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The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 2- A Touch of Evil ((Jughead Jones))

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part 1: 

 Fandom: riverdale 


 Word count: somewhere over 3000


You woke up in a cold sweat on Monday morning. You knew something was wrong from the second you opened your eyes. You turned on your phone, using it as a light source in your pitch black room. 

Immediately you froze, your fingering hovering over the unlock button. You had a ridiculous amount of missed calls and texts from Betty, Veronica, and Kevin. You glanced at the time, your eyebrows knitting together in confusion. It was 3:30am. What could they want this late?

You opened your texts and were flooded with information.
Kevin was going to the river with Moose, Kevin and Moose had been caught at the river.
Veronica was wondering if you had seen Betty.
Betty was letting you know she was okay
And finally, all three had messaged you the exact same thing, in almost uniform wording. five words that explained your feeling of dread.

They found Jason Blossom’s body. He was shot.


You knew Jason was dead…but it was still like a punch to the stomach. Maybe a little part of you hadn’t believed it. Maybe a little part of you hoped your half brother was just…missing. But a corpse was irrefutable. Final.
And more importantly…someone had killed him.


After a restless four hours of attempting to sleep, your alarm saved you from your thoughts. Every time you closed your eyes you saw Jason staring back at you, his eyes dead, hair dripping with water, a bullet wound through his head.
You couldn’t shake it from your head, you had no idea why you even cared that Jason was dead. You hadn’t known him.

You reached onto your nightstand and silenced your alarm. You threw the quilt off you and onto the floor, climbing out of your bed. You walked across your carpeted floor into the bathroom. You splashed cold water onto your face and then ran a damp hand through your hair to calm down.

You stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash away the dark thoughts and fears plaguing you.

You got out of the shower and finished getting ready. You glanced at your phone after pulling on your shirt and groaned, you had taken longer in the shower than usual and had no time to eat breakfast. With a resigned huff, you pulled on your shoes and walked out the front door.

When you got to riverdale high, Betty’s name was called over the announcements to come to the office. You decided to go to the office. You wanted to check on Betty after the shit storm that was the weekend.

You got to the office at the same time as Betty and Kevin. They smiled at you in greeting before Kevin caught sight of the mysterious yellow roses on the desk.
“Oh, my god, those are gorgeous*. Are those for Betty, Mrs. Phillips?” Kevin said, walking closer to the flowers.

The decrepit old woman behind the desk gave Kevin a harsh stare. “That’s why I called her.”

Kevin snatched a white card from the center of the bouquet, “Dear Betty, please forgive me. XOXO, V?’ Who the hell is V?”

“Veronica.” Betty and Veronica said at the same time. Veronica stepped through the door from the hallway, holding a white box.
“The yellow’s for friendship, I also had magnolia cupcakes flown in from New York…because, as my mom likes to say, there’s no wrong the right cupcake cannot fix.” Veronica took a tentative few steps towards Betty. “Also I- I booked us for hers-and-hers Mani-pedis at Chez Salon…blowouts too. I am so, so sorry, Betty. I don’t know what happened to me that night…It was such a basic bitch move. It- it was like I was possessed by-”

Kevin interrupted her, “Madame Satan?”* he asked snarkily.

“The old Veronica.” Veronica finished, looking down in shame. “And I will never, ever, do anything like that to you again. I swear on my mothers pearls. Just…can you please* give me one more chance?” Her eyes were pleading.
Betty smiled and shrugged, “Okay.”

You, Veronica, and Kevin all spoke at the same time, “What?”
“Really?!” Veronica’s words were excited, a huge grin on her face. Your’s and Kevin’s were shocked, his also accusing. You weren’t the hurt party here so you had decided to follow Betty’s example on the whole Veronica thing…but you honestly hadn’t expected that.

“Awesome! I’ll take it. And you won’t regret it!” Veronicas grin got wider.
“Okay.” Betty said again, so quietly you almost hadn’t heard her.

“I’ll bring these to lunch so we can celebrate.” and with one last grin Veronica walked out of the Office as the Bell for class rang.

As soon as she was gone you and Kevin stared at Betty in shock, “It’s the path of least resistance guys. A week ago Veronica and I weren’t friends… Next week, we’ll nod to each other as we pass in the hall, but that’s it. In two weeks, she won’t even remember my name. And in three, she’ll have latched on to some other girl to destroy.”
You and Kevin frowned. You didn’t think Veronica was out to destroy Betty…and you were positive that Betty wouldn’t get rid of Veronica that easily. But you kept quiet, not wanting to get on Betty’s already crowded bad side.

So you just nodded awkwardly and walked with them to class.
The speakers crackled on and Weatherbee began the morning announcements before you could say anything more to Betty.

“There have been many inquiries about the upcoming pep rally. So let me state clearly…it is happening as scheduled. Now, on a less felicitous note…if you could give your attention to Sheriff Keller.”
Another man’s voice came over the announcements, who you assumed was Kevin’s dad. “Most of you already know the details, but your classmate Jason Blossoms body was found late Saturday night. So as of this weekend…Jason’s death is now being treated as a homicide. It is an open and ongoing investigation.”

The entire school was silent. Everyone was staring at the speakers. Your fingers clutched at the necklace you were wearing, your knuckles going white. You were the only one not staring at the speakers. You were staring down, your face emotionless.

Cheryl’s voice crackled over the speakers. “And may I interject? Neither I nor my parents will rest until Jason’s death is avenged, and his cold-hearted killer is walking the green mile to sit in old sparky and fry. I for one, have my suspicions. hashtag “riverdale strong.”

Kevins father’s voice came back on, “If you know anything that could help us find and apprehend jason’s killer, or anything about what happened to him on july 4th, I strongly urge you to come forward immediately. You can speak with me or principal Weatherbee. A death like this wounds us all. Let’s not let Jason down.“


Your first class was biology. As you walked in you instantly regretted it, there were dead frogs splayed on trays at each work station.
It wasn’t that you were afraid of blood or anything, you just didn’t like…dissecting things.

Betty and Kevin had taken their seats at a desk by the window and all the other seats were taken… except for the one next to Jughead.
“Hey…this seat taken?” You smiled hopefully at him.
Jughead didn’t answer and just gestured for you to sit down. You smiled and took a seat next to him, setting your bag down on the floor.
“You look moodier than usual…you okay?”

Before he could answer or you could press further, the teacher came in.
“Seats everyone! Pair off, gloves on, scalpels up!”
Your friends quickly paired off leaving you with no partner for the dissection.

Heyyyyyy…so how are you with a scalpel?” You asked Jughead who, you assumed, also had no partner. considering he was still sitting next to you.

“Is that your way of asking me to be your partner?” Jughead raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yes?” you grinned sheepishly
He just rolled his eyes. It wasn’t with annoyance though, it was more on the side of amusement. Jughead took out a pen and filled out your names on the top of the assignment paper.

Two of Cheryls cronies leaned on the desk you were both sitting at, completely ignoring you and Jughead and whispering nasty things about Cheryl. You were quickly becoming annoyed with them, but before your anger could get the best of you there was a sickening squelching sound of a scalpel being stabbed into one of the frogs. The girls jumped, you and Jughead whipping around to see Cheryl with her hand tightly gripping the scalpel. Her face was neutral but there was a definite murderous glare directed at the girls.
You and Jughead stared for a few seconds more as the girls turned and fled from Cheryl’s eye line. You hadn’t known Cheryl Blossom that long but that had been extremely unsettling.

The rest of class passed by in a blur. You tried making jokes to cover your squeamishness and Jughead mostly ignored you, occasionally smirking or doing that eye roll thing again, but most of the class was passed in silence. Something was definitely off with jughead…but you couldn’t ask him what.


Later that day at lunch you, Kevin, Betty, and Veronica were walking across the field, trays of food in hand.
“sooo…” Veronica started, a playfulness in her voice, “what did Moose want?”

“Oh, my god. I don’t even think he knows. I mean, I am devastatingly handsome in that classic pre-accident Montgomery Clift kind of way, and sexuality is fluid, but can someone named ‘Moose’ actually be that fluid?” Kevin ranted.

Veronica laughed, “Okay, well I ship it.”
“I ship it too! You deserve pretty things, Kev.” You grinned.

“Well of course you guys would! You’re big city girls with loose morals.” Kevins tone was teasing, but his joke wasn’t well received, given what had went down just two days earlier. “I just meant…that Moose has an official girlfriend. Midge. Anyway, it’s terrible to say, but part of me wishes he would just stay in the darn closet.” Kevin finished as you approached the blue picnic table where Archie was already sitting.
Archie shot the four of you a confused and concerned look.
“Obviously, I didn’t mean literal closet…” Kevin corrected.

“Comfy.” you said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Archie! Any new material you wanna try out on a very forgiving audience?” Veronica expertly changed the topic.
“I–” Archie trailed off.

“Please?” she said, her eyebrows raised in plea.
“Yeah, please Archie? you didn’t even let us hear the end of the last song!” You added.

“Would you? I’d love the hear it.” Betty said, a soft smile on her face.

That did it.

Archie sighed in resignation and reached for his guitar. “I’m still working on the lyrics, so…okay…”
Archie sang the first few lines while the four of you watched him. It was actually amazing and you freaking loved Archies songs, even if you were a little unsure on how much you liked him as a person.
Before he could get far into it, Betty looked like she was about to cry and he stopped.

You Kevin and Veronica applauded quietly.
“Betty?” Archie’s voice was laced with concern, “You okay?”
Betty had a distant and sad smile on her face as she looked away from the group. “I’m supposed to say yes. That’s what the nice girl always says, but…No, I’m not. I-I want to be. I thought I could be, but it’s too much, too fast. Archie…” Betty turned and walked away crying.

Archie bolted up, “Betty–Betty, wait!” Archie ran off, leaving you, Kevin, and Veronica watching in stunned silence, none of you knowing what to say.
You watched as Betty and Archie had a pretty intense conversation. You, Kevin, and Veronica all sat with baited breath. You couldn’t hear what they were saying but it didn’t look good. Finally it ended, Betty walking off about to cry and Weatherbee calling Archie to see him. The three of you shared a stunned look, Kevin’s mouth open in shock and Veronica at a loss for words.


The next day you caught up to Betty and Veronica at their lockers, both locked in an intense conversation. When you approached they stopped talking and smiled at you. “Hey (y/n)!” Betty greeted you. You waved awkwardly, feeling like you had just intruded in on a relatively intense moment.
“Hey guys, sorry can’t actually stay to talk I haven’t eaten yet and I’m freaking starving. There’s a vending machine in the lounge thingy right?” Betty nodded and pointed in the direction of the vending machines, You smiled gratefully and took off.

You walked through double doors into a room filled with couches and loud-mouthed jocks. You navigated your way to the back of the room. Betty, Veronica, and Kevin arrived in the room soon after, but quickly split off into different places, Veronica began talking to resident playboy (and suspected dickwad) Chuck Clayton, and Kevin and Betty took a seat at the edge of the room to do some homework.  

You walked over to the vending machines and contemplated the machines contents, There were mostly off brand chips and overly processed suspicious looking packets of jerky. You groaned in frustration, “I think I’d rather starve to death than attempt to eat anything in here…” you muttered to yourself.

“I think eating anything in there would kill you a lot faster than starvation.” You jumped slightly, startled at the sound of Jughead’s voice.

“Jesus! Don’t you know its not polite to sneak up on people?” You accused.
“I didn’t sneak up on you.” Jugheads lips were curled into the faintest of smirks.

You were about to argue back that he had, in fact, snuck up on you, when Reggie’s voice cut you off. 

