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Regarding the ring exchange scene, apparently some leaked storyboard showed an internal monologue of Victor's. He was sad Yuuri didn't come out and say it was an engagement ring. "So this is what he means." The Japanese fanbase picked it up. Which is why he looks a tiny bit sad. I wish they hadn't cut that part, but at least Victor understands Yuuri's real intentions. Thus the "we'll get married after winning gold," comment. :') But it would have been nice with Vic's original thought. Oh well.

yep, you’re absolutely correct! if anyone’s interested, here’s a post with the storyboard and the translation and here’s another post about the rings scene! i really wish they’d kept vitya’s inner thoughts in the finished episode, it feel that it would have cleared things up for a lot of people bc it would’ve made it clear that he absolutely understood what yuuri meant, and i’m really just dying to know more about vtya’s thoughts in any scene haha ♥ sometimes i wonder how many other little things like this one didn’t make it to the final cut bc i’d love to know them all D:

oh and if this ask was inspired by my tags for this post, i feel like i should clarify that i was talking about the whole composition of that screenshot! that yuuri pov with the ring in the front and vitya in the background? i feel that the way it’s framed absolutely makes yuuri’s inner intentions clear whether he himself says it out loud (or even fully admits it to himself bc anxiety) or not ♥

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Too similar

Okay, this is veeery random and I didn’t even finish it, so not all the Sakamakis included. I really don’t want to continue this, but I didn’t want to waste what I’ve already wrote, so here it goes. It’s only a lil shitful shit I wrote by accident. Don’t mind me lol.

You tried to convience him how annoying he sometimes was. But he didn’t listen to you and you decided to pursuade him in a bit different way.

♞ Laito ♞

“Heyyy, babeee…”
The sweet sound of your voice instantly reached his ears and he stalked over, wrapping arms around you.
”Ahh, Laito-kun, let’s…”
The way you gripped his pants in the next moment made him instantly go nut.
And guess what? He didn’t regret you acting like this.
You failed, lol.

♝ Reiji ♝

“Reiji, you didn’t do your homework yet.”
“Don’t you see I’m busy with-”
“Do it right now, I’m not going to repeat myself.”
You sat down, sipping your tea, as he looked at you, raising his eyebrow.
“What are you trying to prove…?”

♚ Shu ♚

“Oi… We should do something… You’ve been sleeping for a few days in row…” Shu’s face shown the highest confusion as he looked down at you, shaking your arm to wake you up.
“…too bothersome…” you mumbled, smashing his hand away and rolling over, disppearing under blankets.
“…Hey… Stop it.”
“Shut up…”
“…” He was annoyed now and he rolled on top of you, trapping you under his heavy body, making you groan uncomfortably.
“…Shu, get the fuck off of me.”
“You’re the one who started it. Let’s see who can be a better me.”

♜ Subaru ♜

You yelled out aloud and hit the wall with all the strength you had.
It was followed by a pathetic, pained whine and the sound of your bones crushing.
Subaru facepalmed.
2/10, wouldn’t do it again.

Unspoken rule

A little late to the party but here I am!

A million thanks to @bathtimefunduck for beta reading this.

You don’t mess with Lex Luthor’s group. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows that.

Everyone knows that they rule the school. They are powerful, smart, and liked by the teachers. Since most of them were in seventh year and had to study for their NEWTs, that meant a lot of students kept away from the library in fear of getting on their bad side. But that fear of Lex’s reputation didn’t seem to extend to his own family.

“Hey Lex, isn’t that your little sister?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey yeah, what is she doing with those freaks?” frowned Rick

Lex turned to look at the table they were pointing at and saw Lena sitting with five other kids of all houses.

That in itself wasn’t so unusual. The Luthor family believed in extending their reach as far as they could, and that was reflected in Lex’s own group of followers. After all, Max was in Ravenclaw, Rick in Hufflepuff, Leslie Willis and Siobhan Smythe were both on Gryffindor, and finally, Lex himself was in Slytherin, just like every Luthor had ever been, Lena included.

What was weird about Lena’s apparent group was that the kids seemed to be from different years, not just different houses, and the range seemed wide. Lex’s only follower who wasn’t in seventh year was Rick, who was in sixth, so Lena’s companions tickled his curiosity.

“Any idea who they are ladies?” he asked.

He knew that Gryffindor’s top bitches, and more importantly, ruthless gossips, Leslie and Siobhan would probably be able to tell him something about them. He wasn’t wrong; the two girls quickly started trying to one-up each other to see who could give him more information.

