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I love you Laura, but you really can’t take the time to get the finale of the purge up after 20+ days? I’m sorry I’m just frustrated and it’s been so long...

For real this is so fucking rude. I’m sorry you’re frustrated but you have to remember I work and have recently changed jobs and hours, I have a social life, I have errands to run, things to do, family members to see and some of which aren’t in the best health. I’ve been sick, I’ve been feeling down, and I’ve had a shitty shitty month so far to say the least. I sincerely apologise for your frustration, but I will not stand for these kinds of messages in my inbox

The Purge finale will go up when it’s ready to go up, and that’s that

I am officially a guest in this house. I don’t mean this to them. Since today is Friday mom tried to make me go into work. I ended up finally making dad at least see why I don’t. And then mom Lied about them having 3 jobs and all this bullshit while living at home because I said that they only did that because they had bills to pay. I was right. Once mom lied dad asked what she though she was doing and finally said “whatever. Just work breaks then.” Which okay. I was already planning on doing that. But nope not good enough for mom. She’s being passive aggressive as all hell “well if you’re not doing anything to earn money you can at least do this” like bitch “please do ___ would work so much better. And not make you seem like an awful person

Some Important Things To Know Regarding Kreisberg, Berlanti and the Arrow Verse

Andrew Kreisberg’s behavior wasn’t a secret. Greg Bertlani to Mark Pedowitz, the CW president, all knew. Kreisberg was protected from repercussions cause he was a key cog in the DCTV machine. Berlanti Productions didn’t suspend him. CW didn’t suspend him. WBTV, who are responsible for many shows on multiple networks, did. They had employees, former and current, who gave up on Berlanti and Pedowitz doing anything come to them and beg for something to be done. They finally did something because the others wouldn’t. Because they were overwhelmed and shocked. They did something because one journalist who had heard the stories investigated and they knew Kreisberg’s gross behavior would be known publicly soon.

This goes so much deeper than just the 19 who have stepped forward. I know at least four people personally who work for ArrowVerse who are still afraid to step forward because there is no promise their job is safe from Berlanti trying to sweep this under the rug.

Senior executives between Berlanti Productions and CW worked hard to keep Kreisberg safe, at the expense of others, even their own. When Kreisberg’s involvement in one Arrow Verse show was threatened by his actions, he’d go to another one and be heavily involved for a bit to let things blow over. Berlanti and Co would male emoty overtures about dealing with the behavior in hopes the victim would quit. They often did. If they didn’t, their punishment for speaking out would be a downgrade in their responsibilities in their job. They were warned if they tried to get another job after quitting, Berlanti Productions wouldn’t be able to give them a good reference because they obviously weren’t capable in their job.

Your favorite cast members knew as well. Some of them tried to say something, to do something. Kreisberg and Berlanti’s response was punishment via the writing. Some of your favorite cast members were threatened with arcs that would make the fans hate them, with threats of being killed off and having no career after Kreisberg, Berlanti and Co contacted other producers to let them know how terrible and difficult they were. Some of the cast were victims to these very comments. They were told to just accept that’s how Hollywood is.

And even worse, some of your favorite cast members were as complict as the executives. They waved Kreisberg’s behavior off, made excuses that he was just like that and it wasn’t sexual harassment. Some of the cast offered the victims gifts and perks if they just let it go. Set visits, behind the scene pictures, fancy dinners out, calls from other celebrities. They protected Kreisberg, male and female alike. The absolute worst of them played along with Kreisberg at times and made their own comments. Kreisberg rewarded them with more screentime and more stories and input in their characters. Kreisberg may not have written every single episode across ArrowVerse but he had a hand in it all.

When your favorite cast members break their silence, be wary of the ones that proclaim their shock and horror. They knew. They helped the behavior go on as long as it did. Support the ones who apologize and say they tried to do more. They did.

But more importantly, protect the victims who come forward, especially any of the ones who reveal themselves. They are bigger than the ships and characters and show themselves. They are just the first in what is hopefully a long line of willing to tell their story. Protect them so others feel safe in coming forward.

