at least he's not retiring

Bruce as a grandpa

- You know with all his kids, legally his and those who are basically his, he is bound to have at least one grandchild if not more.

- Like he has retired from Batman and Tim and Damian basically took over all his duties at WE. Now he has all the free time.

- Also Alfred is totally a great-grandfather.

- Takes the time to spoil them. Not with material items but like games and treats.

- Selina is over often as well to hangout with the little rugrats.

- Finally gets the time to enjoy his family. He is super happy to see his kids getting treated the way they treated him all those years ago.

- The big dinning room table is in full use. There are high chairs and booster seats. Now instead of knives getting thrown it’s cheerios and vegetables that are to be watched for.

- Bruce loves to tell stories. Mainly of Superman or other League members’ embarrassing stories.

- Another wing of the manor has opened because as those kids grow, extra rooms are needed.

- Telling stories about his parents and stupid stuff all the kids did. (Bruce’s kids).

- The family members saying he needs to watch the kids for the night as an excuse to keep him out of the batcave. Old man still thinks he can keep up with thugs on the street. But at 60 plus he needs to take a break.

- When they are all over at once it’s complete and udder madness. The place is a mess, toys are everywhere, at least two blanket forts have been made, someone is still missing from hide and seek, and the Bruce is standing in the middle of this smiling because it’s his wonderful crazy family.

In the finale of the Lazarus Contract crossover, Damian Wayne attempts to stop Wally West’s heart as a means of preventing Deathstroke from getting superspeed and time travel (long story). But, due to the timey-wimey nature of the Flashes’ powers, this results in Wally’s past getting changed, meaning he now has a heart condition and can only sparingly use his powers lest the end up killing him.

This might be an attempt to invoke how as Kid Flash Wally’s powers could only be used sparingly, at least prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He eventually retired from being Kid Flash for a time, as his changing metabolism meant that his powers were beginning to fade away, leading to him quitting being a superhero to focus on going to college instead.

This plot point of Wally wanting to retire to focus on being normal and attending college was also homaged in the second season of the Young Justice show. Within this series, Wally is depicted as being not as fast as his mentor Barry Allen or Barry’s grandson Bart, due to his recreation of the accident which empowered the original Flash not being entirely correct.

This proves to being Wally’s undoing in the season finale, however, where his comparitively lower speed ends up in his either seemingly dying or disappearing into the Speed Force. It remains to be seen if in Young Justice: Outsiders Wally shows up again, however.

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things you said when you were scared

“I can’t do this, Yuuri.”

Yuuri wraps his arms around Victor’s middle and squeezes tight. The cold from the rink is seeping into his bones and he relishes in the warmth Victor radiates. “You can.”

“It’s been so long,” he muses quietly, voice solemn. He drags the toe of his blade against the ice and lets his head droop. “And I’m so old.”

“You’re thirty-five; I hardly consider that old,” Yuuri laughs, but it’s truncated and forced. He understands what Victor’s talking about, of course. After thirty, a skater’s body has been through hell and back, and performing is such a feat. The jumps that used to be like climbing hills are now like scaling mountains, and injury is always on the horizon. It’s why Victor decided to retire after his one competitive season skating with Yuuri; it’s why Yuuri’s retiring now, at the ripe age of thirty-one. There’s too much risk. He almost broke his ankle at this year’s Grand Prix from a bad fall. The injury ended up only being a sprain, fixed with a week off the ice, but the doctor said it was a close call and he shouldn’t be attempting quad flips at his age.

Funny enough, it wasn’t until that moment when Yuuri opened his eyes and looked around at his competitors. He’s always had a hefty amount of stamina; it’s what’s kept him going this long, but somewhere along the line he became ancient, competing against men half his age, some not even old enough to be considered men. All of his old competition had tapped out, one by one; Chris, followed by Mikey and Emil, JJ soon after. Leo and Guang-Hong and Senguil and Phichit, they all went back to their studies, or were sick of being in the spotlight, or in Phichit’s case, won several gold medals before deciding that he really wanted to be a doctor. Now only Minami and Yuri remained from his youthful days, young bodies filled out and grown.

It became incredibly clear that his time on the ice, at least competitively, was up. He announced his upcoming retirement the day after the Grand Prix Final, and vowed to make everyone proud in his last season, saying that he would end his career in the fiercest way possible.

And he has. Gold from Nationals and the Four Continents were added to his ever-growing collection, lined up next to Victor’s impressive pile in their bedroom closet. Now it’s time for Worlds, his last competition, and he wants to go out with a bang.

Which requires Victor’s help, if he can get over his fear of being back on competitive ice.

“What if I drop you?” Victor questions, eyebrow raised in chargin. “I don’t want your last exhibition to be ruined.”

Yuuri knocks his shoulder into Victor’s and smiles as lovingly as he can. “I trust you,” he says quietly. “You won’t let me down.”

Victor wrings his hands together and avoids Yuuri’s gaze. He’s still kicking up ice, leaving a mark he knows Nishigori will complain about later, looking almost…afraid?

“Vitya? Are you…scared?”

When Victor doesn’t respond, it’s all the answer Yuuri needs.

“Vitya,” Yuuri says, skating backwards so he can get a full look at Victor’s nervous form. “I know it’s been awhile since you’ve performed publically-”

“Five years,” he interjects.

Yuuri nods. “Five years, but you’re still a living legend. You can do this; you just have to believe in yourself.”

Victor smiles slightly and lets out a soft laugh. “That sounds like what Yakov used to tell me when I was young.” He falls quiet again and brings his eyes up to meet Yuuri’s. “What if I go out there and make a fool out of myself? I can’t do the jumps I used to be able to do. People will notice.”

