at least he's smiling in the end

Look, Marvel didn’t have to devote screen time to Bucky’s healing. They didn’t. They could have dethawed him in Infinity War without ceremony and given it a throwaway line about a fully successful deprogramming. They could have done that. 

But they took actual screen time to show the transition—him waking up to curious and laughing children in a soft, peaceful, domestic setting. He steps out of the hut in loose-fitting robes (not binding leather), and there’s no sign of the metal arm. That weight is gone and he seems perfectly natural without it. He’s clean and he looks comfortable and at ease. 

And Shuri asks him how he is.

And he says, 

“Good. Thank you.” 



And Sebastian Fucking Stan delivered those lines like the knife to the heart he knew they were. He delivered them like he delivered, “I know. But I did it,” and “But I knew him.” 

No one else could have delivered those lines. Period. 

And my heart is so full and happy for Bucky because this is the first peace he’s had since Zola got his hands on him in Azzano. For once, a scientist getting their hands on him meant that he was healed—he was put back together instead of being torn apart.

I hoped we’d have a scene like this at the end of the movie, but I didn’t even dare to dream it would be so soft and understated. At least for a little while, Bucky gets to be safe and whole. It’s such a gift.

Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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(Thank you to everyone who read, supported, enjoyed this story. How time flies, and neither I nor CC could have made it so far without you all. And now, the end… for at least a while…)

Yuuri’s hand stayed in Victor’s, thumb stroking gently over his. Victor was unable to restrain his smile, unable to take his eyes away from Yuuri. He hardly heard the words that Mila spoke as she officiated the ceremony as his second-in-command, dressed in her finest. All that was in front of him, all that caught his attention, all that mattered was Yuuri. He promised, pouring everything into his words, to be Yuuri’s forever. Why would he want anything else?

Yuuri was the reason he awoke in the mornings, before the light like an early bird, wanting an extra moment to watch his mate doze. He cherished how Yuuri’s jaw would hang slack, cheek bunched into Victor’s shoulder, how Yuuri would curl into his side to avoid the rays of the rising sun greeting them through the windows. Yuuri was the reason Victor had found fun in the chase again, loving the grace with which Yuuri flew overhead and wrecked through ships with the same ease that he smashed his little toy boats. Yuuri was the reason Victor kept himself safe through fights, wanting to witness his smile just once more, and Yuuri was the reason no nightmares plagued his mind at nights, safe within the confines of his siren’s wings.

Victor only let Yuuri’s hand slip out of his so he could throw his arms around Yuuri’s waist, his mate, his husband leaping into them. Victor kissed Yuuri with all the love coursing through him, smiling against his lips when Yuuri’s fingers twisted in his hair. The strands were short but through them Victor could feel the warmth of Yuuri’s wedding ring against his scalp, imprinting on him like a soul mark.

Applause and cheers from the crew thundered through the sails. The triplets soared over them, dumping flower petals with loud squawks that had the both of them laughing. Victor hung onto Yuuri, ducking his face to hide it in Yuuri’s neck when they were pelted with more flowers from everyone else. Mari and Yurio seemed to agree on a couple particularly hard throws.

The sun had yet to peak in the sky, but the entire day was to be dedicated to this. Barrels of rum were cracked open, drink poured openly into cups. Yuuri laughed at his sister, who tried some on offer and proceeded to knock the rest of the portion into the sea, shocked at how it bit her tongue.

Those with instruments started to play and others to sing, startled with Yuuri’s joined in. The screeches of birds exhaled deep from their lungs and the whole island behind them vibrated with bird calls in response, even catching Victor by surprise before they mellowed into harmonizing song that left them all enchanted.

Victor glimpsed scarlet fins coming for them, Phichit nearly bowling them over in a celebratory embrace. Later, when the mer dried out, Yuuri giggled into Victor’s coat at the sight of Chris chasing after him in the attempt to make Phichit put on a spare pair of trousers.

From their island, the Katsukis had brought a tower of tropical fruits and helped serve meat that Chris assured everyone was simply wild boar. Victor fed mango to a chirping Yuuri, off his fingers to the siren’s lips before swooping in to steal a sweet kiss for himself.

By the time the blue of the sky began to darken, more than a couple of the sailors were already out of commission, several barrels of rum drained. The white dye painting Yuuri’s markings had begun to rub off and Victor kissed every spot of black he could see breaking through. Yuuri had drank a few servings himself, his cheeks flushed and pink under the sunset, and his lips moving quiet words of love against Victor’s ear.

At the front of the ship, Emil picked up a fiddle, the tune harping off the strings one of merriment. Victor was whisked away by an eager siren. Yuuri’s laughter bubbled across the deck as he led Victor through fast-paced steps, their hands clasped and their feet stumbling but that was fine when they had each other to fall into.