“That Ravenclaw boy is Winn Schott, he’s a pureblood but his father is in Azkaban for being a blood purist and attacking mudbloods. He’s also the only other second year there other than Lena,” Leslie said.

“The two older girls are in fourth year. The Hufflepuff is Maggie Sawyer, she’s a mudblood, and she’s dating the other Slytherin girl. Alex Danvers is a pureblood, her father was an Unspeakable for the Ministry, and her mother is a famous Potions Master. Alex herself is the most promising Slytherin since you, and she has the best marks in her year, although she’s closely followed by Sawyer,” added Siobhan.

“The two Gryffindors are firsties. Kara Danvers is a mudblood that was adopted by the Danvers recently. No one knows where she came from. I don’t know who the other kid is.”

“That kid is Adrian Rodriguez, mudblood too, and he knew Sawyer before Hogwarts. Something happened at the beginning of the year when he tried to follow Danvers Jr. up to the girls’ dorm rooms and the tower wouldn’t let him up, but I don’t really know the details. I do know he looks up to Sawyer and she considers him sort of a brother,” finished Leslie.

“Okay, anything else ladies? No? …what is it Rick?”

Rick suddenly looked excited, and he gave the two Gryffindors a smug look. “I know something you don’t!”

The girls glared at him, but Lex urged him to continue.

“Okay so, I used to live in the same town as the Danvers, and I was there when the little one showed up. And rumor has it, she’s related to Clark! You remember him right Lex? That older Gryffindor who was always getting in your way for everything till he graduated two years ago?”

“Yes, I remember him,” Lex said angrily, thinking back to his old rival. He turned back to his sister’s table and saw that the two fourth year girls seemed to be leaving in a rush. He turned his attention back to the little blonde girl. “So you’re saying she’s related to Kent? How so?”

“She’s his cousin, apparently.”

“Really now? How do you guys feel about going over there and introducing ourselves to my sister’s friends huh?”

They shared knowing looks and headed for the table with the four remaining kids.

Alex and Maggie hadn’t meant to be gone for long. In fact, they hadn’t even been gone for more than 20 minutes. They had seen Professor J’onzz leave the library and ran out to ask him to let them pair up for next week’s DADA teamwork exercise (“we don’t do well with partners, but I think we make a pretty good team”). On their way back to the library they had gotten a little sidetracked staring at each other, and that had led to some making out in an empty classroom. Eventually though, they started heading back to help their little siblings and their new friends with a transfiguration exercise that Kara and Adrian were having trouble with, and a charms essay that was baffling the second years.

Maggie opened the door to the library and nearly ran into Rick Malvern.

He shoved her aside and laughed “watch where you’re going mudblood! Hey there, Alex, if you’re ever in the mood for some better company than these freaks, you know where to find me.”

“Move Rick,” said Leslie.

Alex and Maggie shuffled to the side and watched Lex’s whole group leave the library.

“Bye ladies,” Max said, giving them a wink as he left.

Lex and the girls did not bother to look at them.

Once they were gone, Alex and Maggie let out the breaths they had been holding and were turning back towards the library when Maggie suddenly stopped short.

“Wait. Why did Rick say ‘freaks’ as in plural?”

The girls exchanged wide-eyed glances and turned as one to run inside. They went straight for their siblings’ table, but they stopped in their tracks when they saw that every single one of the kids was crying. Even Lena, who was trying to hide her tears to comfort Kara while Winn and Adrian hugged each other next to them. Maggie and Alex both started talking at the same time.

“Are you guys okay?”

“What happened?!”

“Was it Lex?”

“Are you hurt?”


A loud sniff cut them off, and they noticed that Winn was shrinking away from their loud voices. They exchanged another look and sat down.

Maggie hugged both Adrian and Winn and asked softly, “Are any of you hurt?”

They waited until all four of them shook their heads before Alex spoke from where she was wrapped around Kara and Lena. “Can you tell us what happened?”

The younger kids exchanged nervous looks, before Lena took a shaky breath and started explaining. “Lex and his friends, they, they came over and started asking questions. They said they just wanted to get to know my friends better but then they got really rude. They made fun of Winn, and they called Adrian names, and then Lex, he… he…”

“He what?” asked Maggie, trying to hold back her fury and indignation.

This time it was Kara’s small voice that answered, “He told me that I better stay out of his way if I know what’s good for me. And then he started insulting Clark, and then…”

“Kara, Kara calm down,” Alex said, stopping her sister before she could work herself and the others into even more of a panic.

