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im new to seungchuchu is there any headcannons for them that u personally have or that are pretty widely accepted?? that would be super cool if u could share :">

oh boy you dont know how long ive been waiting for this [cracks knuckles]

- seunggil is the embodiment of the “[nudges boyfriend at 3 am] chad? wake up chad” meme, hes constantly waking phichit up in the middle of the night with weird epiphanies or completely bizarre questions. phichit, instead of telling him to go the fuck back to sleep, grabs his phone and they stay up another two hours researching the history of circumcision in ancient china.

- seunggil, as a korean person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. phichit, as a thai person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. the result is that they constantly engage in wordless competitions with each other, both refusing to back down until at least one of them ends up hospitalised.

- seunggil has a one-track mind and no concept of social decorum. this results in thought processes such as “phichit is cute –> i want to kiss him –> i will” which results in occasionally inappropriate public displays of affection (with seunggil being completely unaware as to its inappropriateness). similarly, if hes #thirsty, hes super blunt about it, tugging at phichits shirt and nuzzling against him until phichit caves.

- phichit loves korean drama, and constantly drags seunggil into watching them with him. seunggil eventually gets into it, and then somehow gets the idea that kdrama = phichits ideals of romance. not knowing any better, he does dumb cliche shit like pushing phichit against a wall and making out with him. phichit does not complain.

- of course, in korea, the kdrama on tv dont have subs on. so theyll cuddle on the couch and phichit will “dub over” with increasingly ridiculous lines. seunggil, who actually understands the dialogue, tries so hard every time not to laugh.

- phichit, being a southeast asian person, cannot stand the cold (as a southeast asian person i can verify this okay). whenever hes visiting seunggil in korea, he spends 90% of the time huddled under the covers with seunggil and his dog. in general hes also super clingy because body heat, seunggil, itll keep us warm, no wait dont go.

- conversely, seunggil is very much not okay with how damn hot thailand can get. phichit therefore makes it a point to be super clingy, only because of how much seunggil keeps muttering about how gross it is, ew, youre so sweaty, stop sticking to me. but they end up falling asleep curled around each other in patches of sunlight anyway.

- whenever theyre all out together, and seunggil does something nice for phichit, guanghong would tug on leo sleeve and say, very casually, “look at how nice phichits boyfriend treats him”. whenever leo does something cool for guanghong, phichit hums and says “wow, isn’t it great that guanghong has such a capable boyfriend”. leo and seunggil have a begrudging respect for each other.

- seunggil likes watching phichit apply his eyeliner. phichit likes taking seunggil through his morning routine. neither of them get bored of it, even though they do the same thing every morning and every night.

- whenever they want to frickle frack, they decide who tops and who bottoms by playing video games. sometimes (most times) when theyre too embarrassed to admit what they want (because #asians) they lose on purpose / let the other person win on the person. usually the other person is pretty damn aware of that too, but neither of them say anything (lol)

- phichit runs a livestream of his hamsters cage. seunggil keeps it open all the time, just in case phichit ever decides to pop in to check on them.

- phichit forces seunggil to watch the king and the skater with him. seunggil Suffers ™ through it. the day after, he presents phichit with a fourteen page paper on the anti-monarchy themes explored in the movie, a plan for a programme based off the characters’ routines, and a detailed analysis of each character. phichit has never been more in love.

- seunggil sleeps a lot. he loves to sleep. and he doesnt care where he sleeps, as long as he wakes up to phichit beside him.

- phichit loves taking pictures because you should always capture the moment before its gone, you know? but after a while the pictures he takes of seunggil grows less and less, because he realises this moment, its never going to go away. seunggil is never going away.

Exo reaction to you finding out they’re in the mafia

Request:  an exo reaction where you find out they are in a mafia but dont want you to leave them?

A/N: Thank you for the request anon, hope this is what you wanted!x


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‘Jagiya… this is a whole world I never wanted you to know about, it’s dangerous and it’s cutthroat but whatever happens, I’ll be able to protect you’ he would say, embracing you tightly as you fought back the tears of discovering a long hidden secret. ‘I can’t let you go Y/N, not like this’.


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Discovering this side of Luhan you were both shocked and intimidated to see this sweetheart you thought you knew be caught up in a violent ring. As you moved to the door to catch your breath he would stop you, closing the door and catching you off guard ‘Y/N please understand, I’m still the same guy, nothing will change, least of all my feelings for you’.


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He may not seem like it, but Kris’ number one priority is and always has been your safety above all else. Seeing you walk towards the door with your new found knowledge of the mafia put you in too much danger for him to risk it: ‘Wait! Y/N if you walk out that door you’re no longer safe knowing what you do. If you have to leave, I’m coming with you.’


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Suho would go from cool mafia leader to a man willing to beg for you in a matter of seconds. He’d stand in front of the door, intense eyes burning into yours spouting apologies and explanations, clutching your hands in his sweaty palms and trying to show you just how much he needed you. ‘Just… please stay.’


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When Lay heard you knew what he did he transformed into a different person. With the knowledge you might be in danger because his enemies might know his feelings for you, he became a protective, confident man willing to kill to keep you safe. ‘For me, I need you safe and alive. I love you more than anything and that’s why I can’t let you leave. Understand?’


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On the outside, he’d be calm and collected explaining why he couldn’t tell you about his mafia life but on the inside, he’d be freaking out at the prospect of you walking out the door and never forgiving him. ‘Y/N, I know I should;ve told you earlier and you shouldn’t have found out like this but please, stay with me. The world is a dangerous place, I want to keep you safe, if you’d let me.’


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Chen would actually turn gravely serious, alarming you already being the complete opposite of the bouncy, bubbly guy you were used to. When you explain to him that you’re not sure you can handle someone with so many secrets he’d start to panic: ‘Those secrets are there to keep you safe, I don’t want you knowing what I know, it’s not pretty. But I give you my word, if there is anything you ever need to know, you’ll know. I love you.’


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You’d stormed out the night you found out about Chanyeol’s mafia life. When you finally came home, you’d find Chanyeol asleep on the kitchen counter, tear stained cheeks and a note by his side.

‘Y/N, I know you may never look at me the same, but I will always look at you with the same love as I did the day I met you. If you come home and find this, know that everything I do is to keep you, my little family, safe. But, if you want me to, I’ll give it all up to make you happy. I love you too much to let you go. Yours, Chanyeol.’ 


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Kyungsoo would let you make a choice. He loved you too much to make you stay if you wanted to leave so he told you you could. Inside, his heart was aching as he desperately wanted you to walk towards him instead of the door out into the big wide world he knew was oh so brutal. ‘If you want to leave you can. I won’t resent you for it, just know that even if you do I’ll love you and protect you the same as I always have.’


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Despite everything, Tao’s heart was still a big softie for you and when he found out what you knew, his mafia self would be discarded in favour of pulling you into his strong arms and resting his head on top of yours, letting his actions and thumping heart speak for how much he loved you and needed you around. This was the reminder that you needed that in spite of it all, he was still the same Tao you loved.


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He would get super emotional at just the thought of you leaving him. Yes, he was in the mafia and yes, he should have told you but he was willng to do anything and everything to earn your trust back. He would tell you everything and shower you in affection but he’d also give you time, time to figure your feelings out and where he stood with you. ‘Take all the time you need Jagi, I’ll be here whenever you need me.’


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Sehun would stay eerily calm; he knew this day would come and had planned everything that he was going to do to slowly ease you into his world- one he’d wanted to tell you about from the start. ‘Ok, let me start from the beginning. It all started back when I was a kid, my father was also a highly respected figure…’ he would go on, and when he was done finish with ‘so now you know my world, I want you to join it with me, that is, if you want to?’

76 hours (Miraculous: tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir)

I’m sorry but I had so much of these two inside of me that I had to write something. Sorry of they seem ooc. I opted for them to be a little older. The art is absolutely NOT mine. I found it on Google. Credits to the artist

edit: with the help of a friend I found the artist and if you see through her comments she says you don’t have to ask for permission to repost her art. I added her link, therefore the source. I’m sorry for the inconvenience that happened before.

When Andrien hears his father yelling profanities at him on dinner that night he decides he’s out of excuses. He has 76 hours to pack his things before his flight for Boston leaves. There are things he’s yet to do, things he’s yet to say.

Especially to her. Ladybug.

They have been a crime-fighting couple since he was fifteen. She’s his first and as he comes to the conclusion his eternal love. He knows her identity. He figured a year ago, when he watched her getting home. After that, it was all clear. Marinette never did anything to hide her identity. The way her eyes shone, the way her lips crooked everytime she smiled, when she was Ladybug she was only too dazzling for everyone to see.
He should have figured earlier, he thinks as he lays on his king sized bed. If he had, they’d have more time to be together. But now they only have some hours.

After some moments of intense thinking he calls Plagg as to wake him from his slumber and transforms. He sets the alarm of immediate emergency and arranges to meet her on an alley. Where no one can see them.

The moment she lands before him, his heart throbs. He gulps, hard, and air now seems to vanish. He has to breath, in and out with closed eyes.

Marinette doesn’t fail to see his incapability to breath.
“Cat Noir? Are you okay?” She asks, unbeknownst of the answer she’s about to receive.

Andrien watches her as she comes closer. The dim light of the alley reflects on her features in the best possible way and makes her midnight black hair shine a little brighter. He can’t help but notice it has grown, a hell lot more from the time they were fifteen. It reaches just above her lower back, it’s visibly sweaty, maybe because he had called in an emergency and she had to rush. She has to slip it behind her ear with two delicate fingers and it drives him crazy.

“No” he coldly answers. “And i haven’t been okay in a very long time. Ever since I met you actually.”

Her eyes widen as horrid thoughts run through her mind. She wonders if her ever wanted this at all. She blames herself for falling for him and giving up her stupid crush on Andrien. For a moment she thinks he hates her and for another that he’s a spy, set by Hawk Moth in order to kill her. She closes her eyes and shakes in terror as Cat Noir approaches her. He’s huge, he’s always been taller than her, but now he’s actually huge and very muscled and she knows she can’t possibly defeat him.

Andrien sighs again and takes her delicate hands in his. ‘Five words’ he thinks. And then he’s finally over.

“I’m in love with you”

Marinette opens her eyes and blinks a couple of times. He’s not doing this, he’s not saying this.. he can’t be.

Before she gets a chance to speak she sees him pulling his ring off his finger. Her eyes widen again and she goes to cover them before he grabs her wrists and shakes his head in disapproval. Green light reflects on her from he’s re-transformation and when everything is lit by the dim lights of Paris’s streets her eyes widen in shock.

“A-adrien?” She whispers. ‘oh my God’ she mutters under her breath.
He doesn’t dare to speak. He only stares at her and how beautiful she looks as she slowly rejects him. He can remember a time when Marinette would lose her words when around him, but now, they’re both young adults. They’ve grown up so much from then.
“Say something..” he begs. But Marinette stays silent, still feeling herself being torn inside on whether to tell him or not.
His hand reached to cup her face and she thinks it’s the ultimate mistake that she leans in. She’s afraid, too afraid. As if she’s fifteen again.

