at least he's kinda cute right

i had a really cute dream that Uraraka somehow like…. got hurt, and was in the infirmary (which was, for some reason, huge), but the entire class was hanging around her and a few other students who were hurt (i can’t remember who else it was, but there were at least 3 others)

Bakugou was on her right side and he made her food, and absently brushed her hair while she talked with Mina. he was kinda acting like a grumpy caretaker. and then the class all ended up falling asleep in the infirmary and Bakugou ended up sleeping on the same bed with Uraraka. just kinda…. sprawled out next to her. he kinda looked like he might fall off the bed somehow, but didn’t

some of the other kids were like on the floor, or sleeping in other infirmary beds, or in weird positions, but they all refused to leave the room when their friends were all hurt, haha

and the funny thing is, in the dream, i thought it was from a new chapter or something and i was rushing to make a post about how cute certain panels were and was trying to crop one of them when i woke up

it was so cute, hahaha

Summary of Got7's Eating Live

I have a bad memory idk why I’m doing this 

  • Okay so Youngjae and Bambam were sitting next to each other and yes, their side of the table was the loudest and brightest thanks 
  •  In the middle were Yugyeom and Jinyoung and honestly Jinyoung was honestly pushing the mom thing today he kept on patting Yugyeom on the back and the neck and pinching his ear and giving him napkins I was shook
  • On the other side was Mark and Jaebum and for the most part they were buzy stuffings their faces so it was moderately quiet on their side lol
  • Jackson wasn’t there but they kept on saying that he would be with them “next time” 
  • At first they were all reading from the script and it was noticable af 
  • After a while tho they just kinda dropped it 
  • At one point Jaebum told them smnt like “Yo its not word-for-word” and they just had a chill time 
  • When they started reading comments, Youngjae and Bam only read the ones asking for Jaebum to do aegyo. He didn’t and started reading the ones complimenting Youngjae and Mark 
  • ALSO JINYOUNG HAD THE SHEEP THINGY ON HIS HEAD and I think it was kinda cute 
  • They had a pissing contest about who could fit more rice in their mouths and I think Yugyeom won?? 
  • When it was Jinyoung’s turn, Yugyeom tried to bother/make fun of/ be Jerry but his mouth was still full of rice so Jinyoung just laughed at him I think. It was  cayoot 
  • “Yugyeom is a good boy” at least three times 
  • There was a comment saying “it’s wine time” or something and they spent like a full minute going “wine time”
  • Jaebum said that if he was born as Mark he wouldnt hold back on eating lol
  • Yugyeom is into hamburgers right now 
  • Aparently Jaebum has 2 tummies- one for food and another for after food time food (midnight snacks) 
  • “Mark is in a happy place” 
  • Also they kept on saying how big bammies lips are!! And there was a close up and I fainted hes so pretty 
  • “They take up 1/3 of his face”
  • They had to pretend to be on a call with ahgase and be  super sweet and whoever laughed would get spankies 
  • When they started, they sang out the Kakao ringing theme and I though they it was really cute:(
  • Yugyeom did his message to male ahgase and I think I cried twice 
  • Anyway Mark ended up spanking Youngjae, Jinyoung spanked Bambam, and Yugyeom got to spank Bambam, Youngjae, AND Jinyoung 
  • “With jeans you cant see it bounce” 
  • They talked about Youngjae’s squishy butt for at least a whole solid minute thanks
  • At the end Jaebum says something about their necklaces and how they made them themselves! Cuties 

And yeah! That’s about it! I’m pretty sure I missed out on a bunch of stuff cus my biased booty was only paying attention to Bambam so make sure to watch it when you have time lol it is a great hour of happiness 

Dear Journal,

It’s Teddy again. Today I met James Sirius in my tree house so we could kiss without being seen by his parents. They didn’t know about him and I yet and I wanted him to tell them when he was ready. It wasn’t a rainy day but the sun was no where to be found. The dark clouds were floating above us. I had set up a comfortable little pillow fort inside of the tree house so we could cuddle. I was waiting for him with a bowl of buttery popcorn and two sodas, smiling like an idiot because I was thinking of him. He had that way to make me feel better.

“What are you daydreaming about?”

I quickly turned around and saw James in his gryffindor sweater. I smiled and he walked closer, his face only inches from mine.

“Hey..” I said, my lips brushing slightly on his.

He closed the gap between us and smiled through the kiss. He pulled away and pulled me back for a hug. He was so much shorter than me that he was standing on his tippy toes with his arms around my neck. While he was hugging me, I saw my dads looking at us through the window of the house showing me thumbs up. I motioned them to go away and they laughed, walking away.

“So, ready to see your suprise?” I asked James, looking into his smiley eyes.

He nodded excitingly and we walked up into the tree house. When James saw what I made with it, he gasped and smiled.

“Ted this is so cute!” He said, sitting close to me in the pillows.

“I told my dads about my sexuality yesterday.” I said, taking his hand in both of mine.

“How did they react?”

“They were very suportive and kinda happy too!” I laughed.

“I knew they would react that way. Your dads are great T..” He said.

“Are you feeling okay with everything? You know you can talk to me right?” I said, brushing my hand on his cheek.

“Yeah.. But i’m okay.. I’m just scared of being judge for only being myself..”

“It’ll be hard but at least we’re together in this. I won’t let you live it alone okay?” I said, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Okay.. I love you Teddy.” He said, hugging me like it was the most normal thing to do.

“You love me?”

He looked at me like I was saying some nonsence.

“Of course I love you!”

I smiled and blushed.

“I love you too Jamie..” I said, kissing him slowly.

We spent the afternoon talking, kissing and eating popcorn. Suddently we heared a far thunder and I jumped.

“Was that thunder?” I asked, getting nervous.

“It’s okay Ted, let’s go inside okay?” James said, taking my hand.

We gatthered the pillows and walked inside as the rain started. Pads and moons were watching a movie cuddled into eachother in the living room.

“Party’s over already?” Sirius asked.

“It was raining and the storm is coming..” I said, taking James’ hand and heading to my room, trying not to start an awkward conversationwith my curious dads.

We walked into my room and both layed on my bed. I picked a movie on my laptop and we cuddled closer. The thunder storm started and James comforted me when I got scared. We fell asleep cuddled into eachother…

June 7 2014

Because I Like You

Word Count: 1670

    A/N: this is a touch of Jealous/Protective!Jughead, but I have one more coming out here fairly soon that will be even more jelaous-y and protective-y and possessive-y than this so yay! *squeal* I hope you all enjoy lol!

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Headcanons for sneaking over to cuddle with Jeremy? (Preferably an easily flustered Jeremy?)

im madly in love with this

because cuddling is great 10/10

  • alright so. sometimes u just rly wanna cuddle since cuddling is amazing and cuddling with ur bf??? also amazing 10/10 at least i would assume haha im lonely and pathetic
  • almost always u will send jeremy a ‘hey im coming over’ text with a lil blue heart emoji since thats u guys code that basically means ‘cuddle time, bitch’
  • usually he’ll send u one back 
  • which means ‘k’
  • basically
  • (he’s only stopped u a few times because cuddling??? hell yeah)
  • (at least once u have driven past michael. the two of u made eye contact and he’s like well i see how it is tbh)
  • ok but like. the first time u texted him like ‘i wanna cuddle’ he was basically like ‘right now?’ because it was like
  • midnight
  • ‘yeah do u mind if i come over’
  • u went over there anyway
  • u climbed the tree next to jeremys window and just kinda tapped
  • he freaked out a lil because wtf
  • he let u in tho
  • u two cuddled
  • jeremy was blushin btw because ur head was on his chest and ur arms are wrapped around him and ur just??? rly cute and happy and its just
  • wow
  • ur cute
  • sometimes u plant lil smooches along his jaw and cheek and neck and he just starts??? blushing???
  • i actually had cuddling headcanons for jer on my blog somewhere
  • michael has 100% walked in on the two of u just cuddling and u were probably asleep and jeremy just got
  • rly flustered because michael u didnt- oh wait he did text him
  • michael sees how it is, jeremy
  • in all seriousness y’all are cute and michael’s glad that jeremy and u are happy
  • thats all i have
  • cuddly jeremy who honestly blushes because w o w ur cute
Edmund x Reader: Patronus

Prompt/ask: None

Word count: 576

Warnings: *Slight* language. Like literally one curse word.

Setting: Harry Potter AU

A/N: So this is just a little something I came up with based on a headcanon I found somewhere in the depths of tumblr-I hope you enjoy my first Harry Potter/Narnia AU! If this inspired any further HP AU prompts, please don’t hesitate on sending them in, because I am absolute Harry Potter trash.


You cursed under your breath, dropping your arm in defeat. You sighed. It seemed as if, no matter how many times you tried, the concept of conjuring a patronus was impossible.

“Having trouble?” A voice asked in amusement.