Not far off, Chris danced with Phichit, who looked very unsteady on his legs. Some brave crewman was commanded away by Mari, while Minami rushed forward to ask Toshiya if he could dance with Hiroko. A kind soul, Toshiya smiled and waved them forward.

The very breath was swept from Victor’s lungs when Yuuri dipped him and he returned the fondness by lifting Yuuri into the air, spinning them for a step. When Yuuri slipped back down, eyes alight, he slid one arm over Victor’s shoulder, holding them close together. His other hand grasped Victor’s, keeping it between their chests where they could feel the joyous, rhythmic beating of both their hearts.

They swayed to the music, with love on their lips as they remained lost in each other until the last note faded and the sun set. Their hands stayed clasped, gazes unwavering, smiles endless like the dedication between them.

What a beautiful feeling it was, knowing they’d never have to let go.

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met (Part 1/?) (Loki x reader)

Request: Could you do a Loki x reader where he comes to earth with Thor post-Ragnarok and falls in love with the newest avenger (the reader)? Love your work ❤❤❤

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to go back to Earth?”

“Yes, of course,” Thor nodded, “the people of Earth love me, I’m very popular.”

“Let me rephrase that,” Loki clarified, “do you really think it’s a good idea to bring me back to Earth?”

“Probably not, to be honest.  But I wouldn’t worry, brother,” Thor sighed with a slight grin, “I feel like everything is gonna work out fine.”

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Forever [13]

Pairing: Fuckboy!Tom Holland x Reader (A Walk To Remember AU)

Word count: 4,187

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, mentions of injuries (??)

Summary: Blooming feelings come to surface

A/N: I know tumblr updated again. If you’re on mobile, just go to your browser and you’ll be able to read it! TAG LIST IS CLOSED PLEASE DON’T ASK

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The rest of the day and night had gone by smoothly and without a hitch. You and Tom spent the time watching movies and TV, joking around and just enjoying each other’s company. Part of you did find yourself a little worried about what would happen when you left and the next day would come. Tom’s being sweet now and he seems to have a genuine interest in you but after a night alone will that wear off? But, that thought always fades away when he smiles at you because he can’t just look at you like that and then want nothing to do with you, no matter how hard he tries.

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For Reasons Wretched and Divine

By: indiaalphawhiskey
Art by: @dimpled-halo

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Friends to Enemies, Enemis to Friends to Lovers, Bullying, Homophobic Language, Betrayal, Angst
Chapters: 2/2
Word Count: 94,656
Status: Complete

The Playlist.

Ten years ago, Harry Styles was just a nerdy kid with one friend and a debilitating crush on the captain of his school’s football team. He thought the stars were smiling down on him the day he and Louis Tomlinson were paired for their end-of-term Literature project. But because Harry’s life is decidedly not a fairytale, the budding friendship quickly leads to the least happy ending of all time.

Now, Harry Styles is a household name. Barely twenty-seven with two Grammy nominations to his name, the singer-songwriter is poised to take the music industry by storm with his highly anticipated third album. So, what happens when the best producer in the business is also the only person Harry’s vowed never to speak to again?

An AU in two parts. Two boys, two stories, and hopefully, two chances at love.

Written for @1dreversebang.

Before . After

Harry laughed happily as he landed on the grass. Draco was only seconds behind him clutching the snitch with a massive grin on his face.
“Good one, Draco.”
“Oh, it wasn’t really a good one. Pretty easy actually.” Draco drawled with a smirk.
Harry laughed again as he shoved Draco’s shoulder. “Whatever, that dive was pretty amazing.” Draco’s smirk became a proud smile. “Come on, let’s go eat something. I’m starving!” Harry said.
The smile morphed into a frown. “No. We each won one, it’s a draw. We have to play another.”
Harry grinned at him. “Let’s leave it a draw.”
Draco arched a brow. “Scared Potter?”
Laughing, Harry slung an arm around his friends shoulders. “Yes, scared you’ll pout and ignore me all day when I beat you.”
Draco sniffed. “First of all, I am not so petty. And who says you’d win anyway? So arrogant, Harry.”
Harry laughed and squeezed his friend in a hug. “Yeah. I’m the arrogant here, Draco.”
Draco gently bumped the side of his head against Harry’s as they walked to the castle. “So long as you know.”

