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one month after.. and I still don’t fully get the point of this arc. as you can see, it’s not keeping me so active, I’m just passively reading all of this while waiting for /something/ exciting to happen. however, one of the few things that are keeping me somewhat interested is the possibility of finding more about He Cheng -> He Tian, ultimately. hopefully we’ll get that, but I’ll keep my expectations at a fair level. so far it’s pretty much confirmed ✔️ that Cheng works for Jian Yi’s father, there’s actually no surprise there. but am I asking too much if I want to know the circumstances behind all of this? a glimpse of his past maybe, like, how he ended up doing this and stuff. what are his connections with Jian Yi’s family. how. when. is He Tian involved as well?  

but anyway, I actually enjoy the way Old Xian introduces new characters; not too many at a time, which brings some focus and interest in them. imo the She Li arc was amazing and I think that the prospect of giving us more characters sounds great! some change in all this dynamic won’t hurt. obvs I’m talking about this hot guy saving Jian Yi’s ass, I wonder if we’ll get to see more about him?? or if he’s there just for the sake of.. being tall and handsome and just because Jian Yi had to be saved (tho I have a feeling this is not the case, but idk). 

not to be ungrateful, but Old Xian should shift the focus from Jian Yi for a bit (while keeping him in the center) and reveal some stuff we’ve been curious about. I would dig that. 

Reggie Mantle x Reader Locker-room Confessions

Could you maybe do a Reggie x reader where the reader is Jughead’s sister and she’s getting bullied by Chuck and Moose and he catches her crying in the locker room looking for Archie and comforts her and tells her nice stuff and compliments her and just fluff and cuteness.

A/N: This was my first request so I enjoyed it plenty, I hope you love it or least like it! It takes a while to get to the Reggie x Reader only because I wanted it to have a good storyline. 

Words: 1511

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Reader is Jughead’s sister and gets bullied and Reggie comes to the rescue. 

Spoilers: There may or may not be a kiss.

Warnings: Like three swear words.

Being Jughead’s sister was not easy at Riverdale High. Everyone questioned you for the small similarities and differences that you had with each other. You hung out mostly with Jughead’s friends since you grew up with them as well.  You were only a year apart in age, but not by grade level. Some even questioned you both if you were twins and Jug became tired of it, so he would claim you were fraternal twins. The high school caste system was not really in favor of you and your brother. You’re brother Jughead had it worse with The Goonies as he called them. He was “freak” to them because he was different than the testosterone filled, brainless guys at your school. Jug was the brooding writer, keeping to himself. You however would dress like him plenty of times, but you liked to try different styles and colors. You were usually the one they’d catch smiling more often. You just tried your best enjoy the hell hole that high school was especially in a small town.

During the weekend you had a sleepover with Veronica and Betty at Veronica’s house. You were mesmerized by the aesthetic of Veronica’s. There was something about big homes that you thoroughly enjoyed, since your family had a small house. You didn’t complain though, you were just happy your family was back together and your dad was getting his act together.

You were thankful for these friends that made Riverdale suck a little less. You had fun with them, as they helped you escape from life for a while when you hung out with them. Veronica was new, but it felt like you had known her all your life. It was now Sunday morning and you all had just eaten breakfast.

“Here you go” Veronica spoke up while you were hanging out in her room.

“What’s this?” You questioned her as you opened the gift bag and took a box out with the most mesmerizing sneaker wedges you had wanted when you guys went window shopping a week before.

Your eyes dilated, and a small smile was forming on your face until you looked up and spoke up “I- I- I can’t take these Ron.”

“Now why not? Those would look great on you with that crop top you bought, but never wore” Veronica declared.

“You would look amazing, (Y/N)” Betty budded in with a smile on her face.

“I just, you guys can’t keep buying me stuff, my parents, and I am not going to be your charity case” you declared with a sad look in your face.

“Oh c’mon you are not my charity case (Y/N/N), I simply bought the wrong size shoe and can’t return them” She retorted.

“Yeah, I was there they would not let her return them” Betty innocently added on the lie.

“You can’t return them?” You questioned Ron with hopeful eyes.

“Nope and now that I look at them they’re not really my style and I don’t want to see them go to waste” Veronica added on with a smirk on her face.

You thanked her, and promised to wear them on Monday, with some ripped skinny jeans and the crop top as you left her house to work your shift at Pops.

Monday came and you hesitated on the outfit, but you put it on anyway since you weren’t going to let down Ronnie, and weren’t going to let your money go to waste by never wearing the crop top.

You took a quick glance in the mirror and smiled confidently and walked out of your home to get to school.

As you arrived, you felt all eyes on you and it made you slightly uncomfortable until you caught a glimpse of Ronnie and Betty and walked towards them.
“Hey” you said shyly to the blonde and brunette.

They turned to look at you and you heard gasps coming out of their mouth with a wide eyes plastered on their faces.

“My god! (Y/N) you are gorgeous” Betty declared.

“The phoenix rises! (Y/N) you look hot!” Ronnie added on and you couldn’t help but cover your face and giggle as Kevin approached you three by the lockers.

He did a double take not believing it was you until he added to the compliments “Smokin’ (Y/N), if I weren’t gay you’d be on my list” as you all laughed at his words.

You all departed to your classes and plenty of people complimented you on your outfit.

It was the end of the day and you were at your locker, when The Goonies approached you in the empty hallway.

You just gave a huff closing your locker thinking you just might get catcalled, surprised though that Reggie was not with them. You remembered you actually hadn’t seen Reggie with them for a couple of days now.

The Goonies were surrounding you, you couldn’t escape them, and they trapped you against your locker.

Moose spoke up “Look at the ugly duckling thinking she is turning into a goose.”

“Yeah Goose” The other jocks repeated.

“Don’t you mean swan?” You retorted sarcastically.

“Whatever, besides you’d never be a swan” Moose scowled at you “I just wanted you to know that not even like that, no one will even look your way”

“I don’t know” Chuck added on “You’d be a good, onetime thing, don’t you think she’d like maple syrup?”  He spoke to the guys and he creepily caressed your cheek as you swapped his hand off your cheek.

“What do you think freak? Would you like a bit of Chuck in your life” he whispered in your ear.

“You’d really consider this piece of trash?” Moose spoke up

“The thing about trash is, you use it, and then when you’re done with it you throw it away” Chuck gave you a smirk as he turned to collect high fives from the guys and you took it as a chance to flee and go looking for Archie in the locker room to ask him to take you home, or ask him where Jughead was.

As you fled from The Goonies, you heard the collective laughter from the venom filled mouths as you tried to hold in your tears.

You arrived at the locker room and much to your dismay it was empty. You started hearing the rain from the outside and realized they probably cancelled practice.

