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Lowkey liking Tom more but liking Marco less as characters idk

I personally feel like Marco has either been written crap this season or they’re planning something bad for him.
He’s clearly rebounding, or at least trying to, onto star which is unfair and cruel to both star AND tom. Something’s wrong with Marco and I can’t tell if it’s a plot point or it’s just bad writing.
But my baby tom is growing better and I’m so proud of him, he’s getting such good development!

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I really wish that this episode hadn’t been this jam packed, but It wasn’t the worst?The dialogue was really clunky yeah but meh?— other than that though, I’m a tiny bit pissy over ketch coming back. Like, I expect something like the charm from him, but I question why he wasn’t salt and burned. Not even a hunters pyre just, making sure he didn’t come back even as a ghost. Now we have to worry about him chasing down jack.Don’t even get me started on them trying to make Lucifer a ‘good guy’ though

YEP. Well, they thought he was just plain old human. It does bother me that they wouldn’t have at least burned him on principle (like one does with, say, necromancers just to be sure…), but also to the Winchesters, a Hunter’s Funeral is a sign of respect and care, and they had neither for Ketch, so I guess I can understand why they just dumped his body.

Still, though, I don’t think they’ll make that mistake again.

I don’t really know if they’re trying to make Lucifer a “good guy,” but yeah, they’re definitely trying to make him “The Lesser Evil.”

How far they try to take this redemption arc they seem to be setting up for him remains to be seen, but I’ve been speculating since s11 that they could be pushing for at least a Metatron or Crowley level redemption by self-sacrifice. So while I’m eye-rolling over it, I am really not shocked or anything.

Teen Wolf Preference: TV Show Choices...

Requested by @fiercefray


Something like Agent Carter or Arrow; something hero based but with a heavy female presence, maybe a love story or two in there. 


Game of Thrones; dragons, strong female characters, evil characters you can boo at, wolves


Probably something older, something that she missed out on from her childhood like Drake and Josh. 


Brooklyn Nine Nine; funny, relate-able, good characters. 


Daredevil or Luke Cage, something you can binge watch on Netflix and root for the main character


Old comedies or shows that are a little more obscure i.e Red Dwarf or Firefly


Literally whatever you want to watch, he is the least fussy person on the planet and will happily just sit with you and watch whatever you’re interested in. 


CSI; she likes trying to figure out the crimes before they episode ends.

Tim held onto the frozen turkey package, strolling into the kitchen. There was Alex, following directions from Amy who was sending everyone to do tasks while she cooked. “’M back.”

“Ah, good!” Amy quickly rushed over, wearing her oven mits and a brown apron. She took the package out of Tim’s hands, “Please come and take it out, put it on the pan.”. This wasn’t unusual, since Tim was the least affected by ‘gross’ things out of everyone. Well, Jessica was the best, but she was better at decorating. There was a sudden puff sound of something being dropped, and then a cough from Alex. They turned to look at him, and he was now covered in flour. A snrk came from Jay as he walked over to get wipes to clean Alex off, which alerted everyone to look at Alex and begin laughing.

“God damn you, flour.” Alex said before he started laughing as well, trying to shake the flour out of his hair. Tim chuckled and pulled the turkey out, digging in it to rid of the bones and extra fat.

“I think I’m taking baking duty.” Jay said as he continued trying to shake the flower off of Alex, and once they did that it was time to sweep it off the floor.

Tim held onto the frozen turkey package, strolling into the kitchen. There was Alex, following directions from Amy who was sending everyone to do tasks while she cooked. “’M back.”

“Ah, good!” Amy quickly rushed over, wearing her oven mits and a brown apron. She took the package out of Tim’s hands, “Please come and take it out, put it on the pan.”. This wasn’t unusual, since Tim was the least affected by 'gross’ things out of everyone. Well, Jessica was the best, but she was better at decorating. There was a sudden puff sound of something being dropped, and then a cough from Alex. They turned to look at him, and he was now covered in flour. A snrk came from Jay as he walked over to get wipes to clean Alex off, which alerted everyone to look at Alex and begin laughing.

“God damn you, flour.” Alex said before he started laughing as well, trying to shake the flour out of his hair. Tim chuckled and pulled the turkey out, digging in it to rid of the bones and extra fat.

“I think I’m taking baking duty.” Jay said as he continued trying to shake the flower off of Alex, and once they did that it was time to sweep it off the floor.

