at least he's left the nest

My first overwatch fansong, this one’s about Hanzo Shimada and his feelings surrounding himself and his brother. One of the simplest, most metaphorical and most satisfying (at least for me) songs I’ve ever written. Enjoy :)

Track art from the Dragons short. Download at soundcloud.


A sharpened sword stuck in my side
fool to think that I could dig it out with arrows
I shot one into God’s left eye
and then no more light hit mine
as the sun set one last time
to the song of the sparrow

A feral beast, more thorn than paw
claws the rooster from his nest, for lest he dare to crow
I’ll aim again to make God blind
lay my pelt upon your shrine, as the sun sets one last time
to the cry of the wolf and the song of the sparrow

the dream of light; a baited cage
to trap me where it waits, in its glare, if dare I go
but to outrun that horizon
would take stronger legs and lungs
and wings, and I have none
since last I saw the setting sun and sung the song of the sparrow

And here again, that stubborn flame
I am immolate with sorrow, his forgiveness is my pyre
and he stokes a fire that burns like shame
and he calls himself your name
says the sun will set the same
and sings the song of the sparrow

so what will I when dawn arrives?
Guide the hand of blinded god, or guard the hen, a loyal hound?
Perhaps a breath, a chance to fly
see the sun rise in your sky
feel the warmth and hear the sound…


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Avengers Chatroom: Mischief

Requested by Anon.

Scenario: It’s just a prank, bro.

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has invited Bucky, Nat, Tony, Steve, Vision, Wanda, Clint.

Sam: Which one of you thought it would be funny to build a giant bird nest in my room?

Bucky: Why didn’t I think of that?

Clint: There’s a nest in my room as well.

Wanda: And someone stuck a Windows logo on vision.

Nat: Who else? Loki and Y/N.

Steve: We banned them from being around each other after what happened last time, remember?

Bucky: So much paint …

Clint: I’m on Loki guard duty today. It wasn’t him.

Vision: And Y/N was with Wanda, I believe.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Heard ya’ll talking shit.

Steve: For the hundredth time. It is rude to speak like that.

Y/N: Heard ya’ll talking feces.

Sam: Blame yourself for this, Steve.

Y/N has added Loki.

Y/N: They think we pranked them.

Loki: How terrible of them. We were on our best behavior for the past two weeks.

Bucky: I thought you two stopped pranking for three weeks now.

Loki: We have.

Bucky: But you just said

Loki: Yes.

Vision: I would like to try pranking someone.

Wanda: After you’re more advanced in cooking I will explain pranking to you.

Vision: As you wish.

Tony: They grow up so fast!

Sam: So then who did it?

Tony: Probably Clint. He’s the other prankster here.

Clint: Me?! What evidence do you have?

Nat: Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Loki: Actually it was Barton.

Wanda: What?!

Loki: I saw him do it.

Clint: You’re lying!

Y/N: I am disappointed in you, Clint.

Loki: You may check the camera footage if you wish.

Vision: It seems that it was Clint.


Clint: Why would I build a nest in my own room?

Y/N: HAWKeye.

Loki: Seeming like a victim would draw suspicion away from you.


Sam: Clean my damn room.

Sam has left the chat.

Steve: Clint go clean up Sam’s room and remove the logo from Vision.


Clint has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Loki: And yet I’m considered crazy.

Y/N: It’s always the ones you least suspect.

Loki: Can our ban be removed now?

Steve: Sure. Just don’t get into trouble.

Steve has left the chat.


Tony has left the chat.

Bucky: Why didn’t I think of that too?

Bucky has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Loki: Nice touch with the suit.

Y/N: When do you think they’ll remember that you can cast illusions?


Y/N: Chill.

Y/N has left the chat.

Loki: How impolite. I wasn’t finished.

Loki has added Y/N.


Y/N has left the chat.

Loki has added Y/N.

Loki: Furthermore, I will show those insect men as well!

Y/N: Scott. Peter. They have names.

Loki: What is that spray that Tony uses whenever he sees a cockroach?



Loki: Can we go find my brother and prank him now?

Y/N: YES. Anything to leave this chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Loki: Excellent.

Loki has left the chat.

Operational Security

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“…no-one would like to believe General Kenobi’s alive more than I would…”

It was a lie that was getting harder and harder as he watched his two jetiise struggle to find their way in this harsh, unforgiving galaxy; especially now that Ezra had somehow worked out exactly where his old friend was hiding out. And how that had happened was something Rex wasn’t even going to pretend to understand, firmly filing it under ‘weird Jedi shit’.

Arguments had been had about him hiding on Tatooine. Arguments that had ended in Rex being called a filthy hypocrite, and Rex having to reluctantly agree.

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Why are all my kids so weird?

The 5 year old is always in some kind of bucket or box. Like he puts Rubbermaid tubs in his bed and sleeps in them. He has been deep in mourning over the loss of dinosaurs for two weeks. Just moping around laying despondently on things occasionally saying in a sad voice “But why did they have to die? What killed them?”

The 2 year old keeps slipping behind this chair and like making a little nest back there and refusing to come out. Instead of stuffed animals she sleeps with a fake candle and is constantly naked.

The 11 year old went to a pool party today and brought a bag of colorful rocks. He also left his swim suit in the car and didn’t realize it for at least 30 minutes despite the giant pool and his friends actively swimming.

Even the dog buries her face in the couch cushions until she’s sticking straight up like those foxes that dive into the snow.

I am wearing a tiara though. And when Ryan left to go to the pet store I put my hand on his cheek and whispered very dramatically “Stay safe my love. Come back to me” while he rolled his eyes and asked me what kind of dog food he needed to get.

So I think this is mix of nature and nuture coming into play here.

