at least i assumed that it's his ring 'cause look at it

No Longer You

Summary: Now a shell of her former self, the reader runs into an old flame. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,761

Warning: implying an abusive relationship

Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge - “I hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have.” @nichelle-my-belle

Green cancels out red.

Yellow cancels out purple and brown…no purple and blue.

And lavender cancels out…yellow?

Jesus Christ. This shouldn’t be that difficult, hiding the evidence of your home life is a normal occurrence. The three concussions you’ve acquired over the years must be catching up to you.

You’re squinting harshly at the Revlon concealers on the top shelf before you. Trying and failing to remember which ones work the best, basically whatever hides the fucking truth.

Your exhausted brain is practically mush at this point in time, you used to know this shit. You used to know a lot of shit. You used to be a strong, independent take no bullshit kind of a woman that took care of herself. But things clearly change. People fucking change.

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Anyways, we all know Michelle well enough to know that she wouldn’t put 20+ Hours into a piece with no symbolism in it (To note, rough estimate for time allotment but given how detailed this painting is I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer even considering it was a collaboration piece) 
First off: 

The clock. The important parts here would be the young boy, who we can safely tie together with Odin since the painting already strikes a feeling of nobility to the viewer. The boy is looking up to a portrait of a man wearing a crown, who we can assume was a past ruler. This could also be Odin’s own father whose not in the picture of a ruler who predated the boys birth. The boy is looking up the Man, he is grasping the bottom of the portrait while the womanly monarch figure is holding the top end of it. This could show that while the boy is in the line for power, he is still not at the stage where the female monarch is (Since she is holding her hands above the Mans image) 

The Family Crest is worn proudly over his chest.You see the same square motif require in a lot of Odin’s art but I feel like that’s more design tracing back to the “Stoicness” than anything new for this painting. 

More Jewels, pendants, and crown to continue to show the nobility aspect. It’s interesting to note that the only Jewelry that Odin had been shown with prior to this update was his Mothers red ring. 

This may be a reach but that could symbolize that it was his Mother that married into the Arrow bloodline. 

It’s Winter! Odin’s symbolic season is indeed Winter, yet compared to the last one this is still a happier scene. Similar to the I don’t know if its vastly important is the ferns. Could just be the familys plant? 

Now, talking about reaches, I don’t know if this was intentional or not but: 

Odin and his dam left hip. While the pose in the painting is by no means uncommon, the similar attention to the torso area has been an recurring theme for Odin. probably the only thing holding back the theory that his death was caused by drowning is the mystery hip. #MysteryLowerTorsoGate2017 
Back to seriousness- 

The Face. I can’t stop thinking about how the painting in this world looks like it’s a painting and not another panel of the comic. With the almost porcelain like skin you could just imagine this as an oil painting straight from the Louve.

Yet, that’s not the important part. Odin age here has to be of an at least 10+-year-old boy. While he is currently 18 in the comic and we all know Wrathia died 15 in the past. If Pedri had died the same time as her and bound himself with Odin, Odin would have only been three at the time. As we can see the pupils are still black that is not the case. Personally, I am a fan of the “Pedri was captured by Titan before he could kill himself” theory. I don’t think Pedri would be one to go against Wrathias wishes as he was deeply in love with her. I think the most likely answer to how Pedri died was sadly tortured/captured by Titan. 

The painting honesty just opens up more questions. We still don’t know how either Pedri and Odin died. We also don’t know why Olai is so fixated on Odin death. But that’s another Meta for the morning. 

when things go bump in the night

summary: in which you have a late night run in with a seemingly vicious vampire, only to find out he’s not as intimidating as you first made him out to be.

characters: shin hoseok x female!reader

genre: vampire au, suggestive shit

warnings: very faint mentions of blood, choking, suggestive shit

author’s note: this is my first paranormal au scenario!!! if i’m being honest, i love love love reading these…. so expect more in the future, maybe?? idk, depending on how this one goes, I guess,,,

Originally posted by the-xclan

You step out of the little bakery and into the frigid fall air, immediately grabbing your bare arms while simultaneously cursing at yourself for not thinking to bring any sort of protection from the bone-chilling, autumn nights. You cautiously survey the area; taking in your surroundings before turning back toward the door. You manage to lock it, despite your trembling hands, and turn around, making your way down the sidewalk. You take an exceptionally deep breath before exhaling, examining the visible puff of air in front of you, not looking forward to the mile long hike back to your house.

The minuscule town you called home was already vacant during the day time, but at night it was like that of a ghost town; not a soul in sight. Hardly anything in sight for that matter, due to the thick pool of fog that resides throughout the barren streets. It was like something straight out of a horror movie. That in itself was just one of the many, many reasons you hated being out at that time of night.

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Happy family

Summary: reader finds out she’s pregnant but is too scared of Bucky’s reaction so she tells her brother tony first who convinces her to spread the news.

Pairing: bucky x reader (x brother!Tony)

Warnings: Fluff !, slightest angst

Requested: by anon

A shaky breath left your lips as you slowly looked down onto the small piece of plastic in your cold hands.

You felt yourself begin to smile as you fell in love with the little pink lines.
A sight that you didn’t expect on seeing, neither even wanted to lay eyes on.
However now that this was reality, you felt yourself falling in love with the idea of family.
A baby.
With bucky.


How were you going to tell him ?
Was he going to be happy ?

You didn’t know an answer to your question, but you knew that you were scared.

Bucky never wanted a baby.
He saw himself as too broken.
Too unstable.
Just not good enough.
And it broke your heart that he thought of himself in that way but there was also nothing he’d let you do to help him.

You slowly stood up from the floor, standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom.
Splashing water in your face after throwing the pregnancy test away.

And as you looked at yourself in the mirror you suddenly realized something.
As glassy eyes stared back at you and a pale face with quivering lips breathed out shakily.
“He’s gonna leave me” you said as a tear rolled down your cheek and then suddenly a sob echoed through the small bathroom, the thought of that future just too much to handle.

A knock pulled you from your crying reflection as Bucky’s voice called out to you through the door.
“Y/n are you alright ?”
He asked worriedly.

And you gulped down the lump in your throat as you pressed your hand infront of your mouth, trying to quieten the sobs.
But you knew it didn’t work when you heard him knock again.
“Please let me in” he whispered softly against the wood of the door and you felt bad again.

For pushing him away, not letting him in.
But you couldn’t tell him.
You needed him.
So you wiped away your tears and took a deep breath before reaching or the door to unlock it.

And when the opened to reveal a devastated and distraught bucky, desperate to know what made you so sad.
And he opened his arms for you but you lingered where you stood, thinking about actually pulling him in for a hug.
Just to feel safe and protected inside his warm embrace.
But you couldn’t, what if he could feel a small bump ? Or feel the baby kicking.
It was dumb and paranoid to think this but you needed a reason not to give yourself to him.
Not to collapse into him.
So you just gave him a small smile and said “I’m fine” before stepping around him and out of your room, leaving him hanging like you never would.

You took the stairs down into the little garage of the compound, knowing your brother was probably tinkering around on some cars.

Tony never was one to judge you or be angry at you.
He always was there for you when you needed him and you just hoped that this situation wouldn’t change anything.
But even if it did you didn’t really have a choice, you just needed to tell someone.

You cleared your throat, making sure he knew you were there before quietly sitting down in the ground near him.
“Hey bug” he piped up from under the car.
“Can you get me a screwdriver ?”
He asked, making you smile as you handed him the tool.

Both of you sat in silence, the only noise being the clanks from metal hitting metal under his favourite vehicle.

“So what’s got you so gloomy” he asked suddenly making you look up in confusion.

“How could you possibly know something was up you haven’t even looked at me” you threw back a bit tauntingly.

“I know my little sister, duh” he exaggerated, making you cringe.
“Tony please don’t ever try to be cool again” you laughed, hearing a gasp from beneath the car next to you.

“No seriously what’s up” he asked again

You hesitated for a minute but you knew this was what you came here for after all

“Well…im pregnant”

Suddenly you heard a loud banging noise next to you,a shriek and Tony exclaiming all sorts of swearwords and.

You looked at the car in shock and expectations, waiting for him to say something but he didn’t.

He was completely quiet, all you could hear was his breathing that you assumed where in order to calm himself.

Suddenly he roles out from under his car, sitting up and rubbing his head before wiping his hands on a cloth.
“Well…” he started, pausing until he was done cleaning his hands “is it Elsa’s?” He asked once he looked at you.

Your eyes widened in shock as you tried to understand if he actually meant it or was just playing around.
“Yes! God what the hell tony” you exclaimed hitting his chest.

“Well then congrats lil bug” he said with a smile pulling you in for a hug but soon pulled away again.
“That wasn’t tight enough, what’s up” he asked and you smiled a tiny smile, surprised at how good he knew you.

“I can’t tell him tony, he’s going to leave me” you mumbled sadly, gaze on the floor as you played with your fingers.