“For God’s sake Marinette! I know it’s you just say something.” He yells everything except her name and heads to grab her miraculous away from her ear. Instantly she re-transforms with a scream.

How did he even know who she was?

That’s what she asks him at least.

“I followed you once. I know we promised not to do anything like that but Marinette, I had to. I…” he stops as he sees her breaking down on her knees with her hair covering her face.
She’s crying. It’s his fault she’s crying.

“Marinette? ”

“No! Just tell me for how long you’ve known.”

“A year now. I’m sorry Marinette.”

“Were you disappointed when you found out?” She whispers as her blue eyes stare deep in his. Andrien couldn’t know, but Marinette had stopped being confident about her self a while ago.

“What? Why?” His green eyes widen too as he lovingly stares at her. “Marinette I could never be disappointed at you. I love you!”

Marinette feels the urge to run away. This is a sick game she says to herself. She needs to walk away before she gets more hurt. So she gets up with her back completely turned to him and walks away, only to come to ask for her miraculous. He gives it to her without a single word but that weird feeling inside him makes him grab her by her wrist and turn her around.

His heart starts beating fast now that they were so close and he breaths heavy. He’s giving in to her magnificent scent and before he realises it, his chapped lips are on hers. He takes her face in his big palms and pushes her close to him to deepen the kiss.

He’s desperate, he can feel she’s too. But they won’t pull back for air.

Andrien, because he knows he doesn’t have much time, and Marinette because she doesn’t want this to end.

But it ends and she settles on resting her forehead against Andrien’s. She worries his back hurts, because he’s leaning on her but she won’t speak a word.

Somehow they end on top of the Eiffel tower, staring at the perfectly lit city. It’s the first time they feel so blessed to live in the most romantic city of the world.

Marinette leans her head on Andrien’s shoulder as her hair flows with the wind.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this” he said as he wraps his hand behind her back to keep her warm. Marinette just hums in response while getting lost inside his tight embrace.

“I’m leaving in some hours. My father sends me abroad for studies” he sighs. He’s hurt he has to do this. He doesn’t want to say goodbye.

She mutters a soft ‘where’ and feels her whole world tumbling down when he announces he’s going in Boston. This can’t be happening to her. She just got to have him in her embrace.

“How much time do we have Andrien?” She asks with watering eyes that the blonde male makes sure to wipe with his leather covered thumb.

“Seventy hours.”

In any other case three days pass torturously slow, but now.

“So please if you want me to stay I will. I will do this for you Marinette. I dont care if my father hates me, I’ll -” she cuts him off with a kiss. As the sucker he is Andrien stops and waits to listen to her. She ways seems to have the right solution to everything.

“You have to go Andrien. I’m not keeping you back”

He growls and snaps his head away from her in anger. Maybe she doesn’t want this as much as he does.
But her fingers find his chin and slowly she drags his head back to face her.

“Then come with me!”

“I can’t. I have to stay here and protect Paris as you’re away. I know that if I had confessed to you back then, then maybe we’d have more time. But now? It’s impossible for us. Maybe in another life Andrien. In a time were not hunting down evils guys that posses butterflies with dark magic. Maybe when you get back. Or never, maybe. Whatever it is though, I’m here. I’ll wait for you.”

Andrien just nods and with a last kiss hes gone. He hates to listen to her voice crack while she talks, she hates the tears that stain her eyes. He collapses on his bed once again and takes his ring off once again. This time he throws it in the darkest corner of his room. Screaming he is done.

He’s done with this. He’s done with fucking everything.