25 Days (’Til He’s Mine) - Day 8

Haven’t read any other 25 Days posts yet?  STOP!  Go here to read all the previous installments and get caught up.

I know I’ve been whining about that exchange fic I (still) gotta finish, but I feel like I’ve been seriously neglecting this fic, so I wanted to at least get something out.  So here, have a thing.

Lance dragged himself out of bed with a feeling of dread pooling in his stomach.  He scrubbed a hand through his wild nest of hair as a yawn split his face.  Keith had already gone to work, left early to prepare for a presentation first thing in the morning, and Lance was supposed to be meeting Hunk for drinks after work this evening.  Keith had frowned a little at Lance’s suggestion that he open his advent gift today without Lance, but he’d agreed it was probably the only way to do it unless he waited until tomorrow - an option neither of them had considered seriously.

Shuffling into the bathroom, idly scratching at his stomach, Lance could admit to himself he’d only suggested it because he was a fucking coward.  What Keith opened today seemed silly on the surface, but there was some real feelings buried in there and Lance was honestly glad he wasn’t there to see Keith’s face when he read what Lance had left for him.  Except, now he didn’t know what to expect, and the uncertainty was eating him alive.

He hurried through his shower and other morning ablutions, words flitting through his brain.  For some godforsaken reason he’d thought it would be cute to write silly little holiday haikus for one of the days.  And it had been a cute idea - right up until the poems had taken a hard right turn into the realm of Serious EmotionsTM.  There were four of them in total and the words for each were seared into his brain, unforgettable at this point.

The first, titled Keith wasn’t too bad.  It had stayed pretty close to Lance’s goal of being silly but well-intentioned.  He’d really only wanted to make Keith smile with it.

Sexy, adorable

Unexpected best friend

Wrong about aliens

Lance didn’t think there was much in those three lines that would give his boyfriend pause.  The second, Christmas was much the same.  The only underlying truth it was likely to expose was that Lance really had no skill for writing haikus - the syllables/sound units thing honestly confused the shit out of him.  So yeah, the poem was poorly executed, but heartfelt and cheesy - pretty much everything Lance aspired to be on a daily basis.

Lights, tree, warm cookies

Together with my family

Everything I enjoy

Selecting a suit from his closet at random, Lance dressed with just as little focus as he’d spared for showering.  He couldn’t let go of his own irritation long enough to stop second guessing himself.  Because if the first two poems had been exactly what he was shooting for, that all fell apart with the third, Tradition.

Old and comfortable

There is still room for one more

How we show we care

That was so much more revealing than Lance had planned to be, gave away so much more than he really felt comfortable with at this point.  But instead of fixing it with the last haiku, he’d just fucking doubled down and practically served Keith his heart on a platter when he’d penned the last poem, Family.

None of your own now

Will share mine with you instead

Love making you smile

What in the fuck had he been thinking.  And now he hadn’t been around to see how Keith reacted to those words, to what essentially amounted to a confession of much deeper feelings than anything they’d ever talked about. People said it all the time, often he even agreed, but right now, Lance felt it on a bone deep level - he was a fucking idiot.

He stumbled into the kitchen seeking coffee.  If he was going to keep contemplating his complete and irredeemable stupidity, he’d damn well do it when he was properly caffeinated.  However, he was immediately distracted from that pure and noble goal by a large yellow square stuck to the microwave. Stomach turning over in anxiety, he pulled the note off and read:


There’s eggs inside; just need to be reheated.  Hopefully you didn’t wake up too late to eat them.  See you at work.


P.S.  These things are harder to fucking write than they look, but here goes nothing.


Insane but perfect

Gives me what no one else will

What no one else can


All are born and die

Only chance in between

Stars align; found you


Lance’s hands were trembling and his eyes were stinging by the time he finished.  Oh hell.  It looked like Lance wasn’t going to have to tone down anything - he was going to have to up his game.  Because against all odds, his boyfriend was a motherfucking romantic bastard.

(Fic) Dynamic; Victuri

Title: Dynamic

Rating: PG
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri

Warning: Omegaverse; A/B/O dynamic; Alpha!Victor; Omega!Yuuri; mentions of rape

Summary: Victor didn’t know what to think of the Omega Katsuki Yuuri. Likewise, Yuuri finds himself completely overwhelmed by his alpha idol.

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anonymous asked:

Are requests still open? How about MC on a sugar high and how the RFA + V react? I love your blog btw!

Yup, requests are open as long as it says so in the blog description! :) Thank you so much! For both the complement and the request, heheh. <3 (Also I just finished Jaehee’s route so she’ll finally be appearing in my imagines! Woo! :D)


  • If you’re eating sugar, Yoosung is too lbh
  • You’re both just sitting there practically vibrating with energy with nowhere to channel it other than laughing way too hard at anything and everything
    • So what’s Yoosung’s solution? LOLOL of course pfft
  • You guys team up together and piss off pretty much everyone by ignoring your guild members and any actual in-game goals to run off and do your own thing
    • By “your own thing” I mean very stupid things like taking on entire raids and huge bosses BY YOURSELVES
    • …somehow you actually succeed in defeating a few of them and you’re both YELLING when it happens
    • buuuut the majority of them are horrible failures and Yoosung might cry when he comes to his senses and sees that he essentially shamed his guild and made himself a bit of a laughing stock for the time being lmao
  • When you finally crash, you pass out on top of your keyboards and spam the group chat with the keys your faces press until you get kicked out of the server