You turned to the doorway of the empty Transfiguration classroom, rolling your eyes at the smirking form of Edmund Pevensie.

“What, Pevensie?” You groaned, turning back to the wall where you had been practicing. 

Edmund shrugged, leaning into the tall bookshelf by the doorframe.

“Well, to begin with,” He said smugly, straightening up and taking a step towards where you stood, “If I were you, I wouldn’t hold my wand like that.”

You scoffed, turning around abruptly to face him. “And how exactly am I holding my wand?”

Edmund rolled his eyes playfully, grabbing you lightly by the waist and turning you around. You let out a small noise in protest.

“Okay, first, improve your posture. Put your shoulders back, yeah?”

You narrowed your eyes. What was he playing at?

Reluctantly, you did as he suggested.

“Good.” Edmund said simply, slowly removing his hands from your waist and stepping backwards. “Now, raise your wand.”

You rolled your eyes, turning around to give him an irritated look. “Oh, really?” You said, your tone filled with sarcasm. Edmund just smirked, adjusting his collar.

Slowly, you lifted your wand, turning back around as you did. You held it out at arms-length, focusing your gaze on the wall before you and taking in every detail of the cluttered surrounding shelves and small desks.

“Alright,” Edmund began from behind you, “Now focus.”



You could feel Edmund approaching you, his footsteps causing the wood floor to creak. You felt his warm breath against your neck as he raised his hand to place it over yours. You stabilized your grip on your wand, tilting it slightly.

“Alright, now…focus.”

Suddenly, all at once, you knew what he meant.

You felt the rush of energy inside you, building up as you raised your wand-Edmund’s hand still on yours.

“Expecto Patronum!” You cried, feeling every ounce of power within you surging through your veins and rushing to the tip of your wand.

A small, wispy blue figure appeared before your eyes, growing in size as the color became deeper and the shape became clearer.

“Merlin’s beard!” Edmund exclaimed from behind you. He immediately let go of your hand, doubling over to burst into laughter.

A round, flimsy nose was expanding from your wand, attached to what looked like the body of an oversized beetle with fur.

“Is that-“

“An Aardvark?” Edmund finished, coughing through his grunts of laughter.

You giggled, shaking your head in mild exasperation as you raised your wand further.

“I mean, it’s actually kinda cute.” You said thoughtfully, carefully gliding it along with your wand. The figure danced in the air, its abnormally long snout wrinkling with every movement.

Edmund bit his lip, clearly trying not to laugh again. “I mean, uh-” Edmund let out a small noise of amusement, but quickly covered it with a cough. “At least you know you have the ability to conjure a patronus, right?”

He paused, trying to think of anything else remotely positive to add to his statement. “And um, it’s not terrible looking from certain angles.”

You sighed with a slight tone of amusement, turning abruptly and abandoning your patronus.

 “Shut up Pevensie.”

And with that, you leaned in.

That certainly shut him up.


(requested by anon)

  • soulmate!au in which u feel whatever physical pain ur soulmate feels 
  • it starts at a different age for everyone but,,,,,,,,,,you haven’t felt it once in your entire life
  • like as a kid ur classmates were like !! i felt it!! in the middle of class or at recess or whatever but u were just like :-) someone kick me i wanna see if its real :-)
  • and in middle school almost everyone you knew had felt that lil kick of random pain and u were just waiting for it to happen,,,,,any second now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eventually,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • time went on tho and nothing happened and tbh you just kinda gave up on it ??like u stopped anticipating it and just stopped caring in general?? the one thing that was a big deal to everyone else didn’t matter at all to you,,,,,,,
  • while all your friends made guesses abt their soulmates u always just kinda sit there like :////////// Can’t Relate and u get all jealous whenever they start talking about things they felt or how they met their soulmates like Ok Jennifer We Get It You’re A Normally Functioning Human Shut The Hell Up Now Jeez
  • and all ur friends and family is like “oh it’s fine! plenty of people start late! there’s no need to worry! just be patient!” and ur just like ok,,,,,,but,,,,,what if i have some disease,,,,,,,what if i’m immune to pain and i’ll never feel it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what if i don’t even have a soulmAte?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god im broken
  • u’ve even gotten checked by doctors bc there must be SOMETHING like just give me a diagnosis idc if its fake ????????? give me meds ????? put me in a medically induced coma ?????????????????
  • but after searching for a g e s and finding nothing u just kinda threw in the metaphorical towel……like………………lmAo fUck tHIs………..
  • but i mean of course u still want to feel something yk
  • like whenever u hear someone complain abt a little sudden pain ur just like :))))))) hm :))) must be nice :))) huh :))))))))))))))) wish i was in pain :)))))))
  • across town tho the person that you’ve been resenting for not making u fEel anything is feeling everything because of u
  • in fact, he’s been suffering since he was f o u r
  • (since he started the earliest in his entire family, everyone thought he would get married like before 20 like his parents were READY, wedding planner on speed dial and an array of tux options)
  • of course, cheol can’t wait to meet u and fall madly in love with u but ,,,,,,,,sometimes he wants to strangle u,,,,,,,,,,,wherever u are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • bc as much as you hate to admit it, you’re the clumsiest person alive and it has caused cheol to get stubbed toes and imaginary table corners in the shin for almost two decades
  • he even has a scar from the time YOU tripped down the stairs while he was handling a box cutter (which he holds a grudge against his Mystery Soulmate for)
  • initially he sorta disliked u for it like bc ????was it always gonna be like that? were u just gonna cause him pain all the time?????
  • that said though, he’d grown to not mind your clumsiness as much over the years and sometimes even thinks up ways to keep you from further hArmiNg the both of you
  • (he thinks it’s kinda cute tbh) (bc it gives him an excuse to be touchy with u) (for “safety” reasons) 
  • cheol has been anticipating the day he meets you for YEARS he literally dreams about it sometimes, wakes up all smiley 
  • he’s tried to give you hints over the years, doing the typical pinch-your-phone-number-on-ur-arm n stuff
  • but he’s never gotten a response from you :-((((((
  • (nice going)
  • and tbh he kinda starts to think ur ignoring him,,,,,,,like ok boo :-) be like that :-) fine :-) 
  • he gets a lil,,,,,,,testy with it too like one time he drank hot sauce from the bottle just to try to get u to stop ignoring him
  • like sEungcHeol thEre are oTher wAys cHill oH my gOD
  • back to u tho bc ur what rly matters here
  • so ur at work again, prob ur least favorite place tbh
  • you always dreaded work because all of ur co-workers had either 1) felt their soulmate’s pain or 2) met their soulmate
  • and they always treated u like a baby bc !! u still haven’t felt it !! how cute huh !! (No Janice It’s Not Cute Fuck Right Off)
  • it also kinda isolated you from Work Talk because ?what else r people supposed to talk about? celebrities? weekend plans? blockbuster movies? red carpet appearances? new albums? politiCs? gLobAl waRmiNg? deSTRoyinG thE paTriArcHy? disMantliNg wHIte sUpreMacy? CLEaR pANTS???????? NO! 
  • only talk about ur soulmate. workplace rules. sorry.
  • bUt here to free you from it all: 8:30 on a friday night aka the end of ur shift can i get a heck yeah (chorus: heck yeah)
  • so u clock tf out and leave the premises asap and start walking to ur bus stop
  • not after plugging in some earbuds and blasting yacht by jay park isa banger go listen some uplifting songs to get u out of ur After Work Mood
  • ur on ur way to the bus stop as usual, texting ur roommate to order some food, you’ll be home in 10
  • when u feel it
  • yES IT
  • u feel a sudden pain in ur foot, like you kicked something, but when you look down there’s…….nothing there??????? just siDewalk oMg
  • and u just kinda freeze
  • but then u start running bc bOy is ur roomie gonna wanna heAr abOUt thiS
  • the bus ride to ur neighborhood is the longest it’s ever,,,been,,,,,,,,it feels like your grandma is driving,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like ur great great great great great grandma is driving,,,,,
  • (as u ‘patiently’ sit on the crowded bus u text ur roomie “big news :-)” to which they respond “oh rly ;-))))))) get it ;;;;;-)))”)
  • u practically jump off the bus before it comes to a full stop when u feel another little pain, this time in ur shoulder
  • ppl give u looks as u pass through the crowded street bc the smile on ur face is so big that its borderline creepy
  • then all of a sudden ur on ur hands and knees, hair in ur face and heart about to fall out of your chest
  • OKOKOKOKOK let me explain
  • as ur rushing through the crowd of people, you’re bumping into people left and right (which is a lil rude ngl) but it doesn’t matter bc ur on this,,,,,,,,,,,high,,,,, this holy-shit-it-happened high
  • but then u knock shoulders with someone and go falling to the ground, ur knee bashing into the ground bc ????why tf not?????
  • and tbh it didn’t hurt that much when ur shoulder collided with whoever it was,,,,,, but then this pounding feeling of pain wipes onto ur shoulder and u know it’s That Feeling
  • before you can even turn your head to see who you ran into, he’s kneeling by your side, clutching his knee
  • and he looks at you with really concerned yet shocked eyes
  • and u can’t help but stare at him, even though you’re still on all fours
  • “are you….did you feel-”
  • “is your kn-”
  • “that was the first-”
  • “is your knee okay? i’m so sorry”
  • u don’t even realize that the boy, your sOULmATE HELLO, is helping you up and over to a bench, propping your leg up across his lap until he asks you what your name is
  • you tell him, stuttering, and he nods and tells you his name, seungcheol
  • you sit there quietly as seungcheol runs over to the convenience store a few buildings down and continue to sit quietly when he puts your leg back on his lap and disinfects your scraped up knee
  • as he’s putting the bandaid on you manage out a “so are you……”
  • “your soulmate? i guess so.”