Maggie nodded and said, “We get the picture. Come on, get up. We’re all going to the kitchens for a snack and then you can rest in my common room. You’ll be safe there, the rest of the ‘Puffs won’t let Rick near you, and none of the others ever goes there anyways. That all right with you?”

She received nods from Kara, Adrian and Winn, but Lena looked hesitant.

Alex, sitting right next to her, noticed and asked, “what is it Lena?”

Lena looked up at her with wide, scared eyes and whispered, “But it was my fault…”

Kara practically jumped up at that and said, “No it wasn’t! Lex came for me! If anything it’s my fault for bringing attention to the rest of you guys!”

“This was no one’s fault but Lex’s,” Alex interrupted firmly. “It was Lex and Max and Leslie and all of them, they are the problem.”

Maggie quickly nodded her agreement, but instead of commenting further, she got up and helped the boys stand.

“Come on, you’ll feel better after some hot chocolate. All of you will,” she said, looking warmly at Lena.

The group went to the kitchens, where the house elves loaded them with a mountain of snacks and a silver tray with never ending cups and hot chocolate. After that they headed for the Hufflepuff common room, where they went straight for the warmest, coziest corner, and settled on the couches. A few other ‘Puffs gave them curious looks, but a firm glare from Alex kept them away.

All of them except for James Olsen, a fifth year who was good friends with Maggie, and who approached the fourth years looking concerned. “What happened?”

“Lex and his gang happened,” answered Maggie.

“What did those idiots do this time?” asked a new voice behind James.

The three of them turned around and saw Lucy Lane, James’ sixth year Gryffindor girlfriend.

“Are they seriously picking on first and second years now? How low can they get?”

“Way too low apparently” Alex said darkly. She looked up and locked eyes with Maggie. She subtly pointed at James and Lucy with her head, and Maggie nodded slightly. Then she turned towards the older couple and asked “Hey guys, do you mind staying with the kids for a bit? We need to go back to the library for a minute. With everything that happened, Maggie and I didn’t have time to check out a book we need for our potions essay and we don’t want to leave them alone.”

“A book? Really?” asked James with an arched brow.

“Yup, a book. We really need it or Slughorn is gonna fail us,” Maggie jumped in to say.

“Seriously Sawyer? Danvers here is the kid of a potions master,” said Lucy, unconvinced.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. That only means that the teachers have higher expectations of me than they have of the rest of the class. If we do anything other than perfect he’s gonna fail us, or worse, my mom will find out!”

“You need to sort out your priorities.”

“You clearly don’t know my mom.”

“OKAY, let’s get back on track. Guys, we’re really just getting a book. Can you watch the kids or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Go. We won’t let anything else happen to them. You are really just getting a book right?” asked James, still unconvinced.


“Of course.”

“Fine. Don’t take too long!”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thanks guys.”

Alex and Maggie left. Upon exiting the room, they turned to share a look.

“We are not going to get a book are we?”

“Of course not.”

“I just want to point out that they’re five seventh years and we’re just two fourth years.”

“Technically, Rick is a sixth year”

“You know what I mean”

“You don’t have to come with me you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re ride or die, Danvers.”

Finding Lex’s gang hadn’t been hard. Back when she was a first year, muggleborn Maggie had been captivated by everything at Hogwarts. She had always been polite and nice to the portraits, the ghosts, the suits of armor, the owls, and anything else that seemed even remotely sentient. (“They may seem different from us, but who am I to say that they’re too different? Is there even such a thing as too different?”) Because of that, she had a lot of unusual friends in the castle. Alex privately thought that the castle itself liked her (and how could it not? She was smart, tough, and so, so beautiful). It only took a few minutes of asking around to find out that Lex and his friends were in an empty classroom in the third floor. Luckily there was a portrait in the room that agreed to tell the girls where every older student was, and what they were doing. With that, the two girls made a plan and got ready to bust in and take as many of them out as they could.

“Last chance to back down Danvers. Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this. I’m okay if you are”

“Nobody touches my family”

“My thoughts exactly”

“On three?”

“One, two…”

At that exact moment, Mr. Filch was walking down another corridor in the same floor. When he heard a loud explosion, he brandished his broom like a weapon and ran towards the noise that was steadily growing louder. He saw smoke coming from a door at the end of the corridor, and in anticipation to catch a few students red-handed, he charged right in. what he saw in there was pure chaos. Spells and debris were flying everywhere, two girls were crouched down behind an upturned desk, shooting spells and hexes at two older boys and a girl that had taken cover on the other side of the room. Two more older students were sprawled on the floor not moving. As he watched, one of the young girls, a Hufflepuff based on her tie, started trading spells with the two other boys and turned her back on the older girl. The Gryffindor immediately sent a spell at her back.