On the following Sunday they found themselves trudging through a mountain of homework, much to Harry’s displeasure. Ron and Hermione had gone for a picnic on the grounds, since Hermione always made sure they were up to date on their work. Sighing Harry dropped his head heavily against the couch. Draco, who was curled up in the corner of the couch next to him, looked up with an arched brow. “Giving up already?”
Harry groaned and closed his eyes. “Yes.” He jerked up when he felt Draco flick him between the eyes. “Hey!” He protested, rubbing the sore spot with his fingers.
“You’d better keep going. Don’t think that you can leave it and get me to help you just because Granger won’t let you fly until it’s done.” He went back to looking at his book.
Harry turned to him with wide eyes. “That is a fantastic idea.” When Draco just let out a soft laugh but otherwise ignored him, Harry moved so he could lie leaning comfortably against Draco’s side. He closed his eyes and let out a relieved sigh.
“Potter!” Draco groaned. “I am absolutely not doing your work for you.” But he didn’t move or shove Harry off, which Harry knew he wouldn’t. After several blissful minutes, right when Harry was sure he was on the cusp of a wonderful dream, he fell to the floor as Draco stood up. He pointed a finger accusingly at Harry, “Do some work, Harry. Or we will go to the library.”
Sighing in defeat, Harry sat up and faced his books once more.

Hours later they were sitting in front of the crackling fire eating Bertie Botts beans. Draco was sprawled across a single seat with his legs hanging across the side while Harry sat on the floor with his legs crossed and back against Draco’s seat. Draco had the box of beans and alternated between taking one and lowering the box for Harry.
Ron and Hermione entered the common room with cheerful greetings. Harry appreciated everyone’s efforts to get along, since he knew it was only for his sake, but he did wish his three best friends were more than just polite to one another.
“Did you have a good picnic?” Draco asked them.
“Oh, yes it was lovely thanks.” Hermione smiled at him. Ron nodded a bit awkwardly at him.
“Oh, Harry. You’ll never guess what.” Ron started, and Hermione shot him a suspicious look. “We saw Terry there, he was in the middle of a big fight, seems like him and his boyfriend broke up.” Hermione’s look of suspicion became one of horror as she tugged on Ron’s hand. Harry’s stomach dropped as he willed Ron not to continue. But he did. “So he’s single now, and you can finally ask him out. I know you used to have a massive crush on him.”
Harry closed his eyes, but the thick silence wouldn’t be ignored. He was so glad he couldn’t see Draco’s expression at that moment. There had been a hundred moments when he meant to come out to Draco. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed or anything. It was just that he really enjoyed their friendship. He didn’t know how they’d become so
comfortable touching each other all the time, but he was scared that it would change if Draco knew. He opened his eyes to find Ron looking from him to Hermione with confusion brewing in his eyes. Hermione was watching Draco carefully, which could only mean that he most definitely wasn’t looking at them.
Harry sighed internally. He cleared his throat. “Uh, thanks.”
Hermione looked at him pitifully and quickly started talking about their day, filling the silence as best she could. She asked about how their studies went, Harry responded and Draco said a word or two.
After suffering through it as long as he could, Harry wished everyone good night. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Draco as he left, but let his hand trail along his shoulder as he walked passed.

The next morning, Harry lingered in bed. If he could, he’d avoid seeing Draco all day. Unfortunately, his last class was potions where they were partners. At breakfast he managed to get away with only a smile and a wave since Draco sat at the Slytherin table still. Harry tried hard to focus on his lessons all day, but he couldn’t deny he was nervous to see him.
When he arrived in potions at the end of the day, Draco was already there with all the ingredients for the days potion. He was chopping furiously when Harry reached him. “Hi, Draco.” He said nervously, fidgeting with the strap on his bag.
“Hi, Potter.” Draco glanced up with a small smile. After a few seconds he rolled his eyes. “Are you going to help or do you expect me to do all the work?”
Harry could have laughed with relief, but he didn’t. He gave Draco a grateful smile which was returned with a small quirk of the lips and they got to work.
The rest of the lesson passed in the same manner as the ones before. After, they walked together to dinner and Harry felt relieved. Until he couldn’t find Draco anywhere after dinner. He went to bed with a sinking feeling.

The week passed in the same pattern. The only time that Harry really saw Draco was during potions, his behavior seemingly unchanged. But Harry missed him. After potions on Friday Harry had had enough. As they walked together to dinner he blurted out. “Where have you been all week?” Grey eyes glanced up from the floor to meet his before flickering away. “I can never find you after dinner.” He said accusingly.
Draco answered softly. “I’ve had detention every day.”
“What?” Harry asked, reaching out to grab Draco’s arm. “For what?”
Turning to face Harry, Draco sighed. “You know how it is, some teachers will make up reasons to punish me.”
Harry frowned and opened his mouth to express his outrage when Draco gave him a defeated smile. “It doesn’t matter. Okay?”
Harry deflated. Draco twitched his arm awkwardly and Harry realized he was still holding him. He let go quickly but noticed the blush on Draco’s cheeks.
He deflated a little more.

On Saturday morning when Harry returned from breakfast he found Draco in the common room with his homework. After fetching his own, he sank down on the couch next to him.
Draco shifted to make more room for him.
After working for a little while Draco got up to get a different textbook and settled down again on the single couch. Harry frowned. He wouldn’t have thought anything about it before, but..
He sighed heavily and tried to focus on his work.