{Special} College!AU Minhyuk
  • major: dance education 
  • minor: biology 
  • sports: archery club 
  • clubs: wanted to join an on campus band but he actually isn’t that good at playing guitar…….so instead he gets lessons from joshua whose in college choir and now he can successfully play…… song
  • minhyuk is the shining star in all of his classes because no matter how many times he messes up, no one can get angry because his smile is blinding and his intentions are never bad
  • like literally his clumsiness is out of this world and his memory fixates on one thing and forgets about everything else so when he shows up to bio class completely prepared with the notes he took down for chapter 7, even though you were supposed to read chapter 6 like,,,, the teacher lets it slide and everyone in his group helps him out 
  • because like he wants to do his best he’s just prone to ,,,, mixing things up
  • but don’t get me wrong he works hard and studies hard, his grades are better than jooheons (which really bothers jooheon LOL)
  • and sure maybe coming out of lab covered in the ethanol he spilled on himself is a bit……
  • or when the teacher refers to a salida and he can’t stop giggling because god it sounds like salad right- right???
  • can make him seem goofy and silly but that doesn’t mean he’s not serious when he needs to be
  • like he even tutored some of the kids in his class in bio because he’s actually really good at it, no matter how clumsy he comes off in lab, like he knows his stuff
  • because more than anything he wants to learn how to be a studious teacher who doesn’t only bring joy to his students through dancing - but also learning how important exercise is to the human body
  • kinesiology minor seungcheol is always lending minhyuk his textbooks because minhyuk wants to know even more on the science of body movement
  • and no one gets how minhyuk finds reading that stuff so damn entertaining, but at the same time minhyuk is too cute to say no to
  • like to all students and teachers alike, like i mentioned this before but seriously his smile and his happiness is contagious 
  • he’s the campus happy virus 
  • and whenever he gets to see younger kids like when he goes to competitions with the archery team and he sees like the middle school division he’s like
  • pulling on a fellow teammate shownu’s sleeve like hYUNG LOOK THEYRE SO CUTE AND SMALL
  • and shownu is looking down at him like: you’re also small
  • minhyuk: ):< am nOT
  • says the adorable boy whose bow is covered in like stickers of puppies and flowers and whenever he gets a perfect ten he throws hearts at the audience
  • and if someone throws them back he pretends that the hearts pierce his chest and he like puts his hand over his heart and makes a cute face
  • like c’mon he is the CUTEST campus happy virus ever
  • also he thinks love is cute. like minhyuk loves love he thinks couples are the best and parents with their kids make him excited 
  • and whenever him and the guys go out to eat and like karaoke or whatever minhyuk always points to couples sharing drinks or holding hands and he’s like ~~~~Soooo ROmanticcccc
  • and hyungwon is shoving fries into his mouth like huh and kihyun is like yo minhyuk i can hook you up just tell me i gotchu bro
  • except minhyuk is like kihyun No Offense but i Dont Trust You
  • kihyun: im gonna pretend im not offended but just know that i aM offended and this severing of our friendship is going down in my diary tonight
  • minhyuk: what
  • but basically minhyuk is an angelic boy who is always trying to see the positive in everything and probably dances to music when he’s out at the mall and everyone in his friend group is like we don’t know him but the cashiers can’t help but smile like what a CUTE kid
  • not a kid he is in college but you know what i mean everything and anything he does is endearing from singing bio terms out loud to remember them to staying up past 4 am to practice his own dancing, sweaty hair pulled back and determined eyes….ok we’re getting off track
  • but yes you know minhyuk because he’s your neighbor in the off campus living house
  • and he lives directly next door and the building is like 70 years old the walls are as thin as paper so every night between the hours of 10 and midnight you hear some kind of music coming from his side of the wall
  • and for a while you were like,,,,,,,why the hell does he listen to the same song on repeat for two to three hours???? is it like his studying mechanism???
  • until you saw the poster of the seoul ballet recital hanging off his front door right under it the iconic photo of michael jackson’s moonwalk and you were like
  • “oh. dance major.”
  • and tbh you don’t really complain,,,,the music he dances to is actually not as bad as you thought it would be. like sure one night it’s jazz, the next it’s hip-hop, then you can’t believe it but is that,,,,,clogging music?
  • but it kinda becomes a habit of yours to stay up, glancing at the clock when it hits ten and you can hear minhyuk moving furniture around in his room to make space to practice and then you always get a neat surprise when he turns on some kind on new music
  • although you have to admit you almost spit all your coffee out when you heard the cotton-eyed joe song 
  • you think it is really cool how hardworking and dedicated minhyuk must be to dancing
  • but it’s kind of funny because like,,,,you’ve never seen him
  • LIKE you don’t really know what he looks like because you have no classes in the dance major and your schedules never cross because like
  • you’re on campus for your classes and then you have work and you’re sure minhyuk has class and then practice or whatever
  • basically you’ve never ??? like ?? seen him in the hallway of your house or even down in the communal kitchen 
  • but the fact doesn’t bother you because you’re not friends with his friends you guys are just neighbors that like,,,,,,never talk LOL
  • until one night when you’re settling in with your coffee, textbook open, hoping that tonight’s music selection by minhyuk is the waltz or something so you can actually concentrate 
  • and to your luck that’s what it sounds like and you smile to yourself as you start taking notes and slowly swaying to the music in your seat
  • but then,,,,,all of a sudden,,,,,,the music cuts off
  • and you turn to look at the wall with your eyebrows furrowed because - this has never happened
  • so you wait a bit,,,but ten minutes passes and,,,,nothing,,,,,,,,,
  • no music no sounds,,,,,,
  • and you don’t know why but something inside of you tells you that something is wrong 
  • and although it’s probably awkward to worry about someone you know close to nothing about it is neighbor courtesy to take care of one and another
  • so you venture out of your apartment and over to the next one and you knock on the door, putting your ear to it and trying to listen but ?? there’s no response
  • so you lean closer and put your hand on the doorknob and??? the door just opens like it wasn’t locked at all
  • and your fear about something being wrong heightens by like ten fold
  • and you call out an “I’m sorry for disturbing you, but can I come in?”
  • and then you hear it, a faint groan of pain and the voice of someone asking for help
  • and you run down the hall to see a boy laying on the floor, clutching his ankle in pain and you’re like oh my god??? and you rush over to him and you’re like
  • “what’s wrong??”
  • and he looks up at you and even with his face twisted in pain he’s still,,,,like wow,,,,,like he’s handsome
  • but now is not the TIME and you’re like ???? “should i call an ambulance? get the med student from floor 5????” and minhyuk’s like shaking his head and pointing to the door like
  • “ice, from the kitchen downstairs……” and you’re like ICE OK ROGER WAIT HERE DONT MOVE
  • and minhyuk is like “i??? can’t??”
  • and you’re like rIGHT r i ght one second 
  • and so you rush downstairs and get a bag of ice and back upstairs and as you’re running down the hall you’re like in your head you’re like
  • okokokok if anything is broken we should go to the hospital - but can i carry him? would that be ok? should i ask him? also why didn’t i at least comb my hair i look so bad and he’s so cute - wait wait don’t think that!!!
  • and finally you barge back into his apartment and run over with the ice and you’re like “is your ankle broken??? i think i should call-”
  • and minhyuk is like again shaking his head
  • and then when he looks up at you, he somehow even manages to break into a smile 
  • and you’re like hOW aren’t you in pain
  • but he just takes the ice and applies it to his ankle and he’s like AHH IT HURTS and you’re like !!!! but then he grins at you like “just kidding, i mean it does hurt but not a lot the ice will help in no time~”
  • and you’re like “it’s not broken???” 
  • and minhyuk’s like pFFT nooooo it’s just twisted!!!! and he gives you a thumbs up
  • and you’re like “i didn’t hear the music from next door and then i heard you fall so i thought i’d come in here and you’d be like bleeding from your nose-”
  • minhyuk breaks into laughter, but winces a bit but he’s like “no!! dancers should all know how to fall to make sure they don’t break anything, it’s like the first thing you teach the kids too”
  • and you tilt your head like ??? the kids
  • and minhyuk’s like “oh, im a dance education major not a dance major” and your eyes widen a bit because wow you,,,didn’t know that
  • but somehow it fits even more afterall here he is laughing off twisting his ankle, keeping bright and sunny even though most people would be ): right about now
  • you can’t help but think such a good personality is perfect for teachers
  • but anyway you nod and you’re like “oh, i didn’t know - that’s cool!” and minhyuk’s like “sO you’re my neighbor? you must really not like it since you have to listen to all my weird music”
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “not at all! actually i always look forward to ten o’clock because i know you’ll play something interesting and it doesn’t bother me - if it does i just go out and hang in someone elses apartment, but really - i have grown fond of it”
  • and minhyuk kind of looks at you funny and you’re like “what???” and he’s like chuckling like “nothing, just the neighbors across the hall hate me for it. he’s always chasing me around campus when he sees me like ‘i need to study for my finals!!! not listen to tango music!!!”
  • the mental image makes you giggle and minhyuk extends his hand for you to shake and he’s like “it’s nice to meet you, neighbor who actually doesn’t hate me”
  • and you shake it and grin like “nice to meet you too, neighbor who i don’t actually hate”
  • and you guys both laugh this time and it’s really not awkward at all
  • finally, minhyuk’s twisted ankle is ok enough for him to get up and he mentions going back to practice but you’re like are you nuts no you’re gonna twist it again just go rest and minhyuk is like fiiiiiiine and you laugh and say that you’ll be going then
  • and as you shut the door to his apartment behind you, you notice this fuzzy warm feeling in your stomach
  • and you’re like oh no,,,,,,don’t,,,,,,don’t get a crush on him oh no o h no
  • but too late 
  • you get home and crawl into bed and all you can think of is that bright smile of his, his sweet voice,,,,,,,,plUS the fact that he works so hard not for himself but to be a good teacher for kids LIKE IS HE AN ANGEL
  • and you try to cover your face with your pillow and be like stop. thinking. about. minhyuk. 
  • but you can’t and tbh,,, on the otherside of the wall he can’t stop thinking about you either and you’re both lying in bed like two dweebs smiling to yourselves because “oh my god who know my neighbor was so DARN CUTE”
  • but again, you and minhyuk’s schedules are solar systems apart so you never bump into each other but then one day you hear a knock on your door and you open it to see this tall lanky looking guy with a book under his hand and a shorter more visibly excited guy and they’re both like
  • “minhyuk said you should come over, we’re playing a video game and we need one more person for our team”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,i don’t really game- but hyungwon is like “me either, yet these losers are making me so let’s go”
  • and that’s how you end up sqaushed into minhyuks side on his couch playing some video game as kihyun shouts at the screen and that guy hyungwon presses random buttons on his controller
  • and the other two, changkyun and jooheon are both about to chuck their controllers out the window
  • and it’s so crazy and loud and minhyuk leans over at some point and he’s like
  • “sorry to drag you into this mess, our friend shownu is picking up or other friend wonho from the airport after his study abroad and we need a minimum of six people so,,,,,” 
  • and you’re like AH don’t worry about it!! sorry i suck tho
  • and minhyuk is like “oh it’s because you don’t know the controls, here let me show you”
  • and you think he’s just going to take the controller from you, but instead he puts his hands over yours and he’s like “ok so you press X to dodge and then B-”
  • and you’re trying to concentrate by his hands are so warm and so big covering yours and you’re nodding absentmindedly but in reality you can’t hear anything he’s saying
  • not until you hear the door open and in walk in two more boys, one with a suitcase in hand and you look up and you guess this is wonho and shownu
  • and wonho is like “I’m back!! I see everyone’s the same - oh hello, are you minhyuk’s significant other?”
  • and wonho’s eyes focus on you and so does everyone elses in the room and you’re like UM
  • and minhyuk quickly takes his hands off yours and he turns cherry red and you’re like !!!!!! trying to gather your thoughts until you just blurt out “he’s my neighbor!”
  • and wonho is like huh do neighbors usually cuddle on couches like you two are??? and you’re like WE’RE NOT cU DD Li ng,,,,,,,but i mean you are practically halfway into his lap with minhyuks arm looped around your shoulders so mayb it looks like that but minhyuk is clearing his throat like ANYWAY HOW WAS YOUR TRIP
  • and that’s enough to distract everyone and you get up like i think,,,,,i should go?? and minhyuk’s like what no you should stay-
  • but you’re like bowing as you leave like iT WAS FUN BYE
  • and you’re back in your room so you don’t hear how all the boys abandon the talk about wonho’s trip and are like MINHYUK YOU LIKE THEM DONT YOU
  • and minhyuk is like yES BUT U IDIOTS RUINED IT FOR ME
  • but,,,,,,they totally didn’t 
  • because the next day as you’re heading for your weekly study group you bump right into someone and??? it’s minhyuk??? and you’re like “i never see you in the library??” and minhyuk is blushing again scratching his neck like,,,,”y-yeah but hyungwon knows this kid in your study group who knows you and they told me you’d be here anyway um i kind of want to apologize for you know,,,being a noisy neighbor and also for my embarrassing friends last night-”
  • and you’re like looking down at your book in your hands trying not to smile a bit because you can kind of tell where this is going
  • and minhyuk takes a breath and he’s like “-but also i came because i wanted to know if you maybe want to,,,,,,,goonadateliketogetsomeicecreamorsomething some time…..”
  • and you almost giggle, but you look up and you’re like 
  • “id love that. want to meet after my study group is over?” and minhyuk lights up like a goddamn christmas tree he’s like YES ill,,,,,be waiting
  • and you nod and head toward the table where your group is and minhyuk steps into a random aisle to do an excited little wiggle dance that the student next to him sees and is just like eyes emoji about
  • but yeah you and minhyuk do go on this little date
  • and you guys eat mango ice cream together and minhyuk talks about how he’s recently thought about quitting archery so he can make more time to apply for this job at a local dance academy
  • and you tell him about your studies
  • and even though your fields are miles apart minhyuk is still so interested and supportive of everything you’re telling him, like he’s more engaged than some of your friends when you tell him and like it always feels good to have someone acknowledge you
  • and minhyuk is that kind of person. he never lets a conversation die
  • and like you get your ice-cream even though it’s pretty cold out and minhyuk is like “are your hands cold??” because when you walk out of the cafe you’re blowing on them 
  • you’re like a bit,,,i think i shouldn’t have ordered a cone and held it-
  • and then suddenly minhyuk is taking your hands in his and slipping them into his coats pocket and he’s like ^^ is that warm??
  • and you’re like ohmy ogdo,,,,,but also you’re like yes ;; and you can feel minhyuks fingers link with yours in his pocket and you’re like 
  • gosh he’s so cute H O W 
  • and after that you two go on many more dates,,,even though sometimes your dates get interrupted by minhyuk’s many different friends (most of all though monsta x magically appears at the like movie you two decided to go to ‘by accident’ and won’t stop teasing minhyuk about how c*rny he is for taking you to a romcom but then you’re like shut up you all bought tickets to the romcom JUST to make fun of us but i saw jooheon cry!
    jooheon: sniffing DONT COME FOR ME blows his nose)
  • but you don’t mind minhyuk’s friends and you don’t mind minhyuks loud music, loud laugh, loud personality aT ALL in fact you adore it
  • because he’s so lively and nothing is ever awkward with him
  • minhyuk makes you feel like you’re always welcome to tell him anything
  • to put it simply minhyuk, very quickly, starts feeling like home to you
  • and speaking of home you spend like 50% of your time over at his apartment
  • instead of listening to him practice through the walls of your room you actually come over and watch him dance
  • and he’s always like ‘score me’ and you’re like ‘10′ and he’s like nOOOO u said 10 yesterday TOOO and you’re like sorry you’re perfect and i love you 
  • and minhyuk gets embarrassed like DONT say you love me so easily 
  • and you’re like “too bad: I love you I love you I love you I l-”
  • minhyuk shuts you up with a kiss and then covers his face like AH CANT BELIEVE I DID THAt
  • and you’re just giggling because it’s cute how he gets embarrassed of himself
  • but also minhyuk knows the perfect way to get you flustered too whenever he’s practicing he will sometimes pull you up on your feet and be like “dance with me!!”
  • and you’re like oh,,,babe no i SUCK 
  • but he puts his hands on your hips and tries moving you this way and that or holds your hands and twirls you around and you’re always like min!!!!hyuk!!!! but he just laughs until you go along with it
  • and you two get tired and collapse on his floor and minhyuk rolls over to smile at you with his sweaty hair in his face
  • and in that moment everytime you get this rush of emotions and you’ll move closer to kiss him a little more passionately than usual and minhyuk always kisses back
  • but he also pushes away first and curls up into an embarrassed blushy little ball and you pout becuase you’re like minhyuk come back,,,,,come back let me kiss you again !!! and maybe do more
  • and minhyuk is like oK but let’s get on the couch at least-
  • such a gentleman even when he doesnt have to be hehe
  • you once came over and you couldn’t find him and then you heard the shower running so you were like ok!! ill join him
  • and when you did you damn near almost gave him a heart attack but he was thankful and it was cute you washed his hair and shoulders
  • and also did some other things which i will not discuss in detail (-:
  • but yeah you think minhyuk looks the best in his sweatpants, dancing diligently along with the music
  • you can see the passion in his eyes and the love he has for it and sometimes he gets down on himself
  • because people pass him off as some kind of airheaded kid who probably doesn’t try hard in his studies
  • but you just hold his cheeks and kiss his whole face and you’re like “you know you’re going to prove them all wrong - you’re going to be a great teacher.”
  • sometimes you get texts from changkyun whose like “your boyfriends a lab safety hazard he almost lit the lab plants on fire” and you’re like “isn’t he charming <33333″ changkyun: “………”
  • minhyuk telling you random facts about your bones and like how they work and you’re just like lol imagine if all my joints were made of jello and minhyuk is like oh my god that’d be cool though
  • hyungwon: what the hell are you two talking about. like ever
  • but also you two are so heart-warming to see because minhyuk adores you to pieces and he’s vocal about it with his friends and sometimes someone is like “why are you smiling at your phone?” and minhyuk’s just like “im reading my conversation with y/n and they’re so funny and stunning and amazing and lovely and -”
  • you too tbh someone is like what do you like about your boyfriend and you have like a power point slide ready at hand you just
  • you both just love each other so much and so whole heartedly
  • the neighbor who complains about minhyuk’s music comes over one day pissed off and you’re just like 
  • apologizing on minhyuks behalf and you’re like “maybe we can go practice in my room since its further away?” and minhyuks like ok!!!
  • but it’s not the best idea because he almost knocks over your lamp and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • i love you but also back to your room if the person complains again we’ll just turn off the music and pretend we’re not here LOL
  • minhyuk keeps telling you that for your honeymoon he’s gonna take you to disneyland and you’re like first of all) honeymoon? since when-
  • and minhyuk blushes like YOURE RIGHT we’re only in college i shouldn’t push marriage-
  • but then you giggle and you’re like “ok, but you have to promise me we can take a photo with goofy. he’s my favorite”
  • and minhyuk just gets all smiley again like ok!! i promise 
  • minhyuk finally learns how to play a full song on the guitar and when he gently sings along with it in front of you you’re like ,,,,,,everything about you is so amazing already and now i found out you have the voice of an angel-
  • and minhyuk is like iM not amazing,,,,
  • but you’re like “hush come here”
  • and you like kiss him until he’s falling over and laughing against your neck 
  • and you two have the cutest inside jokes and weird nicknames for each other
  • and when you’re all out to eat one day jooheon is like “so……is minhyuk flexible (;”
  • and you’re like “yeah he’s a dancer” 
  • and jooheon’s like “yeah, i bet he has some crazy movies in be-”
  • shownu shoving rice into jooheon’s mouth: he meant to say doesn’t minhyuk have some crazy moves on the dance floor
  • you:
  • minhyuk:
  • you:………….yes jooheon he’s flexible in bed
  • the whole table: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • minhyuk: i love you so much but you’re so e M B A RR A S I NG 