“Yeah..” Alex dragged out the last letter to be funny, which granted him a grin from Jay. Forking over ten dollars so Jay could buy more flour, Alex started cleaning off the counters and any dishes. As the kitchen was full of busy people, in the living room was just as busy. Sarah and Seth were pushing tables together to make them larger, and setting out chairs when needed. Jessica was busy decorating said table, with all the nessicary equipment to eat. Fancy plates, forks, spoons, knives, and glass cups for wine and a regular drink, with an added touch of a candle in the middle. Native American dolls were situated by the candles with their own plates, ready for dinner.

Finally Amy finished cooking, and they all sat out all the food. Everyone gathered around, taking turkey, steak, mixed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. After everyone was seated exept Alex, he popped open the wine and poured everyone a glass. Then he sat down, and they all closed their eyes. Clasping their hands together, they said aloud, “Thank you for giving us this wonderful food and knowledge.” and they clinked all their wine glasses after. Then they could all start eating and telling stories.

Tim got to go first to share, so while everyone else started eating he began his story. “Back in college when I was let out, I ran into this boy. He wasn’t even mad at me for running into him, unlike others. He turned around with a smile, and asked me if I needed help getting around and carrying everything. So I said yes. He walked me to class, and patted my shoulder when I went in. That was the first outside touch I’d had for a while, so I whipped around to look at him. He held out a peice of paper, and I took it, then he left. It was weird, until I realized it was his number and I texted him.” Then Brian’s voice chimed in brightly, as expected. He liked telling stories.

“Oh! Then we met in the lunchroom and I introduced you to Seth!”

“Yeah..” Tim said inbetween laughter, “My first friend. It was weird and he was weirder.” Brian gave a fake pouty look and punched Tim’s arm.

“My turn!” Amy called in, making everyone turn to listen to her story. “In the middle of college, I stumbled into this adorable theater kid.” She grinned at Alex, who in turn huffed with a red face. “He was the cutest looking kid in school, I was so surprised other girls weren’t swooning over him. He was like, the most gentleman there.”

“Seems things have changed.” Jessica said smirking, which sent everyone to burst out laughing.

“Damn straight.” Alex agreed, and just to prove his point he shoved a peice of turkey in his mouth.

“Shut up, and don’t choke!” Amy said, and then continued her story. “I asked him out on a date to Olive Garden, and he payed for everything! We went on two more dates, one to the park and one to my house before he asked me to date him.”

After a few moments of laughter, Seth started off.

“I’m thankful for the first time Brian took me climbing with him. I slipped up alot, but he gave me one of my favourite hobbies. I can’t thank you enough for that.” He gave a genuine smile, making Brian smile back happily.

“Yeah, remember when we actually made it up the first wall?” Brian said, waving his hands around to explain how tall it was. Everyone sort of blanked on it, since he talks so much, it’s not unusual for him to go on random tangants.

“Yeah, I started crying from how happy I was.” Seth giggled, taking a sip of his wine. Out of everyone, he drank the least amount, which was a couple sips. Jessica had downed hers with a challenge from Sarah, at least they found out that Jessica could drink faster than Sarah. But Sarah could beat Jessica’s ass anytime in tennis, which everyone knew her story would be about.

“A'ight, but y'all weren’t here when I accidentally slammed my ball into Jessica’s face from hittin’ the ball so hard.” Jessica groaned with a chuckle and let Sarah continue. “We were playing tennis together at our court, y'know just hangin’ out together. It was a blast, of course I was winning, but when we were serving I accidentally hit my ball too hard. It zipped right over th’ net, slamming right into Jessica’s forehead. It was probably the highlight of any of our games, she fell to the ground laughing as I rushed over to check if she was hurt badly.”

“It was awesome!” Jessica agreed, nudging Sarah’s arm.

“I guess it’s my turn?” Jessica asked. Everyone nodded, and so she began. “I remember the best day of my life when I met Jay. He comforted me in the dumbest ways when I was depressed, and I can’t thank him enough for that. I don’t know where I’d be without him. I remember he took me ice skating, he failed miserably but he laughed so much it cheered me up.” Jay smiled brightly, squeezing Jessica’s hand.

“Mine is when Alex offered me to be in Marble Hornets. That was such a great fim! I loved the part where I could talk about hotels. I especially liked being with all my friends.” Jay said with a bright smile, as Tim smiled, and then excused himself for a smoke break.

Walking to the porch, he heard the familiar voice as he sat down. “I hope you’re enjoying this, Tim.” It was a god his Mother prayed to every night, hoping for her baby to be ok. He got one wish that could grant him anything, he could’ve been famous. He could’ve been rich or surrounding himself in good food and luxury, but he chose for his friends. He wanted them back more than anything.

