at least he's not playing that video game all day

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how do u feel about the Pewdiepie drama

Well I can’t exactly avoid it, he’s literally the biggest Youtuber and everyone ever is talking about it. I see at LEAST one post a day about it on my dash.

I feel he made a bad choice. Obviously he shouldn’t have payed those guys to say what he did, but he could have also completely cut out those parts of the video - Or, better yet, not posted it at all. There were so many REALLY EASY WAYS to avoid this nonsense. I don’t like that so many Youtubers are defending him and excusing it as a joke just because they like Felix or are friends with him, I just think he needs to take responsibility… Like an adult… It’s 2017, we shouldn’t still be excusing gross shit as jokes to make it okay.

I only saw the initial video and a couple videos of people defending him, like Markiplier and H3H3 (who’s opinion I was curious about because he and his wife are Jewish). I think Felix made a response video, but I haven’t watched that. I haven’t kept up with his content since 2011, if I’m honest.

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Jirard/Violet and/or Jirard/Ian?


who wakes up first in the morning: Jirard. Ian sleeps in a lot.
who’s the first to fall asleep at night: Neither ever sleep. they’re GAMERS.
what they playfully tease each other over: Ian teases Jirard about all his ibks being everywhere and jirard teases ian about being so stoic
what they do when the other’s having a bad day: jirard will try to make ian take a nap (by letting ian sleep using him as a pillow). ian will try to cheer jirard up by playing his favorite video games with him
how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments: ian can hold a grudge for a VERY long time so if he’s angry at jirard but wants to apologize it’ll be at least a few days of the silent treatment/stubbornness before he actually apologizes. jirard will always come to ian first regardless of what the argument was about (and he’ll have to do a lot of begging for forgiveness from ian)
which one’s more ticklish: jirard. ian never feels tickles, ever. it’s kind of freaky actually
their favourite rainy day activities: STOOOOOOOMP
how they surprise each other: ian surprises jirard by showing him any kind of physical affection whatsoever. jirard does little things to surprise ian throughout the day cuz he’s a sweetheart and the perfect boyfriend
their most sickening shows of public affection: one time they held hands, does that count?


The weather was gorgeous that day on Jabberwock island. Though on a tropical island, that much was to be expected. He walked around with the white haired boy who was guiding him around the island. 
It was fairly obvious, at least to him that this boy wasn’t all that he seemed. Though he wasn’t in the mood to call him out on it….

They moved into the lobby of the hotel. Where a lone girl sat playing a handheld video game. He walked over to her, “Hello. My name is Izuru Kamukura” his voice was flat and bored, not a tone at all suited for meeting someone for the first time. 
He could tell a few things about this girl immediately. However, oddly the rest was hard for him to get a grasp on…a general first for him. perhaps she may be worth hanging around. 

neighbor!michael had literally just moved into your apartment and not only had his moving crew been loud and obnoxious the whole time and you were pretty sure they were the source of the new whole in the hallway but now all you could hear was him cursing and screaming at whatever video game he was probably playing and the walls were paper thin and you’d had such a rough day so all you wanted to do was relax but the guy with the too-tight jeans wouldn’t shut the fuck up so you drag your tired ass over to his at 2 am and pound on his door and it takes him at least five minutes before he opens the door and you don’t miss how his eyes appreciatively skim over your big t-shirt and sleep shorts but you don’t miss a beat and you tell him to either get better at his game or to stop playing bc some people are trying to sleep and he just laughs loudly and tells you that he’s doing great at his game, thank you very much, and you snort and tell him that if he was doing so well he wouldn’t be getting so angry and screaming at his opponents for cheating and he raises a pierced eyebrow and asks if you’d like for him to show you just how good he is and even though you have to be up early for work you’re 100% sure you can whip his ass so you agree and that’s the start of a beautiful friendship

Pokemon GO is a God sent

Anyone who tells me differently can shut up.
My cousin who is a drug addict, and has had at least 4 OD in the past half year, hasn’t touched his drugs since the game came out. His gf was able to get rid of the drugs and he hasn’t even noticed when before he would have been up in arms in about two or so hours.
My little brother who is over weight and at risk for diabetes, and who would stay inside all day playing video games, is now walking 2 to 3 miles or more a day thanks to Pokemon GO. He has lost a couple of pounds too.
My family, which has been drifting apart, has now made Pokemon GO a family outing and we are closer then ever (well most of us).
I have bad anxiety and wouldn’t leave the house for anything do to it but Pokemon GO has given me the instinctive to go out, meet people, be active and have fun.
Pokemon GO is one of the best things that has happened in a good long while.

learning curve [est. d/c]

on ao3

It starts with something stupid, as these things usually do. Well, it might be somewhat of a sacrilege to call Super Smash Bros. stupid, though perhaps the look of stupefaction on Dean’s face when he looses a tournament for the fifth time in a row to his smirking angelic boyfriend might make it appropriate after all.

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Jonnor Drabble: Connor's Dad Finds Out

Still taking requests for these drabbles. I’m having fun doing these :D

Connor’s Dad Finds Out:

Connor had done it. He had broken up with Daria. But it backfired in his face. Now she was angry and telling everyone in school he had a crush on Jude. It was true, but he hadn’t wanted people to find out about it. Now he was getting harassed and so was Jude. The only person being nice to them both was Taylor even though Daria was still her ‘best friend’. He couldn’t take the heckling anymore. It was everyday from people he didn’t even know. He told his dad he was sick and that he couldn’t go to school. Thankfully, his dad believed him and let him stay home. He played video games all day until his dad returned from work.