“If a kid at Riverdale killed Jason, it’s not gonna be a jock, right? No, let’s be honest. isn’t it always some spooky, scrawny, internet troll, too busy writing his manifestos to get laid? Some smug, moody, serial-killer-fanboy freak. Like Jughead!” You rolled your eyes at Reggie, his loud-mouthing was getting old real fast.

“What was it like, suicide squad? When you shot Jason? You didn’t do stuff to the body, did you? Like, after.”
Jughead closed his eyes in annoyance and then lazily turned his gaze to Reggie, his arms crossed. “It’s called necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”
You grinned at Jugheads retort, Reggie however, found it less amusing.

“Come here you little–!” Reggie leaped over the back of the couch he was sitting on, towards you and Jughead. But before you could blink Archie had shoved in front of the two of you, pushing Reggie back.
“Hey, shut the hell up, Reggie.” Archie shoved Reggie away. You took the opportunity to get out of the way before things got ugly.

Veronica stood up, “Boys?” her face plastered with concern.
Reggie looked Archie up and down, “What do you care, Andrews?”
“Nothing, just leave him alone.”

Holy crap. Did you and Donnie Darko kill him together? Was it some sort of pervy blood brothers thing?”
You snorted in amusement. This kid was a special kind of stupid.

Archie didn’t answer and shoved Reggie forcefully, Jughead shouted but it was lost in the chaos as Reggie and Archie slammed into the vending machine, shattering the glass. Jughead tried to pull Reggie off of Archie but one of the Jocks pulled him off. Reggie punched Archie, knocking him out.
You didn’t know what to do, but it looked like Reggie was going to punch him again. You did the only thing you could think of…and hit him with your backpack. 

The bag made contact with Reggie’s back and he stopped mid swing. He got up and stared at you, rage in his eyes. You were a little terrified but Archie was your friend…kind of. And Reggie was a massive dick.
Everyone’s eyes were on you as you spoke, a false confidence making your words sound steady.
“That’s enough, Mantle. He’s unconscious.*”

He grinned, “Oh, so Andrews gets his girlfriend to rescue him now? Can’t fight his own battles?”

“Im not Archie’s girlfriend. What I am is someone who doesn’t like loud mouthed jocks that pick on everybody to hide their own insecurities and issues.”  your tone was cold and biting.

Reggie was pissed, his hand curled into a fist, but you weren’t done.
“You, reggie mantle, are just a highschool has-been waiting to happen.”
He actually looked like he was going to hit you, but you knew better. Hitting a girl is a big no-no, even among the jocks. He walked up to you and towered over you, trying to be intimidating.
“What are you gonna do, Reg? Hit a girl?

You sidestepped him casually and knelt down next to Archie, motioning for some of the guys to help carry him to the nurse’s office. You walked out alongside the people carrying the unconscious red-head and your friends followed you out.
Kevin and Veronica cornered you as soon as you were clear of the room.

“Holy crap (y/n)! Where did that come from?” Kevin grinned at you, a flicker of what seemed to be pride in his voice.
“Yeah girl, that was AMAZING!” Veronica added. 

You smiled wearily, “Yeah, well, can it be amazing in the bathroom? Because I think I might puke. That was straight up terrifying.”
The night of the pep rally you were running to the football field. You were already late, and you and you had promised Betty and Veronica that you were going to watch their cheer performance. Your shirt had been buttoned in a hurry and you had forgotten your jacket,  but you were sure as hell not going to break a promise to your friends.

You got there as the game was just starting and you swore, You spotted Jughead and jogged over to him. “Any chance in hell I didn’t miss the cheerleaders performance?” Jughead furrowed his eyebrows at your weird question and disheveled performance.
“I promised Betty I’d come out and support them…and then I kind of lost track of time…” you offered as explanation.
Jughead nodded with a faint smile on face.

“Is that a real smile on your face, Jones? Wow that’s gotta be like, the seventh sign of the apocalypse, right?…So what brought that on?”
Jughead rolled his eyes, but, like always, there was a warmth behind it. “Just had a good chat with an old friend.”

You grinned playfully, “Well, I like it. Looks good on you.” You suddenly looked semi-concerned. “Hey do you think they noticed I was missing? Probably not, right? Jeez, if I had known I was going to miss it anyways I would’ve grabbed my sweater. It’s freaking freezing.”
Warm fabric was gently draped around your shoulders. You looked up in confusion to see Jughead’s jacket on your shoulders.

“Just to be clear, this isn’t a boy giving his coat to a girl he likes. This is a friend lending another friend his jacket because she tore a new one in Reggie Mantle to stop him from further beating up the first friends other friend.” Jughead was staring at the football field, turned completely away from you.
“You lost me at the third friend, but thanks for the jacket.” You smiled softly and turned to the game.

You passed the next few hours in comfortable silence, just watching the game surrounded by noise and people and the rain. But it all just kind of blurred as you stood next to Jughead.


After the game, Archie had invited Jughead and you to Pop’s, which you had happily accepted. Any excuse to go to a place with food was good with you.
When the three of you walked in the door, Betty and Veronica were already in a booth. The five of you stared at eachother and betty smiled. “Do you guys wanna join us?”

Jughead smirked. “Yes, but only if you’re treating.” You nodded in agreement as the two girls laughed.
“Veronica Lodge.” Veronica introduced herself.
“Jughead Jones, the Third” Jughead answered, climbing into the seat next to the window.

“Jughead Jones the Third.” Veronica echoed, her eyes narrowing a bit and a smile on her face.
You laughed and pulled up a chair rather than squeezing into the booth. “He really likes the ‘the Third’ bit.”

Everybody was laughing and smiling as you all sat there around the booth at Pops. 

And for one shining moment, you were all just kids.

Swear Jar

It’s been way too long since i’ve written fanfiction and SuperCorp just had to drag my whipped ass down that hole again

Based on a prompt i saw on tumblr a long time ago about Kara actually having a swear jar for Lena and after a night together Lena just shoves her credit card inside… If anyone knows the post please tell me so I can amrk it here! 

It’s also on AO3 :

The first sign Lena Luthor had become a constant in their lives comes on a Saturday morning.

It’s subtle, it really is, and it takes Alex longer than she likes to admit to see. She doesn’t notice at first, when she uses her key to open Kara’s apartment door and heads straight to the kitchen after her sister’s greeting.

Kara’s not even surprised, it’s Saturday, which means breakfast together. And it’s the third Saturday, which means blueberry pancakes. And by the stack of fruit currently sitting on top of the counter, she hasn’t forgotten what day it is.

(She never does, it’s food after all.

Alex should really stop hoping her sister ever would.

Because it usually leads to an expletive from her and there are only a certain amount of one dollar bills Alex carries around.)

“I heard that!” Kara exclaims, pointing a finger at her sister and giggles when Alex retrieves her wallet from her pocket to fish for a note

‘Get exchange’, she adds on her mental list right after ‘buy Maggie’s vegan ice cream’ and ‘convince Maggie to watch The L Word with me’.

(“Danvers, I adore you, but I can only go through that once.”)

It’s when she notices. She would really like to say she reacted in a better way; she would really like to say she just smirked knowingly and continued the day. But no, of course it didn’t happen that way. She gasped and chuckled, then proceeded to cough for a whole minute trying to cover it.

Because right in between the ‘Cooler Danvers’ and ‘Mags Swags’ jars rested another one. Belonging to no one other than Lena Luthor.

Lee :)

And Alex should have seen it coming, because there’s only a reasonable amount of fake interviews Kara could come up with before just admitting she just wanted to hang out with the woman. Fucking Maggie.

“I heard that too!”

She puts two dollars into her jar before adding ‘pay five bucks to Maggie’ in her mental list. She should’ve have seen it coming.

She tries not to think about the jars that had already taken place besides hers. Tech Nerd; Better Lane; Jimmy Bravo; Mon-El. She thinks about how hers it’s the only one around. She really hopes those two others stay this time.


The first time she actually sees it happening is during game night the following week.

Lena sits on the other side of the counter, directly in front of Alex, her expression nothing like the one she saw when the woman arrived. Any resemblance of a smile gone from her face and she stares back at Alex.

Winn and Maggie are already out of this hand and the Luthor waits for Alex to decide if she’ll cover it.

“I’ll cover it.”

And it’s when James and Kara come to join them, Kara handing a glass of wine for Lena, hand resting at the small of her back. Alex sees the look Maggie gives her and the raise in her eyebrows. She chooses to ignore both.

Lena downs her hand, smug smile already on her lips, and okay, Alex has to admit she’s growing fond of the woman in front of her. Especially when Kara is looking at her like that.

But when Alex copies her, she’s sure no one but herself and Kara heard the fainted “shit” coming out of her mouth and an audible gasp from her sister. Lena doesn’t budge, but lets out a sigh and leans in, stretching her arm towards her jar. She tucks in a ten dollar bill before looking back at Kara, raised eyebrow in a silent question. A frown appears in her face but she nods nevertheless.

“Saving for the rest of the night.” Lena explains before looking at Alex once more. “I’ve finally found a rival on poker.”

By the end of the night, Lena adds two extra dollars in her jar and Alex slips her own five in hers.


“How long until those two bang?” Maggie asks her later, when James and Winn had already left for good twenty minutes, after dragging Alex out of the apartment and the poker tournament her girlfriend indulged with Lena.


“Your sister and Lena.”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t see.”

“You know what; I’m not talking about it.”

“I give them two months.”


The second time it happens is three weeks later, when Maggie finally had some time off of work and it was one of those nights the DEO didn’t need Alex or Supergirl.

Maggie curls against her side, hand automatically wrapping around her shoulders and a lingering kiss against her temple.

This time, when the two arrived for movie night, a sheepish Kara opening the door to let them in, Alex reaction was smoother.

Way smoother.

But the sight one the one and only Lena Luthor sitting in her sister’s couch, flannel pajama pants (which she was rather sure it was her sister’s) and loose t-shirt, was definitely not one she was expecting to see.

(She ignores the huge grin on her girlfriend’s face and drags her to the loveseat after grabbing two bottles of beer.)

“No horror movies!” Kara shouts from the kitchen.

“No romances either!” Alex shouts back. “Do you know what we should watch?” The urge to grin is too strong and she ends up with a huge smile towards her glaring girlfriend.

“Alex, no.”

“We should watch The L Word.”

“No!” The exclamation comes from both Lena and Maggie at the same time and they share a knowing look.

Kara comes back from the kitchen, ice cream for herself and glass of wine for Lena, to find her sister laughing at the exasperation in the other two faces.

The one who recovers first is Lena, sitting up straighter and sighing before looking at Alex.

“Look, it’s a classic and basically every non-straight girl has watched it, but once was enough watching that shit.”


“I’ll put a dollar on it next time I get up, don’t worry.”

They settle down with Orphan Black, after all, and if Alex notices her sister’s hand on Lena’s thigh, she doesn’t mention. Neither does she mention the way they lean into each other after thirty minutes. Or how, by the end of the second episode, Kara’s head is dropped in Lena’s shoulder, the latter letting her hands run through the other’s hair.

She also ignores the ‘they’re definitely banging’ Maggie whispers against her ear before she gets up to get herself another beer.


Third time happens after a very distressed Kara arrived at the DEO pacing and rambling about how Lena freaking Luthor knew.

(Of course she did; Alex thinks everyone does.

Kara does a very poor job at hiding it.)

But her sister is going crazy in front of her because she thinks Alex is going to hate her for letting her secret slip like that.

Instead, Alex shrugs, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and she would kill someone before telling them she rather liked Lena.

(She was really good at poker and could handle her alcohol. That was enough.

The fact that she made Kara smile like that was nothing but a bonus.)

When Alex put a stop to her pacing, hand on her shoulder, she was met by a pout and puppy eyes. How could she be mad after that?