“Honey I have no idea if mom talked to you about it but a pregnancy is not a subtle thing you know.” He said frowning, a tiny smile on his lips.

“I know but this way I’ll get at least two more months” you admitted, hating the idea of lying to him about something as big as this.

“(Y/n)” tony sighed, maybe a bit annoyed “that dude loves you a lot and I swear I wish I wouldn’t see it but I do” he cringed a bit.

“I see the way he looks at you, you’ve been together for what ? Two years ? And he still looks at you as if its been barely three days. Trust me when I tell you that he is never going to leave you” he reassured you, pulling you in for another hug.

“How will you know you’re not wrong”

“Cause I’m smart” he smirked, sending you a wink.
“So go tell him” he ushered you up and out with a lough, and you grinned at him trying to hide the fear and doubts that slowly invaded your mind.

You reached your room a little later, calling out for bucky but he was nowhere to be found.
You looked around d a bit hoping to find him sleeping somewhere, but everything was still the way you left it the only thing different was the light blue envelope on the bed.

Suddenly you were afraid again.
In this envelope could be anything, maybe he was breaking up with you, maybe not.
Maybe he was just telling you about his day, maybe not.

You debated reading whatever the letter inside said but despite all your fear and doubts you picked the letter up just a second later.

Inside was a little card, it simply said ‘meet me on the roof"
You furrowed your brows at the letter, looking down at it in confusion as you tried to figure out what all of this was about.

You made your way up to the roof anyway, the cool breeze of evening air made you shiver and regret not having pit on a jacket.
You saw bucky standing at the edge of the roof, patiently waiting for you as he let his gaze wander over the city.

“Bucky?” You whispered carefully as you walked closer to him. You weren’t really sure what all this was about and you were slowly getting scared.

He turned around with a smile, his eyes bright as they found yours “hey” he said back reaching out a hand which you gladly took.

You stood next to him, admiring the view of the new york skyline.
“Why are we here” you asked anyway, not really fond of the situation.

“Because I wanted us to be on top of the world.” He replied lowly.
“Y/n I know that we haven’t known each other for that long. And I know that I’m maybe not always the best person to be with”
He started, turning so he was looking at you, he took your hands and held them tightly in his.
“But I love you, with all my heart because you are Wonderful. You are kind and generous, and funny, beautiful, open-minded and so understanding.
I love everything about you, and I love that you are actually able to love me.”
He smiled, maybe even a bit sad but you couldn’t clearly tell through the tears that blurred your vision as he went down on one knee infront of you.
“And I never want to lose you so” he got a ring from inside his jacket “do you want to make me happier than I already am and marry me?” He asked, a soft smile on his lips.

However you were crying. You wanted to say yes, you wanted to say yes so badly but you couldn’t, not if you were keeping something as big as a baby from him.
You slowly freed your hands from his as you tool steps backwards. “I’m so sorry” you whispered “ I can’t” and that’s when you turned around, wiping tears away as you walked down to your apartment once again.
You started sobbing on your way there, thinking about what would happen next.

He was going to leave you.

You started crying even harder now, head in your hands, not even hearing the steps that came towards you.

You felt a hand on your knees and as you looked up you saw Bucky crouched down in front of you, smiling softly “what’s wrong” he asked making you cry even harder over the fact that he wasn’t even mad for you saying no to him.

“I do want to marry you, I really do” you said, looking away from him for a moment before deciding that you had to tell him now.
“But I can’t because you don’t know something”
You said, looking at him, seeing his brows furrow.

“What is it” he asked worriedly, wiping a stray hair away from your face.

“I’m pregnant” you whispered, watching his reaction as it slowly became a smile.
He leaned up kissing you deeply, before whispering against your lips. “I know” he said and your eyes widened as you pulled back from him.

“I saw the test in the trash” he explained. “And I wanted to ask you for a few weeks already but I was waiting for the moment you know, but then when I saw the test I just decided to do it now.” He smiled and suddenly you didn’t feel scared anymore and smiled back.
“Sorry if it wasn’t really special or nice or anything.” He quickly apologized, but you just leaned down with a smile, kissing him again “it was perfect” you told him, as you lost yourself in his eyes.

“So … uhm do you, …you know want to marry me?”
He asked, scratching the back of his neck as you started laughing.

You ran a hand through his hair, smiling down at him as you replied “I’d love to”.

And he smiled up at you, slipping the ring onto your finger and kissing you, his lips soft against yours as they melted under your touch.
You kissed him so many times now, however this one felt different.
And as you pulled him closer by his neck and he squeezed your waist, you knew why it felt so different.

It was the kiss with which you decided to start a family.
A daily with the love of your live.

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The Mysterious Girl (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

Request: Hi can a request a fluffy Loki x reader fic where the reader is in a situation where she cannot talk often (maybe her voice causes glass to crack and shatter and people to fall unconscious) instead she uses actions to convey her feelings. when Loki arrives with his brother for redemption he tries to get her to talk by annoying her to no avail. They’re alone one time and the reader snaps telling him to stop; he falls unconscious and she cares for him until he comes to. Please and thank you!!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1, 988

Warnings: None (I think)

A/N: First Loki imagine, wooo! I hope you all enjoy, especially all you Loki fans out there. It was a refreshing change to write about him, so I’m glad I got the chance! If you would like to be added to my Tag List for all future updates, just let me know! FYI, (Y/E/C) means ‘your eye color.’ Enjoy!

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Loki was not happy. Not happy at all. Why wasn’t he happy? Because he was on Midguard. And what was wrong with being on Midguard? Thor, his brother was there. And he was stuck with him.

“Brother, do not worry. I’m sure that my comrades will not hate you. That much,” Thor comforted, slapping his brother on the back.

Stumbling forward, Loki looked back at his brother and scowled. “Oh, yes. I’m sure those mortals just love me after all that I did.”

Sighing, Thor looked at his brother. “You knew not what you were doing. Besides, you are repentant.”

“Am I?” Loki sassed back, earning a disapproving look from the ‘better’ sibling.

“Well, you will be. At least once they are through with you.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki trudged along beside his brother, looking up at the building. Sure, it was impressive for Midguard standards, but not for Asgard. If that was even his home anymore.

“Welcome, to the Avengers,” Thor announced, pushing open the glass doors with ease.

This will be just great, Loki thought to himself as he followed his oaf of a brother inside.

Well, could be going a lot worse, Loki thought as his brother’s teammates glared down at him.

“Why do we have to keep him here again?” Clint asked through gritted teeth, glaring at Loki. Hand tight on his bow, he never removed his eyes from the god.

“Look, I’m not excited about reindeer games being here either,” Tony grumbled.

“But there is no other option, apparently,” Nat finished the sentence, remembering all too well what she had to do to her best friend to get him out of his head.

“He is my brother,” Thor started, looking them all down. “You will be courteous to him, even if he is deserving of your hatred and spite.”

“He destroyed New York with an alien army,” Steve said, glaring at Loki.

“And tried to take over the world,” Bruce added.

“He’s adopted,” Thor said sheepishly, to which Loki rolled his eyes. Bored, Loki began to look over his foes- allies. Most of them Loki remembered. Some, were new. Like the man with the metal arm, the red man, the girl with glowing-red eyes, and many more. As Loki skimmed over his subjects- friends, his eyes landed on one girl in particular. She was odd, but not in the bad sense. She was odd in the sense that she was quiet, odd in the sense that she distanced herself from others. Curious, Loki continued to look at her, until she noticed and began blushing prominently. Her eyes darted towards Clint, and he saw immediately.

“You stay away from her,” Clint almost growled, moving in front of the odd girl. Loki did not care though. He was intrigued by this girl and wanted to know more. Wanted to know what she liked and disliked, why she was here. One way or another, Loki was going to know that girl.

Two months have passed since Loki arrived at the Avengers compound, and things were a little better. The others were talking to him now, and Loki wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The company was nice from time to time, when they weren’t glaring at him. Loki always brushed them off though. Some people just don’t understand that he had changed.

Mainly, for her.

Loki had tried everything to talk to the girl. Anytime that he nearly got close to even saying hello, the mother hen swooped in between them.

“No way,” Clint growled one day, standing in front of the girl once more.

“I just want to talk to her, I’m not bad anymore,” Loki had pleaded.

Laughing, Clint shook his head. “Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. And good luck talking to her anyway, she-”

But before the mother hen could even finish his sentence, the girl had tapped on his shoulder. The girl had obviously communicated to the arrow man, Loki just did not understand how. She didn’t move her lips, but rather her hands. When Loki first saw this, he thought she was doing magic.

“Are you a sorceress?” Loki had asked in amazement, to which Clint glared him down, offended.

“Out.” He demanded, and Loki quickly made his way out, not wanting to find out what would happen to him if mother hen got any angrier.