You sat down in one of the benches and started sobbing, until you felt someone sit next you so you stopped and turned your attention to see who it was. 

“I am so sorry about those jerks” Reggie spoke up as he rubbed his thumbs up to cheeks to rid of the tears “They never did learn how to treat a lady” Reggie added.

“What are you doing?” You questioned him, confused as to why he was being so nice to you when he was the one that bullied your brother.

“I- I am” He stuttered as he grabbed you by the hand, not knowing what to say.

“Wow a speechless Reggie that’s new” you chuckled.

“I’m just really sorry about those assholes, I’ll take care of them though” He smiled at you.

“How?” You asked him.

“Well I am captain of the football team (Y/N)” He stated.

“Why would you help me though? They bullied me, and you bully my brother with them” You spoke up “What’s the difference?” you added on.

“(Y/N) I am really sorry about that, I regret ever being rude to Jughead, I really am” He said with disappointed look on his face.

“Why were you rude to Jug? Does this mean you are going to leave him alone? I noticed you haven’t been hanging out with the guys for a while now” You rambled on, not knowing how to react this soft side of Reggie.

“Um” he mumbled while scratching his head “I kind of have a crush on you” He spoke softly with a small smile on his face.

“What?” You gulped as he caught you by surprise.

“I promise to apologize to Jughead,  I know I was stupid for going down that route” He paused and spoke again “I’ll apologize, I swear, wo- woul- would you go out on a date with me? Please?” He proclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Only if you apologize to Jug” You smiled at him, surprised to seeing this vulnerable side to Reggie made him so much more handsome.

“Deal, Thank you, I will, I’ll also take care of the idiots who bullied you” Reggie proclaimed as he pulled you in for a hug.

As you two pulled away you started missing his tight hug until Reggie grabbed you by the chin and planted his lips on yours.

Your stomach was filled with butterflies and your lips were in sync with his.

“(Y/N) where are you? Moms going crazy, it is raining and you’re not answering your- uh- phone” Jughead interrupted your kiss with wide eyes and wide mouth plastered on his face and you couldn’t help but smile.

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Exo Mtl Make Out with you While you Straddle Them

Request: Exo mtl make out while you straddle them xx sorry if that’s not allowed

A/N: This is totally allowed! I’ve written much dirtier things on this blog lol. I hope you enjoy and this is what you wanted~















Jongin, Chanyeol, Minseok, and Kyungsoo would do this all. the. time. It would be such a turn on for them, especially the little gasp you make when you feel the tension slowly growing in his jeans.

Jongdae, Baekhyun, Junmyeon, and Yixing are people that I think would definitely enjoy this a lot, but it wouldn’t necessarily be their go-to move. I feel they would love to incorporate this into foreplay every once and a while, though.

Luhan, Zitao, and Sehun would almost be too dominant, if that makes sense? They would love to have you straddling them every so often, but I think they would almost prefer to be on top of you while you make out.

-Admin Yeonie

VGJunk Tumblr Hibernation Situation

As some of you may know, I’ve spent the last couple of years acting as a carer for my grandmother while she goes through a terminal illness and a host of other medical problems, including literally falling down the stairs and breaking her neck (which didn’t happen on my watch, I hasten to add.) Well, that situation is into its final phase, and as a consequence I have a thousand and one things to do, not least of which will be finding a job and somewhere to live. As a result, something’s got to give, and sadly I’m going to have to put the VGJunk tumblr on hiatus. I’ll still be posting the odd thing here and there, but not nearly as often. I’ll still (hopefully) be writing articles, because doing so helps to keep me sane, but GIFs and such will be on the go-slow for the foreseeable future.
Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope you’ve enjoyed it over the past few years - I’ve sure as hell enjoyed doing it -  and thank you for being an overwhelmingly cool bunch of people to share this stuff with. I’ll leave you - for now - with three words to live by.

- VGJunk

130 Mood Series |#1| Trouble [Part 1] | Dean

*For the longest time I’ve been wanting to write a Dean insert series based off his songs and music videos, especially after hearing that the entire album is a story told in reverse. I’ll admit that this series is only loosely based off the videos and songs, but while reading them you will still be able to feel the same vibe as you would with the songs. At least, I tried to accomplish that. There will be 10 parts of this series with a total of 8 chapters. This first chapter, Trouble, is not necessarily based off a song in particular, and is more like an introduction to the story, or a prologue. I hope you enjoy and please do share this story to fellow Dean fans!

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|Trouble: Part 1| Part 2 | 21 | I Love It: Part 1, Part 2 | Half Moon | What To Do | Bonnie & Clyde | Pour Up | And You? (Final)|

“Alright Eunbin, that’s enough,” Worrying for the mentality and health of your boyfriend, which you hadn’t even been dating for for that long, you tried to take the red cup of alcohol from his grasp, but he ignored you and continued to drink.

You smelt the reeking smell of his breath, heard the slurring of his somehow still kind words and saw the imbalance in his motion, and you were concerned he’d end up doing something stupid. Because, yes, you may not know much about him yet, but you had come to realize he’s not the most tolerable nor nicest person when he’s drunk.

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Winter Break: Part Eleven

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany

Word Count: 2.9k

A/N: hey guys, I’m really sorry about the long wait. today’s just been a mess for me and I still have homework to do for my class, but I wanted to upload this before I continue to procrastinate. anyways, I hope you enjoy (:

Days go by and shooting at the airport gets finished, but Tom keeps his distance from you while Sebastian practically glued himself to your side. He’s always around you, listening in onto what you and Elizabeth have been saying so much that you’ve switched to speaking French with her and Scarlett in front of him.

“I don’t know why he’s doing this though,” you say to Scarlett and Elizabeth over breakfast. It was the second to last day of the hotel’s availability towards the Civil War cast, and it was just in time too. The shots for the airport had all been completed, and now things were moving into Berlin, but only Mackie, Sebastian, Chris, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Daniel, Chadwick, and another woman who you had yet to meet but was playing Peggy Carter’s niece were needed for the scenes.

“He is your older brother,” Elizabeth points out, casting a look to the table ten feet away, occupied by Sebastian, Chris, and Mackie. Tom had been there moments before, and he’d smiled broadly at you, but then Sebastian had coughed loudly and Tom had retreated into Daniel’s company.

“Still being an asshole,” you mutter, glaring at Sebastian. Mackie accidently catches it, and gives you a questioning look, but you lift your orange juice cup to your face and ignore him. “He’s never done this before.”

“Well,” Scarlett begins, pushing around her cereal in her milk, “have you ever had a boyfriend before?”

“Yeah,” you reply. “Damon, and like three other guys in the last four or five years.”

“Your best friend Damon?” Elizabeth asks. “The hot one?”

“You’re like, ten years older than him,” you say, looking up at her from your muffin.

