at least he's self aware

FE Fates Birthright Dads Ranked (Best to Worst)
  1. Kaze-Literally born to be a dad, minus the dad jokes. (Apparently being the less impressive sibling is good for your parenting skills.)
  2. Silas-Unorthodox parenting re: horses, but otherwise very supportive.
  3. Kaden-Maybe should’ve taught his daughter a little better about the difference between games and life or death situations, but otherwise he’s doing good.
  4. Subaki-Doting to the point of creepiness, but still better than a lot of the dads.
  5. Hayato-Doing his absolute best considering his daughter is…unique. Plus he’s basically still a kid himself.
  6. Hinata-Probably literally forgot that he had a kid for a little while. Great at dad jokes, but not much else.
  7. Takumi-Doing his absolute best considering his massive inferiority complex, but at least he’s self-aware, self-critical, and supportive of his son. (Proof that being the less impressive sibling is not always good for your parenting skills.)
  8. Azama-Everything about Azama is questionable, parenting methods included.
  9. Saizo-I love Saizo but he really, really should not have had kids. Especially since he doesn’t seem to realize that any child of his would be just as stubborn as he is.
  10. Jakob-Never forgave his son for making better coffee than him and it shows.
  11. Ryoma- Proof that being the most impressive sibling is terrible for your parenting skills. Great prince, shitty dad. Didn’t even tell his son that he’s royalty and then berated him for not acting like a prince. What the fuck Ryoma??? 

5 bucks says the entirety of legion fx (so far at least) is inside davids head ,and eventually he’ll become self aware, wake up, and find the actual people (ptonomy, bird, lenny, etc). Bonus: Syd either was a complete figment of his imagination, died and he telepathically absorbed her, or no one thinks shes real but david won’t let it go and they eventually find that she’s real and either evil or a prisoner. 


More for my Avengers/James Bond AU. Takes place several months after Bloody Big Ship.

Basically, Tony is SHIELD’s Quatermaster and Steve is a Special Operative for SHIELD, code named “The Captain.” While Tony is the Quatermaster, he doesn’t know the actual names of his agents.    

I wanted to write something fluffy from Tony’s POV. So here you are, Tony pining for his hunk of an SO. 

Tony will never admit aloud that he’s a romantic, but he’s too self-aware to not at least admit it to himself. Even in his line of work, hell in his life, he knows the notions are foolish. But he’s a futurist and with that comes a certain longing for sheer possibility. Things that could be. 

He likes to think The Captain is one such thing, however Tony also knows better. Because of this, he’s not too disappointed to find that when he touches Cap for the first time there is no electric charge, no sudden rush of warmth and rightness. 

Quite the opposite actually. 

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Besides from just being a throwaway joke, I think this is quite an interesting line… Because for Mantis to look at himself and say this, he would have had to know that he had been a jombie + green when he was a jombie.

Like okay, he’s seen the jombies, and he knows they are green, and from everything that happened he could easily infer that he had been previously/posssibly still was turned into a green jombie, BUT for him to have this reaction he would have needed to have at least some level of self-awareness while he was a jombie. My point BEING that if jombies REALLY had no recollection/memories of being a jombie, this line from Mantis wouldn’t make any sense, because just being aware of himself would be enough to know that it was over and he was back to normal. It makes more sense in the context that he had some awareness while he was a jombie + aware of that jombie style of greeness, thus not being absolutely sure if he’s no longer a jombie in this scene. Also the next line “oh, wait, that’s my normal green” - aware of his having a different type/shade of green while a jombie.

And by extension, applying this to everyone - everyone having some level, no matter how small, of self awareness while they are in jombie form. This is my headcanon anyway, and I reckon it’s more fun than just a straightforward “no awareness whatsoever”. And while jombies are constrained I think they have a minimal level of control over their own actions, greater control if they innately have a greater desire to complete a certain action. Like if Kai gives a vague command - “attack” - they have control over how they choose to do that. For example I think jombie Shifu, on some level, actively chose to go straight after Po, not allowing himself to be deterred as easily as the other jombies… XD This control + awareness would be like, super minimal and largely inconsequential though, like I said. Also this means Shifu would rEMEMBER BEING HIT WITH THE FRYIN PAN OMG