And when she just smiled and told Kara to pick Lena Luthor up and bring her in to sign the NDA, Kara hugged her, a tad too tightly, not that she would mention it to her excited sister, and flied off.

(They came back an hour later, Lena blurting out a different expletive every time Alex showed her another room. Every time to be met with a scold from Supergirl.)


Maybe Alex should consider giving Kara’s apartment key back.

Because on a Saturday, four weeks after the last incident, she lets herself in, bags of groceries swinging as she uses her ankle to close the door behind her.

(It’s scrambled eggs and bacon day and two years ago she learned Kara could eat at least a dozen eggs.

And grocery shopping isn’t her best skill.)

The first sign this Saturday isn’t like the others is the lack of cheerful greeting from a very excited Kara Danvers as soon as she opened the door. The opposite, to be honest, it is way too quiet for her sister to even be home. When she starts questioning that maybe there was a Supergirl emergency she hears a loud thud coming from Kara’s bedroom.

It leads her to the second sign. A black purse lying down at the counter, coat haphazardly thrown by the side. Both not her sister’s.

And Kara comes running from the hallway, blushed cheeks and disheveled hair, just pulling down an oversized shirt over. Third sign. And she wanted to scream in frustration because Maggie has been winning most of the bets so far.

“Alex! What are you doing here?”

“It’s Saturday.”

“Is it?”

She puts the grocery bag down on the counter and looks at her sister. Kara fidgets under her gaze. She should go. And leave the key behind.

But then, tentative footsteps come from the hall and when she looks over, Lena Fucking Luthor stands there, unbuttoned shirt barely reaching the middle of her thighs. When she catches the stare, the change is unbelievable. Gone is the woman who was just caught off guard and standing there was the CEO, raised chin and long confident steps until she reaches for the coat.

“Lena?” Kara asks but she just smiles and takes her credit card off the pocket.

She’s not doing it, she’s not going to, oh, she did it. No! No, this is more than I needed to know.

“Before I forget.” She puts it inside her jar and, at least, blushes a little when she sees the look Alex is giving her, before she goes back to the bedroom.

Kara looks like a mess, pretty much a broken mess gasping for air and blushing up to the tip of her ears.

Because, fifth sign, next to ‘Lee :)’ is a fourth jar. Puppy Danvers. Alex counts maybe half a dozen bills shoved inside before tearing her eyes away.

“I’ll call next time.” Kara blushes harder, and she thinks this morning broke her sister. Kara squeaks a hurries goodbye and once she’s outside, she hears the door being locked from the inside. Not very helpful now.

Finish Hank’s report; pick up clothes at the laundry; clean my eyes with bleach; give Maggie ten doll-twenty, give Maggie twenty dollars. Maggie was right, Lena Luthor was definitely a black lace kind of woman.

Buy two bottles of bleach.

Night Shifts. [Smut]

A/N; I am so sorry that this took me ten million years to write. This wouldn’t have been possible without the bad influences in my life! ( @we-are-like-a-timebomb ,  @writing-obrien . @dumbass-stilinski and the wonderful @mandylove1000 <3 ) Enjoy! xoxo 

Pairing: StuartxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,716

Listen to this.

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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 02

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Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
Genre: mafia!au
Rating: Mature (for themes; will change in later chapters)
Word Count: 9.931

Part 01 - Part 03

When you had told Jeongguk to only call you for matters pertaining to Surin, you hadn’t expected that call to come so soon.

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Melomaniac (m)

» one who is passionate about music.


Words: 11,191 (i’m sorry)

Genre: Smut, punk!jeon by night, school prep boy!jeon by day.

Summary: “Your mother had always warned you about boys in ripped jeans and messy hair but she never warned you about boys like Jeon Jungkook.”

A/N: Idk what this is I’m so sorry but @thedamfangirls @lovelymims @helloblamebts 

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anonymous asked:

“Whose dog is that?” and “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” Hamburr or jamilton please!

Alex is sprawled on the bed, watching as Aaron slips his shirt back over his shoulders and starts to button it, covering his chest up inch by inch and making Alex wish, not for the first time, that Aaron was staying the night. 

But, as always, the question gets caught in Alex’s throat, too worried that asking it would break whatever new, fragile thing they have going on. So he just continues to watch, trying not to look too put out as Aaron finishes buttoning up his shirt. 

“Could you hand me my phone?” Aaron asks, nodding to where it’s lying on the bedside table.

Alex stretches for it, his finger hitting the home button and making the screen light up. And then Alex can’t resist, eyes roaming over the background. “Whose dog is that?” Alex asks, narrowing his eyes as he takes in the fluffy golden retriever staring back at him, tongue hanging out.


“Yours?” Alex asks, turning his head sharply to stare at Aaron, who is now getting his shoes on. “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” He thinks he hears Aaron sigh as he bends down to tie his shoe laces. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You never asked,” is Aaron’s response, the man still focused on his laces. Then he peers up to look at Alex, eyebrows raised. “Why are you so shocked?”

“Cause you never told me! We’ve been-” He cuts off, not sure exactly what they’ve been. The term ‘friends’ doesn’t really seem to suit them. They only recently started talking outside of work, and then doing not so much talking and much more of other things. “We’ve been sleeping together,” Alex finally says. “I feel like I should know personal details.”

Aaron straightens up and fixes Alex with an amused look. “So while we’re having sex, you want me to tell you things like, ‘I have a dog’?” 

Alex splutters at that, face heating up. “No! That’s not what I meant and you know it! I just meant that…” He pauses, chewing at his lips as he considers what exactly he meant. 

Ever since he met Aaron he’s been fascinated by him. He’s the definition of calm, cool, and collected, so basically everything Alex isn’t. And Alex thought he hated people like that, but there’s something about Aaron that pulls him in. He’s sharp, always saying something Alex doesn’t expect, taking him by surprise. Not many people can take Alex by surprise. He usually doesn’t people who do, either.

But it’s different with Aaron. And he wants more. He wants to know everything.

“Alexander?” Aaron asks, voice slightly concerned and making Alex flush even more, realizing a long silence had been stretching out between them. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Alex says quickly, shoving the phone into Aaron’s hand. “Sorry. I just…yeah. Never mind. I’ll see you next weekend, or whenever.” He laughs, the sound strange in his ears. He shouldn’t presume Aaron will want to see him.

“What about work?”

“Sure, work.” Alex nods, trying to smile. Him and Aaron don’t even talk at work. “I’ll pass by your desk a few times and you’ll nod at me before you leave. Sounds good.” God, he sounds crazy, but he can’t stop the words from flowing. “Great conversation to look forward to at work. I’ll spend the week not learning anything about you as always. Can’t wait.”

Aaron just stares at him, expression slightly shocked. The moment stretches on, and eventually Alex is the one who looks away, fiddling with the covers on his bed. He hears Aaron murmurs a quiet goodbye, and then his door is closing, and Alex slumps onto the bed, doing his best to ignore the tightness in his throat.


Aaron invites him over to his house the next weekend.

He even did it at work, in front of all their co-workers, and Alex had actually spit some of his coffee out like in some movie, making Aaron rolls his eyes. But then Alex had said yes, well, yelled it really, and Aaron had looked pleased, nodding with a smile before going back to his desk.

And that’s how Alex finds himself on Aaron’s doorstep Saturday night, taking a deep breath as he raises his hand to knock. He waits a few moments, only silence greeting him, but then Aaron is there, opening the door and beckoning Alex inside.

Alex steps in, looking around expectantly. “I thought you had a dog.”

“I do,” Aaron says, giving him a weird look.

“Where is it?” Alex asks, toeing off his shoes and looking around some more. “I thought he would be all over me as soon as I walked in, or at least barking. I even wore my not good pants just in case I got fur all over them.”

“How wise,” Aaron tells him dryly. “Wilson doesn’t bark. Or jump on people. He’s very docile.”

Alex stares at Aaron, wide eyed. “Wait, wait, wait. Wilson? You named your dog Wilson? What kind of name is that?” He snorts when Aaron just glares at him, moving further into the house. 

Then he’s stopping, eyes landing on the dog, who’s sitting right in the middle of the kitchen, eyes on him and Aaron, tail twitching back and forth on the floor. Even when Alex whistles, beckoning with his hand, the dog just sits and stares.

“Is he alive?” Alex asks, only half joking, but Aaron laughs anyway.

“He doesn’t really like being pet.” He pauses, eyes darting to Alex and then staying there. “I have two cats as well. He takes after them.”

“That actually explains a lot.”

“You should see when he tries to jump on the furniture.”

Alex laughs, and then he’s letting Aaron lead him over the bedroom, his heart already starting to beat a little faster in his chest. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to kissing Aaron, or being kissed by him. 

He catches one last glance at Wilson before the door is being closed, still sitting in the same position, and he can’t help but snort, somehow feeling like Wilson is the perfect name for that dog.

But then Aaron is kissing him, and Alex can’t think about anything else.

Aaron kisses him hard, lips firm but soft, and then he’s pulling away, eyes dark. “I have a sister,” he murmurs, making Alex furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Older than me by a year.” Aaron kisses him again, pushing him towards the bed. “One Halloween we dressed as Batman and the Batmobile. I was the Batmobile.”

“Aaron,” Alex starts, wondering what the hell he’s doing.

But Aaron just kisses him again, hands sliding down Alex’s chest. “I thought I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid,” he whispers, leaning in to place a kiss on Alex’s jaw. “My favorite color is maroon.”

Alex only has another moment of confusion as Aaron kisses his mouth again, but then it clicks. Aaron is giving him personal details. The thought makes Alex surge forward, kissing Aaron even harder, his arms wrapping around Aaron’s neck.

Aaron chuckles against his lips, pulling Alex closer as his hands go to his waist. “I take long showers,” he continues, and Alex smiles. “And I wear socks to bed because my feet get cold. My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.”

Alex wrinkles his nose at that. “Really? Strawberry? The worst flavor?”

“Are you mocking me?” Aaron asks, lips quirking into a smile. “I decide to share my personal life with you and you make fun of me? That’s not nice.”

“I’m not a nice person.”

Aaron hums, leaning in to kiss Alex again. “I would disagree with that,” he murmurs, lips brushing against Alex’s. “I think you’re nice. Loud and brash and reckless, but nice.” He pulls back, eyes on Alex’s. “I like you, Alexander.”

Alex swallows, trying to keep his hands from shaking or from passing out. “I like you, too,” he whispers, his breath stuttering as he says the words. But Aaron just keeps smiling at him, and Alex feels his heart leap. “I like you a lot.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Aaron says. “Now, do you want to hear more about my childhood, or can we continue?”

Alex laughs. “I’m good for now, thanks.” He kisses Aaron gently, eyes closing. “But maybe in the morning…” He trails off, not wanting to invite himself for the night, but he hears Aaron hum, and then they’re kissing again.

“In the morning,” Aaron agrees, and Alex grins as he’s pushed onto the bed, feeling like he’s on top of the world. 

Quiet; Prologue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Been working on this prologue for a little bit. Tagging our usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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Too Much Trouble

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Summary: You get to know your neighbor Frank when he needs help

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 3,700 (yikes)

Warnings: mentions of violence, language, injuries, medical procedures, blood, broken bones, difficulty breathing, needles… Frank? Is Frank a warning?

A/N: this is for @atari-writes who’s been nagging me for a Frank fic (jk hun I love you) I really don’t think this is very good… but here it is… (also @deanssweetheart23 because you’re my twin and you read all the things)

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Every Me And Every You - Twenty Five


Shit, fuck, crap…Oh fuck balls.

You stared up at your friend and colleague standing in front of you.

“I’m guessing you’re here with Dan, where is he? I wanna meet this mysterious guy of yours.” Emily scanned the bar area as you looked behind her to the toilets where Reid had disappeared into.

Oh please please PLEASE, let him see her before she sees him.