  • There was an after-show party and you had way too many helpings of dessert
  • The high doesn’t really hit you until you’re on your way home; you’re talking to him while he’s driving and gradually your voice gets faster till you achieve top-speed motormouth
    • Zen is low-key “oh god I’m so tired why and how are you like this” before he remembers the ridiculous pile of cookies on your plate from earlier
  • As funny as you are, once you’re home Zen kinda wants to just head to bed but no way are you gonna run around with so much energy until you crash alone
    • You sneak up from behind him and catch him completely off-guard and it’s so satisfying when he yelps and just crumples into the fetal position on the bed
    • At first he resists, but now you’ve got his adrenaline pumping and he’s not sleepy, so he decides if he’s gonna be taken down like this he’s nOT GOING WITHOUT A FIGHT
  • You guys yell and scream and laugh and tickle each other until you essentialy pass out from exhaustion


  • She chuckles and shakes her head at your behavior
  • “Enjoy it while it lasts, MC,” she warns. “You’ll crash soon.”
    • “Psh, I’ll be FINE!”
    • About five minutes later you’re flat on your face, groaning
  • Jaehee’s actually just the best and is there with a glass of water and a hand rubbing your back, still calmly smiling
    • …but she can’t help a, “Told you so.”
  • Once you’re asleep she can’t resist joining you for a nap, you look so cute and peaceful


  • Pretty confused, at least at first. Why are you giggling so much? Did he do something weird? Are you drunk?
  • Laughing harder at his confusion, you breathlessly explain that sugar is the culprit.
    • Immediately switches to Worried Mode. “It’s unhealthy to eat so much sugar in one sitting. Be careful. I don’t want you to get sick.”
    • “Okay, MOM”
    • “…….” *slowly blinks*
  • Despite how serious he acts, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy seeing you so giggly and silly. Tries to hold it back, but in the end he can’t help but crack a smile


  • Like Yoosung, he’s sugar high right along with you of course
  • Many prank calls to many important people are made that day. A hacker with hindered judgments and no impulse control is a dangerous thing indeed
    • Seven actually says “YOLO” and if you weren’t delirious from the sugar you would’ve left the room right then and there
    • At least he has the foresight to use a single phone to do all the calls and then throws the phone away after you’re done
  • You guys spend the rest of your time chasing each other around, yelling and throwing candy
    • When either of you gets caught by the other, cue a merciless tickle/smooch attack
    • Your abs are gonna hurt in the morning just from all the laughing you’re doing
  • When the crash hits, it hits you both hard
    • But that just means snuggle pile in a nest of blankets and napping together the rest of the day, so it’s not too bad~


  • He can’t stop laughing; he thinks you’re just adorable
  • Even if he can’t see exactly what you’re doing too well, you’re a total chatterbox and that’s how he knows you’re hyped up
    • He just listens and chuckles with that angelic smile of his the whole time
  • Manages to find and hide the candy/source of the sugar, though – he doesn’t want you getting sick!
One More Cinderella Story

Summary: Based roughly (and I do mean roughly) on Cinderella. Merlin x reader pure fluff.
Warnings: a bit of abuse, nothing too majorly serious
A/N: this is my first one shot on tumblr! Let me know what you guys think. I’d be happy to post more! Also, I apologize for the formatting. This is just about entirely on mobile and beta-less. Thanks!

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anonymous asked:

In honor of mothers day, maybe a short fic about Synth Shaun in Sanctuary trying to create a great mothers day party for F!SS?

Thank you for making me crap myself thinking I’d missed mother’s day lol (I live in UK and it was in April) Don’t usually take from the top but figured I could just this once… Hope this was okay for you Nonnie, Enjoy <3

Mother’s day was a pre-war tradition that Sole had been really looking forward too. She was pregnant when the last mother’s day rolled around, but she hadn’t at the time felt like celebrating. She’d celebrated with her and Nate’s mother, however preferred the spotlight to be on them rather than her.

In the Commonwealth, it was days like the last mother’s day that Sole looked back on fondly- mother’s day was a celebration that hadn’t carried on through the times, so sadly she would never get to experience the feelings.

Mother’s day rolled around on the day that Sole was travelling alone back to Sanctuary, feeling her legs move just a little faster when she saw the bridge come into sight. She was halfway across the bridge when she saw Shaun come running out from behind the gated entrance.

Sole had mixed feelings on synth Shaun. She desperately fought alongside the Railroad freeing synths left, right and centre. But Shaun? She’d been devastated the second that she found out that Shaun was a ten year old boy in Kellogg’s memories; and the moment that she met Father in the Institute she’d been ready to throw herself in a Deathclaw nest. But, this synth child that she saved from the downing of the Institute was her son- at least, he had all of the memories of a child that was her son.

When they’d first returned to Sanctuary she’d left Shaun with other people- anyone really. But slowly as time passed she realised that she’d been given a second chance, and she wasn’t going to let this one go wrong.

So she invested all of her time and effort into her son, hoping that he’d have a better life than the son that was stolen for her. But she still was an agent for the Railroad; she still was the General of the Minutemen, and she did have to leave once in awhile.

As soon as Shaun saw his mother he went running towards her, throwing his blackened arms around his mother, hugging her tightly around the waist.

“What’s happened here Shaun?” Sole asked, shocked at the sight of the child. Soot and ash covered his whole body, slightly reminding Sole of a chimney sweeper from a pre-war film she remembered. He looked as if he’d barely survived a fire.

Sole didn’t have a chance to stop Shaun before he’d made off across the settlement- she quickly followed behind, nodding to various people as she went. Shaun ran into the mess hall before stopping her, blocking the entrance. Sole smelt burning.

“Stop mother” Sole moved Shaun to the side, before heading into the room, shocked at the sight that lay before her.

The cooking station was nearly burnt down to a crisp- a mouldy looking foam spread across what looked to be fire marks. Someone had clearly set something on fire- and tried to use a pre-war extinguisher. Hancock was stood holding the extinguisher in his hands, the foam covering his coat, some of it even soaking through to his shirt and trousers.  