“I can still admire him,” she huffs.

“Was Seb ever around when you were dating these guys?” Scarlett questions.

You shrug your shoulders, and then glance up at her. “Well, I mean, he did punch my first boyfriend in the face.”

Elizabeth raises her eyebrow. “Why?”

“He cheated on me,” you reply.

“Someone cheated on you?” Elizabeth hisses. “Damn, I want to punch this kid in the face now too.”

“It was like, eighth grade,” you chuckle. “Besides, Max and I keyed his car last year as an April Fool’s prank and blew up his jack-o-lanterns last Halloween.”

“Shit,” Scarlett says. “That reminds me of the time in my senior year my best friend Charlotte and I had filled my cheating ex-boyfriend’s car with rubber duckies and repainted it yellow.”

“Why rubber duckies?”

“Why yellow?”

“Yellow was his least favorite color,” Scarlett replies, a devilish smirk on her face, “and he was afraid of ducks.”

“So you filled his car with small bathroom ducks and colored his car the color of a duck,” you reiterate. “God, I love you.”

Scarlett laughs as Elizabeth makes a face. “Where did you get all the rubber duckies though?”

“I think Walmart,” Scarlett responds unsurely. “Charlotte used to work at one that year.”

“I want to do that now,” you say in awe, a plan formulating in your head.

“Nooo,” Elizabeth protests. “As much as I love getting back at cheating ex-boyfriends, we need to figure out a way to get around overprotective brothers and to the sweet British boyfriend.”

“Tom isn’t my boyfriend,” you say, glancing across the lobby at him. He’s talking to Daniel and Robert, grinning. As much as you want to get up and talk to him, you knew Sebastian would be onto you within the movement of pushing your chair out.

“But you want him to be,” Elizabeth winks.

“True,” you sigh.

“What’s true?”

You jump when you hear your brother’s voice so close to your shoulder, and your knees hit the table, rocking the trash mountain you three had created.

“That you’re an asshole,” you mutter under your breath as you recollect yourself.

“That what?” Sebastian questions.

“Que tu es un imbécile,” you repeat in French to his face.

Chris purses his lips and puts his hand on the back of Elizabeth’s chair, and she turns the lightest shade of pink at his closeness.

Mackie, on the other hand, snorts. “God man, I love your sister.”

“Careful,” you say. “Sebastian doesn’t like it when boys like me.”

You flash your brother a harsh smile and stand up, carrying your orange juice and muffin remains to the trashcan. You dump it and walk on, forgetting to look over at Tom as you walk towards the elevators. Sebastian isn’t following you, and really hasn’t made an attempt to talk to you past being annoying since you’d closed the hotel room door in his face the other night. It bothered you that you were fighting with your brother, but you’d be damned if you’d be the one to apologize first.

You’re pressing the up button on the wall when Tom crashes into you, sweeping you into the empty lift. You yelp, holding onto his shoulders as he jams his finger over and over into the close door button on the control panel.

“Tom!” you hear someone shout from down the hall, and your jaw drops when you recognize Sebastian’s voice.

“Oh my God,” you blurt. “You just ran past Sebastian, didn’t you?”

Tom doesn’t reply until the doors are safely closed, and then he turns on you, brown eyes slightly squinty from his guilty smile. Nodding his head, he says, “Yeah, yeah I did.”

“Why’d you do that?” you ask as he comes closer, until the railing wrapping around the elevator door is digging into your back. He’s wearing a plain gray t-shirt, and black Adidas sweatpants, but there was something different in the way he stood. He wasn’t dressed up, to go out or to play his Peter Parker, but instead he looked like he was exhausted. His usually gelled hair was unkempt and flattened or puffed in odd places, like he’d tried to fix it and then given up.

“He interrupted us the other night,” Tom responds, his cheeks tinting the familiar shade of red against his pale complexion.

Biting back a smile, you set your hands on either side of his neck, feeling his warm skin under your palms and the ends of his hair around your fingertips. His arms slide around the back of your waist and pull you closer to him. There’s only a brief moment between just each other breathing, and he smells of coffee and mint, and then he’s pushing his lips to yours.

Tom’s arms tighten around your waist, and you hold the back of his head with one of your hands as the other grips his shirt, not willing to let him go. He kisses like he’s not going to stop, first short peppering touches as you become familiar with the victorious curve of his lips, and then the dip when he kisses you longer and you cling to the sensation like Eve to the Forbidden Fruit.

His right hand climbs to your head, fingers carding through your hair until he shifts and locks your body against his and the elevator wall. He’s gone dominant now, and you let him as the breaks between the kissing become longer and soon you’re aching for air and your arms are sore from reaching upwards for so long. Goosebumps rise along your back and through your legs as Tom pulls back, his warm breath wafting down your neck and turning cold under the crack in your shirt.

“Bloody hell,” he murmurs, and you look up at him, hands now resting flat on his chest with both of his own hands on either side of your shoulders.

“What?” you ask quietly, the word feeling weird on your lips now that they’re swollen. Tom’s lips are pinker than his cheeks, like he’d gone and eaten a dozen strawberries.

“I didn’t think I’d have the courage to do that,” he chuckles softly.

You hear the elevator doors ding, but you don’t move away from Tom’s closeness. You smile until it hurts, and then drop your face into Tom’s baggy shirt. His cologne fills your nose intoxicatingly, and his body heat holds you like a second set of arms.

“I still don’t have your phone number, love,” Tom says eventually, after the doors have closed again.

You lift your head from his chest and dig your hands into his sweatpants pockets, watching him swallow thickly as your hands move across his thighs. It was bold, and it was dangerous territory, but you find his phone quickly.

He drops one of his hands from the elevator wall to unlock the phone, and looks on as you find his contacts and put your phone number into the list. You let it slide out of your hands into the pocket it came from, and look up in time to meet Tom’s lips just as the elevator doors open.

He kisses you for a long second, and it fades into a smile as he pulls back and kisses your cheek.


You maintain Tom’s eye contact, and he keeps the same expression, but you don’t miss the tenseness that passes through his body.

“Sebastian,” you reply as Tom moves off to the side of the elevator, looking anxious. Your brother’s arms are crossed and he’s looking annoyed, but he doesn’t advance onto Tom.

“We need to talk,” Sebastian responds firmly.

“We are right now.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Sebastian says rhetorically.

“Wasn’t asking your opinion, Watson,” you snap.

“I wasn’t asking for your sarcasm,” Sebastian counters.
“I don’t want to talk to you,” you reply, mimicking your brother in crossing your arms over your chest.
“Too damn bad,” he retorts. “Get out, Holland.”

Tom glances at you, and then back at Sebastian, and then seems to decide he wants to live another day and darts past your brother back into the lobby of the building. Sebastian takes his place on the opposite side of the elevator.
He hits the fifth floor button, and the doors close, secluding you to your brother’s presence.  