However, just as Filch was starting to shake his broom and yell for them to “STOP THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY…” the other young girl deflected the spell coming at her friend’s back and unintentionally redirected it at Filch.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red light before everything went black.

It didn’t take long for the story to make its way around Hogwarts rumor mill. By the next day, poor Kara was absolutely frantic, and she ran to find James hoping to get some answers.

“Madam Pomfrey won’t let me see Alex!”

“Kara, what are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? Two fourth years attacked four seventh years and a sixth year, and all seven students plus Mr. Filch ended up on the hospital wing. Nearly-headless Nick says a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were the most injured, and they’re still in the hospital!”

“Okay Kara, calm down…”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I need to see my sister!”


“She was such a dummy! Why would she do something like that!”


“And Maggie too, they could have gotten seriously hurt! They probably did get seriously hurt! and…”

“Geez little Danvers, nice to know you have such faith in our abilities”

“Not now Maggie. What if they had to be sent to St. Mungo’s and… hold on, MAGGIE?!”

Kara turned around to see both Alex and Maggie walk up to her. Covered in bandages and limping a little, but with huge smiles in their faces.

“What… how… but Nick said…”

“That a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were still in the hospital wing? Yeah, we may or may not have gone a little hard on Rick and Lex.”

“But… they’re seventh years…”

“Yeah kid, but they messed with our family,” Maggie said.

The story spread like a fire. The fight was something everyone was talking about for days. The rumors kept getting crazier and crazier with every retelling. But one thing was clear:

You don’t mess with Alex and Maggie’s family. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows it.

adolin has a pair of those gay boy preppy pink shorts

did I say a pair? He has at least four pairs, in different cuts and shades. no they’re not identical dad they’re all part of entirely different ensembles and style profiles why don’t you understand this


can you imagine monsters finally seeing the sun for the first time and then a few hours later it sets and all the ones who don’t know any better are running around yelling like “WTF, WTF, DID WE BREAK IT, OH MY GOD” until the ones that do know better can calm them down

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Why are you always crying about Indian costumes? I'm Jewish and I saw a guy dressed up in a SS uniform and I didn't cry about it, and that is WAY more racist than a innocent decision to where a Indian costume. Jews have gotten it up the ass way harder than Indians and get way more jokes on television and in general than Indians get. You ever see South Park? At least 3 jew jokes an episode and I don't whine about it. Lighten up a bit, perhaps people will like you more.

So I will admit, I am not of Jewish heritage and I am only Native, but I do know someone who is both, because while you’re an asshole, I do feel you brought up some valid points, but felt it was not my place to speak, so I will let them speak:

The only thing I will touch on is your insistence that dressing up as “native” is innocent, well I’ll link to another Native who spoke so well on this subject I couldn’t try to compete @lilrednacho.

Thank you for this little bit of oppression Olympics, please don’t ever ask me to compete again.

In the original Shoten, Subaru met Seishiro because he thought his shikigami was sick, and he went searching all over Tokyo for a vet who could see it. Which is freaking adorable. Obviously it doesn’t quite fit what Tokyo Babylon turned out to be, but I still wish CLAMP had kept it, even if they reworked it to be a bit less cutesy. Because at least it explains how the twins managed to make friends with a vet who just HAPPENS to know onmyojitsu without thinking that’s a…that’s a kind of *weird* coincidence, isn’t it…?

Edit: in the gritty reboot version, Seishiro is probably the reason the shiki gets “sick” in the first place 🙄🕴🏻

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Just a thing that's been bugging me about the newest chapter. I know we didn't see much but isn't Hirako acting a bit too calm considering two of his squad members were beheaded? I thought he'd at least be a little more shaken up.

Hirako has never had a particularly emotive personality but in this, I think it’s more the soldiers training kicking in. They don’t have the luxury to mourn when there’s a giant kagune monster rampaging through Tokyo. It’s the same for Yusa and Ui- as CCG Investigators, they’ve gotten used to the idea that death follows them all.

I wonder if we’ll get a scene with Hirako and Ui again like at the end of the first series, talking about Shio and Rikai



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ngl I'm starting to feel iffy about the whole "punch and doxx Nazis" rhetoric. Not because I care about the Nazis or think it encourages them, but because I get the sense their response is to bring guns and wear masks at future rallies. I don't think they're going to stop because of it, I think they're gonna keep going and violently clashing with Antifa, and peaceful protesters will get hurt in the mix.