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Could I get a scenario for Kuroo being in college and he lives next door to a cute shy girl(who lives without a roommate) he's never had the chance to talk to until she knocks on his door one night asking if he could kill a huge bug for her because she's terrified?

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve written something! I’ll try and get at least 1 out every week or so, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do so. Also I would totally get the cute guy that lives across from me to kill bugs for me. ;D

Man, today could not get any better. You had learned that you had gotten near perfect marks on three of your midterms, the research paper that you had recently submitted was getting published, and the cute guy that lived next to you actually smiled at you. And now! Now there was a giant spider crawling all over your work and laptop! You let out a shriek and scrambled away as fast as you could, tripping over some textbooks strewn on the floor, as the eight legged beast began crawling in your general direction.

You were absolutely terrified of any kind of spiders, whether it large or incredibly tiny that was as harmless as a fly. Regardless, you were not going anywhere near that thing! This was one of those times when you wished you actually had a roommate, but alas you only had yourself to count on to get rid of the arachnid that was running rampant all over your beloved belongings. All you could think of doing was frantically throwing a glass cup over it then backing straight out of the apartment and into the hall, where a certain bed-bead male was peeking his head out to see what all the commotion was.

To Kuroo’s surprise when he looked out down the hall, he saw you, the cute, shy girl that he lived next to with a not so cute expression on your still very cute face. Earlier that day, he had mustered enough courage to smile at you, but actually seeing your smile in real life instead of just imagining it made all his “cool attitude” fly straight out the window. He had essentially thrown himself into his apartment afterwards to try and calm his raging blush. You were really really cute when you smiled, okay!

Tossing those thoughts aside, he walked over to you with a concerned look on his face after seeing how distraught you looked. “Hey, uh _______ right?” You heard someone talking you from your right and you saw that one really cute guy from before walking over to you. You could barely stutter out a confirmation as you scrambled to make yourself look slightly less disheveled. “Y-yes? Can I help you-um…?”

“Kuroo Tetsurou. Yeah, I heard someone scream. Did something happen?” You were absolutely mortified. Someone had actually heard that and it just had to be that cute guy you were kinda crushing on. But the dilemma of having a spider all over your things was enough to make you swallow your pride and ask for the male in front of you for help. “Uhh, could you, I mean if you’re not too busy of course! Could you get rid of a spider for me?”

Did he hear you right? A spider? Well, at least this was something he could help with. “Oh! Sure, lead the way.” Kuroo followed after you as you nervously led him over to your textbook covered table and looked somewhat amused as you stayed a good distance away from the table while pointing at the inverted glass. The ravenette took one look at the creature you had trapped inside the glass, then looked back at you. “You do know that the Pholcus phalangioides is harmless and not a spider, right?”

“Yes, I know! The more common and often incorrect name of the ‘Daddy longlegs’ is harmless, but that doesn’t mean I am comfortable around them! Especially since they have such an uncanny resemblance to their arachnid cousins.” Although amused with your reasoning, Kuroo was quite impressed with your general knowledge of insects. He picked up the glass and the piece of paper under it, then walked over to the open window, releasing it onto some vines on the side of the wall.  

After placing the borrowed glass and paper back onto the table, Kuroo looked back over to you to see the most beautiful expression on your face. You were smiling in relief with a peaceful angelic expression. With just that, the raven haired male’s heart rate shot through the roof and he had to very casually turn to the side in order to hide he faint blush dusting his cheeks. He had to get your number somehow. “Thank you very much for helping me, Kuroo-san.”

This was his chance; it would be now or never! “Here, give me your number. That way you can just give me a call if you need me to get rid of any more bugs.” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he dug into his jacket pocket to fish out his phone.

“O-okay, thank you Kuroo-san. You’re so kind.” To his utter surprise, you actually agreed and put your number in his phone. “And please, call me if you ever need help with something. You helped me out this time, so it’s only right that I return the favor.”

As you handed his phone back to him, and your fingers barely brushing against his palm, only one thought ran though his mind.

‘This day could not get any better.’

Me, talking to @bibocas-valkiria after keith vlog comes out: ok but what if Shiro is able to pilot black again and lance stays in red and Keith is not needed anymore?
Me: Like taking into consideration how much he needs to know that others are there for him… That would prob destroy him…
Season 4: Ep 1 happens!
Me: You love to make me suffer so much dont you?

bts x hogwarts

[ ☆ yoongi. ]

  • the grumpy one sitting next to jeon jungkook at the slytherin table
  • “hey hyung did you-”
  • “no”
  • also sits next to you in potions bc pre-assigned seats
  • you’ve never talked to him bc he’s practically always napping
  • time to make some potions
  • okay let’s add in some bloodroot
  • and some nightshades 
  • “and mandrake leaf, right?”
  • “i don’t know, i was asleep”
  • and mandrake leaf
  • uhh maybe mandrake leaf wasn’t a very good idea
  • mandrake root damN IT it was mandrake root
  • “is it supposed to do that–”
  • duck
  • guess who got detention after class for not listening
  • “so um–”
  • okay maybe he doesn’t want to talk is he asleep again??
  • oh hey he looks kinda cute when he’s sleeping how come you never noticed
  • “what are you staring at”
  • “nothing”

