach thinking about it all. Now he was going to be up all night watching Yoosung and replaying that small sentence in his mind.

     You set the cup down when they were both out of your sight, staring now into your glass of wine and watching the light reflect on the red liquid before taking another long sip. A hoodie was draped over you from behind and you felt a warm hand pressed onto your back for only a moment. It smelled pleasant, like a nice cologne, and you pulled it further over your shoulders.

     “You must be freezing,” Saeyoung appeared now and took a seat next to you, a smile wide on his face.

cottonbxll  asked:

I hate to be a pain, but have you got a list of owari no seraph or specifically mikayuu story recommendations anywhere? I love your stories and trust that you have good taste lol :) Thanks!!

OH YES! Now it’s time for me to shamelessly advertise for my favorite fics! ;D Thank you for asking, and thank you for the compliment on my fics! /)///(\ you’re too kind!

In no particular order…

Cherry Boy by EtherealBeing

Summary: As if being dragged into a sex shop by Shinoa wasn’t bad enough, now Yuu also has to deal with the store’s uncomfortably attractive attendant.

Status: Ongoing

This is biased because Anna is one of my closest friends in the fandom, BUT SHE IS SO DAMN TALENTED. You will laugh, you will blush, you will be mindblown by the complexity in these character’s thoughts, it’s honestly a wild ride and I can’t wait to see the grand finale of it all that is coming to us soon. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a must.

Corner of a Birdcage by oxeh

Summary: “So, to sum it up, you’re like Superman without the spandex… And without the laser eyes, X-Ray vision, and ice breath. Also, you kill vampires and Horsemen instead of dealing with—“

“Basically, I’m not like Superman at all.” 


Yuu is a university student that tends to live for the moment. Mika is a cynical superhero that’s more super than a hero. Fate is a bit aggressive with intertwining their lives.

Status: Ongoing

THIS FIC IS BRILLIANT. If you have not read it yet, I swear go do it! It’s funny, it’s exciting, it flows and it’s just a lovely, enjoyable read. Oxy is a sweetheart as well and she’s got some incredible ideas in that head of hers, lemme tell you! Go check it out!!! You won’t regret it :D

Diamond in the Rough by Hannaadi88, Sarah737

Summary: Mikaela had been the captain of the Seraph for over seven years, yet he’d never come across another ship carrying such riches. The prospect of boarding the Opal and stealing all she had made a rare smile play on his lips. 

If he did this well, he would finally make a name for himself. The Opal might just be what he’d always wanted- a chance to prove how fearsome he could be. 

Mikaela Shindo will be a name to revere among all pirates to sail the seven seas.

Status: Ongoing

THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. Hanna and Sarah are some of the most talented people I know, and together, they are unstoppable and unrelenting!! From the descriptives to the dialogue to the intriguing plot, this story makes pirates sexy, let me tell you. LOL, seriously you will not regret it… if you want a good time, I invite you to read this masterpiece right here!

Garden of Hades by 6lilystrings9

Summary: A stubborn, annoying, and repulsive human is captured by the Vampire forces, and to his dismay, Mika is assigned as his handler.

How irritating.

(The AU where human Yuu-chan and vampire Mika meet for the first time as captive and keeper)

Status: Ongoing

I remember when Lily first talked about her fic in our Skype chat room and how when I read it, I was stunned! I didn’t realize how amazing it was, how well put-together, how structured. It’s enticing and exciting and full of vivid descriptives and intense, heart-pounding scenes. Another must-read, if you ask me, and I also cannot wait to see how it ends.

Scented by Hannaadi88

Summary: In a world ruled by beta neutrality, alphas and omegas are controlled by suppressants which modify their natural inclinations. Under constant surveillance, unproductive members of society are removed in the name of efficiency. Yuichiro Hyakuya is deemed infertile by the Board and is sentenced to certain death. In an act of defiance Yuichiro steals enough suppressants to hide his scent and joins the military under the guise of a beta. 

It would be his luck to find himself under the command of his assigned mate, Mikaela Shindo.

Status: Ongoing

Hanna is not only a friend of mine, but she is sO DAMN TALENTED! I recommend all of her fics, so please check out her page while you’re at it, but she is well known for her big multi chapter fic, Scented. This story takes the concept of omegaverse and gives it almost a Mulan-like feel to it, with Yuu being in disguise and all. It’s really fantastic and another thrilling story I highly suggest!