Success/Prosperity Shower Sachet

I thought I would share with you the first spell I’ve performed since becoming a Witch. I have been hesitant to cast any spells yet because I feel like one really needs to be grounded in the basics and study before you begin actual practice. However, my husband lost his job a week and half ago (very scary!). He was fortunate enough to have a skype interview with an excellent competing company the day after he was let go and this thursday he is set to have a second interview. We really really want him to get this job. I finally decided to do something because it seemed ridiculous to me that I wouldn’t at least use the knowledge I have and energy I can conduct to help bring him success with his interview at the very least.

I decided to make a shower sachet that he could use the morning of his interview. It seemed like the simplest thing I could create that I knew would not require much from him beyond bringing it in the shower with him to dissolve and steam up around him.


- Nephrite Jade (luck + concentration)
- Carnelian (courage + focus + communication)
- Aventurine (prosperity + luck + increase confidence)
- Cinnamon chips (prosperity and wealth)
- Sage [leaf and flower] (fulfillment of wishes + protection)
- White Sachet
- Good Luck Coin
- Epsom Salt
- Picture ****only use this if this spell is for someone else 

  • Gather your ingredients
  • Cast a circle. I used cinnamon incense as I was casting in order to add to the energy of the spell.
  • Once the circle is complete it is time to make the good luck coin. You will need to find a coin minted in your birth year, doesn’t matter what denomination it is. I used one minted in my husband’s birth year. And then say the following incantation:

“By these words, my will, and coin,”                                                           “Magick and good fortune join.”

  • Afterward, start picking up the ingredients and putting them in the sachet. As I did it, I was looking at the picture of my husband’s face in order to tie the ingredients to him. I hadn’t intended to but somehow I started repeating “prosperity, luck, success, attraction” and thinking about his interview. 
  • Once complete, tighten the sachet, knot it and then move the ingredients around in the bag to really mix them up.
  • I closed the circle and let the cinnamon incense burn down completely.

Now that it is complete, thursday morning I will have my husband bring it in the shower with him, even if you just leave it on the floor, it will get soaked and the epsom salt will dissolve and the scents will mingle and be present in the steam from the shower.


I’m still mad about Vivienne de Fer of Orlais, master player of The game, having a shaved head. So I spent the last few hours doing this just to make a point. I was gonna only do like 3 but she is so pretty with rows (and just in general tbh) I couldn’t stop myself lol.

Please don’t misunderstand my intent, Vivienne is gorgeous with or without hair, and I would’ve been fine with this decision if there were Black people all over the game rocking natural hairstyles. But that is not the case. It feels like game devs hear us asking for afro textured hair options, do the least amount of work (”here is an afro and a smaller afro.”) and then call it a day. It’s frustrating.

We’re so underrepresented as it is. And then to finally have a Black woman who is a major character, who lives in a society where fashion is important to the point of being ridiculous, have a shaved head? It’s just lazy and that’s all there is to it.

Like this is where a google image search for inspiration and a little bit of doodling got me. If I can do this then people who are being paid to do a good job can and should do better.


Q: May I ask what happened? Like how’d you work from warner bros to Disney? Were you a free lancer and contract ended? Felt like it wasn’t a good environment? Sorry if I’m nosy once I get my BA in animation I kind of want to know the process of finding a job in a company or what artist go through. Btw CONGRATS! LIVING THR DREAM!!


I already answered this on my post but I figure it would be good to post it separately for those who want job careers similar to mine.  

A: I was a full time employee at Warner Bros but Be Cool Scooby Doo ended productions arounndddd November? So I was looking for another job and got a recommendation from my art director to test for Ducktales at Disney. I took the art test and i just pretty much got the job but i’m at this 6 week trial thing where they want to see if i’m the kind of person they want to work with. 

The most important advice i can give you is NETWORKKKKK PEOPLE!!! Your friends will get you the jobs. People will want to work with people they already know —-> FRIENDS are usually the first to be recommended in anything. Don’t just sit there and dream that your art will be so dazzling that it’ll make recruiters hand you a job, you have to get out there and approach those people in the industry! That’s how I was even able to work for WB in the first place! 

(side story: I met my art director from WB when she was giving a presentation in my class, and then the teacher in that class gave me her email and i talked to her how i was interested in working in the BCSD team. At that time they didn’t have jobs but at least she knew who i was at that point and was interested! Then i met her again when i invited her to go to my Grad show and we finally got to talk one on one. After that my boyfriend’s friend was a BG painter at BCSD at that time and gave us a tour at WB where i met the art director again!!!! and FINALLLY there was a position opened for a BG designer. So through all those meet-ups my art director at that point gotten familiar with me enough that she emailed me to give me a art test and i got the job!!! 