Sole turned to the seating area, spotting Curie and Nick staring intently at a old tin cake tray, some sort of gloop in the tray that looked a wrong shade of brown- Sole was sure that it was supposed to be a cake of some sorts.

Towards the end of the room Danse and Deacon stood bickering about something- upon moving so that Sole could see the wall, she saw a sign that misspelt out ‘Happy Mohter’s Day’. Both the men turned to her in what looked like shame.

In the centre of the destruction- or room, whatever you want to call it- stood the most perfect thing. A brightly coloured in (in childlike colouring and writing) card, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ scrawled on the front, a drawing of a woman and child underneath. A bunch of randomly picked flowers sat next to the card, and sat down at the table sat Shaun.

Shaun had his head in his hands, and when Sole got close enough she could hear the weeping coming from the child.

She sat next to him on the bench and pulled him to sit on her lap, tucking his head into her chest. The room quickly quietened at the sight, all the adults heart’s breaking for the child.

“I want… wanted…” Sole rocked the child in her arms, listening to what he was trying to say in between his sobs.

“I wanted it to be perfect”

Sole’d heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. She’d worked out that this was a mother’s day thing- something that she hadn’t expected at all. With her son in her arms she looked around at her friends in the room.

They’d tried so hard- a cake and decorations, just for her. But Sole didn’t need all that. She just needed her son and her friends.

“It is perfect baby” She whispered into his hair, kissing him before tightening the hug.

A Bear In The Woods

Summary: Mogar has been doing great lately, until winter hits. When his wild side is thrown out of whack by the human culture, then decides it is time to Court in the spring and finally have a mate what will be his decision and how will it affect the warrior?

Word count: 2431

Ever since the Mad King was put into the cell he was originally in, not a lot has happened for X-Ray and Vav as the crime rates lowered enough that they did not have to be on superhero duty every day now, leaving things up to the cops now and then had been a great relief and not as stressful, now that the winter months came it had been harder to get around in the spandex and as much as they loved to fight crime the thought of being in a blizzard or cold weather in thin spandex did not suit them.

Everyone carried on doing their own thing like usual, with the occasional visit from their somewhat friend Mogar, though for not too long as the city life did not seem to sit well with him and the snow this year was worse then the others though that did not seem to stop him from returning to the forest. He would be gone as quick as he came it seemed at times and they offered him a place with them just until the next day when the blizzard would seem to pass but it would always end up as a, “Mogar is thankful that you have asked, but Mogar has to go.”

And with those few words said, he leapt out the window and off into the distance.

And after that he never came back for a long time.


Mogar had made his tree house once more before winter came, the house nothing but thick wooden walls and quite a few pelts made into a bed on the floor. The cold season always hard on the young bear man and Mogars mother, when she found him had thought of him to be a bear cub, never thinking him to be another species. She taught him as much as she could before handing him to a group of bears that had agreed to take him on as their disciple of sorts and train him to survive.

His mother was never equipped to protect as she had neither sharp fangs or claws, but she could nurture the young one using her milk and along with the abilities the Bears had taught him, along with the other animals he had become strong enough to protect mother. Strong enough to defeat any creature that stood in his way.

That was, of course, until a being like him had came and stripped him of his mother before he could do anything. Racing as fast as he could he was no match for the strange contraption and he could only follow the direction it went. After days of travelling non stop, he found a place covered in strange beings and large things looked like tress bare of leaves and had put him on edge and in a way he could only explain was a strange jungle.

That was when he first met the two beings named X-Ray and Vav, who at first he did not see any reason to be near them as they seemed like fools they at first ended up being a nuisance to him and was not in any way a help to getting mother back. Eventually he had to fall back into the plans of a man who had promised him that he would find his mother in exchange for his power. When he readily agreed he never thought back to what his mother had taught him and like mother had always told him even as a young cub not to EVER trust a stranger.

In the end he had sort of befriended the two strange superheroes after saving the city and mother and moved back into the forest where he belonged. He did not like the small female that joined them on the way to his forest, as she seemed to be too friendly with the two superheroes, especially Vav and it irked him for no reason and when X-Ray had given the other advice on dating he gave what he could describe as something that was not a way for humans. “I suggest that you take the beating heart of your defeated foe and present it to the female.”

“Yeah, well that too.” He would remember that for later. Before they left a resounding “see ya’s” and “later man’s” and they left.

He occasionally left home for a few days at a time as the way to the city was worth a day or two of travelling and stayed for a few hours as much as he wanted to stay longer the winter coming was to be a harsh and cold one and like the Bears taught him, he should collect as much meat, store it, and sleep the whole winter. It was not bad and it didn’t bother him but certain days when he could not sleep all the other animals had left south or were hibernating.

Mother went south with some of the other animals insisting that he stay and protect the forest and that she would be fine. He spent the last bit hunting and collecting berries that would stay fresh all winter or at least some of it, then came the pelts to be used as blankets. He would make a large nest of pelts to keep warm as he had no fur and it was effective. By the time the first snow hit he could not count the pelts he had, always collecting more and more every year had the benefit. He bundled up all of the pelts over him and fell into a deep ritualized sleep.


He had spent a few weeks sleeping, getting up every so often to eat a bit before falling asleep, the wood creaking and groaning under the force of the fierce winds. Protected underneath the dark oak wood and thick pelts he fell back asleep until one reason or another woke him up.


It was about the middle of the day when Mogar awoke from his slumber yawning lips pulling over his teeth and showing his large canines.