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College AU! Kuroo
  • major: biochemistry
  • minor: kinesiology (learning about anatomy and how to be healthy, etc.)
  • clubs / sports: vice captain of the volleyball team
  • he would take in another club but he has already has to juggle kinesiology, biochemistry, and volleyball.
  • speaking of kinesiology, he would much rather take that as major than biochemistry, but he has to because he can’t really afford to switch just yet.
  • he can barely get himself a full meal every single day, so yeah he can’t really afford it right now
  • he has a part-time job at a gym though that helps him gain money to eat.
  • however, he is very good at biochemistry. his professors compliment him because he sets quite the example despite his looks (he comes into his morning classes with the peak of his bedhead, and a straw in a pot of coffee).
  • as for kinesiology, he excels at it. those professors love how attentive he is during class and his papers are very detailed. what they don’t know is that he likes to study ahead of the class and decides that if what they’re learning is something he already knows, he naps in class.
  • since he’s got the smarts in kinesiology, he applies it to volleyball practices. it’s what makes him vice-captain.
  • the team loves him so much because he’s always so helpful especially when they need to plan what kind of workouts to train with.
  • mr. ushijima (as kuroo calls him) praises him for being so helpful as well. kuroo loves the small moments when he’s complimented by him.
  • but anyway, back to the kinesiology/biochem ace, one day he sleeps throughout the whole analytical chemistry class because of some late training the previous night. the professor doesn’t seem to notice, but you, the person sitting next to him, do.
  • you knew him, his face at least. the professors smile at him all the time when he walks in. however, you don’t think the professor will be smiling when he finds out he’s sleeping in class especially in one you’ve seen him somewhat struggle in.
  • you decide to do him a favor because 1.) you don’t want to see this specific professor yell at him 2.) he probably needs the help. also his cute sleeping face was kinda distracting you, but thA t’ S not importan T right now.
  • so you see that he has post-it notes next to his notebook, so you slide over and start writing.
  • skip forward 15 minutes, kuroo wakes up just as class ends and everyone’s packing up. it was then he realizes he missed a lot of info on chromatography and he’s flipping out. just before the light leaves his eyes, he spots a notebook with a post-it on it saying ‘saw you sleeping in class, thought these notes would help! it starts pg. 72. just return the notebook tomorrow on the back desk closest to the door. from a helpful person’
  • so he leaves the room, stranger’s notebook in hand, reading away. in his head, he’s just thinking ‘this person’s handwriting is really neat! better than mine..’
  • once he’s done with all his classes, he heads back to his dorm, copying the notes into his own thinking. he hears bokuto slam the door and stomps behind kuroo, obviously looking over his shoulder. bokuto’s all like ‘dude, who’s notebook is that? it certainly isn’t yours because your handwriting’s like chicken scratch.’ cue kuroo elbowing him “lightly" in the gut.
  • next day, he heads to ana-chem again and places the foreign notebook on the back desk closest to the door as instructed. he sits down at his normal seat, which thankfully wasn’t too far from the door because he wanted to see who this ‘helpful person’ was.
  • he waits and waits and waits, until the professor finally walks in through the doors near the front of the class. the helpful person finally walks in. he stares up until the professor starts the lecture. kuroo could barely face forward, but sadly,,, he needs the notes,,
  • class finally ends and kuroo’s walking towards you and in his head, he’s like ‘how the fuck do i thank them,, what approach should i go for?? polite and subtle, or should i thank them quickly?? well they’re right there so here goes buddy’
  • you close your notebook that was returned to you and as you stand up, you see sleepy head right there in front of you. he’s so fucking awkward because he doesn’t know what to say without sounding like an ass, so he just stands there staring at you for what seems to be a century. and you’re there like ‘o h GO D he’s so much cuter when he’s awakE oh fucking hell i need to stop’ in your head.
  • you finally start by saying ‘so.. were the notes helpful?’ and, he’s so flustered because he was supposed to be the one starting and was in the middle of planning out the entire conversation and in his head, he’s like ‘fucK MAYDAY MAYDAY THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO’, but outwardly, he’s like ‘oh yeah, very helpful. you saved my butt there yesterday with the chromatography notes. thank you.’
  • you nearly chuckle at how awkward he actually was. an awkward cutie. uHG FUCK STOP THAT.
  • ‘oh yeah, no problem, no big deal.’ you smile at him and he feels his heart skipped a beat, but in his mind he’s like ‘fuck fuck fucking calm down, they’re just being nice stop’. while he’s having this small inner conflict, he ends up staring at you.
  • so then mid-stare, you realize that you’re the only two in the classroom since it is technically lunch right now, so then you’re like ‘uh, it was nice talking to you’ and head out of the classroom, but rather than leaving too, he just goes off to follow you because he still doesn’t know your name??
  • you’re confused for a couple seconds and are like ‘you didn’t look in the notebook for my name?’. for a couple seconds again, you manage to leave him blank, as in ‘oh’ blank. then suddenly he snaps back into reality like ‘i’m kuroo tetsurou’. you nod with another bright smile and leave, saying ‘nice to meet you kuroo’
  • this time he doesn’t go after you
  • but by the time night falls, by god, he wished he did. bokuto too because he can’t handle kuroo just sweetly smiling at his notebook anymore.
  • so then a couple days (and hours of kuroo thinking about you) later, when bokuto is finally free from studying, he secretly follows kuroo into the lecture hall to finally end is his odd daydreaming about his notebook. (and by secretly, i mean he rolls around in the school lawn while hiding behind bushes and attracting so much attention)
  • ‘bokuto, what are you doing?’ ‘ssssHSHHH AKAASHi, I’m following kuroo’ ‘Okay, I’ll be on my way to my class then’
  • kuroo enters and sits down in the second row from the back, and bokuto army crawls in, hoodie on his head, face mask on, sunglasses on and sits in the seat behind kuroo.
  • Moments later, enter you. kuroo waves. bokuto finds his target.
  • In a flash, bokuto has unsheathed from under his disguise and is bombarding you with questions.
  • ‘Hi!!!’ 'uh,,, hi?’ 'did you lend a notebook to my BEST friend over there by any chance’ he says as points to kuroo.
  • Who, by the way, still hasn’t processed the entire situation yet.
  • ‘kuroo? yeah i di-‘ ‘great! will you go on a date with him?’
  • kuroo’s like !!! !  ! ! !  ! BOKU TO WH  AT AR E YO U DOING???? !!! and he’s basically climbing over desks to get to you two, with his face so red, and you’re like what. wHAT. WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS. bo’s just staring at you with pleading eyes like holy shit, you can feel that he really means well with this, so then by the time kuroo’s trying to hold bokuto back, you’re just like ‘yes. i mean, yeah sure. i wouldn’t mind a date.’ but inside you’re exploding like yeS THE SLEEPY CUTE BOY WANTS TO GO ON A DATE, and then you realize that you’re not even sure if he’s okay with it,
  • but judging the dorky smile on his face, it’s probably an okay
  • so then a couple days later, you both go on a date at the movie theater. you both bicker for a little bit about what movie to watch, but then you come to a consensus with Finding Dory, who wouldn’t? you’re all laughing at the movie and you are very much focused on the movie. kuroo on the other hand, he wants to make a move? like he’s fucking sweating out on what he should do
  • should i hold their hand? should i just barely brush our shoulders together? shouLD I LEAN IN A LITTLE?
  • all the while he’s shitting his pants over what he should do, you notice his staring because yes, he was staring. once again, super you has to come to the rescue to save the distressed kuroo. very casually, you slide your hand into his.
  • kuroo has little meltdown because omG WHAT HAPPENED I WASn’T EVEN payiNG ATTENTION?? so then, he’s trying to focus on the movie this time but youR HAND WAS LITERALLY IN HIS????? again, you sense this and give his hand a little squeeze. he relaxes and the rest of the movie goes without a hitch.
  • after the movie’s after and he’s driving you home, he’s got his cat-like smirk on his face and you have this weird feeling because you’re used to seeing a dorky boy, not some hoT GUY like fuck when did he have muscles??? so then, he sneaks a look at you a couple times.
  • okay, more than a couple times and you’re just ‘what? what is it? do i have a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth?’ and he’s shaking his head, ‘nothing, nothing. it’s just that you started holding my hand in the middle of the movie. a little forward, wasn’t it?’. he was full on cheshire cat grinning at you, so then you were like ‘kU ROO TETSUROU, SHUT UP OKAY AND FOCUS ON ThE ROAD’
  • this ensues a little chuckle from him (not the full on laugh because that sounds like cats scratching a black board), but holy shit,,, it was like hearing angels sing,,,,,,
  • and you’re just looking at him like, that’s so fucking ethereal,,, and he catches it, causing ‘what? are you falling hard for me? hm? hmmm? hmmmmmmmmm???’ ‘SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP’
  • so you both go on roughly 2 or 3 dates after this one, because you loved his presence. he made you feel relaxed.
  • one day, you’re both walking around the campus a few hours before the sun sets. it wasn’t an official date. he just happened to see walking back to your dorm and just wanted to walk around with you. but anyway, the whole time, neither of you don’t talk. you’re both just walking around, enjoying each’s company, holding hands.
  • until at some point, kuroo’s like ‘oh right, i have a game tomorrow.’ and you’re like ‘game????’. he’s like oh yeah,,, forgot to mention, i’m the vice-captain of the volleyball team.
  • you just stop walking. and he’s like i’m sorry i didn’t tell you sooner… but your eyes are practically glowing as you step up to him. as in there’s only a 3 inch space between your faces, and you’re like ‘can i go to one of your games??’.
  • he doesn’t realize but his heart is beating out of his chest because out of all the previous people he has dated, you’re probably the only one who was very enthusiastic about volleyball. yes, of course, most of them were supportive, but none of them were truly intrigued by the game. so then his only response is ‘yeah, sure. i wouldn’t mind having you cheer me on.’
  • and then when you smile, he feels his heart skip a beat because omg,, that smile can kill. but of course, he needs calm himself down, so he says ‘did anyone ever tell you that you have stars in your eyes?’ ‘sappy,,,’ ‘HEy!’
  • so fast forward to the next day, you arrive there for their warm ups. you walk up to the railing of the bleachers and start waving at kuroo, and he looks up at you with a smirk and a nod. at thiS POINT YOU’RE TELLING YOUR HEART TO CALM DOWN BECAUSE JFC.
  • and bokuto sees you in the stands and he’s just like “AKKASAHI KAKASAShI !!!! THAT’S THE PERSON I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT !!! THE PERSON I HOOKED KUROO WITH!!!!” and then kuroo’s embarrassed like bRO WAHT THE F UC J ARE YOU DoING
  • and you’re there slowly going down in your seat and even though you don’t know this Akaashi person that well, other than Kuroo mentioning him a few time, you could tell it was the person bowing toward you and telling Bokuto to be quiet.
  • then after warm ups, they start the game. they’re apparently going against this college in miyagi?? but anyway, your college’s team is in the lead by 2 points and it’s the second set with the score being 1-0 so far.
  • and you’re sitting there with so much interest and happiness, but also at the same time, you’re sweating out of your shoes??? because the look in kuroo’s eyes is so alluring??? anD HIS MUSCLES?? AND LIKE SWEAT?? ON HIS MUSCLES?? WHAT THE FCUKC?????
  • he looks so happy and you feel so blessed?? like yes he’s happy on dates with you, but you still treasure all his genuine smiles and what the fuck is he doing to you???
  • AND THEN WHILE YOU’RE CHEERING, KUROO LOOKS UP AT YOU FOR 13896237TH TIME AND AFTER HE’S FACING TOwARDS THE CROWD TO GO THANK THEM FOR BEING THERE TO WATCH THE GAME, HE WALKS UP TO THE STANDS (which aren’t like the stands in the series okay? imagine lower ones, metal ones, school ones.)
  • so he climbs up slightly so his face is a little over the railing and you stand up and he’s telling you to lean in so then he can tell you something. so then you bend over a little more, theN HE LEANS UP??
  • his lips are so soft?? and even though you wanted the kiss to last longer, kuroo had to pull away to go change from being sweaty. and like, you’re standing there stunned.
  • btw, bokuto’s hollering, akaashi’s smiling but also trying to keep bo quiet, and one of the other members, daishou is scowling?? like the fuck is his problem? whatever though, it ain’t yours so it doesn’t matter.
  • after he’s changed, you wait for him out in the main entrance and you see your team’s jerseys and your eyes are just searching for kuroo, but ofc you easily recognize him because of the messy hair. it’s not that hard to miss.
  • so then, there you are. in front of like at average 180cm+ people that you have never met. so then kuroo realizes this, so he’s like ‘oh um, this right here is ushijima wakatoshi. you’ve met bo. this is akaashi.’ and he goes on but like skips one member for the very end.
  • he gestures to daishou, ‘and this is jackass’
  • BUT ANYWAY, you meet the team and oh gosh your face is still pretty much flushed from the kiss and only does it hit you that everYONE WHO ATTENDED MOST LIKELY SAW THAT??
  • so while walking out and going to dinner with the team, kuroo looks at you with that playful smirk and arm around your shoulders
  • ‘red looks great on you’ ‘shUT UP OR ELSE I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE SO YOU’LL SEE RED’
  • okay enough about you both being cute in public, now for you both being cute in private.
  • movie nights every single saturday.
  • actually when kuroo first purposed this, he was like ‘wanna watch a shitty movie with me later?’ ‘sure’
  • now it’s a tradition.
  • there’s also a lot of popcorn throwing, scary movie or not.
  • and some saturdays you’re too lazy to move so then you sleep over at kuroo’s and bo’s. bo doesn’t mind, btw. he’s very chill about you (meaning he’s excited over you). he did bring you two together.
  • bo loves you, almost like a sister, but he will draw on both of your faces. which then ensues you and kuroo just chasing bo around the dorm with markers.
  • there will be a lot of third-wheeling with bo and you want to spend time with kuroo but you don’t want to hurt bo’s feelings.
  • ‘i don’t know if this is going to work’ ‘what do you mean’ ‘i can’t snuggle with kuroo if you’re gonna lay on top of us’ ‘*sniffle* okay okAY finE, I GET WHERE THIS IS GOING’ ‘bo wait don’t go into the corner’
  • there’s a lot of dorm adventures as well.
  • and oh god, other times when you’re at his dorm, he’s like ‘can you go get the bag of chips in kitchen cabinet?’ and you’re there like ???? wow, such athlete, much healthy. but he then suggests after you both finish the bag to go for a run.
  • and honestly, even though you’re supportive of his “healthy” lifestyle, he has to drag you out the door. but you end up running anyway because guess who drops you halfway out the door, so you run after his dead ass.
  • you end up running through the entire campus and college town until at some point you both coincidentally find yourselves in front of the building you both first met in. by that i mean, you stepped on the back of kuroo’s shoe it came off.
  • as you stare it the building, kuroo’s staring at you with his shoe in his hand. of course, you notice it because you feel it?? you know what i mean?? you can feel when someone’s staring at you.
  • so you look at him in the eyes and he gives you the most sincere and genuine smile?? it’s so touching to see and it’s not often that people see this side to him. they always see the provocative and dorky kuroo.
  • so you break the silence, “what?”
  • he points to the inside of his shoe, “you’re my SOLE mate” and he starts running again (but with one shoe) and then you finally understand, “THAT’S IT, I’M PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN”
  • which leads me to telling you both tell puns. you’re pun masters.
  • like ever since that match kissing dealio that went down many weeks ago, the entire college views you as the cute volleyball couple that “”””jog”””” around campus, but like the team and friends know you’re both huge dorks who just tell way too many puns with each other.
  • you’re both on a coffee date at this cute little cafe kuroo’s really close friend, kenma, works at, so kuroo starts ordering first like,, hmm,,, and takes so much time before he actually chooses something and you’re there like ‘better latte than never’ ‘wow,, you’re really the one for me. where have you bean all my life?’ and that starts a constant back and forth.
  • and kenma’s there like,,, god fucking dammit, there’s two of them now. and he just wants to walk away but he knows that he won’t hear the end of it from his boss if he leaves a table without an order so he has to endure it until you order.
  • you also write him little motivational puns on post-it notes that you stick in his notebook, like you draw an postage stamp and envelope saying ‘i’ll always stick with you’
  • he keeps all the post it notes. all of them.
  • kuroo seriously loves you so much and you make any biochem class really fun as much as he hates the classes. he wouldn’t say this because it’s too sappy, even for him, but in his mind he calls you the light of his life.
  • but to sum up, you and kuroo are the “”healthy”” college couple that make too puns for anyone to handle other than yourselves.
ROOM 105

