at least he's kinda cute right

i had a really cute dream that Uraraka somehow like…. got hurt, and was in the infirmary (which was, for some reason, huge), but the entire class was hanging around her and a few other students who were hurt (i can’t remember who else it was, but there were at least 3 others)

Bakugou was on her right side and he made her food, and absently brushed her hair while she talked with Mina. he was kinda acting like a grumpy caretaker. and then the class all ended up falling asleep in the infirmary and Bakugou ended up sleeping on the same bed with Uraraka. just kinda…. sprawled out next to her. he kinda looked like he might fall off the bed somehow, but didn’t

some of the other kids were like on the floor, or sleeping in other infirmary beds, or in weird positions, but they all refused to leave the room when their friends were all hurt, haha

and the funny thing is, in the dream, i thought it was from a new chapter or something and i was rushing to make a post about how cute certain panels were and was trying to crop one of them when i woke up

it was so cute, hahaha

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Dudeee this sounds super weird but you know that gif where Jackson puts his hand on Youngjae's waist? Weell if you look closely at his expression, he kinda has this 'oh' moment and he stops singing for like a sec, it's cute just thought to let u know

Hello, my lovely!

Don’t worry! That doesn’t sound weird at all! At least not to me. I’m sorry it took me so many hours to see this, but you’re absolutely right about Youngjae’ adorable expression when Jackson’s hand slides doooown his waist… I may be internally screaming right now, ahaha!!!

[GIF by jackseunie]

Have you seen the full video though?? If not, you should go watch it immediately because the amount of hugging and touching throughout the entire thing is ridiculously beautiful! And it’s not only in the Jackjae moment where Youngjae was being so incredibly touchy though that little moment you pointed out is rather special!! There wasn’t much 2jae or Markjae because Markbum were off doing their own thing on the other side of Jinyoung for the most part, but we had some major 2young, some adorable Yugjae, the Jackjae you mentioned, and some cute maknae line! 

I am absolutely awful at screenshots, but! There are just so many cute moments, and those are only some of the Youngjae centric ones without even touching on everything else! Ahh, but thank you for pointing that moment out and giving me some Jackjae (and also Jack2jae, ahaha) feels… and I’m sorry I just turned into such trash! At least now you needn’t feel any shame compared to me, haha! But all Youngjae pairings are cute af so I cannot be blamed!

Bless you for sharing, lovely!!

[Bonus Trash Time: When you’re trying to screenshot 2young moments and you catch Jaebum staring at Youngjae… JB won’t let me escape the 2jae trash can!]

What about another highschool au?

  • Achilles is on track team and Pat is this kid that helps at the infirmary after school 
  • And then one day Achilles trips or something like that and hurts himself. He’s bleeding but says things like “nah i’m fine” and everyone is like “Achilles. You are BLEEDING”
  • At some point Odysseus just take him to the damn infirmary and no, your opinion doesn’t matter, stop complaining for at least five seconds
  • Aaand when they got there, Achilles sees the cute boy that is organizing somethings and he knows hes fucked
  • So he kinda zoned out when Odysseus starts talking about how he got the scratches. The boy just nods and in the end asks something to Achilles and he is like “shit i dont know what he is saying but i have to say something” and this something is very dumb, like “band-aids??? merthiolate???”
  • And then Odysseus smirks while the boy looks really confused and only says “ok right. Anyway my name is Patroclus, now sit down”
  • Why do I do this to myself
boyfriend! jimin

“HI!! can you do boyfriend! Jimin?? I beg you~~ <3” -Anon

Comments: sorry it took me so long<3


•awh chimchim as a boyfriend lets go he would be one of those boyfriends who are kinda clingy but in the cute way

•like he’d ask you to call him when you got home or would want to do stuff anytime he could

•enjoys calling you cute

•always showing each other funny things you find on the Internet

•cuddling would be you right next to him and at least one hand on your waist

•tracing words or phrases on each other’s arm with your finger

•always complementing each other just so the other feels nice about themselves

•shy playful winks

•not so playful winks

•straddling him when you two are just hanging out

•getting ready for the day together

•plans to scare hoseok

•hugs always leading to him picking you up and holding you while you wrap your legs around his waist

•going outside on a warm night and putting on a song that reminds you of him and just slow dancing

•singing to you constantly

•you teaching him how to braid your hair and then him braiding your hair while you guys are just hanging out

•his kisses would be smooth and passionate and he wouldn’t care who saw

•PDA all the time

•squishing each other’s faces together

•he would definitely buy you one of those giant teddy bears

•and then get jealous if you cuddle with it instead of him

•mutual butt grabs

•he would never ever let you buy things for yourself especially when it came to food

•jimin would most definitely start a pillow fight with you

•nights full of you two just singing and dancing to classics

•would call out any guy who hit on you

•kissing each other’s noses

•has to be your center of attention

•like you’ll be doing something like reading or homework and he’ll just sigh REALLY LOUD

•and you would be like what jimin

•and he’d just crawl next to you and put his hand over what you are trying to concentrate on

•so into just grabbing your ass

•waking up to him with a breakfast for you and he would say that he made it all by himself

•but you’d know that Jin helped him

•he would show you off literally to everyone

•he would most definitely tease you by putting his hand on your inner thigh

•he would take pictures of you doing the simplest things like making breakfast or doing your makeup

•blanket snuggles

•warm cups of tea/ coffee with him and sitting by the window and talking about an embarrassing moment

•he loves the sound of your laugh, and he would not help but to laugh along with you

