at least i finally have a job

The problem with the Westallen fandom is that they tend to THINK we care what they say. Sorry we don’t….Actually, no one does.

As an African American woman who watches The Flash and loves The Flash, I’m embarrassed. Yes, I would love the writers to explore Barry and Caitlin. But even I have to admit it won’t happen.

I mean come on! Iris West has been reduced to nothing but Barry Allen’s “girlfriend”. What happened to Iris West Ace Reporter? Like does she even have a job anymore? So you’re saying that’s what you want for her? It’s sad.

At least Caitlin has a story arc, at least her character is developing, at least her character is more than just feeling sorry for herself over a guy (finally). I hope she goes full blown Killer Frost in front of the team like BAM Bitch, I’m evil and I’m loving it!

Westallens’: You need to take a step back and re-evaluate this twisted,incestuous and weird relationship. Even Joe feels uncomfortable LOL

VGJunk Tumblr Hibernation Situation

As some of you may know, I’ve spent the last couple of years acting as a carer for my grandmother while she goes through a terminal illness and a host of other medical problems, including literally falling down the stairs and breaking her neck (which didn’t happen on my watch, I hasten to add.) Well, that situation is into its final phase, and as a consequence I have a thousand and one things to do, not least of which will be finding a job and somewhere to live. As a result, something’s got to give, and sadly I’m going to have to put the VGJunk tumblr on hiatus. I’ll still be posting the odd thing here and there, but not nearly as often. I’ll still (hopefully) be writing articles, because doing so helps to keep me sane, but GIFs and such will be on the go-slow for the foreseeable future.
Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope you’ve enjoyed it over the past few years - I’ve sure as hell enjoyed doing it -  and thank you for being an overwhelmingly cool bunch of people to share this stuff with. I’ll leave you - for now - with three words to live by.

- VGJunk

Ezra needed to go to Tatooine.

Ezra has been obsessed with destroying the Sith since before the Season Two finale.  Aside from the liberation of Lothal, that has been his single overarching goal.  Every time he was tempted towards the Dark Side, every time he went along with Maul, it was because Maul dangled that as a lure in front of him.

I think Ezra really wanted to be the one to do it, or at the very least be the catalyst for enabling it to happen.  (Remember, he asked the holocron, “I want to destroy the Sith.”)  But he let it become an all-consuming focus to the detriment of what he really wanted–to see his homeworld freed from the Empire.  He perceived destroying the Sith to be the means to that end, so every time it looked like he might have the answer to doing that, he ran off half-cocked and recklessly in pursuit.

But in this last episode he learned, and finally accepted, that that is not his job.  He is not the one who is going to destroy the Sith.  He’s not going to even play a part in that story.  He has his own task, his own tale, his own important role in overall narrative of the Rebellion.

His task is to fight for Lothal.

Destroying the Sith is up to Luke Skywalker.  Ezra is the hero of another story.

A Call to Action!

Okay, guys. I normally don’t like to put myself on the spot like this, but this time, I feel I don’t have a choice…

See, I’ve been talking with Ms. @azufrost for a good while now, and have been doing my best to help her through the crap she deals with in her life on a daily basis - working at least two awful jobs that I know of, dealing with an ever-increasing rent in a sub-par apartment with pain-in-the-ass landlords, and having a good number of people do everything from verbally abuse to straight-up abandon her. Life has continued to beat her down non-stop for the past 5 months or so that I’ve known her, and now its finally reached a breaking point. She honestly can’t handle it anymore, is on the verge of losing her home with nowhere and no one to turn to, and I want to do everything in my power to help her however I can. To be frank, I can’t stand the idea of someone fighting as hard as she has and having nothing to show for it.

Therefore, I have decided to do my best to raise awareness on her behalf, and to hopefully encourage those willing to lend her a hand. I’m even prepared to take commissions on her behalf, if need be. (prices can be discussed on an individual basis.)

I know this is a long-shot, but it’s all I can think to do.
For further details, please contact Frost herself.

Cheers, and thank you for reading.

Page Turner+Naysaya Thoughts

Here are my thoughts of the episodes, in no particular order.

1. The Horror…the Horror of wasted chips.

2. I’m glad to see that, at least, one of the Laser Puppies is in good condition.


4. Like Master, Like Student


6. Happy Tree Friends Moose finally got a safe job.



9. Janna is so turned on right now…

10. I was expecting Naysaya to have Tim Curry’s voice when he emerged from Marco’s neck.

11. First. Marco and now, Janna is breaking the Fourth Wall. She’s looking directly at us…PS Janna’s looking really hot in this picture. XD


13. DANG IT! You have got to be KIDDING ME!

14. It’s all Tom’s fault!

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

15.  I guess Marco will be just as hairy as his Dad when he grows up.

16. My reaction at the end of the episode.

Never Ending Rivalries

Idol: Multi group

Type: Highschool gang AU

This is the first part and I would really really appreciate some feedback.