“He’s erm…. Gone to the bathroom. What are you doing here?!”

You couldn’t even text him, the angle she was stood at meant that she’d see everything.

“Oh great. I’ll wait with you then.” She slid into the seat opposite, you groaning internally as she continued. “I got the idea from you actually, when you mentioned going to see a show.”

“Are you here alone then?” you asked her, looking around, your nerves now on edge.

“I’m here with Bob. He’s getting drinks.”

Bob was Emily’s friend and often date to social events she couldn’t get out of. He was gay, but he played it straight enough so that it stopped her mother, Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss, asking too many questions about her love life.

Ah yes, you could see him at the bar, leaning over and flirting with the bartender.

“I like your necklace Y/N. Is it new?”

Your hands flew to your throat, to the choker/collar, fingerings the teardrop diamond.

“Erm… Yes. Dan bought it.” Your eyes were dashing between Emily and the bathroom door.

“He has good taste. In women as well as jewellery.” She grinned at you.

Just then your phone began to vibrate.

Private number.

You swiped it quickly.

“Y/N… I saw her. Play it cool, alright. Repeat after me. Say ‘Dan, is there a problem?’“

Spencer. Oh thank fuck he’d seen her.

“Dan, is there a problem?” you parroted, seeing a concerned look come across Emily’s face.

“Now say ‘really, on a Saturday night?’ and sound annoyed.”

“Really, on a Saturday night?” you tried to sound irritated.

“Now, ‘no of course I understand, you’re a doctor. It’s important. I’ll be right out.’ And then tell Emily an emergency has come up at the hospital where I work and that I’ve bought the car around. I’m outside, do not let her come with you. And hurry, I can only park here for so long.”

“No of course I understand, you’re a doctor. It’s important. I’ll be right out.” You disconnected the call and stood, grabbing your bag.

“Sorry Em. Dan got a call from work when he was in the bathroom. They need him, he’s gone to fetch the car. ”

“I’ll come out with you,” she told you.

“NO!… No it’s fine. He wouldn’t be able to stop and talk anyway. And Bob’s here now with your drinks.” You greeted her companion. “Hi Bob, bye Bob. Em, I gotta run. I’ll see you Monday okay.”

Before she could respond you turned quickly and walked as fast as your heels would allow out of the bar and through the foyer, out onto the street. You checked to make sure she wasn’t following you. She wasn’t.

There was a god after all.

You spotted Spencer’s car and jumped in, buckling up as he sped off.

“That was fucking close,” you breathed out a few minutes later when your heart had stopped pounding.

“Close indeed. I clocked her just as I made it into the bathroom. I assume she didn’t mention seeing me?”

“No.” You shook your head.

“So we might be okay then.”

“I think so…. God can you imagine if they found out?” You laughed, picturing the teams faces.

“If they found out that we’d been sleeping together or what the sleeping together actually involved?”

“Both. I think we’d need pick Derek’s jaw off the floor for him.”

“Yeah they definitely wouldn’t believe that we’re into the things we are. Or that someone like you would actually sleep with me.” There he was, criticising himself again.

“Spencer… Someone like me?”

He glanced at you. “Oh come on Y/N, you’re way out of my league.”

You scoffed. “Really Spencer? You forget, I’ve met April. That girl was stunning.”

“She was pretty. And she’s good fun, but you’ve got the whole package.”

“I do?”

“Yeah, you do. You’re beautiful, your body is to die for. You’re kind, and generous, and an exceptionally good friend too. You’re funny. And you don’t judge people for their quirks. Add that to the fact it turns out you’re a bit…. Shall we say ‘kinky’, and you’re pretty much perfect.”



“Spencer… I’m not perfect. And I’m not out of anyone’s league, least of all yours. Our co worker’s would be shocked, but mainly because you show very little interest in girls or sex when you’re at work. It wouldn’t have anything to do with them thinking that you’re not good looking enough to attract attention. I’ve told you before that you get the same amount of attention that Morgan does so quit with the self pity. You’re hot alright. Majorly hot. Especially when you say dirty things to me.”

He smiled softly and you reached a hand out and squeezed his knee, leaving your hand there.

“Dirty things, eh?” He signalled, pulling off the main road and down a back street which you knew led onto a country lane which was rarely used at this time of night.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Home. Just the long, quiet way.”


“Because I’d quite like to have your lips around my cock again right now and we’re less likely to get caught this way.”


“Is that an order?” you asked knowing you’d do it anyway and trailing your hand up his thigh, feeling his dick harden through his pants.


“Whilst you’re driving?” That was the part you were unsure about and he could tell, pulling to a stop at the side of the road, underneath some trees.

It was dark and there were no houses nearby or any other cars. Unbuckling your seat belt, you leant over the centre console and fumbled with his belt and zipper. Reaching inside his pants, you tugged him free and got to work.

His hands tangled in your hair applying light pressure on your head as you dragged your lips up and down his erection, your cheeks hollowing as you sucked and licked, tasting the salty liquid that leaked from the tip.

You adjusted yourself in your seat and felt his fingers slip under the choker he’d made you wear, fingering the buckle at the back of your neck.

Adding your hand into the mix you gripped his dick, pumping up and down, following the same track with your lips, his gasps and groans sending shivers down your spine.

You gained momentum, his hand on your neck forcing your pace. If it had been any other man pressing on you, you’d have gotten out of the car and walked off, but with Spencer, you didn’t mind. If you told him it bothered you, he’d stop and there’d be no judgement or offence from either of you. Sure there were a few times where he pushed too much, you fighting against your gag reflex as he hit the back of your throat, but for the most part, it was fine. Sexy even….

He removed his hands and you saw him tugging at his shirt, undoing the bottom few buttons.

“I’m close Y/N….fuck…. I don’t have any water in the car so move when I say okay.”

“Hmmmm,” you murmured back in response, swirling your tongue over his head and pumping quicker with your hands, your saliva acting as a lubricant.

A few more passes up and down his cock and he was gasping, pulling your head away as he moaned out, “Move.”

You pulled away, keeping up the actions with your hand and feeling him twitch, seeing his eyes close and his lips parting as hot semen spilled out of him in short spurts, pooling onto his tummy and slowly trickling down.

When there was nothing left you removed your hand and rummaged in your bag for tissues, handing them to him to clean himself up. He wiped away his mess, balling the soiled napkin up and wrapping it in a fresh clean one, placing it in the pocket of his trousers and tucking himself away again, fastening his pants back up and starting the engine again.

You settled back down and rebuckled your seat belt.

“Just so you know, Snow….. Your blow jobs are ten out ten. Although…. I may now find myself getting distracted by your mouth at work, knowing what it can do.”

You laughed and told him ditto, and he pulled away from the curb continuing your journey back to his apartment. You rested your head on the window as he drove, feeling sleepy all of a sudden.

When you got back to the apartment, he locked the door and stood in front of you, stroking your hair back softly.

“You’re tired.”

“Yeah I am. I don’t know why, it’s not even that late.”

It was thirty minutes away from midnight, and you’d anticipated another night full of exploration. But your eyes were heavy and your body weary.

“Sex takes it’s toll on the body, and the sort we’ve been having will have an effect on your mind too. We can go to sleep, sleep in a bit tomorrow too,” he told you, still caressing your hair gently.

“You sure, I feel like I’m being a disappointment?”

“Never. Come on, let’s go to bed.”

The winds of change.

As you are all wondering,i had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week so far. We had another ‘Family Dinner’ on Saturday with my lovely Katie. She is quickly becoming a member of our family. At least with my son and daughter and me. It was a fun night of dinner and games until my daughter decided that she needed to head to bed. Since it was late and the wine was consumed Katie would of course be staying the night. She asked if my son was joining us and i told he of course. She kissed me and said she had a treat. Her and i adjourned to my bed and waited for our studly companion to arrive. She was giddy as we made out and i discovered why. Apparently earlier that morning she had gotten a full Brazilian wax that removed every hair from her waist down. She was as smooth as a newborn baby. See normally she is shaved with a inverted triangle above her clit as a pointer but that night she was as smooth as ever. Both my son and i enjoyed our smooth treats. We had a lovely time enjoying each other. My hunky son left us around 5 am completely spent giving us multiple loads each. Katie and i drifted off to sleep. We were woke up around 9 when my daughter came in. Yes this would be the first time she’s caught me in bed with anyone other then her father. My heart was practically beating out of my chest at being discovered. However my daughter just acted normally and asked if we wanted her to start some coffee. I said yes and she left. I leaned over to kiss Katie and asked her to give me a few minutes. I put on a robe and went to ask my daughter if everything is ok.

I found her making coffee in the kitchen. I asked her to sit so we could talk. She did and we did. I asked if she was ok or had questions. Which she did and i answered honestly. We talked for a good 15 minutes. During which i discovered that she knew i was unhappy tthe way things were with her father, and that she didn’t blame me for anything. She told me she likes Katie and was very happy that i was happy. She also hinted that it was cool i was so progressive as a mom. So as we were finishing Katie came out and sat and i stood and got coffee for everone. A few more questions were asked and we answered. Soon we were joined ny my son and we talked about not telling my husband anything just yet and everyone agreed.

Just so everyone is clear. My Daughter and I only discussed my relationship with Katie. Not my relationship with my son, her brother.

Shortly after that Katie went home. Thing were going like a normal Sunday, except my son was downstairs studying for his finals and my daughter was in her room. I received a call from the pharmacy to let mr know thst my husband’s prescription was ready for pickup. This shocked me because i was unaware he needed any refills so i asked what prescription it was. The lovely lady at the pharmacy told me it was his viagra. I nearly dropped the phone. To the best of my knowledge he has never had a prescription for that. After a conversation with her. I’ve discovered that he as had the prescription for 18 months. But to the best of my knowledge never taken a single pill with me. He is due home on friday so i am not sure how to react to this news. It arouses my intuition that he has been fooling around while on the road. I am going to have to check on things and have a conversation with him once he gets home.

Also some personal developments on my son. As many of you are aware he broke up with his steady girlfriend on Monday. It took exactly 48 hours for that info to circulate around the school. Apparently the news that the star junior captain of the baseball team being single this summer has become quite the stir among the younger ladies og my son’s school. On Wednesday there were no fewer then 15 seperate messages on our answering machine for my son to call the young females his school. At first i was a lityle jealous but then realized that no matter if he started dating or not he would always make time for me.

So i will definitely keep you all updated on the goings on in my life. I hope you all continue yo follow me and give me your support with all the changes that appear on the horizon. Also on a happier note I spoke with my boss this morning and i am up for a promotion, so keep those fingers crossed.

Lot of love, Tina


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday Crew, welcome aboard! This is my first try at a soulmate AU so I hope you like it! Tagging @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, and of course, our stalwart captain @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language, implied sexual activities (nondescriptive smut)

word count: 2,335


1 | 2 | …

Part 3: Bullshit, bullshit, and.. oh look, more bullshit.

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The Blanket Thief

I’m avoiding my homework, so I wrote this little silliness! Set during the season of secret sex.

The first time Mulder spends the night at Scully’s after they’ve slept together, he wakes up practically hanging off the bed. And he’s shivering. He distinctly remembers spooning up behind her and wrapping his arms around her chest and her waist, engulfing her. Why he isn’t still snuggly behind her now, he doesn’t understand. Scully usually is not one for touchiness, but Mulder has learned that post-coital Scully will hang on to him for dear life. So when Mulder comes to almost full-consciousness and realizes that if he moves even an inch to his left he will fall completely off the bed, he attempts to slide to his right and resume being curled up behind Scully. Instead, he turns over and comes into contact with Scully’s feet, which apparently don’t welcome his presence. Scully, without waking, proceeds to kick his shins until his legs dangle off the side of the bed.