“I am..” Tim said, rubbing at his eyes which were forming tears. “Thank you. Thank you so much. Tell Mom I’m doing amazing.” Just like that, the god went away.

Lighting his cigarette, he breathed in the smoke to blow it back out. After continuously doing this three more times, he went back inside to hear Brian’s story. “The day I met Tim was probably the best day of my life, becuase I was also accepted into medical school that day. I got to start my training and I was so excited! When I told Seth and Sarah, they were super excited for me and after school they bought me the books I needed for school! I then got to hang out with Tim, and influenced him to-” Alex cut in, knowing Brian could go on and on for hours.

“My turn.” Brian huffed at Alex, but smiled and stayed quiet to let Alex continue. “I’m thankful that back when I was in high school I started taking drama classes to practice my acting. I’m so glad I did. Marble Hornets came out as a blast, everyone loved it!” He was quite passionate about Marble Hornets.

Everyone shared laughs, and finished off their food. They all then gathered into the livingroom to watch the movie 'Numbers’. After a while, they had all passed out on the sofas.

In other news, Thanksgiving at professors’ place was pretty awesome. It is weird because the actually prof whose house it was I was don’t know incredible well so it wasnt like oh this is my advisor and friends, but it was like 5 professors I only sorta know. And it was like a mature event? Not a professional event? Like my advisor is not mature what so ever so if I went to his place he probably would be drunk, but this was like we are all pretty liberal and talking politics and but also cursing and then talking about portal a few minutes later?? While drinking whiskey and scotch (which I unfortunately couldnt taste because my illness but apparently was very good). Like in really want to be a professor and be around people like this and joke about the biomechanics of the turkey as we are carving it but also about the tendons as a soft material?

I guess at least I didnt have to cook this year but I had something called a nut loaf (?) which was presented without explanation so I am wondering if that is a staple?


the man’s all lavender so tryin other hair colours and i’m kinda diggin the turquoise tone hair.

So at first I was a little ??? about Hela being Thor’s sister in Ragnarok (squeezing her into the role Angela so recently acquired as their long-lost-big-sister in comics), but the more I think about it, the more I like what it does for Thor and Loki’s arc. 

Thor now has two siblings who became his antagonists because of his father keeping secrets – hiding Loki’s heritage, and then hiding Hela’s existence. Which re-enforces how damaging that habit of lying and secrecy is to Asgard’s growth, as represented by Thor. Having those secrets come out and be faced is necessary for Thor’s development and maturity – confronting the sins of his father.

And for Loki – when Loki tries and fails to be a hero, he becomes a villain. He always measures himself against Thor, and then casts himself as Thor’s opposite. But with Hela showing up, suddenly the role of bad guy has been usurped by another sibling; he’s no longer the baddest Asgardian, or even the baddest of Odin’s kids. His sins are now in a whole new context, where his misdeeds are frankly small potatoes. He’s not only been outstripped as a hero by his sibling – he’s been outstripped as a villain. And that forces him to find some other measure of identity; not wholly good, not wholly evil, but something in between – something new

Also, it re-enforces their brotherhood in an interesting way. Hela is Asgardian. Hela is Thor’s blood sibling (or at least half-sibling). And Hela is still awful. In that light, Loki can no longer ascribe his wickedness to his heritage – he isn’t evil because of some innate genetic factor, or because he isn’t Asgardian, since Hela is clearly capable of that evil despite being raised on Asgard and having Odin’s genes. And while Hela and Thor share blood, they have no kinship to speak of. Thor and Loki do, despite the lack of blood relation. They snipe and bicker like brothers throughout, and there are callbacks to their childhood and past together (the snake story, ‘get help’). 

Hela’s appearance as Thor’s sister lends new context to both Thor and Loki’s relationship with each other and their family, and I think it gives us, as fandom, a lot of fresh material to play with as far as our boys’ character growth moving forward.

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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!


the foxhole court’s characters ; aaron m. minyard

First Kisses

Their first kiss wasn’t spectacular. No one stood in the background, waiting to light off fireworks while hordes of people cheered and applauded. There was no performance at all, really.