The next day he found himself working alone in the library. When he returned to the common room he found Draco curled up on the single couch with a book. He looked up when Harry entered and frowned slightly. “Where were you today?” He asked.
Harry shrugged, struggling to meet his eyes. “Thought I’d concentrate better in the library.” He moved to walk past where Draco was sitting, when Draco’s hand shot out as if to grab his hand but stopped suddenly, quivered in the air for a moment before disappearing just as fast.
Harry hesitated briefly. With a disappointed sigh he carried on walking.
“Harry.” Draco said.
Harry half turned to face him, an eyebrow raised. Draco cleared his throat. “Would you like to go fly for a bit?” Harry frowned skeptically, unsure of what how he wanted to respond. “There’s enough time for at least one game to end our draw before the light goes.” Draco said, smiling uncertainly. And that’s what got to Harry.
“Yeah, alright.” He answered finally.

The walk to the quidditch pitch was filled with awkward silence. At least it was for Harry. Once they were flying though, Harry felt better.
The light started to go quickly and Harry was scanning rather desperately for the snitch, it was the one he had caught in first year and he was rather sentimental about it. A glint of gold caught his eye and he dove toward it. As he neared it he saw Draco coming in from a different angle, slightly ahead of him. He pushed forward, urging his broom to go faster. At the last moment, he realized Draco would get there first and Harry would barrel into him soon after. Unfortunately, the last moment didn’t give him enough time to stop or change direction. All he could do was slow down to soften the impact.
Thankfully they were low to the ground so when they tumbled over one another and onto the grass, it wasn’t too hard a fall. They rolled and Harry landed half on Draco’s chest with a massive groan. Draco was gasping heavily. Harry lifted himself to quickly pat Draco down for injuries and once he was satisfied that he was fine he fell half onto Draco’s chest again. They caught their breath in silence.
It was the happiest Harry had been all week. Until Draco said, “Two one, Potter.” Harry looked up to see Draco clutching the snitch with a triumphant grin. He laughed and pushed himself up onto an elbow.
“You can’t tell me this one was an easy win.” Harry teased.
“No, I can’t.” Draco chuckled and smiled at Harry. Harry smiled back, happy to have his friend back. He noticed the pink tinge on Draco’s cheeks as Draco’s eyes flickered away and he shifted awkwardly. Harry sat up quickly and Draco scooted away from Harry. His heart sank.
Draco cleared his throat, “Well, let’s go back.” He stood up and retrieved his broom. Harry sat there with his knees bent and his elbows resting on his knees, drowning in unhappiness. He wasn’t going to get his easy friendship back. Draco had walked a few paces back toward the castle when he turned around. “Harry?” He said tentatively.
Harry sighed. “I can’t do this, Draco.” He shoved his hands in his hair and looked away, frustrated.
Draco frowned and came back. “What do you mean?” He asked softly.
“I mean I want you to just freak out about the fact that I didn’t tell you and be honest if you have a problem with who I am. I can’t take this dancing around it. I miss you.” He bit his lip to stop himself. After a long pause he looked up to find Draco staring at him in shock.
“You think I have a problem with who you are?” He asked quietly, which set warning bells off in Harry’s head. “You think I’ve been acting strange because I don’t accept this part of you.” He added. Then he laughed, a self deprecating sound that Harry knew well. Draco lifted a hand to his forehead. “Why wouldn’t you? It’s the obvious conclusion.” He laughed again, a little hysterically this time, which broke Harry out of his daze. He stood up and slowly approached him.
“Well, if it’s not that then what is it?” He asked.
Draco closed his eyes briefly before meeting Harry’s eyes. Harry watched a flush creep up his neck as he seemed to search for words. “Well, I couldn’t exactly be mad at you for not telling me when I’ve been keeping the exact same secret.” His cheeks were a deep pink now. Harry’s ears were ringing.
“What?” He whispered, disbelieving.
Draco gave him a sheepish smile. “Sorry.” Harry could only stare at him. Draco swallowed nervously. “Anyway, I was trying to find the right time to tell you about me. But, as you know, it’s not easy.” He laughed awkwardly again. “And somehow knowing about you made my little crush seem less impossible which is stupid, really I know, so I was just giving myself a bit of space to dispel that illusion. That’s why I got detention everyday. I couldn’t focus, I was useless in class.” His gaze was flickering from Harry’s shoulder, his collar to his throat. Anywhere but his eyes. After a fortifying breath Draco added. “Our friendship is important to me. I didn’t want to mess it up.”
Harry was confused. He was shocked. But he knew that that made him happy. He pulled Draco towards him and wrapped him in a tight hug. “I missed you, you idiot.”
Draco melted into the hug which made Harry’s heart soar. They stood like that for a long time. Eventually Draco pulled back, much to Harry’s regret. Harry searched his gaze. “It’s not impossible, you know. Or an illusion.” He whispered.
Draco’s breath caught. Harry smiled at him. “I don’t think.” Harry amended. But as he watched the moonlight play over Draco’s features he thought it was probably extremely possible. Probable in fact.
Draco watched Harry watch him for the longest time. His look of shock slowly abated until Harry was staring at Draco’s trademark smirk. “You’d better not think that counts as asking me out, because my standards are considerably higher than that.” Harry laughed and Draco smiled before adding, “I’m serious.” With that he turned and started toward the castle. Harry scrambled to catch up.
“I’ll write a poem.” He said.
Draco groaned. “Please don’t. I’m pretty set on saying yes. Don’t make that hard for me to do.”
Harry grinned. Feeling bold, he reached out to grab Draco’s hand as they walked forward. He let out a content sigh when Draco laced their fingers together.