Chapter 01: Almost Roomates






“Eh? Don’t… Don’t be like this…" he chuckled nervously "My room is in front of yours. It’s almost like…being roommates isn’t it?” he showed that boxy smile of his in defense hoping that the other will be less furious.

“Almost? Seriously?" he dropped his shoulders while glaring at the taler with a dead stare. "Allying for a room with two beds. One room! That was your only job WHY was it so hard to do it??" he tried his best not to go berserk over his best friend.

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“This Is the Third Phone You’ve Broken in Like Three Months” (Giriboy)

Requested by @silent-potato

Originally posted by fyeahgiriboy

    You were sitting in Siyoung’s living room, playing with your phone while you waited for him to get dressed when you heard a crash from his room followed by a loud exclamation of, “Fuck!”

     Instantly you jumped up and ran over to Siyoung’s door, entering to find him crouched on the floor. “Are you okay?” you asked urgently and he shook his head, turning to you to reveal the phone in his hand.

    “I put my phone on top of some books on my dresser and I accidentally knocked them over,” he said in a hushed voice, “And now the screen’s broken and it won’t turn on.”

    “Siyoung…” you said and he looked up at you sheepishly.


    “This is the third phone you’ve broken in like three months,” you said. “First knocking one into the toilet, then dropping your computer on the next one, now this?”

    “I know, I know,” he said. “It’s not like I’m trying to do it! I’ll just take it to the Apple Store and see what they can do with it.”

    “Okay,” you said. “I’ll take you.”

    “Thanks,” Siyoung said, standing up with his phone still gingerly clasped in one hand


    Two hours later the pair of you were leaving the Apple Store, a bag containing a new phone in Siyoung’s hand. “They must love you,” you said. “You’re probably their number one customer in Seoul.”

    “Babe!” he said. “It’s not funny!”

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Things I haven’t noticed people talk about that I kinda want to: 

-Moon and River’s relationship tho what a strONG AND HEALTHY MARRIAGE. Yelling about how he should call her when she’s there. Wanting her to be safe so she should take at least one knight. They’re so cute and I l o v e them

-I’m going to assume that Oscar is in the same grade as Star right. Okay? Okay good. The kid dropped out of high school at like 14 maybe 15 and he lives in his car like can we consider how fucked up his family life might be for him to just fucking up and leave. And he’s still such a pure soul he’s always smiling and positive like please protect Oscar. 

-Jackie was really cute?? All she did was support Marco and even when Star ran upstairs crying she looked at Marco like Well. Do something. Sure it’s surprising that your friend yells that she likes ur boyfriend like I mean I would be surprised but holy shit she’s so good and she’s not jealous at all and I imagine her and Marco to just have a really healthy relationship tbh. She was nothing but supportive and helpful to him part 2 of the season finale 

my two cents lmao

Frappuccino Buddies | G.D.

Requested By: Anon


It was a beautiful spring day in L.A., so, by default, you found yourself wanting to go out and walk around. Somewhere along the line, however, walking around had turned into a starbucks trip. Which is why you found yourself at your favorite starbucks, at 10:37 a.m., waiting to order your strawberries and cream frappuccino, when the Dolan Twins walked in. You’d been a fan for a while, so you were very excited. You didn’t want to be overbearing however, so you settled with ogling them from a safe distance. Soon enough, it was your turn to order your drink. It was kind of your tradition to give them a weird fake name instead of your real one, to see how badly they could misspell it, and today you gave them the name ‘Shalissa.’ You were waiting off to the side when the twins ordered, and you noticed that Grayson ordered the same thing as you, which set off your inner fangirl.


Soon enough, you heard them call ‘Venti Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino,’ and both you and Grayson walked towards it. A second later an identical looking one was also slid out. “Oh, I guess we ordered the same thing,” you laughed, while internally freaking out. “Um yeah, I guess, haha.” he replied.