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16 w jikook :)

i hope u know u have just corrupted me lmao

Send me a pairing + a number: jikook, “oh… sorryomgwrongnumber”

smut | sexting

Jimin wasn’t a virgin, he had a pretty good amount of sexual experiences on his back. But the thing was, sending nudes was a whole other different thing. It was new – at least for him –, and it made him nervous like a stupid high school boy with a crush. Except he didn’t have a crush, he just wanted to get laid – but his heart was racing and his palms were sweating anyway.
Jimin stared for another eight minutes at the picture taking the whole screen of his phone. He was with his back to the mirror, profile partially appearing over his shoulder as his hand held the phone high by the side of his body. It wasn’t the best picture he had ever taken of himself, but it was nice. His butt looked pretty, just like his hair. However he still couldn’t stop the nervousness bubbling up in his stomach, making him wonder if a stranger he met at a bar was worthy of that picture. Maybe Jimin was a bit too desperate for sex, trying to shove a certain mistake he had made with a certain someone to the back of his mind. But it didn’t matter – at least the bar guy  was cute, didn’t seem like an asshole – and for god’s sake it was just sex.
Jimin selected the picture and rolled the page of his contacts down until he found the newly added number. Jonghyun. He took a deep breath, placing his thumb just above the name and then squeezing his eyes shut – like that was going to stop the embarrassement of doing what he was actually doing – to click on the screen, instinctively dragging his finger to the send button afterwards – eyes still tightly closed. Jimin only allowed himself to open them when he heard the sound indicating that the message had been sent coming out of the speakers of his phone.
He released the breath he was holding back and stared at the sent picture – there was nothing to do now, it was done. Relief almost settled in his chest, the burden of doing the most difficult part having left his shoulders – when Jimin realized, in a silent gasp of horror and dread, that Jonghyun hadn’t been the one he sent the picture.

Jungkook – online

Jimin was mortified for a second until the sign of seen appeared on the screen and he completely freaked out.

You – 9:12 pm

He couldn’t fucking believe it. Universe must probably really hate him like crazy, because, fucking Jeon Jungkook from all people.
Fucking Jeon Jungkook, the stupid little shit Jimin had had sex with five days ago, because they were both too drunk to be thinking straight. Jeon Jungkook the biggest fuckboy Jimin had ever met – and surprisingly, the best friend too. He couldn’t fucking believe it. He had spent the last couple of days fucking and being fucked by plenty of different guys just to erase the drunken memories of Jungkook’s body on his – Jungkook’s lips on him, kissing him and sucking bruises with a hunger as if the world was falling apart around them. And even though it were just blurry flashes of a very fucked up night, it still brought things to Jimin’s stomach he didn’t want to bother finding out what meant. He just needed to forget everything and then it would be okay.

Jungkook – typing…

Oh god.

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
fuck hyung

Jimin’s heart stopped in his chest.

You – 9:13 pm
did u open it???

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
yeah it was kind of too late

Jimin wanted to die and bury his entire body into the biggest hole he could dig with his own hands. His cheeks were burning red, so hot it was tingling his skin. He didn’t know what to do, so he just kept terrifiedly staring at Jungkook’s name until the word ‘typing…’ appeared again.

Jungkook – 9:14 pm
hyung i know you told me to forget but how can i now
u have just fucked up my stability
i’m so hard

Jimin tightened the phone on his hands, the sides of the metalic thing burying on the skin of his sweaty palms, his breath hitching. He closed his eyes, trying to steady the flow of oxygen entering his lungs, but his phone buzzed against his skin again and his eyes snapped open in a heartbeat.

Jungkook – 9:15 pm
pls dont do this
u can’t just send me this and keep quiet as if nothing happened
i want to touch you
i want to touch myself thinking about you
hyung im really so fucking hard please talk to me

But Jimin was barely breathing. He could only feel his heart pulsating in every inch of his body, the furious muscle knocking against his ribcage violently. His own cock started twitching inside his pants, Jungkook’s words arousing him a lot faster than it should.

Jungkook – 9:16 pm
you have the most perfect ass
i want to get my hands on it again
my biggest and only regret of that night was not being sober enough to remember every single detail about you
i want to have you again so bad hyung
i could do whatever you asked me too
i could suck you so good you’d come in my mouth crying my name

Jimin whined out loud, not being able to repress the painful hardness between his legs anymore. Jungkook’s tongue and mouth on him was the most vivid memory he had of that night – and it was fucking up his head.

Jungkook – 9:17 pm
i could eat you up like you have never been before
i’d make you scream
and beg
you’d like that right

Jimin gasped this time, his hand going down to cup his painfully hard cock before he could realize it. He heard the tiny moan falling out of his lips as he rubbed it through the fabric of his boxers, precum having wetted it like it never did before.

Jungkook – 9:18 pm
fucking talk to me hyung
im touching myself and i think im going to come but i want u
i want you jimin please

Jimin took his hands of his boxers – a tiny whine of complaint forming in the back of his throat –, fingers finding the button he wanted on the screen of his phone before he could think about what he was actually doing.
Jungkook answered in the first ring.
“Shit.” Jimin heard Jungkook’s breathy voice at the end of the line, making him clasp his knees together in response, thighs pressuring the tingling head of his sensitive dick against his stomach, needing some kind of friction so he wouldn’t lose his mind, “Hyung, fuck. Mmmm… ha… H…hyung, say some…thing, please.” There was a pause, Jungkook’s loud breathing completely filling Jimin’s ears along with the obscene sound of his hands working himself up and down. Jimin moaned. “Shit. Shit, hyung, do that again. I need to hear your voice, please.”
He swallowed hard, throat dry and mind dizzy, too clouded from scenarios picturing Jungkook jerking himself off thinking about him.
When Jimin’s voice finally surged, it was deep and hoarse, drowned in a lust he didn’t know he possessed.
“Come over.” He murmured, breath failing on the last syllable. “Now.”

clearly-shady-bouquet  asked:

Can you do them reacting to their S/O being good at baking but horrible at cooking?

ofc!! sorry it took so long exams have been kickin my ass


• u two are baking brownies for the boys since theyve been stressed lately and u wanted to do something nice for them
• shownu watches in awe as u expertly pour in and mix the brown batter in the bowl
• u always had some kinda magic touch when it came to baking, u knew how much sugar and flour to add in and when to add the vanilla extract
• it just made shownu smile bc wow how cute is that ur working ur butt off for some sweet treats for him and his members
• “hey (y/n) i’ll take over the stirring can u make eggs or something? i havent eaten all day”
• u freeze and give him a smile
• “sure”
• u hand him the bowl and walk over to the fridge to grab some eggs. easy enough right?
• u crack the eggs into the pan, not failing to leave some egg shell in the yolk thats starting to sizzle in the pan
• u turn to shownu whos diligently mixing the batter, workin up a sweat
• tbh he looks real good
• hes totally shirtless, wearing grey sweatpants and to top it off, a cute little pink apron that looks like its gonna bust open at the seams
• u lean against the stove, basking in the appearance of this actual adonis in an adorably domestic setting
• unfortunately u totally forget that stoves are hot and pull ur hand away as it stings with heat
• shownu puts the bowl down and rushes over to u, holding ur hands and blowing frantically at them
• “babe are u okay?” he asks worriedly, his eyes watching ur reaction closely to see if ur in any great pain
• u reassure him “im fine” until u hear the beeping of the fire alarm
• “oh my GOD”
• u turn around to see the pan totally covered in SMOKE and shownu switches the stove off
• ur kinda upset that u cant even make eggs for ur boyfriend but shownu just chuckles and kisses ur forehead
• “next time i’ll cook okay?”