He was interrupted when heard a familiar slamming of a door to one of those machines the people in the city were fond of and quickly grabbed his sword unsure of wether it was friend or foe. Sure the others in the city were the only ones that had known where he had lived but one can always find different was of finding one, much like hunting ones prey. Mogar silently jumped to the top of his house as a small door was placed just for situations like this or for scouting. He crept across the roof the chilly wind cutting across his bear pelt and the small flakes of snow melting soon as they touched his warm skin soon to be cold, hands and feet crunching in the snow making suffers wrack through his body. It was ignored in favour of the more pressing matter at the moment.

The most trustworthy of his senses was rendered useless as the wind was blowing from behind, and the noise from the wind and snow cutting across the trees made it just as impossible to hear who it was. They were behind a tree also so that took sight out while it may have been possible to make out shapes it wouldn’t have been identifiable.

He settled on ambushing on whoever had disturbed his rest, while not the best of moves it was his only available option so he waited until he could make out shapes walking toward his den.

When they were close enough he jumped of the roof leaving his sword behind as his claws and teeth should scare these smaller forms away.

As soon as he landed on all fours he puffed out his chest in a show of his dominance reared rearing and trying to look as big as he could a vital lessons he learnt from the Bears that had helped on more then one occasion, roared as loud as he could the sound resounding around the area and breaking through the thick cloud of snow swirling around him and the intruders.

If any animals had been scared by the sound it was not heard through the slight growling of the man baring his teeth and growling sending a fair message to back off and through his growling and snow he heard a fainting unsure “Mogar…?” He stopped growling and stood up before calling back, “Vav?”

“Mogar!” Came the response, “We thought you tossed the pot!”

As the voice came closer the shadows through the snow disappeared and came into a clear focus. X-Ray, Vav, Hilda, Rusty, and Orf had all been the ones he mistook.

He looked at them bewildered at what they were doing out in the winter wandering when they should have been sleeping.

“What are you doing out here with those clothes on? You are going to catch a cold if you stay out here longer you mong!”

“Mogar thought there was intruders on his territory. Came to defend it.” He responded.

“Well you won’t be doing anything if you are sick,” the female said, “we should head into his treehouse now we haven’t been in there yet anyway so we can wait out whatever storm is happening now the news said it should stop by tomorrow.”

They all scrambled up the ladder excited at the prospect of getting out of the blizzard and to take off the thick clothing they had on.

When they all went in they settled down on the floor and looked around surprised to find nothing but pelts in one corner. “So, dude, do you have like a Xbox hiding somewhere or what?” X-Ray asked jokingly.

“No?” He replied with his eyebrows furrowed in though as to what a x box was.

“Alright.” X-Ray shrugged getting bored quickly talking to the guy was like talking to a wall anyway.

“So,” all heads turned to look at the voice, “What are you doing up here? We haven’t seen you in more then a month and the weather has gone to shit.”

“Yeah! We were worried since you didn’t come back we had to come find you!” Cried Vav looking worried.

“Is it not time to sleep?” Came the unsure reply from Mogar. “When
The first snow comes all animals sleep in their dens or go to a warmer place.”

It was silent for a moment before a soft “oh!” Came from Hilda. “Are you talking about hibernating?” A confused look from Mogar was all it took for her to explain to everyone.

“Bear boy here was raised by animals right? So imagine what happens every winter when everyone that you know decides to sleep for a couple months. What are you going to do? Sleep also. Am I right?” A quick nod from Mogar explained it all and a understanding light came to everyone’s eyes.

“So you’ve just been doing nothing this whole time? Why didn’t you came back you could have stayed with us!” Came from Vav.

Mogar shook his head.

“This is home,” he explained waiving his hand around the room, “Mogar cannot leave. Mogar must protect home. Just like you protect your city.”

Vav nodded, biting his lip still unsure of his answer.

“We ain’t got nothin’ else to do so why not chat the rest of the day away today.” Said Rusty.

“Sure,” everyone said besides Mogar who just nodded. “Why not fill wild boy on a bit of what happened why he was gone?”

As the day went into night they talked, well mostly Vav as he wanted to tell all of his hero stories along with X-Ray butting in ever so often to try and tell his part which usually ended up in a verbal fight.

Mogar never bothered really listening to Vav just watching his expressions, the way his body seemed to vibrate in excitement when he talked about something he found exciting or how in his voice it showed his sorrow when he had found something sad. Mogar was transfixed at his body language and how it showed so much, just like his face, and his eyes.

Usually by this time it was still probably early their time but he let out a large yawn baring his teeth in a non-aggressive way and his eyes drooped. “I think it’s time for bed for little bearsy wearsy!” Cooed X-Ray.

He gave him a sharp glare which shut him up somewhat, just hearing some grumbling in the corner which he ignored. He got up and handed everyone a fair amount of pelts to keep the warm.

“It’s like a big sleepover!” Exclaimed Vav almost jumped in his spot next to Mogar the only one brave enough to try to talk to him as grumpy looking as he was at the moment. All the others were on the opposite side of the large treehouse, enough that if you were to whisper it would not be heard.

“Goodnight!” Cried Vav.

A unenthusiastic chorus of good nights came back which just seemed to make him even more jumpy and Mogar just wanted some sleep so he grabbed Vav and placed him down in his pelts next to him.

It was quiet before a soft whisper came across to his ears and he heard Vav say “That was bloody amazing earlier by the way, the roar? How did you even do that!”

He internally glowed for a minute glad that his show of dominance impressed someone.

“Mogar has defeated many. Mogar learnt that young as the older bears thought that while smaller, I would have a great roar,” he puffed his chest out impressive for someone laying on their side.

“That is top! How was it like to be raised by bears? Weren’t you raised by-” it was then he seen a slight tremor in the smaller boys limbs but he continued talking, “Even then though-”

Before he could talk anymore he ripped the boy out of his pelts next to him on the floor and drug him into his nest of pelts. Vav let out a confused high pitched noise but he ignored it in favour of warming the other up.

