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World’s Best Dad (Part 4)

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Summary: Dean’s doing his best to take it easy at home while the reader runs into a few unexpected issues while helping out…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 5,200ish

Warnings: language, implied future smut

A/N: I want a fluffy Dean like this if anyone’s got one lying around I can borrow…

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This is going to be such a long post….

What to say about Jack’s show…

It’s weird. You watch someone on YouTube for so long and somehow, they don’t seem like a real person anymore, even though you keep telling yourself that they are. It just becomes routine to watch someone on a daily basis, it becomes the “norm” to you… To forget about all the shit you’re going through, to listen to what feels like a friend, or just to have someone talking while you’re busy doing something. It maybe the only bright part about your day, week, month, or even year. Hell, it’s probably been the only bright thing about my life since my brother died almost 4 years ago. To know that each day, you’ll have a reason to forget about everything bothering you, to smile, and to laugh. Even though these people you watch may not seem real anymore, it’s comforting to watch them. When I get in a dark mental space, I just watch YouTube, which has replaced my TV, and these YouTubers pull you out of that dark place, and you feel, well, sort of normal.

It’s not until you see someone live that all these feelings and emotions come flooding to you. Your mind knows they’re real, but when you see them live for the first time, your brain starts to believe it as well. Personally, only when you meet them, does everything ‘click’. That’s the only downside about these types of shows. I feel the exact same way when I see a band live… I can’t really explain how my brain works…

Anyways, going to see Jack, and it being his first solo tour date, was nothing more than astonishing, an honor, and a huge pleasure. No one has ever seen this show before, and to be at the very first show is something that I will never forget.

I personally feel like Jack is the most personable YouTuber there is. He seems absolutely and 100% genuine in everything he says, and to him saying it’s not about the fame, popularity, number of subscribers, or money, I truly and honestly believe him when he says that. And to hear him tell the story of, pretty much his life, growing up, starting on YouTube, to where he is now, is again, an honor.

Listening to Jack tell these stories of key parts of his life was just incredible. Everyone calls him the “loud Irish YouTuber”, and I can confirm that that is a perfect description of him. He’s so bombastic and talks to the crowd like he’s talking to each individual person in the audience. You feel, well, special.

Going back to the stories he told, it’s so different hearing these stories in real life than through a YouTube video… This was so much more intimate, and you learned so much more about him… What makes him tick, what he’s gone through to get to this point, and you can see why he is such a genuine person.


It’s 2:30am, and my sister and I just got back from Jack’s Milwaukee show… And wow… I don’t even know where to begin. My mind is going a million miles an hour, and I want to say so much, and am speechless at the same time. My mind won’t let me process what just happened… So, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Coming up to Jack’s shows, I was beyond excited because we had 2 chances to see him live, something that most likely won’t happen again. After the Chicago show, I was still happy because we still had the Milwaukee show. Going to the Milwaukee show had me feeling a lot of different things. I was so excited to see how he was on stage compared to his first show.

During the show, you can tell how much more confident he was, that he wasn’t as nervous for the first show, but Jack, you looked pretty damn tired. Even though we had heard the stories from the Chicago show, my sister and I were still laughing so hard. Jack just has a way with words and how he tells stories. You can listen to him say the same thing, but the way he says it was just a little bit different, and it felt like I was hearing the story for the first time. The show was again, amazing.

After the show, my sister and I already said that we would try to meet Jack because, well, he has never been here and we know we would never have the chance again. There was so many people waiting with us. The security guard told us that Jack wouldn’t be coming out until 2am, that he will ignore everyone, and he will be surrounded by cops, and will not talk to anyone. Everyone but about 20 people left. So, we sat and stood around for hours… Probably about 3 hours. It was a little after midnight and there was 6 people left, and everyone was saying how it was probably time to leave.

We then spotted a group of people walking from the front of the building, and I instantly spotted Jack, and jumped up. We all looked at each other and stood in a line for some reason. Jack came up and said we were crazy for waiting this long, and I was the first one to ask him for a hug. Let me tell you something, Jack’s hugs are the absolute best. He just kept hugging tighter and tighter, and wow, writing this is making me tear up, something I have only done twice since.

He turned to my sister and I and we got to thank him. I told him about my brother, and a few other things. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, but I said the important things. I’m so happy I got to tell him that he’s helped me out so much ever since my brother passed.

It’s been a very rough almost 4 years with really bad depression and PTSD, and constantly reliving the day I couldn’t save him, so to meet the guy that has helped me so much, helped me even more. He talked to us for almost 10 minutes and I cannot believe how sweet the guy is. He actually seemed to want to learn more and cared about everything my sister and I were telling him. Now I can say with 100% certainty that Jack is such a genuine and humble person.

We wanted the other 4 girls to have a chance to talk to Jack so we talked to Arin for almost another 10 minutes… I’ll write about that in a different post.

Vernon told us that they had to go, but before they left, Jack ran up to my sister and I and gave us such a big hug. I’m still at a loss for words right now…

I’m happy… I haven’t been this happy in the almost 4 years since my brother died. It’s just such a weird feeling… But I’m also sad at the same time, emotional too. I’m happy because I met one of the main people that I have looked up to, and someone who has helped me overcome some really rough shit. I’m also sad. Sad because those 15-20 minutes went by extremely fast. Sad that I know he will forget about my sister and I. Sad that I’m positive we’ll never meet him again. Sad that we can’t just sit down with him for a little, and just talk, and fully explain how thankful I am. There’s just so many conflicting emotions going through my head right now.

I think I’ve written more than enough, and it’s a few days later… I’m just going to end this with one last thing:
@therealjacksepticeye, I know I said this already, but I really just want to reiterate it. You have helped my sister and I so much more than you will ever know. We lost our brother on October 31st, 2013, when he was only 18. My brother and I played video games together all the time. We had the same exact hobbies. We did so much together. When he passed, it felt like my life was over. Then I found you. I found the loud Irish YouTuber, and at that point, I didn’t realize just how much you would help me down the road. You make me laugh, but most importantly, you make me smile at least twice a day, no matter how shitty I feel, or how bad my depression or PTSD is. You’re videos are sometimes the only good part about my day, and other times, they help make my day so much better.

Now, I really don’t have anyone to play games with, so my sister watches me play games. Not as much as I would like, but she used to always watch my brother and I play. I wish I could play video games like I used to when my brother was here.

Anyways, I just want to thank you again. You do not know how much you have helped my sister and I out, and I don’t think I will ever find the right words to explain.

We both really hope you come back to Chicago/Milwaukee again because we would love to see your show again, and see how it’s changed from the “test run”. (It would be lovely if you came back!)

We will never forget Sunday night. We still can’t process that we met you… Our minds still think it was all just a great dream. We really do hope we get the honor of meeting you again.

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts, and keep doing what you’re doing, because you have helped countless people. We love you! ❤️

P.S. My sister wants to ask you to a drum off. She’s been playing for almost a decade. 😊
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Request: I love your work so much omg you have no idea!!! Can you please do one where the reader has a date and is about to leave or is already with the guy and Jasper calls her pretending to need her help with something or that there is an emergency because he likes her and is v. jealous/protective/possessive and wants to get her away from the other guy? Maybe they argue but it ends happy? Thanks!

Warnings: Angst to fluff

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For the Drabble challenge - can you do Roman and whoever with #3? PS - you're my fave<3

a/n: awww, thank you!!! also this is probably angstier than it should have been? whoops?

03. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

warnings: self-deprecating language and thoughts

When Roman walks into the living room, Morality is curled up on the couch. He’s got his favorite blanket—a baby blue one with pictures of puppies scattered across it—wrapped tightly around him, and a mug of hot chocolate sits forgotten on the floor. He’s staring aimlessly at the TV, where Spongebob is playing, and his eyes are puffy and red.

Roman’s heart breaks almost immediately upon seeing him.

“My love?” He waits until Patton look at him, startled, before continuing. “Whatever is the matter? Are you well?”

Patton offers him a wobbly smile. “Yeah, honey. Fine and dandy. Just a little tired, that’s all. Do you need something?”

“I need you to feel better,” Roman says, determined. “Shall I warm your hot chocolate back up?”

“Oh, no, you don’t have to do that. I—”

“I want to.”

Patton hesitates, then nods at him. Roman picks up his mug of hot chocolate, carries it into the kitchen and sticks it into the microwave. Then he brings it back to Patton, encouraging him to sit up and sip at it. “Thank you,” Patton says. “You’re so nice, Ro. So nice and good and—and—”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” Roman says, alarmed by the sudden presence of tears in Patton’s eyes. “What troubles you? What can I do?”

“It’s nothing, really,” Patton says, scrubbing a hand across his face.

Roman curls an arm around Patton’s shoulders, drawing him close. “Come now, darling—I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. Something’s clearly bothering you.”

“That,” Patton says, suddenly fierce—he straightens up, eyes brightening as though he’s just stumbled upon an enormous realization. “That’s what’s bothering me.”

“Oh. Um. And what is that, exactly?”

“I’ve been feeling off all day and I couldn’t figure out why, but—but it’s because of you,” Patton says, breathless with realization and—and—

And oh, that hurt to hear. “Me?”