• “baby are u hungry?” wonho comes into ur shared room where ur sitting in bed on ur phone. he wraps his arms around ur waist and nuzzles his nose into ur neck
• u smile at the sensation. “mm kinda? what do u wanna eat?”
• he gives u a knowing smile and u sigh and get up from the mattress
• “ramen?”
• he smiles and takes a hold of ur hand, stroking ur index finger with his thumb
• u know me so well"
• the two of u chase each other to the kitchen and u grab the very familiar plastic bowl labelled shin ramen
• u rip off the lid and unlock the hot water dispenser, filling the bowl to an unsteady level where the water is teetering around the edges. u put the bowl in the microwave and punch in 50 seconds
• all seems well until u hear some popping noises from inside the microwave
• “um. babe”
• “yea?” u ask, too scared to turn around and see what happened inside the microwave
• “did u take out the sauce packet before adding water and putting it in there?”
• “oh my g-”
• wonho moves u out of the way and opens the microwave, his face contorting at the smell of burning plastic and the sight of ramen sauce power all over the inner surface. some soup flowed over the top too
• u laugh nervously, put ur hand over wonhos, and close the microwave. u head over to the fridge and take out a plate
• “how about we eat the macarons i made yesterday?” u give a sheepish smile
• a smile creeps onto his face and a goofy laugh escapes his lips. ur hysterically laughing and he’s bent over his knees, so thoroughly amused by ur antics
• “man i dont know how u do it. but yea i’ll take a macaron” he opens his mouth. u pop one into his mouth and he chews then hums with delight
• “these are so good??? what happened just now? are u the same (y/n) i know and love?”
• u two laugh again and he puts u in a playful headlock and plants kisses on the top of ur head


• u got a text earlier that ur boyfriends gonna come home late so u wanna surprise him with a nice meal
• u can bake a mean cake but ur not too confident about ur cooking abilities
• but u’ve baked minhyuk so many cookies and cakes and cupcakes ur worried for that boys blood sugar
• so after watching 3 youtube tutorials u try to make kimchi stew, one of his favorites
• u roll up ur sleeves and get to work. u throw some broth and vegetables into the pot
• u cut some kimchi then some fishcake some spring onions u get the pork out of the fridge
• u think its going well
• until u get a text from minhyuk that he’s on the way home
• according to ur calculations he was supposed to be coming home late
• shit
• u do some quick math if u boil the stew at maximum heat for 2 minutes u’ll finish in time before minhyuk gets home so u crank that stove up and
• KACHOW the pot overflows
• soup is everywhere, the kimchi is on the floor, ur kitchen looks like a natural disaster
• “honey! where are u???”
• he comes into the kitchen sweaty from practice and ur just on the floor crying next to ur empty pot, food is scattered around the floor
• “oh baby what happened?” he cooes at u and crouches down next to u, wiping ur tears with his thumb
• u barely manage to get a sentence out
• “i-i tried to cook u” u hiccup, “something but e-everything just fell apart”
• he kisses u on the forehead and stands up to grab his phone
• “well i like pizza. how about we order some pizza and we watch kitchen nightmares yea?” u flinch at kitchen nightmares. “okay how about we watch house hunters” u nod frantically and smile
• totally ignore the mess on the floor
• u clean it up eventually dont worry


• u made a deal with minhyuk that at the next house party u were gonna cook something to bring and kihyun was gonna bake a cake to bring along with the food u made and in return he was gonna make a video of himself flicking a booger and post it on instagram
• the problem? minhyuk knows u cant cook for shit and kihyun cant bake for shit
• kihyun originally protested saying “he doesn’t want his house to end in flames” but after minhyuk kept egging him on saying he was a wuss, he threw on his apron and started reading martha stewart books
• so u and him are in ur kitchen, face in hands and sitting at the counter
• “why did i agree to this”
• “why did i let u agree to this”
• u sigh and slide off the stool. “i mean i can make like, fried rice right?” kihyun groans. “knowing u it might result in a call to 911” u shoot him a glare. “hey bobby flay at least i know how to bake a cake”
• he scratches his head and gets off the stool. “how about we make this a competition between ourselves. whoever makes the better dish wins”
• “ur on yoo kihyun”
• its like iron chef u two start scrambling around ur kitchen, opening cabinets and packages
• u lift the lid of the rice cooker and groan in frustration as u see a clean, empty container
• kihyun indulges himself in a shrill giggle until it abruptly stops when he’s opened the last cabinet and found no cake mix
• “u’ve got to be kidding me”
• u hover over the grey pot, finally shutting off the faucet when the rice grains look like they’re drowning in tap water
• kihyun’s throwing sugar, flour, and eggs into a bowl, trusting his “chef’s intuition” that he doesn’t need measuring cups for a mere cake
• u throw the soggy rice into the pan and just start adding stuff u think will taste good together in there. zucchini, bits of kale, ketchup, leftover chicken that probably has been sitting in ur fridge for at least 2 weeks
• it smells pretty goddamn awful but when u look over at kihyun u think u have a good shot at winning
• he’s gotten green food coloring all over his hands and t-shirt and the batter’s completely runny
• “how u doin ogre there”
• “im never doing this ever again”


• u two are laying on opposite sides of the couch, sitting up to show each other dog pictures and whatnot
• u see a video on instagram showing u how to make this yummy looking beef over rice thing
• u lean over hyungwons knee, excitedly showing him the video and how u should make it for him
• he gives u this knowing look
• “(y/n) do u remember the last time u cooked something?”
• “no why”
• “i was taking a nap and u tried to make this weird chicken thing u saw on youtube”
• “uh huh”
• “and when i walked into the kitchen”
• “yea?”
• “i have never seen so much fire-”
• u playfully slap him on the thigh, pouting. “i forgot to turn the stove down while it was boiling!!!” u huff, turning away while crossing ur arms
• hyungwon laughs and sits up to ruffle ur hair
• “but u made it up by baking cupcakes to give to the very nice firemen who saved our apartment”
• u giggle and bring ur knees up to ur chin, reminiscing in the time u almost burned down ur entire apartment complex
• hyungwon sits crosslegged facing u, staring at ur face
• “what?”
• “im just wondering how the hell u managed to do that”
• “no cupcakes for u then”
• he whines and the two of u share a laugh and settle back into the sofa to continue laughing at twitter memes


• he never fails to send u a text asking if u’ve eaten yet and if ur free, to go out and get lunch together
• its the sweetest thing and u decide u wanna do something nice for him
• so u roll up ur sleeves and make a lunchbox for him. its kinda childish but it seems easy to make and for ur……limited cooking skills, its ideal
• ur in the kitchen, scraping an egg off the pan as it burns to a crisp
• “aw man that was the last egg,” u whine, looking at all the failed prototypes on a plate next to the stove
• u begrudgingly roll up the burnt egg in the lunchbox and set up some lettuce on the side, trying to make it presentable at least
• now time for the Meat
• the last time u cooked meat was when u and jooheon were out eating kbbq and whenever the tongs were in ur hand u’d somehow toss the meat in a way that cooked it. lets say well overdone
• jooheon had to call a worker to get the fire down even tho it was at its lowest heat. nobody on the restaurant knows how u did it
• so yea ur not the best at cooking meat but hey second times the charm
• so u slide the beef into the pan, satisfied with the sizzling sound that came after
• now the hard part. knowing when to flip it so it doesnt slowly burn into charcoal. so u just keep flipping it mindlessly, too scared to let it burn
• the beef is just NOT turning the brown that it usually does when jooheon cooks it and u settle for when the beef is a weird brown, pink, red—u dont even know what color it is but its 12:30pm and jooheons lunch break is about to start
• u shrug as u pack the lunchbox. u made cookies before this mess so
• u drive up to the building complex and climb up the stairs to his studio. u punch in the passcode and pop the door open
• jooheon hears the door click and turns around in his chair, giving u that sweet dimpled smile
• u show him the lunchbox and bag of cookies u’ve been hiding behind ur back and he opens his arms to bring u into a hug
• “how did i get so lucky?” he kisses the top of ur head and sits u down on his lap
• he turns the chair around and u place the lunchbox and the cookie bag on his desk in front of his monitor and open it
• he has to stop himself from laughing, the corners of his lips trembling to rise into a smile. u flick him on the arm, a smile growing on ur own face. “shut up i tried my best!!!!!”
• jooheon kisses ur temple, a small chuckle leaving his lips still dumbfounded by the mess of food in the lunchbox
• “i made cookies?” u suggest
• “yea we can share those” jooheon closes the lunchbox


• u guys ate out at this one restaurant that had really good pork stir fry
• so naturally u two went to the internet and searched up recipes to cook at home, inspired by the dish
• after finding a seemingly easy recipe online, u and changkyun head to the kitchen and grab whatevers in ur fridge
• oh by the way its 1 in the morning so theres no supermarkets still open
• it sounded like a good idea at the time
• anyways u two are jus rummaging through ur kitchen, substituting whatever needs to be substituted
• “hey kyun we’re outta sugar”
• “we have lucky charms”
• “that works”
• u and him lay out the shabby ingredients on the counter
• pork? eh leftover hot wings should do
• bok choy? iceberg lettuce thats been sitting in ur fridge for 3 months
• but at least u have soy sauce
• u start choppin up the lettuce, slicin and dicin and ignoring whatever wilted leaves u see bc hey food is food
• changkyun: hey how do i start the stove
• “…….ur kidding right”
• u put down ur knife and walk to the stove, hesitant to turn any knobs
• “um its this one right?”
• u switch on the stove on the inner right corner which seemed fine to u…….until the roll of napkins next to it caught fire
• the fire alarm starts beeping and u freak out and start blowing on it until changkyun shoves his hand into ur face. “DONT BLOW ON IT ITLL GET BIGGER”
• luckily ur dating the son of a scientist so he grabs a pot lid from the cabinet underneath and throws it on top of the fire, stopping the flow of oxygen and u hear the sizzle of ur bounty napkins
• u and changkyun breathe out a relieved sigh and u lean on him
• u suggest making cookies tomorrow and changkyun insists on putting lucky charms in them
• u roll ur eyes, “yea yea whatever lets clean up and go to bed”

psiioniichearts  asked:

I love your Mystic Messenger headcanons! If you haven't already, I was wondering if maybe you could do one with the RFA dating the MC but they see them irl and find out the MC is a guy? I played the game and loved it but well ^^;; funny story, I'm a guy. Thank you!

thank you so much for this request, i like it a lot! it’s long so i put it under a cut c:

~headcanon requests closed for now~

Seven thought it would be like, the prank of the century! just tell every MC is a girl, it will be SOOOO funny when they all find out! but, um….he had no idea they were all going to fall in love with MC

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Rattled - Part 2

A/N: Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)  I finally got some inspiration for part 2 (there will be a part 3!) for my Feysand train AU and got everything written down!  So here it is.  I hope you enjoy some Feysand banter and fluff @rhysndtrash & @vanilla28

[Part 3]

Feyre offers a perfunctory wave to her early bird neighbor as the greying man stooped with some difficulty to retrieve his morning paper.  Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she shifts her soft leather bag higher on her shoulder and carefully holds her steaming travel mug aloft while her other hand ensures the double locks on her front door slides into place.  I’ll see you again in around fourteen hours my lovely bed.

Tossing her keys into their customary pocket in her purse, Feyre blindly walks the path that would bring her to the just sun kissed streets still empty of the early morning rush.

Thursdays are often early mornings, as one of her duties is to arrive in time to accept all new shipments and oversee loans to other galleries and the occasional art museum, plus the odd sale to dealers and collectors.  Despite her distaste for waking with the sun, there’s something beautiful about being one of the first to see Velaris as the calling birds shoot across the sky, eager squirrels skittering over the cobblestones, and the first blush of fresh baked bread filling the new day.

Pulled from her musings by a bright chirp, Feyre shuffles around the center of her admittedly disorganized purse to find her phone and a waiting message from Mor.

are u sure u dont want it?

im going on record saying this is the most stubborn u have ever been

Rolling her eyes Feyre shoots off a quick answer – yes, busybody.  I’m sure

This had become Mor’s new way to greet Feyre when they texted, or called, or one time sent actual paper letters that she had paid for postage to harass her poor hard working friend into accepting Rhysand’s phone number.