So Loki’s quest to talk to the mysterious girl continued, always trying to get close to her. Over the two months that he had been there, he had learned three things about the beautiful and mysterious girl:

1) She did not like mornings. Her face scrunched up in the cutest of ways whenever she was woken up before 9 a.m.

2) Her favorite color was green, or so Loki assumed. She always wore some article of green, whether it be the oversized green sweatshirt she stole from the man with the metal arm or her green shoes, which she wore everywhere. 

3) She loved movies, more than life itself apparently. Whenever Loki was looking for her to talk to her (before mother hen showed up), she was sitting in the room with the screen, a different movie on it each time he saw her. Some days it would be little cartoons dancing and singing across the screen, others it would be miniature people falling in love. Without fail though, Loki noticed that every Friday night she watched the same movie, over and over. One with a half fish-half human hybrid and her colorful fish friends.

With each new little tidbit of information about the girl, Loki grew more and more interested. Loki not only thought about her all day, but even dreamed about being able to talk to the beautiful girl, face to face. Just when Loki was about to give up on all hope of ever speaking to the girl, a bit of luck was finally in Loki’s favor.

The heroic team was heading off on a mission, one where they needed almost every member, except for the mysterious girl. Loki, jumping at the opportunity to speak with her, helped pack everyone’s bags that night. To the team, he seemed just a bit too happy.

“Are you sure we can leave him here, Thor?” Steve had asked, glancing at Loki.

“Believe it or not, he is acting a lot better,” Thor commented as he put everyone’s luggage onto the quinjet.

“Yes, but he will be here all alone,” Tony added. The girl, apparently did not like that for she stomped her foot in defiance.

Thor had saw her little foot stomp and smiled. “He will not be alone, (Y/N) will be here.”

Aha! Her name! Loki thought, adding another piece to the puzzle.

Laughing, Clint put his supplies in the quinjet. “Yeah, if anyone can handle him, it's  (Y/N).”

This seemed to have made (Y/N) happy, for she nodded her head in triumph.

“I’ll be good,” Loki started, causing everyone to look at him. “Promise.”

“We shall see, brother,” Thor said, clapping his hand on his brother’s shoulder, causing Loki to lose his footing for a moment. “If not, well, you’ll be in for a shock. (Y/N), take care of him for me. Don’t let him get into too much mischief.”

(Y/N) smiled and nodded at Thor, waving the team goodbye.

“That’s no fair,” Loki grumbled to himself. “I’m the god of mischief. It’s literally what I do.”

As soon as the quinjet had disappeared over the horizon, (Y/N) had went back into the compound. Not wanting to lose her in the maze of halls and corridors, Loki followed right after her.

“So,” Loki started, falling into step with her. “Just you and me.”

All she did was quirk up an eyebrow at him before continuing on her way.

“Right. Silent treatment. Well, that has never stopped me before,” Loki continued as he followed her into the room with the screen. Lighting up at the opportunity, Loki walked over to the shelves full of discs.

“Shall we watch one?” Loki asked, digging through the movies. “I’ve never actually seen one of these ‘movies.’ What do you recommend?”

He was met with silence. Smile faltering a bit, because literally the girl of his dreams would not talk to him, he turned back to the shelf. Finding something somewhat familiar, Loki held out the case to her. “How about this?”

Looking back, her whole face lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, causing Loki to smile. “Okay,” Loki said, looking at the title before putting the disc into the strange contraption. “The Little Mermaid it is.”

Moving towards the couch, Loki sat down next to her. Trying to control his breathing, he constantly found himself looking at (Y/N) throughout the movie, committing every detail of her to memory. Loki did this so often that he ended up missing the movie.

“Wait, why is the fish-girl having problems with her father?” Loki asked. No answer.

“Why is the crab singing to her? Life is not better down where it’s wetter. You’re wet all the time. Plus there are sharks, nasty little creatures. Worst than bildshnipe, I hear. Or at least Thor tells me.” No answer.

“OH NO, A SHARK!” No answer.

“Don’t go near the evil squid lady. Why would you go near the evil squid lady?” No answer.

All this time, (Y/N) never answered. She did seem to be getting more and more annoyed, though.

“Wait, why does she need to kiss the Prince? To get her voice back? That is highly unlikely, magic does not work like-”

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?!” The girl shouted. A ringing noise sounded through the room, and before Loki even knew it, he was out cold.

Blinking away the black spots in his vision, Loki was met with a pounding headache. Staring up at the ceiling, Loki started to feel alarmed until he felt something moving through his hair. Looking around, Loki was soon met with the most beautiful pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. What made them even more beautiful was that they were your eyes.

“What happened?” Loki groaned, trying to sit up. He was soon pushed back down by (Y/N) so that his head lay on her lap. She held up a finger as if to say ‘one moment’ and grabbed the nearest notebook and pen she could find. Sprawling out her message with one hand and combing through his hair with the other, she finally had written out her message:

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you out. I’m an enhanced and my voice knocks people out, especially when I yell. I didn’t mean to make you pass out.’

Reading the message, Loki began to smile. “It’s alright, Love. You didn’t mean to. I’m just glad that we are finally communicating.”

Blushing at his words, she began to write out another message.

‘I get that, now. I mean, who talks during a movie?’

It was Loki’s turn to blush now as he read your note. “Sorry, I am not familiar with proper movie etiquette. But I’d love to learn.”

Smiling, she wrote down her next message.

'I’d love to teach you, if you gave me a chance. Then you can ask all the questions you want, whether about me or the movie.’

“Sounds absolutely, perfect, Love,” Loki said with a smile. The pounding in his head had finally stopped, and Loki was able to sit up now, but he didn’t want to leave her gentle caresses just yet.

'Can you sit back up yet?’ She wrote out, quirking another eyebrow up at him.

“No,” Loki lied. “Not yet. Still hurts.” She nodded at his answer and continued to card her fingers through his black hair, leaving Loki in a bliss. Well, he was the god of mischief, after all. What else was he going to do, except lie a little to stay with the girl of his dreams?

Heart of Stone

Word Count-3464

Characters-Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing-Sam X Reader

Prompt- Prompt-Person A-I’m going to need chicken blood, salt, five candles and a bottle of vodka
Person B-Vodka for the spell?
Person A-No, that’s for me to feel better about what we’re about to do

Written for Andi’s Back in the game challenge. It got a little out of hand and I”m not even sorry.  Betaed by @the-thirteenthhour and @wayward-ella thank you for volunteering at a god awful hour of the morning. Thank Google Translate for having Latin for an option: I made up the summoning and banishing spell.(Don’t try it at home, kids.  If you do and it actually works don’t blame me.)  The donut that I describe does exist, I’ve gotten it from Cops and Donuts and it might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  Tags are under the cut, if you’d like to be added or removed from my list please send an ask or a message because we all know how Tumblr is with notifications. 

           The sound of the phone ringing at the front of the store sent you flying through the displays to catch it before whoever was calling hung up.  Taking a deep breath as you smacked the speaker button you spit out, “Celtic Cross, this is (Y/N). How can I help you today?”

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Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Rogue One: Catalyst: Thoughts

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Finally finished reading Rogue One: Catalyst by James Luceno, or as it’s also known by:

  • Lyra Erso: Badass;
  • Lyra Erso: They Could Have Easily Created Parallels Between You and Chirrut+Baze in the Film Instead of Ignoring Your Existence;
  • Lyra/Galen OTP Fever: How to Write a Strong, Balanced Couple While Still Giving Them Relationship Hurdles;
  • “I’m Thirsty for You and Your D, Galen,” Screams Krennic Into the Rain
    • with foreword by Galen Erso, “Who Is This? And What Does He Mean By My D?”
    • and annotated by Lyra Erso, *The dickbag is talking about the Death Star, honey.
  • Tarkin/Krennic: Hux/Kylo Ren Got Nothing On This Hate Couple
  • and finally: Jyn Erso Is A Normal Human Child: how this makes her future character arc 1000x more painful

NB: Have only seen the RO film and have now read this book. This is going to be long and about 90% quotes related to characterization.

General Impression:

  • Writing was okay. Not great, but not bad. (This is especially apparent since I’ve just started reading the RO novelization, and the difference in quality is pretty startling.) Nice quick read.
  • Lyra is fantastic.
  • Galen is pretty interesting.
  • Jyn is adorable and normal, and it breaks my heart.
  • Krennic is… wow, I just want to laugh because he’s so absurd but also a Terrible Human Being.
  • Tarkin is fascinating (see waaaay below for details).

Lyra Erso

  • No one holds this bitch down.
    • “She had no recourse. She wasn’t built to hold things in; to be complacent or compliant.”
    • “Some of Orson’s remarks had made her wonder whether she and Galen were under surveillance, or even whether her personal comlink might be bugged. But she didn’t care either way. Orson may have drawn the line in the sand, but she would be the one to step over it.”

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Ha Sungwoon; vampire au

Member: Sungwoon // Wanna One, Hotshot

Genre: Fluff

Request: I meant Sungwoon but my phone corrected it to sunwoong. I just want a vampire au with him. I can’t believe that happened considering he’s my bias (well tied with Woojin). Sorry that happened!!