“What do you want to talk about?” you ask him, but keep your annoyed tone.

“Not in the elevator, (Y/N),” Sebastian responds, and you roll your eyes.

In a silent moment, the elevator opens to the fifth floor and you get out before Sebastian does, walking to your hotel room and unlocking it. You go to close the door, preferably in his face again, but your brother catches it and closes it on his own once he’s inside as well.

“What, Sebastian?” you question exasperatedly.

He walks around you, having taken his shoes off and sits at the end of your bed. He pats the spot next to himself like he wants you to join him, but you don’t move from away from the hall.

Sebastian lets out a short breath. “(Y/N), you’re only eighteen years old, and I don’t want you getting involved with anyone when you’re not even out of high school yet.”

That’s what this is about?” you ask. “A few days ago, you were the one sitting there teasing me about Tom and now that I’m interested in him you’re trying to keep me away from him.”

“He’s an actor, (Y/N).”


“And, he’s not going to be at your side every moment of the day. He’s going to be traveling, he still is traveling. Not just for this movie, but his own one and future ones. You’re only just halfway through your senior year and still have college and an internship ahead of yourself. I don’t want you getting involved with someone who isn’t going to be around always when you need him.”

“Sebastian,” you say, resisting the urge to slap your forehead. “Tom is not my boyfriend. If you don’t want me dating anyone, fine, you can feel that way all you want, but it’s still my choice who I involve myself with, and if that happens to be Tom, then it is what it is.”

“Not if it gets in the way of your schoolwork,” Sebastian shakes his head. “Celebrities are full of drama. What are you going to do if you see a picture of Tom and some girl together and the news writes it as a ‘new romance’ article right before final exams and you go in there heartbroken instead of focused and end up failing?”

“Sebastian,” you begin maddeningly. “You’re overthinking everything again. I’m not going to fail some test over a guy, no matter who it is.”

“Really?” Sebastian asks, doubtingly. “So calling me three times in your tenth grade year in one week to pick you up early because you couldn’t handle the day because Michael Jameson was in four of your classes and he’d broken your heart isn’t underestimating you?”

“Oh my God,” you remark, waving your hands wildly. “I was in a relationship with him for a year and a half and he cheated on me!”

“What makes you think Tom won’t?” Sebastian’s voice is rising.

“I’m not you!” you shout, and your brother instantly falls silent. There’s a dead stillness on his face that stops him so quickly it’s startling.

When Sebastian was twenty-four years old, he’d been in love with a girl who’d babysit the kids in your neighborhood. The girl had loved him back, for at least two years in their three-year relationship. She’d cheated on him with his best friend Andy, and it had destroyed your brother. You were ten years old then, and it scared you more than anything to see someone who was supposed to be the strongest person in your world look so damaged.

He’d lived out of your life for two months, and when the third month came around with your birthday, you barely recognized him. It had been your eleventh birthday wish to see him happy again, because it broke you in ways it didn’t break the world to see him so sad. It took four months until Sebastian smiled at you again upon instinct, and another month before he could go back to work. He’d lost his job and almost his apartment too if your mother hadn’t paid his bills for him, and when seven months had passed since your brother lost heart, he’d finally picked up enough pieces of himself to move on with his life.

Sebastian had been at his lowest then, and it had been even lower than that to throw it into his face.

“Sebastian -Seb,” you start weakly, moving towards him, but he glares at you with a hardness like steel.

“I love you, but that was a bitch move, (Y/N),” he snarls at you, and goes to stand, but you grab his arms, trying to block his path.

“Sebastian,” you cry out. “Sebastian, I’m sorry. Please don’t leave, I’m sorry!”

“I asked you eight years ago to never speak of her,” Sebastian scowls. “That was all I ever asked you to do. You may have been eleven then, but I had asked you to just forget about her.”

“Sebastian,” you plea, because he’s still trying to get past you. “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“You forgot,” Sebastian huffs bitterly. “Maybe I should just let you go to Tom and then if he ever hurts you the way she hurt me, you can see how badly it feels when I say I told you so.”

“You wouldn’t,” you reply, clinging tightly to your brother’s body, “but you don’t know that will happen between him and I. That’s not fair to hold me back from something that makes me happy.”

Sebastian stops fighting against you. Both of his arms are high above your head on the walls on either side of you, but you feel the scrape of his stubble against your forehead as he looks down at you.

“He makes you happy?”

You close your eyes, still holding onto your brother, but think about how much you’d laughed and smiled in the last couple of days rather than the entire month before. Tom was like a certain sort of relief, a reminder that high school wasn’t all there was and the life ahead that you were making for yourself was going to be worth it.

“Yeah,” you say softly into Sebastian’s sweater. “Yeah, I think he does.”

There’s another long pause, and you feel Sebastian torso relax as his arms come to rest on your back. His stubble digs into your forehead like a wire brush as he lays his head there.

“I’m worried about you, (Y/N),” he quietly admits.

“I’m worried about you too,” you reply.

“Why are you worried about me?” he asks humoredly.

“You’re always traveling Seb,” you answer. “Anything could happen in a foreign country.”

“And you’re always surrounded by everything that eats teenagers alive,” Sebastian responds. “Depression, suicide, bullying.”

“Seb,” you breathe, feeling like you were going to laugh.

“You’re my little sister, and I want to protect you from everything,” Sebastian goes on. “I don’t want you to feel the way I did. It ruined my life and I lost my best friend. I don’t want you losing Damon or Max or Forest or Chris because of someone you could end up loving takes them away from you. I raised you from the day you were born because mom was always too busy for you and dad lived at the school. I never wanted you to have to experience the things I did in middle school and high school because kids are fucking mean, and school is a stressful mess when it’s been the farthest you’ve gotten in life.”

“Seb, you’re always going to be my brother, and you’re always going to protect me, I know you are.” You sigh, “but you also need to let me get my own understanding of things without you censoring me. If I want to be with Tom, you need to respect that. I didn’t fight you about any of the girls you’ve dated.”

“Liar,” Sebastian whispers, and you slap his back.

“I didn’t huff and puff about it,” you insist.

“You tried to poison one of my girlfriends with water from your goldfish’s bowl.”

“It was one time,” you whine, “and she was a bitch anyways.”


“Can we please stop fighting now?” you ask, “and you stop glaring at Tom?”

“We can stop fighting,” Sebastian agrees, “but if I ever find him kissing you again, I’m going to punch him in the teeth.”

“Hey Seb?”

“Yeah, (Y/N)?”

“I love you, asshole.”

Sebastian smiles and kisses your forehead before letting you go, and then suddenly rubs his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Tom Holland germs,” he frowns, whipping his lips furiously.