“Yes, you. You’ve been doing that all day, the—the talking down on yourself, the—”

Well, that’s surprising. “Talk down on myself? Dear, I think you must have misunderstood. I never—”

“Yes, you do. The whole—the whole ‘I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid,’ thing—you’re not an idiot or stupid, Roman, you—”

“That was a joke, I didn’t—”

“No it wasn’t. It wasn’t, because it feels like it wasn’t.” Patton curls his hand into a fist over his heart, trembling. “It feels bad. You feel bad and it’s making Thomas feel bad and it’s making me feel bad.”

Roman stares at him for a moment, taken aback. “I—I apologize?”

“Yes, you need to,” Patton says, squirming around and taking Prince’s face in his hands. They’re still warm from being cupped around his hot chocolate. “But not to me, to you. You don’t deserve to be talked about like that, even if you think it’s just a joke.”

Roman adores Patton, he really does—but sometimes the things he says are terribly far-fetched. “Are you quite sure that this is what’s making you feel bad? Because I’ve felt fine all day, so I don’t—”

“A hundred percent sure,” Patton says, leaning forward to push his forehead against Roman’s. “And I’m sorry you feel this way, Roman. You’re not stupid, and you’re not mean, and you’re not unreasonable. You can do things that are—are stupid or mean or unreasonable, but that’s not who you are.”

And for some unfathomable reason, that makes tears prick at Roman’s eyes. What the fuck? He felt fine, he’d been feeling fine, he was perfect. “Patton—”

“You’re—you’re brave, and you’re confident, and you’re creative, and I love you and you should love you too.”

Why doesn’t Patton just tear his insides out? It would hurt less. “I don’t—Pat—”

“So don’t talk like that about yourself. At least—at least not for the rest of today. Give yourself a break, okay? You deserve it.”

No, he doesn’t. He hasn’t done anything good all day—he’s just been moping around and playing video games and coloring in stupid coloring books. He even snapped at Virgil and—and those stupid tears are trying to force their way down his cheeks and this is ridiculous. He brings up his hands to scrub them away, but Patton stops him.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Patton says, his voice unbearably gentle. “It’s okay to feel.”

And Roman is gone—his breath hitches, the first few tears roll down his face, and then he’s outright bawling. He pushes himself further into Patton’s embrace, burying his face against Patton’s shoulder and shuddering. Warm hands rub circles on his back, and Patton’s voice is a constant, soothing murmur in his ear.

“You’re alright, Roman, shh-shh. I’m here, I have you—everything’s okay, this is okay. We’re going to be just fine. There you go, that’s it.”

What the fuck has Patton done to him? He was perfectly fine, and then Patton just reached inside and yanked his heart out and oh, it hurts, but—but at the same time, he’s relieved. Patton knows. Patton can help. Patton is helping.

“Sweetheart, can you look at me?” Patton asks, urging Roman’s face up. When Roman’s eyes meet his, he leans forward to scattered kisses across Roman’s cheeks and forehead. “There you are. I’m so proud of you, Ro.”

Roman blinks wearily at him, lashes sticking together wetly.

“Oh, honey. Come here. Snuggles.”

Patton rearranges them on the couch until they’re both lying down, tangled together with each other and with Patton’s blanket. Patton continues to press little, reassuring kisses to Roman’s face, even as he relaxes and closes his eyes. Emotions are exhausting, and he knows they’ll have a lot to talk about soon, but—

But for now, he is loved, and he is safe, and he is okay.

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The Farmer always goes around solving everyones problems, but I'm sure that they have bad days too! What does the town do for them when they're feeling down?

I’ll do this for the bachelors and bachelorettes.


Alex - He picks up the Farmer and spins them around, giggling and kissing them all over.

Elliott - He cuddles the Farmer from behind and whispers sweet poetry in their ear. He occasionally kisses the Farmer’s ear.

Harvey - He lets invites them to listen for airplanes with him, and also lots of hot kisses and mustache tickles. 

Sam - He would write them a short, silly songs about all the other people in town. The Farmer cracks when he starts singing about the elusive and infamous ‘purple shorts’.

Sebastian - He doesn’t say anything, but during dinner he plays a program for the Farmer that animates a picture of their pet. He spent the whole day writing it.

Shane - Lots of cuddles and hugs and bringing the Farmer at least 7 baby chicks to pet.

Abigail - She puts on the Farmer’s favorite video game, grabs some beers, and they cuddle and play until dawn.

Haley - She and the Farmer dress up in the silliest outfits her sister can find and they take dorky pictures until they are both on the ground laughing.

Leah - She plays a game where she has the farmer describe an animal with the most basic descriptions of shapes, and Leah tries to draw them. Somehow a cow ended up with 7 legs.

Maru - She and the Farmer will use her telescope and look up at the sky and make up new constellations until the sun comes up. 

Penny - She’ll attempt to cook the Farmer’s favorite meal. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Emily - She’ll surprise the Farmer with a big, fancy, colorful hat. She also made herself one. They match.

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so, requests are kind of open? sweet. if you do male mc requests, could i get a request for the rfa realizing that they've fallen for another man? i've tried asking other blogs and nobody has done it and i just kinda want validation right now lmao thanks xx

A/N: I usually try to make the MC gender neutral but sometimes it’s difficult (such as when the request specifically has to do with a female!MC) so I’m sorry if that’s ever bothered you! ;A; I’ll try my best for you! ^^ ~Admin 404


               -He’s always talked about getting a girlfriend in the chatroom

               -Girlfriend this, girlfriend that, girl girl girl

               -He didn’t even stop to think, ‘hey, maybe it doesn’t have to be a girl’

               -And that frustrated you.

               -Sure, you’re obviously understanding and accepting of other’s sexual orientations

               -But you’re just salty because he doesn’t even notice?? That you’re like??? Completely in love with him??

               -You drop hints all the time but he just thinks you’re being friendly?

               -Like, ‘Oh, haha, MC you’re my newfound best friend!’

               -Stop doing that to me Yoosung, if you don’t return my feelings at least acknowledge them

               -You spend day after day playing video games with him, just wanting to spend time with him

               -Until one day you decided to take the night off, and he had to play alone

               -He immediately realized that the game just wasn’t the same unless you were playing along with him

               -Not even his other in-game friends could make it fun for him- he was at a complete loss

               -He tried to get a hold of you most of the night but you wouldn’t answer the phone

               -There was this weird feeling in his chest every time he would call and get your voicemail, he couldn’t explain it

               -Maybe it was just because he was concerned for your well being? No, that wasn’t it. It wasn’t a fearful kind of feeling..

               -When you finally picked up the phone and he heard your voice, that’s when it hit him

               -This feeling was him missing you. He wanted to talk to no one else but you. He’s literally ignored every girl that’s talked to him since the day he met you. He would get a sinking feeling in his stomach if he heard you calling any other man cute and couldn’t explain it

               -With his knowledge (gained solely from dating sims and movies) he came to the realization that wow he didn’t care about getting a girlfriend. He cared about you.

               -“Yoosung? Hellooooo? Are you okay? You’ve called me like 27 times. Is everything alri-”

               -“I love you, MC”


               -Ah, yes, Mr. Steal Yo Girl™

               -You could say you fell for his natural charm from the beginning

               -Or… you could tell the truth that you practically just jumped off a fucking cliff into your love for him

               -He was just! So! Beautiful! Inside and out!

               -But why?? Was his fanbase mainly made of women??

               -There were some fanboys scattered about but you were still feeling a little under-represented

               -So you decided that you had to let him know how much of a fan you are! (Not to mention how much you practically just wanna jump his bones because you love him so much)

               -Always bringing him flowers, making and making him homemade lunches/dinners

               -Not to mention the two of you always hang out whenever you can! Movies, going for a ride on his motorbike, anything you can do together, you do

               -“It’s almost like we’re dating, haha!” yes Zen, that is the p o i n t

               -He started to see that a handful of his fans began shipping the two of you and editing the selfies he had posted to add hearts and things

               -He giggled every single time and he would send you the pictures because he thought they were adorable!

               -Sometimes when the two of you went out, some girls would run up and ask to take pictures- he was always ready but when they handed him the camera he was so lost??? Like they only wanted a picture with you because you’re totally cute

               -He would pout s o h a r d every time it happened, he would practically cling to you for hours afterwards

               -One day he was waiting for you when he was just scrolling through one of his fan websites, when he saw a picture of you with a girl- She was fangirling and saying all these cute things about you

               -He could feel his blood start to boil and he couldn’t explain why? He wasn’t jealous that you were being praised by his fans instead of him- hell he praises you all the time..

               -That was it! He praises you all the time! He talks about you like his fans talk about him! How the hell couldn’t he see it before? He always looked forward to seeing your smile, or felt his heart flutter when you would wrap your arms around him while the two of you went for late night rides

               -So he was a womanizer in the past, that didn’t matter now, did it? It was completely possible for him to fall for a man- especially a man like you. You always support his decisions and passion, it was practically impossible for him not to fall for you

               -He watched as you walked towards him, throwing him that bright smile that he melted his heart; he can’t believe he couldn’t see before.

               -“Heya Zen! Where are we off to today?” You tilted your head slightly to the side in confusion when he grabbed your hand, bringing it to his lips to place a small kiss on it

               -He watched you as a blush crawled up your face, waiting a moment before pulling his lips away

               -“Well, my prince, I’ve decided, quite recently in fact, that it’s high time we have our first actual date, are you ready?”