So talking to people is IMPORTANT! You don’t know where that person’s career is heading so just be nice to everyone and at least say hi! The worst thing that they can do is just ignore you. So don’t be scared to reach out to your peers, teachers, WHOEVER! 

And when you DO GET THE ART TEST: 

Make sure whatever you do is strictly what they ASKED for. I’ve seen so many tests where the artist tries to put themselves in the art tests or just do the things the job says NOT to do (read EVERYTHING in the style guild). Showing yourself off is the WORST thing you can do. The tests aren’t about YOU. It’s about if you can fit in THEIR show’s style, they need consistency! That’s what makes you the better option, that you know your place and you can do what’s asked from you.

Hope that helps!

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Febri 2017/03 (p29-33)

Finally the interview from Febri is finished! I like Kubo’s interviews but I swear I don’t want to see any more for some time… This one is also mentioning a lot of stuff that I haven’t read in other interviews so far. It’s a bit long but definitely worth reading!

Translation is under the cut. I might fix the format a little later on to make it visually better, now I have to leave to go to Wonder Festival… (who needs sleep?).
If you have any questions about the interview feel free to message me.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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malec fics I’ll probably never write but someone definitely should and also tag me so I can read them:

inspired by this post by @otppurefuckingmagic

  • Alec Lightwood has a job interview that could change his future, finally help him free himself from his parents’ hold on his life. So, obviously, he is freaking out. What better way to relax than to go have a drink the night before? At least, that’s what Izzy and Jace say when they drag him to Pandemonium, the new club that opened a few blocks away. Alec might be prone to believe them after a while, especially when he finds himself on his way to have the night of his life with the hottest guy he’s ever seen a few hours later. Magnus - or Sex on Legs as Alec has decided to call him in his head - even is sweet enough to cook him breakfast the next morning before they part with each other’s number but the knowledge that neither of them was looking for anything more. They just don’t have time for a real relationship and they’ve made it clear. Alec is convinced he will never see him again. That is until he gets to his job interview and Magnus is sitting there with a grave expression, a suit that makes him look annoyingly appealing and a raging bruise on his neck.
  • Joining the New York Philharmonic orchestra has always been Alec’s dream and he made it come true through years of hard work and lost sleep. Now he finally has a chance to become First Chair, but a newcomer threatens to steal his well-deserved place as leader. Magnus Bane is a prodigy and if his technique is flawless, it is the passion that transpires from his every motion when he plays the violin that grabs anyone’s - and Alec’s - attention. Alec wants to hate him, he really does, but it doesn’t help that in addition to being so frustratingly talented, Magnus Bane is also sweet and patient and utterly charming. And he refuses to make the run for First Chair feel like the competition it actually is. Alec might be screwed.
  • Magnus and Alec babysitting Clary and Jace’s child, but the child has a huge crush on Magnus and spends the whole night pulling pranks on Alec whenever they start acting like the married couple they are. Alec loves the kid. He does, but he is slowly starting to lose his mind and if that little demon prevents him from kissing his husband one more time, he might lose it. Magnus just thinks it’s hilarious - and adorable - to have two children - one of them being a 6′2 shadowhunter - fighting for him.
  • Magnus is a Robin Hood-esque character and he particularly likes to steal from the Lightwood family.
  • A Beauty and the Beast AU with Magnus as Belle and Alec as the Beast. Also featuring Jace the candlestick, Izzy the clock, Maryse the teapot and Max the teacup. Luke, Magnus’ adoptive father, gets lost in the forest while trying to help a injured wolf he found on the road on his way back from the city and he comes across the Beast’s castle, and gets captured. After they learn the news, Magnus goes to the castle and offers to take Luke’s place, despite Luke’s objection… We all know how that story ends. Sebastian as Gaston? I guess?
  • Magnus goes to his favorite coffee shop and the place is crowded so he ends up sharing a table with a stranger who also turns out to be the epitome of Tall, Dark and Handsome. They start talking because Alec is reading a book by Magnus’ favorite writer, Gideon Archer, and Alec keeps dragging the guy and hating on his books and Magnus just can’t have that. They argue for hours about it and regularly meet afterwards to talk about literature and books, and after a few meetings, book talks turn into anything and everything talks. When Alec realizes he is in love with Magnus, it’s probably already too late to tell him that he is, in fact, Gideon Archer.
  • Izzy and Jace get Alec and his son Max a cruise for Christmas because he hasn’t taken a vacation for ages. On the ship, they meet Magnus and his son Raphael, who are on a well-deserved vacation themselves. Max and Raphael hit it off as soon as they meet and decide they will spend every minute possible together. If they use that time to make up an intricate plan to get their dads together, well… what they don’t know can’t hurt them.
  • Alec and Magnus are both professors at NYU but they work in different departments and have never stumbled into each other. That is until one evening, Alec sees a stranger standing under the pouring rain and offers to share his umbrella with him and walk him home. He just doesn’t want him to get sick. This has nothing to do with that guy being the hottest piece of ass he has ever seen. He’s just being a nice person.
  • The Proposal AU. (seriously, why hasn’t this been done yet?)
  • Victorian AU. I have no plot for this one but I need it like I need air.
Heart on the Line (part 11)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1603