A/N: ahhh the classic vampire au,,, they are always so angsty, i tried to make this one more light-hearted :) enjoy!

  • campus golden boy ong seongwoo’s halloween parties are legendary
  • he throws one every year, reserving his family hotel’s conference center rich bitch
  • it tends to get a little wild
  • girls tend to wear a little less, guys tend to flirt a little more
  • nearly half the school attends, and everyone goes all out with the costumes
  • your costume? a cute lil minion
  • smh i wanna go to a halloween party
  • you’re wading through the crowd when you trip on someone’s foot and topple forward, reaching out and grabbing someone to keep from falling
  • that person happens to be one ha sungwoon, who’s dressed as a vampire if you even knew lmao
  • you’re a bit buzzed yeah ok “buzzed” so instead of apologizing like you would normally, the first thing out of your mouth is “your costume is great!! so convincing!!”
  • he smiles a toothy grin literally
  • “are you okay??” he asks, probably because you’re swaying
  • “are you okay??” you ask, only because his face is suddenly scrunched up
  • you flash a smile and he shies away
  • confused, you lean forward
  • “seriously are you okay?? you look like you’re in pain”
  • “its- it’s nothing- i just-”
  • for a moment, this weird look comes over his face, and then he’s back to normal
  • “i’m fine :)”
  • you squint confused, but accept his not-so-explanation
  • the next morning, you wake up with a headache, an aching neck, and the feeling that you’re forgetting something
  • the headache is from the alcohol
  • the aching neck? there are these two odd little cuts that explain that, although they shouldn’t be hurting as much as they do
  • and the feeling of forgetting something? well you can’t figure that out
  • for the next day and a half, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re forgetting something, but - obviously - you can’t remember what
  • you spend ages thinking hard about the party, but there seems to be a hole in your memory
  • you assume it’s due to the alcohol, but since when did alcohol only make you forget one specific chunk of time??
  • unsettled, you push it out of your mind and completely foget about it until 
  • unTIL
  • ha sungwoon!! walks into your morning class two days after the party
  • and the unexplained little cuts on your neck start burning
  • and suddenly fragments of your memory start returning, like puzzle pieces
  • and the longer you stare, the more you recall
  • by the end of class, you remember everything
  • like when he got you alone and when he dug his teeth into your neck scandalous and even when he wiped your memory
  • and when the bell rings, you can’t even stand up in shock that
  • ha sungwoon is a vampire
  • a real-life vampire who could probably kill you!!
  • as he passes your seat, you grab his arm
  • “i need to talk to you”
  • a couple minutes later, you stand with your arms crossed in an empty classroom across from a very nevous looking sungwoon
  • this one’s not too good at hiding his emotions, is he
  • “i remember everything” you say and his eyes widen
  • “i,, don’t know what you mean”
  • “you’re a vampiRE!! and you sucked the blood of an innocent person - me - and then wiped my memory. unsuccessfully, might i add”
  • he shifts around his seat anxiously
  • “i’m so sorry,,, i couldn’t help it, your blood scent was so overwhelming and i usually don’t do that-”
  • “i have one question” you lean forward, eyes narrowed
  • “what?”
  • “do you sparkle?”
  • the look on his face is, to say the least, priceless
  • “,,, excuse me?”
  • “you know, like edward - do you sparkle?? also i may have lied, i have more than one question. can you run really fast?? what about mirrors? do you show up in mirrors? and garlic!! can you eat garlic? do you have to be invited into houses??”
  • he’s all shook cus he thought he was about to be hashtag exposed to everyone
  • “,,, wait so you aren’t going to blackmail me?”
  • spoiler alert he never answers your damn questions
  • “i never said that,,, buy me a soda from the expensive fountain"
  • and that’s how you become friends with sungwoon
  • you follow him around like a little puppy with the excuse that “it’s just so weird!! you’re a real vampire!!” to which he almost tackles you so people don’t hear
  • one day, at the “expensive fountain” which actually isn’t expensive, you’re just poor he asks you something
  • “why didnt you tell anyone about me? aren’t you scared of me?”
  • and you’re like lmao bitch pls
  • “well firstly that’s rude to do, don’t you think? i mean, you’re a person too. or ,,, are you? and secondly, you couldn’t be scary if you tried”
  • he’s not getting emotional OFC NOT :’)))) ok maybe he is but shh his ego is fragile he must pretend to be manly
  • just when he’s about to say something back, he collapses in your arms
  • and after panicking for a minute, you end up dragging him to the nearby infirmary
  • when he finally wakes up, you’re prepared to scold him, but then decide not to after all
  • “what happened?? are you sleep deprived?” and then it dawns on you “oh wait,,, you haven’t slept in like 4 centuries,,,”
  • he giggles “i can sleep!! i just don’t need to,”
  • “i knew that” you nod “but seriously - what happened?? one minute you were fine and the next i’m dragging your unconscious body down a hallway”
  • he lets out a small sigh, sitting up in the infirmary bed
  • “i don’t know… i think i’m malnourished,,”
  • “but i just saw you eat a– oH,,, like,,, you need blood?”
  • he nods solomnly and after a moment of silence, an idea pops into your head 
  • “why don’t you drink my blood?”
  • and he’s like “wAiT wHaT i cAnT dO tHaT”
  • “yes you can!! think about it: you said my blood scent was like,, really great or something. and it’s not like you have anyone willing to be your personal blood bag,,,”
  • “i don’t know,,,”
  • “i’ll just think of it as a donation for a good cause,” you grin
  • he thinks about it for a while, but eventually (and reluctantly) he agrees
  • “fine - but just this once”
  • well once turns into twice, and two times turns into four times, and soon it’s every week
  • you don’t mind too much, you just feel a bit lightheaded afterward
  • admittedly, having cuts in your wrist that are reopened every week isn’t fun, but you’re glad to help
  • you and sungwoon become closer and closer, and he answers any questions you have about vampires
  • (no, they don’t sparkle)
  • (yes, you can see them in mirrors)
  • (it’s only a mild garlic allergy)
  • but one day, you reach the topic of memory wiping
  • and you find out there’s no way you should be able to remember what happened that night
  • even sungwoon claims he doesn’t know why
  • well, you have a teensy secret
  • and that is that your grandma knows about vampires
  • you didn’t believe what you thought were her crazy ramblings, until now
  • one day when she’s knitting on her front porch, you approach
  • “say grandma,,, you know how you believe in vampires?”
  • “mm,”
  • “well hypothetically, if they were real, would they be able to wipe humans’ memories??”
    “of course!! a human should never dabble in the affairs of the supernatural, since they could wipe any and every memory you have”
  • “so… what would it mean if the human could remember the memories the vampire supposedly wiped?? hypothetically, of course”
  • she looks up from her knitting with a cocked eyebrow
  • “that would mean the human is the vampire’s mate… but why are you asking?”
  • you plaster a smile on your face
  • “no reason!! i was just curious, since you seem so convinced they’re real :)))”
  • “you didn’t, by chance, encounter a vampire, did you?”
  • “whAT nO!! hahaha they aren’t real, how could i encounter one hahaha,,, i’ve got a class i have to get to!! i’ll see you later, grandma!!”
  • grandma sees through your shit, reader
  • you suck at lying
  • it’s only after you escape from grandma’s suspicious gaze that you fucking REALIZE
  • “that would mean the human is the vampire’s mate”
  • “the human is the vampire’s mate”
  • “vampire’s mate”
  • and you’re like “!! wait but i don’t like sungwoon like that!!”
  • … okay maybe you do
  • but only little bit!! it’s more of a budding attraction, barely even a “crush”
  • definitely not a “let’s spend all of eternity together”
  • fast forward to the next time he feeds off of you
  • why is it that when you know about feelings, they get stronger - i??
  • a pink tinge colors your cheeks when his fingers gently take hold of your wrist
  • and when he looks up (thankfully with no blood running down his chin), he frowns
  • “why is your face red?? are you sick?”
  • this only causes you to flame up more
  • “really?? i didn’t notice,,,,”
  • you’re embarrassingly awkward for the next couple of days, and end up avoiding him more than once
  • and his confused and slightly hurt expression every time you run away sends a pang of guilt through your whole body but
  • can anyone blame you???
  • i mean
  • you’re friends with a vampire one day and the next you’re his “mate”
  • what does that even mean??
  • you’re destined to make his babies??
  • can vampires even have babies??
  • the ones in the vampire diaries can’t
  • maybe you shouldn’t get your vampire info from tv shows though
  • just as your internal ramblings start to get out of hand, a hand on your shoulder rips you out of your trance
  • “y/n!”
  • you jump half a foot
  • “oh! um - hi sungwoon!!”
  • “why’ve you been avoiding me?”
  • “what? i,,, haven’t been avoiding you,,,”
  • “is that why you run away every time you see me?? do i scare you?? did you finally realize that i’m a–”
  • “nO - listen,,, it’s just,,, i found out something,,,”
  • “what did you find out,,,?”
  • “well,,, you know how your memory wipe didn’t work on me??”
  • you go on to explain that your grandmother knows about the existence of vampires, and you never believed her until now
  • and that you asked her about what it means if a vampire unsuccessfully wipes the memory of a human
  • “and,,, she said,,, it would mean,,,,”
  • “it would mean what??”
  • “it would mean,,,, i’m your ,,,,, m a t e”
  • you stare at each other awkwardly for a couple seconds
  • “,,, i know.”
  • your eyes almost fall out of their sockets and you lean against a desk for support
  • “you - you knEW???”
  • “i’m a vampire, of course i knew”
  • “why didn’t you tell me??”
  • “because i knew you’d react like this,,,, you obviously don’t like me, so it wasn’t worth it.”
  • “wait - are you saying you,,,, you have feelings for me?”
  • “,,,, why else do you think the memory wipe didn’t work?? i’ve been in love with you since i first saw you, last year”
  • you are the definition of
  • SHOOK™
  • “sungwoon, i’ve literally never met anyone as stuPID as you,,,, i like you too!! why do you think i’ve been avoiding you!!!”
  • and that’s how you started dating a vampire
  • it doesn’t suck as much as you thought it would
  • ;)
Girl Meets World Imagine