“Notice what? That you’re human?” Yuuri asks. He places a hand on Victor’s shoulder and skates in closer, bringing their foreheads together. “I can’t skate the way I used to either. It’s called growing up,” he says quietly, then quickly pecks a kiss on Victor’s lips. “We’re already downgrading some of the jumps. I can’t do a quad flip at my age either. Just…trust me, okay?”

Victor loses some of his tension and grins. “That I can do,” he replies quickly, then skates away so that he’s standing on the outskirts of the rink. “I don’t know how well I’ll do, but let’s try.” He picks up his phone from where it’s resting on the boards, thumb scrolling until it pauses over a song. He presses the button, and soon enough a familiar, long forgotten tune begins drifting through the rink.

Stammi Vicino rings out and Yuuri pulls himself into his opening pose. The soft cry of the violin seeps through his bones as he begins his first movements- a lift of the head, a raise of his arm, a glide of his skates. He flies easily into his triple axel and lands with ease, the hiss of the ice beneath his feet mixing in with the notes above. He falls into the beginning of a step sequence and into another jump- this one a double toe loop- before he glances over and finds Victor by his side, nervous smile flitting across his mouth.

Yuuri shoots him a reassuring head nod as they begin their routine. It’s still second nature, even after all these years, and suddenly Yuuri feels like he’s twenty-four again, skating this with Victor after his second place finish at the Grand Prix Final. Their movements are easy going- Victor’s hand on his waist, Yuuri’s fingers clutching Victor’s. Once they get into the thrum of the routine, there is none of Victor’s earlier hesitation. They fly into side-by-side triple flips, then into a series of dips and turns. Victor’s face is utterly elated, eyes shining bright, teeth flashing behind his lopsided grin. Yuuri smiles back too as they fall into their last jump- a quadruple salchow- and lets out a yell when they both land it perfectly. They cling to each other as finish out the rest of their routine, and when the notes fade into the background and silence erupts around them.

“We did it!” Victor exclaims.

“We did,” Yuuri replies back, “We-ump!”

“That was amazing,” Victor cuts him off by pulling Yuuri into his chest. “I haven’t felt that good in years!”

“Vitya…you’re crushing me,” Yuuri mutters into the fabric of Victor’s shirt, lightly bracing his hands on Victor’s arms so he can push back. When he glances up, a red blush rises to his cheeks when he finds Victor looking at him with one of his brilliant, blooming smiles.

“Sorry, I’m just excited,” Victor says. “I can’t wait to perform this with you at the exhibition next week.”

Yuuri lights up like a thousand watt bulb. “Really? You’ll do it?”

Victor smiles. “It would be my honor to skate by the side of the five time World Championship gold medalist.”

“It’s only been four,” Yuuri mumbles under his breath.

“And after next week, it’ll be five. I know it.” Victor sighs contentedly and wraps his arm around Yuuri’s waist. “But you’ll need to be well rested before then. Want to go grab some food?”

Yuuri nods in response and lets Victor lead him off the ice. They take off their skates and head out to a local ramen shop they both love, and Yuuri listens as Victor talks excitedly about a poodle puppy he saw earlier in the day. His eyes trace Victor’s every movement throughout the night, listens to everything he talks about. And when they get back to their shared apartment and fall into bed, Yuuri nuzzles up against Victor’s chest and closes his eyes, whispering one last phrase into the air before he falls under.

“I love you, Vitya,” he mumbles into Victor’s collarbone.


Former Number One Hero, All Might, climbed out of the car, thanking the driver as he shut the door. When it drove off, Toshinori Yagi straightened with a groan and a pop of his back, and approached the apartment building where Inko Midoriya lived. Three flights and a long hallway brought him to the correct door. At one time, such a trip would make for a mindless stroll, but now… Toshinori rubbed his lower back with his knuckles, kneading the ache that had formed there. Again, he found himself battling the creeping fatigue that seemed to be his constant companion since his battle with All for One and the loss of his last remnants of One for All. With a last exhausted sigh, he shook off his fatigue, put on a convincing smile, and rang the doorbell.

The weekly meetings between Toshinori and Inko Midoriya started after young Midoriya began his additional training with his predecessor in the evenings. Toshinori would meet with and update Inko on her son’s progress, doing what he could to answer any of her questions and concerns. It had actually been the boy’s idea. He could tell his mother still fretted about him despite his daily phone calls. The suggestion had been accidental, an offhand comment during a rest period. Though the boy had frantically insisted All Might not do anything that would be inconvenient, his mentor enthusiastically agreed to do it.

Toshinori thought it was the very least he could do to belay any of his student’s mother’s worries. The retired hero was, after all, the source of them. It had never been his intent, but then again he had only thought to make Izuku his successor. He owed it to Inko to ease her mind with a smile and reassurances.

It only took a quick call for the times and dates to be set. This would be the third meeting.

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Summer in Savannah

My saltmate is one year older which means gifts of fic must be written! Happy Birthday @wrathofthestag​!!! xoxoxoxo

(Also on AO3)

Savannah had been his mother’s idea.

You’ll love it! She said. There’s so much history—everywhere you look!

Fresh off a disappointing end to the Falconer’s most recent bid for the Stanley, Jack needed to get away. He wasn’t a beach person, although the solitude of a private hut somewhere tropical held its own brand of allure. Europe had been his first choice, somewhere he could blend in, where his face wouldn’t run the risk of recognition, where he could meld into crowds and explore, untethered to the Jack Zimmermann hockey legacy.

Trust me, his mother had laughed. Georgia might as well be another country, and you’ll love the people.

As it turned out, she wasn’t wrong.

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HI!!! ok so, for the writing prompt: violin?

Warning: ANGST!!!


Yuuri has always known.