The thing is that there really aren’t that many white supremacist/nazis even around these days; despite what the media and blue checkmarks on Twitter say, Nazism is both extremely unpopular and less than less than a quarter of a percent. Like, they’re not even .000027th of the country. When that’s said and done people will eventually forget about this like they do with everything else, so I wouldn’t expect it to last very long

That being said, people should be able to defend themselves from a genocidal ideology that would kill them, however, I would say the most practical and long standing solution to effectively removing bigotry from society are things like refusal of service, shaming, exposing, things like that

There’s been a lot of really great private solutions of recent; Discord is refusing to host alt-right content, GoDaddy shut down Stormfront, and even Richard Spencer had to hold a press conference in his own house because no business would let him rent out their places. Consistently refusing to give a platform to bigoted people and their organizations through citizens and private businesses is critical

So while I don’t personally fault people for being violent towards people who would given the chance, try to kill them (I.E I’m not going to feel the least bit sorry if some Nazi fuckwit gets punched), I think that we need to keep the more effective tools that we have in mind going forward

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i loved bela talbot and i'm still a bit sad that they didn't even bring her up with all of this british chaos in s12 but well well. what i think i love most about her is how sassy she was. how she didn't care. she did what she did and wouldn't let people get in her way, and she is honestly probably the closest to a female version of dean. they both drink, sleep around, don't give a crap and does their job. and last but not least, could not stan each other even though they always flirted around

While I think Bela was more actually evil than Dean, and was impossibly selfish in a way that Dean isn’t, I agree that she was a fun character. She added a dynamic to her episodes that was interesting and exciting to watch.

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i really really really don't get the tao love and never have ... he annoyed me even as a member but when he left ... can we say clusterfuck? he's a lying whiner who says gross shit like snapchat me that pussy like he thinks hes entitled ... no thx fuckboi lol ... at least the other 2 didn't lie to the press and talk constantly about daddy's money. at the V E R Y least he's an immature brat who tries to act gangsta and needs to stop.

or he’s just a bit of derp who works hard and has no idea what a lot of English words mean (considering his mum was in the room when he said that) and talks about his dad a lot cause he’s the one who wanted him to leave the group cause of how many injuries he was getting that weren’t fully healing.

I also don’t know when he lied but you know you do you hun

Gasp, I’m free!

1D Hiatus: Day 492

* Harry’s full interview, cover and pictures for The Rolling Stone magazine are released

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall posts a selfie on his Instagram story

* Harry arrives in London

* Harry posts a picture of his Rolling Stone magazine cover on Instagram

It’s Apr 18th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #127

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But Midoriya's feelings for Todo were genuine, right? He didn't kiss him just so Todo could swallow his blood and get One for All, right...??? Please don't make Todo even sadder by making him think Izuku returned his kiss just so he could pass on his quirk and for that reason alone! You wrote that Izuku whispers his answer in Todo's ear after Todo said he loved him; was that answer an "I love you too"? I hope it was... That way Todo can be a little bit surer of Mido's true feelings, at least.

Yeah, it was sort of vague but it was an ‘I love you too.’ And in his low moments he might wonder about how genuine it is, but those moments don’t last long because hey, it’s Midoriya. “Genuine” is practically his middle name.

They made their feelings clear before the end.

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Headcannons for Amajiki, Aizawa and Shinsou when their s/o tells them that they have cancer? (Sorry if it's against the rules ;-;)

No worries dear! It hits a little close to home, but i’m okay with writing it! 

Amajiki Tamaki

  • He was already nervous as soon as his s/o had said “I’ve got something urgent to tell you” but hearing the news that his s/o has cancer left him speechless. He starts crying without even realising and pulls his s/o in for a firm hug.  
  • He promises to stand by them throughout all of this, he’s the kind of s/o that accompanies them to all their appointments and treatment, so that they have a familiar and reassuring face to see.
  • “Don’t worry (Y/N).. I’ll always be here with you! We’re going to get through this together!”  

Aizawa Shouta

  • It almost doesn’t register with him when you tell him, it’s not really something he expected to encounter so early in his lifetime. But he composes himself and comforts his s/o since they’re obviously upset. 
  • He would cry privately, he’s upset that his s/o has to deal with something as awful as this. He’s the kind of person that asks “why couldn’t it be me instead?” 
  • “This is going to be tough for the both of us, but I admire your strength for being able to go through this day in, day out. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything, okay?”