And it’s not that she doesn’t want it.  Because at least some small – or perhaps very large and enamored – part of her really wants it and wants to rip open the buttons on that carefully tailored black dress shirt that hugged his –

It’s not like things hadn’t been heading in that direction; but they got separated at the train snack bar and then she’d been ushered from the train by a conductor determined to keep on schedule, barely giving her a chance to grab her bags from her depressingly empty compartment.

She’d managed to tamp down her disappointment, figuring if it was meant to be they wouldn’t have been so strangely separated.  In fact, the strangeness was a tick in favor of not being meant to be.  But Meddling Morrigan quickly told Feyre where she could shove her ‘meant to be nonsense.’

Still, she didn’t force the phone number on Feyre, which she is grateful for.  Despite her flirtation and momentary infatuation, she’s still gun shy, and Mor is good enough to understand.  But that doesn’t mean she’s going to let the issue go.  Which is why another text sounds from the phone clenched in her free hand.

u r perfect for each other

which I told u

and then I was proven right

by ur unmitigated chemistry

so you can spell unmitigated out but not ‘you’

says the girl who uses quotes in casual texts

Feyre rolld her eyes but smiles nonetheless as she responds,

why are you even awake

gym with Az

is this thumb day

nah.  im on the treadmill.  multitasking my child

Before she has a chance to respond, Feyre finds her face smashed against a tightly muscled form covered in a light sheen of sweat that would’ve been gross if not for the violet eyes that glint down at her, “I was hoping we’d run into each other,” he drawls, meticulously drinking in her form before continuing with a smirk, “though I didn’t consider whether we would do so literally.”

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anonymous asked:

pls write another au inspired by that one gif of mark with his arm around haechan if you're up for it

sure thing! i had one in mind before this gif but now that it exists it is honestly so perfect????!!!!? for this concept lmao. it’s a bit rushed more this time because all my high school au ideas overlap with each other im sorry if this is repetitive lol ::: (also a lil reminder but since my aus are all just headcanon clutters if anyone wants to actually write a real fic for this pls do i rly want someone to that’s the point of me posting these lol)

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where you meet dylann by accident (anywhere would do) and you just broke up with your boyfriend and he, even if hes a stranger, tries to comfort you and then he ends up falling for you? Thank you if you do, its ok if you dont want to tho

Wow, my first imagine :) I hope this is okay and I got a bit carried away so I hope it is not too long, sorry!

You meeting Dylann

You looked at the watch on the wall. School did not pass quickly today. You nervously tapped your pencil against the desk in front of you. Two years, two years and it did not even take him 20 seconds to end this relationship. He had not explained anything, simply told you that it was over. You swallowed and tried not to think about it now but it was impossible. Why was it so hard to pull yourself together and not start crying? He hadn’t been the best boyfriend anyway and recently he had treated you like a piece of shit. He had never cared much for your feelings and even cheated on you. What had you done? You had forgiven him and the crazy thing was that you did still love him despite everything that had happened. As soon as the bell rang you grabbed your books and folders and stormed out of the class room, wanting to get home.

You decided to go through the park today. It was the shorter way. You pulled out your phone to check your messages and as you pocketed it again you suddenly ran into something – more into someone. Gravity immediately pulled your folders and books down accompanied by something that did not belong to you. A blue camera. You watched as the camera hit the ground and broke into tiny pieces. You immediately dropped to your knees.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry, I did not mean to run into you.”

You ignored your books and folders and instead desperately tried to pick up all the pieces of the camera while you looked up. There was a boy right in front of you; he was fairly tall and skinny. His skin was pale, only the upper side of his biceps had a light golden tan. Crystal clear blue-grey eyes bored into you, almost hidden by the hair that was hanging into his face.

“Leave it!”

He suddenly growled at you, obviously annoyed and began to pick up the pieces himself.

“I’m so sorry.”

You mumbled and took your books instead, wrapping your arms around them.

“How about you pay attention while walking next time?”

He spat and that was enough for today. You had managed to keep it together until now. Tears welled up in your eyes exactly at the moment when the stranger you had run into looked at you.

“Oh shit. You are not going to cry about that now, will you?”

He asked and you tried one last time to oppress to sob and swallowed around the lump in your throat but trying to hold back was only making it worse and you gave up. A loud sob left your mouth and a few tears began to roll down your cheeks. You gasped for air between your sobs and snuffled.


The guy sighed but his voice did not sound as harsh anymore as before.

“I did everything he wanted and have always been there for him! I invested so much time and nerves in this relationship. How can he leave me after all we have been through? It’s like he never loved me at all.”

The words just poured out, you talked a mile a minute. The boy in front of you was clearly taken aback of your sudden emotional outburst. He starred at you with wide eyes and did not say a word. Great, another one that probably thought you did escape the psychiatric ward.

“I’m sorry, I’m a mess right now. Give me your address, I’ll send you a new camera or money to replace it and stop bothering you.”

He shook his head no.

“No, I am sorry! I shouldn’t have been so rude.”

He motioned to the ruined camera.

“That thing was old anyway. I’m just bad at parting with things, at least now I have a reason to buy a new one. You kind off helped me here.”

He said with a small smile and you noted that he looked quite cute when he smiled. Your sobbing subsided and you snuffled, calming down a bit.

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want me to replace it?”

You watched as he pulled something out of the pockets of his pants, a tissue, and handed it to you.

“Yeah I’m positive.”

You nodded and took the tissue, blowing your nose.

“Thank you.”

You quietly said and wiped away the last tears that were about to dry on your cheeks.

“God I’m so awful and repulsive.”

You murmured, gesturing to your running nose and your eyes that were puffy from crying. He chuckled slightly.

“You are actually the first person I see who does still look very beautiful while crying.”

You laughed slightly.

“You are lying.”

“No I am not.”

He murmured silently and offered you a hand, pulling you up with him as he stood up. The guy seemed to ponder on something while he watched you intensely.

“Look, I know that sounds weird-”

He seemed shy all of the sudden, running his fingers through his hair, wiping the slightly sweaty bangs to the sides.

“-but would you maybe like to, I don’t know, talk about that thing with your boyfriend, I mean ex-boyfriend?”

You were baffled. This stranger whose camera you had just ruined offered to listen to your drama.

“There is a quite beautiful place at the lake over there, I often take photos there. We could sit down and have a talk or-“

It seemed that he had some problems expressing what he wanted to say.

“I mean…You know what forget it, it probably isn’t a good idea anyway.”

That was when you finally had mercy on him and his nervous stuttering and smiled.


You almost shouted.

“It does actually sound pretty damn good.”

His eyes widened. You did not know if he normally wasn’t used to talk to girls and them really talking back but he was clearly more than surprised that you wanted to spend time with him.

“You know you have to lead the way right?”

You said with a grin when he didn’t move.

“Uhm yeah, right. My name’s Dylann by the way and you really don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, it was just a suggestion.”

“My name is (Y/N) and I would gladly talk about it with you Dylann.”

You tried to reassure him and smiled. Then Dylann began to walk and you followed him, walking beside him.

“Did I erase priceless memory by breaking the camera?”

“No, there are mostly only incredibly ugly selfies on there.”

He said and you had to laugh so hard that a light grunt escaped your mouth. You blushed and covered your mouth with your hand. Meeting this stranger was probably the best thing that had happened to you today you thought, not knowing that exactly this stranger walking next to right now had already fallen in love with the way your mouth curled up when you smiled. You had no idea that this stranger had already decided that he would do anything in his power to see you smile more often and maybe let you forget about that asshole that broke your heart. No, you did not know all that but Dylann did and it brought a genuine smile to his face.

The Silent Treatment

Request: #16 with lay??????

16) Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you

Prompt list can be found here

Member: Exo’s Lay x Y/N

Type: fluff

“Don’t be mad because I won the dance battle,” I giggled, collapsing onto the carpet in the living room of the EXO dorm. I was so out of shape, it was insane that I managed to make my body move in any way even remotely similar to the manner in which Lay moved. His body was like art in motion, but whenever we began to dance, I would insist it somehow became a dance battle, and I was always the winner.

Yixing began to shake his head, speaking under his breath in Chinese, which he knew very well that I couldn’t understand. 

“Yah! If you’re going to talk shit about me, at least do it in a language I know!” I gasped, sticking my tongue out at him. 

“I wasn’t talking crap about you,” he pouted. “I was criticizing myself.”

“Aish, Zhang Yixing!” I laughed. “You are not criticizing yourself over “losing” a dance battle to me! You always lose! My moves are too good!”

I began to do the sprinkler and instantly collapsed into a fit of giggles at my own silliness. Yixing fought back a smirk, eventually breaking into a full smile himself as he reached toward me, wrapping me in his arms from behind and rolling around with me on the floor. 

“Let go,” I grumbled, we were both sweaty from dancing like fools, but his hold was strong. Instinctively I began to blow at his neck, knowing it’s sensitivity. 

“Wah, wah, wah,” he groaned, retracting his arms and throwing his body in a direction away from me. He curled up on the floor a few feet away and his normally innocent face was full of hurt. He sat up, pulling his knees under his chin as he continued to pout. 

I knew Lay would never legitimately get mad about me blowing on his neck, but he sure had fun feigning anger during these moments. He looked like a spoiled child who had just been told “no” when asking for candy. I had to admit, it was kind of adorable. 

“Oh, so you’re mad at me now?” I smiled, tilting my head at him. He blinked a few times, turning his head away from me and sticking his chin in the air. 

“You aren’t talking to me then?” I asked, lifting my brows. “Wow, what a relief.”

He furrowed his brows as he glared at me, quickly reaching in his pocket to remove his phone. He tapped quickly on the screen and looked up at me, expectantly. 

“I thought we were friends”

I giggled, shaking my head at his text. 

“I thought you were a good dancer” 

Yixing audibly gasped as he tapped furiously at his screen, sending another text with a determined expression. 

“i dont want to be your friend anymore”

“you’re a terrible liar yixing, even through text message”

I watched as his expression immediately brightened and an easy smile appeared onto his face. 

“now stop being silly. you know you’re the best dancer i’ve ever seen.”

Yixing looked up at me quickly as the text appeared on his screen and a deep blush filled his cheeks. He looked away from both me and his phone and bit his lip. No matter how many times I complimented him, through text or verbally, he always acted as if it was the first time and he became a shy mess. 

“you’re the best best friend ever Y/N” he sent, followed up by a heart emoji. 

I sighed, contented with my fate. The best friend. 

“i thought the silent treatment meant i wouldn’t get talked to at all,” I typed back, shaking my head. “You kind of suck at it tbh” 

“i could never give you the silent treatment…i figured this was a compromise with myself”

I laughed again, patting at the carpet beside me. Yixing nodded, crawling on his hands and knees to plop on his stomach and set his chin on my knee. 