I’m not going to do Jaehee since she was canonically into men (until female!mc came along and the Christmas DLC and all;;;) and Idk, I just feel it doesn’t fit this prompt? I’m soRRY


               -He isn’t the type to show emotions in the first place

               -But you start to notice that he’s more chatty towards you over time?

               -Not like you’re complaining, of course.

               -A chance to potentially get closer to Jumin Han? Don’t mind if I do

               -After quite a while of talking (he would even call you at night to talk to you before bed!) he took it upon himself to invite you over for a drink or two

               -He never thought anything about the relationship the two of you shared, though

               -Figured it was similar to the relationship he and V shared

               -Though he did note that he tended to be a little more open to you than he has with V

               -He deemed your personality to be a little more open and less secretive than V’s and he left it at that

               -It was really hard for him to notice any sort of difference in his feelings for your because he was so set in his ways

               -Always distant with women, so he never notice himself completely shutting down the idea of having a wife or a girlfriend

               -He did notice, however, that he found a scowl on his face quite often when a woman is draping herself over you, touching you absolutely anywhere

               -It gets him so worked up, in multiple different ways

               -First, he can’t figure out why he gets so angry- his thoughts have gotten somewhat harsh at times, where he wants to push the woman away, or tear her hands off of you… but he’d never act on those thoughts

               -Second, he can’t wrap his head around why he… recreates the scene in his own mind, but puts himself in your place and you in the woman’s. Was it just a random thought? Did it mean anything?

               -One night, after a long and deep conversation about how the human mind works and a little too much wine for the both of you, he looked deep into your eyes and completely got lost in them. He couldn’t hear you talking at all, but he could see the different levels of passion and emotions in them and he was fascinated

               -He thought aloud about the things he’d been experiencing, the thoughts about you, and how he wondered what it all meant- causing you to stop in your tracks

               -“I can see ever little change of emotion in your eyes, but there’s one I haven’t been able to figure out. Come here,” he said, lightly grabbing the side of your face and coaxing you into leaning towards his face before he placed a quick peck to your lips, watching your eyes change the whole time

               -“Ah, I see. That must be love… that must be what I look like as well- interesting.”


               -Falling for a male wasn’t anything new for our dear love, Saeyoung

               -Expressing those feelings is what was difficult for him

               -He didn’t even realize at first that he may have had feelings for you

               -Treated you no different than he treats Yoosung-

               -Always joking around, always playing pranks

               -Every now and then he catches himself opening up and telling you personal things like his emotions or parts of his past and it t h r o w s h i m o f f

               -He used to try and catch himself but after a while it came so naturally that he didn’t even notice it? But you sure did

               -Instead of kind of secluding himself to his house, he would go out to shops and restaurants with you all the time!

               -His favourite thing to do was let you pick out one of his babies and he’d take you out for a drive. A lot of the time the two of you would be gone for hours and honestly everyone else in the group thought the two of you had snuck off to do the frick frack

               -He finds himself always leaning in towards your face when the two of you are talking

               -When he gets really excited, he grabs your hand and takes you towards the source of his happiness, often forgetting to let go of your hand- so the two of you walk around with each other’s hands

               -Even buys the two of you a ton of adorable matching things, like sunglasses and shirts

               - matching heelies

               -One day, everyone was hanging out and simply just having a nice lunch, when Saeyoung straight stole the bite of food you were about to put in your mouth

               -“Saeyoung! I was about to eat that, you jerk!”

               -“I’m sorry! Here, I’ll let you taste it,” with that, he leaned over and kissed you softly, literally everyone’s eyes were on the two of you

               -It was only after he backed away and noticed the stares did he realize what he did

               -“I-I swear! It felt natural, like the right thing to do at the time! MC I didn’t even think, I’m sorry, I-”

               -You had to cut the idiot off with another kiss or he’d keep rambling and rambling on. Everyone in the group was so happy for the two of you! Saeran couldn’t stop saying ‘finally’ under his breath for the rest of the day


               - honestly i think he’d be the chillest of them all

               -He’s just a huge advocate for true love, okay?

               -If he loves a woman, then so be it. If he loves a man, again, so be it.

               -He’s a very relaxed and trusting person so getting close to you was natural

               -Would constantly call you late at night when he couldn’t sleep just so the two of you could talk about the world, your fears, and what you guys wish you could do over

               -You were always the first person to every gallery of his, and always the last to leave

               -He would spend hours at a time talking to you about every picture he’s taken- pointing out key elements and expressing to you how each detail makes him feel

               -After a while, he decided you would be a great person to go on photography trips with, because you had a keen eye, and immense passion!

               -So, the next trip abroad, he brought you along!

               -Loved seeing how excited you were to see the sights! Every time you saw something you thought was beautiful or amazing, your eyes would shine and your entire face would light up

               -As he sat in his hotel room, waiting for you to join him before leaving for the airport at the end of the trip, he took it upon himself to look through his camera

               -But he quickly realized that it was almost all pictures of you

               -Your smile, how you tilted your head in confusion at things, even one where you looked like a chipmunk because you stuffed a ton of food into your mouth at once

               -He knew exactly what he felt when he saw these pictures of you, he felt it before with Rika- only this time it felt natural, pure, and right

               -You knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. “V? Are you ready to go? It would be terrible if we missed our flight!”

               -The door opened and you noticed his camera in his hand, he ushered you into his room.

               -“Yes, I’m just about ready. I just have to get one more picture before we go.”

               -You tilted your head slightly and watched as a smile spread across his face. “A picture of what? I thought you’ve already gotten great pictures of the view from your roo-”

               -You were cut off by him placing his lips softly against yours, your eyes fluttered shut and the loud click of the camera capturing the moment was the only thing that could be heard over your pounding heart


               -It would take him the longest time to realize he had any sort of emotional attachment to you

               -He actually talked to you rather than, say, Saeyoung

               -When you would come over to visit, he would sit with you on the couch in silence until Saeyoung come out, then he’d get mad and leave

               -Would scoot closer to you each time, hoping you wouldn’t notice.

               -Couldn’t help it?? There was something about you that felt… comforting- something he hasn’t felt in a very long time

               -One day, he came and sat right next to you, letting you watch as he played a game on his handheld

               -At first, he would ignore you and make faces when you told him to do something, but after a while he realized you were right and would do as you said

               -Now, every time he got stuck in a game, he would show up at your door and just shove the system into your hand

               -He’d watch you play over your shoulder, getting close to you and not even realizing it

               -Once, he hugged you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder because it took such a long time for you to beat the level he was stuck on. You didn’t say anything about it though because you didn’t want him to stop


               -He offered you half of his ice cream. Half of it. Not even a spoonful. Half.

               -You took a direct hit to the heart, and from then on you had to remind yourself to tread lightly because you knew he was still new with these kind of feelings

               -Every time he would quietly grab your hand to show you something you had to fight a blush, and fight even harder when he didn’t remember to let go

               -He brought his game to you once again and when you handed it back, he kissed the side of your head softly and threw a, “Thanks, love you” over his shoulder when he left the room- you were left sitting there completely red in the face

               -Suddenly, you heard running back towards the room you were in, followed by a hand gripping the doorway tightly to stop himself from sliding

               -He looked at you with wide eyes and a crimson red face- he practically looked like a deer in the headlights

               -His mouth kept opening and closing as he tried to find words to say, and you just stared at him

               -Finally he threw his hands up and started to walk back down the hall

               -“Fuck it,” he called out, “You heard what I said. I’m not taking it back”


I wrote another Be More Chill fic. Plenty sad. Plenty angst. No death. This time. Woo. Anyway…

Michael Mell readjusted his backpack straps, as he made his way through the halls of his high school. The night before, Michael and Jeremy had finally gotten past level 8 of Apocalypse of the Damned, which had led to a celebration, which had led to five gallons of Mountain Dew: Code Red to be consumed between the pair, which had led to a sugar high of incomparable proportions, which had led to the crash of a lifetime, which had led to them both sleeping through the alarms on their phone. Jeremy had rushed home to grab some fresh clothes and see if he dad could take him to school late, leaving Michael to make his way to school on his own. 

The halls were silent, as class was in session and Michael briefly contemplated just going back home and getting high. No one would notice. Except, last time he had ditched school, his mom had yelled at him and had commanded that Jeremy not come over for a week. It had been the first time in months that his mother had even bothered looking up from her computer to devote even a sliver of attention toward her son. For a moment, Michael considered whether it would be worth losing Jeremy for a week, just to have his mom remember his existence.

No, he’d just have to make it to his class, and stutter out some excuse about traffic in front of school, if the teacher ended up noticing his late entrance. Michael had nearly made it to his English classroom, when someone grabbed his backpack and slammed him into the row of lockers he had been passing. Michael groaned as his chin took the brunt of the impact, before turning to face his aggressor. 

Keep reading

Ain’t no other man(Damian Wayne Smut)

Requested: Yes
Request:  older!damian going away on a long mission with the titans and older!jon keeping the reader company while she stays at the manor (because they’re good friends), and damian is kinda angry that they’re spending so much time together alone while he’s away so he comes back early and the reader realizes he’s jealous and then some fluff and smut??
Summary:  Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
Word count: 914
Warning(s): Sexxxxxxx everywhere! Beware

He was supposed to be away for ten days or so. You were getting bored of being alone so much, so you thought it would be best to invite some company over and who else would you invite if not Jon. He was a great friend of yours and Damian trusted him, so it made sense

Much to your surprise, when you told your much loved boyfriend Damian, he didn’t seem to be very fond of the idea, but he let it slide for the time being, or so you thought.