It wasn’t like Victor ever tried to hide it.

It started small: a smear of lipstick on his fiancés neck.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor had admirers, lots of admirers. He himself had once been an admirer of Victor.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to notice the first time, and the second and every single lipstick smear and stain after that.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor has a lot of admirers. They all want him, but they can’t have him. They can’t because he is yours.

It turned into late nights after that.

Turned into Victor sending him home and not returning until the early hours of the morning. Returned smelling of cheap perfume and even cheaper alcohol.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor had never experienced the wild life, having been chained to skating for so long.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to notice all the different perfumes that clung to his fiancé, to how much later Victor stayed out until he didn’t come home at all.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor just needs a taste of the wild life. Once he has had enough, he’ll come back to me. He is mine after all.

It became stranger in their bed.

It became Yuuri coming back early from the ballet studio, the rink, the shops to find Victor in bed with a stranger.

Yuuri decided not to say anything because Victor was clearly still unsure about his sexuality.

Yuuri turned a blind eye, pretending not to have caught his fiancé with another person, always turning around and leaving their apartment, coming home when he was meant too.

It is normal, he telling himself, Victor was raised in Russia. Lots of Russian’s are homophobic, Victor is testing to make sure he is gay. He only ever comes back to me, he clearly loves me most.

It ended at a nice restaurant with a lovely violinist playing in the background.

It was their third anniversary, three wonderful years since they had gotten engaged. He had won half a dozen gold and planned at least one more successful season before he retired.

“Yuuri, let’s end this.” Victor stated simply while swirling his glass of wine.

Yuuri sat frozen, taken aback by his fiancés words.

“P-pardon?” He managed to stutter out. Victor let out a sigh which sounded just a sweet as the violin playing in the background.

“It’s not working. Let’s just end this. I’ll obviously see you through the season as your coach, but I just don’t think we are meant to be… romantically involved.”

Yuuri sat there quietly as Victor excused himself, leaving his half-finished glass of wine and his engagement ring.

Left him sitting at a table for two while a violin sungs such a beautiful tune that does not fit the mood at all.

It is normal, he tells himself, Victor is a living legend and I’m just… some loser. Why would Victor ever want me?

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I was wondering whether or not you had a HC for the ages of Arkham Knight characters?

I do, as a matter of fact. Full timeline can be found here:

But to make it short, at the time of Arkham Knight:

Bruce: 38 (since we can infer from the “Faithful Servant” story that it’s been 30 years since Alfred started taking care of Bruce after the loss of his parents at age 8; also several people making jokes about him getting older)

Barbara: 25 (it’s been 10 years since Origins and she was 15 then)

Dick: 25 (he was old enough to legally live by himself when he left the manor and Bruce took on two new Robins after that, so he was likely Robin for about 3 years, making him 15 at best when he first became Robin)

Jason: 20 (dialogue throughout the games seems to imply that he was not yet an adult when “killed”, yet he was already the same height and weight as in BAK; this would make him about 13 or 14 when he became Robin)

Tim: 21 (they definitely aged him up a lot, if only to make Barb x Tim happen, he’s consistently described as a student in his bios and the comics imply he has started teaching, meaning we’re not talking about “highschool student” but “college student”).

Alfred: 65 (he had a varied career before he started working for the Waynes at least 30 years ago, so I’m assuming he was in his thirties, at least, when he started).

Lucius: 60 (not retired yet and no grey hair, but was already working in the Wayne Enterprises CEO office when Bruce’s father was still around)

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fitzmay coffee shop au

Faults and Faultlines 

3289 words 

post-framework. spoilers for 4x17 

A/N: EVERYONE GO WISH @agentcalliope A BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! my little sis, growing up so fast :’) 

read on AO3 

He thinks it’s Jemma that tipped her off.

He doesn’t mean to isolate himself. Really, he doesn’t. It’s just a byproduct of not being on base anymore.

And, okay. Maybe he meant to a little. But would anyone really blame him? Did anyone even want him around, after everything that happened in the Framework? Jemma says he shouldn’t blame himself, but he does. He helped create it (in a not-as-roundabout-as-it-should’ve-been way). He helped create AIDA. He vouched for Radcliffe, when they brought him in. So, yes, it is (it is, Jemma) sort of his fault. And he did such horrible things there, things that hurt the team, people he cares so deeply about.

So … isolation. Best policy.

This is his line of thinking, and he’s sticking with it.

It was just natural that he retire from SHIELD. At least for a little while. At least until everything settles back to normal. Until he can look all of them in the face again. Until he can look his own reflection in the face again.

Jemma doesn’t like that he’s away. She’s just worried about him, she says. Worried about the path he’s going down. She knows trauma, she says, and she knows isolation, and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t help.

(Even still—she’s gone back to live on base, for the time being. They just … need a bit of space, that’s all. And she wanted to be closer to everyone. He doesn’t hold it against her, he wouldn’t want to be around himself right now either, not with everything she’d borne witness to. And she’s struggling. A lot. More than she lets him see, he knows. Being around him just makes it worse, but she still comes to visit, every so often. He doesn’t push it.)

But Jemma knows his schedule, mostly because she’s the one who made it (because she knows he’d just lie in bed all day if he didn’t have a routine to follow), so it makes sense.

He gets up, takes a walk around the block, works on projects till midmorning, and then goes to the little coffee shop down the street, usually 10:30 on the dot. He sits and has a cup of tea (which isn’t as good as what he can make at home, but it’s the ‘going outside and being around people’ thing that made Jemma put it in) and people watches. Sometimes he draws. Either future designs or just little doodles. A lot of monkeys. They’re not very good.