“Mogar has seen you shiver. You are too tiny to hold any warmth it seems. You must sleep with with Mogar.” He wrapped his whole body around the younger enjoying the way the others soft flesh felt against his muscle.

“But-” he quickly cut the other off half asleep. “X-Ray has some muscle to protect. You do not. Now sleep.”

He felt Vav shuffle around in his arms for a bit until finally facing Mogar, placing his head into chest he pushed them as close as he could shoving his face into the others soft hair snuffling a bit just relaxed into sleep easier then he had before, liking the scent of vanilla and faint tea.


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Chihiro had spent all his time in the computer lab as he was typing away, his keyboard clicking and clacking. He then saw a bee, humming and making its way toward the other’s canned lemonade. He started to watch it, as the bee made its way into the can, nosing its way inside. Knowing that the bee was likely to drown in the lemonade, he slightly moved the can to the left, causing to bee to come out and fly away… at least seemingly. Until he noticed a hornet’s nest within the window to the outside. 

Chihiro wasn’t shocked, but he was smiling- the bee had a family!  Unaware that there was a large figure looking onto this event in the doorway, He  took a closer look. There were no hornets outside… but there were bees inside. Perhaps they were sealed off from the outside? He looked further, and saw a translucent paste, a sealant probably. It seemed that there was an infestation problem in the school, and they found the opening and sealed it, not looking up at the hornet’s nest forming. They were trapped.

The larger looked like a teacher, so maybe they can mandate their freedom? But this teacher looked burly, and a little frightening to the programmer. But knowing that he’s a teacher, he wouldn’t do anything bad, right?

“Sensei, there’s hornets in the window… should they be set free? I don’t think they’ll be able to live like that, stuck at their home…”

“Not that you care about bugs or anything…”
His hope for the little creatures seemed to sink a bit, as well as how he held himself.

Since Castiel has lived in the bunker with Sam and Dean for several months now, he’s long since learned how to shop with them before routine hunting trips.

This time he can’t hunt with them (only because Dean said ‘no’). The angel is still recovering from Lucifer inhabiting his body for so long. Dean insists he needs at least a full year to feel normal again.

Castiel thinks that his new husband is being slightly – secretly very – overprotective, but he knows that the two of them can handle a vampire nest. Just two nights away from home, a group of ‘bloodsuckers’ and a short drive. “It’s nothin’,” Dean had assured him. “Watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix again. We’ll be back before you’re done.”

If he couldn’t go on the hunt, though, the angel insisted on helping them grab groceries (basically just beer) and personal hygiene items before they left. Halfway down the Home Necessities side of Walmart, Castiel had already stopped four times to study odd objects for sale.

“What is this?” he asked, perplexed, and both Winchesters halted to turn around. Dean sighed impatiently.

“It’s a body pillow, Cas,” Sam answered, swiveling on his feet to keep going.

“You lay your entire form on it,” the angel observed, squinting at the giant rectangle of green fluff as he held it in comparison to his height. His guess had to be correct. Pillows were for laying one’s head on, so a body pillow must be for one’s entire body.

“Uh, sort of,” Sam spoke, stopping in his tracks again. He took the pillow from Castiel and glanced around before hugging it against his side, cheek against it, wrapping one arm and one leg around the thing. “This is… uh, more the idea of it,” he said quickly, tossing the pillow back in the bin before anyone could see him snuggling the thing.

The angel squinted at it for a few moments still before Dean walked up and took his hand, trying to get him to move along. Castiel refused to budge. “Why would anyone need this?” he asked, truly a bit surprised by the inefficiency of such a human invention.

Dean actually wiped down his face now with a small growl. “If you sleep alone, y'know? Some people like to… cuddle. This is for, uh, cuddling when you have no one, okay? Can we go now?”

It was quiet as Castiel finally started to shuffle his feet along, holding Dean’s hand the whole time so that the hunter could make sure he didn’t stop again. A little while later when the brothers were comparing bottle to can beer prices, the angel disappeared and returned with the body pillow in clutch.

“What the hell, Cas?” Dean demanded, both at his casual use of angel teleportation in public and at the fact that he was still obsessing over the pillow.

“I believe it to be a Home Necessity for our bunker,” he stated firmly. “We like to cuddle exactly as Sam demonstrated and you will be gone. I will have no one to cuddle.”

Dean’s face was as red as the wine behind him and Sam couldn’t help but snort out a laugh. “Oh, we’re getting the pillow now. We have to,” the younger Winchester smirked.

Snatching the pillow from Castiel’s grasp, Dean picked a random case of beer and started trudging away from his family as quickly as possible. “Whatever. If it’ll keep you home,” he grumbled lowly.

Castiel’s wings, though invisible, fluttered contently. “Dean… perhaps you need the blue one to take on your trip.”

Sam all-out cackled when his brother grumpily picked up the second one on his way to the checkout area without another word.

That night…

Brice wound the thread around his wrist as he sat back against the wall of his apartment. Dark circles wrapped his eyes, the man had not gotten much sleep lately. How could he? He had gone and kicked the nest of vipers and they were gunning for him something fierce. Least Shaafia had been keeping him safe, but for how long? 

The midlander ran his fingers over the thread, it had come with the last letter Fier sent him. Brice frowned as he read the words over and over again. Life moved on even after he left, that was good! Fier had been right, it was he who left, he who is now wondering if the younger midlander misses him. 

Selfish desires…

Brice shook the feeling off as he closed his eyes. Sleep eluded him, there was a time before when it was caused by a ghost. But that was long over; he gave up the chase and surrendered. Now its nightmares, plaguing him, a woman creeping into his room to feast on his very soul. Something about the terror was all too familiar and it lit a fire under the hyur as he grabbed paper and ink. 