He looks over his shoulder to find Scully completely wrapped in her comforter and sheets, sprawled diagonally across the bed. He goes to push her legs back to her side, but instead she rolls onto her stomach and brings her hand out to grab the pillow Mulder was using, tucking it into her side.

Mulder groans, conceding defeat, and finds his boxers on the floor, slipping them on before attempting to rouse Scully from her slumber. He places his hand on her shoulder and shakes her slightly. “Scully, wake up.”

She stretches, and Mulder can’t believe how much more area of the bed she spans. He chuckles and shakes his head, not knowing it was possible for a woman this small to take up this much room. In airplanes and the passenger seat of the car, she curls herself into sleep without hesitation, lulled by the movement of the various forms of transportation. Mulder envies how easy it is for her to fall asleep in such situations, and how even smaller she manages to make herself. Her bed, apparently, is a different story.

Scully blinks her eyes open slowly, aware of Mulder’s presence looming over her. She gives him a sleepy smile and a quiet but blissful “hi.”

“Scully, are you aware of how much of a bed hog you are?”

She looks at him as if he just told her that he’s no longer a Knicks fan. “I am not.” Her voice is hoarse, either from sleep or last night, she’s not sure, so she clears her throat.

“Scully you are sleeping diagonally in a queen-sized bed, and you pretty much kicked me off a few minutes ago. And you took all the blankets with you! Tell me that’s not hogging.”

“I do not sleep diagonally.”

He thrusts his arms out as a way of saying, “take a look at yourself,” his eyes expressing disbelief. “My back and legs beg to differ.”

“Well, you’re one to talk. If I fall asleep with my head on your chest, you always take my pillow, leaving me with nothing when I eventually roll over. We’ve shared a bed plenty of times, why has this never come up?”

“It’s never happened before! Which is why I’m confused.” He knows the next thing he says is going to offend her, but in his mind, it’s the only logical explanation. “We’ve never shared your bed before. At least not after sex. I think you’re trying to make sure it never happens again.”

“Mulder what on earth?”

“You know what I think? I think that this new aspect of our relationship maybe is too much for you, and you’re trying to tell me that while we can sleep together, your bed will always be ‘your’ bed, party of one.”

She’s sitting up fully now, the flush of her face almost matching the color of her hair. He’s managed to piss her off before 8 a.m. on a Saturday. “Mulder, are you kidding me? This is ridiculous! You’re being dramatic, and you’re overanalyzing my sleeping habits.”

Although he wants to dive deeper into the root of her diagonal sleeping, Mulder can’t help the laugh that escapes his throat. He flops back down onto the bed, turning to look at Scully. “You’re cute when you’re mad at me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your face is the same color as your hair right now, and you’ve got this look that screams ‘I shot you once, don’t think I won’t shoot you again.’ And it’s adorable.”

“Mulder, thirty seconds ago you were angry because I kicked you out of bed in my sleep, convincing yourself that I don’t want you in my bed, and now you’re saying I’m cute because I’m frustrated and trying to prove you wrong?”

“It’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet. I’m not responsible for anything I may say or do until I have some caffeine in my system.”

Scully takes the pillow from behind her back and flings it at his face. With Mulder caught off guard, she takes the opportunity to crawl on top of him and pin him to her bed, her thighs on either side of his waist.

“Am I cute now, Mr. Morning Breath?”

“Frighteningly so, Blanket Thief.”

“Pillow Snatcher.”

“Bed Hog.”

“Alien Lover.”

“Lover of an alien lover.”

This time, she’s the one that can’t contain her laughter. It’s the kind of laugh that brightens Mulder’s eyes and makes his heart swell with complete affection, a grin plastered to his face. He brings her head down so their lips can meet, and it’s a kiss so fierce and full of passion that they’re both panting, struggling for air, when they come apart. She brings her weight down on top of his torso, and he tucks her head under his chin.

“Are you still frustrated with me?”

“I’m always frustrated with you. But in this case, I can forgive you if you can forgive me for taking up the whole bed.”

“Aha, so you admit to being a bed hog?”

Scully chuckles and brings her hand up to draw lazy circles on his chest. “I’ve never been great at sharing. Especially my bed. It’s always kind of been my safe place.” Mulder lets out a rueful sigh. “Mulder, I’m not kicking you out on purpose. I’ll get better. It’s been a while since I’ve actually wanted to share my bed with anyone. I think I just need more practice. Let’s go back to sleep. It’s Saturday, and we don’t have to be anywhere. Plus we were up late last night doing… well, not sleeping. I’m exhausted.”

He kisses the top of her head and hauls them further up the bed. Scully reaches down and grabs the covers, draping them over the both of their bodies. She closes her eyes and exhales against Mulder’s chest. She can hear his heartbeat as a result of where her head is resting, and she thinks it may be one of her new favorite sounds. The warmth of his skin and the blankets, along with his hand rubbing back and forth over her lower back, drags Scully back into drowsiness.

“Mulder,” she says, just before sleep overtakes her.


“You better not steal my pillow.”

Fantasy Night (M)

(photo not mine)

A/N: guys, this is my first smut and it’s a threesome smut so pLEASE GO EASY ON MEEEE. hope you guys like it. now i’m gonna hide in a hole so…

ps: holy smokes, this took me forever but honestly, I over thought it way too much because nfbvdci’mghvakjfvirginjbc

Taeyong & Johnny x Reader

Summary: Who said that dreams don’t come true? An accidental confession leads to the best night your friends could ever give you.

Word Count: 3,735

It was a stupid confession. One that you meant to keep to yourself. But Ten threw a party and after playing more than a few drinking games… let’s just say that you opened yourself up more than you wanted to.

Johnny and Taeyong held you up as the elevator was taking you to your floor which you lived on. They were drunk, too, just not as much as you were. Your face had this permanent, lazy smile and your half-lidded eyes were ready to close for the night. Your head was dangling down in case you were to have an accident and while Taeyong is drunk, he was nice enough to put your hair up in a sloppy bun. A clean freak always, sober or drunk.

“Ooh, Y/N, did you have fun?” Johnny slurred his words in the beginning. Your head popped up really fast causing you to get a little dizzy. “I had LOTS of fun,” your giggle was contagious for Taeyong.

The elevator bell dinged and you tried to rush out the doors. The boys on your arms nearly tripped. Johnny asked for your keys and you mumbled about them being in your back pocket. Maybe it was the alcohol that gave him courage to reach back there without shame.

He struggles to put the key in the lock, cursing out loud, “I can’t get this to fucking fit.” You thought it was a good time to crack a joke at this moment, “HAHA, that’s what she said.” You and Taeyong were on the floor rolling. The neighbor on the opposite side of the hall came outside and saw the messy trio before her eyes.

“Oh my god, what a shame. She’s got two fucking guys with her on a Saturday and here I am watching The Notebook by myself again,” she ranted rather quickly that you barely understood her. She snatched the key from Johnny’s hand and unlocked the door for you. “Sherri, is that you? Oh my god, how are you?” you asked loudly.

Your finger pointed at her, “Guys, that’s my neighbor!” Sherri waved at Johnny and Taeyong with a slightly disgusted look on her face. “Y/N, maybe I should take care of you tonight. You should stay with me.” You protested against it, your voice slurring as you insisted that you needed your own bed. Sherri knew how you could get when drunk, as this has happened at least more than a few times, so she looked at the guys again and trusted that they wouldn’t do any harm to you and walked hesitantly to her apartment.

Inside, you were giving Johnny and Taeyong directions to your room. The bedroom door nearly tore off as Taeyong was leaning against the door and it swung open with a turn of the knob. Your body lunged forward and Johnny caught you on time. They grabbed both of your arms and laid you down on your bed.

You were in a fit of giggles and that’s when you said it, “Ooh~, you guys are putting me to bed. I always,” hiccup, “used to fantasize about the three of us. I wish it could happen. Oh,well. Night, guys~” You curled up in a ball and started dozing off.

Taeyong snorted, “She’s so dumb. Let’s go to sleep.” He started walking to your couch in the living room. Johnny seemed to have been a bit shook up by your confession, trying to figure out if he heard you correctly or not. His head started to hurt and he left you alone for the night.

You three will forget all about this.

You were out in town doing some shopping with your friends. Beside you was Ten already talking about going to some huge party one of his friends were throwing. It was going to be later that same week and called for shopping for some new outfits. Your girl friends were arm in arms with you walking through different shops while the guys trailed along.

In the corner of your eye, Taeyong was talking to Taeil and Johnny, but it seemed that Johnny wasn’t really paying attention. Rather, it seemed that he was… looking at you? You thought your mind was playing tricks with you, so you looked away then back. He was looking at Taeyong, giving him full attention to whatever he was saying. I thought so… you said to yourself.

Sherri tapped on your shoulder (the girl decided to get herself out of isolation), “Hey Y/N, what do you think of this top?” It was this cute off-shoulder blouse that consisted of pink lace and small, blue flowers. “It’s really pretty,” you commented. “Good, go try it on. I think it’ll look good on you.” Her hands pushed your back to the fitting rooms. It fit really nice. You pulled your bra straps down to get a proper look of how it was supposed to look.

It felt odd, but in a good way; you had narrow, fragile looking shoulders and the blouse hugged around them and made them look tempting. It didn’t accentuate your curves of your waist, but it gave you some good cleavage to show. The price was really cheap, too. Hmm… I’ll take it.

During your lunch, you couldn’t help that Johnny kept acting weird. Kind of tense. He barely spoke a word to you, which is odd because you thought you were close. But whatever, I guess. Like before, you just pretended it was nothing. If you needed to, you could talk to him to see what’s wrong.

I’m sure it’s nothing

Pulling up to the house party, your jaw dropped to the ground. The house, or rather mansion, was huge and it was filled with people. “Ten, I know you said it was going to be a big party, but this is just a plain rave at this point. Who is it that you know that has a house this big and knows this many people?” Taeil questioned.

“Well, Jongin only told me about the party. It’s not exactly his house.” You couldn’t help but get nervous at the size of the crowd. You could only pray that you didn’t get lost in the crowds of people. Inside, the music was blaring from these huge speakers that almost reached the ceiling. It seemed that they took furniture out of the place to make more room for people. The kitchen was an absolute disaster; red solo cups and boxes of food were piled on the counters and there was a couple having a rather passionate make-out on the island counter. Next to them were a group of friends that didn’t really seem to care about them.

Not your kind of scene but it wasn’t bad, either. Jen, your best friend, was talking about some cute guy she saw at the entrance. She had a look in her eye that indicated she was asking if she could leave you behind and talk it up with him. “Ugh, just go. I’m a big girl, I can handle being by myself.” Jen blew a kiss saying ‘I owe you.’ “Yeah, whatever.”

All alone, you drank from your cup as you looked around. There were some cute guys around but it looked like they were taken, some even… occupied. “Why are you by yourself?” a voice snuck up next to you. Johnny looked down at you and had a drink in his hand as well. You looked around him and didn’t see any of your other friends in close distance. “I could say the same to you.” He chuckled to himself and took a sip. His eyes visibly looked up and down at you. “You look good in that. Didn’t you buy that the other day?” It caught you off guard that Johnny payed any attention to that.

“Yeah. I did.” An awkward silence stood. You wanted to say something to him now that he stopped acting weird. But what is there to talk about? You saw each other almost every other day. Pushing his way through the crowd, Taeyong was waving at the both of you. Your hand repeated the action to let him know he got your attention. Panting, he informed you guys about some group of people starting a game. He guided you both to the spot in the back of the house. Admittedly, it was better than where you were. There were less people and the night air was fresh.