The fact of the matter is that their first kiss was on a Tuesday night, and Draco was making Harry stay up with him to study for a Defense Against the Dark Arts exam they had the next morning. They were the only ones in the common room. But Harry looked at the clock and realized it wasn’t Tuesday night anymore, it was actually Wednesday morning, and somehow during their studying they’d slumped over onto each other, eyelids weighed down with sleep. The fire had all but burned out, the glowing coals casting a dim orange light across the two boys on the overstuffed sofa…

It wasn’t spectacular. They just sort of… fell together, I suppose, melting into each other, and Harry wasn’t sure where his mouth ended and Draco’s began anymore. He kept falling. Harry hoped he’d never hit the ground.

Their first kiss was in the rain after Harry and Draco were both shit-faced drunk, stumbling out of the bar while still swaying in time to the pumping music inside. Harry’s glasses were askew, and his cheeks were flushed, and god, his pupils were so dilated… Draco had intended on mapping out every corner of Harry’s face so he could remember it later when he went home alone like usual, but when he straightened Harry’s glasses for him, his hands lingered against his cheeks, thumbs tracing Harry’s lips. Their foreheads pressed together. He could feel Harry’s breath against his mouth and when he finally closed the remaining space between them, Harry’s wand shot out sparks and singed Draco’s coat. If you weren’t looking closely as you walked past them in the dark, you’d think it was one cloaked figure, standing very still outside the crowded bar.

Draco didn’t go home alone ever again after that night.

Their first kiss was in the eighth-year common room, surrounded by friends who had all had far too much firewhiskey to drink. It was Harry’s turn, and his face was already beet red. He wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol or from what was about to happen, but he wasn’t sure that mattered right now. He spun the bottle as hard as it would go. Sweat was beading on his forehead, and the bottle just kept going… There was no way there wasn’t magic involved in how long it took it to stop spinning. Maybe he was so drunk, it had stopped spinning hours ago and he just hadn’t noticed.

The room went silent.

Harry was particularly aware of the fact that there was a floor beneath him, and something else underneath, and he felt entirely too heavy to hold up. He looked at who the bottle pointed towards and wished the floorboards would give way to send him plummeting into whatever room was beneath them.

And Ron was assuring him that no, if he really didn’t want to, he didn’t have to do it, but Pansy started chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and made everyone else join in. Hell, even Hermione was pumping her fists and chanting, and all of the blood in Harry’s body rushed to his head. He was most definitely a deep shade of scarlet now.

He looked up from his lap, though, and inches in front of him was the one person he never thought he’d touch in a way that wasn’t with malintent, and his eyes were already closed.

Draco tasted like peppermint and booze. The first time, at least.

Their first kiss was full of fire and anger and sweat, and they were seventeen. There was no one left in the showers after Slytherin lost another Quidditch match to Gryffindor, and Draco was convinced Harry had cheated. He’d almost had the snitch. He could have beat him for the first time in his life. Draco punched first, hitting the hard brick wall and bloodying his knuckles when Harry ducked out of the way. Harry’s face was covered in dirt and neither of them had much in the way of a hairstyle after playing out in a rainstorm for several hours. But Draco couldn’t think about Harry’s unkempt hair or muddy face right now, because somehow Harry had pinned him up against the wall, breathing hard and muttering something about how Draco should think very hard about what he did next…

Harry had hickeys landscaped across his chest for days.

Their first kiss was confusing for both of them. Of course Snape had paired them together for potions again, and Harry was prepared to sit back and let Draco do all the work again, but they were being watched so Draco thrust into Harry’s arms some things to chop up that had nothing to do with what they were brewing. Harry was getting a Dreadful in this class and he wasn’t sure how he was going to finish school if he flunked out.

“I’ll help you,” Draco mumbled, and Harry became aware that he had somehow managed to say all of this out loud.

“You’ll what?” asked Harry, dumbfounded.

“I said I’ll help you, you git,” Draco sneered, “McGonagall wants me to do something for the less fortunate because it might help me get a job when we get out of here.”

So Harry agreed, and for two hours on Saturday nights Harry and Draco had a scheduled slot of time to argue study. They’d never spent time alone together though, at least not for this long, and Harry began to notice little things about Draco. Like how when Draco was thinking hard about something, he flossed his hands through his hair, pulling it all off of his forehead and accentuating his widow’s peak. He looked like a blond vampire like that. It was a good look on him.

“What did you just say?” questioned Draco, one eyebrow raised. Harry had thought out loud again. Shit. He tried to think of something to cover up what he’d just said, but it was all out in the open now. He couldn’t backtrack on something like that. Draco looked beyond pleased with himself, and Harry felt his jaw clench. That git.

God, Draco got under his skin, but here, in the empty potions classroom, alone, he looked…


He got under his skin so much that skin was all Harry could think about now. Draco’s skin. It was softer than he’d ever imagined. And his lips were another story.