I am sorry this letter has been delayed. I suffered injuries to my dominate writing hand. I wear your thread, it brings me comfort while I am away. Please read my words…

My leaving was because I was afraid, afraid of you getting caught up in the trouble that follows me, in the bad luck that I am as a person. I wanted to chase the witch and end my life at her feet. But the moment I realized I would be leaving you behind, I could not continue the chase and I could not bring myself home to face you as I am ashamed of tugging at your heart strings. I needed to find myself, needed to figure out where I am going. If hurting you was the right thing, it wasn’t it never should had been. But you spoke of life moving on and I hope you do not cling onto a hope that I’ll walk through the door tomorrow. I should had stayed, I should brought you with me. I was afraid of losing you if things got rough and you got hurt. You are strong, you could fight for yourself, you can! But I would die knowing that any harm to you was because of me. It was fear and self hatred that tore me away from you. I’m not good enough, I had never been good enough. 

Maybe when the trouble I’ve caught myself up in here dies down…I’ll come back, I’ll beg on my hands and knees for your mercy and forgiveness. If you do not hear from me in ninty or so days. Then I was cut down. 
- Love your Heron, if I am still your Heron.

- p.s - Get rid of Arukena, shes a cunt. Bitch tried to eat me once. 

Writing caused his hand to ache, especially since he took the time to write it for the doman to be able to read. He sealed it with a kiss and left it under the crown. Both would be taken to Shaafia for her to send out. All he could do now was drink himself into passing out. 

Drunken sleep was better than no sleep.




You came. You read.  You blew up my ask box.  Shit got silly on twitter and yolownly declared today to be Frickle Frack Friday.  I overshot friday by three hours but HERE WE ARE anyway.

Have some more of Marco being terrible at being a vampire and jean being, allthings considered, actually pretty good at being a boyfriend.

And also a juicebox.


(oh yeah it’s a little cheesy but this  was my writing music

In the sixth months since I first kissed him, tangled up in that careworn hand-stitched quilt, I managed to convince Marco to drink my blood exactly twice.  He’d contracted his own personal brand of freckly - vampire sunstroke on both occasions.  The first time a dog, this ridiculous little head on collision between a corgi and some form of collie-ish thing, got clipped by a car on the main road and limped up the alley into our lot and he spent the two hottest hours of the day coaxing the whimpering, snapping mess into a box to get her to the vet.  (“Why the hell didn’t you just call me?” “I don’t think straight when there’s cute things!”) The little gray-and-black corglie left a couple of holes in my hand during the process of transporting her to the vet school, and by the time I’d finished filling out forms and come home he was once again a shivering heap in his big four-poster bed, stomach full of an ice-cold AB+ slushie and it wasn’t too hard to crawl into his nest and convince him to lick away the scabs forming on the (thoroughly disinfected okay) holes in my wrist.

The second time I got a text at around 4 am announcing, without preamble, that the last time he saw a sunrise Jimmy Carter was president and at 8 am I more or less scraped him off his front porch with a spatula.

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For You

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Requested by @elenawrit:  A One shot with haldir, when he discovers that his human wife is pregnant ? (like maybe fainting on the floor, something like this) thanks ! :) || Genre: ultra fluff || Setting: Lothlorien, in the home Reader shares with Haldir, long before the Fellowship shows up || More Elf fics here || Masterlist

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12x03 Coda: Jet Lag

After Mary leaves, Sam calls up Cas. Sastiel friendship, Destiel

Sam didn’t really expect a heartfelt, grownup conversation about this—having Mom back has made kids out of both of them—but he’d also hoped that Dean would at least say something.  No such luck.  As soon as the door clangs shut behind Mom, Dean darts for his room without a word.

Great.  Sam sinks into the nearest chair, massaging his temples.  Too good to be true has always been too good for the Winchesters.

As much as it hurts, though, he gets it.  Why Mom had to go.  He understands the itch to escape, the conviction that there is something better out there somewhere.  Mom is chasing a pipe dream, a mirage.  He’s going to let her, because he chased the same one a long time ago.

She deserves that, at least.

He knows Dean is going to take this hard, though.  His brother has a way of taking each and every blow and stacking them on his shoulders, refusing to let anyone else take the weight even though everyone can see how his frame is shaking.  By the time he reaches his room, Sam knows, he’ll have constructed a million different reasons why this is his fault.

He did the same thing when Sam left for school, but there’s someone who wasn’t around when that happened.

He picks up on the third ring. “Sam.  Is everything all right?”

Sam could have prayed, but frankly, he’s done with his prayers being intercepted.  The last thing he needs right now is for Lucifer to find out that his vulnerable, totally possess-able mother is alive and kicking.

“Yeah, we—we’re fine.  No missing limbs or anything.”

Cas’s sigh of relief is audible through the phone. “Then what is it?”

“Mom.  She, uh.  She left.  I’m okay, I think, but Dean…Dean’s taking it a little hard.”

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“I’m gonna ship th’ damn horse t’ th’ auction,” His words are muttered and irritable, as he stumbles along. His leg hurts to high hell- as does most of his body, for a matter of fact- and he’s got the shakes like a drug addict that hasn’t had a fix in far too long. “N’ they c’n turn ‘s cowardly ass t’ glue n’… ‘n… i don’ fuckin’ know, but they c’n do somethin- oh shut up, y’ angry fuckin’ danger noodle.”

Greg had been out checking his herd- which had wandered over past Ronnie’s place again, and had been on his way to go back when the damn horse got spooked and dropped him right into a nest of snakes. A literal nest of snakes.