Around dinner time, the house phone rang. Connor was upstairs texting Jude. If he had no one else, at least Jude still liked him. That was enough he supposed. His dad talked for awhile on the phone. Connor heard him hang up and start to walk up the stairs. He stood in the doorway of Connor’s room. Connor looked up from his phone. His dad had that look on his face like he was about to explode. Connor hated that look. It scared him. He put his phone down on the bed.

“Who was on the phone?” he asked trying not to sound as scared as he felt.

“That was your English teacher,” his dad replied. He walked further into Connor’s room. “She said that you’ve been getting harassed at school lately. That you’ve been getting harassed about an assumed crush on Jude Foster. And that’s why you might have skipped school today. She wanted to tell me that you shouldn’t be afraid to go to school. That she would handle it if any of the kids were heckling you in her class.”

Connor bit his lip nervously. He tried to smile and laugh it off like it was ridiculous. “I don’t have a crush on Jude. I just broke up with my girlfriend. Now she’s making up stupid rumors.”


“Yeah. She’s crazy.”

Mr. Stevens walked over to Connor’s bed. Connor’s phone went off and he looked at it. Connor made a movement to grab his phone, but his dad grabbed it first. He looked through the messaged Connor had been texting Jude since Jude got out of school. He threw his phone on the bed and grabbed his son by his collar pulling him to his feet.

“So now you’re a little faggot huh?” Mr. Stevens hissed, “You want to date boys? You want to be unnatural, an abomination?”

“No! I told you! I don’t like Jude.”

“You filthy little liar. I saw the messages. I’ve seen how you interact with him. He’s a little gay boy and so are you. You little disappointment!” He punched Connor in the face, hard. Connor cried out for him to stop, but he didn’t. He continued to punch, kick and slap Connor. He kicked him in the stomach causing him to fall outside of his door to the foot of the stairs.

“Little faggot boy! I won’t have a little faggot as a son! You’re not going to shame me. You better get it through your stupid head. You ever touch another boy, kiss another boy, I’ll fucking kill you and him. You hear me?!”

Connor sobbed, his cries causing even more pain to his body. He didn’t respond.

“I said do you hear me?!” Mr. Stevens kicked Connor again. The blow caused him to fall down the stairs. He hit the bottom with a loud thud. “I’ll kill you! You understand?!” Mr. Stevens walked away disappearing into his room.

Connor got up from the floor, grabbed his hoodie from the rack and walked out of the house. He put on his jacket and lifted the hood. He got on a bus and got off at his stop. He walked to the one house he knew he wouldn’t be turned away from. He knocked on the door. He was glad when Jude was the one to open it.

“Connor?” Jude said, “What are you doing here?”

Connor looked up from the ground so Jude could see his face. “M-My dad found out about everything. He read our text messages.”

“He hit you?”

Connor nodded.

“No one is home but me. Moms went to dinner with some friend, Jesus is at wrestling practice, Mariana’s at dance practice, Brandon is at Lu’s, and Callie is with Robert. You want to come in?”

Connor nodded again and walked into the house. They went up to Jude’s bedroom. Connor took his hood off. Bruises were starting to develop on his cheek and eyes. Jude got him and ice pack and a wet towel to wipe his face.

“I can’t believe your dad did this to you,” Jude said.

“He’s never liked gay people. He says it’s unnatural. I don’t even know if I’m gay. But if I am, he’ll kill me. He told me himself. He’ll kill me and anyone I’m with.”

“Like me?”

Connor looked at him. “Yeah. And he means it to. We shouldn’t hang out anymore.”

Jude looked down at the floor. “If it’s what you want.”

“It’s not what I want. I want to hang out with you. I like you. But my dad…”

“I understand. I know what it’s like to get hit. You feel alone, like you can’t tell anyone because then you might get into more trouble.”

Connor took the ice pack from his face. He looked down at his hands and started to cry. It started with silent tears, but soon he was full on sobbing, his body shaking. Jude moved closer to Connor. He hugged him and Connor hugged him back crying on his shoulder.

( ✨⟡ starter: galileo x eevee (( @ittybittylittlebit-hot ));

TODAY HAD BEEN A SHIT DAY to say the least. ever since the moment he got out of bed – or literally, fell out of it – every single thing that could possibly go wrong, indeed seemed to go wrong. all the young lad had wished for was a calm day at home – to play video games or watch tv, and especially, procrastinate his school work as usual – but as soon as his mother had laid eyes on him, he was inundated with work. the entire day was a drag, so when finally the evening had arrived and his mother’s chores list appeared to had reached its end, galileo couldn’t get out of the house any quicker. just in case, you know ? he didn’t know where he was heading, but the black haired male was more than willing to accept any destination. with his cap on his head backwards – he always wore his hats like that – he entered the first pub he came across. he had been here before, not often, but a few times. to him, beer was the same everywhere, so he just took place at the bar. a content smile on his face because he finally could sit down and relax – that was until someone familiar caught his attention. “eevee ?” galileo asked to himself, a frown on his face as his eyes were locked on the girl in the back, sharing a table with a guy he had never seen before. even though eevee and him only had something in secret, he didn’t want her to date other guys. in fact, he wasn’t even aware she felt the urge to. was he not good enough ?