And that’s what I love about fanfiction. The fact that we can write into existence hundreds of first kiss, each one unique in it’s own way, but each one dripping with more magic than anything you can cast with your wand. Each one the jumping off point for an infinite universe of stories, love, heartbreak, and laughter. So here’s to beginnings. Here’s to more first kisses.

Thank you @parkkate for reminding me of the post I made a few months ago that fell along this line! I figured I’d have at it once again like I did with the other post I made yesterday since I don’t really remember anything I wrote last time! 

Honestly, I kind of have a headcanon of like…

Hunk and Lance are probably the best at taking care of themselves, physically. Even outside of the beauty routine Lance strikes me as pretty health-conscious. It’s just, here’s your leg pilots, they both have clear skin and moisturize and take good care of their hair and it’s nice.

Coran is normally pretty good, but isn’t above overtaxing himself because his workload just… never stops, he’s got to be on top of everything but he knows how to all-nighter responsibly and manage crashes so they’re less of a train wreck. This applies to his grooming as much as his health.

Pidge I think is pretty prone to cutting into sleep or missing meals if unchecked and having a Project. She will at least attempt to offset with junk food if not proper meals- though somebody else has to get the food usually- just waving something under her nose if she’s busy and hasn’t eaten in a while is usually all the incentive she needs to nosh on it. She’s pretty good at taking care of her appearance, though if in part because with the natural curl in her hair if she doesn’t at least brush it out in the mornings she will be eating it all day.

Keith will straight up forget to eat and his nutrition is entirely microwave meals I’m pretty sure if he stretches you can see his ribs through his shirt. He has like really good genes with his hair/skin but pretty much never takes care of it, boy pretty much wouldn’t know chapstick if it bit him and his hands are always beat up and full of dead skin and old scars. The real reason Lance is mad, like listen, dude, no amount of how stupidly naturally pretty you are is going to change the fact that the most demanding thing you do to take care of yourself is brush your hair and wash it like once a month.

Allura is a princess and princesses have expectations to be clean and pretty and proper and she sticks to that, but only so much because she spent her entire childhood as a super rambunctious high-energy kid who pretty much had to do sports and martial arts because that was the only way for her to tire out enough to sleep at night and it just fed her competitive streak. Your body is a temple? Her body is a sports car. She takes care of it because it is hard-won and check out this acceleration. She is here to Get Stuff Done.

Shiro is like a werewolf except instead of a wolf he turns into someone who makes bad life choices. Seriously he seems so responsible and trustworthy and he tries to be but out of the team he has the greatest familiarity with, and is most likely to consume, incredibly dubious caffeine mixtures while he has a headache. He will do things with coffee that Pidge might attempt only once in her darkest moments and regret evermore, only he won’t even blink. This is what the team needs right now. This is the burden of the Black Paladin.

Allura catches him pouring the equivalent of space red bull into his coffee and he just looks her dead in the eye, “Please don’t tell the rest of the team how I live,” and downs it in one go.

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I have a headcanon I'd like to share with you if that's ok!!! Hanzo likes various plants, especially succulents. So he has a bunch in a window garden, that he spends a lot of time taking care of. When he's alone it's a fair bet you can find him singing soft lullabies, songs of luck and growth, and things in Japanese he'd always meant to tell Genji, but since he couldn't he sings them to his plant babies while he's taking care of them.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Since he never got to do that for Genji when he was little, he wants to at least help something grow and be wonderful in life.. And when Mcree accidentally happens upon Hanzo one day singing to his succulents and smiling softly to himself as he remembers the good times he did have with Genji when they were young, it reaffirms every reason in his head of why he loves this man. And he knows in that moment this is the man he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Also, you are a beautiful wonderful human being and you are the first I have ever shared a headcanon with. And I want you to know that’s how much you and your blog mean to me. Ty bug bb, you are the bestest. 

Hey anon, this headcanon is absolutely beautiful?? Thank you so very much for sharing it, I’ve been thinking about this all day long and couldn’t help but doodle something for it because I loved it so very much :’))

We’ll see that, sweetheart - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: We’ll see that, sweetheart

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and you being hunting partners and in love with each other for year, but are too scared to admit it. You are close and have a strong bond, being intimate in different ways every time. When he sees you interact with Jack and take care of him he remembers how he’s always wanted to have kids with you and finally gets the courage to bring it up to you.