Damian on the other hand felt strangely angry at the situation. He loved you more then words could ever tell and now you were hanging out with his best friend all alone, for days. It’s not you who he didn’t seem to trust. Damian would never admit it but he was jealous to say the least. He honestly didn’t want to lose you to some ‘Superboy’.

He managed to finish the mission with days to spare before he was supposed to arrive back. He was immediately rushing back home to you. but there was a catch. He never told you he was coming, just in case something was actually going on and he could catch you two on the act.

Jon had come over that morning to play video games with you and to keep you from going insane from loneliness. You were just about to win him in a race when he bumped into you, causing you to lose your place. 

Meanwhile Damian had arrived, you two were too focused on the game to hear and Dami immediately spotted Jon’s coat on the coat hanger. He quietly walked up behind you two as you played.

Stop cheating!” You exclaim loudly.

I’m not,” He says nonchalantly.

Yes you are and If you don’t stop I’ll have Damian beat your sorry ass up,” You angrily retort, causing a large smile on Damian’s face

You really need to stop threatening me with that,” Jon chuckles.

I can’t help that I miss him so much,” You pout, and Damian found the time fit to let know of his presence, “Beloved,” He said sweetly, scaring you out of your skin, causing Jon to loudly laugh. “DAMIAN!” You yell, jumping up and nearly tackling him.  

You start kissing his face all over excitedly as he holds you close and chuckles. “Oh look at the time,” Jon awkwardly says closing the game and getting up. “Nice to have you back,” He says, giving Damians shoulder a quick squeeze before walking toward the door and getting his coat. “See you later guys,” He waves before the door clicks closed, meaning that you were now all alone.

You’re home early, “ You remark, hugging Damian close and resting your head on your shoulder. “Yes, we got done quicker than we thought,” He sighs happy to finally get to hold you again. “You finished early, or did you rush through?” You ask. “What do you mean, beloved?” He asks, you move your head so that you’re now looking him in the eye. “Did you rush through because Jon was here,” You smile, sliding your hands over his muscular torso, biting your lip flirtatiously. Damian avoids eye contact and answering, a beautiful blush upon his cheeks. 

Was my Dami Jealous?” You ask teasingly, kissing up his neck, sucking slightly on the beautiful smooth skin. His eyes meet yours finally, they’re dark and full of need. Without another word you’re picked up and you wrap your legs around his waist, commencing in a heated makeout session. your clothes start falling to the floor as you get closer and closer to the bedroom, just like his. 

Soon you’re laying in bed, on top of the luxurious sheets, completely naked as Damian discards of his final articles of clothing. He gets on the bed, lying on his side next to you. His fingers running lightly over your skin.

When he finally looks up at you, his eyes are a gorgeous shade of green, filled with love and passion. He connects to your lips just for a moment before his lips travel down your body as he gets on top of you. You moan lightly at every touch and kiss. “I missed you too beloved,” Damian says, positioning himself so that he could enter you. He looks at you for confirmation before sliding in in one smooth, sweet thrust, giving you a moment to adjust before starting to make love to you.

It’s everything you’d imagine making love to him being. You feel like a god, compliments, in both english and arabic spewing out of him, mixed with moans of beloved and your name. It’s an amazing experience. It’s obvious that your pleasure means much more to him than his own.  

Your own moans bringing him closer and closer to the edge. 

After a few more shaky thrusts, you both come undone, him doing his best to ride out your highs. After hovering for just a moment more, he pulls out, lifting the blanket over you and then getting under it himself. “You know you don’t need to be jealous,” You say laying your head on his chest, “In the words of Christina Aguilera, Ain’t no other man on the planet does what you do, there ain’t no other man like you,” You sigh contently, closing your eyes and listening to his strong and steady heart beat as it lulls you to sleep like a sweet lullaby.


With love,

Fighting Sleep

Warnings: None

Rating: F for fluff

Word Count: 776

Turning over, soft sheets slid from my shoulders. The room was freezing and dark. I reached my hand out and felt around for my personal space heater, like always. I groped for a little in half sleep before I registered that he wasn’t there. Squinting at my bright phone screen I saw the time read 1:45; of course he was up late. Sliding from our warm bed, I slipped on a pair of shorts and one of his old shirts from the floor. Freezing half to death in the flat, I headed out to find him where he was always hiding. The hall light was still on, but he’d at least had the decency to cut off everything in the living room. Phil’s door was shut and his room was dark, at least he’d gone to sleep. I reached the end of the hall and cut the lights, filling the flat with a darkness to match the eerie midnight silence. I barely made it up the stairs to the office. I expected him to be editing something at the desktop but instead he was sitting on the sofa bed with his laptop on his chest. He looked tired, though. I knocked on the door frame, drawing his attention away from the screen. He gave me a tiny smile. “Hey, pumpkin.” I came over and sat next to him. “Dan, why are you still up? It’s almost 2.” I laid my head onto his shoulder, fingers sliding through his waves. I was still barely awake, and all I wanted was to be asleep tucked inside a pair of arms. “Just answering some emails, you know half the people me and Phil talk to are 8 hours behind. This is the only time we can really communicate.” He was typing out some response as he said that. “Well, they can wait. You need your rest, bear,” I scolded him gently. We had this argument at least once a week. He always forced himself to stay up answering emails or playing video games, then he’d sleep till 1PM the next day and complain about his sleep schedule. Dan groaned and I pinched his neck.

“Ow! You asshole don’t pinch me!”

“Then go to bed!”

“I don’t wannaaaaaa.”

I rolled my eyes, sat up and yanked his face from the screen so I saw exhausted brown eyes. “You’re acting like a baby. Now come downstairs and cuddle me until we both go to sleep!” I demanded. Dan giggled, “Is that supposed to insult me, you trash bag? Just go back to bed and wait for me. I’ll be down soon okay?” He kissed my lips softly. “No. You need to come to bed. Even Phil called it a night. Plus you’re an idiot when you’re tired. I bet half these emails don’t even make sense. And lack of sleep makes you stressed out.” Dan pouted, turning his face back toward the laptop. I didn’t say anything else. Instead, I cuddled close to him, head finding its way back to the crook of his neck and watching him finish the rest of his work. He slid an arm around me. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair while I watched. Soon I shut my eyes, sometimes it was just easier to be there, to let him do whatever he wanted. Not to mention he always managed to fall asleep whenever we cuddled.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, he stopped scrolling and I heard him start breathing heavier. His cheek landed on top of my head. I shut his screen and lifted the laptop from his lap, placed it beside me to carry downstairs later, then carefully slid out from under Dan’s arm. He didn’t react to any of this, he must really be tired. “Dan,” I whispered. “Get up, baby. Let’s go to bed.” He sighed at the sound of my voice. “C’mon, ‘m tired. Lemme sleep,” he complained, but reluctantly let me pull him up into a standing position. I rolled my eyes, now he wanted to sleep? “I know honey, let’s get you into bed then so you can sleep alright?” Dan’s voice was high and dreamy, like a little boy’s, “Okay, let’s go downstairs then.” We made our way back through the flat, silent.

When we were finally in his room, I let him fall into bed before crawling in on the other side. He pulled me to him, placing me under his chin. I tangled our legs together and rested my arm around his waist. He was finally in bed with me, and we could sleep comfortably.

“Good night, pumpkin.”

“Good night, bear.”

Half awake and stressed out of existence, needed some fluffy shit to make the pain go away so enjoy this short adorable piece.


anonymous asked:

Are headcanons still open? Cuz if so i'd LOVE to see how the RFA would react to MC being a pro LOLOL player?


  • Its not like he’s against you playing
  • but he’s against you playing
  • War flashbacks to all the times Yoosung neglected his health
  • “Babe,,, are you,, taking care of yourself?”
  • Takes a bit of explaining that being a pro gamer gave you opportunities to travel to a lot of new places and talk to different people
  • After it all, he thinks it’s pretty cool that you game, as long as you’re taking care of yourself and giving him enough attention
  • Teases Yoosung about it all the time, “Why can’t you be productive and play LOLOL like MC?”
  • He always goes to support you at conventions and tournaments
  • Always ends up getting extremely jealous of all the men that talk to you and praise you
  • Stays by your side the entire time, and will randomly show some PDA so others get the hint
  • Wishes he could talk to you about LOLOL, because you love it so much
  • but he’s so clueless ??
  • Brings meals to you on days where you’re staying up later to play
  • He’ll sometimes watch you play for a while, but he’ll never play himself. He knows his ego would get bruised so bad.
  • Super impressed with speed runs. “Woah MC, how do you defeat that boss so fast ??”
  • Always popping up on your livestreams and Youtube videos
  • Isn’t ever going to understand gamer culture