“Wait, is your name… Cshallise?” He asked, quite hesitantly. You laughed. “Definitely not. Wow, they really missed the mark. I told them it was Shalissa, to see how they would misspell it, but my real name is Y/N,” you told him. “Oh, that’s actually a pretty cool idea. Maybe Me and E should do that sometime… I’m Grayson by the way.” He responded. “I can see that,” you said. “It’s on the side of your frap.”

He blushed. “Oh, yeah, duh..” Just then, Ethan walked over. “What’s taking so long, Gray?” Ethan asked, and then he looked at you, and then back at Gray. “Oh, I see. I’m Ethan,” he said, giving you a smile. Now it was your turn to blush. “Um, I know. I mean, I know who you guys are. From like Youtube and Vine (r.i.p.) and stuff..” you trailed off, wondering where all your speaking capabilities had gone.

“Oh, right. Hey Gray, do you think you could go get me a straw? Mine’s kinda weird.” Ethan asked. Gray nodded, then walked away. “My brother thinks you’re cute.” Ethan blurted. “But shhh, I didn’t tell you that. At least if he doesn’t have the balls to tell you, you’ll know that it’s what he’s thinking.” Gray got back then. “Okay, E, you ready to go?”

Before they left, Gray turned to you. “Oh, yeah, you should totally give me your number so we can talk more.” He said, slightly nervous. You grinned, and typed your number into his phone. He laughed when he looked at the contact. “Frappuccino buddies?” You nodded, and smiled back. “Frappuccino buddies.”

Harry Styles - Says He Loves You As More Than a Friend Imagine

[Hope you enjoy and that is’t what you want. Hope I got it right! It’s kinda short, shorter than my usual imagines, at least but… I think it’s cute.]

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Welcome to the Wild Side [2]

<– [One] |

Genre: Superpowers + College AU

Rated: T

Words: 1,961

A/N: I’m back again with this train wreck xD surprise surprise. Anyway, enjoy the second chapter. All the chapters in this story are probably gonna be shorter, but hey–on the bright side, that probably means that I can publish them faster :p

In the middle of your lecture you find yourself staring at your contact list, eyes locked on the contact that simply reads “Jeon Jungkook”. He had given it to you a week ago after having saved you. You hadn’t wanted to take it—feeling like he was shoving himself into your personal space without warning—but he’d just snatched you phone with a roll of his eyes and entered his number in anyway. Nothing had ever come of it—he had never texted you or even called, and you were beginning to assume that he had no plans of contacting you either. Why would he, anyway?

Sighing, you pick up your bag and sling it over your shoulder, lazily making your way from the lecture hall along with the other students. Once again, its dinner time and you need to go to work. So, you turn the opposite direction of most students and…not-so-softly ram your face into someone’s chest.

“Oof!” you breathe, stumbling backwards and rubbing at your now sore nose. The blond haired male in front of you blinks, his hand reaching out to help steady you.

“Sorry about that,” he says meekly, flashing you an apologetic, dimple-lined smile, and you stare as he shuffles past you and continues on his way. Well that was an unfortunate occurrence, but at least he was kinda cute…

All of the sudden screams ring out in the distance, coming from the direction of the dining hall, and you turn to see what’s going on. Up ahead there are people running in all directions, looking scared, and you take a step forward to try and get a better look but the buzzing of your phone makes you stop.

Jeon Jungkook

“Hello?!” you say, surprise evident in your voice as your eyes remain ahead, watching as the screams grow louder.

You gotta meet up with me right now!” Jungkook’s hurried voice replies. You stare at your phone, frowning at the incredulous request.


That psycho dude is looking for you! He usually never lets people get away so you’re kinda in deep shit right now!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You scream, eyes widening as ahead, through the parted crowd, you spot the red-eyed man who had nearly murdered you the week before. You’re already in motion before he spots you, hightailing it out of there with you cellphone pressed tightly against your ear.


There’s a struggle at his end of the line, and suddenly a new voice is talking to you.

Hi there! Just meet us at the old art building on east campus, alright?”

“And who are you?!” you scream as you veer around a bench, chancing a look over your shoulder. A couple hundred feet behind you is the red-eyed man, having spotted you at some point and now chasing after you like a beast hungry for prey.

My name is Jin.


I mean you did ask who I wa—”

There’s the sound of the phone being passed over once again.

Just hurry your ass over here!” a completely different voice barks, and then the line goes dead. You curse, shoving your phone back into your pocket and continuing to run as fast as your feet can manage. A minute later the art building comes into sight and you sprint across the dry grass, ducking through the front door and crashing into a body immediately.

“Ouch,” the male beneath you whines and you stumble to your feet, gasping when you see the blood staining his head. Not to mention—oh god!—it’s the blond haired, dimpled boy you’d just see a minute before.

“Oh shit!” you say, not going to deny that you’re royally freaking out. You reach for him, making as if you’re going to help—but how the hell are you supposed to help a head wound??? You’re not a pre-med student! All you know is CPR and it’s been years since you learned it!

However, before you can stand there and make more of a fool of yourself, someone grabs you around the waist.

“C’mon idiot,” Jungkook’s voice reaches your ears, his fluffy hair tickling your cheek as he hefts you up onto his shoulder. You open your mouth to question his actions—because honestly what the fuck??!?! That blond haired guy could be dying and he’s dragging you away! But your voice dies in your throat when the front door of the building splinters open. Jungkook bounds up the stairs just as you catch a glimpse of mister Sasuke Uchiha wannabe—his red eyes locking on blond head-wound, the muscles in his arms flexing as he readies himself to pounce.

“Jun—mmph!” you try to protest, internally and externally ready to flip the FUCK OUT—but Jungkook slaps his hands over your lips, effectively silencing you as he runs up the last three flights. Finally on the top floor, he jumps to the right and skids into a dirty art room—the door shutting behind him.

Apparently feeling safe for time being, Jungkook allows you to struggle off his shoulder, watching you with the slightest furrow of his eyebrows as you crawl to the nearest wall and press your back to the cool brick—lungs heaving.

It’s at that point that you realize you two aren’t in here alone—there are 5 other boys scattered throughout the room, all of them looking at you with varying degrees of worry.

“You ok?” one asks, moving closer. His voice sounds familiar, even though you’ve never seen this brunet haired male before. It clicks after a frantic second that this must be Jin.

“I am—but what about that dude downstairs!” you hiss, pointing a finger towards the door. “He’s probably fucking dead because of me! Oh god…,” you trail off, hunching over to grab at your hair. You’re so stupid for having tried to save that woman—if you hadn’t been dumb enough to step out into the open that blond guy wouldn’t be dead, and you wouldn’t be royally fucked, and–!

“Who is she talking about?” a deeper voiced male asks, and you peek up. The one speaking is shorter, with silver hair covered by a snapback. He has the balls to yawn—as if Sasuke Uchiha isn’t downstairs rampaging. “Namjoon? I didn’t see him make it up.”

“Yeah, hyung got the short end of the stick,” Jungkook sighs, rubbing his head. He casts his gaze over at you.

“Well, he’ll live,” another chimes in, tone nonchalant—and at seeing your incredulous look he flashes you a brilliant smile that causes his eyes to disappear.

“No he won’t!” you argue, “There’s no way! He—!” You can hardly bear to think about what’s possibly happening to him right now…

“Oh, hush,” gray hair speaks up again, pushing forward from where’s he’s been leisurely leaned against one of the tables. B-lining for you, you don’t dare tear your eyes off of him, staring him straight on as he finally makes it to where you’re sitting.

“We’re all gonna get out of here alive, Namjoon included,” he tells you, his gaze reflecting his seriousness. “And frankly, I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me today—so trust us to get you outta here and stop that red eyed freak.”

“And if for some reason we fail,” cheeky box-smile adds in—how many of these guys are there???—“then you can blame Jungkook.”

“What–?!” Jungkook steps forward, outraged at the insinuation that this is all his fault—but Jin shushes him.

“All of you shut up.”

Immediately the room goes silent, and you watch them all in question, furrowing your eyebrows when you see them all frown, eyes shifting to look at the door. And then you hear it too—angry yells, stomping feet coming closer and closer.

Give me that bitch and the fucker who punched me!” Red-eyes roars, his voice bellowing up the stairwell, and you immediately shiver, your blood running cold. Eye-smile notices, his frown deepening.

“We should probably get her out of here.”

“Hoseok,” Jin nods, his eyes flickering to you, and Hoseok dips his head in understanding. Hurrying to your side, he offers you a hand and pulls you to your feet when you accept the help.

“Grab onto me,” he tells you, wrapping one of your hands around his waist. You want to question him—ask what he’s about to do or what the hell all of these boys are scheming—but at that moment the floor shakes, angry footfalls just feet away from the door—and without hesitation you grip him even tighter.