He kind of hates it. He hates being out in the world. He hates the chaos of the shop, all the people, the music, the smells and sounds. He’d much rather be at home. In bed, or watching TV. But apparently that wouldn’t be ‘productive’ or whatever, and he’s trying to make an effort on Jemma’s behalf, so he goes anyway. And sits, and watches, and draws, and just exists on this planet. This real, real planet.

But it’s definitely Jemma, he decides immediately, who told her about this. Who prodded her into coming. Because why else would May be walking into a coffee shop at 10:41 on a Tuesday morning, twenty minutes off base, dressed in civvies?

He watches her, brows scrunched, pencil clenched tight in his hand, as she makes her way up to the counter, orders a tea, and then hovers until it’s done. She doesn’t even look at him as she slides into the seat across from him at the table, just blows over the steaming liquid and takes a small sip.

He’s still staring, slack-jawed, as she scans over his sketchbook. “Cute,” she says, nodding at the page full of monkeys.

He pulls it closer self-consciously. “Wh-What are you doing here?”

She raises her eyes to scan over his face instead, giving him a pointed look.

“Jemma?” he sighs.

“She might’ve mentioned it.”

He raises a hand to scratch through his beard (Jemma hates it, but honestly, why should he even bother shaving? It’s not like he’s seeing anyone regularly. And it makes him look different. Different to how he did there, so clean-cut and groomed. He needs the reminder that he’s not living that life anymore.) “You really didn’t have to come.”

“Coulson won’t let me on missions still,” she admits. “All the therapy gets boring.”

Fitz snorts. “I hear that. Although, I didn’t know Coulson had to ‘let you’ do anything.”

A smirk crawls its way onto her face. “I like to let him think he’s in charge.”

Fitz smiles, looking down. He swirls the tea that’s left in his cup and takes a gulp, then grimaces. “Are- Are you here to ask me to come back?”


“Good. ‘Cause I’m not ready.”


He looks back up at her. “That’s it? ‘Okay’?”

She shrugs. “Did you want more of a fuss?”



He reaches up to tug on his ear, watching her as she sips her tea and examines the baristas behind the counter.

“The girl in blue is cheating on her boyfriend.”

He blinks, surprised, and turns to follow her eye-line. The girl looks normal to him, just filling people’s orders. “How do you figure?”

When he turns back, she shrugs again. “Just have a feeling.”

“Five bucks says you’re wrong.”

A challenge glints in her eyes. “Deal.”  


She shows up again on Friday. He’s surprised, again, but more pleasantly this time. (He’d missed her, okay? He misses all of them. He’s just- He’s not ready to go back. He can’t. Not after all he’d done.)

“No new info about the barista,” he says as she slips into the seat across from him.

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Right now, he is our soul.
He is the guy that we all look to when we are playing the big games.

- Michel Salgado

“I don’t see Ronaldo with another shirt, at least in top football.
Maybe he will retire in Real Madrid, or maybe he is then going to try another league like the U.S., or something like that.
But in top football, in Europe, I don’t think Ronaldo is going to change clubs. I think he is comfortable in Real Madrid.

"Right now, he is our soul. He is the guy that we all look to when we are playing the big games.
I think that is the thing that he learnt in the last year… he was ready to be Cristiano Ronaldo when we needed, in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

"So I think he is saving the energy through the season. He is doing really well under the manager, and is physically very good.
Maybe he cannot [increase his level] further, but obviously he is going to be really important for Real Madrid.”

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"Im here, im not gonna leave you" with richjake,,,feed me, dad

Rich Goranski was not a quitter. He was exhausted, but he refused to fall asleep before Jake did. Admittedly, Rich was tucked neatly in Jake’s lap, his face buried in the crook of Jake’s neck, but he wasn’t sleeping.

They’d been up for hours, talking, drinking, prank calling, and making out in between it all. The last time Rich had spared his phone a glance, his screen told him it was 2 AM, which meant it must have been at least 4 AM by the time he retired to his boyfriend’s lap.

“Well, hello there,” Jake had said when Rich crawled in his lap. His long arms looped around Rich’s waist and a kiss was pressed into Rich’s hair. 

Rich decided that this was his favorite place to be: wrapped up safe in Jake’s arms. Rich returned the kiss on his head with a kiss to Jake’s jaw. Jake purred in approval, resting his chin atop Rich’s head. 

“I don’t wanna go to sleep,” Rich whined.

“And why’s that?” Jake was sleepy. Rich could hear it in the low rumble of his voice. The small circles that Jake was rubbing on Rich’s back was not helping Rich’s efforts to remain conscious.

Rich’s answer felt stupid on his tongue, but he said it before he could stop himself. “I’m scared you’re not gonna be here when I wake up.”

Jake’s hands stilled. The sentence was spoken lightly, but both boys recognized the weight behind it. 

Slowly, Jake’s hands resumed their gentle motions. “I’m here,” he murmured into Rich’s hair. Rich felt himself melting into Jake’s touch. He was absolutely about to fall asleep. “I’m not gonna leave you.”

Rich believed him. He really believed him. Rich felt his whole body relax and he fell asleep to Jake’s soft reassurances. 

