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Tonight, The Focus is on You

Summary: It’s late at night and in the midst of getting yourself a cup of tea you hear Bucky making some mysterious noises in his room.

Warnings: smutty smut, masturbation, fluffish, Sergeant kink, metal hand kink

A/N: I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this and I can wholeheartedly say that writing has taken over my life and I love it. I’ve had to awkwardly click off this page so many goddamn times because my family keeps walking behind me and guys it’s so uncomfortable.

You picked up your cup of tea and strutted down the hallway. You were wide awake, another nightmare had plagued your dreams and woken you up panting. You hoped the cup of tea in your hand would soothe you, stopping your body from shaking, and help you fall back to sleep.

You slowed down as you passed by each door, not wanting to wake up anyone up. You stopped outside of Bucky’s, tempted to go inside. You wondered if he was awake, if he’d hold you and listen to the details of your nightmare. You nearly dropped your cup when you heard the faintest moan through the door.

Shit!” The word slipped passed Bucky’s lips, it was barely audible through the thick wood keeping you out. You pressed your ear too the door, desperate to hear more. “It feels so good, fuck…” Another moan left him as you heard him drop down onto his mattress.

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Hatsune Miku makes her appearance in Persona 4 Dancing All Night! (x)


Nomi hasn’t taken a gymnastic lesson since grade school, but after I crafted a tiny balance beam she couldn’t resist testing it out.

Her technique is a little rusty but at least she had fun! :D

wonhotmonsta  asked:

Hi! For the writing prompt thing, could you do 81 with Min Yoongi from bts, please? Btw congrats on 4k!! Thats awesome!

Thank you!!~ 💖

81. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 287

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“No Y/N,” he said taking your hand and increasing his walking speed. “Are you stupid? We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain? You’re soaking wet as it is, we better find shelter soon.”

“But Yoongi, the little drops are so pretty,” you pouted, stopping anyway. 

“Yeah yeah but I don’t care about that right now,” he said taking his jacket off and putting it over your head. “Because I will have to be the one to take care of you when you get sick after this.”

“But it would be worth it,” you giggled and he just sighed, he could never win an argument against you whenever you looked at him like that. 

“Can you at least come with me till I find shelter and then you can go dance in the rain or whatever,” he asked and you nodded, getting hold of his hand again. You wondered how it’s possible for it to stay so warm in this rain. You quickly found a closed down souvenir shop, luckily it’s roof was wide enough for you two to stand under. You stayed there in silence, watching the rain pour down.

“What? Don’t want to feel the rain anymore?” he laughed.

“I decided that your hand is too warm to let go,” you said squeezing it. 


“What did you say?”

“I said stop being so cute,” he answered, averting his gaze from you. 

“You’re the cute one. Blushing like that,” you chuckled.

“I blame you. You’re the source of all my heart problems,” he said, pulling you closer. “If you catch a cold, I will kill you myself.”

“Yeah, right,” you thought leaning your head on his shoulder.

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

❝ I wanted to do something nice for you ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Jimin tries to cook for you but he ends to destroy everything. 


Words count: 1,4k

Genre: Fluffy 

For this cutie @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! Kiss, M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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Look at him… How can he be so cute??? Someone help me.

“Nope.. nononono, dammit!”

Jimin’s voice manages to call you back to reality, you were too focused on your laptop to study for the next philosophy’s exam, one of the hardest and you hate it, you really hate it. You didn’t noticed the time go by, but when you finally look at your watch you realize that they’re more than three hours that your boyfriend is in the kitchen, doing something that you can’t still understand.

“Cmon.. Why?!? ”

“Jimin.. are you okay?” You ask, leaving the laptop on the couch and getting up from it begins to walk toward the kitchen. “What are you doing …? Do you want to destroy the house? ”

The closer you get and more you begin to smell in the air a strange burning scent and when, at last, you stop at the threshold of the door you know what kind of disasters were created by him for all that time.

The blond and fluffy Jimin, your boyfriend for over a year and a half, is surrounded by baking trays full of biscuits, completely burned. The cookie dough was able, and you can’t get how, to finish on the highest shelves and you can glimpse a quantity of dirty dishes in the sink and spread on the work top.