A/N: In a close to perfect Supernatural universe this is how I’d like to see Dean open up to Jack, just to get over a lil bit of the pain in the previous episode! But I love both so much that the writers are only making it harder for me now!

“And that is how you can also raise the volume if you want to hear more clear, but careful with that around here cause Dean’s always a grumpy old man with these stuff.” you said playfully and Jack grinned slightly, just as Dean looked at you and scoffed.

“I’m not old.” hemuttered and you hummed.

“Sure, whatever you say grandpa!” you winked but he just shook his head, a small smile creeping on his lips “And- no, Jack he’s not my granpa. It’s just a thing, I call him stupid nicknames sometimes. That’s all.” you said, noticing how the nephilim was ready to ask.

“Oh” he nodded his head “Alright, and if I want to watch… cartoons, I press on number one and then three. For… thirteen, right?”

“Exactly! And there’re plenty of Scooby Doo there for you too!” you giggled, patting his back as he broke into an adorable grin.

“I really like that one, it’s wonderful!” he breathed out, his eyes sparkling.

“It sure is, Jack.” you chuckled “But remember, whenever there isn’t something good on TV and you really want to do something you can opt for a book!”

“Yeah if you wanna be a nerd in life sure.” Dean mumbled and you shot him a look.

“There are plenty of good ones around here, and I have a lot I think you’d like.” you said softly to Jack “Just until you find what you really like and what not we keep exploring, alright?”

“Then I think we should name you Dora.” Dean muttered with a snicker and you couldn’t fight the grin that spread on your lips, as Jack merely tilted his head to the side and frown.

“Do- Dora? What is that?” he mumbled and you still couldn’t fight the laughter that left your lips.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, throwing a pillow at him as he dodged it “How the hell do you even know about that?!” you shook your head.

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You Never Know

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I just learned what a slow burn was. Thank you, internet.

Part 2

Part 1

| Steve Harrington x Reader |

Requested: Kind of…after I asked for people to make me continue this.

‘I think you should write the next part to You Never Know. It’s really good’

‘You should definitely continue “you never know”!! i just read it and i was going through your blog to see if there was a part 2’

Throughout your date, all you could really think of was what Steve would tell you. What was the real reason for hanging around those 14-year-olds that was so important, so outreach that you may not even believe him?

As Billy dropped you off, you turned to him giving him a smile, “I had a good time.” You really didn’t know what to think of it. Billy had his moments during the date. Little things would set him off but then it would be balanced out with a simple nice act like offering his jacket during the movie and making sure you were warm.

“I did too.” Billy hummed, lightly touching your cheek to tuck some strains of hair behind your ear. “You know, it doesn’t have to end here. We can just go somewhere where no one will bother us.” You gazed up at Billy, to lock eyes with each other. You began to fiddle with your shirt as your heart had quickened. Billy began to lean in to give you something to think about but you quickly got out of the car bending down to see him one last time.

“I’ll see you at school, Billy!” You exclaimed. Right before you could shut the door, Billy leaned over the seat to hold the door back for a moment.

“Hey, Y/N, wait!” Billy yelled, “Will there be a next time at least?”

“I don’t know, Billy.” Your lips curled into a smile, “Will there be?” Before you could get an answer from him, you walked over to your house to immediately go over to the landline.

“Y/N, you’re home.” Your mother watched as you quickly dialed the phone. “How was your date?” You tried to wave her away but she insisted that you would keep talking, “Who was it with again? Steve?”

“No, mom.” You sighed as you covered the phone just in case Steve picked up at the wrong time, “It was with Billy.” You uncovered the phone to see if Steve had picked up but it was still ringing.

“Was he at least a good date? A gentleman?” You mom persisted.

“Yes, mom!” You whined, looking at her with your eyes widened to show how annoyed with her you were getting, “He was a total gentleman! Can you leave me be, please? Steve wanted to talk about something major with me.”

“How come you haven’t gone out with Steve?” Your mother questioned, “He’s such a nice boy. I’ve always liked him.”

“MOM!” You covered your face. You hunched over bringing the phone to your ear, “Kill me, Steve. Come over and kill me.”

Your heart immediately started to do flips as you heard that chuckle of his. You felt your cheeks become fire as you couldn’t stop smiling to yourself, even though he hadn’t said one word. “Then who would I get to talk to?” Steve hummed.

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Okay honestly idk why but I was thinking about what if Percy took a film class and had to direct a play or something, and he decided to do a remake of Ancient Greek myths and got all his friends involved. I mean, it would be a mess, and would result in at least one injury, but tbh I think it would actually be pretty good and comical.