Afire love by stirkedawn

Summary: After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

Status: Completed

You will commonly see the fandom preach that if all goes wrong, Afire love is our accepted canon. This fic immerses itself into the canon universe of Owari no Seraph and gives us an epic climax and end to the series that it probably one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever read. I also agree that if the manga plummets to total disaster, Afire love is what I will think of for a happy ending.

Somebody to Lean On by TrashPanda

Summary: Yuichiro needs a partner to help him with vampire hunting. His only option is to seek out somebody in the slave auctions. He comes upon a discounted slave, as beautiful as he is unwanted, and Yuu claims him for himself. Little did he know, this slave would change everything he ever knew about him himself, and in the process Yuu discovers he cannot live without this man, now that he has him in his life.

Status: Ongoing

This story is fantastic! It’s got an interesting plot that’s brilliantly written, a romance beautifully described and a story that interests the reader endlessly. I can picture this fic animated like it was its own anime show. It’s really, really good and I suggest it! I can’t wait for another update! I also suggest the author in general, they have some really good stuff. 

My Inner Beast by Northernreign

Summary: Yuuichirou is a young werewolf who finds himself awake one evening in a human orphanage.

To avoid being executed, he desperately tries to conceal his true identity from the “monstrous” humans who- along with the vampires, have been responsible for his kind’s slow decline into extinction. But over time, he comes to know one particular human boy who will help him learn to embrace his humanity, not resent it. Together they will overcome countless fated tragedies with the sheer power of will and love alone. Each event will bring him closer to the answer he has been seeking for almost a lifetime.

 Just who really are the true monsters in this world? 

The vampires? 

The humans?

The werewolves?

Or himself?

Status: Ongoing

A truly underrated story!! Nathalie is an incredible writer and artist and she combines those skills to bring you this lovely story that doesn’t get enough attention- ESPECIALLY since it’s her first fic. You would never guess; she writes like a pro. This story takes you all over, from the eyes of so many of our beloved characters to shape the story and relationships in the best possible way. You can really feel everything she describes and it really stimulates the senses. Check it out if you haven’t, it’s a journey and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Rise of the Dragon by Crazyloststar, Sarah737, somnicordia (hihazuki)

Summary: Water… Earth… Fire… Air… In eras bygone, four nations coexisted in harmony. However, a series of tragedies began to befall the world, And none was left unscathed. The equilibrium of power has been tilted to a great imbalance, Its people fallen to temptation. The end is fast approaching, and all souls are fated to meet oblivion. Rumors whisper of the Avatar, the master of all four elements, holding the key to mankind’s only hope of salvation. Families pray under his guiding light, Enemies vow to divide and conquer. But the glimmer of hope is sometimes found in the darkest of places, somewhere people would least expect.

Status: Ongoing

As someone who is only just now watching Avatar for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. I’m still not 100% caught up, but this is a goddamn masterpiece and I can tell that from the first 3 chapters that I’ve read. This is an amazing project put together by some of the most talented authors and writers in the fandom that are all lovely, passionate friends of mine. They deserve all the love in the world. If you haven’t read it yet- especially if you don’t know anything about Avatar- READ IT ANYWAYS. You don’t need to understand Avatar or the original series at all to enjoy this fic. It’s magnificent; please check it out!

And, a little shameless advertising for my own stories, for those who are curious ;o

Unwritten by Vixenfur

Summary: While being forcefully dragged to KFC by Lacus- a man who had a black pit of a stomach- Mika had a once-in-a-lifetime, Snapchat-worthy experience. The guy in the left lane had no shame. He was unintimidated by a stranger with a phone and he continued to sing the song Unwritten confidently. Lacus found the experience hysterical

…. Little did they know they would run into each other again hardly an hour later- Yuu was in desperate need of a haircut, according to Shinoa.

He was dropped off at Sanguinem Salon, and was a little mortified to find out that the hot guy he just sang horribly to was Mika, the one holding hair-trimming scissors behind the chair.

Status: Completed

This fic was a blast to work on and an absolute time, from start to finish. A huge thank you to all the support and love I’ve gotten for it over the months I wrote it. I treasure every comment!

Tale as Old As Time by Vixenfur, Sarah737

Summary: An arrogant young prince named Mikaela and his castle’s servants fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into the hideous Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. The spirited, headstrong village boy Yuuichirou enters the Beast’s castle after he imprisons Yuuichirou’s father, Guren. With the help of his enchanted servants, Yuuichirou begins to draw the cold-hearted Mikaela out of his isolation.

Status: Completed

I’m so proud of story! Sarah is my dear cowriter and friend, I’m always honored to collaborate with her and I’m so ecstatic over the love this fic has gotten. Thank you all for the love and we hope you enjoy our future projects!

Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow by Vixenfur, BlueberryApple

Summary: Yuuichirou is a Siren who cannot sing, and so he is taken captive by the Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow. He is expected to perform and earn the show money under the instruction of ringmaster Kureto Hiiragi. Naturally, Yuuichirou is opposed to his new life, but he slowly gets to know his new family and accept his situation.

Meanwhile, the ignored Nosferatu Mikaela finds himself incredibly attracted to the new Siren, and Yuuichirou can’t help but to be curious about the ghostly vampire himself.

Status: Completed

This story was so much fun to write. Destiny and I became great friends and made many memories. The sheer amount of fanart we got was OUTSTANDING and we couldn’t be more grateful for the love. Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed this story!

Thank you for asking! Feel free to reblog and share this list around. Everything on here is something I really enjoyed reading and think everyone should experience. As for my own fics, I shared the ones I’m most proud of (excluding my current ongoing works) and I hope you can enjoy them as well!


Stefan Salvatore X Fem!Reader

Requested By @leahhollynewt

Stefan sighed as you hopped out of his lap to greet Damon who made a big fuss of you abandoning his brother and coming to him. Stefan knew that the only reason you payed attention to his brother was because of your sire bond and he’d never willingly admit it but he was glad Damon had saved you even if it meant turning you.


“Well hello sweetheart.” Damon chuckled as your arms were threw around his neck.


“You’re home really late.” You huffed not really understanding why your least favoured Salvatore’s time keeping upset you so much.

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for this

It’s one of those days.

The skin around Viktor’s eyes is taut and a single strand of silver hair is glinting off his sleeve— one of many loosed from the sheer number of times he’s mindlessly dragged his fingers through it. Viktor is trying to follow Yuuri’s directions and be Viktor the coach, not Yakov the coach, but god if he isn’t starting to understand the old man better (or at the very least, the source of his premature balding).

I should call him—’ Viktor thinks when Yuuri launches himself into his fourteenth consecutive failed attempt at a quadruple flip—‘and apologize.’ He winces when Yuuri’s heel catches and he hip checks the ice with a resounding thump and a flurry of powder.

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Deals Part 2

Jughead x Reader

Summary: It’s a give and take world. You and Jughead are going to have to make some deals to get to know one another.

Word Count: 2290

Warnings: Like one cuss word.

A/N: The second part turned into more of a bridge for the third part of the series. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the length!

Originally posted by elizabethccoper

You promised your mom you’d be back after the movies, but not before you grilled you about the details. Where are you going? Twilight Drive-In. Who are you going with? Jughead, a boy from school (at least you assumed). Who names their kids Jughead? Some pretty chill people. What movie are you watching? Rebel Without A Cause. I love James Dean, maybe I should go? No, absolutely not.

You gave her one last kiss before whining that you had a movie to catch. Not to mention, you had to get there and find a good spot for the movie. You pulled up, paid your five dollars, and found yourself a spot near the front.

You locked up the 67’ mustang convertible and meandered about. It was a shame about them tearing this place down. You always enjoyed a good drive in.

Stepping under the awning of the concession stand, you propped up on the metal counter. “Hi, can I get a large popcorn and a cherry cola, please?” You laid out a five but the kid told you the concessions were being paid through the ticket sales tonight.

You nodded and tucked the five in your jacket pocket. The white screen sparked to life. A short drive in commercial started rolling. Dancing popcorn, smiling fountain drinks, and some raisinettes jumping around, nothing put a smile on your face faster.

“I’d pay to see that a thousand more times.”

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Long see

Request: “I was wondering if you could do a Jug x reader where the reader used to live in Riverdale and moved when she was like 6-7. And she comes back and her and Jug and completely in awe at how they look now. And maybe get steamy/smutty??”.
Pairing: Jughead x reader
Warnings: one or two swears. Mention but no description of injured relative due to military commitments. Fluff. Smut.

A/N: Changed the readers age of leaving slightly to match the story better. Quite like this one, drifted a little from the request my apologies. Hope you like it also sorry it’s kinda long-ish
P.S ((Double brackets means it’s me speaking between them))
3rd POV

Riverdale. A place almost completely alien to you now. Almost.

You left your home here at age 10 as your mom was traveling with the army and your dad couldn’t bare to be too far from her. So you all packed up your stuff, said goodbye to your friends and headed down South.

You hadn’t seen your friends in Riverdale since. 7 years of letters, a connection still fighting to survive between you and your friends. One friend in particular.