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I’m… seeing some people who are criticizing Sam for mentioning that he felt sad about the fact that Mary’s connection was primarily with Dean, saying that expressing those feelings was somehow blaming Dean, and that Sam is a source (the source?) of Dean’s self-loathing because he … apparently “blames Dean for things that aren’t his fault.” Sam even mentioning that he thought Mary interacted with Dean more (calling him more, talking with him more, etc.) is not about Sam’s grief… nooo, it’s about Dean.

Like. Sam expresses his grief for the first time in a very long time and it is somehow an affront to Dean. Let me be clear: it has been literal seasons (plural; many of them) since Sam has actually gotten defensive on his own behalf. He has shut himself down so effectively that he almost never gives vent to any emotions that could be perceived as negative (for his own sake, at least). And he finally does it. He finally talks. And somehow, that’s wrong.

But Dean expressing the pain of his loss by tearing Jack down and tearing Sam down and telling Sam that he has forgotten about their losses and that he’s not doing his job and that (implicitly, accidentally, without malice, but it’s still there), that people born with the capacity for evil are, in fact, evil. And you know what? Dean doesn’t have healthy coping strategies for dealing with loss and I get that. It’s established fact. 

But people blaming Sam for speaking out just baffles me. And he wasn’t even blaming Dean. He stated his feelings about Mary when Dean started mocking him in front of the therapist.

Sorry for the bitterness, it’s just that I can’t see anything clearly beyond all these glaring double standards.

@shapeshiftinterest prompted “royal court versions of kara and sisters AU??“

They gave me a bunch of other prompts too and I may do more if/when I feel like it. Their prompt/s were quite organized. I like it.

Also, this was totally an excuse to finally draw Cinderkara.

And just a PSA; In the Kara & Sisters AU, all the girlymatsu’s have jobs, but Kara is still a NEET. Him doing the chores is honestly the least he could do. lol

(Commissions are still OPEN.)

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧Thanks for playing to Feral Jack !

i saw you playing to Feral, it’s a game made by people of my school ! Friends of my class helped on the production. I was too shitty for 3D stuff so i couldn’t help //cough cough// But i appreciate a lot you played to their game ! frenchy pride riiight there !

 Hope you had fun (and yea’ the game usually crash a lot… i couldn’t play as well)

If you want some details,it’s not only an indie game. Like i said, it’s made by students of my school for their last year .It’s kinda their  final graduation project .

  it’s only a 20 minutes demo/prototype.   (sorry 8A8 )  (i guess, i’m pessimistic) There may not be anythin’ after this game. They certainly found a job now and can’t work on it together . 

-At least, If you search for “indie games” like this, believe me, we have a ton like that (•̀ᴗ•́)൬༉ -

Spring Breeze (Afterdeath) ~Vampire!Geno~


Alright, first of all, I’m sorry I took freakin’ forever X’D And I know what all ya’ll are thinking: “TRASHY- WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??”