But the “best” show is Jimin. Flour has pretty much spread everywhere, especially in his hair that now are no longer as perfect as usual.



“What’s going on?” You ask giggling, folding arms to your chest by watching the show right in front your eyes. “You had a fight with some phantom that has now disappeared? I’ve never seen the kitchen so dirty! ”

“Go away” He screams embarrassed, bowing his head and avoiding your gaze as best he can. You find really adorable as his face turns when he’s shy and you only want to coddle him without ever stopping.

“What were you trying to do?”


“Babe… Burned cookies… Destroyed kitchen.. You cover with flour and chocolate.. ”

“What cookies? You’re hallucinating! ”

Giggling you approach him and let slide your arms on his hips, then going to cast off your hands on his “belly”. You can feel, under your fingertips, his defined muscles and with an effort you can manage to keep your mind “away” from certain types of thoughts. You are lower than him, he continues to appreciate this “particular” of you, so you’re forced to move your head to the side to see what he sees. The kitchen is in even worse conditions than what you thought, but you appreciate the vain attempt of your boyfriend to do something for you.

“You wanted to make cookies or they were a second choice…?”

“I wanted to make a cake. Even before I wanted to cook. But I realized I’m not Jin Hyung ”

“Nobody is Seokjin, Jimin. Do you want to cook together? ” You talkin’; going to place a soft kiss on his shoulder and smiling at seeing his face light up in your proposal. “I promise I won’t help, will you do it all by yourself.. So you can say you’ve cooked for me. ”

“Okay… But if I ask for help? ”

“I’ll help you, jerk. Come on, we should start to try to make these cookies. ”

His shyly smile is something that you’re not used to it, so suddenly you feel the uncontrollable desire to kiss him. With just one smile is able to upset you completely and how much you avoid to show it openly, you’re aware that he knows the effect he has on you.

He kisses softly your forehead, now more combative than ever, starting to move everything useless from the work top. You try to help him, but at every his glance, you got that he wants to do alone and you just have to watch, so you put your hands up in surrender, smiling shyly at him.  

“Why did you want to cook, Jiminnie??”

“I mean.. I wanted to do something nice for you. ” He whisper, even more embarrassed than before and feel your heart melt completely.

“You could dance for me. At least I know you can do it. ”


“Sorry sorry, no more mean things to my poor and sweet boy,” you mumble amused, finally able to get closer to the kitchen counter.

“Then.. You know that for first you have to measure out the ingredients? ”

“Ah.. Really?? ”

His answer leaves you shocked and you lay your gaze, for a moment, on the cookies, innocent and singed, taking one. Just one bite is useful to understand Jimin’s problem with cooking. You start coughing, the taste is something that goes beyond disgusting, while he lightly pats your shoulder to help you in any way.





His expression looks like that of a child that had lost his candy and that doesn’t help you, nay even more distracted by his gaze and you can’t remember what you were going to do and not even your name.


You look at him while taking the scale, unused until then, and rests her on the table with a combative gaze. It’s a war between him and the cookies, you’re more than sure.

“At least you know the recipe?”

“Of.. Right, the recipe.. OBVIOUS, I KNOW IT! ”

Yet more proof that he has no idea what to do, so you take the phone out of the pocket of your jeans and looking for a recipe for cookies, finding the one that seems to be the easiest of all. Always giggling you read aloud, for each ingredient you see him as he runs to the kitchen taking what he needs, biting your bottom lip from time to time because of his perfection, even covered with chocolate and flour everywhere.


“You have to measure out the ingredients, babe..”

“Right.. Then, sugar. "He says in satisfated tone and you at him while he’s biting the tip of his tongue to concentrate, the blond cowlick always falls in his eyes.

"Done! Now…now.. The flour. ”

When he picks up the flour bag, you already know that the disaster is going to happen. In fact, a few seconds later, you look at him stumble and you don’t even have time to record what happened.

You cough, flour came into your mouth and it’s a horrible feeling because it knead your palate with the tongue, while an exhausting sensation of itching starts to tickle your nose.