Jughead Jones.

You smiled at the very thought of his name as you unpacked the moving van in the late afternoon,  you hoped for the final time. Your mother had been hurt while on tour overseas and so was retiring back to the place where she and your dad had grown up. Where they wanted to see you continue to grow up.

“going out” you shouted up the stairs to them before flying out the door on your way to the Drive In. A favourite spot of yours.

“Closing down” you echoed in your head as you read the sign in confusion.  You thought of where next to find your friends. Hoping they still remembered you.

You didn’t tell anyone you were moving home and you liked it that way, less fuss more fun.

Now a bit back from the doors of Pops you looked down the diner and found who you were looking for. Jughead, Archie, Betty, Kevin and a new face.

You thought of the last time you saw them. It didn’t end well between you and Jughead. You just placed him as having been hurt by you leaving not actually angry with you.

You and Jughead had always had a fiery relationship. Not bad fiery but fiery nonetheless. You both got on great but well knew how to push each other’s buttons…and enjoyed doing so.

You looked again at Jughead through the window busily typing away. “wow hes..grown up a small bit” you thought. Blushing deep following it.

You took a deep breath before pushing open the door.

Jughead POV

The door open down the diner behind me and I felt a chill run down my spine. Odd, usually we’re too far from the door to catch the draft.

Ignoring this I went back to dead focus on at the computer screen, half listening to the story Archie was telling.

He had stopped speaking, I looked up at the unfamiliar silence coming from the read head to see his mouth was agape with what i know now was shock. Actually… Betty and Kevin also across from me were the same.

“Umm Archiekins….” Veronica next to me looked more confused than I.

I turned slowly half afraid I’d see a ghost… I mean what else could shut Archie up so fast.

It was in fact a ghost but not the kind I was expecting.


I don’t think I can hide the pure shock on my face at the sight of her. She's….she’s grown up.

“Well well just where I left ye, yere tab must be huge by now” she smiled. Not even blinking at the shock. No one spoke. Shock ran through us all and I think Veronica could tell.

“Umm hi I’m assuming you’re a sea witch or something considering you seem to have stolen my friends voices” Veronica smiled back.

“damn it how did you know”.

“Y…..Y/N” Betty stood half afraid to move too quickly as if it could scare what she couldn’t believe away.

“B…betty” y/n mimicked Betty playfully. Well nice to see her humour is still the same.

The two met in a hug followed by Kevin.

“Well well well Mrs.Jones returns” Archie joked. I’m going to pour his hair care down the sink. ((You guys I really don’t know why I think Archie spends a lot of time on his hair, just go with it))

“Oh no no Archiedoodles Jughead and I are divorced from our playground marriage. Still waiting on spousal support though” she laughed back nudging me slightly. I shivered a little under her touch. It was at this moment I realised I was yet to speak.

“how…whaaaaa..Y../N? Whaa” good job Jughead good English, good.

“Ah Juggy, as articulate as ever, scooch scooch” she gestured for me to push in smilingly. She’s so close to me…she called me Juggy. JUGHEAD SNAP OUT OF IT! YOU DON’T EVEN REALLY KNOW HER ANYMORE.

She spent the hour proving me wrong. She hadn’t changed in…personality at all.

I didn’t speak much for the hour, still in awe of y/n.

Last time I saw her she was saying goodbye to me outside Pops… I had kissed her and she didn’t really react immediately…then I flew off the handle in my stupid 10 year old Jughead rage before she even could. She ran away then….went home and left Riverdale with her parents. Wrote very little, more so to Betty. Understandable.

I had really missed her. We were thick as thieves before she left.

“Isn’t it jughead?” my attention was hauled back to the table. “uhhhh…no” seemed a pretty solid answer. “yes it is Jughead…he’s just in denial Y/N/N, we all are I suppose” Betty looked at me like I had three heads while Archie explain to y/n that we were in denial….about something. Betty’ grin grew wide. Well I just know I’m not going to like what’s going to come out of her mouth.

“Jughead you should take Y/N” her grin got even bigger than I thought possible.

“I….y…/N….take…yes” ah for fuck sake Jughead, pull yourself together!

Y/N just smiled to me in response catching my hand lightly under the table. Okay Jughead. Deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths.  

I realised quickly that I had agreed to bring y/n to the last film showing at the Drive In.

“work…me…tonight…yes sorry” okay seriously I know she’s still holding your hand bro but please speak better English.