  • He didn’t believe Seven when he told him you were the best female LOLOL gamer
  • It had to be one of his pranks. I mean, what were the chances of him meeting his idol
  • But when you mentioned you played LOLOL, he couldn’t help but ask you
  • This man was so starstruck ?? He couldn’t hold a proper conversation with you for days
  • He would always ask you for tips and advice just as an excuse to talk to you
  • “So MC, what gear and sub-specials did you use?” “What weapon do you suggest me using?” “Can you give me a walk through on how to defeat this boss?”
  • “Yoosung, I literally just uploaded a video about that,”
  • “Oh right,” 
  • He brags to his guild members about you all. the. time.
  • Whenever you livestream, he’s there playing beside you. He loves having an audience watch him.
  • You guys are pulling all nighters every weekend. And always getting scolded by Zen and Jaehee.
  • Feels like he’s in heaven whenever you allow him to use your gaming equipment. Swears that if he could afford equipment like yours, he would be the best player.
  • Secretly logs into your account when he wants to play because you unlocked the best gear and weapons


  • oh no
  • it’s Yoosung 2.0
  • Totally against it, until she realized you were able to do something you love with living comfortably
  • You might have been able to pull all nighters before
  • But not with Jaehee. You bet she isnt going to have it. She’s gonna take care of you.
  • Makes sure you eat proper meals and doesn’t stay up past 12am playing
  • Will even give you a back and neck message if you’re feeling sore from sitting in the chair all day
  • Doesn’t understand the appeal of video games, but thinks playing is okay, as long as it’s in moderation.
  • I mean the most she plays is mobile apps on slow days at the cafe
  • Teases you and Yoosung whenever you guys geek out over any new content
  • Actually thinks it’s so adorable when you gush over it, though
  • Adds a new coffee to her menu, inspired by you
  • Sweet with multiple espresso shots. For gamers™


  • When you tell him you play LOLOL for a living, he gets so into it
  • Or at least, the business side of it
  • He’s so intrigued and asks you so many questions
  • “I don’t know, Jumin… I just game?”
  • Doesn’t understand why Yoosung doesn’t make gaming a career, too
  • You were able to convince him to play with you once before
  • Poor boy, gets so flustered with how many buttons to press and how quickly he has to do it. pls help this man.
  • He actually enjoys it though. Not because he likes the game, but because he likes to hear you laugh
  • Makes an effort to understand video game culture, because you enjoy it so much
  • Buys you all the latest equipment
  • Loves sitting beside you with Elizabeth the 3rd on his lap, and watch you play


  • Saeyoung isn’t active in the LOLOL community like Yoosung is
  • So he doesn’t bother to know who the top players are
  • So when you challenged him in a match, he was going to so easy on you
  • Underestimate you until you kicked his ass in a minute tops
  • “Hacker God has been dethroned and accepted defeat,”
  • Builds you a whole new gaming set because he loves you that much
  • You both tease Yoosung to no end about how much better you are
  • Loves to see you rage when you play. He thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.
  • He’s gonna troll you on an alt account just to see it
  • This man loves, loves, loves going to conventions with you
  • He’s going to show up cosplayed as your character
  • Your favorite cheerleader, Saeyoung Choi
  • Demands a standing ovation whenever you win
  • Isn’t going to put with any ‘video games aren’t for girls’ nonsense
  • “Saeyoung, you can’t just give someone a virus because they said one mean thing online,”

rippp i got this request finished tuesday,, but i lost all my progress and had to rewrite it ;-; feelzbad

Requests are open! Check out my rules and guidelines before requesting!


anonymous asked:

RFA+V+Searan with an MC that is a pro gamer/YouTube gamer? Like gets paid for paying games or showing off the newest games?

This is a dream job oh my gosh anonny I’m wondering why I haven’t pursued this career! I’m awful at video games but they’re a lot of fun to play and I bet the RFA and friends would definitely have varying opinions on video games! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • The amount of jealousy Yoosung felt when you told him your job was to play video games was insanely high
  • Even though he loved being a veterinarian and helping sick animals, he’s always dreamed of being a pro gamer
  • Once Yoosung is done with his petty pouty faze, he becomes supportive of your amazing career
  • He’ll give you all kinds of tips and tricks that he’s gathered throughout his own gaming experience
  • The two of you would spend all night long coming up with gaming strategies, guides for each other, and just generally playing video games together as a couple
  • Yoosung would also brag to all of his colleagues that his wife was a pro gamer, making his old gaming buddies green with envy
  • While Yoosung is still somewhat jealous towards you having the perfect job as a pro gamer, he enjoys the fact that the two of you share the same passion for the gaming world


  • Videos games were something that Zen had never seen the appeal for and why so many people were crazy about them
  • But when he found out that your job was to make videos showcasing upcoming games, Zen was intrigued
  • You sat him down one day and showed him an action/adventure game that you’d be reviewing and playing later
  • Zen tried the game out himself and his character died within the first two minutes, yeah he’d leave the gaming to you from now on
  • Instead, Zen would give you tips on how to get the best angles when you were filming, set the lighting properly, and would always make sure that your make-up was perfect
  • While Zen did typically watch you play video games on the sidelines, you were once asked to play and review a fashion based video game
  • Of course Zen stepped in and beat the game within a day, luckily you recorded it all to show your viewers
  • Zen now wanted to try out all kinds of fashion based video games with you and playing these games soon became a common theme for date night


  • Video games were always something that seemed childish and a waste of time to Jaehee
  • She’s never even truly played one until she met you and found out about your career as a pro gamer
  • Jaehee was honestly amazed that you could make a salary just by playing video games but she had to admit, it impressed her
  • Curiosity got the better of her and she’d typically sit on the sidelines watch you play the video game while explaining to the camera the game functions and mechanics
  • Your explanations were so well done that even someone like Jaehee with no video game experience at all could understand how to play the game
  • Jaehee would look through some of your older videos and was impressed at how consistently you would give helpful tips to your viewers
  • She liked watching you play puzzle games the most and even tried playing it herself as she found out just how much fun video games can be
  • Jaehee would never truly understand why video games were so successful but she thought that if they made you happy and gave you a job, then she had no reasons to complain


  • Video games were something Jumin never understood and the only good thing about them was they could make a profit
  • So when you tell Jumin that you’re a pro gamer and get paid to play video games, he doesn’t really understand
  • But since your unique job seems important to you, Jumin makes you promise him that you’d let him play the next video game that you would receive to review
  • Of course the next video game you received was a driving simulator game
  • You still kept your promise and let Jumin try the game but it was an absolute disaster
  • Many virtual people’s lives were lost that day thanks to Jumin but at least he didn’t drive over any virtual cats
  • So he left the video gaming to you but as an apology Jumin would buy you the newest gaming systems and filming equipment
  • Jumin would always watch your reviews and he eventually taught himself how to become a better gamer
  • With his newly equipped skills, you and Jumin became the top two players in LOLOL, devastating and confusing Yoosung
  • Jumin was slowly warming up to the idea of playing video games all of the time with you expect never again would he try and driving games


  • When you told Seven that you were a pro gamer he was impressed to say the least
  • To him, you had the coolest job known to man so Seven would often disregard his own work to sit and watch you play
  • Even when you’d shoo Seven to go back to his own work, he’d hack into your screen so that he could still watch you play
  • And when Seven joined in to play video games with you, it was an intense time in the Choi household
  • His favorite type of video games to play with is party games because he liked the fast pace of them
  • Seven would always manage to win the mini games based on luck and you raged at him for cheating even though he actually didn’t
  • After a round of gaming, Seven would give you the best advice on how to get the best angles and lighting for when you have to film reviews
  • He’d also let you borrow his best filming equipment to record and your views skyrocketed because of the best quality
  • Seven never tampered with your work and instead smiled at how hard you worked and how much fun you had working, but he was always up for some competitive gaming with you


  • V’s never had time to play video games coupled with his poor eye sight, that is until he met you
  • When he found out that you were a pro gamer, he became more interested in gaming
  • He marveled at your vast collection of video games as you casually said that you completed and reviewed them all
  • You offered for him to play a video game together and let him pick out the game
  • V randomly picked an RPG and found himself immersed in the game, the two of you didn’t stop playing until you beat the game
  • He couldn’t believe how much fun video games were and was slightly jealous of your fun career
  • But V also couldn’t believe that he stayed up for almost three days straight to finish the game with you
  • V then stuck with watching your reviews, loving every second of them and enjoyed how informative they are
  • He took some photos of your games to put on your website and you suddenly got an increase of followers thanks to V’s photography skills
  • V was sincerely happy that you found a career you were passionate about, he made you promise to play more video games with him whenever you both had the time as it became a new, fun hobby for the two of you


  • Having free time was a luxury to Saeran and he’d never spend it playing video games
  • They always interested him and he finally got the chance to play them whenever you told him that you were a pro gamer
  • Saeran would watch in silent awe as you would play through and review games, he’d listen intently to the advice you’d give to others and now he wanted to play with you
  • So when Saeran approached you asking if he could play a video game with you, you let him pick out whichever game stood out to him
  • And out of the hundreds of games you owned, Saeran picked out the most edgy looking game that still looked like it could be fun
  • Of course it was Shadow the Hedgehog
  • To say it was a stressful play through would be an understatement, Saeran threw the controller multiple times and almost broke your console
  • So you had to make Saeran play more relaxing and friendly games after that fiasco
  • He would give you gruff but helpful tips when you make your reviews on games and you saw an increase in your followers making your boss happy
  • Saeran still wasn’t convinced that video games were as fun as you made them out to be but seeing you happy with your unique job would always make Saeran happy

Thank you, Anons. I got two prompts so I decided to combine them.

Characters: Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Bill Denbrough, Stan Uris

Summary: The first time Richie and Eddie hung out.