“He didn’t even kiss me there,” you roll your eyes.

A/N: Hey guys, so a lot of emotions there, eh? Hope everyone who read enjoyed the part. We’ve still got a couple more to go, so this isn’t the end my friends.


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Hi sorry to bother you, but I live in Oregon and see your resent posts about Florida, take in account I have never been there once, what's so bad about Florida?

Do you want a list?

  • Bloodthirsty mosquitoes all spring and summer, sometimes even year-round
  • Fucking alligators. They’re more common than you think and aren’t just in the Everglades. Sometimes you can look in a golf course pond and find one
  • All the rednecks, man. Everywhere you look there are confederate flags. In every neighborhood there will be at least one person with a flag in their window or on their car
  • So many tourists!
  • The beaches and theme parks, for the most part, aren’t worth it. It gets too hot and crowded to enjoy them whenever you actually want to
  • At least once a year you’re going to have a hurricane or tropical storm. If you live near the coast you’re at least going to have shitty weather for a while whenever it happens
  • During the summer it’s normal to have temperatures higher than 90-100 degrees almost daily. At any given moment you’re either in the middle of a rainy spell or a drought. There is no in between 

Day 2 [2.2.17]: Academic Goals

I’m in my last year of high school this year so it’s a pretty important time- my academic goals are to get an ATAR 99+ and get into medicine! If not, at least my second choice of B Pharmacy. My other goal is just to do the best I can while enjoying the last year- because I won’t see a lot of these people ever again! 

So Yuzhi has left SM. I’m sad he left but from the recent video he posted he looks like he’s enjoying himself.  I wish him the best and hope to see him on stage, I’ll continue to love and support my precious dork. As i said with Kaicheng, all of Yuzhi’s post will remain on this blog if anyone wants to go through them. And i thought about this for a while but do you mind if i continue to post about kaicheng and yuzhi on here? at least once in a while…


Honestly really close to being done with this fandom.

I really enjoy the sidemen, but some of their fandom on here are just ridiculous.

I respect everyone’s opinions, but when they shove them in your face, it gets hard to respect them.

People will literally just believe anything they hear, and then spread that rumour around more. Things like how they act around fans are an example. Like they may seem annoyed or distant or tired, so they deem them as mean and rude. In reality they probably have had a bad day or have just been worn out from meeting so many fans at a meet and great.

Fans need to understand more that they are real people who have limits of what they can do and achieve in a certain time period. All while trying to please everyone to the best of their abilities.

If you want to complain to me about how im wrong and one of them is truly mean or rude, do it. Only do it though if you can prove it. Don’t tell me about how one brushed passed you and ignored you and didn’t say hi, because maybe they didn’t hear.

There is a reason for everything. Don’t be rude to other fans who don’t share the same opinion as you.

Everyone is different.

Fat fingers part 2: Coffee date, or?

Note: Sorry that this took so long. I will start working on the TJeff request that I promised to work on earlier this week tonight and hopefully finish it tomorrow. For now, I hope you enjoy part 2 of Fat Fingers though. c:

Word count: 3168

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Mentions of racism, homophobia and neo nazis. Do not read if Trump supporter, I guess??? Also a bit of swearing.

Originally posted by diggstrash

You had been unable to go to sleep that night, even if you tried really hard to do so. It had been a horrible day and you wanted nothing but to tell your family how much you hated their influence on your life. But, if you did it would mean that you would never see them again and they were definitely someone you did not want to make your enemy, as they could make your life a living hell. You had no choice but to try and live at least a little bit by their rules.

At some point, you found yourself deciding to message Daveed on Facebook. At first, you had no idea what to write, but you just really felt like you owed him an apology and if he did not accept it, you sure would be embarrassed. But, you would have tried. At least the likelihood of you two ever meeting again was pretty much to zero.

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the girl who ran into you this morning. I just really wanted to apologize for the way my ‘friend’ acted. Anyway, that’s probably all. Bye” You typed awkwardly and send it to him. You were not sure whether he would reply or not, but just as you had put your phone down on your bedside table again, your phone buzzed. When you checked, you had not expected to see Daveed’s name on the display, but were unable to help the grin that spread across your lips. He really did respond.

“Hey Y/N, I remember you. No need to apologize though, it’s not your fault. I hope that you still want to take me up on that coffee soon. I’m heading to bed now, but feel free to call me at some point. Number is 510-555-0150. Hope to see you soon”

Had Daveed Diggs just given you his number? You blinked a couple of times and checked the display another time just to make sure that he had indeed given you his number. He definitely had. You could not help but wonder why, but it made you smile like an idiot. And blush a tiny bit too.

You saved his number in your phone and contemplated on whether you should text him or not. You decided on the later, as he had told you that he was going to bed. So, yet again you placed your phone on the nightstand and as you were about to fall asleep, finally being able to after you had gotten the apology off your chest, you received another message. Surprisingly enough, it was from Daveed as well.

“If it’s not too much to ask, could you send me a text?” He asked and you chuckled softly.

“Sure” You replied, before finding his name in your contacts. You were unsure about what to write. You could just send him a hi with your name, but that seemed sort of boring. “I think I am the one who owes you coffee. Goodnight, Diggs” You texted and finally went to sleep after sending it.

You woke up to a text from Daveed next morning. You had not expected it, but it honestly made you happy. Getting a response from him last night had saved your night and getting a text from him now definitely was a great start on an otherwise probably stressful day.

“Mornin. I don’t think so, Y/LN. I’ll buy coffee tonight, if you’re up for it? Have a great day.” The text said. You giggled softly and shook your head. You honestly still found yourself doubting that this was indeed real.

“Good morning Diggs. Only if I get to pay? You too” You replied as you got out of bed. You knew that you would be off late, it would probably be around 6 before you finally finished work, so you had to bring spare clothes because there was no way in hell you were going back to your apartment before going for coffee with Daveed. First, you changed into a pair of jeans, a white chiffon dress shirt and a blue blazer. It was nothing special, but it was suited for work. For the coffee trip you settled on a cute, wine red dress that reached to just above your knee, a lemon curry knitted cardigan and a pair of black heels. It was nothing special, but you wanted to at least do a little bit to look presentable.

When you were heading out the door, you received another text from Daveed. “Guess we’ll see about that. How does 7 sound? It’s a date” You read with a smile.

“7 sounds good. Noted. Where are we going?” You asked. So, it was actually a date. You were going on a date with Daveed freaking Diggs. You hoped that you could make it there in time. Otherwise, you could probably just tell him whatever time you needed.

“I don’t know yet. I can pick you up at work at 6:45, if that’s cool?” You didn’t get to reply for a while, since you were in a bit of a rush to get to the subway, so it wasn’t until you stepped out of the subway again, that you got to actually text him back.