I looked myself up and down in the mirror making sure the outfit I chose was ok for the first day at my new school. The outfit wasn’t anything special, just something that made me feel comfortable and confident. Starting in the November of was making me nothing but nervous. Friend groups had already been made, classes started and seats were taken. This constantly happened, moving from school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood. This had been the way of life ever since Mom died. Dad was trying to find the best work, resulting in moving around constantly but now he finally found a good job that payed him a lot. Now I could finally settle in one place. At least that’s what he told me, he would work in a nearby city for our income but he wouldn’t have a lot of time to come home so I was left basically on my own. It didn’t make it better that the house was pretty large. I mean I was used to always being alone but this time was different. I feel like something is going to happen here. In this school. In this new house.

Walking downstairs I quickly set out food for my dog, Buster, a large German Sheppard. The dog was my one longtime companion who was always there. It sounded pathetic but that’s the way it was. Once the food was set out Buster came running, tail wagging and tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Hey Bust, who’s my good boy?” I praised crouching down to his level, earning a big lick across my face. It left me giggling lightly.

“I gotta go boy. I promise we’ll go on a long walk when I get home ok?” I questioned, a loud bark sounding in agreement. I patted his head and headed to the door.

“Bye Bust!” I yelled as I closed the door starting the 15-minute walk to school. In no time I was approaching the large building. My stomach was flipping and for a second I contemplated turning back but I would have to face it some time. There were students milling about in the courtyard around the front of the school, even as a cool breeze blew through. ‘It’s now or never (Y/n)’ I coached as I took the first step to building.

If there was one thing I noticed walking into the courtyard it was the glares. None of which were aimed at me thankfully but from a group of boys on one end of the courtyard to a group of boys on the other end. Let me tell you the groups were large. It had to be over 20 people on each side, or at least it looked that way. As I glanced around my eyes locked with a pair of warm brown eyes belonging to a boy of average height (though he was shorter than most of the people around him) with a well-defined muscular structure and obviously dyed blonde hair. He was mixed in with one of the groups who were glaring. When our eyes locked he sent me a warm smile and wave, I smiled back lightly and started to make my way into the building.

“Hey wait a second!” I heard behind me once I had made it into the hallway. I turned around only to almost be slammed into. It was the same boy who had waved to me.

“Sorry, I did not expect you to walk that fast! I’m Jackson by the way and I’m hoping you’ll let me be your guide.” He grinned, slinging his arm around my shoulder. I blushed lightly before chuckling.

“I look that lost?”

“Sweetheart you stick out like a sore thumb, people around here can smell fresh meat from a mile away.”

“And that makes me feel much better” I sarcastically shot at him. He laughed out loud at that.

“Don’t worry about it, just stick with me. Now what’s your first class?” He stopped us in the middle of the hallway and I could feel the stares. They made me feel more uncomfortable than I would like to admit.

“Why is everyone staring?” I whispered before answering his question.

“Most people are afraid of us” Jackson answered confusing me.

“Us?” I questioned “And who could be afraid of you? Your way nicer than anyone in my previous schools!”

“I think that’s one of the nicest things someone has said to me in while” He touched his hand to his heart jokingly “What’s your first class?!” he basically started jumping up and down. I became increasingly happy because I had not only made a friend but a very interesting one at that. I took my back pack off my shoulders and fished through it pulling out a crumbled piece of paper smiling sheepishly.

“Here you go”
He smirked reading over it

“Ever the organized one (Y/n)~” He teased getting my name off of the top of the schedule. “Well good news, you’re stuck with me for the rest of the day” Handing my schedule back to me, he started practically dragging me to our first class…..I think I’m going to like it here.

anonymous asked:

I just earned my bachelors degree this December and after 11 months of working at this store (5 of them in a manager capacity) I finally got up the nerve to quit. I have a much more flexible and higher paying job lined up while I search for internships in my degree field! So long retail!!!! At least for now, can't say I'll miss you.

Ggggod I can’t believe these new clients want to pay me $30 per sprite, it’s literally blowing my mind??
Like these are still, singular, unanimated small little sprites.
And they actually liked my work enough to come back to me fndjsjssb.
I, really hope they stay around. And maybe give me a consistent job.


hey hey!! as some of you might know, im currently out of school and unemployed, so to keep doing things like living and eating and stuff im gonna need some cold hard cash. so finally, FINALLY, after months of promising i would do this, im opening up commissions.

all paid for-drawings will be full color (flat color, ignore example 2) and have at the very least a flat colored background, with a little added flair if the customer so desires. the most nsfw im willing to go is exposed boobs, im ok with drawing injuries as long as its not straight-up intestines falling out and shit like that, and if something goes beyond my moral boundaries in general i have the right to refuse the job (i. e., no pedophilia, nothing that romanticizes abuse, etc)

feel free to contact me at if you want something drawn, and please be as specific as you can when describing your request! all payments will be forwarded through paypal, and my account is connected to if you have any general inquiries, you can message me right here on tumblr.

reblogs are appreciated, and thank you for your time!