“Fuck..I…I… ”

“I’m not covered with flour from head to toe, I can’t… ”

“Jagi… ”

You cough again, taking off as best you can the flour from your face, puffing and seeing a small cloud of flour form in front of you. Yes, you’re completely covered with flour and the worst thing is you can’t be mad at him.

“You’re… You know that flour… Has properties… So is good for your skin? ”


“Huh, my beautiful and perfect love?”


You give him no time to take two steps that you’ve already taken the flour bag, at least what’s left of it, and start to run after him. Cookies can wait, your revenge no.


Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Gender Neutral

(Sorry, I got kinda carried away with this one… lol)

This is purely based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

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- I see Chani as the type to (over time) fall for one of his really good friends

- Very playful (both before and after you two are in a relationship)

- Once he starts to realize his newfound feelings for you, he desperately tries not to let it effect the way he acts in front of you

- But fails miserably

- Where he used to jokingly smack, poke and ruffle your hair without a second thought, he’s now constantly hesitant to touch you in the slightest way

- The stronger his feelings get, the more awkward he becomes

- “Chan, hurry! The movies starting!”

- “O-Ok, coming.”

- “Chani… Why are you sitting all the way on the other side of the couch…?”

- “What? Um, I-I don’t know. I just kinda sat down…” *nervous giggle*

- You were probably the first one to confess

- And tbh he was a little disappointed he didn’t man up and make the first move

- But still happy that you’re his, nonetheless

- Being the maknae means he’s constantly babied by his hyungs

- So I see him wanting to be the “manly, dominant, caretaker” type of role in the relationship

- He’s been babied enough, now he needs someone to baby 

- Not one who’s into PDA

- Especially in front of his hyungs… That’s a big no-no

- The most you’ll get is holding hands, a quick hug, a guide hand on your lower back or the occasional kiss on top of the head

-But behind closed doors…

- That’s another story

- He literally clings onto you like his life depends on it

- Another lover of backhugs, especially giving them

- His arms are wrapped around your waist, head resting on your back as the two of you waddle in circles around the kitchen in silence

- Pet names is an iffy topic

- I can see him loving it when you nonchalantly call him cute little nicknames like “baby,” “babe,” “love,” etc.

- But I see him being hesitant to return the term of endearment

- It’s not at all that he doesn’t love you enough

- It’s just gonna take him some time to muster up the courage

- And when he finally does, it’ll come out in a broken stutter

- “Chan, can you grab me one of your sweatshirts? I’m absolutely freezing!”

- “Okay,” *pause* “b-babe…”

- *Turns around and books it up the stairs*

- You know exactly why he fled so quickly

- And all you do is sit there and laugh to yourself at how absolutely adorable your boyfriend is

- I feel like the first “I love you” would be an accident

- The alarm clock roared to life at 4 o’clock in the morning, as it usually did

- You waited for Chani to hop in the shower, and instead of going back to bed, like you normally would, you crawled out of bed and headed for the kitchen

- You heard the shower shut off just as you had finished making Chani’s breakfast

- You put the food in their containers, placed them into a paper bag, and even wrote Chani a little encouraging note to go with it

- He walked into the kitchen and gave you an utterly confused look as he asked why you were awake

- “I felt like making you breakfast!”

- You said with a smile, as you held in a yawn trying to force its way out of you

- “You’re the best! Thank you so much, babe”

- He kissed you on the cheek as he mentally praised himself for his burst of confidence

- He grabbed the bag and headed for the door

- “I gotta go! I’ll text you during our breaks. I should be home around noon? I’m not sure, but I’ll keep you updated. I love you, bye!”