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I know!!
Altair died after having his bff decapitated, his wife stabbed in front of him and alone in a library sealed from the outside, it was all kinds of fucked up tbh.
Ezio was this innocent flirty man that had to go through so much suffering, lost and pain! At least he finally decided it was enough and retired from the assassins and married and had one lovely daughter, but still, paaaaaiiiin!
Connor basically lost EVERYTHING, his mother, his father, his best friend, his tribe, he tried to have a family only for his wife and daughter to leave, do you understand how fucking sad that is? All because that bitch Juno had it planned from the beggining, fucking bitch.
And Edward who just wanted to get enough money to live the life of luxury he wanted for his wife and their child, he didn’t even want to become an assassins but he did only by bad fucking luck, and then he lost his friends, his wife died without him finding out and he doesn’t get to meet his daughter until like 10 years after, and then when he has a decent life fucking Templars get in the way and kill him in front of his younger child and somehow manage to convince the kid that it had been someone else and made him join them. Fucking sad man.
Desmond tho, Desmond is the worst.
Desmond who grew up thinking his family were fucking nutjobs, who escaped to have a normal life, who managed to survive alone for 9 years before the Templars finally catch him, and then he is kidnapped, forced to go thru what is basically human experimentation, had to suffer through his ancestors past when he didn’t even know what was going on, he was betrayed by who he thought was his friend, was manipulated by that bitch Juno into killing Lucy, got it a comma, almost lost his mind because of all the human experimentation, had to see friends and family die again and again because the bleeding effect was so severe he could no longer differentiate between himself and his ancestors, and when you think everything is gonna be ok, he has to give his fucking life to save the world. And why? Why? Because this innocent man wanted to own a motorbike! Because of that his calm and safe life as a bartender was over, for one fucking motorbike.
Desmond deserved better!

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The only way to become and stay rich is to love money more than your fellow humans. Which goes directly against God's teachings, so... Sin?

Not necessarily. There are Christian celebrities who use their money and power for good, but stay rich. If you made 6 million dollars a year, and gave away half of it to the poor, you would still be rich, since you kept making money, but be helping people. If God called you to give away all your money, you should do it, but not every rich person is called to do it.

Take Ben Carson for example. He made millions of dollars a year, at least before he retired, and I assume he’s still very rich (I looked him up but couldn’t find any solid information). But he developed techniques that saved hundreds of lives. He was certainly helping people, and he definitely wasn’t in it for the money.


When Silver first awoke after the events at Charlestown, it had taken him several minutes to realize just where he was. It wasnt as if this was his first time in the captains cabin. Not in the least. Flint had fucked him on top of the desk, bent over it, and against the bookshelf numerous times. But seeing the cabin from the low angle granted by the window seat was unfamiliar and had taken him longer to recognize. Especially since he had anticipated waking to the dimly lit room below deck, were he so unfortunate as to actually wake up at all.

Alas, he had. But instead of low-burning lanterns and the stench of blood and wretch, he had instead been greeted with warm sunlight and the breeze of fresh air from the opened window.

However, it took several days, or so he was told, before he was able to remain conscious for longer than just a few minutes or even an hour. Whether due to the shock his body felt from the loss of a limb, the sheer blood loss, or the fever that had burned him from infection. To Silver the exact cause didn’t much matter. He was still weak, exhausted, and in a sourely mood. The only potential upside was that Flint had more or less granted him use of his cabin while he made his recovery. For this, Silver was truly grateful. Flint could have easily made him take his recovery below decks just as any of the other men would. Instead he was permitted to not only lounge around the captain’s cabin during the day, but the window seat had been transformed into quite the comfortable bed for when he chose to retire at night. At least when compared to the swinging hammock.

Silver was grateful. Truly, he was. There was only one small problem: Flint snored.

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My Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films

In light of the Studio’s not closing (and my boundless boredom) I made a top 10 list of their films in accordance to how I feel about them, so I’m only including ones that I’ve actually seen…and I haven’t seen some pretty important ones so there.  

10) Ponyo

Ponyo! Everybody loves this movie because it’s ridiculously loveable, and I love it too! I just don’t think it’s that great. The thing I like most about this movie is the animation because I really love the way Hayao Miyazaki animates water. It’s just so damn cool! I really like the setting as well. It’s pretty standard Miyazaki fair, y'know it’s about the environment and stuff. But it’s very pretty and very fun! 

9) My Neighbor Totoro 

Another movie we all love! And only at number 9. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is great and iconic and is a great, safe way to introduce the concept of death and tragedy to young children, as I know many have.  But, I just don’t think there’s that much here for an older audience. Which is fine, but yeah, it doesn’t do all that much for me. Most of the movie is the main characters going about their lives while occasionally running into Totoro. Which, for the record, is the best part. The animation on Totoro is great and you get a real sense of texture and weight. HE JUST LOOKS SO FUZZY.

8) Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind 

Okay technically not a Ghibli movie but it has pretty much the exact same creative team so shut up. This movie is epic. I just really love the world here. Post apocalyptic but also really medieval but futuristic with a little steampunk thrown in, it’s great. And the creature animation is fantastic. For me, I don’t personally find it that engaging, but I think the word I would use to describe this movie is interesting. It’s just a really interesting movie. And I like it a lot.

7) Kiki’s Delivery Service 


Okay, this movie is so important. I cannot think of a single better movie to show a kid who’s growing up. You know why? Because this movie teaches that feeling sad is okay. When’s the last time you saw that in a movie (it was probably in another Ghibli movie tbh)? Kiki is awesome, she’s determined and mature but is still a kid. And Jiji is just THE BEST SIDE CHARACTER, it’s a really pleasant movie. It’s a good one to watch when your down. I love this movie. It’s great.

6) From up on Poppy Hill


I like this movie for a lot of the same reasons I like Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s a really quiet, comforting movie. The film takes place just before the Tokyo Olympics, Japan is still recovering from World War II and everyone is ready to throw out the old and bring in the new. So when a historic clubhouse at Umi’s private school is going to be torn down, our heroes band together to stop it. The movie is really simple and straightforward and noticeably devoid of supernatural elements, but it really gives you a sense of place. You really get a feel for what Japan was like in the early 60s. And the movie has a very pretty Japanese pop soundtrack that’s really nice, and there’s a really intimate romance (that’s imo the best one in all of Ghibli). Love it.