“Oh you’re working? That’s okay Juggy, I’ll go with the group” “No!” okay that was too eager Jug you’ll frighten her. She just returned a smile.

“Umm…I mean you can just help me with the reels? I haven’t decided what to put on yet?”

“Tarantino?” now I was smiling at her. “perfect”

3rd POV

Later that same night you made your way to the Drive In and to the little booth that played out the films. You found Jughead running around like a headless chicken inside, the first film already playing.

“Y’alright Jug?” you say dropping to what looked like a makeshift bed kicking off your shoes. Perfect view of the screen….and of Jughead.

He sat down next to you.

“yeah, a little sad about this place going….at least they’re good films to end on”

“of course they are Jug, I chose them” you say playfully nudging him.

You both watched the first film in perfect comfortable silence. Jughead flicked on the next film before returning to the bed.

The cold began to creep into your bones quickly and Jughead noticed.

Slowly and very unsure of himself, he moved closer bringing his duvet with him. You reacted enthusiastically and leaned into his side, head on his shoulder. Both loving this.

“H…hey y/n/n?” Jughead stuttered slightly, head fighting heart.

“yes juggy”

“i…i missed you”

“i missed you too Jug” you cuddled into him and he affectionately wrapped an arm around you.

“yeah but…I really missed you and really regret how…how we left it” Jughead tried to move the conversation to stop him from shaking with nerves.

“you regret kissing me?” she smirked. Shock covered Jugheads face, he hadn’t thought you would mention it or even remember it.

“emmm no..not at all,.not even a little

.. more that I got angry with you”

“That’s okay Juggy, I never took it personally..I know you were going through a lot at school and…home and stuff..sorry I didn’t react how you wanted to I think I was just in shock” you gave a small smile.

“That’s alright”

“i promise if you did it again I would react different” you half joked.

Jughead bit his lip and took a chance leaning and kissing you gently before pulling away quickly, many sorries followed.

You couldn’t help but laugh. His face flushed red and his eyes looked anywhere but you. “Jug…its okay” you took his hand again and he met your eyes.

You kissed him this time. He moved his hand to your cheek and you cupped your hand over his to keep it there. You pulled him forward so he was on top of you, lips not wanting to part.

Your kisses became hungry and you pulled him closer. You leaned forward and pulled your shirt off throwing it away and wrapping your arms around his neck giggling a little at the thought of what was happening.

“What?” he smiled at you before taking his own shirt off.

“I just didn’t think this would ever happen” you say smilingly.

“yeah…you’ve grown up a small bit”Jughead says trying not to look down at you below him but fighting a losing battle.

“speak for yourself” you laugh before pulling him back into a kiss. He moves and kisses down your body as you shiver a little at his welcome warm touch. He fumbles a little with your bra before throwing it in the same direction your shirt went earlier.

He began to kiss and bite your boobs as you moaned softly.

You moved to undo his belt and remove his pants which he gladly allowed you. You stroked his bulging member through his boxers,  met with a groan.

He kissed you on the lips again fiercely before you pulled away slightly, biting his bottom lip before leaving love bites on his neck.

As you did this he pulled off your jeans and moaned as you marked him. He slipped his hand inside your underwear to play with your clit. Your turn to moan.

You arched your neck causing your head to bury deep into the mattress,  allowing Jughead full access to your neck.

“Jug….I missed you so much….stop teasing me” you breathed.

Jughead smiled darkly, eyes full of lust. Jughead reached under the bed and retrieved protection which he quickly opened and slipped on.

“Y/N don’t get me wrong I really really want to do this…but are you sure you want to?” Jughead searched your eyes. “Yes Jughead. More than anything”.

Jughead pulled down your underwear and moved into you slowly, you both moaning at the movement.  He began to rock slowly as your wrapped your legs around him wanting to be a close as possible.

Jughead leaned forward to meet your lips as your hips began to hit a perfect rhythm.Jughead bit your neck lovingly while still roughly as you ran your fingers through his hair before placing them on his shoulders.

“Jug” you moan as your nails began to dig into his shoulders “Come for me y/n” he was just about able to breath out. You feel the knot in your abdomen tighten insanely before releasing. You practically screamed his name, praying there was a loud scene playing on the screen so no one could hear you. Your moans pushed Jughead over the edge as he groaned and grunted, thrusts becoming sloppy. Jughead let out a low moan of your name before falling next you to. You pulled the duvet up to protect from the sudden bite of air and he wrapped an arm loving around you, pulling you close to him.



“you should leave and come back unannounced more often”

You exhaled laughing.

“I’d rather stay right here”

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