- He mindlessly shouted as you smiled to yourself, yelling an “I love you, too” back his way

- He nearly dropped the bag as he turned to face you, wide-eyed and jaw hanging open

- “Did I just… Did you just… Did we just…”

- He rambles on as you make your way over to him

- You grab hold of his face and pull him into a quick, passionate kiss

- You pull back, locking eye contact with him

- “I don’t know if you meant it, but I did. I really do love you, Kang Chanhee”

- He looked down as he tried to hide the smirk on his face, accidentally letting a giggle slip past his lips

- “I was actually supposed to say that in my head… And even though that’s not at all how I planned for that situation to go - I love you, too”

- He embraces you in one last hug before leaving for practice, as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning

- Despite being very mature for his age, he’s still a kid

- Which means pretty much everything is all “fun and games” between you two

- ALWAYS challenging you and trying to egg you on

- “At least I can dance better than you”

- “Oh yeah, well I have better abs than you”

- “I bet you can’t rap to this song as good as I can”

- Fake wrestling is a personal favorite of his, (and secretly yours, too)

- Because you both know he’s stronger than you, but he loves seeing you struggle to free yourself from his strong hold

- And honestly, you love being trapped under his steel grasp

- After rolling around the floor for what felt like hours, you lay under Chani’s muscular build, still trapped, as the two of you pant in silence, both trying to catch your breath

- It isn’t until you two lock eyes that he realizes your disheveled appearance, tangled hair and chest heaving with every deep breath you take

- As you take in his equally disarranged state, veins bulging out of his neck, hair falling into his eyes as beads of sweat trickle down the sides of his face

- He glances at your parted lips as he ever so slowly leans down towards your face

- Excitement bubbles in your stomach as what feels like entire minutes pass as you wait for your lips to finally meet

- Before you know it, the two of you are engaged in a heated makeout session, hands threaded in his hair as your mouths work wonders against each other’s

- But much to your dismay, your intimate moments is cut short when you hear the door to the dorm being unlocked

- Causing Chani to literally fly off of you across the room

- You remain sprawled out on the floor, grunting to yourself, as you mentally curse out the other boys for returning home so soon

Everything Fades - Chapter V

A Jungkook story inspired by Kimi no Na wa

Summary: Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had, I can never quite remember. Yet, the sensation that I’ve lost something important always lingers for a long time…

Her: Just a normal day in my boring, calm li- HOLY SHIT I’M IN JEON JUNGKOOK’S BODY.

Him: Alright, let’s go to prac- WAIT WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS?

Originally posted by lumos025

Chapters: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chapter V – Thank the Gods for Jeon Jungkook’s Muscles

My eyes are vehemently fixed on my hands as the car transports us towards… well, I’m not really sure.

To my left, there’s Kim Seokjin, and, behind me, Min Yoongi and Park Jimin.

I’m surrounded by the enemy,” I think.

I feel a bit claustrophobic.

Ahhh, what am I supposed to do..? Last time I possessed Jungkook, in some miraculous turn of event, it was a day for individual schedules… I just locked myself in the bedroom skipping my meeting with the producers by claiming I was too sick to even move… And the first time lasted only a few minutes because I lost conscience…

My head slowly turns to the car door.

Which is made of solid metal.

I stare.

What if…

I consider the idea for a solid minute.

I don’t want him to get a concussion either,” I think, frowning. “And the other members would think that I… that he…

I sigh, highly frustrated.

That we’d gone crazy or something.”

I rub my eyes.

How many hours of sleep did this body even get? I feel like my eyelids are made of lead.

I let out a short fake-cry sound.

“Jungkook-ah,” Jin says. “What’s up with you?”

Shit. I forgot about him for a sec. Ahhh, fuck me.

I lick my lips, trying to look natural (and I probably look as natural as a turquoise whale in the middle of Time Square).

“I… stayed up until late… studying. Yeah…”

Jin looks surprised. “What were you studying?”


What does Jungkook even study? I think he has online courses or something, but that kid looks clueless 50% of the time.

I clear my throat.

“You know… Some… Korean… stuff.”

“I thought you played Overwatch with Taetae until you both passed out,” Jimin says from the backseat.

Jin stares at me. I stare at my hands. My hands… don’t have eyes.