Tbh have no excuse pfft 

But seriously, thank you guys so much for putting up with my bullshit and waiting for me :’) I hope this long-ass fanfic is enough to make it up to ya’ll, and if it isn’t, I’m sorry for being a failure-

Ever since school ended, I’ve been staying up till 3 AM writing because I wanted to get this done, but it took longer than I thought it would because originally, it wasn’t even supposed to be as long as it is right now. This is by far, my longest fanfic and it probably sucks.

Anywho, enough of my rambling. I’ll most likely die after posting this here and on Wattpad, but you guys deserve to read whatever I have created :^)

Also, please excuse if you spot any mistakes. It’s hard to spot every one of them, especially with one this long. Plus, I’m so tried X’D

Have fun-

Word Count: 17,299

Click HERE to go to my Fanfic Archive. There, you can easily find any of my past works :) 

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after five long years of college and university, i’ve officially finished my child and youth care degree! which is both exciting and strangely terrifying. i have a job i’m looking at and hoping for and i’m already looking at master’s programs, but for now, at least, i’m finally done! i finished my last two classes, one of which was my final practicum, both with an A+, so i’m extra proud! 

there were a lot of times that– between stress, depression, and anxiety– i really just wanted to give up, but i didn’t and it feels really good to be here now and know that i didn’t give up or walk away. 

 thank you to all of you who’ve been supportive and excited for me and who’ve helped me with various freak outs along the way! i really appreciate it!

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So, last season I talked a lot about the over-riding theme of the past and families defining “Who We Are.” Indeed, in that sense the season was incredibly cohesive in how it dealt with various ways the past can be overcome.

This season, we are transitioning from the theme of family and the past defining us to the next logical step: what IS self? Who are we when we refuse to be defined by our past and family? Who are we when we lose everything we defined ourselves by?

We’ve seen Angels that we didn’t know were angels, a demon that changes faces, psychics that didn’t know they were psychic and a shifter. We’ve been asked questions of Nature versus Nurture. We had a soulless man living a moral life. We had Mia as Kelly tell Jack: It doesn’t matter what you are, only what you do.

The theme of this season is: Identity. 

Jack is finding out who he is, choosing to be good or evil. Cas’s sense of self, his entitlement to his right to BE saved him from the Empty along with his refusal to be defined by his face. 

For Sam and Dean that’s a tricky thing. They both made BIG steps last season, letting go of each other and that codependency. Sam came into his own as a leader  and he is finding things outside of Dean to have faith in, namely Jack and the hope of Mary returning. I have really high hopes for Sam as this arc continues.

But Dean. Oh Dean. Dean finally admitted how screwed up everything with Mary made him and he achieved some catharsis there…And then he lost her. But at least there was closure. He didn’t get that with Cas.  Cas’s loss has broken him, removed his faith. He’s just a guy doing a job now, going through the motions. The people he defined himself by are gone - even Sam, because he let him go last season and now Sam and the two of them against the world is very much Not Enough for Dean. Dean needs to find his soul again. Luckily, someone with experience saving Dean’s soul is on the way.

Sexual Harrasment

Summary:  Tony Stark is your boss’ boss’ boss’ boss, but he’s taken an interest in you. After saying no he flexes his power.

Warnings: THIS IS A NON/CON-RAPE STORY. Please do not read if this offends you. Smut

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader

Words: 2800

A/N: For all the anon’s wanting more Mercy.  Here is just a straight up Non-Con Tony story.

Forever Tags: @kellyn1604 @marauderice @mac5323 @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @negan-is-god @roschelesworld @taintedgenre @thecynicalnerd @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl 

Marvel Tags: @xbergiex @bellaballanda @theariel85

Tumblrs who I think might like this (ignore, but you commented on Mercy): @purplemuse89 @ashleywinchester69

“Good Y/N, you’re here finally.”  Tony smiled when you went into his office the third time that day. “I need a feminine opinion.”

Originally posted by irenelair

You stopped at least five feet away from the man as he held his arm out.

“Mr. Stark…”

“Tony.” He walked over to you and slid his hand around your waist. “How many times do I have to tell you.  It’s Tony.”

“Tony.”  You crossed your arms. “I really can’t neglect the accounts like this. I’m a junior accountant.  For these special projects hire someone to make this their full time job.”