They were getting for a drinking game and you stood with Taeyong and Johnny – as they were the only ones you knew in this small group – and waited for the explanation of the rules for said game. “Okay, so everyone has a drink?” the supposed leader asked, getting everyone to lift their drinks in response, “Okay, good. Make sure they’re filled. We’re gonna play a classic: never-have-I-ever. And you have to tell the truth.” Not too bad. Minus your friends, you were surrounded by strangers. They can’t judge you for anything later and vice versa.

Johnny bent down and whispered in your ear, “Do you think you can handle this game?” He had this smirk on his face. Does he know something I don’t? Before you could say something to him, the leader started the game. Johnny kept the mischievous smile on his face the entire game. It especially grew when the leader asked a more than personal question. “Never have I ever thought of sleeping with the person currently next me.” Only a few people drank from their cups, oohs going all around. Taeyong was nervously taking a sip and Johnny took his confidently. You looked at the girls next to them and mentally commented that they were cute, no wonder they took a sip.

Everyone looked at you for a final answer. You held back taking a sip because, although you thought of it – and many times at that – before, Johnny and Taeyong were just friends. You didn’t want to make them feel weird. “Why are you lying?” Johnny whispered to you again. This time, you looked at him with surprising eyes. He knows? But I haven’t told anyone. How could Johnny possibly know that one secret?

He kept staring until you took the sip. Slowly, you let it pour down into your throat without breaking eye contact. Your little scene had all eyes on you. “Wow, three people next to each other took a sip. I wonder who they were thinking of—”

“Taeyong, let’s go,” Johnny grabbed your hand and went back into the crowd. Taken aback, he told everyone ‘bye’ on the way out. He followed you into Johnny’s car, not even getting the chance to properly put on his seatbelt as his friend just drove ahead. “Where are we going?” you asked, clutching to the roof handle with one hand. “Your place,” was all he said in a deep tone. What’s with him?

With a screech of the tires, he commanded you and the equally confused boy in the back seat to get out. “Johnny, you’re freaking me out. Why did we just leave the party like that,” Taeyong was whining, “Was it lame or something? We could have just gone for pizza or something.” You agreed with your friend, waiting for any response from the taller one. Johnny pressed on the elevator button harshly.

He didn’t bother talking anymore, so you picked up small talk with Taeyong. “The girl at the party next to you was cute.” He shrugged his shoulders and replied with, “I guess.”

“You guess? But didn’t you drink for her—”

“That was for you,” Johnny quipped. Taeyong gave a look of ‘what the fuck, dude’ with hands half up into the air. “What?” Johnny said as the elevator finally got to your floor. Once again, your hand was in his and you were basically running to your apartment door. In your pocket was your phone with various texts from your friends back at the party.

             Jen: Hey, I got his number! If you need me, don’t bother 😉

             Sherri: When can we go home?

             Ten: Where’s Johnny and Tae?

             Ten: Oh, and are you having fun? 😊

“Keys,” Johnny sounded demanding. You opened up the door and Johnny paced forward to your room. “Umm, Johnny… I think you should explain why we’re here at my apartment and in my room.” He was fidgeting before gaining composure, “I know about your little dream about the three of us.” Shit. Taeyong still looked confused, obviously forgot about your little slip from a couple weeks before. You blinked repeatedly before playing dumb, hoping Johnny would drop this. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dude, did you drink something funny because you’re not making any sense.” Johnny scoffed at the both of your replies and walked closer to you. The closer he got, you kept walking back and eventually fell onto your bed. You sat yourself up and questioned Johnny as to what the hell he was talking about, even though you knew clearly what he meant. “Tae, we both like Y/N,” the other male was blushing as his friend just blurted that out, “how would you feel about sharing her?” Your cheeks repeated Taeyong’s at the declaration. Is this real? This has to be a dream.

Stuttering, Taeyong said, “Y-yah, don’t say things like that casually. Where did you even get that idea?”

“Y/N here told us. We were too drunk to pay any mind to what we were saying. But I remember it.” Johnny kneeled in front of you. His hand what on your thigh, unknowingly sending a shock through you. He looked back to his friend, “Are you up for it?” You looked at him, too. What surprised you was the amount of time it took him to think about it. In seconds, the nervous wreck turned into this confident man that was walking to you and getting on his knees before you as well. “Yeah, I’m in. But,” both look at you, “Y/N, are you up for it?” The back of your neck grew goosebumps in excitement.

Johnny stared into your eyes, “Are you?” Slowly, your head nodded yes. He leans up and kisses your lips. At first, he’s a bit shy but it escalates as time passes by. His hands trail up to your waist, tugging you slightly closer to him. Taeyong notices and jealousy takes him over. Thanks to the access your blouse gives, he starts peppering kisses on your shoulder. You didn’t expect such action; your body naturally reacts with a chill up your spine.

Playing fair was right, so when you were losing breath, you lifted Taeyong’s head up with your finger and brought him to your lips. He had softer lips than Johnny, which you actually expected. Something about watching you and Tae kiss had Johnny feeling more excited, more aroused. Your tongues getting tangled with each others, a taste of alcohol slightly evident. He pulled back catching short breathes and hungry eyes.

Getting impatient, Johnny started undressing you with some help from Taeyong. The rush made you giggle at them. Taeyong laid you back and raised your hands above you and carved his tongue on parts of you he hasn’t explored yet. On the side, Johnny almost ripped his shirt off and started going in his pockets. He pulled out his wallet and saw the aluminum package.

Tae took his own shirt off and you groaned at the sight. Both bodies looked as if they were hand sculpted by gods, too beautiful to be real. But before you could continue your foreplay, Johnny spoke up, “Taeyong, do you have one?” showing his condom as indication of what he meant. He dug in his pocket and found nothing, “No, I didn’t bring one. Do you have another one?”

“No.” They looked at you but as luck would have it, you didn’t have any in your room either. Because why should you? Aren’t they supposed to be responsible for that?

Johnny and Taeyong scavenged their pockets and would check their wallets at least four times and hoped another one would pop out from magic. but it was no use. Johnny had one condom, and you had two horny boys in front of you.

“Y/N, I need you to make a choice. I only have one condom. So, which one of us is going to be the one to use it?” Johnny looked you in the eyes. It was a hard decision, but you’ve been dreaming about this and you weren’t going to give up now just because you were low on protection. Do you risk it? It’s not the best idea, but…

Taeyong sat behind you and started kissing your neck, looking for your sweet spot. “Who’s it gonna be, Y/N?” Johnny was getting visibly jealous, “Don’t use her like that so she can choose you.” He joined the two of you back on the bed and started kissing the other side of your neck Taeyong wasn’t paying attention to. He even went as far as grabbing your breasts and massaging them with that perfect amount of pressure.

You arched your back in pleasure, the stimulation being almost too much for you. “M-more,” you moaned for them. Taeyong wrapped one of his hands around you and reached for your clit. His middle finger massaged around it as his mouth made markings all around your neck. “Fuck, that feels good,” your breaths were getting heavier by each stroke.

Your cries of pleasure echoed in the closed walls of your room. The two boys attached to you had your stomach churning in excitement and the real fun hadn’t started yet. Johnny lifted his head up and kissed you feverishly. He waited for your lips to give his tongue access. The wet muscle danced with your own, taking the small amount of breath you had.

You grabbed his hair, hands shaking from the pleasure coursing through your entire body. Taeyong took his free hand and grabbed your chin to look back to him, and attached his own lips to yours.

You wanted to turn your body to face Taeyong but Johnny wasn’t letting you. He bent down to kiss and leave his own marks on your cleavage. Your head was falling back and eyes shut tightly. Your mind was going a mile a second but the answer was clear. “Johnny… I—” you weren’t able to finish what you were going to say but they knew. His ego boosted as he took off his pants. You turned around and assisted Taeyong with his. You saw the growing bulge, the sight getting you wetter than the number Taeyong was doing to you.

You looked into his eyes for reassurance that you could touch him and he scooted closer to you. He took off his boxers and his dick sprung up. He had an impressive size, you were almost ready to take back what you said.

His eyes stared into yours as you took his dick in your hand. You almost didn’t notice Johnny sneak up from behind you. He took his long fingers and felt around your pussy before inserting them in you.

“Fuck, you’re really wet.” He started off slowly and gradually picked up speed watching as you were giving Taeyong a hand job. Your hips involuntary moved with his finger, telling him you wanted him to go faster. You felt him put another one of his fingers inside you and you arched your back with pleasure. Just as you were about to come, he pulled his fingers out. You whined at him but saw him line himself to your entrance.

He slowly slid in and gave you a minute to adjust to his size. You moved your hips back as a hint and he started with soft pumps in and out of you. Taeyong’s eyes watched Johnny fuck you as he was jerking himself off, picturing himself in his friend’s place. The imagery was erotic and you loved every single bit of it. You licked the strong vein upwards, never breaking eye contact, widening your mouth as you took him in. Taeyong’s hand reached up to your hair and took a handful, pushing you down deeper.

You had to slow down your movements to stretch your mouth up a little. One of your hands slid under to play with his balls.

“Fuck, Y/N, just like that,” Taeyong shakes as he thrusts up to you. You move your head up and down faster, moaning vibrations all through him. Looking up, his head is back and his groans of your names are consistent.

The only reason you contracted back was when Johnny roughly smacked your ass a couple times then smoothed it over. He spread your legs a bit wider and pushed himself deeper in you, hitting the spot that had you screaming. Taeyong resumed jerking himself off as he listened to your cries of bliss. He was the first to cum and got some of it on your face and his abs. He was catching up on his breath while watching you move back and forth against Johnny.

“C’mon Y/N. Cum for us,” Taeyong said in a breathy, sultry voice. Johnny reached around and abused your clit. He bent down and you felt the heavy breathing against your ear. Between grunts, he whispered to you ‘together.’ You tightened yourself around him and laid your face down on your bed, knuckles white from your grip on the thin sheets. He groaned at your action, thrusts becoming harder and out of rhythm. Almost simultaneously, you came right when Johnny stilled himself in you. Your legs became limp after he pulled out and fell next to you.

On your other side, Taeyong adjusted himself and being the one who is calm from his high, he pulled the sheets and covered the three of you. “That was… amazing,” was the last thing you said before dozing off. You all cuddled closer and slept silently.

The next morning brought the awareness that you were sore all over. You opened your eyes and saw Taeyong’s face peacefully sleeping. Your head turned and saw Johnny behind you, also still asleep. You didn’t bother getting up – not that you could anyway, seeing as they completely trapped you between them; Johnny’s arm over your waist and Taeyong’s legs on yours.

Your stomach did little flips and thought, ‘what a dream come true.’


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Sparks Chapter 5

Originally posted by gliceria

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team

Word Count: 3.6K 

Summary: y/n goes clubbing with the girls and after viewing her snapchat story Bucky spots Hydra agents lurking. Bucky goes to y/n’s apartment to warn her. He brings her back to the tower and she spends the night at his apartment. They casually share a bed and Bucky has a night terror episode which he is embarrassed/ashamed about. y/n on the other hand isn’t scared or disgusted by her friends night terror. Their friendship gets stronger and Bucky starts to face new feelings about y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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In Your Head - Part 9

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,922

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

There you were. Locked away in your room just staring at your phone. You must have written the text out 20 times. You almost called him 5 times. Part of you wanted to tell him. Another part didn’t think it was bad enough. It had been worse in the past, easily.

Your phone vibrated in your hand and you jumped a little.
Hey Sweetheart, just thought I’d tell you goodnight. I had a great day with you. Love you”.

You sat there in guilt. You were pretty sure that he really meant those words.

It was finally late enough that you could leave your room without hassle, everybody else in the house was asleep.

You made your way to the bathroom. You weren’t sure what your back looked like and you weren’t one to have mirrors in your room. Your head had still hurt but the throbbed part had gone away hours ago. The only thing you were sure of were the small bruises around the inner part of your arm. Finger sized.