Setting: 1986, the boys are 10 years old

‘I don’t want to hang out with Richie Tozier!’ Eddie whined, dragging his feet childishly and falling further and further behind the group.

‘Eddie, j-just c-c-come on. He’s not so b-b-bad.’

‘He got detention on the first day of school!’ Eddie exclaimed. ‘What kind of kid gets detention on the first day back? I mean, you only get detention for doing something bad, so a) that means Richie Tozier is a bad kid. But also, can I just point out that you only get detention if you’re dumb enough to get caught doing something bad, so b) that means Richie Tozier is an idiot.’

‘I don’t know why you’re so pissed off,’ Stan piped up, not bothering to look back at the shorter boy ranting behind them. ‘Richie seemed to really like you. Why not give him a chance?’

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Little Buddy

Andy couldn’t believe the difference between him and his older brother Josh. The guy was an absolute mountain of a man. He towered over the rest of the family and had muscles as big as his head. Andy envied him so much. However he wasn’t sure how he got that way. Genetics can only take you so far. It just wasn’t fair.

“Want to come to the gym with me today?” Josh asked. Andy had been staring down his brother’s muscles again. Josh could tell. Whenever Andy was staring particularly hard at one of his muscles he’d flex it causing his brother to jump.

“No,” Andy said. “I’d just be in your way. There’s no way I could ever get as big as you.”

“That’s probably true,” Josh flexed his arm again, “But it’s better than sitting around playing video games all day. C’mon bro. At Least try the gym. It’ll be a good experience.”

It was hard for Andy to look away from his brother. He was too busy showing off again. And it’s not like he didn’t envy everything about him. “Fine…” he finally agreed. “But you have to tell me you’re secret.”

Josh just smiled at his little brother, “Sure thing. But first the gym.” He loaded up his bag in the truck and drove to the gym.

It was a lot to take in. The gym was huge. People were moving massive amounts of weights while grunting heavily. Andy looked around the gym confused. He wasn’t used to this kind of atmosphere. Far more testosterone and male musk than he was used to. His big brother showed him over to the free weights. It was a good place to start. “Just you vs gravity. Not too complicated right?” Andy still looked skeptical at his brother’s quick explanation.

“Yo Josh!” one of other guys shouted.

“YO Peter!” he called back. “Bro how ya feelin? I heard you’ve been sick for a bit.” Andy zoned out as the two ‘bros’ started talking. His brother always knew how to make a short conversation into a long one. Andy just knew when this happened to make himself comfortable. Eventually Josh would run out of things to say, excuse himself, and then go back to whatever he was doing. But these conversations still took a long time.

As Andy sat on the bench, he stared at himself in the mirror. He really was scrawny. He couldn’t help but compare himself to his older brother. His brother had everything. “Whatever,” Andy scoffed. “It’s not like he didn’t work for it. I might as well get started. He had to start somewhere right?” But Andy couldn’t remember a time when his brother could be considered ‘small’. Even as kids he seemed to be one of the biggest guys around.

It wasn’t going to stop Andy though. He made his way over to the dumbbell rack. The least he could do were some bicep curls. That was something he’d seen all the other guys doing. But he was still nervous to pick up the 20lb dumbbell in front of him. These were actually pretty heavy. He set them down again. His face shot red with embarrassment.

“I can do this,” he told himself. He looked at his thin arms in his sleeves. Even the small sized shirt on his body hung loosely around his arms. It was something he was so tired of looking at. The thought about his brother being such a jock while he was a lonely nerd pissed him off even more. He was going to change. That thought helped him grip the weight tightly in his hands. He lifted it once more off the rack.

It really surprised him. He wasn’t sure he could actually do that. In the silence of holding the weights he tried to figure out what to do next. ‘Curls,’ the thought almost seemed to come from somewhere else. But yeah curls he was going to do curls. Like usual. He started curling the weight like it was completely normal. With each lift it felt more natural. Like he’d been doing it for years.

His entire mind zoned out. He didn’t notice as his arms started to swell. They easily broke past his sleeves. But he wasn’t wearing a shirt with sleeves anymore. It was the one of the gym’s sleeveless shirts he’d bought months ago. It was to show off his massive chest. He loved looking at the deep striations in his pecs. That’s right he had a built chest… Not to forget about his bottom half either. He was someone who’d never skipped leg day. Squats were his favorite. Sure he couldn’t walk easily the next day but his girlfriend was always there to make him feel better. And knew exactly how to make him feel good while he laid in bed.

Andy stared blankly at his massive body. He’d just finished his warm up. 20 pound weights were still a bit light but he didn’t know how long his brother would be talking. Besides he wasn’t much of a bragger. Moving the weights was enough for him. He stared deeply in the mirror trying to get himself ready for the rest of his workout.

“Hey little buddy,” Josh came back rustling Andy’s styled hair. “Aren’t you glad I brought you today?” Andy just stared at him blankly remembering how much why he hated going to the gym with his brother. His brother spent too much time talking and not enough time working out. And he wasn’t little damn it.

What’s it like to date Jacksepticeye

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  • You are a third grade teacher.
  • He met you when he went to pick up his niece.
  • His niece was crying because she had fell but you were taking care of her which made Sean like you instantly.
  • “Should I go to a darker green or a lighter” “Darker it makes you more adorable”.
  • “(Y/N) why are your jeans painted on with little hand prints” “They decided to hug me when they had finished with their hand turkeys”.

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I have a confession to make: I’ve been slacking on the omgcp train because… I got a Nintendo Switch… and the new Zelda is just too good

It did get me thinking about how the Haus (really the frogs) would react if someone brought home a Nintendo Switch though. Probably Bitty (who’s in his senior year at this point)? As a gift from Jack, who bought it deciding he wanted to give it a try after a life of non-video gaming? The two probably had some fun playing Zelda and 1, 2 Switch in Providence but decided it was too much of a time-suck for the two of them (senior year, Bitty’s Samwell captaincy, NHL captaincy), so Bitty drags it along with him back to Samwell.

Of course, Chowder’s been keeping track of Nintendo stuff, and his family/friends back home have been posting on social media about it, taunting him, when he knows they’re sold out within a twenty-mile radius of campus, so the boy is DYING to play it. When he sees the Switch in front of the television downstairs, he lets out a squeal an opera singer would applaud at. Nursey and Dex are very confused.

Nursey and Dex have probably all played at least a few staple video game franchises in their childhood, but Nursey abandoned them kind of quickly in his attempts to “chill”, and Dex couldn’t really afford consoles as a kid, so he’s only really played them at someone else’s house or something. Chowder plays a bit of Zelda with them as witnesses, and they pass it off as “cool” and go on with their day. (Very reminiscent of a certain confession about someone dating a certain professional hockey player tbh)

Except they’re secretly fascinated by it. For different reasons. They sneak downstairs and swipe it to play for a few hours when they know everyone else is in class. Sure, they both know fuck-all about the plot, but they get the basic premise – walk around, explore, complete quests, kill monsters, stop Ganon – and that’s more than enough for them.

Dex loves it like he loves any good puzzle. An encampment of monsters hoarding a treasure chest to themselves? Obviously, it’s time to start a fire and ride the updraft it produces to get the drop on them. Enemy that’s way too big to take out one on one in a thunderstorm? Bait it with food and turn that sucker into a lightning rod by chucking something metal. Dex is all about this. (He does, however, wish you could repair equipment instead of passively watching it slowly get worn down.)

Nursey’s more into the exploration and the sights. He’s a hazard to himself, really. Chowder leaves off after the introductory tutorials and dungeons, and Nursey decides it’s a good idea to make a beeline for the castle swirling with black and purple clouds and a ravenous demon circling it. He dies. A lot. Until something pretty and glowing red calls his attention to the east, at which he point he turns his focus on it. And dies. Again. A lot. Even death in this game - in the form of crisp, deep red laser beams and soft blue, plush as hell explosions - is a thing to behold. There’s just too many beautiful sights and only four measly hearts to spare, but Nursey’s a trooper. Or a troubadour. Whatever. He perseveres.

And the game is great! What’s not great is the fact that, at least twice a week, the two of them have a similar gap between classes, and they are itching to play. They’ve only played individually though, and they’re probably not looking to share, until one day, Dex cracks and asks, “If I get the game for the first hour, you get it for the next, and we just trade off, okay?” Nursey’s indignant and puts on a front to make things difficult, even though it’s a pretty reasonable offer, but ultimately gives in. Dex returns with the Switch in his hands like a kid stealing a cookie from a cookie jar.

But playing/watching each other play is an exercise in restraint.

Dex wants to work through whatever obstacles and monsters are in his way and complete the main story, but Nursey keeps pointing out randomly glowing things off in the distance no less than twice a minute, and it drives Dex crazy. He blows himself up on his own explosives no less than twice the first time they do this. It’s hard to play while swatting Nursey’s grabby hands away from the screen. (He also gets his hands on some pretty swanky treasure and weaponry thanks to Nursey’s observational skills, but he doesn’t say anything about that.)