“Paying for this sort of thing isn’t my style.”  His eyes were glued to you, but you refused to look his way as he pulled your side. “Just kidding.”

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4 and 7 for the artists' ask post? ✨

4. What defines your artistic style?

… I don’t know. I think generally the faces give me away, especially the jawlines and noses. Probably the thickness of my lineart, the lack of ornate detail, I tend to draw bluntly. I use vibrant, saturated colours. Apart from that I’m not sure, it always feels pretty fluid to me so I think people on the outside can actually do a better job of pointing it out than I can.

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

Oh my gosh I have to find another one ahhhhhh hang on

Hahahaha oh yeah, there is this. It’s the base sketch I did for a zine piece, with additional inner thoughts courtesy of Teruki. The only reason I didn’t post it beforehand was because I was trying to keep it secret before preorders. I should be able to post the final versions soon.

Everything is always sketches

gajevy-trainwreck  asked:

Ohhh could you do one where the RFA + V + Saeran switch bodies with MC for a day please? I really enjoy your writing! :D

Sorry for the delay with this one! This submit has been sitting in my inbox for awhile now and I apologize. There’s been a series of mishaps, such as me finally finishing this imagine and my internet shutting off. Or my drafts just magically not saving. All of which sucks because this request is so fun!^^

I also apologize if this is too long for your liking.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it~!


  • you woke up cuddling with zen in his bed
  • you were the big spoon???? how is he fit so snuggly against you like this??? Why he so smol???
  • your eyes open in panic
  • “WHY AM I CUDDLING ME” you scream “WHY IS MY VOICE SO DEEP” you scream again
  • the MC that you were snuggling with opens their eyes in panic when they hear you scream
  • “WHY ARE YOU ME?” they scream, then clamp their hands around their own mouth once they hear their own voice
  • You get up and run to the bathroom to look in the mirror
  • White hair, red eyes, gorgeous looks
  • “I’M ZEN!” you yell
  • you hear running and suddenly the MC from before is right next to you, also staring into the mirror
  • “I’M MC!” they yell
  • you both look at eachother “I’M YOU!”
  • *cue panicking in the bathroom for like 2 hours*
  • when you both finally calm down, you’re sitting on the floor with your backs pressed up against the walls
  • MC/Zen speaks up first, “MC?”
  • “Yeah, Zen?”
  • “Can I just say that you look absolutely beautiful today?” He winks.
  • You giggle, “Oh thank you! I’ve been working out!” You lift your/his shirt up to show off your/his toned abs.
  • You spend the next hour making jokes of the similar caliber
  • While laughing, you go to run your hands through your/his hair and are greeted with a long silky ponytail
  • A devious smirk crosses your face as you think of a joke
  • “Zen?”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “What would you do if I were to…” You slowly stand up. He/you looks uneasy.
  • “…cUT OFF YOUR PONYTAIL” you take off running toward the kitchen where you know a pair of scissors is
  • he’s screaming pleads and chasing you


  • baby wakes up next to your warm body and decides to go make breakfast for the both of you
  • he goes in the kitchen and makes omurice (which i highly recommend that shit is GOOD)
  • once it is plated he sets the two dishes onto the counter and goes to wake you up
  • the other Yoosung stirs and slowly wakes up
  • they make eye contact
  • and sCREAM
  • “ARE YOU ME??”
  • Both confused. both screaming. both end up hugging each other for comfort.
  • while crying he gets a glance of himself in the bedside mirror
  • he sniffles “Oh…I’m so cute…”
  • “Me too!” you dramatically cry.
  • “Thanks, honey.”
  • “Thank you too, honey.”
  • you calm down and try to make it through the day
  • the blind belief that this will all be sorted out in the morning was the only thing driving you
  • thank the stars that it was a weekend and neither of you had anything planned.
  • you both eat breakfast and chat, still getting used to your new bodies
  • after a bit of settling down, you get notification from a guild member requesting your assistance in LOLOL
  • Yoosung tells you that you need to play for him
  • and omg
  • you suck
  • the guild members are yelling and asking you if you are alright
  • Yoosung needs to take over before you destroy his ranking
  • Everyone hoots and hollers at the girl in the voice chat and Yoosung is pissed
  • Why can’t he be a girl and play without being harassed
  • Makes a mental note to scold the men in his guild once this is over