You quietly closed the door behind you and then turned on the light. Your lip was mostly fine as it seemed you had bitten the inner part of it.

You turned and lifted your shirt looking behind you to see in the mirror. A small stream of dark bruises ran across your spine.

Your put your shirt back down just trying to shrug off any feelings. You took a deep breath.

You slowly went downstairs, grabbed a bowl of dry cereal and went back to your room. You had finished all your homework already.

You finally texted Jughead back.

Thanks for wishing me a goodnight. I had a good day with you too. I don’t think I can hangout tomorrow but I love you too. I’ll see you Monday okay?”. It had been a little bit so you figured Jughead went to sleep.

As tired as you were with the last 2 days of events, you couldn’t find yourself getting sleepy. You decided to go back to one of your books.

With Sunday greeting you, you wanted it to go quickly. You had stayed away from your mother almost the entire day. Your Dad kept to himself in his office, only coming out to get something to snack on. You helped your brother with his homework and barely texted Jughead. That was your day. Quiet and kept away.

Monday morning’s alarm was signaling to the right of you. You did your morning routine while dreading going to school. However if it meant you got to escape from your house for about 8 hours, then that was at least something. You wore a long sleeved shirt making sure that today the sleeves weren’t pushed up and headed out.

You got off the bus and were greeted by Jughead. Your face suddenly turned into a large genuine smile. “Hey Sweetheart ”, instead of the usual kiss on your head he leaned in a grasped your cheek bringing his lips to yours. “I missed you”, the words escaped his mouth as his lips were parting yours. 

You gleamed with a smile as he reached down and grasped your hand. “I missed you too”. He walked you to your locker as usual but ever slightly more affectionate. 

You tried to keep your mind away from your mother and then you looked down the hallway. There was Chuck with a still swollen face. His eyes looked at yours and then to Jughead’s. You could feel Jughead’s body tense up. You held his hand with more strength and squeezed it before using your other to slightly touch his chest. “Hey hey hey…”, you were trying to calm him down now and his eyes that were so still on Chuck before now landed on yours. His face softened. “Nothing is going to happen here. It will be okay, I got you and all of our friends. Alright? Just ignore him and he will ignore you”.

His eyes went to his feet and he gently nodded, “Okay but can I walk you to all your classes?”. 

You smiled. “Well Veronica and I have back to backs together but after that okay. It doesn’t really stray from our usual day. You do realize you usually walk me to class.” You gave him eyes that were filled with a sardonic undertone. 

He got a little flushed. He played with the hair that escaped his beanie in the bottom part of his head. His arm flexed a bit while pulling on his hair. “Yeah, I know. I guess I’m just being overprotective”, his eyes looked to yours. You though, were staring at his flexed arm. And once again he had caught you ogling him. He gave you a smile.  

You laughed when you met his eyes. “Sorry”. 

Veronica made her way up to the two of you, giving you both a rather interesting smile. Her eyebrow going up at you as if she was trying to talk to you with just a look. “Alright lovebirds. We got to go to class”, she eyed the door to the math room. 

“See you later?”, his hand brought your body closer to his and he gave you a small kiss. 

“Why do you keep phrasing this in questions?”, you giggled and gave him a slight hug. He slowly walked away backwards while keeping his eyes on you.

You looked to Veronica and were once again blushed. “Oh, I have soooo many questions”. 

“You very well know I’m not going to say anything”, you gave a nod but knew she already had assumed correctly. Veronica slowly shifted your body to the left side of her and you weren’t sure why until you saw Reggie and Chuck passing through the hall on the other side. Veronica’s eyes steered forward only focusing on the door. You weren’t sure if she was being protective or trying to harness her own rage. 

You went to your usual seat and Veronica in front of you. You gently sat down with the brace of knowing that there was still pain when you sat down. Luckily no one’s eyes were on you. 

A few classes had come and gone and you knew you were headed your way outside once again. Lunch in hand, you saw everyone but Betty at the table already. You were excited to sit down but because your focus was on Jughead, you had forgotten about your back. You gave a small sigh of pain while you sat down. Only Jughead had noticed because Archie was talking rather loud with Veronica, once again conversing about the upcoming dance. 

The second you sighed, Jugheads head had snapped to you with his face full of concern. “You okay?” 

You once again gave a fake smile. You thought you were past this, but again you didn’t want to worry Jughead. Especially for something you considered minor. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired. I was reading for a while last night and lost track of time”. At least that part was true - you thought to yourself. 

You passed him his chips and once again went on through your day. Treating it like any other day in school. The plus side of it being was that Chuck had seemed to be fearful enough of Jughead that he avoided you. No joking or staring at you. At least something had grown more positive.  


The last bell had rung of the day and there was Jughead waiting for you by your locker. “Hey, how was class?”, he gave a peck on your cheek. 

“Good. Honors English is easily my favorite class”, you were putting away your books.

“Can you hangout today?”, Jughead asked with hopeful eyes.

“Yep. I already asked my Dad yesterday. I don’t have to be home until dinner”. Your arms went above Jughead’s neck. He gave a smile before diving in for a kiss. While gentle, his lips were warm. His hands slowly glided up your back but you resisted the flinch. Kissing through the pain, your focus trying to maintain on Jughead’s lips. You once again smiled while parting his body. You grabbed your bag and put it on your shoulder. Hand in hand you made your way to Archie’s house. Although, you just saw it as Jughead’s place now.

He was once again pausing to kiss you along your walk. However this time, a bit deeper and longer than any walk before. You took a breather from his mouth, with a slight pant trying to get some air. “Okay, but we are actually doing homework there right? Archie’s going to be there, and not sleeping this time….”

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah. Sorry, I’m just becoming too greedy with you”. 

You smiled while your feet landed on the steps of the porch. “I forgot to tell you!”, it had slipped your mind, something your dad mentioned the day before. “My dad is taking my mom on his next trip this weekend. My brother’s staying over his friends house for two nights and everything!”. This usually happened once a year towards your dad’s birthday. 

“Sounds like we’re having a weekend together ”, you could tell he was excited but he gave you a very coy smirk. 

“Yeah. He usually does this around his birthday. He has a conference in Vegas and my mom actually likes it there…”, your thoughts slowly went back to Saturday but you snapped yourself out of it quickly. You gave a fast smile to Jughead. You really were looking forward to the weekend. 

He thought for a second, “Just don’t tell Veronica. She’ll want to throw a party or something”. 

“Ha. I wouldn’t let her”, you gave a small chuckle. 

You put your bag on the couch and began to get your books out on the coffee table. Jughead was slowly coming back from the kitchen complete with some snacks in hand. You sat down slowly knowing that if you prepared yourself you could resist the pain of your back bothering you. Out of a little fear you pulled your sleeves to the palms of your hands. Jughead seemed to slightly notice but also knew that you would do this when you were nervous. You began to work on your math homework while he typed away on his laptop. 

About an hour went by and with you now starting your French homework you could tell Jughead was needing a break. He was stretching his arms and started in again on a snack. You watched his body move but knew with Archie upstairs, who was strumming off and on his guitar, nothing would happen. 

“So did Jellybean call you last night?”, your question was genuine. 

“How did you know? And she goes by “JB” now,“ his eyes gave a slight roll. 

You gave a small laugh. “We were texting about books and she mentioned it”. 

“I knew I shouldn’t have given your number to her…”, his comment was a little exasperated. 

“Ha. No it was more talking her out of reading Anne Frank too early. I did get her to settle on Number the Stars though…” Your words trailed as you noticed Jugheads eyes following your lips now. 

You gave a smile and Jughead leaned in for kiss. He put your legs on top of his lap and pulled you towards him while his lips were still attached to yours. When you pulled your body towards him you resisted giving into the slight pain. You tried to remain your focus solely onto Jughead. You pulled your sleeves back to your palms and then proceeded to put your arms over his neck. His body now somewhat on top of yours. His kiss was getting deeper with his tongue battling a bit with yours. It got slower as if he wished Archie wasn’t home and you could feel your own body become a little heated. He tugged at the bottom of your shirt a little and you pulled back. “Juggs. We can’t right now but I promise the second my parents and brother are gone, we will have a great night”, your voice was stern but filled with glee.

He gave a deep breath, trying to cool himself off from what you could tell. “I know. It’s just hard not to want you with you being like that”. 

“Being like what?”, you were still unsure how Jughead found you this fascinating.

“You being you. You know, perfect”, his words trailed although they had come out before. 

You gave a coy smile. “You’re too sweet to me”. He dived in for a kiss once again but this time his hands went under your back as he tried to pull you on top of his lap. 

You gave a heavy gripe in pain. He let go of you instantly. He looked you up and down. 

“Y/N?! What’s wrong?”. He wasn’t yelling so much his words were heightened with angst and worry. 

You shook your head relaxing your body. “It’s nothing, I’m fine. Really”. With determination he pulled at your shirt trying to lift it up. “Jughead! Leave it alone”, you were trying to whisper while pushing Jugheads hands away. 

“Come here”, he grabbed your hand and dragged you upstairs to his room. You knew what was going to happen and this was not what you wanted out of the day. 

He closed the door quietly and locked it while you stood in the middle of the room, pulling your sleeves down out of nervousness and fear, and began to cross your arms. 

“Let me see it”, there were no anger in his words as his face was once again soft. 

“Jughead, really I’m fine. It’s really nothing”, you came up to his chest with your palms on it. Trying to reassure him. 

“Please Y/N”, his eyes were starting to water a little. You tensed up. You didn’t want to show him, but you also knew the bruises had lightened slightly. You looked to the floor in both disgrace and guilt, purposely looking away from his eyes. 

You pulled your shirt off. His eyes went to the middle of your arm as he saw some light bruising. You turned around and moved your hair and he was now seeing your back. He paused before moving his body slowly towards yours and lightly grazing the middle of your back with his hand. 

His voice got stern again, “When?”. You knew Jughead only gave short answers out of seriousness. 

You turned your body around. “Saturday, when I came home. The house was a mess and I….” Your words were cut off by Jughead holding you in for an embrace. 

“You have to tell me when this happens Y/N”. Your eyes were filling a little bit with water itself as Jughead held you in close. 

“It wasn’t that bad Juggs, it was just quick. She just pushed me around a bit. Really I’m fine now. It’s just a….” His hands moved to your face, his sharp eyes looking back into yours. 

“Look. If you don’t want to do something about this right now I understand. But you need to tell me when this happens. Even if you think it’s nothing”. You looked back to your feet feeling ashamed. You nodded. 

“Promise me?”, his words were crackling with his voice a bit. 

“I promise you Jughead”, your eyes met his again. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”, he grabbed your hand leading you to the bed to sit down. He was looking at your arm again, closer.

“Yeah. I am. It just needs to heal a bit”. You jumped a little while Jughead was now slightly rubbing your arm. 

“Sorry”, his focus was on your arm. 

“I’m okay really. It wasn’t a big thing…”, you were trying to reassure him again but failing. 

“A “thing” is big enough for me”, his face once again stern. 

You felt ashamed again. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”, your tried to focus your eyes elsewhere. He gently grasped the side of your face to look back at his. 

“You know I’m not mad at you right? It’s not your fault”. 

“Well if I had just….” He once again stopped you from justifying it. This time grasping your shoulder a little while his hand rubbed it back and forth. You smiled. You gave a deep breath. “I know your not mad at me Juggs. I just feel awful not telling you. I really almost did a hundred times that night. I just thought I could get through it by myself”. 

“You don’t need to get through it by yourself. You have me, okay?” You nodded again while he brought you in for a hug, he was careful to not touch the middle of your back.

“When do you have to be back?” 

“Around 6”, you looked at the clock and it wasn’t even 4:30 yet. 