Can you do a GMW imagine where the reader is the gangs older high school friend and she meets Riley’s uncle Josh and they start to like each other

Hope you enjoy this Josh imagine!


Originally posted by fcglfs

“So hows your first week of High School comin along?” You questioned the group of 6 that stood in front of you who immediately began to share knowing glances.  This week was their whole gangs first day in high school and you had promised yourself and the Matthews you’d keep an eye out on them

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Trust Me | Jumin Han x Reader

RATING: Teen | WORD COUNT: 1,326 | GENRE: Drama/Fluff
SUMMARY: A rumour comes out that you’re cheating on Jumin with Zen, and you’re afraid of what Jumin’s reaction would be.

It’s amazing just how vicious the public media could be, twisting words and statements around and interpreting situations to suit their own satisfaction. They would do anything to get a good story and try to rile up the general public. They can either raise a simple nobody to glory and make them out to be a hero, or they can drag someone so revered down through the dirt. Say what you will, the media possessed power.

Jumin was already used to dealing with those vultures from a young age. It was something he learned quickly and by himself, but you were different. Being hounded by the press or having self-proclaimed experts spouting nonsense about you online was completely new to you. Though you expected this kind of response after that public stunt Jumin pulled at the party, it was a bit more intense than you had initially thought.

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Coquette | 4

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: underage drinking, smut

Originally posted by gotjhope

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,691

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How to Survive

Request: “So I accidentally sent my request unfinished so here it is😂 Can you do newt x reader where reader is seriously ill and Newt is traveling around the world to find the cure? Like you can leave her at London or make her go with him, your choice! Maybe it gets angsty af but at the end everything works out and it’s pure fluff♥️" 

Word Count: 2,990

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

The hospital bed with its thin mattress and crinkly sheets makes no noise when the doctor approaches, a sheet of paper in his hand and a look on his face that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Newt stiffens next to you, but he doesn’t stop rubbing small circles on your back. You lean into his touch as much as you dare, not wanting him to feel the terror pulsing through you with every heartbeat. You hide your trembling hands in the folds of the thin gown the cheery nurses wrapped around your body earlier today before they pricked your arm in four different places with four different needles. A line of sweat beads up in your hairline, threatening to drip down as the doctor’s heavy boots thump against the cream-colored tiles that line the floors of Saint Mungo’s. Your mouth is dry and you want to shout at him to hurry up, to come tell you already how they’re going to solve your splitting headaches and wobbly legs.

You don’t, though. You wait with a pounding heart and held breath as your physician lifts his chin, face contorted into a pitying frown and sad eyes, and he tells you the readings.

“We’ve found what’s causing your symptoms.” His voice is gruff, factual, uncaring despite his expression as he describes first in medical terms then in simplified terms exactly what your body is doing to kill you.

The news comes with a ringing in your ears and a sense of hopelessness that spreads through your chest faster than your thoughts can process it. Terminal. No cure. Two years. Your hands shake as Newt sits beside you, hand unknowingly tightening its grip on your waist, the questions he asks coming out in a tight, clipped tone that reveal that the absolute terror you feel is also pestering him.

“Surely there’s something… You must, you must know some cure.” Newt says, still processing what the doctor said.

“I’m sorry.” He places what’s supposed to be a comforting hand on your shoulder; you just feel faint. “I’ll give you some time to talk with one another. When I return, we can discuss possible treatments to alleviate any pain.”

Then he walks away, pulling the paper curtain that hangs near your bed closed, giving you and Newt the option of grieving your lost future in peace.

Neither you nor Newt move a muscle, though, as the doctor’s words sink in. Terminal. No cure. Two years.

Two years, he’d said with a pitying look you know he painted on moments before he decided to tell you. Two years, he’d said with no inflection of real grief in his voice. Two years, he’d said as if those two years aren’t supposed to be filled with love and happiness and living without the threat of death hanging over your head at every turn.

Two. Years.

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how to drown in the desert; chapter six: the light

a/n: *drum roll* at last - chapter six! hopefully this chapter was more than worth the wait, and it’s a pretty decent word count length too (over 4,000 words), so i hope you guys enjoy it!

as always you can read this fic here on ao3 or here on ffn

and as always if you ever want to make a graphic/edit/fanart ANYTHING inspired by this fic please let me know and tag me in it!! i’d love to see it <3

anyway, without further ado, here is chapter 6: the light

For a few blissful moments after he woke up, Shiro forgot what had transpired the previous night…and then he remembered. His body froze as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, his fingers feeling exceptionally warm, and he realized they were still laced through Allura’s. He panicked, thinking about how to move without waking her when he caught the soft curve of her lips: the princess had fallen asleep with a smile on her face.

His own face heated up when he thought of the softness of her voice when they had said goodnight. My Paladin.

He dragged his free hand down his face, nearly nicking himself with the edge of the wedding band he wore—fake wedding band. Maybe they were faking this marriage a bit too well, or at least he was. God, what if she suspected him? It would be completely unprofessional, and awkward, and… maybe sort of freeing, to have it all out in the open. Even if she didn’t feel the same—and why would she?—at least he wouldn’t have to hide it anymore.

Shiro shook his head, carefully slipping his hand out of hers, even as her fingers remained curled against the snowy sheets of their bed. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching over as her hair fell in her face, carefully tucking it behind her pointed ears. He almost let his fingers linger, when her eyes fluttered open.

“Shiro?” she said, voice thick with sleep.

He flushed, feeling almost guilty—or at least caught in the act. He cleared his throat. “Good morning, princess.”

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anonymous asked:

i know people are saying the ending will be bittersweet and what that could mean, but I think it will end with jon, dany, and their heir ruling over a new form of the 7 kingdoms (breaking the wheel). As for the bitter part, I think perhaps all of the dragons die, but right at the end we see more eggs, signaling that they will live on in the future

I agree with most of this! I think that most of us in the fandom are programmed to expect the worst ever since book/season 3 because of the Red Wedding. That’s why there are so many doom and gloom theories about the ending. 

That being said, I do understand why so many people readily assume Jon, Dany, or both will die. I don’t think both will, but I would not be a bit surprised if one of them does. But the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to think they might both make it out alive. 

After reflecting more about LOTR (which GRRM frequently compares his work to) and GRRM’s assertion that he thinks readers will find his ending to be just as happy as it is bitter

“I’m not going to tell you how I’m going to end my book, but I suspect the overall flavor is going to be as much bittersweet as it is happy.”


I feel that we can reasonably expect Jon and Dany’s survival. I think that because if we connect it back to LOTR, the principle characters in that series do live, even if it’s not all happy. GRRM had this to say about it: 

“It’s no secret that Tolkien has been a huge influence on me, and I love the way he ended ’Lord of the Rings.’ It ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory. Frodo is never whole again, and he goes away to the Undying Lands, and the other people live their lives. And the scouring of the Shire —brilliant piece of work, which I didn’t understand when I was 13 years old: ’Why is this here? The story’s over?’ But every time I read it I understand the brilliance of that segment more and more. All I can say is that’s the kind of tone I will be aiming for. Whether I achieve it or not, that will be up to people like you and my readers to judge.”


And so even though the overall tone of GOT/ASOIAF has been a bit pessimistic, and even though the the book and the show (until season 6, anyway) have been basically a practice in overthrowing expected tropes and “happy endings” for character arcs, I think we can see all of that having been an exercise in preparing the characters for their final trials. And I think that in the end, they can overcome that and be allowed to live, even if not altogether “happily.”