  • she wakes up next to you
  • immediately sees that she was sleeping with herself??
  • silently panicking
  • checks a mirror to see if she’s a ghost or something
  • she’s you??
  • you’re her??
  • silently panics harder
  • shakes you awake
  • “MC, something is wrong.” Her voice comes out fast and urgent.
  • You immediately see that she is you
  • “WHAT.”
  • “MC, I have work today! I can’t go into the office like this! You don’t work there! And there’s no way Mr. Han will give me a day off!”
  • You realize what you are going to have to do
  • You start silently panicking
  • she helps you slip into work clothes and heels
  • you wink at yourself in the mirror and put up finger guns
  • “None of that. I would never do that.” She scolds with a smile.
  • “Yes, ma’am.” You salute
  • “I wouldn’t salute either.”
  • “Yes, ma’am.” No salute this time.
  • Once you get to C&R, a crushing anxiety hits you
  • you walk in, heart pounding
  • you find you desk and sit down
  • there are sticky notes everywhere with reminders of what you need to get finished
  • and people keep coming by your desk to glare at you and give you more work
  • it’s hell
  • you don’t even know the password to her computer
  • you give up and just start throwing office supplies at your co-workers when they have their backs turned
  • it was fun for about an hour until THE Jumin Han catches you
  • he leads you to his office
  • P AN I C
  • he sits down at his chair behind the desk
  • “Care to explain.”
  • “Uhhhh, Jumin-I MEAN- Mr. Han.”
  • fukin nailed it
  • “You are acting quite strange today, Assistant Kang.”
  • “N-No, I’m not!”
  • He raises an eyebrow and you feel your face go warm in embarrassment
  • You cough. “Sorry, sir.”
  • “Care to explain yourself?”
  • You don’t know how to respond.
  • “I could fire you for this. You have done nothing productive all day and have even interfered with the productivity of other employees,”
  • You’re freaking out. You can’t be the reason Jaehee loses her job!
  • he continues, “furthermore-”
  • he looks taken aback, “Assistant Kang-”
  • “I’m not Jaehee!”
  • it takes A LOT of convincing but he finally gives you a ‘sick day’ until this is all cleared up.
  • you go home and collapse into Jaehee’s arms
  • she works so much
  • you’re glad that she at least got to sit at home and do nothing in your body


  • he’s mentally freaking the fuck out when he first sees you sleeping in his body
  • keeps calm and emails the correct people to tell them that he can’t come to work today
  • you wake up to the smell of strawberry pancakes
  • you follow the scent to the kitchen
  • you let out a little shriek and the MC making pancakes jumps a little
  • You hear them inform you of a little mishap
  • it’s weird to hear your own voice sound so formal
  • “Jumin.”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “I’m in your body.”
  • “yes, it appears so.”
  • The rest of the day is you just breaking his character
  • You call the chef
  • they pick up and ask you what you would like
  • “Is our company’s refrigerator running?” you ask, making sure your voice sounded deep and stoic
  • “Yes, sir.”
  • “Hmm, you better go catch it.”
  • Before the chef can even respond, you start laughing like a school girl and you hang up
  • You go into the chatroom
  • You text Zen:
  • you: I LOVE YOU ZEN
  • zen: ??????
  • you: I. LOVE. YOU.
  • zen: wtf????? ew????
  • zen: aren’t you with MC????
  • zen has left the chatroom
  • Jumin can’t tell if this is the worst day of his life (his image is destroyed) or the best day (he’s been staring at himself in the mirror all day. you can’t leave him if he is you)