“Go!” gray-hair growls, shifting into a fighting stance, his hands palm-open at his sides. You hear the sink in the corner rattling angrily, and the last thing you see before the door crashes open is every single table in the room lifting off the floor—and then, all of the sudden…you’re gone.

The world shifts around you—streaking past in a blur of bright colors—and when your feet finally meet solid ground all the sights in front of you have changed. You’re not in an art room in an old building, you’re—you pause to look around. Immediately familiar landmarks fill your vision, and you slice your gaze upward when a crash sounds in the distance—from the…east campus art building. How–?!

“Teleportation,” Hoseok explains, flashing you a brief, understanding smile. However, a majority of his attention is directed at the building the two of you had just evacuated. You’re on the roof of the next building across the way—watching as the art building shakes, screams of rage and anger ringing out.

After a minute, however, the shaking stops—as does the screaming. Immediately you step forward, hoping and praying for the best—that the boys are all alive, and that the Sasuke Uchiha wannabe is gone—for good.

Luckily, the heavens seem to be on your side for once, because after another grueling minute of waiting, the front door of the building squeaks open, and box-smile is the first to skip out. He waves at both you and Hoseok happily as the others trail out behind him—their clothes a little dirty and light scratches coating their skin—but overall it hardly looks like they had been involved in a fight with a maniac.

And—to your immense relief—Jin steps out of the building last, accompanied by the male with dimples—whose head looks healed as ever—no evidence of the injury marking him besides the thin line of dried blood near his ear.

“Hoseokie hyung!” Taehyung yells happily, grinning from ear to ear. Mimicking the wide smile, Hoseok waves back, but immediately freezes when sirens sound in the distance.

“Shit!” you hear dimples curse, all of the boys on the pathway below immediately scrambling into action.

“Let’s book it!”

Glancing over at Hoseok, unsure what to do or say, you simply allow yourself to be tugged into his hold once again. Next thing you know, you’re on the ground, feet quickly pounding against the cement beneath you as you make your escape—all 7 of the males keeping pace around you.

When you catch eye-smiles gaze, he giggles at your confused and surprised look, and beams a smile.

“Welcome to the club!” he says, the others laughing as soon as the words leave his mouth—and even though you’re still freaking out and have no idea why or who you’re running from—you end up curving your lips into a small smile too.

“I really didn’t want to join!”

At that, the guys laugh even louder—and you join them, feeling surprisingly safe and relaxed in their presence. Just what have you gotten yourself into?

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omg I loved the lil mini tae scenario !! for I was the one who requested it btw, so thank you !!! may I request a having a baby scenario w/ seokjin please ??

Having a little baby with Jin?

hello thank you guys for requesting i am so haooy i get so many request! thanks for supporting me and this blog it means the world to me!