After all, ASOIAF is his life’s work. Who wants to spend all of this time and energy writing a series that ends tragically, even after years of tragedy? What would be the point? The theme? The message? The takeaway? If all of our heroes die, what is the reader to take from ASOIAF? 

Because if we look at other “everybody dies” narratives, there’s a clear reason why. Hamlet, for example, has a pretty unsatisfying ending in that all of its main characters die. Horribly. But we can trace the reason why for all of these characters. Hamlet himself suffered from indecision and inaction. Ophelia ignored her brother’s advice and got too swept up in romance with the unavailable Hamlet. Gertrude fell for her husband’s brother and murderer, betraying his memory. Laertes was a hypocrite–engaging in reportedly raucous and disreputable behavior in France yet trying to control his sister’s life and scold her for being potentially reckless by pursuing Hamlet. 

So it was sad when all of these characters died but we could take lessons from how they acted.

Same with other Shakespearean tragedies. In Macbeth, the title character and Lady Macbeth die because of their “vaulting ambition” to overthrow the king, stepping out of the sacred social hierarchy and trying to seize rather than inherit royalty. And Macbeth himself also paid the price for trusting in the fickle nature of prophecy by misinterpreting the words of the Weird Sisters and believing that he would be safe from traitors. 

Now let’s look at ASOIAF. Many of the characters who have died, died for arbitrary reasons. We can’t always easily trace a cause like we could with other tragedies. It’s easy to write Ned off as “too honorable” as I see many people do. But ultimately he was willing to sully his own honor in order to protect Sansa. He still died even when he sacrificed his ideals, abandoned the “right thing” of opposing Joffrey. There isn’t an easy solution to his death. 

Margaery also did everything right. She was a master of manipulating the men around her to protect herself and her family, all the while elevating the Tyrell family name. But still she was murdered. 

Deaths like Robb’s, Catelyn’s, and Oberyn’s can easily be traced to a character flaw. But that’s not the case for all of the big ASOIAF deaths. And it wouldn’t be the case if our remaining heroes were to die in the war.

Even Jon, who is constantly at the heart of the love vs duty conflict, should at this point be allowed to survive the series. He chose duty over love, chose the Watch over Ygritte. He was loyal to his men and his responsibility even when they weren’t loyal to him. He still died. 

So if characters like Jon or Dany, who have made mistakes in their arcs already and already paid the price were to die in the end, what is the point? What is Martin really trying to say about the human experience or human nature or war?

I think the characters need to live, even if things go wrong, that way at least there has been a point to all the suffering. This is especially true when we look at LOTR as a comparison piece. 

Sam’s famous speech comes to mind: 

“It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end… because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing… this shadow. Even darkness must pass.”

The same has got to be true in Planetos. I have to believe that. And I think Martin does, too. So that his story can show that even in the worst of times–like the times our world is facing now, for example–humanity can find it in themselves to persevere. Martin even said recently that the White Walkers are like a metaphor for climate change. This makes sense considering the wonky seasons in Planetos. So if that’s true, then we know that modern, topical issues and themes are part of this story. And what would be the point of suggesting that humanity will succumb and fail at combating climate change? Why suggest that we would fail at or die in the process of overthrowing despotic rulers? Why write a story that doesn’t teach or encourage its readers?

Even with the negative tone throughout, I don’t believe GOT or ASOIAF are nihilistic. I think we can expect a more positive ending. This quote says it better than I could:

“Needless to say, it doesn’t really make much sense with what we’ve seen so far that the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones would echo Lord of the Rings’ relatively happy conclusion. Though it could be the case that Martin has been saving up years and years of pain and misery for a grand turnaround that does indeed lead to a somewhat uplifting ending.

All the years of pain and suffering may indeed be building to some enormous payoff. Jon Snow will likely survive his own death and live to become Azor Ahai reborn, as the prophecy foretells. Dany will find her dragon-riding support staff. Arya will become the most badass assassin in the realm. Even if (when) more beloved characters die, at least a few should survive until the end (smart money says Tyrion will go the distance), and perhaps the realm won’t be completely frozen and shattered when the last page of the series is turned.”


So, yeah–I think we’ll have plenty of sweet to combat what was already a very bitter story so far. However, I don’t think we will see more dragon eggs. 

Magic going out of the world was a theme in LOTR and I think it’s a theme in ASOIAF too. The Children of the Forest have now died out. Until recently, everyone in the realm believed that the White Walkers/Others were already gone. They believed dragons were gone. And the supposed abilities of people like Melisandre and Thoros are met with suspicion and skepticism/doubt. 

So I think that magic has only really returned as a way to balance the fight and help humanity face the Long Night. That’s the only reason why. And once they’ve had the Battle for the Dawn, the dragons will likely be the price paid for peace.

anonymous asked:

Hello:D so the fics you wrote for some of the boys hearing their s/o singing were absolutely adorable, and i was wondering if maybe you would do one for reaper or gabriel please? :3


Originally posted by redanian

A/N: I’m actually surprised it took me a while to find a song for Gabe. I had originally wanted to write something really angsty but decided not to since the following 3 were mainly fluff. Might as well keep the theme going.

Other ones can be found here.

(Hozier- Work Song)

“Amor…” Reyes’ voice is tired and drawled, muffled by lush plump of a hotel pillow. He’s too close to the mic on his phone, most likely holding it close so either McCree nor Genji can listen in on you two.

“Gabe, you’re supposed to be on a mission.” You point out, fingers typing away on your keyboard. The commander groans loudly over the line and you can’t help but smile.

“I miss the sound of your voice.” He mutters, tone smushed as it sounds much too close to the mic. A sense of giddiness builds and blossoms in your chest. Warmth spreading over you as you pause to focus on your tired boyfriend’s voice. He’s most likely in bed, snuggled up against the sheets and pillows. “I miss you.” He mumbles, genuine with no hesitation. You can practically sense the smile that paints itself on his face.

“I miss you too but it’s late, Gabby. You need to sleep.” You cross your arm around your chest, taking a small spin in your chair to occupy your body’s inactivity. As much as you want to talk to him, you know you have to let him rest properly

He pucker his lips, eyes closed and ears focused on you. “I can’t, Amor. Shimada and McCree won’t stop arguing!” The noise in the background, one of which you hadn’t even noticed, is hushed down. You can only assume it frightened the boys to hear their tired commander raise his voice none too kindly.

Taking a sip from your mug, you look at the work you’d set out to finish. The endless paragraphs of words melding together suddenly putting you off from working on them. “Want me to read you a story? Sing you a lullaby?”

“Mmm…” He adjust himself properly. Tossing and turning while getting comfortable on the stiff hotel mattress. His voice is a whisper yet you can hear the fatigue evident in the slur of his words. “I like it when you sing.”

A smile. “A lullaby it is then.”

Gabriel ponders it for a moment. The steadiness of his breathing the only thing that echoes through receiver. “Mhmm.” You titter at the sluggishness but indulge him. He works hard and the least you can do it sing him a lullaby. The lights on your monitor dim from its idleness and the dark room makes it a bit easier for you to imagine you’re with him.

“Boys workin’ on empty. Is that the kind'a way to face the burning heat?” Your voice is slow and steady with a low and airy tone. A calm exhale rings from his end that urges you to continue. “I just think about my baby. I’m so full of love I could barely eat.”

“Keep going…” He mumbles voice deep with exhaustion.

“There’s nothing sweeter than my baby. I’d never want once from the cherry tree, ‘Cause my baby’s sweet as can be.” A chaste grin pulls at your mouth. “He gives me toothaches just from kissing me.

Gabriel can feel the null of sleep.“When my time comes around lay me gently in the cold dark earth.” He truly loves the sound of your voice. “No grave can hold my body down. I’ll crawl home to- Gabe?” You’re met with silence, a small jingle of spurs ringing in the far distance. There’s a sound of muffled shuffling before it settles into quiet once more. “Hello, Gabriel?” A short and tired ‘Howdy’ rings through followed by a yawn. The noise quiets, a small chuckle sounds past your lips as you lean back on your chair. “He fell asleep didn’t he, Jesse?”

The cowboy hums in confirmation. “Yeah, kinda funny watchin’ ‘em struggle to stay awake.” He remarks while scratching at the stubble on his chin. “Thanks for getting’ ‘em to sleep though. Lord knows he needs the rest.”

“Mhm, seemed like it.” You nod. “Tuck him in for me, will ya, Jess?”

The cowboy yawns once more. “Sure thing, boss. G’night.”

“Goodnight, boys.”

A New Moon (Part 1)

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Part 1

Genre: Fluff/Angst


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

***WARNING: Violence, fantasy, language, pregnancy***

Anonymous asked:

(1) Hellooooo, I have an ideia for werewolf jimin! Maybe something with a y/n pregnant, fluff and a little bit of angst too. Oh and sorry for the bad english.