Not Northside Material - Part 5

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A/N: BUCKLE URSELF IN BC I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS! I have so much love and respect for anyone who is still here and reading this, y’all are the real bros and I Love You All. As always hmu with that good good feedback, I live for anything you guys have to say (i check all my reblogs for tags, people put the best shit in tags I swear)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 6 / Part 7

Summary: Sweet Pea manages to piss off Toni, have an important epiphany, and ruin his own happiness all in the span of a day. Talented boy.

Words: 2,549

Warnings: Serpents, Swears, Pain (if u listen close u can hear me break my own heart)

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Hey, so I just remembered that I have character studies written down for Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov as sort of a “cheat-sheet” when it comes to their mannerisms and such, and I thought maybe it’d be useful to pass it along. (Note: These are all canon or based on canon.) So that said being, here you go:

Yuuri Katsuki

  • a large man in a small man’s body–by which I mean, he thinks himself much larger than he actually is (coiling his body tightly, folding in his arms, tucking his legs under him, etc.)
    • this is likely a result of his propensity to gain weight and a natural result of his Japanese upbringing
  • intrinsically musical and likely has a perfect sense of rhythm (as evidenced by his owning a keyboard and his ability to adjust his programs mid-performance to appeal to judges (as well as jump on beat, as confirmed by Victor Nikiforov in episode five))

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My Spicy Onion: L Lawliet Iterations

1. Manga L

Origami Frog. He is the detective cryptid Mothman told you to stay away from, but you didn’t listen, and that’s how you ended up talking to him in the back alley of your local ice cream shop, trading information about your long-lost hopes for three pieces of exclusive Scandinavian candy, only found in a small shop in Syrjäntaka, Finland. General Score: 6/10, he cleans his ugly, dirty feet on The International Bill of Human Rights, but hey, at least his smile is cute. 

2. Anime L

The Gremlin-Ghoul Chimera. His true self is black coffee mixed with poor life decisions, chronic depression, and half your weight in sugar, topped with strawberry frosting that’s actually three months expired, but you don’t have the heart to throw out because it was a present from the noisy neighbour who you know looks into your trash. General score: 5/10, his cursed moments only seemed to be enhanced by the animation.

3. Japanese Live Action L

Who Needs Eyebrows With Deductions Like These. A human glow-stick made out of untamed big brother potential, nostalgic contemplation, and cream puffs; he tried his best, and succeeded, but the waves of regret over the results are just as big as his desire to solve cases fast and furiousGeneral score: 8/10, he’s a sweet, brave, adorable asshole who just wanted to eat cake and serve justice. 

4. Drama L

Now That’s An L That I Could Get Into. He’s the fashion blogger gay friend that you’ve never actually seen eat a vegetable in the twelve years you’ve known each other, the one you’re too afraid to ask for advice, because you know he will stream all your secrets to his 6.9 million subscribers, and then he’ll smile at you and you’ll forget he ever did such a thing. General score: 10/10, this boy knows his angles and his cases, he’s my perfect, imperfect boy.

5. Musical L

Kermit The Singing Frog. He’s the witch friend who has a hundred bottles with spells and a black cat named Sushka that he swears it’s his familiar; he is always awake no matter the time or day you call him, and whenever he enters a house he also says hello to the spirits nearby, because, c’mon, he’s a bit of a meddler sometimes, but he’s not that rude. General score: 8.5/10, his songs grabbed my heart, just to smash it into tiny pieces in the finale.

6. NoteFlix L

See If I Give A Shit, Light. Art student whose blood is 45% Starbucks latte at this point; if you try to tell him that art isn’t important, he’ll take a picture of your face, photoshop it into a fursuit, put it on a billboard in the interstate, and call it “Fury in Furry: a commentary on the consequences of pissing me the fuck off, mixed media”. General score: 4/10, he did an amazing job, but not even him could save such an awful script.