Nursey just wants to go climb those icy peaks with the three oddly conspicuous conifers all in a row at the top, or go wander deep into that forest with the monstrously large skeleton in the center as dusk falls, but Dex is just screaming at him and playing backseat Zelda player the whole time. “You can’t go up there. You don’t even have a jacket for the cold! You’re gonna die!” or “Exactly what part of traipsing over the corpse of a dead monster, in a forest where there’s nothing else but undead monsters, is a good idea, Nurse?” Nursey starts to listen after the (reanimated!) skeleton sits on him to death a few times. Dex gives him the idea to maybe wait until the sun comes up before approaching the thing again, and if Nursey waits until Dex isn’t in the room before he tries it, well, that’s just a coincidence. (A coincidence with some kick ass swords as a prize, but hey.)

The third week they do this, Nursey grabs the Switch first and tries to suggest something new. “Yo, instead of us just messing with each other and pissing each other off, maybe we can just, you know…” He waves a hand in between them, half-sure Dex is going to do that squinty thing with his eyes to tell Nursey he’s making no sense and say no.

“Yeah, I actually did some research on that skeleton that dropped its ass on you last time. It turns out it-”

“Wait, bro, are you saying yes to this?” A pause. “And did you seriously just call googling Zelda tips and tricks ‘research’?”

Dex goes red in the face, and Nursey’s almost sure he’s about to take back his tentative agreement until Dex, the dick that he is, makes a solid case for why they should be working together. “Look, the game rewards exploration, and you’ve clearly got some affinity for the type of shiny things game designers set up as bait, but none of the survival skills. We’ve got what the other lacks.” Nursey’s mouth splits into a shit-eating grin. “Just work with me, Nurse.”

Nursey turns his head up in mock reconsideration for a second before remembering he’s one who asked in the first place; he knows it’s fruitless to keep it up any longer. So, he just does what comes naturally and opens his mouth again. “Aw, Dexy, that’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve said to me this year.”

And so begin their new Zelda escapades, whereby Dex picks an objective related to the main quest, and Nursey points out things that might be worth checking out on the way to their destination. They still trade off every hour, but there’s a lot less dying, and a lot more sweet, sweet treasure.

Chowder gets back from class early one day, and considers giving himself some Switch time before he notices it’s not in the dock. He decides he’ll live and is about to turn down the hall to his room when he hears some very distinctive piano notes echoing weakly from the attic.

‘Those fakers,’ he thinks to himself. He creeps up the stairs and swings open the door at the top, a chirp on his lips when he sees them. The chirp dies on the spot.

They’re both conked out, and Dex is lying next to Nursey on the bottom bunk, his head most definitely resting on his shoulder. Nursey’s is resting on top of his, the Switch still in his hand by the floor of his bed.

Chowder just giggles and snaps a picture of them before turning back around and leaving.

(Blackmail, he decides, is an even better way to get Switch time.)

I’ve seen hilarious posts where Adrien pet shames Plagg. But what if Plagg human shames Adrien?
Some examples:
• Sign placed while Adrien is sleeping: “Sometimes I mumble Ladybug in my sleep at least 5 times”
• Sign taped to Adrien’s back while he’s on the computer: “I spend 3 hours a day reading Ladynoir fanfics on the Ladyblog.”
• Sign placed behind him while he’s eating healthy food: “When nobody’s looking I sneak a croissant between meals.”
• Sign posted nearby while Adrien’s playing video games: “One time I played as a sexy red cladded character and named her Ladybug.”
• Sign placed behind Adrien while he and Marinette are working on a project: “I unconsciously stared at her butt 3 times already. Never mind, now it’s 4.”
And similar shenanigans. Plagg purposely compiles all the photos and releases them all at once on Adrien’s social media. Everyone busts a gut reading them and Nino *through laughing tears* swears on his life he had nothing to do with them. Though he wished he had. But Adrien knows. He knows who and he’s pissed.

Naegi Relationship Headcanons

((Here are some Naegi headcanons for the kindly anon who requested them ^^))

* Naegi’s adorably optimistic personality will ensure you’re nearly always in high spirits, no matter what kind of day you’re having. If he sees you get the least bit upset he’ll do something nice for you, like take you out for a meal or play video games with you all evening.

* He also gets concerned about you a lot, and if he sees you’re stressed out or catches you crying, he’ll sit you down and give you advice and some motivation, because hey, no matter how grim the situation may be, hope will always shine through.

* Given that he’s probably the shorter one in the relationship (correct me if I’m wrong), sometimes he’ll hug you from behind to feel taller. He enjoys all sorts of cuddle sessions though.

* At first, he gets extremely bashful at something so trivial as holding hands, but eventually his shyness wears off as he kisses your cheek, kisses you full on the lips and eventually, make out sessions. He may be a cinnamon bun but he’s still a hormonal teenage boy. On the contrast, he probably won’t do “it” with you, unless you ask for it.

* Naegi will always help you if you’re having trouble in school by having study sessions with you. Usually though, it’s just bashful exchanges. Komaru finds it hilarious, and teases you both. Naegi hides in his hoodie, blushing madly. (You’re welcome for that image -dies-)

* For your birthday/Christmas he’ll get you the cutest gifts. He’ll save up his money for months to get you something you’ll really like, and fill greeting cards with daily affirmations and kisses. In short, Makoto Naegi is the sweetest boyfriend ever. Keep this angel. He’s perfect.

((Naegi fangirl showing a bit there o o p s))

-Admin Poff🌸

Very Berry Legacy (Non-Sensitive Version)

 This is for all of you people who don’t want to have suicide in your legacy and are triggered by certain things. I removed the content that should have had the trigger warning. I apologize that we didn’t have a warning before. I’m super excited to announce the very berry legacy challenge! I made this challenge with my friends @simmingstrawberry @simsinablanket-deactivated20170@sweetersims and @thestolensims

Basic rules:

Every generation in this challenge is named after a fruit, so they should be dressed (clothes, hair, makeup, etc. and skin if you want to) in the color of the fruit and can be named after it as well. The rules for each generation will have two traits, but you have to pick the third one, it can be whatever you want, so every game will be different! The Sim must complete the aspiration and career in that generations rules unless they state otherwise.

Generation 1- Grape (purple)

You’ve never cared much about love or getting married. All you needed in life was your job. You didn’t have many friends and no siblings, you kept to yourself. It’s all because of one incident that shook your life. You want the best for your only child, so you got married.


  • Travel to Sixam
  • Befriend an Alien (you can open the lot in Oasis Springs that requires max handiness skill if you do not have Get to Work)
  • As a young adult, have just one best friend, have a one night stand with them and end up pregnant (or the friend is pregnant).
  • Your best friend has kids but the spouse died a long time ago
  • For the sake of the baby and because you are really good friends, you get married
  • Max Rocket Science or Handiness Skill

Traits: Unflirty and Genius

Career: Scientist or Tech Guru

Aspiration: Renaissance sim

Generation 2- Green Apple (green)

You always dreamed of starting a family and settling down in the suburbs. You forced yourself to stay in the first relationship you’ve ever had “That’s the one, I’m staying with them forever”. But once you were at the wedding, you imagined being with them for the rest of your life, just them, no one else, you ran away. None of your friends even tried to help you, you never had real friends.


  • Complete all jobs you have to level 5, then quit
  • Get 4 skills to level 6, and 2 to level 8
  • Leave someone at the altar
  • Have 4 serious relationships (romance is at about 70%), but break up with them
  • Barely know your children, leave kids with a family member, because you have work late to pay the bills
  • Adopt a kid
  • Never Marry

Traits: Family Oriented, Non Committal

Career: Business, Whatever you want (but your sim would hate) , Social Media

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Generation 3- Strawberry (red or pink)

Your parent’s love life was always dysfunctional and you wanted to be different so at a young age you had multiple boyfriends or girlfriends but all you ever wanted was to find your soulmate. Once you were a young adult you got engaged to your high school sweetheart but one day you caught them cheating on you and you were devastated. One thing that you always loved was working out. One morning when you go out to the gym you meet someone there and fall in love with them. You guys get married and have kids but he/she dies as an adult from an accident you are left as a widow and never re-marry


  • Date lots of people as a teen
  • Get engaged to highschool sweetheart
  • Find out your fiance cheated on you
  • Meet future spouse at the gym
  • Have children with your spouse
  • Have spouse die as an adult
  • Never re-marry
  • Have at least level 10 fitness skill

Traits: Romantic, Active

Career: Athlete

Aspiration: Soulmate

Generation 4- Potato (brown or white)

You never really wanted to do anything “worthwhile”. Just watch TV all day and blog. Oh, and play video games. You just want to play video games. You don’t go outside, you will eat basically anything, and you refuse to work. You still live with your sibling. They may be working hard to give you things you need, but you don’t notice.


  • Master Video Gaming Skill
  • Live with your sibling
  • Have a one night stand and end up pregnant or them being pregnant, if your sim is male, have the mother leave you the baby
  • Be kicked out by sibling and live on the street with the baby for a while
  • Be miserable for the rest of your life, but hide it from your child because     you don’t want them to think that they can’t do anything they want in the world
  • Marry as an elder

Traits: Lazy, Glutton

Career: Anything your sim would hate

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Generation 5- Blueberry (blue)

You were always afraid people didn’t like you. You dated once in high school. They cheated on you. You could never forget or forgive. When you finally found the love of your life, you couldn’t believe it. You married them, had kids, everything was going great. Until one day, you thought they were cheating on you. That’s when your life became an entangled mess.