  • you wake up to loud screaming
  • “Luce, what the hell?”
  • then you open your eyes
  • to meet…your own eyes??
  • You look around the room…well…you try
  • “I CAN’T SEE!” You panic.
  • “Oh, here!” He puts his glasses on you.
  • “Oh, hey gorgeous.” You wink.
  • “Hey~” he bats his eyelashes
  • “So what happened?” you ask, sitting up.
  • “We switched bodies. I don’t know how or why.”
  • “Oh cool. It’s like a filler episode, right?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • You study him/you
  • he seems to be also studying his own body
  • he starts by touching his/your face, feeling your features
  • then he touches your hair, “Hmm, soft.” he mumbled
  • then he pulls the blanket off of his legs and trails his hands up and down them. then to your arms.
  • he drops back down to your hips and trails him hands up, resting them on his breasts.
  • he squeezes
  • he squeezes again
  • “SEVEN!”
  • he looks at you innocently, hands still cupping boobs
  • You gesture to his hands.
  • “Hey, you can touch whatever you want on me, deal?”
  • “Okay, deal.”
  • You run your hands over his body a couple times
  • You get bored pretty quickly
  • You gasp, “CAN I TRY ON YOUR OUTFITS?”
  • He gasps, “CAN I TRY ON YOURS?”
  • “YEAH.”
  • “THEN YEAH!”
  • “AWWW YEAHHHHHHH” He runs over to your closet and immediately starts making outfits
  • You do the same.
  • You both try them all on and strut around.
  • fucking nerdssss


  • You wake up in the morning and stretch
  • you open your eyes
  • “V, HELP, I CAN’T SEE!”
  • V wakes up to your screaming
  • immediately turns to the source of your screaming
  • is shocked to see everything so clear and bright
  • he sees himself/you looking around frantically
  • how was he looking at himself, and how was he looking??
  • “Calm down!”
  • You turn towards the sound of your own voice
  • “Is that you, MC?” he asks, trying his best to keep calm.
  • “Y-yeah?”
  • You cannot see anything out of one eye, and the other only supplied you with a huge blurry mass
  • but you could see colors
  • and the person talking to you did not have the same colored hair as V
  • they actually had the same colored hair as you
  • “Is that you, V?”
  • He hums a yes, “I think we are not in our correct bodies”
  • You take a moment to process this, you suddenly get really excited
  • “Wait…so you can see!?”
  • he matched your excitement
  • “Yes, everything is clear!”
  • You heard him take a sharp intake of breath
  • “I’m going to go look at you.” and with that you could feel him get out of bed and almost run to a mirror
  • it took longer than a look in the mirror usually should
  • but that boy was trying to memorize every detail of your face
  • deep down he knew this wasn’t going to last, so this would be his first and last time seeing you
  • when he hears you calling him, he hesitantly looks away from the mirror and goes back to you
  • “You’re beautiful.” He greets.
  • You blush, “V, let’s go everywhere we can! You need to see things!”
  • He helps you out of the house
  • You go to the park, stare at the sky, and feed the birds
  • V takes the prettiest pictures
  • You even call 707 to give you a ride to the   b e a c h
  • he stares out the window the whole time
  • He watches the ocean and observes the tiny granules of sand
  • throughout the trip he cannot stop looking at himself in reflections and his phone camera
  • takes so many selfies in your body
  • the nicest selfies
  • better than any selfie you’ve ever taken
  • he sees so many pretty things that day, but he thinks that you were the prettiest by far


  • you wake up to see yourself staring at you with wide eyes
  • he is not saying anything
  • “I’m you.”
  • he says nothing
  • “And you’re me.”
  • still silent
  • you cannot tell if he’s calm
  • or just silently freaking out
  • he is expressionless in your body
  • you, however, are having a great time taking as many selfies on your own phone as possible
  • smiling pics of Saeran, fuck yeah
  • he keeps playing with his hair
  • “It’s so soft.” he mumbles.
  • is constantly brushing it
  • “so pretty.” he whispers to himself when looking in a mirror
  • he feels so fragile he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you so he tries his best to stay still
  • keeps gently touching your face
  • he just sits somewhere and makes a bunch of facial expressions just to know what it feels like when you make them. just imagine him scrunching up your face and smiling and just trying to make faces that he’s seen you do
  • you haven’t mastered the art of bitch facing like Saeran
  • everytime you look in the mirror to imitate his glare, you just start giggling at how cute you look
  • you’re both too cute

I love looking at beautiful bullet journals–don’t get me wrong. But the one thing I hate about beautiful bullet journal spreads is that, at least for me, they almost NEVER look like that. This was my planner during finals week, when I graduated from University. I had 4 jobs and was taking 18 credits and LEMME TELL YA, it is hard to keep your planner looking beautiful when you barely have time to eat! In a way, however, the giant mess of colors has its own beauty. I think it’s important to remember that your journal doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, and it’s ESPECIALLY important to remember that it’s okay to let it get messy!