“Do you really think I’m the best dancer you’ve ever seen?” he cooed, looking up at me through his lashes. 

“The best,” I nodded with a smirk. I reached up and ruffled his hair with my hand. “Now quit being a dork.”

“I can’t…if you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of always a dork,” he muttered, shutting his eyes. “But at least I’m your dork!” 

My breathing hitched as I looked down at Lay. His statement was so innocent, and I knew in no way did he mean it in the way I had hoped. He kept his eyes closed, a small smile painted on his face. I wish I could be that calm when he was next to me. My thoughts were racing and I felt my face growing hotter by the moment. 

“Mmm, Y/N,” Yixing whispered, slowly opening his eyes again. “I really need to go actually practice.”

“You just got back from the studio like an hour ago, what do you mean you need to go practice?” I grumbled. “You work too hard.”

“Or maybe I work just hard enough,” he chuckled, booping at my nose with his finger. I rolled my eyes as he went to do it again, but I caught his finger in the air. 

“Do it again, I dare you,” I grumbled with a pout. It seemed that as soon as Yixing and I got to a place of comfort when we were together, he was desperate to leave the situation. Practice was always the answer. 

“Or what? You’ll give me the silent treatment?” he whispered, going at my nose again. “I think you’d be about as good at it as I am.” 

I crossed my arms with a huff and eventually fished my phone from where I had placed it in my pocket. Yixing’s phone went off and he smiled as he looked down at it. 

“Maybe,” he chuckled, reading off my text. 

“you’re too cute for your own good”

I thought my heart had stopped beating. I took a deep breath in and held it, trying to remind myself that I needed oxygen to survive. 

“look who’s talking” I replied. I gave Yixing a side eye and his cheeks had grown just as pink as my own. 

“technically i’m texting, not talking”

“ooo you got me. sick burn yixing.” 

“i got you?”

“you always got me”

He smiled, beginning to type out several things and then instantly began deleting them. 

“Yah, Lay, what’s the issue?” I grumbled aloud, lifting my brows. “Just say it if you’re having that hard of a time.”

“I can’t,” he whispered, furrowing his own brows as he continued to type words on his screen. ‘Every time I try to think out the words, my Chinese and Korean get confused and I can’t say it the right way.” 

“What could possibly be so important?” I sighed. 

That was when Lay finally let a groan of defeat pass his lips as he hit send on his phone and three simple words appeared on mine. 

“i like you”

I blinked a few times as I looked from his reddened face to my phone screen and back again. He winced as his words set in, both of us waiting in silence. 

“I wanted to say it better…I’ve wanted to say it all day…but my brain wouldn’t let me…” he said quietly, avoiding eye contact. 

“I like you too,” I whispered. 

“Wah,” he breathed, his gentle face filling with wonder. He leaned back and sprang forward, tackling me in a hug. “Wah, amazing.”

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I’m Right

Summary: There’s this boy who wears black, including a ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he’s starting to grow tired because all his friends and family talk about is him meeting his soulmate. What they don’t know is that he’s never going to be able to love his soulmate like they want him to.

Warnings: Acephobia, arophobia, self-hate, alcohol, swearing. I think that’s it. Dan freaks out a lot. Generally quite a lot of angst. 

Word count: 5,285

Disclaimer: I’m ace, but I don’t know if I’m aro, so I’m not claiming this is how all aro/ace people feel. Fuck, I don’t feel like this at all, I’m pretty happy with my sexuality. I don’t really get angsty about it, I’m generally quite proud of how I identify. I just imagine that, seeing as our own society is already kinda shit when it comes to this,  in a universe like this soulmate!AU, being aroace would feel kinda shitty, so I exaggerated Dan’s emotions a lot, so uh, yeah. I hope you like it.

A/N: Very much inspired by this fic (warning: mentions of non-con) and this fic (i v much recommend both)

(And hey, just remember that I love you, no matter what your identity is. Nothing is wrong with you, aight? You’re a pretty cool person.)

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ok here is the dean forester insult prose poem

Sit down, bag boy. Shut up and listen. I will fight you if I have to. I cannot believe that you are a real person. How do you survive? Does your neck hurt from bending backwards to keep your head that far up your ass? Do you see yourself? Your face is shaped like an egg. You literally have an egg face. The only way you could not look like an egg is if someone boiled you and then dropped you from the top of a building. To be fair, you would still look like an egg, but at least then you would have some color in your life.

There is a way to treat people. A kind decent, respectful way. You chose the other option. Feelings are not negotiable. There are no terms and conditions when it comes to love. You cannot bribe someone for the emotions that you are looking for. I hope that car goes Christine on your ass and kills you like Keith Gordon. You are a pile of garbage for thinking a girl owes you anything just because you love her. You are week old garbage— the wet, grunge kind that seeps through a dumpster and leaves stains. You know when you are about to eat a sandwich and then realize at the last second that the bread is green and fuzzy? That the cheese smells worse than feet and the turkey is wet and sticky? That is what your affection feels like. I do not have the ability to see into your mind, to know what you think about this, but I hope you know that your feelings are the equivalent of milk that has been sitting in the sun for three days. I have not touched you, but I can imagine that your hands feel like sandpaper dipped in honey. You probably smell like ranch dressing. Watching you is like watching a dog chase its own tail even though it does not have one. Do you know what you look like to me? Who am I kidding? You are so stupid that you thought Jurassic Park used actual dinosaurs. How could I think you would know when someone does not like you?

You are a sniveling, snotty, piss baby.  I cannot believe that people look at you and see the perfect boyfriend. You know what you are, right? If fuck boy was in the dictionary, a picture of you would sit right next to it. Girls are glistening goddesses next to you— why any of them find you appealing is a mystery to me. If your giant toddler body could fit into a canoe, I would poke a hole in your boat and then push you off to sea. Let the sharks eat you. I bet they would spit you out, too. They would probably think that you are too fucking bitter. For a goddam sea creature. They could probably taste the hate that lives inside your organs and do not want to accidentally catch anything from you. Sharks would rather die from starvation than feed off of your crusty ass.

Your shrill whine is the kind that only dogs can hear. I am sorry, but no one understand you. Do you think that you are so tall that no one can hear you? Please, you do not have to yell. I cannot take you seriously when all that comes out of your mouth is “wah wah wah wah.” A quick question: what do you think that you are saying? I sure hope that you know the bullshit that comes out of your mouth is stinking up the room. You are a walking fart. Why don’t you crawl back inside the hemorrhoid on Satan’s asshole that you crawled out of? You are like a yellow marker that tried to write over something dark and has now become a distressing yellow-brown color that no one wants to use anymore. You are the Times New Roman of people. I cannot look at you without seeing one of those pressed pennies from the History Museum.

Did you think that Night at the Museum was a documentary? Those people do not actually come to life. If they did, we could find the section from the nineteen fifties and place you inside that glass box where you belong. Cavemen have better manners than you. Even fucking cavemen know that they do not own their significant others. You cannot tell your girlfriend to stop being friends with someone and then get mad when your wife tells you the same thing. Your infidelity makes you nothing more than a soggy floor coupon. Somewhere there is a tree creating oxygen so that you can live. I believe that you owe that tree an apology. You are a literal piece of shit, sitting atop an otherwise perfect piece of cake. If someone asks me what the one thing is that would ruin cake, it would be you. They say that ignorance is bliss, but you must know the kind of crap you leave behind. Tell me, how does it feel to be the human version of a pit stain? Do you like being the sweaty, smelly reminders of exercise and pain? Do you like that you remind people about the nastiest hobby? I bet you do. I bet that you like knowing people cringe when they see your face. I know that I do.

Do me a favor and staple all of your fingers together.  I hope you accidentally drink piss instead of apple juice. Please swallow your tongue whole and choke on it. I want you to feel a thousand tiny paper cuts in every finger crack that you have. I wish you to step on a Lego everyday of your life until you die.  I want you to feel what knowing you is like.

Solangelo AU

Based on a prompt


Nico didn’t like meet and greets. Despite that, Hazel found it wildly amusing to drag him alone to one of her favourite blonde pop singer’s meet and greet because she knew Nico wouldn’t deny her extreme pleading, and how ‘he’s the best singer in the world, Nico, pleeeease’ and the fact that she had two tickets to see him. Nico didn’t know he had to attend his concert, too. If he had, he wouldn’t have gone no matter what Hazel said. It was pretty hard to deny even after they to there, since Piper and Annabeth bought tickets too and decided to tag along and when those two are around, you tend to be terrified.

So, when they did get there, Nico excused himself before the singer, Wally Shoelace or something, got on stage. he somehow managed to find an empty spot outside the venue, where he quietly scrolled through various websites and social medias, replying with short and vague answers to Hazel’s texts.

 It took about half an hour for the singer to arrive, and Nico realised this by the roar of fans all screaming at the top of their lungs for this guy- who’s name was actually Will Solace- who started singing soon after. 

Yeah, he had good songs. Nico wouldn’t admit it in front of Hazel, but his songs did have meaning behind them, each telling a story of a different person. It was different, really.

Then, Nico eventually went back. The concert had ended and Hazel was waiting for Nico.

“Where were you?” Hazel almost shouted, “The meet and greet started half an hour ago. We’re the last ones!”

Nico smirked, “I’m surprised you asked where I was, because you forgot me immediately after Will came on,”

Hazel blushed, while glaring at Nico, “Nico!”

“What?” He ridiculed, “Alright,, alright. Where’re the others?”

“Piper and Annabeth left early,” She told him, “We need to go to the meet and greet, though. You coming?”

Nico felt bad for leaving her in there the whole concert, so he reluctantly agreed and got into the massive line with her. His whole expression must’ve dropped because Hazel laughed.

“I know,” she nodded at the long queue, “This is why you should’ve stayed put,”

Nico rolled his eyes and they got into the line, the last two, just as Hazel had said.

They must’ve stood there for at least two hours. Nico went to the bathroom, and then got back, while Hazel complained that there was too long of a queue in the girls toilet for her to go. Eventually, when there were only a few people in front of them, Hazel decided her bladder was about to explode.

“I bet the queue is shorter now,” she was met with an incredulous expression from Nico, “Whatever. Ill be right back,”

Nico was too tired to stop her. His legs ached from standing this long and for some reason, the girls in the front thought the same thing. They finished their meet and greet with Will Solace way faster than any of the others had.

Nico definitely did not want to face Will Solace alone. Hazel, however, was nowhere in sight. He didn’t even have anything for him to sign on. Unfortunately, the queue ended and he was met by a bodyguard.

“Alright, no kissing, groping or assaulting allowed,” He squinted at Nico, even though he was sure that the bodyguard hadn’t done this so fiercly to any of the girls. Nico nodded anyway.

“Actually, my sister-”

“Kid, we dont have much time,”

“Fine, jeez” Nico glared at the bodyguard and turned to the meet and greet table, where Will Solace was standing, stretching his limbs out.