(2) Is it bad that I want to see Werewolf BTS get in a crazy battle against a group of rogues because of the OC? Haha

(3) Omg the werewolf stories are freaking amazing! Admin J would there be a story about a New Moon or a Solar Eclipse?? Thank you guys for all your stories~ 

After the blood moon, life was definitely different. The boys were different— wiser. You were different— stronger. They began to acknowledge you on a different level, equally, not as human to werewolf rather as being to being. But as you sat upon the piercingly cold tile of your bathroom floor, the sound of nothing but your frozen heart’s beats hammering through the air of your vacant apartment, you felt anything but strong. Trembling as you desperately tried to grip onto the object in your hands that you wished no more than to throw it out of the window, to forget its existence and have it erased entirely from your life, there was no strength to do so. Confusion. Fear. Happiness. All of these intense feelings shoved you around, screamed in your ears, not allowing you to think because fuck, how is this even possible.

How could you be pregnant with Park Jimin’s, your werewolf boyfriend’s, child?

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The Truth *Derek Hale x Reader*

Warnings- Angst, smut, language, I think that’s. Besides most likely shitty writing.

Requested?- Yes, @arlaina28

Derek Hale, the perfect definition of a heartbreak waiting to happen. Yet, why do I still love him when he sees me as a kid he’s babysitting? In reality I should have an undisputed hatred towards him, yet still I can’t bring myself to hate him. No it’s not just because of his dastardly good looks, or his tragic backstory. It’s because of the rare glimpses I get at his heart. Those moments that I get to see him have true emotion in his eyes instead of his typical brooding glare. Those are the moments that made me fall head over heels for Derek Hale, and I hate myself for it.

“Y/n?” Derek barked from behind the door, waking me with a start.

This is not how I wanted to start my morning I think to myself as I answer back a simple yes not wanting to anger him more than he already is.

“Get your ass up and get out here now!” his voice sounding more like a growl than anything.

What did I do now? That’s when I realize, my diary was still on the table from last night. That entry was all about him. My eyes immediately dart to the window calculating in my head if escaping through it was a better alternative to what awaited for me behind my bedroom door. 

In the end I decided to just face the music and be berated by my alpha for writing of him in such a way, that made me out to be a fool. Anxiously trying to by myself time. I got up and instead of keeping my pajamas on until it was time for me to shower, I got dressed. Carefully listening to my alpha pace around the living room where I knew he was waiting for me to leave the safety of my room, that’s one of the very few rules set by Derek, if the door to someones personal room is closed you are to leave them be until it is opened. Finally walking out of my room I’m greeted with the sight of Derek, only in his sweatpants, pacing the living room eyes glued to the book in front of him, that book being none other than my diary. I tried to get a scent of him to figure out how angry he was but all I smelt on him was anxiety and something else I just couldn’t put my finger on.

“It appears a certain beta has been keeping something from her Alpha,” Derek spoke breaking the tension in the room, “Any idea reason why you decided to keep something like this from me?” he continued on in a voice that began to have more of sultry tone rather than annoyance.

“I didn’t want you to be upset with me Derek… I’ll leave if you want me to, I’d understand completely why you’d hate me even more now,” my voice shaking tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

His eyes softened at my words, the smell of confusion filling the air. “What do you mean hate you even more? Who said that I hated you?” his voice soft, almost as if he was speaking to a scared animal.

“I just assumed seeing as you always seem pissed whenever you have to deal with me. I just figured you hated me for intruding on your life, you just never gave off the impression that you liked my presence…” my voice small, in that moment I only wanted to curl up in a ball and disappear. My eyes fell to the floor not being able to stand looking at my alpha anymore.

“Y/n I, I don’t hate you… and I’m sorry I made you feel that way… Look I’m not mad at you for writing this stuff,” he spoke softly while slowly moving closer to me until his hand rested on my tensed shoulders. At this point tears were leaking out of my eyes no matter how hard I tried to fight them. “Y/n look at me,” Derek requested using his pointer finger to guide my head to look up, worry shining in his eyes by the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I’m sorry Derek… I didn’t mean to fall for you…” sorrow filled each word as I spoke, choking up on my words. I didn’t expect Derek to pull my small frame into his chest and his strong arms to encase me in the warmest embrace I’d felt in my life. 

“Y/n you don’t need to be sorry and you certainly don’t have to cry. The reason I’m so hard on you is because I care for you, and that anger you think is aimed towards you is more aimed towards myself because I’m supposed to train you and lead you, not fall for your quirky self,” his words surprising me as my head shot off his chest to look at him.

“What?” astonishment laced the word, eyes wide and mouth left agape.

“I mean it’s hard not to, with your lively spirit, and the face you make when you finally get a move correct in training. And your voice? You probably don’t think I hear you when you decide to sing in the shower, whether it be a known song or one you make up, it sounds like angels coming down from the heavens. You’re a gorgeous, intelligent, and talented woman Y/n, any man who knew you like I do would feel the same,” each word he spoke caused love to shine in his eyes, a smile gracing his features.

“Well that’s a relief,” giving him no time to respond asking what that meant, my lips crashed into his, taken aback by my initiative Derek grasped my hips in his large hands and kissed me back with all his worth. 

Not breaking the kiss until our lungs burned with the need for oxygen, our eyes met and a silent question hung in the air. A small smirk graced Derek’s face causing me to raise an eyebrow. Opening my mouth to speak I was cut off by a gasp as Derek swiftly bent down and lifted me with two hands gripping onto my ass. His lips meeting mine again as he walked us to his bedroom.

Dropping me on his bed, the tension thick. “Do you know how hot you look right now? But before I do anything else, I have to ask… is this what you want?” he spoke into my ear in a seductive growl sending a shiver up my spine.

Instead of answering him with words, I ripped my top off and pulled his head down to kiss him again. A growl escaping his throat at my actions. Derek dropped his lips to my neck and sucking behind my ear. 

“You know,” his voice tantalizingly low, “you had some pretty intense stuff in that diary of yours. I’ve never gotten hard just reading something but God that shit got me harder than steel,” Grinding his hardening cock against me almost to prove a point, a moan escaping me. “Shit baby that was hot,” Derek groaned into my ear.

My mind was clouded with Derek, already close to cloud nine and he hadn’t even touched me yet. “Derek,” desperation present in my voice, “I need you to touch me, please Derek,”.

“Don’t worry babygirl I have you,” his voice getting impossibly deeper as his hand grazed down the middle of my abdomen, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Gasps of breath leaving my lips as he got closer to my sopping pussy, only to slightly brush over it. His skillful hand went and unclasped the button and zipper from my shorts, dipping his fingers into the waistband of my panties after doing so. “Shit baby, you’re already so wet for me,” Derek whispered into my ear.

“Only for you Der, please stop teasing me I need you,” Derek decided to take pity on me and pushed his ring and middle finger into my tight heat curling them in a come here motion. Moans fell from my lips without hesitation. The alpha in front of me was taking effect to the sounds I was making.

“The sooner you cum for me this way, the quicker we can get to the real fun,” Derek all but growled into my ear, biting down on the lobe causing a whimper to escape me. Without warning I was cumming hard, taking the suggestion as an order from my alpha, eyes flickering to their golden color. Taking his hand out of my pants, Derek sucked his two fingers into his mouth and groaned, eyes flashing crimson at me. 

“Derek take me, make me yours alpha,” my pants and panties were ripped from my body before I could speak another word, Derek’s shirt and pants following soon after. I was in complete awe of my alpha as he slowly took his boxers off, his hard cock slapping up against his stomach. Everything about him was perfect, his cock at least 8 inches and thick, my mouth watering just looking at it. Derek shoved me to my back and snapped my bra straps with his claws. I shrugged the torn fabric from my shoulders, insanely turned on by the way my alpha was looking at me.

“You ready babygirl?” Derek asked as he gripped his cock in his hand stroking it slightly. 

Not trusting my voice, I nodded enthusiastically, eager to please my alpha.

Lining his cock up with my soaking pussy, he slowly pushed into me groaning as he bottomed out. “Fuck, you’re so tight Y/n,” Derek groaned out pausing to allow me to adjust to the stretch. 

Bucking my hips up in an attempt to get him to move, Derek gripped my thighs and hooked my legs over his shoulders. He began thrusting erratically into me. 

“Oh my god, Derek yes!” I screamed out, the pleasure of having my alpha fucking me so well, hands gripping at the sheets.

“You like that babygirl? You like how your alpha fucks you nice and hard?” Derek groaned out, “You’re so fucking tight baby, you squeeze my cock so well,” his head thrown back in pleasure.

“Fuck Derek, I’m so close,” I moaned out the knot in my stomach tightening getting so close to snapping.

“Cum for me baby, let me feel you cum around me,” Derek groaned out, his cock twitching signalling he was close to his release as well.

Just like that, the dam burst and I was crying out, back arching, and toes curling. “Derek! Alpha, yes!” I cried out pleasure entirely consuming me. 

“Oh shit Y/n I’m so fucking close,” his head dropping down to look at my face, biting his lip as if to keep his noises at bay.