  • Have your first ever relationship cheat on you
  • Find love after many relationships (you thought they were cheating on you, or didn’t like you at all so you broke up with them)
  • Get married to them and have kids, start a normal family
  • Assume that your spouse’s friend is their lover, and they are cheating on you
  • Cheat on them with your past relationship
  • Find out that your spouse never cheated
  • Live the rest of your life regretting it, but never tell your partner
  • Master the Music skill
  • Play music as a kid
  • Instead, try your hand at the entertainer career, music path

Traits: Jealous and Music Lover

Career: Self-published author, Music branch in the Entertainer Career

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Generation 6- Mango (orange)

You were always very bright, in every aspect. You are smart, you have no trouble talking to new people, and you wear orange a lot. One day, that changes, someone you never really talk to, that one person who avoided you all of your life, they and their friends decide to beat you up. They tell rumors about you, they trip you, throw your stuff in the garbage, spill food on your clothes. You were irritated but nothing could ever get you down, there is always positives. But when they hurt your mother, someone you always loved and cared about, you couldn’t stand them hurting her like that. So you dedicated your life to finding the people who hurt others, and put them in jail.


  • Have at least 5 good friends at all times
  • Have a group of  people try to ruin your life
  • Have them insult or be mean your mother
  • Reach level 10 athletic skill
  • Win in a fight with each of the mean people
  • Live with your mother until adulthood/serious relationship, to protect her

Traits: Outgoing, Hot head (as a YA)

Career: Detective

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Generation 7- Raspberry (red)

Your parents were so involved in your grandmother’s life trying to protect her that they never payed attention to you or any of your other siblings. Ever since you were a kid you said “I want be the best parent ever” and you wanted to have lots of kids. One day when you were 15 you figured out that you could not have children and you were devastated. So you adopted. One day your doctor contacted you and told that you he might have a way to get you pregnant but it could cost your life. You risk your life and it ends up being successful and you have twins! From then on you vowed to be the best mother ever. And you were.


  • Work as a babysitter as a teen
  • Find out you can’t have children as a teen
  • Get married right when you become a young adult
  • Adopt three children
  • Get enough points for fertility trait from reward store
  • Have twins after a life threatening procedure (this can be cheated)
  • Max parenting skill (if you have parenthood)
  • Be a stay at home mom or dad
  • Have spouse work

Traits: Family Oriented, Ambitious 

Career: Stay at home Parent (babysitter as a teen)

Aspiration: Super parent (If you have parenthood) if not, Big Happy Family

Generation 8- Lemon (yellow)

Although you grew up surrounded by your siblings, you have a mean streak nobody could deny. You often spent time alone at school because of this, and when somebody looked past that and saw the real you, you knew he was the one. You worked hard to give them whatever they wanted, a nice house, nice things, and even children although you were sick of them after spending too much time with your four siblings. You ignored your children from the day they were born, choosing to invest yourself in work instead of care for them.


  • Date only one person, and marry them
  • Only friend is spouse and if you want, parents
  • Do not become more than acquaintances with your children, ignore them, your spouse takes care of them instead
  • Act friendly to the kids in front of the spouse
  • Have negative relationships with siblings
  • Maintain healthy and happy relationship with spouse and leave kids at home when you go on dates

Traits: Mean, Hates Children

Career: Business

Aspiration: Soulmate

Generation 9- Watermelon (pink)

Your mom ignored you and that had a huge toll on your mental health. From a young age you were always upset but you did not know why. Growing up you did not have happy life. You felt depressed. You thinking about jumping off the bridge when a stranger came up to you and asked “Are you alright?” You didn’t say anything but you thought in your head “no.” So you drove yourself to therapy, you still struggled after that, but you knew there are things to live for  So you became a doctor and dedicated your life to helping people like you.


  • Be depressed as a teen
  • Go to therapy for mental issues until young adult
  • Change gloomy trait to a positive trait
  • Become a detective to try and find person who saves you
  • Get married and have kids
  • Die the day after your spouse from heart-brokenness
  • Get to level 10 comedy skill

Traits: Creative, Gloomy (change to outgoing once YA)

Career: Doctor

Aspiration: Joke Star (don’t start until YA)

Generation 10- Blackberry (Black, Dark blue, or dark purple)

You were pretty happy as a kid always were with your parents and you loved their cute little love story, but once your mom passed away you swore that you would never be anything like her, you didn’t want to be sad ever and be a complete mess. So you broke things off with your current relationship, never settled down or even had kids. All you did in your adulthood was to have fun, succeed in your job and move to new places constantly. You had the time of your life and once you died, you died having a happy life and having no regrets.


  • Have a relationship as a teen and as soon as your mother passes away break up with him.
  • Complete any Job of your choice
  • Live in each neighborhood at least once
  • Max out the Photography and any other skill of your choice
  • Go to a lot of parties, clubs and bars as an Adult
  • Never Marry or have kids

Traits: Loner, Unflirty

Career: Your choice

Aspiration: Your choice

That’s the challenge I hope you guys like!! we worked really hard on it

If you do this challenge use the tag #veryberrylegacy so we can see them

Happy simming <3

anonymous asked:

May I have Josuke, Jotaro, Joseph, Caesar, and Gyro when their S/O hasn't eaten all day because they were too invested in a video game (me AF with Pokémon and Overwatch) thanks

Honestly, Josuke totally understands them. Whenever he buys a new game that he really likes he may spend one day doing nothing but playing it. At least until Tomoko finds out and takes the game away from him! But when he sees that his s/o isn’t bothering to eat or even drink anything, he practically turns into his mom. “What the- Josuke, why did you turn the console off?! I was about to win the match!” “Yeah, no. Enough of that. We’re going to get a proper meal. Now.” He will take the game away from them and only give it back after they ate, went to the bathroom to do their necessities and took a shower. And give him a big kiss for being the best boyfriend in the world!

Jotaro will pretty much just check out on them once upon an hour. The first hour it was alright. The second too. But after the third, fourth and even fifth hour it was pretty much enough for him. “Oi, are you planning to do nothing but sit your ass there playing that? Good grief, and i thought Kakyoin was bad enough….” He isn’t their mother though, so after warning them that it could be bad for them, he just leaves them be. But they better not come complaining to him later about back pain or stuff because he is going to straight up ignore them. (But if they tell him how hungry they are, he will reluctantly buy them some food!)

“Helloooooooooo are you there? Do you remember me? I’m your boyfriend! A real human beign! …..Are you ignoring me?” Joseph would act like a kid. He didn’t really realize that they haven’t eaten all day, but rather notices how they were slowly replacing him for a video game console. “Ok, that’s it!” He will toss their console/joystick/mouse away, pick them up and carry them on his back, taking them to the couch or the bed or wherever he can capture them and make them cuddle him. “Joseph Joestar, let me go right now! I’m capturing the point! We’re going to lose!” “The only thing you are going to lose is my love if you don’t give me attention! C’mere!” And then he would constrict them with a bone crushing hug, that actually resembled more a wrestling lock.

Caesar, at first, will give them the cold treatment. They want to ignore him to play a video game? Fine! He will ignore them too. At least he thought like this, until he notcies that hours passed and they didn’t even went to have a snack. “…Amore, are you ok? You’ve been playing that for hours now, would you like to rest for a bit and come to eat something with me?” “I can’t right now, i’m trying to capture this rare character!” He would then sigh and let them be. After some more hours passed, he would make  a  delicious dish for them, the smell of it being enough to make their stomach rumble and get them to go to eat. Caesar will give them a soft smile and pet their head while they are practically devouring the food. “I knew you couldn’t resist the Zeppeli secret recipe!”

Much like Joseph, Gyro would get pissy because his s/o was ignoring him to play some silly video game. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if you lost that round?” “Leave me alone.” “Ohh, careful there, you got hit! Woha, you got hit again!” “Quit it!” He will start pestering them, all while a devilish smirk was plastered on his face. “Ok now, i thought of a new gag, pay attention.” “Gyro, stop it! You’re distracting me!” “RAVIOLI RAVIOLI RAVIOLI-” “STOP.” Eventually he gets tired of bothering them and finds something else to do. But after some time passes he notices that his partner hasn’t even gotten up to eat something. “Hey baby, do you want me to go buy something to eat for your vicious ass?” No response. “Alright then, you asked for it!” While going to ask them again, he accidentally tripped on something and whoops, it was the power supply plug of their console! How careless of him! “Oh my, sorry! But you have no excuses now, so let’s go eat something. Then again, i think you didn’t pay attention to my gag, so here it goes…..”



anonymous asked:

What would your favorite hetalia characters think about an s/o who is a total night owl? Like, she stays up until two in the morning working on projects.

1p America: Does not mind it at all. He stays up late anyway playing video games or catching up on his favorite Netflix series. He and his s/o would probably be in the same boat. He usually procrastinates on assignments as well so he’d be up late with them, working his ass off. At least s/o would have a nice night owl buddy to hang out with.

~Mod Leon

2p Canada: He really wouldn’t mind it since his sleep schedule changes so often like some days he would stay up with her and some days he would be asleep at like nine. I don’t see it bothering him unless he wakes up and she is still up. He might speak up every once and a while. “Hey s/o wanna try going to bed with me tonight?” If she doesn’t he will be pouty, like super pouty, like to point his s/o will start to feel guilty. If his s/o starts going to bed earlier he will reward her breakfast, everyday. And if not he will be a little upset and try to get use to it.

Mod kiwi~