Greg had no fear of snakes, or great love of them either, but being dropped into a literal nest of snakes wasn’t what he envisioned for his day, and his breath rushed from his lungs as he cracked his tailbone on the hard stone, leaving him stunned and immobile for half a second too long. So when his horse stomped down out of reflex before he bolted, he hadn’t dodged, and took a hoof to his left leg- which squished it down onto one of the angry assholes he’d landed on.

Not only did his gelding probably at least bruise something in his leg, he got him bitten and then left him in the dust.

Most of Greg, and the McQuillin kids, were skeleton- save for their torso, and thighs. That meant that the fangs that sunk into him found purchase in one of the few meaty places he had.

Greg hadn’t been sure or not if the snake had been venomous, so he’d pinched it behind the head so it couldn’t get him again, and rolled the hell out of the snake nest, and then shoved the angrily hissing thing into a knotted up handkerchief so it couldn’t get him again, but as he made the long trek back towards his house- and Ronnie’s- he’d started to feel not so great.

Moving wasn’t the best idea, he knew, but his horse wasn’t going to come back, and his brothers wouldn’t come looking for a day at least- so walking would have to be done. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt- and he limped, his leg sore and probably at least bruised if not partially cracked, if he didn’t crack his tail bone too. Walking hurt, and everything sucked, and two hours into walking, he was definitely feeling the effects of whatever venom this snake had pumped into him.

He’d probably be dead, if he wasn’t made out of tougher stuff, he mused.

The bag clutched in his fingers hissed and bit at him again from where he held it closed, but found no purchase in the hard bone of his fingers.

“Tha’s right, ya lil’ asshole. Bite my fingers all ya want- ya can’t hurt th’ bone.”

His eye lights slid up, feverish sweat rolling down his brow, and he caught sight of Ronnie’s house. Well, better than trying to go for home.

Just wasn’t how he expected their second meeting to go after having not seen her for a couple of weeks.


Do ye say it of me, Sassenach?“ he asked suddenly. He sounded shy, and I turned my head to look up at him in surprise.
 "Do I say what? That you’re beautiful?” My mouth curved involuntarily, and he smiled in return.
 "Well…not that. But that ye can bear my looks, at least.“
I traced the faint white line of the scar across his ribs, left by a sword, long ago. The longer, thicker scar of the bayonet that had ripped the length of one thigh. The arm that held me, browned and roughened, the hairs of it bleached white-gold with long days of sun and work. Near my hand, his cock curled between his thighs, gone soft and small and tender now, in its nest of auburn hair.
 "You’re beautiful to me, Jamie,” I said softly, at last. “So beautiful, you break my heart.

Claire and Jamie Fraser, The Fiery Cross.

Just the way she’s always loved every single part of him unconditionally, sees no imperfections, just beauty. He hides nothing from her and she sees all of him in every way. 

And a moment later, you see his love for her is absolutely no different. Every single part of her is profoundly cherished. Always growing stronger, never fading with time or familiarity, there is always something new for both to learn and love about the other - making Hearthfire an all-time favorite passage of mine, from the entire series, let alone just TFC.

Reverence - 2. First hunt

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Summary: Reader x Dean: Dean, Sam and the reader head out to gank some fangs before Dean surprises himself with inviting the reader to come back to the bunker with them. 

Word Count: 2221

Triggers: Violence (killing vamps), minor injury, blood

Y/N = Your name  

Again: This is a slow burn type story, really slow, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait! The full story will be written in third person limited point of view with Dean as the main character. 

Chapters: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 
Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16


A few beers and a quick debriefing later and Dean already felt more relaxed. The momentary confusion he’d felt when he’d walked into the bar was gone and he found that talking to her was easy. Natural even. She had a disarming, easy-going personality, and Dean could already see her becoming one of the precious few he called his friend. Sure, he had some trust issues, but if Bobby vouched for her, she was good in his book too.

“So that’s why I took over this hunt,” She said with a shrug as she finished answering his brother’s questions about why she was on the hunt alone. She took hunting seriously, almost more so than Dean. They were similar in that way. Still, unlike him, she seemed to still be able to smile easily as she shot the brothers a quick and easy smile that seemed too bright to be fake.

The conversation flowed easily, even outside of the relative safety of hunting topics as they shared a beer in the dim bar. Her laughter more welcome than the scratchy country song coming out of ruined speakers as they joked and talked about the hunt, themselves and everything in between.

Dean kept trying to fool himself into truly believing that he was fully able to take his eyes off of her. A friend, he told himself as he lifted his beer bottle to hide another smile. That was all she was, all he’d allow himself to believe she was. A friend. Just a friend he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of as his eyes tracked every tiny movement she made. Watching as her fingers danced along the condensation on the bottle in her hand.

No… Even if he was slightly attracted to her he wouldn’t act on it. Friendship he could deal with, nothing else. So he drowned the attraction in another quick sip of beer and did what he did best. Pushing the thoughts and the attraction as far away as he could until he truly found himself enjoying her easy company as a friend. His own laughter coming easier as she poked fun at Sammy and told clearly exaggerated stories about former hunts.

Sure, she was beautiful, but the more time he spent around her the more he noticed something else. Something better than beauty. She was genuinely good. Like, really good. The type of person who deserved to be more than just a beautiful distraction. She was smart and witty, she was strong and had spirit. She was the type of hunter he’d spent his life trying to be. She was already becoming a friend to Sammy, And with that thought, friendship came easier to Dean.

Honestly… As he drained the last of his beer Dean found himself hoping he’d be lucky enough to be counted among her friends at some point in the future.

“Alright boys…” (Y/N) said as she shook the empty beer bottle in her hand at them. “One more beer before bed and an early morning hunt for some oversized, humanoid mosquitoes?”

“Alright, this should be fun,” Dean said, finding himself easily pulled along with her smile and happy personality.

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