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so ive just been using the womens bathrooms at school because even though my college brags really hardcore about all their 29+ ~~Gender Neutral Bathrooms~~ ive never been able to find one in my six months here. i went down to the rarely used womens bathroom because nobody was ever in it and it was locked and yknow… something inside me snapped. i decided, enuf is enuf. i was a Gender Neutral Person on a mission. i ran around trying to find a bathroom and i asked like two different help desks and like, finally this beautiful man with the voice of an angel said “yes, i can take you there.” so i says, ok guy, lead me there. and he leads me to this door in the wall behind one of those big metal rolly things ytou use to move crates and says “the password is 7222”. and im like, password??? password???? but i turn around and he’s gone. i tentatively punch in the numbers. the door unlocks. i enter a space with more doors. i pick the one with the lock. there’s like… t shirts in glass cases on the walls. also its like, at least 100 degrees in this bathroom. i can see the air dancing when it comes out of the vents. i have to take off like four layers because i feel like im going to pass out its so hot. so i think to myself, a person with anxiety and the physical inability to shit in public, “wow, aside from the sweltering heat, this is the perfect, gender neutral fortress.” im not sure it like actually exists it might have been a walking fever dream. anyway my hair was swoopy and i took a pic enjoy

Stage Play Touken Ranbu “Akatsuki no Dokuganryuu”

There is so much I want to say about this play, but unfortunately all those things are major spoilers!! So I will refrain from doing that for now. So read on without fear, I’ll give a warning when the spoilers are coming up.

This play in one word:

I have absolutely no regrets about staying this long in Japan and paying 10,000 yen just to see this play! At this point there is absolutely nothing I can complain about, I enjoyed this play from start to end!

With half of the cast being from the previous play, and the other half being new to the team… things can go horribly wrong, or perfectly right… Thankfully it was the latter one. The old cast expanded on their existing characters and the new cast did a wonderful job at establishing themselves! Sure, it took me a moment to get used to the new cast, but… I can only say they did a wonderful job!

I loved this stage… They have a lot more moving props this time to created different places. It’s done really well! I actually have a photo of the “Honmaru” setting I took before the show started… (but it’s on my phone, so I can’t show it right now) Aside from that we have moving bushes, screens with projections and… folding screens…

Like the previous play we’re welcomed with an opening song, and the play ends with a closing song… Both of these songs, I loved them! I may like these better than the ones from the Honnouji play, but I’d have to hear them more often. At the very least I can say I absolutely loved the dance routine! ^o^// They looked so cool!
For the music they used a mix of old and new soundtracks. Which was pretty nice actually. Gave a bit of a nostalgic feel to certain moments. I’ve got to admit I don’t remember much of the soundtrack though. Let’s say that wasn’t really the thing I focused on. But, the fact I don’t remember it probably means it was a pretty good soundtrack and went really well with the event on stage.

Story-wise I guess this musical was split in two parts. One part focusing on Sayo’s past and his struggles with it. Which is mostly a Sayo/ Yamanbagiri focused plot with Kasen butting in whenever he can and Ookurikara being pulled in by Sayo against his will. And the other part focused on keeping history straight. Which is mostly Mikazuki/ Tsurumaru/ Kasen/ Ookurikara/ Mitsutada/ Sada, but also has some Manba-chan and Sayo included, especially in the first act. Both story arcs were incredibly enjoyable to watch in my opinion.

So, the play starts off with a flash-forward like the previous play. (which I didn’t realize until somewhere in the 2nd act, but…)  And then the focus returns to the citadel, where Sayo’s story is set up, everyone sings and dances and we’re introduced to the new characters. I’m not going to go too much into detail, because honestly. I feel like the story is way to complex for that. After I watched the Musical (Mihotose no Komoriuta) I more or less could remember the flow of the story. For this one, I do remember the flow of the story, but I have absolutely no idea in what order everything happened. Mostly because you keep switching between different story lines. If you’re watching the play that’s not a problem, if you try to puzzle it back together from the top of your head, it is.

Anyway, all I can say with certainty: They really upped the comedy for this musical!! And it was awesome! Especially the first act is a really great mix of comedy and seriousness. Second act is a bit more serious, but then you have Mikazuki coming by and, well… xD Also, without going into the details… in this play we don’t get a War council scene (like in Honnouji), but… remember how in the Touken Ranbu Hanamaru anime you have this one episode where they have thing song about making Udon…? Well, they won’t be singing, but expect something similar! It’s hilarious! (And then they’ll take it a step further in one of the final scenes of the play! Look forward to it!)

And here ends my (mostly) spoiler-free review, now let me go into the bits that make this play absolutely awesome. 