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Daddy Jin

  • hello time to hear about number one dad material right here, Kim seokjin!!
  • cries his children are going to be so perfect and gorgeous and sweet and talented wow
  • I think he would be like taehyung and be very traditional when it came to having kids and he would want to be married before it happened
  • I think while he would be the first one married, he would take a little time to start a family because he would want to enjoy married life with just the two of you!
  • like you guys wanna travel and see the world and do cute married things (idk what those are) but you guys want to do them all and while jin loves loves loves children he doesn’t want to be tied down by them from day one, you know?
  • so I think after a year he would finally sit down with you and be like all flustered and shy and sheepish and he’s so nervous and you’re kinda oh alright?? what’s this about?
  • and idk he seems really gushy to me so he would probably wanna ask you in a cute way and so he would probably make your favorite dinner and he would set out some candles and play your favorite music (or your favorite music that was calm and like romantic he’s not gonna blare freaking linkin park or something)
  • and you know whenever he does your favorite dinner up like this that there’s something very very important on his mind and so you’re a little jittery going into this dinner
  • and you guys are sitting all cute and it starts off like any normal dinner he’s talking about his day and what not and you guys are holding over the table and he’s running his thumbs over the back of your hands and it’s so cute and he’s so red did i mention that he is even red from his ears
  • and you kinda giggle cause your husband is the cutest thing in the entire world how is he so perfect??
  • and he’s smiling all bright and you guys are playing footsies under the table and it’s so touching and he doesn’t really want to ruin the moment because what if you take the news poorly like what if you are not about having a little mini prince or princess running around??
  • but um you married this angel right here and you can tell when he is thinking about something or upset and you kinda “jin honey, you can tell me anything you know that right dear?”
  • and he nods and takes a deep breath and he kinda “remember that one time in the grocery store?”
  • and you kinda “um more specific plz we have been at least ten trillion times”
  • and he gets even more red and he just “when we were trying to make that cute baby life, and I mean, I said something to you and then you nodded all cute and-”
  • “Kim Seokjin just tell me silly!”
  • “I want to start our family!! I want to start our family now!”
  • and he just covers his mouth with his hands like he’s five or something and he didn’t really mean to blurt it out like that but this is something he has been thinking about for like so long now and he was tired of waiting and it just kinda happened??
  • and he looks over at you to make sure you’re doing okay and handling it all okay and you’re just smiling to yourself and playing with your napkin and you’re staring down at something all cute and you whisper “oh i thought you would never bring it up and i would have to be the one to say something to you…”
  • and you both start giggling again and you eat your dinner and it is wonderful because seokkie is wonderful and you both are so giddy and excitable the entire night and giggling all cute
  • i think with jin there wouldn’t be a big hello i am pregnant because he’s pretty observant and just really caring and sweet so like a good husband he gets pretty used to you and when you stop complaining about cramps and chocolate cravings the gears in his head start turning
  • i think if you married jin there would never ever be any sort of secrets and you guys would truly share everything and do everything together, that’s just the type of guy he is
  • and so when you do confirm that you are pregnant you wouldn’t make a big deal out of it (also because you knew if you came out of nowhere all big and extravagant the poor thing might have a heart attack)
  • but when you do confirm he probably starts to tear up not like a full out sob but hey he’s waiting long enough for this day to happen let him have his moment
  • and he picks you up and spins you around and he kisses your face all over cause what a sweetheart lordie me
  • and then once you two calm down (even though he’s probably giggly for the next two weeks honestly) he calls yoongi first cause yoongi is always the silent supporter, the boy with the biggest heart who does the little things that show it and he kinda “yoongi guess what you are going to be an uncle aren’t you excited i know im excited, oh my god yoongi im going to be a daD”
  • and yoongi laughs and he kinda “hey congrats you two, im happy for you. name the little squirt after me would you?”
  • and he is really happy cause jin has been the mom for all of them for years now it’s time he actually had his own kids and yoongi knows out of all of them jin probably wants this the most
  • tbh he is probably the one who organizes all sorts of showers like sets the baby shower up for you and stresses over the details for you cause he wants to make everything perfect for you and jin
  • out of the group he would be the second to have kids i think after taehyung
  • but he calls the other boys and hoseok cries at the noise and jeongguk and chim are betting on the gender and tae is handing out advice left and right and namjoon is worrying like hyung don’t excite yourself to the point of a heart attack please
  • okay but i need this cause
  • jin is always like okay “since you are now carrying our small prince and/or princess we are putting you on a healthy baby diet”
  • and by healthy baby diet he means everything is going to be organic and you are not eating sugar or anything he is so strict cause i imagine him being a little superstitious when it comes to this kind of thing and he’s getting advice from his mom who tells him if you want the baby to be healthy make sure your wife eats healthy
  • but at the same time he will drive out to the 24 hour mart at two in the morning to get you some pickles or something if you’re having cravings he spoils you rotten, even more than usual
  • even though he has you eating crazy healthy he has you eating all the time cause he knows especially the first trimester people can get so sick that they end up losing weight instead of gaining so he makes sure to keep you well fed
  • “seokjin can you not i am already huge as is this is the last thing i need thank you very much”
  • he loves to sing to the cute baby bump okay like every morning he wakes you up by singing all loud and proud and when he realizes you’re awake he runs over and kisses your belly and then kisses you and then kisses your belly again and sings your favorite songs!! cause he insists the baby can hear
  • he probably worries a lot too though he wants this to run smoothly as possible
  • he would be the type to sign you up for classes
  • like the yoga classes that help with whatever they help with and then parenting 101 classes and he is always calling his mom and making sure he’s doing everything right!!
  • he wants to make the nursery mario themed
  • he probably gets away with it too
  • he’s always updating the boys with news like hello yes today i read this cute mario story to my baby just letting you guys know
  • he doesn’t let you do anything
  • like you try to get up and do laundry he rushes over and panics and makes you sit back down and does the laundry and ends up mixing a red sock in the whites or something but to him that is so much better than something causing you to strain yourself
  • he becomes such a doting housekeeper like he vacuums and does the dishes and while he’s at it makes you a little pillow/blanket fort on the couch and puts on your favorite show for you
  • before the baby is even old enough he is trying to find out genders by himself using all these old wives tales??
  • and you kinda what
  • “no seriously dear just pick this key off the ground and i’ll know if we’re having a prince or princess”
  • “Um seokjin, yesterday, with the wedding ring trick, yah that thing? you concluded it was going to be a cute little boy”
  • he says he doesn’t care about the gender of the baby but you have insider information from hoseok and yoongi that he is keeping his fingers crossed for a little girl!!
  • you guys really loved the entire gender reveal party thing that tae did and so you decide that you would like to try one as well
  • but you don’t want to do the same exact thing obviously like that is a no no
  • so you guys go to the doctors and you’re like yes please we want to do a surprise thing and so we’ll take the results in an envelope
  • but anyway you guys get to see your baby up on screen for the first time and that’s when jin actually cries and he holds your hands and he’s laughing and he’s all red again and he kinda “oh my god, that’s actually our baby, look at our baby…”
  • and he gets so excited when he sees the little heartbeat on the screen and he cries a little bit more and he smiles down at you and whispers “thank you for this”
  • and he takes a really long time to calm back down he kinda is in this daze like wow um that is my child i made this i made this child and wow it has little hands and !!!
  • and so after that you get the details of the party planned cause that envelope sitting on the kitchen counter is so so tempting
  • you guys take it to the local bakery and kindly ask if they could make a cake and the inside are the color of the gender
  • like tae’s party, you guys want all your guests to wear the colors of what gender they think the baby is going to be
  • jin doesn’t even hesitate to go all out in his pink even though it’s much more than tae’s baby shower thing
  • he has like seven different pink boas and then a tiara and a shirt and these pink converse again and some god awful pink skinny jeans and his glasses on and he has a magic wand and he is so into it it’s so cute and precious and he puts pink decorations up and then maybe like one blue balloon in the back corner of the living room like okay jin thanks for being biased
  • the day of the party you reach for this cute blue shirt and jin shrieks in horror even though you could have sworn he was in the bathroom?? and you promptly put the shirt down and exchange it for something pink before your husband has a freaking heart attack
  • and so you two both have pink on even though you seriously have your money on a boy but jin will not allow that not in his house
  • jeongguk and chim end up agreeing (they say the true maknae line needs to stay together but they’re really just bitter tae has a child now and doesn’t have the time to hang out as much anymore) so they stick together and when they find out taehyung is going in pink they immediately settle on blue
  • hoseok the poor thing couldn’t make up his mind and so he decides that he will wear yellow instead because yellow is a beautiful bright happy color and someone needed to spice things up
  • namjoon is dutifully in pink cause he didn’t want jin to have a complete meltdown lord have mercy
  • yoongi is in blue and he smirks when jin gets all pouty with him (but later he pulls up his shirt to reveal a pink undershirt- turns out he was playing with jin for the reaction aspect of it)
  • and jin is about to cry again because he didn’t think his parents would be able to see cause time differences but they video call and they all have their pink on and they’re so cute and they comment on how big you’ve gotten and how you glow and they’re so excited to find out what their grandbaby will be
  • you have to cut the cake because jin is shaking and you’re scared the poor thing is gonna end up cutting himself
  • and he covers his eyes with his hands and he’s smiling wide you can see him and his parents are laughing at him !!
  • and you cut the cake open and you gently nudge your husband “jin… seokjin, open your eyes honey…”
  • and he squeals and he nearly tackles you in a hug honed sky that’s how forceful he is and you’re scared he’s gonna squeeze you half to death he’s so excited
  • he’s cheering and pressing kisses all over your face and he’s rubbing your belly
  • “hello little princess, how are you doing?”
  • and everyone is cheering too because look he got what he wanted look at this!
  • and jeongguk ruins the moment and he “can I have some cake now?”
  • and yoongi hushes him and cuts him a piece of cake while you and jin flip out over your baby girl
  • jin goes all out shopping for clothes for this girl
  • he gets a lot of pink obviously and he gets a lot of those shirts that are like “daddy’s little girl” or “daddy’s princess”
  • and you’re like excuse me jin I am carrying this child she needs one shirt that shows some love and support for me
  • he gets her these little shoes and socks and tutus and he blows so much money on her clothes and namjoon gets involved too cause he doesn’t have his own kid but he is the self proclaimed fashion master
  • you guys get cute hats and dresses for her too and she probably has a million outfits!!
  • and his parents send so many clothes and your parent(s) give(s) clothes too because grandbaby!! and this child has more clothes than anyone you know and they’re not born yet
  • the first kick is in the grocery store (how touching!)
  • you’re getting ingredients cause yoongi and namjoon are coming over for lunch and you have eaten everything in the fridge because this girl is seriously her dad and always wants something to eat
  • and she just kicks
  • she’s hungry and she just kicks (or that’s what you’re telling yourself at least)
  • and you just calmly grab jin’s hand and you rest it on your tummy
  • and at first he doesn’t see what’s up but then she kicks again and he squeaks and drops the carton of milk he was hiding and it splatters all over the floor
  • he could give a crap though he hugs you and kisses your forehead and he’s about to cry again you can tell
  • and when the clean up person comes jin turns to them
  • “hi yes my baby just kicKED can you believe that oh my god my baby is kicking!!!”
  • and when you check out he tells the cashier as well and your face is so red and you kinda jin leave me bE
  • and then he calls all the boys and tells them the deal “yes hello everyone put me on speaker I need to tell the story of the day my baby kicked because she could sense her stunningly handsome father was near”
  • “I’m pretty sure she was hungry jin dear…”
  • “no she definitely heard my beautiful voice and reacted”
  • okay but taehyung is always over and he’s like yes hello I’m the expert at babies I would like to help give you all the advice you need to know
  • and jin loves holding his little mini tae he loves holding that child in his arms and cooing and making funny faces at him
  • and he looks over at you “this is gonna be us in a few months, with our own little angel… oh god can you imagine her little cheeks and her nose?”
  • okay but the actual baby time!!
  • I think she would be a beautiful spring baby okay so like April? April like early April
  • and she comes on time too like you’re pretty prepared you have your bag and you’ve done your classes !!
  • it happens when you’re asleep you wake up and you’re like wtf why am I cramping up am I dreaming???
  • and then you kinda oh shit
  • you bolt up and you quickly throw on some actual clothes and you’re shaking jin awake and he’s kinda plz I’m trying to sleep it’s three in the morning
  • “seokjin plz my water just broke would you like me to give birth on our bed?”
  • and he’s awake right away
  • some expecting mothers like do their make up for the delivery
  • not you
  • but jin he’s like fixing his hair and making sure he’s okay and you have to slap some sense into him
  • lucky for you guys it’s night time so there’s no traffic and you get there pretty soon
  • he’s actually really collected throughout the entire thing
  • he lets you squeeze his hand as hard as you need and he brushes their hair from your forehead and he is really calming and he just speaks to you softly and reminds you “just a little longer and we can see our baby girl!”
  • he refuses to let go of your hand and the nurses are like sir plz move a little bit and he glares the heck out of them
  • when the baby is finally born he sobs honestly and you’re so exhausted you can’t cry but he’s sobbing his eyes out because his baby girl is healthy and actually here
  • and while they clean the baby up he tells you how proud he is of you and how happy he is and he’s kind of a mess but you know what he means
  • and he kisses you softly cause wow your family is so perfect
  • you get to hold your angel first
  • and when jin holds her he nearly loses it she’s so tiny and fragile and he’s so scared he’s going to break her or something
  • and she opens her eyes at he cries again and he starts talking to her so softly “hi there… hi there love, it’s me, your papa”
  • surprise! all the boys end up driving over to the hospital when they hear the news and they’re all waiting outside excitedly and jimin brought her a little bear and tae and his family are there too !!
  • newborn things !!
  • jin sings to his girl every single night no matter what
  • always willing to get up in the middle of the night if she starts to cry
  • “hey you get some sleep I got her”
  • and you’ll walk in to find her sleeping on his chest and he’s dozing off too and they’re on the rocking chair and !!!
  • he loves to have her in the kitchen with him when she’s a little older like he’ll keep her up on his hip and try to explain all the ingredients to her but she’s just babbling on and on and on
  • he has a little Mario hat for her that she always wears
  • he keeps her on his lap when he plays Mario kart
  • he’s always singing to her always like does he even talk anymore?? not really
  • he loves keeping her in your bed when she’s big enough and this girl loves to chill on his chest cause he’s so broad
  • she’s a total daddy’s girl honestly there’s no denying it she always reaches out for him and clings to him
  • and you jokingly “after I carry you for nine months this is what I get”
  • her first word is appa !! or pa or something like that you know??
  • and she’s so spoiled by jin and her uncles
  • she has Jins lips and face shape and complexion and your eyes and nose and hair
  • she’s such a good baby too like she never cries much or whines and she likes to babble and be with you two she’s such a good baby really a princess
  • and this is long so I’ll continue with part two soon!!