“Do it alpha, cum in me, wanna feel it, please” I pleaded, already close to cumming for my third time in the night. “Need you to claim me alpha please,”

“Shit,” Derek dropped my legs down and nuzzled his head into my neck, “Fuck I’m cumming baby,” I moaned out as I came along with my alpha, crying out his name. “Mine,” Derek growled before baring his teeth and clamping down on my shoulder.

“Fuck yes alpha!” my body arching into his as he rode out our orgasms. Derek released my neck from his teeth and flopping down onto the bed next to me. Out of breath and legs beginning to go numb I turned to look at him, to find him looking at me already.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/n,” a smile planted on his face as he spoke, “I really love you, you know that?”

My heart fluttered as he spoke, tears of happiness threatening to spill from my eyes, “I love you too Derek, always have.” With that I snuggled into his side and we quickly fell asleep.

Derek Hale was mine, and I was his. Who would’ve thought that’s how this day would’ve gone.

jonaru  asked:

Shklance!! Pls! :) ❤

How about a lil soulmate au mixed with some of that highschool au? First letter of your soulmate’s name is marked on the spot where they first touch you?

Send me a ship/prompt.

The public bus jostled its passengers as it took a turn before smoothly sliding to a stop in front of the local high school. Lance stood from his seat and made his way off the bus along with his fellow peers, earbuds in as he bobbed his head along to the music flooding his ears. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, internally fighting the urge to lift his jacket sleeve to stare at the mark that had shown up on his wrist the previous night. It was a little later than most, but Lance McClain finally received his soulmate mark much to his relief. He wasn’t like Pidge. The panic he had at just the thought of not having a soulmate was heartbreaking.

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All My Love

Grabbing her loose pieces of crumbled up paper, she makes her say to the piano in the back of a small cafe. Somehow her friends talked her into this, something she would have never done on her own. Never once had she thought about playing in front of people, no. Strangers. Never once did she think she was about to open up her deepest, most vulnerable wound to strangers. The pain was still fresh, even after all these years.

This music was deep. But of course it was, because it was about him. He was the one who did this to her. Made her feel empty inside, the light in her heart finally snuffed out. But who is she kidding, she knows that’s not true. She pushed him away, she pushed him away when he needed her most and now he’s gone. 

She finally snapped back into reality, looking out among the small crowd, her friends smiling brightly and giving her thumbs up and blown kisses. Glancing around she saw nothing but strangers, with more coming through the door. Was it worth it? Was she even good enough to sing for these people? It didn’t matter, it was too late anyways, the lights were dimming. Sitting down she took a deep breath, gently starting to press her fingers against the worn down keys. She quickly got into the music, swaying t the slow rhythm, so much so she didn’t even notice the last stranger shuffle in. 

Friday night my phone is off, 

and none of my friends even know you’re gone.

Oh no. Not now. She pushes through the lyrics as the flashbacks started to happen. 

Rain fell from the sky just like tears quickly fell down your cheeks. The only light in the room came from a small candle sitting in the corner of her desk. Laying very still she stares at the wall, her phone broken on the floor. She gave up days ago trying to get a hold of him. She was tired of her phone ringing, oh how it would not stop ringing. She had finally had enough and threw her phone at the wall, the case breaking apart and in pieces. Maybe her phone wasn’t actually broken, but at least it was quiet. 

Hopefully they will all assume she was with him. They didn’t have to know that he had left, not yet at least. But what if they knew where he was? Maybe it was best she didn’t know, she didn’t want to get her heart broken all over again. It was her fault, it had to be and she would never let herself live that down. 

Can’t go out, can’t stay home

I don’t know how be alone

I keep waiting,, waiting for you to come back

With all my love.

In the weeks to follow she comes she starts surrounding herself with people. If there were other people to distract her, maybe she could finally become numb to the situation. She couldn’t stay home because no matter what channel she was on, he was there. He was everywhere. He looked so happy. How dare he. How dare he look so happy and carefree knowing that he left her without an explanation. Without telling her why or what happened. It wasn’t fair she had to feel so empty while he looked so full of life. 

She couldn’t stay out for too long because he was always find his way to get to her. Whether it be the crazy fans shrieking at his name or hear her voice over the intercom during a grocery playlist. Even the thought ripped the wound back open inside of her. She missed him and she needed him. They had been together for so long that she forgot how to live life by herself. 

Little did he know that when he left, he took her heart with him. The light within her that caused her to smile and live freely was gone. The warmth she felt even on the coldest days was gone. All she wanted to do was call him and tell him how sorry she was. But she knew. She knew he wouldn’t listen. 

She should had seen it coming. The weeks leading up to his grand exit should have been clear enough signs. He wouldn’t hold her hand anymore, they wouldn’t even sleep in the same room anymore. She always thought it was because he had to start coming home late from work, but maybe that wasn’t true. Maybe he stayed away because he didn’t want to come home, or maybe he was somewhere else with someone else.  Maybe she’ll never know, and maybe that was for the best.

How can I sleep when you’re out there?

With all my love

I can’t believe that you left here, with all my love

Bring it back, bring it back, back ,back

All my love.

It had been months since she had a decent amount of sleep. The bed felt too big and empty without him. Oh how she craved him. The morning breath, the scruffy kisses, early morning coffee, even the loud squealing that left your lips as he tickled her till she fell to the ground. She missed it all. 

She looked up and realized she was nervous. Why was she so nervous? She felt something she had not felt in a long time. It wasn’t long before she had finished. Muffled sounds of people clapping and cheering only made her weakly smile, only then noticing the tears that had slipped from her eyes as she preformed. 

Suddenly the world stool still on its axis. Could it be? There was no way.. But it was, it was him. He looked tired, the bags noticeable from where she stood. He looked so much weaker then he did in the media pictures or the interviews. 

“You.” She breathed, a sound barely leaving her lips. 

“Y/N.” He spoke calmly, keeping his composure collected. 

 “Get away from me.” Her voice was low but angry.

“Y/N, please let me explain. I own you an explanation…”

It was too late. She spun on her heels and swiftly made her way out the door, walking past her friends without even acknowledging there smiles which quickly turned to concerns. 

He followed her. Pushed his way past people to get close to her one more time. And there she was, crying and leaning against her car. Without thinking twice he runs to her, her hands pushing him away at first, then she gives in. She couldn’t be strong anymore, she was finally broken. But he holds her anyways. Rocking gently with her in his arms. 

“Please. Let me explain.” Her eyes shot up when she heard his voice break. 

“I left because I was scared. Everyone I let inside leaves me. And I promised myself that I wouldn’t let that happen to you. But it was too late. I went back to my old ways, not able to tell you. She I let you believe what you wanted. I wanted you to blame me, to hate me. I wanted you to move on and be happy, to live your life. I trapped you in a world that I knew you didn’t want to be in. I am so sorry, Y/N.”

No.” She pulled away from him, her entire body shaking. 

“What?” He was choking aback tears. How embarrassing, he thought. 

“I will not accept that. I have blamed myself for years. You left without telling me anything! You made me think that I wasn’t good enough for you. That I wasn’t meant for your lifestyle. The fact that you allowed me to shut myself out from the world hurts me the most. And then you go and pretend that everything is fine. Why did you even come back, H?” Her voice softened. as she refused to pay attention to the tears flowing regularly. 

“Because I realized I made the worst mistake of my life. I know I can’t go back and fix what I did. I won;t even ask for your forgiveness. But hearing you sing made me realize that I fucked up. Oh man did I fuck up so badly. I missed my chance at happiness. That was you! You were my home, my happy place. Without supporting me, I’ve lost all interest in things I use to love, especially music. You were the one that inspired those songs.” He fell to his knees, not even caring the strangers around us staring.

He grabbed her hand, bringing it to his forehead, then down to his lips to kiss it softly. 

“H…” She breathes as she collapses down next to him, cupping his cheek gently, wiping a few tears away, smiling weakly. “I love you… So much…” She whispers as the lump in her throat grows worse, choking on her own words. “But you violated my trust, and it will take awhile to earn that back. Just don’t leave me again. We can work through all of our problems. Together, H.” Finally, the crying started, sniffling loudly as she wipes her nose on her sleeve.

“I promise I will spend the rest of my days working to gain your trust back. But I swear I will never, ever leave you again. There wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t think about you. Every girl I saw reminded me of you. I felt guilty every time I was out in public and people were screaming my name. They don’t know I could hurt the person I care about most. No one would be cheering for me if they know how badly I hurt you.”

“Come home.” She bites her bottom lip, nervously squeezing your hand. “I’ll throw on some tea and we can catch up and decide what to do and what the future will look like. But please, I beg you… Come home.”

*A/N: I hope you guys like this. I know it’s kinda sad and all but I like how it turned out. Should there be a part two with way more fluff to make up for this??? Let me know! xx Also based off of the song “All MY Love” by Cash Cash