For the love of god, if you’re going to watch this play in the theater and haven’t spoiled yourself yet, please stay away from the next section. You’re going to enjoy it so much more if you don’t know what’s coming!! (I even would like to tell people who are waiting for the DMM live-stream or DVD release to stay away, but I suppose you’ll be spoiled anyway by that time, but…)

Really I’m serious, major spoilers ahead!!


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im pretty scared and sad but at least i can imagine victor and yuuri dancing together in their kitchen goofily, sliding along in socks on their hardwood floor, being dorks and whispering sweet nothings to each other until smoke starts bellowing from their oven and the smoke alarms start blaring and basically this happens a surprising number of times they have a lot of takeout

Running Late

@number9isawanker: Okay, but imagine Lena and Maggie are running late to movie night. They arrive to find that Kara and Alex have started without them and are currently acting out an (obviously) previously choreographed dance number to some Disney movie. Can you do something with that?

This was too cute and the inspiration just hit me!

Lean practically runs from her town car to the door of Kara’s apartment building.

One stock meeting had turned into two and then there was paperwork to sign and before she knew it she was running over an hour late for double date movie night. She just hopes there’s still food by the time she gets up to Kara’s, because she is STARVING!

“Hold the elevator please!” She calls out desperately, sighing with relief as a hand shoots out to stop the doors from closing.

“Thank you! The elevator times in this place are so unpredic- Oh! hello, Maggie!” She offers the detective a warm smile.

“Lena,” Maggie tilts her head, taking in Lena’s business suit. “Running late too I see.”

“Meetings.” She groans, cracking her neck. “You?”

“Caught a break in that alien theft case.”


“Thanks, I just hope there’s pizza left.”

“Let’s make a deal, if it’s all gone, we’re going to oder a giant pepperoni pizza just for us and not let Kara eat any of it.”

“Deal. Are you sure you’ll be able to say no to those puppy dog eyes?”

“She can have the leftovers. Maybe.”

Maggie snorts.

They both know she’s bluffing.

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Jamming (Peter Quill)

Prompt from @yetmoreprompts: You danced me through the grocery store. :)

To listen to while reading: ‘It Ain’t No Fun to Me’ by Graham Central Station and ‘Thank You’ by Sly and the Family Stone.

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    Yellow peppers. Orange peppers. Red peppers. Green were out of the question for being a little too bitter, but the red ones were mostly bruised, the orange ones didn’t seem too fresh, and the yellow ones were a slightly strange color. You sighed. The one day you managed to work up the resolve to cook something for yourself instead of stopping at one of your usual restaurants for a late-night snack, the grocery store wasn’t cooperating.

    Well, at least the music was good. For a deserted and slightly dingy market, the music coming through the tinny overhead speakers had a surprisingly good groove, slap bass paired with organ and tight vocals bringing a small smile to your lips, your foot automatically beginning to tap as you sorted through vegetables in search of a high-enough-quality pepper.

    “Leaving you-hoo-hoo, it really ain’t no fun to me…” A chorus joined the solo singer and you found yourself humming along even though you hardly knew the melody, your tapping foot gaining momentum as you started to lose focus on the task at hand. Your shoulders joined your feet in grooving from side to side to the song and that was when you heard footsteps and froze, cheeks heating.

    “What?” a voice asked and you turned to see a tall man in a dark red leather jacket standing there, a surprisingly un-mocking smile on his lips. “It’s a good song.”

    You chuckled awkwardly, tossing a pepper from one hand to the other. “Yeah.”

    He stepped forward, extending a hand. “I saw you jamming,” he said, in a surprisingly serious tone considering his words. “Would you like to dance?”

    “Well, can I at least have your name first?” you asked, setting the vegetable in your hand back on the display.

    “Quill,” he said. “Peter Quill. Or Star-Lord. Either one’s fine. And you?”

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7. 23 .14

There’s this sidewalk in Chattanooga, TN that teaches you how to Mambo.

It’s got copper plated shoe prints that show you where to put your feet and everything.

I was pretty terrible to say the least but now I can sort of say that i’ve danced in the street with a beautiful girl.