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He stiffens up when you tell him, he’s not entirely sure what the ‘appropriate’ reaction should be to news like this. Part of him wants to cry but part of him also wants to get angry, why should his s/o have to deal with this?
  • He usually accompanies his s/o when they have to stay in hospital for a long time, staying overnight with them. He likes that he doesn’t have to worry about leaving them on their own at least. He’s also the type that’d get a bit more affectionate with his s/o, reminding them that he loves and cherishes them. 
  • “Hey, how are you feeling today? If you’re not up for doing anything, I’ll gladly stay in with you. ..Don’t forget, I love you lots, okay?”
  • Vic: Where is my brother?
  • Aaron: Sorting stuff out at work.
  • Vic: And was he gonna come and tell me personally or what? I was gonna get a postcard? This isn't right, Aaron. You can see that.
  • Aaron: None of this is ideal, you know.
  • Rebecca: No-one has to go anywhere, Aaron. Not because of me.
  • Aaron: Nice one. Thanks for that.
  • Rebecca: That's not what I meant.
  • Aaron: Hang on a minute. If Robert didn't tell you how do you know? Did she know?
  • Vic: Does it matter?
  • Aaron: Did Robert tell you?
  • Rebecca: Why can't you stick around? For a bit at least and think about it.
  • Aaron: Ever wondered what I'd do to you if you were a bloke?
  • Vic: Right, there is no need for that.
  • Aaron: Get her out of here.
  • Adam: Oi! What are you doing? Get in the car.
  • Aaron: What?
  • Adam: You and me need to talk. Come on.

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I was convinced that after Verity getting the spotlight last week that this week would be bigger for Dwight/Caroline. No. I'm not really surprised. Last series we didn't see Dwight go to London in desperate pursuit of her or her being unwell and causing Dwight concern. Moments like this make a huge impact. It wouldn't hurt the show to cut back on the Romelza for a week or at least Elizabeth to give them a bit more time. I'm sure their reunion will be brief and shortchanged as well.

So I am about to go IN on this topic on the podcast  (we record in a few minutes) so if you want a more in depth take ok this please look out for the new @poldarkpodcast , but basically yeah, the periphery characters are really being under served in season 3.

The show has very much framed itself around Ross/Demelza and Elizabeth/George - the books much less so. From The Black Moon onward the books really started to expand and focus on other characters. Dwight and Caroline’s story line is very much the main focus of a large chunk of this story and its confusing and disappointing to see that being brushed aside for more artificial Ross/Demelza and Elizabeth/George Dramaz! 

If this show is going to succeed going forward then I think Debbie has to expand its insular focus and look at expanding the focus to other characters. And that means substantive screen time, not just tiny pockets of time spent with them. This season is feeling very scattered in its narrative because she wont just let us spend time with other story lines.

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You're absolutely right about someone on Mueller's camp thinking -wrongly-that she would settle. It makes sense when you consider her fame & the kind of trial that this is. But they didn't factor in Taylor. Not the real one anyway. Which again shows how totally wrong the public perceives Taylor. Bc anyone who knows a bit of FACTS about her, knows that she has never backed down on anything in her life, girl has a will of steel. Even now I doubt she'll settle even if he asks.

The whole picture we are getting now suggests that to me… The thing is, after yesterdays testimony, you gotta be a little bit like “wait…what?!?”. At least that’s the effect his testimony had on me. Cause no matter how much you’re lying, if you’re trained enough, you’ll sound like you know what you’re talking about and then jury will have two sides genuinely sounding like they’re telling the truth (that’s under assumption Taylor’s testimony will be strong, considering how Andrea did, I don’t see it being any other way). But yesterday he was just like… I don’t even know how to define it other than a weak ‘meh’. So only reasonable explanation would be that they really thought she would settle at last minute. 

I’m 100% sure they also thought she would settle sometime during last year, and quite frankly, I would completely understand if she did do that. But they obviously misjudged her and now he’s paying for it. I watched yesterday that E News Live thingy (I was bored, don’t judge me), and they’ve sent Ken Baker, of all people, to cover the trial and even he was like “Yeah, you could hear people and some members of the jury chuckling during Muellers testimony, especially when he described how his devices got destroyed“. So yeah, that’s why I said, and probably why you also agree, that they were certain she’d settle. Or maybe we’re just spoiled Taylor fans, used to seeing her and her team give 100% in everything, always prepared and acting accordingly - so we’re not used to sloppiness. I guess we just picked right person to stan…