Nico was speechless for a moment. Will may have been a little sweaty and worn out from the whole meet and greet but he was gorgeous. His blonde locks fell slightly in his eyes, his tanned golden skin shone in the spotlights and flashes around him, and his pink lips were stretched into an extravagant smile despite how long he had been dealing ith fans.

“Uh, hi,” Nico mumbled awkwardly. Will turned to look at him, and then after a moment, smiled even brighter than before.

“Hey,” Will’s voice was beautiful, too. Nico shook his head inwardly, “Its nice to meet you. I don’t see a lot of male fans, you know,”

Nico walked up to him, “Uh, about that. My sister actually is in the bathroom, and she really wanted to see you so I should probably just get a sign,”

“Ah,” Will nodded, but he seemed slightly disappointed, “I see. Alright, can I get a paper for the sign?”

Nico fumbled with his pockets, but found no paper. Instead, he found a ketchup packet he had gotten from McDonalds the night before. Nico blushed as Will scratched the back of his neck.

“Okay, so you need a signature but you only have a ketchup sachet for me.. uh,” Will smiled awkwardly and Nico wanted to disappear, “Okay, how abut this: we go backstage and I ask Roger, my bodyguard to bring your sister there? You guys are the last ones anyway,”

Nico thought about it, and then nodded, knowing what this meant for Hazel. And also the fact that he would get time with hot ass Will Solace. Will’s boduguard started escorting them backstage, and then to Will’s dressing room. Nico had sent a quick text to Hazel, which was replied by a text scream.

“Sorry,” Will gestured for Nico to sit, “It’s not much,”

Nico glanced at the dressing room, which had amazing interior, “No, no. It’s… nice,”

Will laughed and took the ketchup packet from Nico, scribbling a quick signature on it, “This is for you,”

Then, Will took out another piece of paper, “And this is for your sister,” 

Nico stared at the packet. It had his sign and a winky face. Smiling, Nico pocketed it and then took the signed paper for his sister.

“My sister adores you. I never really heard your music before today. I Like it,” Nico admitted, making Will’s eyes light up.

“Thats cool,” Will smiled, “Tell me something about you. For instance, your favourite colour,”

Nico glanced at his all back clothes, wondering why Will hadn’t thought it was black, “Well, its silver. I’m surprised you didn’t think it was black,”

“Well, I know better than to judge a book by its cover,” Will said.

Nico blushed, and then fell into an simple conversation with him. It was easy to talk to the singer, despite how famous he was. Admittedly, Nico had been expecting someone hard headed.

Hazel came to the dressing room a few minutes later, managing to keep her cool. Will was really sweet to her, which made Nico appreciative. He admired manners.

At the end of the night, Nico knew that Will Solace was no longer just a pop singer who thousands of girls loved for his looks (he really was pretty hot, though).


Sequel to Chemistry

Summary: Phil just hopes a box of heart shaped doughnuts can make his heart’s wish come true.

Word Count: 2,487

Warnings: some swear words, food

A/N: so sorry this took my so long! i wanted to write it to the best of my abilities! as always, tell me if i made a mistake or missed a warning

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#38! KuroTsukki! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

prompt: You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.


“Hey, glasses, a couple more! Then we’ll let you go!” They were near the net, beside each other when Kuroo elbowed the blonde into his bicep with a playful yet incredibly jeering look. From the other side, Bokuto lifted the volleyball he was holding above his head and whooped excitedly. Akaashi just rolled his eyes.

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Beta Trainer (Isaac Lahey)

UR GIRL HERE BACK AT IT AGAIN WKTH AN ISAAC IMAGINE. PLZ ENJOY I KNOW ITS BEEN AWHILE. I LOVE YOU ALL :) Word Count: 1,369 Trigger warnings: fights yo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New meat they say. Well as in they you mean Derek. You were walking in the woods last night (probably the dumbest thing you could do in Beacon Hills right now) and you got attacked by something. That something turned out to be Derek. You cussed the sourwolf out as soon as Scott told you it was him. He explained to you that he needed another beta, even though you explicitly told home the other day that you did not want to become a werewolf. You enjoyed being part of the pack as a human - like Stiles. But of course, Derek had other intentions. “Okay (y/n), since you need to be trained before you can actually fight and stuff, I’m going to have Isaac train you.” Derek explained. You smirked. Isaac Lahey huh? You and Isaac are pretty good friends. So this whole training thing might not be as bad as what you thought. You walk towards the training room to find Isaac already there punching a punching bag. “So Isaac, are you ready to do this?” He flashed you a smile. “As ready as I’ll ever be. I can’t wait to kick your ass (y/n).” This caused you to laugh. Isaac first had you run laps for a little bit. Not only did you have to know how to fight, but you also had to know how to run away fast if the situation got out of hand. Next he taught you a few basic moves. Once you got those down he showed you some attacks. “So… Like this!” You said as you pounced at him. But he dodged it causing you to fall to the ground and groan. “Ehh not exactly short stack.” He chuckled. You shot back up and punched His shoulder. “Don’t call me short stack! You’re like 8 feet tall everyone is short to you.” You huffed. Isaac chuckled once more. “I think today’s training is done. Let’s meet again tomorrow? Same time?” You sigh. “Yeah alright. No go shower Lahey, you smell like sweaty socks on a hot day.” You smiled as you walked away. Isaac stood there with his mouth agap in a shocked position. He shook his head and smiled. “Guess I should go hit the showers.” The first 2 weeks of training was a success. As well as your budding friendship with Isaac. “Damn Isaac, back at it again with Being late for training.” You giggled. He shot you a ‘ha ha’ look. “Okay today is the day I think you are ready for a real fight.” Your smiled quickly faded. “W-what?” You stuttered out. “I think you should come and fight with us today.” He smiled - but it was almost like it was a forced smile. You walk up to him and touch his shoulder. You could sense that something was wrong. “Isaac, did Derek tell you to have me fight today?” You asked with a whisper. You looked him in the eyes and he looked away. “No he didn’t I made the decision.” “Isaac no you didn’t, I know you didn’t. You told me that it would at least me a month or 2. What did Derek tell you.” You demanded. Isaac sighed. “Derek said that you needed to start real training sooner rather than later. So he was going to let you come to the fight with us today. I-I told him no but I guess he didn’t listen.” Isaacs eyes trailed to the ground trying not to look at you. “Isaac, it’s going to be okay. You’ve been training me so hard for the last two weeks.” You whispered to him trying to make him look at you. You grabbed his forearms and shook them a little bit. “Isaac. Look at me.” You whispered. His looked up a bit to face you. “I’ll be okay. You’ve trained me SO well. I’ve improved a lot from being that girl who uses a crowbar. It will be alright.” You hug him and he hugs you back. “Okay, I believe you. I trust you (y/n), now let’s go kick some ass.” He smiled a bit. “God dammit! Where are there so many of them!” You groaned as you fought the alpha pack. “I dont know (y/n), but keep on fighting!” Isaac grunted as he kicked an alpha in the chest. You take a deep breath and continue to punch and kick the alpha in front of you. A few blows later, he finally launched towards you and tackles you to the ground. He then proceeded to claw at you until finally someone pulled him off of you. “(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Can you hear me! It’s me Isaac.” You faintly heard. You spot Isaac in a blurry haze before everything went black. When you woke up everything was white. The ceiling was white the walls were white the curtains where white the counters were white. You looked around until you finally found something that wasn’t completely white. As your eyes adjusted to the brightness you could make out that it was a sleeping Isaac clad in a red shirt and grey sweats. “Isaac?” You croaked out. The dirty blonde’s head shit up towards you. “(Y/n?) oh my gosh you’re awake! Let me go get a nurse.” He exclaimed as he got up. “And a water!” You croaked out again. A few moments later Isaac returned with a cup of water and a nurse. She went through and checked all of your vitals. “She looks good to me. Besides her wounds of course. I’d say she’ll be out of here in no time. You’ll just have to have the doctors check up on you. I’m sorry that you got attacked honey, luckily your boyfriend was there to get you.” She smiled. You and Isaac both blushed. “Oh um, he’s not my boyfriend.” You said quietly. The nurse winked. “Got it. The doctor will be in shortly.” She walked out of the room and the door shit behind her causing the room to fill with awkward silence and tension. “Thanks for saving my ass out there Isaac.” You giggled. Isaac turned towards you with a serious look. “It’s not funny (y/n) you got hurt - bad. And it’s my fault.” He sighed and looked down. You frowned. “Isaac it’s not your fault. It’s my fault. I just wasn’t as strong as what I thought I was.” “Which is why it’s my fault. I knew you weren’t strong enough yet I still let you go. I should have fought for you to not come with Derek before.” You reached out and grabbed Isaac’s hand. “Isaac listen to me, I’m serious. It wasn’t your fault okay? You thought I wasn’t strong enough and I didn’t listen to you. Please don’t blame yourself. I hate seeing you all sad like this.” You spoke as you rubbed circles on his thumb with yours. He looked up at you. “Y-you hate seeing me sad? Why?” He asked with wide eyes. You stiffened. Why did you? I mean sure you’ve been really close to him for the past few weeks. But what made you feel this way? Before you could even think about it the words flew out of your mouth. “Because I like you Isaac.” You whispered. Isaac froze causing you to freeze - once again. Seconds later Isaac lunged for you and his lips met yours. He placed his hands on the sides of your face and you kissed him back. His soft lips against your cracked and chapped ones felt amazing. “Okay Miss - oh sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.” The doctor said as he came into the room. Isaac quickly pulled away and you wiped your mouth. “Am I good to go?” You asked out of breath. Isaac scratched his head awkwardly in his chair. The doctor cleared his throat. “Uh, yes you have recovered well and can check out in an hour. Enjoy the rest of your uh day.” He managed to get out and then quickly left the room. You and Isaac started laughing. “What a great way to start a relationship.” You joked. Isaac grabbed your hand and kissed it. “Only if the relationship is with you.”

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I really love it when people post articles about the female experience, and guys dismiss them with a smug “this article is fake.”

Then you provide them source links. LOTS of source links.

“I still don’t believe it! So fake!”

MORE source links. Screencaps of conversations had on twitter. Links to the actual store itself so he can see that it doesn’t sell merchandise for girls. Or links to scientific studies about body language and gender. SO MANY LINKS. So many sources.

“Pssh. Women are just making this up. They just want to whine about stuff. People are starving to death. Why do we even care about this?”

I don’t know. Because people are complex and are able to care about multiple issues at the same time? Because I can care that many people don’t have access to clean water AND I can care that the Disney Store doesn’t sell any Princess Leia toys and is marketing merchandise only to boys. I can care about the homelessness issue in America AND think it’s unfair that strange men invade my personal space on the subway because they feel entitled to it.

I’m just always amazed that you can provide some people all the proof in the world, and they simply refuse to believe it because it’s not an issue that effects them personally.