Quick Photo Bomb

I have been extremely busy lately. I have taken on more website building side jobs in an effort to cover some attorney fees for my divorce. The stress with all of that hit an all time high the last couple of weeks. My day job has been extremely busy too and bleeding into overtime work (unpaid because I am on salary). Money has been extremely tight. I hate having to constantly shift the timing of paying certain bills and floating others too close to their due date. Once the divorce is final and the lawyer is fully paid the financial pressure will be less but still not easy. At least then, I hope I won’t be having to think about money-related issues daily. 

As usual, I do my best to focus on what I can actually control, and that is to work hard and try to stay positive. Dwelling too much on the things I can’t do anything about just leads to feeling lost. The truth is there is usually an action I can take each day to improve my life physically, emotionally, financially, socially, or even spiritually.

I wish you all well. I love the weather in my area lately and the leaves are starting to change. I hope to take some outdoor pics at the nearby arboretum soon.


finally got past my mental block about cover letters and am now a JOB APPLICATION MACHINE. that is, i’ve just applied to 12 jobs. lol that feels like a lot to me? whatever. probably nothing will come of any of them, but at least i’m working on it now.


I actually don’t mind the memes but I feel that as professional I should at least outwardly pretend to mind.



We have Mona in the theme song so hopefully she makes an appearance this season.  Anyone else thrilled to see the original theme song again!?  They did a really nice job of bringing back the old one while combining it with important new elements from this season XD

It also seems that Karai has decided to come back as a chaotic good…

…emphasis on the CHAOTIC

Looks like we won’t be getting her back at the Hamato Clan any time soon, but at least they’re still allies. (GOOD GRIEF what is Leo going to get himself into with her next episode!? I hope Raph gives him a swift kick in the rear for keeping secrets and going all “solo mission” AGAIN)

Mikey.. NO NO Don’t fall for her!


Donnie: *about the cat and smoke* Ok this is weird.

Me: …Why are you surprised?


Looks like Donnie’s observation at the end of Season 4 Episode 5: Riddle of the Ancient Aeons is beginning to bear fruition.  “If ancient cosmic beings can be transformed like that, I guess that goes to show anyone can be corrupted by power” *cue end screenshot of April looking at crystal*

Luckily Donnie was there to snap her out of it.  I wonder how many times this is going to happen and if it will get worse, to a point where the turtles are struggling to snap her back to herself?  I’m so intrigued for what happens next!

Splinter did a real number on Shredder as well and WHAT’S WITH THE GLOWY ENERGY STUFF


Help Wanted

I’ve put in a request today with the Headmaster to hire at least one other person to work alongside me. I’m please to hear back that not only will they look into the matter but that I should have final say on whom I find most capable of the job. It will be hard interviewing people without actually being allowed to say where and for whom they’d be working, but whatever it takes to get another set of boots on the floor.

On an unrelated note, a student today managed to prove me wrong by demonstrating that they could infact change the color of their iPod Nano using the Colovaria spell. Who’d have guessed?

Thought I’d give this some analysis because I feel like it needs it.

So Scottish Labour are asking people to sign a pledge to ‘defend the union’ and personally I believe it spells doom for them.

The image above has the words 'she’s offering false hope’ and I categorically believe that that implies there is a need for 'Hope’ in times like these.

These times have been caused by a completely incompetent Labour opposition who failed to make any amendments to the Brexit Bill in the House of Commons and yet they still voted the final draft through.

So why would Kezia be asking people to sign a pledge when she knows that that would mean a Tory government at Westminster until at least 2030.

Think Kezia will be looking for another job after the council elections.

Let It Snow

“Twenty six degrees below zero!?” Beca nearly squeaked in horror. It had been three months since they moved to Chicago for Luisa’s choreography job and she still wasn’t used to the weather.

Luisa snuggled up closer to Beca and put her arms around the small brunette. “That’s Celsius. In Fahrenheit, that is…about fifteen degrees below zero. I think so at least.”

“Too cold,” Beca whined and pulled the blanket closer to her.

“You have work today, too,” Luisa reminded her and finally let her girlfriend go so she could sit up. “Besides, you are not the one who is taking public transportation.”