5) The Wind Rises 


This film is a masterpiece (AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEAT OUT FROZEN FOR BEST ANIMATED PICTURE BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY). This is Hayao Miyazaki’s last movie, for real this time. And boy does it show. By telling the tale of a real life genius aviator who is forced to use his creations for evil, Miyazaki ultimately shows us creativity is fleeting. That you can only be a genius for so long, commenting on his own career in the process. Miyazaki felt like he just didn’t have much more creativity left in him. Whether or not he was right, we’ll never know. But at least we know why he retired. It’s kind of like The Tempest of Miyazaki films, and it’s amazing. 

4) Princess Mononoke

Oh yeah. Now we’re getting down to it. This movie is epic. In fact, this movie so epic, it gives Lord of the Rings a run for its money. I mean DAMN this movie is huge. Our heroes travel over vast mountains and fields and engage in huge, epic battles, which by the way, are so brutal that the violence is never glorified. It’s definitely the most violent animated film I’ve seen, and the creature animation is GLORIOUS, and Ancient Japan is just as great a setting as you’d expect it to be. So good.

3) Porco Rosso 

God I love this movie. Miyazaki knew exactly what kind of film he wanted to make, and boy did he make it. In it we have Porco, our Humphrey Bogart-esque loner who’s best friend is his plane, and he’s being hunted down by Bounty Hunters and the newly Fascist Italian Government. And he’s a pig. For some reason (well it’s probably a metaphor). And did I mention that this takes place in an alternate history on the Mediterranean Coast after WWI where fighter pilots use militarized sea planes to fight? Oh yeah. There’s that. This movie has great character development, a host of entertaining side characters, and it’s actually really funny, and has some great action scenes. It’s criminally underrated and I enjoy it immensely. Go watch it. 

2) Howl’s Moving Castle

I’m a sucker for a few things, and a few of those things happen to be French things, Steampunk things, and WWI history. AND HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE HAS ALL OF THAT in one way or another, so it’s no surprise that I like this movie. A lot. I also really like Sophie’s character arch. For those of you who don’t know, Sophie has never believed that she’s beautiful, and is cursed to be old, but the curse deteriorates the more confident she gets. It’s just really empowering and amazing. 

1) Spirited Away

(Okay I know original right) but SERIOUSLY this movie is insane I don’t even know where to begin. The movie starts of with Chihiro in the process of moving, and she’s terrified, and then she gets trapped in the spirit world and her parents are cursed. From there on, this movie, is unbelievable. One thing I love about this movie is that Chihiro gets scared. She gets so scared. But she keeps going. It teaches kids it’s okay to be scared. And I just love that this movie feels so lonely. Which might sound like a weird way to describe a movie but I think it fits. The scene on the train (gifed above) is maybe my favorite scene ever in a movie. You just get this feeling. Like you’ve been there. Like you’ve sat there quietly in a scary situation having no idea what’s coming next. It’s almost indescribable but it really speaks to me. And I just keep coming back to loneliness. I feel like every character here is afraid and lonely (except for a few). It’s just so different, and I find that oddly comforting. Because we feel lonely all the time don’t we? But media never seems to show that! We have our character and their group of friends. But here, we have our character, and a few outcasts, who I can’t say are friends. They’re just sort of brought together by their common alienation. And when Chihrio returns home, she’s not afraid of moving anymore. And if that’s not comforting as fuck, then I don’t know what is.  

Turn Down the Heat - 16 (Leonard Snart/ Reader)

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That afternoon he came back carry a new toy and a suit bag. He smiled walking toward your resting form on the couch. Setting everything down carefully he walked over kneeling down to you.

He watched you take slow breaths in and out. He never had a chance to just watch you before. He’d thought you lovely all these years, but they were just glimpses. You were so much more.

It was a shame that he couldn’t just sit there and watch you sleep longer. He gently shook you awake, “Y/N…I need you to wake up.”

“Mm…” You stretched making the most adorable noises before you opened your eyes. You smiled when you saw him next to you, “Len…”

“Did you rest well?” He asked you quietly.

“I could’ve done with a few more winks.” You told him as you sat up, “Did you have a good meeting?”

“Yes…very successful.” He told you as he stood up, “But now, I need you assistance with blending in.”

You watched him pick up a suit bag back up holding it out to you, “What’s this?”

He smiled as you took it, “For the last 30 years I have seen you in the same clothes. Not that they’re not attractive. The dirty mechanic thing really works for you, but for my plan to work…I thought you might need something…clean to wear.”

“I’ll have you know I’m an engineer.” You smirked at him taking the bag, “Top of my class for that matter…Not just a mechanic.”

“Oh…forgive me.” He smirked back, “I didn’t mean to insult the little lady.”

“I suppose I’ve been called worse.” You told him opening the bag missing the frown your comment caused, “Len…this is a dress…”

“Very observant.” He told you, “I figured a couple on a date to a museum would look less conspicuous then a creepy guy walking around alone.”

You looked at him, “You’re not creepy.”

He watch you blush when he made eye contact with you, “Oh?”

“You’re many things, Len. Creepy is not one of them.” You smiled looking at the fabric of the dress, “It’s pretty.”

“There’s shoes in there too. They were the only thing I wasn’t sure on the size for.” He smirked again seeing you turn red, “Don’t worry…I didn’t peek.”

Your eyes narrowed at his flirtations, “Where do change, smooth talker?”

He chuckled a little as he pointed behind himself, “Bathroom. You have to jiggle the handles to the sink, just to warn you.”

You smiled stepping past him, “I’ll go get changed.”

“You’re really just going to help me. No questions asked?” He stopped you by touching your arm.

You looked up into his eyes, “Of course. I trust you.”

