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How I Believe Side:Despair Could've Kept Nagito Komaeda Around Instead Of Banishing Him From The Plot For Convenience (And It Still Work)

*Obviously DR3 Side:Despair Spoilers Ahead (I know it’s been months since the anime but I’m being courteous)*

*Also let me preface this by pointing out that, despite its severe flaws, I still like Danganronpa 3/Side:Despair and if nothing else found it entertaining.*

Okay, so I have this tendency to rant about topics in my head where I’m more “eloquent”. And one of the things I was ranting to myself about was some of the writing issues around Danganronpa 3’s infamous Despair Arc.

One of the things I got to thinking about was the whole mess around the SHSL Problematic Fave himself, Nagito Komaeda. Specifically, his weird situation when it came to the plot.

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Don’t Leave Me

An Until Dawn Fanfiction ~~ AU: Matt goes back for Josh (Could maybe be read as either pre-established Matt/Josh or just bros. I think you all know which I take it as, though.)

Requested by: ya-boy-kayyno

Prompt: Matt is in the mines & finds Josh having a breakdown, so he helps him & it ends up with Sam finding Matt cuddling with Josh so he calms down (Fluff/Angst)

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