Beca closed her eyes again and pulled the blankets tightly around herself to compensate for the loss of Luisa’s body heat.

“Tiny mouse, we have to get up and go to work.” Luisa smiled down at her sleepy girlfriend. Never the morning person, Beca hated getting up and this was their routine on mornings when the brunette hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

“Can’t we just call in sick?” Beca pleaded, sticking her head out from under the blanket and batting her lashes at Luisa.

Luisa glanced out of the window. She knew that she would give in if she saw Beca’s pleading face. However, when she saw the snow that was piled up outside she knew that the brunette had won.

“Fine,” Luisa sighed and looked back at Beca. “There is at least a foot and a half of snow and our street has not been plowed. Let us call in and tell them that we have both come down with a surprising case of the flu.”

Beca grinned and lunged at Luisa to hug her. Tackling her girlfriend to the mattress, Beca wrapped her arms around her and kissed her cheek.

“I love you so much!” Beca told her as she nuzzled her girlfriend’s neck making the blonde laugh.

“I love you, too…” Luisa replied as she held Beca against her.

Beca made herself comfortable up against her girlfriend and whispered in her ear. “Can we stay in bed all day?”

A devilish smile spread across the blonde’s face as she pulled Beca in a little tighter. “Now that sounds like a brilliant idea.”

don’t imagine valkyrie cain getting married though.
     it being at least ten years of not doing anything magical.
     leaving behind the detective work, and skulduggery for
     a life somewhere in the big city, with xena. and she finds
     this nice apartment and a good job. and then finally finding
     someone who is the one for her. and they date for about a
     year  or two, before he pops the question. and on the wedding
     day, everything is perfect. her mum and dad are there, alice is
     the flower girl and xena sits outside of the church, and she’s finally
     at the alter, hand in hand with her future husband, but right before
     the priest speaks, the doors at the back of the church burst open and
     there’s Skulduggery running down the aisle yelling. “ i object! “ with the
     rest of the team coming in through the side doors, and val just stares
at her old partner, with a look of shock and horror, and slight relief. Skul
     reaches the head of the aisle and he would tell her she looks beautiful
     before telling her that who you’re going to marry isn’t who he says he is
     and technically wants to kill you.


Okay, I know a lot will disagree with me when I say this, but fuck it. I'mma say what I want because it’s a damn free world. After reading Chapter 676 of our oh-so-beloved series, it finally clicked into me that maybe Orihime is the TRUE heroine of Bleach. Let’s review that, shall we? The main purpose of a heroine, at least in shounen mangas, are not fan service for little boys. Rather, I think the main purpose of having a heroine is to provide emotional depth to a manga filled blood, sweat, testosterone, shouting and muscles. It is the heroines’ job to balance the story because without emotions and with only pure “kill here, kill there, kill everywhere”, the story would not make any sense at all. In short, the heroine’s duty heavily revolves around the issue of morality, love and the heart, and not the power to destroy. It is probably because of this reason that a heroine’ development is differently from the rest. While the hero and side characters gains additional killing power, the heroine gains in emotional strength. While the hero and side characters receives physical injuries, the heroine receives emotional trauma.

Okay, how does that fit Orihime into all of this?

Simple, hasn’t it always been Orihime who hesitate to kill, not because she’s too soft, but because out of everyone, she is the one with the greatest sense of morality? Hasn’t it always been Orihime who introduced everyone to the concept of the heart? Hasn’t it Orihime the one who gave us the most profound love confession in the history of all manga, bordering even into shoujo territory? And hasn’t it always been Orihime who received the most emotional torture and emerged victorious? Take a detour and dig into your memories and you all would realize that even if Ichigo is the main protagonist, his emotions are most of the time hidden, while Orihime’s has always been visible to the readers. Let me tell you this, in every arc of Bleach, there is always a panel or two that involves Orihime even though Bleach is somehow grouped into four main arcs (that is, Soul Society Arc or Rukia’s arc; Hueco Mundo Arc or Orihime’s arc; Fullbring Arc or Chad’s arc; and Thousand Year Blood War Arc or Uryu’s Arc). In essence, even though there are arcs that involves other main characters, she always functions as the emotional bridge.

Okay, I know some people would say, what about Rukia?

Rukia is a special case. She is the one who introduced Ichigo to the world of Shinigami, and it will stay that way forever. No one can take away that role from her, and that is why I think that Rukia is the main female protagonist adjacent to Ichigo being the main male protagonist. However, Rukia’s emotions have taken a backseat for a while now, in favor of her advancing her powers.

In conclusion, I think the main female protagonist and heroine are not interchangeable terms, but rather separate roles that we have just grown used to, as many mangas employ both in the same person. However, we all know that Kubo is a genius, and maybe this has been his plan all along.