He let you go nodding. Sitting on the couch he stared at the door you disappeared behind, “Trust…”

You changed and cleaned yourself up the best you could. You swallowed feeling exposed. You’d never really wore something like this. It felt expensive, which was not you.

You sighed looking down at your leg as you put on your shoes. The large red burn had grown. When you first looked at it, it was just a couple inches above your ankle. Now was half way up your shin twisting around your leg.

You walked out slowly seeing him adjusting the blue tie he was putting on. He looked over at you his mouth dropping open slightly as he looked you over, “You…look…”

“I feel like an eye sore.” You told him as he eyes lingered on your legs, “I know it’s…not attractive.”

“What?” His eyes went to your face confused.

“The burn on my leg.” You told him taking a deep breath, “If it’s too distracting…”

“I wasn’t looking at your leg…” You looked at his face as a slowly smirk emerged, “I was looking at your legs…and imagining the positions I could put them in.”

You flushed as a small smile came to your face. You already knew the positions he could put them in, “Oh…”

“We should probably go.” He pulled on his jacket watching you, “Unless there’s another activity you’d rather be doing.”

“Snart.” Your eyes narrowed on him, “Don’t you have a job to be doing?”

He chuckled, “I was wondering how long it would take me to push your buttons.”

You rolled your eyes as he guided you out of the warehouse to a car. As he began to drive the city skyline came into view. You perked up leaning forward in your seat, “Wow…”

He glanced at you, “It’s different from where you’re from?”

“Very…” Central City was beautiful. Not on fire. Not at war, “It really is a city of hope, isn’t it?”

“My friends who live in Starling tell me we’re the happy city.” He told you, “I’ve never really understood that.”

“Friends?” You smiled looking at him.

“Mmm…Acquaintances…” He amended with a shrug. The drive wasn’t long and he parked a few blocks from their destination, “Hope you don’t mind walking.”

“Not at all…I don’t often get to just walk around.” You smiled looking up at the buildings in awe.

“No? Why not?” He watched you twirl. It was refreshing seeing someone take note of everything around them. Everything he was sure he took for granted.

“I was a technician on a ship.” You told him, “I kind of just stayed there. Fixed it. Missions and stuff wasn’t really my thing.”

He held out his arm out for you to take, “Maybe they’ll reconsider now that you’re getting some experience.”

“Oh…I highly doubt that.” You took his arm smiling, “What are we stealing?”

“Correction…I’m stealing…you’re looking beautiful.” He told you that familiar twinkle in his eye.

“So I’m…just your date?” You looked up at him.

“Yes…well…” He looked at you, “Unless you don’t want to be…”

“I do.” You smiled at him, “I just…thought maybe it would be less work related.”

He smiled at you before opening the door to the museum, “Next time. I promise.”

“I’ll hold you too it.” You walked in and let him purchase the tickets. It was funny. He was thief who stole for a living, but paid for services and events. Material things…you started to think about the dress you were wearing. You eyed him as he handed you a ticket, “Did you steal this dress?”

He smirked putting his hand on the small of you back as you both walked through the gate, “I guess you’ll never know.”

The tour was incredible. You’d heard about museums, but most of them had been destroyed during the wars. That’s why Time Masters were so important. They witnessed history so it could not be forgotten. At least that’s the way it was supposed to work.

Finally they came upon the diamond. Huge…gorgeous…


“Yup.” He nodded staring at it, “Prize of the century.”

“And you want it.” You whispered walking around it slowly with him, “What would you do with it?”

“Retire…maybe…until I got bored at least.” He looked at you staring at it, “Maybe take an adventure with someone special.”

You smiled feeling his eyes on you, “Oh yeah, where to?”

“Anywhere…or maybe nowhere.” He was really close to you now. His cold fingers trailed down your arm until his hand rested on your hip, “Some of the best adventures happen right at home.”

You looked at him swallowing as he leaned in closer toward you. You began to tear up which made him stop, “Len…”

“What’s wrong?” He felt you take his hand.

“I’m so sorry…” The burning feeling was coming back, “I’m trying…”

“No…” He frowned shaking his head a little, “Stay…”

“I can’t…” You felt a tear fall down your cheek as the sensation began to fill you up, “Len…”


Underneath the Mistletoe.

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There was nothing better than being surrounded by family during the holidays. I had my younger siblings, my parents and most importantly my boyfriend to spend a few hours with. Antoine and I had visited his family yesterday on Christmas Eve, settling with the idea that my family would get Christmas Day.

It wasn’t the first time we had met each other’s families. In fact my parents treated him as if he was already a major part of the family, my mother bossing him around to help her cut the vegetables as she tried to prepare dinner and my dad busy spouting off all the ‘manly’ chores he’d busied himself with around the house thanks to retirement. He knew I wasn’t the least bit interested in hearing about how he had completely rebuilt the patio in the backyard.

“You know, I never get tired of looking at all these pictures of you.” Antoine stood behind me and I could already see the grin on his face as he lowered his chin to rest on my shoulder, looking at the pictures of myself when I was young that I had been observing.

Some were easily embarrassing, the acne that plagued my cheeks for years vivid in the colorful images of me and my siblings. Plus there were always the embarrassing pictures of us all wearing matching sweaters for those holiday photoshoots my mother insisted on. “I get tired of you looking at them.”

“Oh come on. You spent an hour laughing at my mom’s jokes on my haircut.” He ran a hand through his freshly cut hair or should I say over considering there were no more locks to run through, the faded cut leaving him nearly bald.

Gosh, I missed playing in that hair as he slept every night.

“Your mom’s jokes are really funny. Effortless even.” I turned so I was no longer with my back facing him and he quickly wrapped his arms comfortably around my waist to bring my lower half closer into him. He looked up above him and my eyes followed, realizing the decorated bow of mistletoe above us.