7. Bonus round: SilentReaper L

Classic DeviantArt, Babey. If you had your first Death Note phase in the late 2000s, it is virtually impossible you haven’t seen this bad boy; if you look directly at him for twenty seconds and then close your eyes, I can guarantee you can smell the hairspray you used throughout middle school. General score: 5/10, the perfect mix of canon L and fanon L.

Seeing lots of discourse tonight over Keith/Lance potentially being an unhealthy relationship – Keith not being as supportive of Lance as Lance is of Keith, emotional stability being one-sided, etc.

First of all: chill. They are not the only people in each others’ lives. Both of them have strong relationships with everyone else on the show – this isn’t a situation where they’re isolated, where they only have each other, where Keith’s sole source of stability is Lance and Lance is emotionally starved because he has no other outlet. This is not the case. Their relationship is one of many on the show, and it’s one that is just beginning to bud into something new. Keith has Shiro to calm him down. Lance has Hunk to support him and be his friend. Keith/Lance don’t only have each other to lean on.

Second: Keith has emotionally supported Lance. He is someone who has a hard time with words, and chooses instead to show his feelings through actions. I wrote a whole meta about how the bedroom scene was fantastic and Keith absolutely made Lance feel at least a little better, but we won’t get into it for now. To make a long story short, the misinterpretation of “Leave the math to Pidge” is what throws a lot of people off. Keith isn’t literally saying that Lance is bad at math. Earlier, Lance said he did math that led him to believe he should leave the team. Keith is saying that Lance’s math is wrong because he won’t have to leave the team. Lance understands this and smiles in relief.

Immediately after this, Keith chooses to sit out on their next mission (though he ends up piloting Black anyway). While this is partly due to his own feelings of inadequacy as a leader in relation to Shiro, it also absolutely is because of what Lance said to him. Again: for Keith, actions speak louder than words. Lance came to him, confided in him, Keith said things would work themselves out, and he chose to deal with it by sitting out himself. I know this to be true because that episode was written by Mitch Iverson - the biggest Lance stan on the writing team, and someone who is extremely kind towards Klance shippers. He’s a very intelligent writer (wrote the sharpshooter episode, the Pidge & Matt reunion, Lance’s guide to falling in love) and knows how to connect scenes from earlier in an episode to those later on (again: see the sharpshooter episode, aka “Escape from Beta Traz”). So: Keith 100% sat out because of what Lance told him. It probably also played a part in his eventual leaving of the team, albeit a smaller one to his own personal issues.

He also listened to Lance and took him seriously as right hand, unlike Shiro has in season 4. Keith and Lance as Black and Red is the closest we will ever get to coleadership on the team (which is kind of impossible when there’s a designated leader, but somehow, they managed to do it). Being someone’s right hand man doesn’t mean they can’t support you, too, and it doesn’t automatically imply an imbalance in the relationship. It’s playing different roles, attending different needs. Before Zarkon was corrupted, he and Alfor had a perfectly healthy friendship; Shiro and Keith do as well. Both these relationships are mutually supportive, and Keith and Lance are no different.

In terms of personal support, Lance has given this to Keith three times – when Keith was grieving over the loss of Shiro, when Keith didn’t want to accept his role as leader, and when Keith lost control of the team. These were all times when Keith allowed himself be emotionally vulnerable in front of Lance - of COURSE Lance was going to step in and comfort him! In contrast, Lance has not allowed himself to be emotionally vulnerable in front of ANY of his teammates. The closest he’s come is with Coran about his homesickness, and Keith – but that was more of a logical thought process of his, a rare moment of accidentally revealing his unconscious feelings of inferiority. And Keith made his best effort to comfort Lance with words (unfortunately, words aren’t Keith’s strong suit, but they’re what Lance attains validation from), then did what he does best and acted on those words.

What I’m trying to get at is: I’m sure Keith would be just as emotionally supportive of Lance as Lance is of Keith, but Lance has not given him the opportunity to do so yet. And the one time he did, Keith took his feelings to heart and responded accordingly. Lance’s arc has been said to be a show-spanning one – he has yet to truly reveal the depths of his insecurities to his teammates, and honestly, he hasn’t even realized the extent of them himself, yet, either. So, we’re looking at some great stuff coming up, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say some great comforting words from Keith. Keep calm, y’all.

The Incredibly Moronic Prat Who Lived

Harry frowned when he looked down at the counter and was faced with his own biography, Harry Potter, The Incredibly Heroic Boy Who Lived (Twice!). When he accepted the job at Flourish and Blotts he never considered that he might have to sell books that were written about himself. Harry’s frown turned into a grimace when he realized that the customer buying this book would probably be starstruck when they realized that the one and only Harry Potter was standing on the other side of the counter.