“Sure. I’ll see you at 6:45 then” You texted and added your work address as you made your way to your office. It luckily was not a long walk and you made it there in about 5 minutes. You were later than usual, but still made it on time.

The day went by way too slowly. You wanted nothing else but to get out of there and go on that coffee date with Daveed. You were really looking forward to it, but had to push it to the back of your mind to get some work done. It worked for the most part, but you were not surprised when some of your co-workers noticed how happy you seemed, which had become pretty rare those days.

“Why are you so happy Y/N?” Your friend Emma had asked while you were sat at a table with her, along with two other friends from work at lunch.

You froze, not really knowing what to say. You looked up at her with a nervous chuckle and looked at the two others as well. They had definitely noticed your significantly happier mood too, so there was no way you were getting around this one. “I… Uhm. I’m going on a date.” You murmured and stared into your food. You filled your mouth with food so you were unable to answer any other questions for now.

“What? Seriously? Are you really going on a date? That’s so exciting. Who’s the lucky one?” She asked, a bit too loud. A few of your other co-workers turned to your table to look at you. You felt your mouth go dry as you felt very exposed under everyone’s gaze.

“It’s no big deal…” You trailed off. You bit your lower lip as you wondered whether or not you should tell them. You had bonded over your mutual fondness for clipping. after all. “Daveed Diggs.” You finally blurted under your breath. They were going to figure it out anyway when he picked you up later.

“What?!” She almost shouted and you felt yourself slide further into the comfort of your chair. You sensed that she was about to scold you. She was head over heels for the guy after all. “Fuck you, Y/N. You knew that I had a crush on him.” She added.

You snorted lightly at her. “Please, Emma. I will set you two up if it’s that big of a deal.” You answered ironically as you rolled your eyes.

Her expression softened at that and she shook her head softly. “No. God no. You two suit each other much better. Besides, I’m an even crazier fan than you. How did you two even meet?” She rambled. The rest of your friends sat staring at you in silence and you began to grow uncomfortable.

“It’s no big deal… I just spilled my coffee on him.” You replied as you quickly filled your mouth with more food to stop the endless row of questions. Luckily, Emma seemed to get the hint and the 4 of you fell into your usual, cosy conversations while you finished lunch.

The last hours felt more like years. You kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes or so and you were always disappointed. You worked hard to finish what you needed before 6 pm. You knew that there was no way in hell you were finishing up until at least 30 minutes later, but you hoped that you would at least be ready then. Luckily, you managed to finish what you were working on in the half an hour you had left and once the time showed 6:30pm, you finally closed your computer.

You left your station, bringing your bag with you to the ladies’ room. Once inside one of the booths, you quickly changed into the clothes you had prepared from home and fixed your make up in front of the mirror. You did not feel as confident as you had hoped, but you knew that you just had to roll with it. You were not going to wear your work clothes out for a date, so this had to do.

With a soft sigh you left the bathroom. It would only be a couple of minutes until Daveed was picking you up outside. So, you bid Emma goodnight and headed down the stairs. Once outside, people started to spill out of the building as they had just finished as well. You texted him, just to make sure that he knew that you were ready. “I’m outside now” you wrote.

You did not receive a text from him, which was probably due to the fact that he was just around the corner. You were pretty happy when you saw him walking once he turned the corner of the street, as driving around LA at this time of the day was really hard.

Once he spotted you in the crowd of people leaving your office, his face lit up in a smile. “Y/N. Hey.” He smiled as he made his way to you and once in front of you, he gently took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, his beard tickling your skin lightly. A pinkish blush spread across your cheeks.

“Wow. Such a gentleman.” You teased with a soft smile. There was no real fire behind it though. You were just really relieved that he actually wanted to drink coffee with you.

“Well, you do learn something from playing a Frenchman in a Broadway musical, I guess.” He joked, which made you chuckle softly.

“Guess so.” You smiled. You felt very comfortable in his presence. He was nice, sweet. You really hoped that this would not be the last time the two of you went out for coffee, even if it would just be as friends in the future. He had this personality that you just could not help but love.

“So… I was thinking. Can I ask you out for dinner instead? Nothing fancy, but I never got around to eat anything and since you just finished work, I figured you didn’t either.” He asked.

You nodded softly. “Yeah. That would be great, honestly. I’m starving.” You admitted, which made him chuckle softly. “So, where do you want to go?” You asked.

“There’s this great café not too far from here where they sell food too. How does that sound?” He suggested.

“Coffee and food. Classy.” You joked, before you nodded. “Sounds great. Lead the way?” You questioned. You probably did not know the place he was talking about anyway.

Daveed gently took your hand, holding onto it loosely as he led the way down the street. You thought that perhaps this would be a great night out with him without your family or any of their friends figuring out what you were doing.

You still feared that they would figure out what was going on, so you were pretty grateful once you got to the café and headed inside. Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed you and if they did, you were done defending your choices in men to them. If you wanted to date someone who they did not like, they would just have to deal with that.

Daveed lead you to a small table in the back of the café, pulling a chair out for you to sit in. You giggled softly at the gesture and said down. “Thank you, Monsieur.” You joked., which made him snort, even if he was unable to hide the smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.

“So, Y/N. You already know what I do. So, what do you do?” He asked. You bit your bottom lip lightly at his question. You really did not think your life was that interesting, but you knew that telling him about yourself was inevitable.

“I just do office work. Nothing interesting.” You said, as you lowered your gaze with a slight shrug. You could definitely find better things to do, but your mum had gotten you this job a while ago, so you felt like you were unable to just quit.  

“Oh, well. What if I think it’s interesting?” He challenged with an arched eyebrow. He obviously was not going to let you off that easily.

You shrugged. “I honestly don’t think you do.” You answered with a shy smile. Your work was nothing interesting. It barely even payed your bills, but it was better than letting your parents pay for some expensive life style that you did not want.

Most of your evening was spent like that, asking each other questions about your lives. You found his to be much more interesting than yours, even though Daveed kept telling you that he thought your life was pretty interesting. However, at the subject of family your mood seemed to do a complete 1-80. You truly wanted nothing to do with them. If anything, you wanted them out of your life, but it was an impossible task.

“I… Like I said, my family is very… Republican. Racists, homophobes, neo Nazis. Stuff like that.” You explained as you lowered your gaze. People often thought that you were the same. But, you had very different believes compared to the rest of your family.

Daveed could obviously see that the topic of family bothered you a lot and you were quite surprised when you felt a pair of soft, warm hands wrap around yours. “Well, at least you aren’t like them, Y/N.” He smiled softly, trying to cheer you up. It did not work however, and actually made things a bit worse. You did not dare to tell him, though.

“No, I know. They let me know every day…. Things would be so much easier if I could just live by their rules.” Your murmured, looking down at your hands. You hated that you had to at least try and live the way they wanted you to, but you had no other options.