“Is that…is that mistletoe?” he questioned with a devious, knowing smirk as he pointed towards it.

He left little time for response before his lips were moving to plant themselves against my neck, causing me to groan. “Griezmann.” I raised my hands between us to gently push his chest in a ‘stop but please don’t stop’ sort of way. “Aren’t you supposed to be kissing my lips?”

“Other places are up for availability too. I don’t think there’s any rules with mistletoe.”

“The last thing I want to do is have my parents catch you with your lips all over me. Now come on. Dinner is probably ready.”

With a groan of his own, he reluctantly let go of me but not before giving me the kiss on the lips I had asked for. We made our way to the dining room area and sure enough the various bowls and plates of appetizers and the main course were being set out. Rather than taking a seat, I began to head towards the kitchen to help but was quickly shooed away by my mother. “No. You. Sit.”

Her voice may have been soft, sometimes barely even audible, but I knew when to listen and retracted my steps to head back towards the dining room table and take a seat next to my boyfriend and across from my younger brother and sister who were busy having a battle with their utensils against one another. I could only laugh and shake my head. These were the things I missed living outside of the family residence.

Plates were set out and soon enough we were digging into the assortment of options, my mouth eager to taste everything I had missed since the last holiday dinner. The usual conversation sparked up amongst the table.

“So Antoine…got any big plans this year?” my father said as he paused his eating to look at my boyfriend.

“Ah, you know. The usual. There’s always matches on the schedule but I’m working on planning a vacation soon in my off-time, planning a wedding…”

My mind spaced after that, nearly choking on the forkful of salad that I had just started to chew away when I heard the word ‘wedding’. I thought I had misheard, that maybe he had meant he was attending a wedding rather than planning but the confused looks of everyone else at the table showed me that I hadn’t misheard at all.

“Wedding? My daughter never mentioned a wedding.”

“She didn’t? That must be my fault.” Just as cool, calm and collected as he had been moments before, Antoine wiped his lips of any food residue with the napkin cloth that was in his lap. He placed it to the table next to his plate before sliding his chair back and standing to his feet.

My frantic eyes went from my parents and to my siblings though everyone seemed to still have that confused look on their face, holding their breath as they watched Antoine. I turned in my chair to face him just as he went down on one knee, smiling up at me with that same devious smile I was so used to seeing when he had a surprise for me.

This felt like a little more than the usual surprise.

My hands flew up to cover my face, my eyes fleeting between his features while feeling the tears welling up in my eyes.

He cleared his throat and reached into the back pocket of his jeans, revealing a small box that I already knew the contents of. He popped the small box open and held it out towards me, revealing a gleaming diamond ring complimented by a small band. “Do you love me?” he chuckled, that boyish charm shining through.

I could only laugh in disbelief. “That’s a stupid question.”

“Do you love me?” he repeated, not at all swayed by my previous reaction.

I could only nod in silence for a moment before forcing the words from my mouth. “Yes.”

“Do you love me enough to spend the rest of your life with me?”

The room had grew dead silent, so silent I could practically hear my heart beating quickly through my chest. Thankfully my tears hadn’t grown into that ugly cry that caused me to sob uncontrollably or I wouldn’t have been able to respond.

“Yes. Absolutely.”

He must have took that as an acceptable answer, his smile growing wider than I had ever seen it before he said, “Will you marry me?”

“Of course.”

I guess this was the part where I was supposed to wait patiently for him to slip the ring onto my finger but instead I leaped forward into his arms, nearly sending him to the ground with my weight if it wasn’t for him catching himself, chuckling as he wrapped his arms around me to keep me steady and his hand ran up and down my back to comfort me. I could now hear the claps and yells of joy from my family surrounding us.

“Here. Let me put the ring on.” He separated us only briefly to put the ring onto the appropriate finger and kissed my lips once he did. I couldn’t help but sneak another soon after, barely able to contain the smile that would surely have my cheeks burning all night.

“This was better than any other gift you could have thought to give me.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I’d like to ask for a yuletide special. Can you imagine attending a Yule ball with the male shepherds? What do they wear? Do they pick you up early or late? What is dancing with them like? It can be head cannons or little scenarios...your choice. Please include Frederick. He is my favorite (just like your blog if my favorite). Love you guys!

I think I did a few dancing things a while back, so I hope this is kinda what you had in mind? Love you too! Made Freddy’s a little longer~

Henry: While he doesn’t wear his usual robes, he does find formal attire from a Plegian tailor. They’re robes meant for dressy occasions such as these, and are of a deep purple color, not unlike his typical attire.

Henry being Henry, he dawdles getting toward you, not seeing what the point of any of this is. You’re relieved that he’s going at all, considering he’s not a fan of this type of thing after all. You only got him to go because you told him you don’t want to suffer alone. He’s not fond of this type of suffering (“No fun in it”) but he’ll do it just for you.

When he dances with you…all eyes are on the two of you. Not because you’re exceptionally graceful, but there’s just so much liveliness in the way he goes…he doesn’t have a care in the world about how he looks, and despite your initial embarrassment, neither do you.

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What if: Tsuna grew up under Alaude’s care?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Tsuna is seven when he meets his Mist. Well, one of them anyway.

It’s spring break, he’s received decent grades in all his classes (although Alaude still despairs of his arithmetic skills, even if Tsuna did pass it), and Alaude’s already taken him stationary shopping for the next semester.

Tsuna’s never been anywhere but Namimori. He loves listening to Alaude’s stories of Italy, of France, of Russia and China and Singapore and Egypt, all the places Alaude’s been, for both work and leisure, but it just isn’t the same. Tsuna wants to go to all those places and see them for himself.

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