•cute candle lit dinners

•hickeys would be all over you and him

•and when the other guys ask about them you guys are just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

•he would do anything to make you smile, because if you are upset it makes him upset

•you would blow him kisses and he’d pretend to catch them and put them on his own lips

•his morning voice telling you that he loves you

•he would listen to your conspiracy theories and your stories and your childhood

•and last but not least, he would make sure that you feel like the most beautiful person in the world and that you are irreplaceable and that you have such a huge piece of his heart

•and goddammit you better do the same for him.

for any maitara shippers out there (no matter how little of us there are)

remember school time shipping and how it ended with katara going out with the blue spirit? and it was established that the blue spirit CAN’T be zuko (as well as aang, haru, or jet for that matter)?


think about it. mai wasn’t really there except for that one scene with azula (and out of the three of ozai’s angels, she looked the least enthused to be messing with katara. well i mean, when does mai ever look enthused? but still)

and what if this whole thing started as a revenge against zuko? like mai’d be all “he’s ditching me right before the dance? well i’ll show him by STEALING HIS GURL WHILE USING HIS ALTER EGO” except along the way she’s like “wow katara’s pretty cute i can kinda see why zuko and those other guys are after her” AND THEN it becomes a full-blown crush and so she asks katara to the dance as the blue spirit and in this universe katara obvs likes the quiet mysterious ones and so she says yes

anyway what i’m saying is that MAITARA HAPPENS (sorry aang, you tried buddy)

Reaction: Slipping in the shower


*rushes over and helps you*

you’re so clumsy!!” *embarrassed laugh*

“well.. when i’m already here…i think i can’t let you alone for safety reasons” ;))

Bobby would come over immediately and be so worried at first. After he sees that you’re alright though, he’d laugh in a cute way, kinda embarrassed because obviously you’re standing naked right in front of him. On second thought though, it isn’t like he didn’t see you naked before cough, so he might as well just join you (or at least try to do so lol).



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uhm..ok.. i didn’t look don’t worry..should or do you need…help?”

Hanbin would be also of course concerned and focus on helping you at first. Afterwards he’d get so shy and wouldn’t be sure where to look or what to do, although in his head he wanted to look cool and say some cool shiz to impress you and allow him to join.


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“Uhm well hello there”

“I mean” *stares* “are you..okay??”

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“i mean…i wasn’t looking!!” *stutters” “i’m turning around see..i was just about to go”

This boy would have the cutest and most awkward reaction out of all of them. At first he would help you of course, then reflexively say out loud what he is thinking, regret it shortly after and then feel so damn embarrassed about the whole situation. You wouldn’t even have a chance to answer because he’d just leave after making an cute idiot out of himself.


*can’t stop staring’ “I’m..leaving already..” *keeps staring*

Chanwoo couldn’t really control himself. After being concerned and helping you he would just stand there as if he is hypnotized and stare at your face of course because uhh you’re eyes are so beautiful. It would be kinda cute because he is really not staring at you private parts but just standing there and looking at you.


are you sure you’re okay babe?”

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“do i need to shower from now on with you as well”

Rather than having any dirty thoughts first, he would seriously be concerned and ask you if you’re truly okay. He would keep his cool and just laugh about it, making some joke and then leave again, telling you to finish safely so he can look after you after you’re dressed again. 


you better take care from now on, alright?”

It would be a great shock for Jinhwan and he’d be probably the most concerned about you. Completely ignoring the fact that you’re naked right now, he would just slightly laugh it off after he checked that you’re okay and tell you to take better care from now on.


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ahh, i’m sorry!! i really just wanted to check on you”

Donghyuk’s reaction would be beyond adorable. He would feel so embarrassed afterwards and feel so bad about coming in since you’re okay. He’d make sure to clear up any misunderstandings after you’re done with the shower and although he obviously saw you naked already he would apologize in such a cute way.

lmao this req was so much fun so i did all of them haha! hope you like it. -Moyo

Reaction: Pushing into the Pool


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awww cutie you could never push me into the wa–” *ends up falling into the water*

Hanbin would laugh at you first but soon regrets it as he falls into the water because he is.. just Hanbin. He would come out right after to get his revenge (although it wasn’t entirely your fault) and first give you a nice big cuddly wet hug and then try to push you into the water with him (it would take him at least 2 tries).


It’s okay” *ruffles hair* “you tried”

Jinhwan would think it’s cute and give you a small laugh, ruffling your hair to show you how cute he thinks you are. When you the least expect it, he would push you into the water but going with you as well, so he would kinda get his revenge but at the same time get himself wet too.


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*turns you around and pushes you into the water instead* “oops my hand slipped”

Bobby’s reflexes are fast aka he would push you into the water instead and act innocent/cute afterwards because it really was an accident. He is a nice boyfriend though sometimes so instead of leaving you hanging, he would take off his clothes and get into the water and tell you that you have to pay him back by taking off your clothes as well ;-).


let’s go together instead–” *pushes you into the water*

Yunhyeong would laugh at first at your failed try and pretend like it’s okay but end up pushing you into the water. He would feel bad though and give you his hand to help you back up, which means your chance to finally get him into the water and not fail this time.

- moyo


Eriluvs: Oh my god maybe you could draw like a cute little Cole?? Maybe a chibi Cole? Or a normal one. but it would be super nice to see Cole in your style holy shit ;7;

This ended up as a kind of sloppy doodle but,, h hh Idek I kinda rushed it but at least it’s something ;V; I really want to draw Cole more in the future, he’s one of my favorite DA:I characters oh my god

bonus (it was necessary) :