“I know, but I am glad that you are different. You deserve better than a family who is against all your believes.” He sighed.

You simply nodded, as you had no idea what to say. “I just really want to not have to be viewed as one of them.” You blurted, biting your lower lip slightly.

“Who do you think views you as the same as them? You seemed to make your opinion on the election very clear, at least from what I could tell.” He seemed really surprised at what you had said. He definitely did not think that you were like them in anyway.

“I don’t know… Just. People. Everyone I meet seem to know my parents.” You shrugged, before shaking your head. “Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.” You added. You just did not know what. You wanted to change the subject though, as you felt tears starting to sting your eyes as the topic of conversation fell on your family.

Daveed luckily seemed to pick up on it and quickly changed the subject. “So, was spilling your coffee on me really an accident or did you do it intentionally to get to talk to me?” He teased, instantly lifting your mood.

“I wish it was on purpose, but it honestly wasn’t.” You giggled softly. It would have been a smart move, but it was honestly an accident.

As Daveed waved at a waiter to pay for the food and coffee the two of you had finished a while ago, he chuckled lightly at your response. “You could have fooled me.” He winked. You immediately felt a blush creep up your neck and heat up your cheeks.

“Maybe next time it won’t be an accident, D. It did gain your attention after all. Or was it my dashing looks?” You sassed him. You too could play that game.

You were about to protest when Daveed handed the waiter his credit card and he held his hand up to cut you off. “I’m buying, my treat. You can pay next time.” He said.

You knew you were not going to win this one, so you simply nodded with a soft sigh. “If there’s going to be a next time.” You teased.

“Oh, there definitely is.” He said. The two of you got up once the waiter had returned to your table with Daveed’s credit card.

The two of you left the restaurant together and once outside, you finally turned to him to answer. “What makes you so sure that I want to see you again, Diggs?” You challenged with an arched eyebrow. You definitely did, though. And as soon as possible.

“Because you think I’m hot.” He winked at you, which made your mouth fall open slightly.

“Fuck you, Daveed.” Your blurted as a blush spread across your cheeks. He was not wrong, though. You definitely thought he was hot and he had a great personality too, which made it even worse. You knew that your family would in no way approve of any form of relationship with a person of colour, let alone a rapper who wrote a song about how much he hates Donald Trump. Also, you thought that Daveed could do a lot better than someone like you and it honestly scared and confused you a bit, that he wanted to see you again.

“Gladly. Though, for tonight I just want to say thank you.” He grinned, which made you laugh.

“Goodnight, D. Tonight was great.” You smiled, as you tiptoed to place a light kiss against his cheek, his stubble tickling your chin lightly. You then flagged down a cab and waved goodbye. It had been an absolutely amazing evening and you were honestly really looking forward to seeing him again.

I finally received my copy of ihrHertz, and I’ve already read the new chapter of Saezuru (though, honestly, there wasn’t much to read here…). So, I’m officialy back.

As always, after reading a chapter for the first time, I feel a bit confused and I cannot say for sure if I’m satisfied with the development of the story, or if I would have preferred it to happen differently.

Anyway, there have been things I’ve liked, such as the moment Yashiro pulls Doumeki closer and kisses him, the fact that Doumeki always asks and wants to do it while looking at Yashiro’s face, or Yashiro accepting that he’s enjoying sex without pain.

The last scenes are sad, and they bring us back to reality. I’m not sure of what Yashiro is thinking, but it seems to me that the look in his eyes conveys determination. It’s time to move on (on all levels). Doumeki’s place was a beautiful bubble in the midst of the yakuza war. Now it’s time to go back to stage and let the play finish. It seems that Doumeki is going to be left out of it though (at least for the moment, I think he’ll be playing a role in the end).

And last but not least, it seems Yashiro can sense something with his right hand (yeah!).

Good news is that we’ll have a new chapter in a couple of months :)

Which Disney heroine shares your Myers-Briggs type?

Sooooo I got bored again and you know how dangerous that is. :) This is an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while and I wanted to get it out! I had a lot of fun trying to find at least one character for each personality type. Who are you most like? Find your MB personality type in this list, or just pick whichever character matches your personality best! Let me know who you get!

(You may or may not agree with the type matchups—this is just my own interpretation of these characters’ personalities.)

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Lady Maria

Thanks for all the great messages and feedback in regards to my DarkSouls paintings! Took a quick break from DS and went off to paint this piece, which I kinda wanted to do for quite a while. All in all, I’m satisfied how it turned out and I learned a few things while working on it.



Also working on a Bloodborne inspired graphic novel, capturing the story (personal point of view) from “beginning” till end. I’ve spent months with Lovecraft literature, H.P.’s old collaboration works regarding the Dreamlands, Berserk, etc. It is of course non canonical, all the game’s lore is told through items and for the majority, based on interpretation. But think of it as a comic, showing the background stories of our beloved characters and how everything is connected. For now I decided to release it as complete package, not in volumes. This might change depending on where I am and how much free time I have available, but this is a definite idea, it will keep poking me I probably won’t get any rest until I pull it off.

Selfish Iggy headcanons

so maybe a misleading title but I couldn’t think how else to word what I am going with.  While Ignis is quite possibly one of the least selfish human beings in the world I feel there are a few things that he does just to treat himself

  • His bed is big enough to house an entire family.  we are talking super king size. since what little time is spent in his apartment he is generally either eating or sleeping he figured he may as well enjoy those activities as much as he can. Gladio thought he was seeing things the first time he saw it.
  • Ebony coffee machine in the kitchen.  no more needs to be said about that. 
  • Mani/pedi’s.  it just makes sense since how he presents himself is so important for his job.  Plus they do an amazing foot massage with the manicure that can have a grown man melting in their chair which is amazing for relaxing after a hard week.
  • Bath bombs.  He tends to shower more over taking baths but when he does have one he does it properly
  • Comfy ass car.  While he is able to drive practically any car in the royal fleet he treated himself to his own car when he moved into his own apartment (self reliance and all that).  He got an audi a7 since a lot of the fleet were audi’s. plus if you’re going to drive you might as well be comfortable when you do it. its sound system is a+++.  it has heated seats for warm butts.  everything is better with a toasty butt.

I’m sure I have more in my mind that I have forgotten, we shall see

because-im-freaking-greed  asked:

While i would enjoy a pokemon game that's large and more open world, i don't think it would be a good idea to make one of the core games like that, because, at least in my opinion, part of the charm of them has always been that that they feel fairly small and simple, with only moments of grandeur (like soaring in ORAS or some of the cutscenes in sun/moon), and i wouldn't want to lose that in the series. a side game like that would be super cool though. Maybe make the trainer slightly older, too.