But when Harry looked up to see the customer, he was the one who was starstruck. Because standing in front of him was Draco Malfoy. Unbearably attractive, adorably flustered Draco Malfoy.

“Potter,” Draco said, shocked.

Harry was too busy staring at the blond, memorizing every perfect detail of his face, to respond. He hadn’t seen Draco since his trial two years ago, and the last he heard Draco was in France studying to be a Healer. France has been good for Draco, Harry thought as he admired Draco’s no longer skinny, but fit body. Draco was also silently appreciating Harry’s appearance, but the blond had been taught that it was impolite to stare, so he broke the silence by clearing his throat. Harry’s eyes immediately flew to Draco’s face.

“Malfoy,” Harry said, his voice hoarse. “How have you been?”

“Spectacular as always,” Draco answered dryly. “And you?”

“I’ve been…” Harry searched for a casual way to say completely lost. “Fine.”

Draco nodded. Both boys seemed at a loss for words and Harry looked back down at the book on the counter. The book about him. That Draco was buying, for some reason.

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TEW Halloween Pumpkin Carving Headcanons

Sebastian: Is god awful at it, but will participate nonetheless. He will make the jankiest pumpkin face, carved with minimal tact, eyes lopsided, zero fucks but having a good time. As the honorary Dad of the group, he will be the one scooping the guts out of everyone’s pumpkin before hand. Is there to spike his apple cider and eat all the candy. Terrible Halloween puns all night.

Joseph: The exact opposite of Sebastian. Will carve the IDEAL, classic jack o’ lantern: two perfect triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a perfectly curved mouth. No, he did not use a template, he’s just that good. Will collect all the pumpkin seeds to roast them for a healthy snack later on while everyone works. Is probably wearing an apron to avoid ruining his clothes.

Juli: “What is this and why are we doing it?” Never had a normal childhood, grew up with hyper-religious family who thought Halloween was sacrilege. Will tentatively poke the pumpkin with the knife before going hard, carving that shit like she was made for Halloween, “Fuck you mom and dad, this is awesome.” Actually doesn’t come out too bad for a first attempt. Will make a second, cat faced one. Has a ridiculous hankering for Twizzlers and will dig through the bowl for every last one.

Leslie: Starts out with a knife. Please someone take the knife away from this jittery man. Ends up with at least 7 small cuts on his hands, covered with colorful bandaids, before Sebastian suggests painting the pumpkin instead. Listen, this pumpkin looks fucked up but it’s an adorable kind of fucked up. He is very proud of it. “Oh, wow…Leslie…that is. Abstract.” says Laura Victoriano, nervously smiling. Will drop everything he’s doing at that current moment to go watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’

Ruvik: Bitter that he was invited to this party, would’ve been equally as bitter if he wasn’t invited. Only does a pumpkin because Laura insisted, not because the artistic side of him secretly wanted to. Remember the murals he did on his walls? That level of intricacy on a pumpkin. Is at the table working on it the longest and will get relentlessly teased for it by Sebastian. Will threaten to carve the same pattern into his skin if he keeps talking.

Laura: Brought the apple cider and will chew anyone out if they drink it cold; “What’s the point of that? It’s just apple juice then, is it not?” Also will blow on Leslie’s cup to make sure he doesn’t burn himself. Is there to paint a pretty pumpkin, be supremely encouraging to everyone, and to embarrass Ruvik by dotting. Will help Joseph bake cookies and decorate them to look like spiders, her personal fav.


Jimenez: Wasn’t invited. Lol bye.

Tatiana: Is giving herself a cute Halloween themed manicure. She is not wrecking these by pumpkin carving. Gives Leslie little painted ghost nails while they watch Charlie Brown. Really digs Kidman’s cat pumpkin.

Stefano: Pumpkin carving?? No. Too basic. Is in the backyard blowing up pumpkins and taking artsy slow-motion pictures of their demise. Ruvik is watching from the window, rolling his eyes. Everyone is concerned, no one knows who invited him.

Sanders Sides Leverage AU

Because I can’t focus on one idea for more than like, a day. 