“Okay, well. Lay here with me and take a little nap then?”, he motioned his eyes to the bed. 

“Okay”, he laid back and you laid on top of him with your stomach. He was holding you gently while rubbing your hip, your shirt still off. 

He reached his phone out of his pocket and put an alarm on, then set it on the side table. His focus back on you. “I love you you know”. He went back to gently rubbing your arm. 

“I love you with everything”, your eyes looked up to his and you kissed him. You went back to holding his chest while falling asleep in his arms.

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#7 with Sirius?

#7: “Well, fuck what, am I supposed to be impressed? You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest”

You tried to block out the sounds of their laughter, the heartbreak never ceasing to burn faster as it was spurred on. They didn’t even notice how upset you had gotten until you stood, tears in your eyes, making a beeline for the door. Saturday nights were usually filled with a fun air, the boys all drunk off hidden firewhisky that they always shared with you. But this evening had been horrible for you, as the image of Sirius’ hands all over that other girl had been ingrained into your mind. 

He caught you at the stairs, pulling you by the arm to stop you. His touch no longer made wild butterflies dance in your stomach, but rather a vile poison bubble in the depths of your heart.

“What’s wrong?” He slurred, his dark lashes fluttering as he lent against the wall to hold himself up.

“Nothing.” You declared, your tone quiet but impact-full. “Go run off to that girl you were snogging.”

“Oh no, I’ve already had my way with her.” He smirked triumphantly. “I’m actually going to be paying a visit to that cute Ravenclaw girl I have Potions with.”

You scoffed. “Two in one night. Congrats, you’re a real gentleman.” 

“Hey, I don’t judge you for who you want to sleep with.” He poked, failing to analyse how taught the atmosphere had gotten. 

“Really Sirius, I’m impressed. You never fail to shock me with how ignorant you can be.” You bit the inside of your cheek to keep you from crying. 

“(Y/n)?” He frowned, straightening his body. “You’re not saying-?”

“No. I’m not saying it.” You said. “Because I don’t want you anymore. I was foolish to even fall for someone like you.”

Sirius grasped at you, but you easily wriggled out of his grip. “Don’t do this (Y/n), please, if I had known-”

“You’ve always known!” You yelled. “Deep down you always have. Now let me go. The least you can do is let me try to find happiness without you.”

It hurt that he didn’t stop you when you finally reached the bottom step. But he knew that you were right. He was a poison, and he no longer wanted to inflict this agony onto you. So he let you go - the one person who could’ve been his antidote. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (2/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

Almost 3 months after posting the first part of this story, I’m finally here to finish it off. Believe me when I say I wasn’t planning to take so long, but a rough semester of school kept me from doing as much work on this as I wanted to. I didn’t think I’d be posting this today since this morning it wasn’t even finished, but somehow or another my heartbreak over Jen announcing her exit from OUAT caused me to throw myself into this. (I’ll be completely honest, the only time I haven’t been bawling my eyes out today is while I’ve been writing.) Also, a big thank you to everyone who have read and reviewed this story so far. You honestly don’t know how much the kind messages and reviews have meant to me over the past few months. I hope you enjoy the final part of this two shot as much as I enjoyed creating it. <3  

Part 1 | Rated T | Word count: 9,529 |Also on AO3 and

You could blame it on Neal, on her wavering self-esteem, or on a number of different things she’d been forced to deal with during her nearly twenty-eight years of life so far. Either way, Emma found it nearly impossible to believe that Killian could somehow be in love with her.

If anything, he probably viewed her as the sister he never had. And she’d seen enough movies and TV shows to know how situations like hers typically ended: awkwardly. It was just best all around if she kept all of this hidden, and hoped she would be able to act somewhat normally around Killian when he came back from the West Coast. (This causes her to wonder, not for the first time, if he’ll even be back for long at all once the tour is over with. It’s not likely that he’ll want to stay in Boston and work at the bar again when he’s guaranteed to have dozens of opportunities thrust at him.)

Their next Skype call takes place two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon (morning for him) when he’s in San Francisco, taking advantage of the wi-fi at a cafe near his hotel. Emma tells him he looks like something out of a movie, the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge even visible from a distance behind him. “I feel like you should be writing me a love letter or something with dramatic music playing in the background,” she tells him while she finishes off her second plate of pancakes. She quickly regrets the “love letter” part, and hopes he doesn’t read too much into those particular words.  

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Alone at Last

Request: could you please do a smut where you and namjoon are married and can’t get any alone time because of your kid/s because every time you try to start somthing you get caught by them, but when you finally do things get dirty;) i know it’s long and i understand if you don’t want to do it but thanks anyway 💜

I loved writing this! It was such a good idea! If you or anyone else wants a second part, just let me know! I’d be happy to contiue it! I hope you like it!

Part 2

Pairing: Kim Namjoon X Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,458

“Hey, wifey!” Namjoon exclaimed as he exited the elevator into your penthouse. You giggled as his lips pressed softly against yours.

“Hey, hubby.” You smiled, swiping your thumbs over his cheeks as you stared at your husband’s handsome features. He hummed with a smile as he closed his eyes.

“I missed you.” He said quickly, kissing you again.

“I missed you more.” You giggled as he tried to walk away, sliding his hand over your tummy. “Ah, wait. Where are you going?” You whined, grabbing his hand before he got too far away.

“I want to get some sleep before the kids get home.” He explained, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. Sticking out your bottom lip, you pouted, hoping he’d give in to your cuteness overload.

“But me!” You whined, making him laugh. You smiled, watching him think about his decision. Suddenly a smirk played out on his face before he tugged you into him.

“Then you’re coming with me.” He smiled, dragging you into the bedroom. You laughed as he pulled you behind him, basically running to your room.

You both tumbled onto the perfectly made bed, giggling as you struggled against him. He pinned your hands down on either side of your head, hovering over you. You smiled up at him as he slowly leaned down, gently kissing you. Gradually the kiss transformed from playful to sensual, leaving the both of you breathless once he pulled away. “I suppose I can sleep later.” He whispered, burying his face in your neck and placing gentle kisses all over any exposed skin he could get to.

“Namjoon!” You giggled, feeling teeth graze the sensitive skin of your neck. The sound of the elevator dinging echoed throughout the house and caused Namjoon to drop himself onto the bed next to you with a loud sigh. The two kids of yours came screaming into your room, jumping on the bed with their little backpacks.

“Daddy!” They both shouted in their adolescent high pitched voices, hurting your ears.

“Hey, beautiful.” He smiled, kissing your daughter on the forehead. “I missed you.” He smiled, pulling her twin brother down into a hug and messing up his hair. Having twins definitely murdered your sex life with Namjoon, but you absolutely adored your children and wouldn’t trade them for the world. After awhile of cuddling and laughing, the four of you eventually fell asleep in your California king sized bed to the sound of the TV playing cartoons in the background.

You were rushing around the house, trying to pack your kids’ lunches while Namjoon got them dressed. The both of you struggled to get them ready for school and out the door before you heard Namjoon chuckle. You felt him behind you, sliding his hands around your waist. “Namjoon! What are you doing? They’re going to be late!” You exclaimed, earning a laugh from him.

“Baby, it’s Saturday.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss on your ear. Letting out a deep sigh and laughing a little, you relaxed into his arms.

“Wow. I feel stupid.” You giggled, leaning back into him as your kids went to their rooms for more sleep. “Can we go back to bed too?” You asked, turning around in his arms to look at him face to face. You played with the collar of his shirt before slowly raising your eyes to meet his and biting your lip. He smirked, looking up to the ceiling.

“Only if we don’t sleep.” He said with a wink, taking your hand and dragging you back to the bedroom once again. As soon as he touched the door handle, your daughter called for Namjoon. With a dramatic sigh, he placed a kiss on your forehead, turning and disappearing into her room. You smiled at how loving Namjoon was, hearing him whisper to her.

Knowing your daughter, Namjoon wouldn’t be back for another half hour, at least. You turned your TV on and plopped yourself down on your bed. About 20 minutes into the first episode of Hwarang that you promised Taehyung you’d watch, you fell back to sleep.

When you woke up, Namjoon was fast asleep next to you. His arm lazily draped over your abdomen, hair tousled perfectly, his face snuggled cozily into the crook of your neck. You smiled to yourself, remembering the nights you would find him asleep on the couch in his studio, papers scattered everywhere.

Suddenly, he stirred in his sleep. “Mm hey, beautiful.” He whispered groggily, smiling up at you.

“Hi, handsome.” You smiled back, leaning down to place a kiss on his lips.

“I called my mom this morning and asked her to take the twins off our hands for the night.” He said, sitting up against the headboard. You cocked an eyebrow, sliding a hand up his thigh under the blankets.

“Is that right?” You asked, kissing his neck. He swallowed hard, nodding as he snaked a hand under you to pull you on top of him. You giggled, sitting up on your knees and playing with his bleached hair. “I love your hair like this, Joonie.” You swooned, kissing his cheek.

“Mommy!” You children exclaimed, causing you to jump and Namjoon to laugh at your reaction.

“Hey, guys.” You said, quickly retreating to your side of the bed.

“We’re hungry.” Your son whined, making a pouty face. You laughed, swinging your feet over the side of your bed and slipping your feet into your fuzzy slippers to make your offspring breakfast.

The day went by slower than normal as you counted down the hours until your mother in law would pick up the kids. Throughout the entire day the sexual tension between you and Namjoon was building rapidly. Between the seductive whispers and stolen glances, you could have jumped him right there in the kitchen.

As soon as the kids were out the door and on their way to grandmother’s house, Namjoon had you pinned against the wall. His kisses were breathtaking as he wrapped your leg around his waist. You moaned into his mouth, feeling his arousal grind against you. “I want you so bad.” He growled, pulling away from your lips.

“What’s stopping you?” You asked cockily. He smirked before taking your hand and leading you away from the wall. Picking you up, he sat you on the dining room table and yanked your sweats down your legs. You were biting your lip when his eyes met yours. “Oops. I guess I forgot panties this morning.” He smirked, climbing onto the table to hover over you.

“Well nothing is stopping me now.” He whispered, brushing his lips against yours teasingly. You smiled as he sat up, pulling his sweats and boxers down to his knees. He leaned down, kissing you as he easily slid himself  into you. Your heart raced, happy you finally got what you wanted after waiting for so long. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he found a rhythm of rocking into you. Moaning, you gently pulled on his hair as he sucked a bruise into your collarbone.

“Nam…Joon…” You whispered, feeling the pleasure build up.

“Yes, baby?” He asked, continuing at the same pace.

“Harder.” You managed, gritting your teeth. Smirking, he slammed into you.

“Like that?” He asked, egging you on.

“Yes…” He slammed into you again, just as hard. “Yes!” You screamed as kept snapping his hips into yours as hard as he could. Finally you hit your high, sweat gathering on your face as he sweat dripped off his forehead. You smiled, wiping some of his moisture away.. “That was exactly what I needed.”

“Oh, we’re not done. I didn’t even get your shirt off. You can have a five minute break, but your sweet ass better be in that bed at 7:05.” He warned, raising his eyebrows. Your eyes widened as his assertive tone.

“Oh yeah? Or what?”

“Or you’ll be punished.” He winked, getting up and heading toward your bedroom with his pants in his hand. You laughed, watching his naked butt disappear down the hallway. You sat there for a minute trying to decide if you wanted to make him wait and be “punished” or be on time and see where the night takes you.

When you finally did get off the table, you went into the kitchen for a drink. You watched the digital clock on your microwave change to 7:05, your heart racing as you glanced down the hall that lead to your bedroom. Still not sure what you wanted, you slowly made your way to the closed door at the end of the dark hallway. No idea if it had been a minute, you turned the handle and walked in.