Yeah, something like what they did with Pokemon Collosseum maybe

I do feel like the core games could take a few pointers from BotW though, mainly having the option to go “fuck off just give me my pokeballs and let me explore” option in the beginning.

HEY WHAT IS UP Y’ALL (that picture) *I hate myself* 


Anyway it’s Jai or pizzabandsyoutube and for as long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve never done a Follow Forever. Crazy, I know. For a while I didn’t use the blog much, but I had no clue what the fuck I was doing, tbh. 

This blog started out as a Janoskians blog, then a One Direction and 5sos blog, and now it’s a mix of whatever I enjoy on the daily. Mostly the Sidemen. 

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Two whole years. When I first made this blog, I never expected that I would get more than a handful of followers, let alone the 1.4k+ wonderful followers that I have now. I remember stressing out about whether or not anyone would even want to write with me. Two years later and I’m still completely flabbergasted to find that people enjoy my writing and my characterization, but it honestly means so much to me. This blog has seen me through some major ups and downs in my life, and while there has been some rocky water, I’m eternally grateful for everything that I’ve experienced here, for the people I’ve met, and the amazing friendships that I’ve created. I’m sorry I’m not doing anything cool like a giveaway or anything, but I did at least want to give shoutouts to some of my favorite blogs, the people I admire, and the people I’ve been so lucky to call my friends. Thank you all for an amazing two years, and here’s hoping 2017 is good to all of us! You all mean the world to me. <333

people that i adore ;;

@abominablepride  &  @arcusignis  &  @arielthelionhearted  &  @astormcrow  &  @brookesmxrt  & @cometomax  &  @crownedvaliant  &  @crxella  &  @darlingfalls  &  @fallcnsoldier  &  @flinthearted  &  @getsherhandsdirty  &  @handofhonor  &  @herroyaldarkness / @mayhemist   @herunfailingkindness  &  @hisangelrosalie  &  @invictusmanet  &  @jedichosen   @jundlcndwastes  &  @kaleiidoscopehearts  &  @kingsleigh  &  @knightiisms  &  @lagaudiiere &  @lcgilimens  &  @leomatrem  &  @lightperfected  &  @littlewinterdove  &  @logicproud   @lookchivalrous  &  @lostiisms  &  @lt-theodoregroves  &  @madeofwildfire  &  @maidofwinter  &  @mclesbianic  &  @mistressmxleficent  &  @moonymarauding  &  @murroyilodel   @mutinouscaptain  &  @mxdam  &  @myxcenterxstage  &  @nathcnroyals  &  @oceanfreed  &  @ofrumandfreedom  &  @oftarth  &  @omenbrought  &  @padshiy  &  @pheriannath  &  @piratebvrn  & @popularattraction  &  @poweriism  &  @prxncecharming  &  @rosereigned  &  @sanctamater   @scarredbyxhellfire  &  @scavengered  &  @skilledquill  &  @snaremaker  &  @tordenvaer  &  @tyricnlannistcr  &  @undauntedloyalty  &  @violentsorrows  &  @vivatreginam  &  @voskreshenii  &  @watchdeserter  &  @wehavenokingshere  &  @worserthoughts  &  @xaedificare  &  @zaldrizotala

and, of course, the super sappy stuff under the cut ;;

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there is someone in our apartment

.Alexander Hamilton x reader 

Prompt 16.“Come back to bed” and 27. “Did you hear that?”

AU: Modern Au (I’m sorry I always do Modern AU’S I just do it with out realizing it ) 

TW: Drunk people 

( Hey I’m sorry I haven’t posted any of my writing in a while i hope you enjoy this! It’s pretty short though )

It was getting late and you were really tired, you honestly just wanted to go to sleep but you had been waiting for your boyfriend to come to bed you two had been living together for a few months now in a nice New York apartment. At least it had everything you needed. Kitchen,bathroom,living room and two bedrooms. Though your boyfriend had changed what was supposed to be a guest room into an office but at least you had a pull out couch in the living room. 

You walked into the office and there he was writing, you walked towards him and ran your fingers through his hair “Alexander come to bed” he turned to look at you “I just have to finish this” 

“Oh come on Alex. I can’t sleep with out you” 
“Yes you can. You’ve done it before” 

you pouted and sighed “I can but I don’t like it” 

he smirked and let out a small laugh and turned off his computer and walked with you to the bedroom you two got ready for bed and once you got under the covers he wrapped his arms around you. You loved being the little spoon. 

You were about to fall asleep when you thought you heard a noise in the living room. Like something was being knocked over, you sat up and looked over at Alexander who was fast asleep you nudged him to wake him up, he opened his eyes still mostly asleep “ Alex! Did you hear that?” 

“Hear what?” 

“There was a noise coming from the living room I think there is someone in our apartment ” You got out of bed and walked towards the door 

Alexander obviously didn’t get anything you said and just mumbled “Come back to bed” 

you put you ear to the door to try to hear something. You could hear voices coming from the living room but they sounded more like whispers, you ran back to the bed and grabbed Alexanders arm “wake up!! There are people in here!” He looked at you trying to process what you said and as soon as he did he practically jumped out of bed he grabbed the lamp from the nightstand and you got a shoe from the closet, you walked by him as he slowly opened the door and ran out and you ran with him and you both stopped instantly 

in the living room were John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette who all looked like deer caught in the headlights 

“What are you doing here?” Alexander asked the men 

“We need a place to crash and your apartment is the closest” Hercules replied 

“How did you get in here?” You asked

“ah.. I gave John an emergency key” 

You looked back at the men “Why didn’t you just drive to one of your apartments” 

Lafayette walked towards you and put his hand on your shoulder as if he was trying to keep balance “well I am afraid it would be illegal for us” 

“ugh your breath reeks of alcohol Lafayette” you held your nose 

“Can we stay here tonight pleaseeeee? we will be on our best behavior!” 

you and Alexander looked at each other of course you weren’t going to leave them by themselves when they were this drunk 

“But we don’t have a guest room, That’s my office” 

“That’s why we have this!” You walked towards the couch and took off the cushions and pulled the handle and unfolded the bed and the three men all looked amazed when you did. You got a bed sheet and put it on the couch mattress while Alexander got extra pillows and blankets and it was a complete bed.

The guys thanked both of you and grabbed the both of you in a group hug before they all huddled together in the rather small couch bed. Once you and Alexander were sure they were going to be okay you finally went back to your own bed, “What would they do with out us?” Alexander asked as he got into bed “Crash and burn” you joked while getting under the covers. Alexander laughed and pulled you in his arms. “Good night (Y/N) love you” he mumbled falling asleep “Love you too” You were quick to fall asleep in each others arms.

(( idk idk im sorry its short but hope you enjoyed this.thank you for reading )