  • Logan used to be an insurance worker who tracked down stolen goods and the people who stole them. But when his insurance company refuses to pay for the treatment his son needs to survive, his whole world falls apart.
  • He’s drunk, lost, and alone when he’s approached by a stranger who asks him to take on a strange job: steal back designs for a new airplane model that were stolen from him by a rival.
  • He’s told he’ll be in charge of a crew of three other thieves, all whom Logan has chased down at some point or another: 
  • Remy, the young, ingenious hacker who’s as sassy as he is brilliant and who hacks government websites and computers…and makes all their backgrounds various pride flags. Is Ace/Aro and proud, bitch WHO isn’t real LGBTQ+? All your passwords are mine now, just for that. Lives off of coffee and gummy frogs; a true cryptid of the hacking world. 
  • Virgil, a reclusive thief who has a reputation for being the best in the business. Be it wall-climbing, safe-cracking, pick-pocketing, whatever, he’s at the top of every field. A good thief he may be, but he’s severely lacking in social skills, and will always be more happy squeezed into an elevator shaft or an air duct alone than in a crowd of strangers. He’s demisexual, and usually ends up falling for guys on the rare occasion he falls at all.
  • And last but not least, Patton, a “retrieval specialist” who hides a terrifying amount of skill behind his friendly smile and bubbly personality. Will often use the fact that people underestimate him to his advantage, but when things get really serious, there’s a cold darkness to his eyes and no one has any trouble believing exactly what he’s capable of. Still though, he’s a generally happy person. He loves people, all people, doesn’t matter what gender (he later learns the term “pan” from Remy and is very excited about it) and is excellent with kids. He also is a particularly good baker, and thinks that if he ever went clean he’d open up his own bakery. 
  • Logan is told that all he has to do is run this one job, keeping an eye on these three criminals for one night, and not only will he and the others receive a huge payout, but the insurance company he used to work for that let his son die will get screwed by how well their client does once he gets his plans back. 
  • Logan agrees, and the job goes off surprisingly well, the four of them working together as an unexpected yet well oiled machine. They part ways, expecting to never see each other again, but something goes wrong. 
  • None of them get paid for the job, and when they gather at a warehouse to try and find out what’s going on, a bomb explodes, nearly killing all of them. They wake up in a hospital and once again must rely on each other’s combined skills to escape. 
  • Once they leave the hospital and crash at Remy’s place, they realize they were tricked by their client into not stealing back his property, but just stealing someone else’s property for him. Remy suggests running, which Virgil and Patton seem more than happy to do, but Logan, furious that their “client” used the death of his son to help motivate him, suggests they run a con on him to teach him a lesson. 
  • The others agree, but there’s just one problem: their client knows their faces now, they can’t exactly play any roles without him finding out. But Logan has the perfect solution for that. 
  • He leads the makeshift team to a community theater where they meet Roman, a grifter who Logan has crossed paths with many times in the past. (In more ways than one: Logan is Bi and Roman is Gay, so there was a lot of flirting over the years while Logan chased Roman down)
  • Logan doesn’t even have to explain what’s going on, Roman takes one look at him and at the hodgepodge crew he has with him and is just like “I’m in, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” 
  • The five of them make an even better team than just the first four had, and soon their adversary is thoroughly humiliated, not to mention in the toilet for millions of dollars. Once they’re drinking to their success, they all realize that they don’t want to stop working together, they just fit so well. 
  • Logan is hesitant, because this isn’t who he is, he catches criminals, he didn’t set out to become one. He fights the bad guys. To which Roman replies with a grin: “So go find some bad guys. Bad guys have money.” 
  • Logan realizes that with this team, he can hurt companies that take advantage of people, the way his old bosses did for him, and he agrees to become their leader. 

And thus, Leverage Inc. was born! A group that helps people who have been taken advantage of by companies and millionaires who don’t care about people, just money. Is what they do legal, per say? Maybe not. But sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. 

(Also eventual Logince and Moxiety happens, and Remy is just shaking his head at how long it takes all these clueless gays to get together) 

Taglists under the cut: Let me know if you’d like to see more from this AU in the future!

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Unprofessional Crush | Pt.1

Tom Holland x fem!celebrity!reader

Word Count: 1.9K

Pairings: Tom Holland x reader ; PLATONIC!Harry Styles x reader

Warnings: cursing and an adorably nervous Tom.

Summary: Tom’s in the middle of an interview, when you’re brought up and he accidentally admits his huge crush on you. 

Part 2 |

Originally posted by medieval-rose

Tom’s P.O.V.

“Tom Holland and Harry Styles everyone!” James Corden exclaims, causing the audience to scream and clap once hearing our names. He gestures for the pair of us to take a seat on the couch. “As always great to have you back Harry! It’s been a while!”

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Request: Artist!reader likes to paint on her legs and arms and one day asks to paint on Billy’s chest and he’s just really cheeky and it’s fluffy and all that Idk if that made any sense

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive comments

Word Count: 1000

A/N: Thank you for the request!!!! I really like this idea I just hope I’ve done it justice. Christmas requests open.

Xmas Prompts

Prompt List


Originally posted by dvcremontgomery

Y/N was a bit of an outcast at school. Not to the extent of some people but she was not seen as the most normal of people. She was an avid artist but mainly loved to use herself as a canvas. Her arms and legs were very often covered in various beautiful images. This had caught Billy Hargrove’s attention the moment he set foot in the school. He was adamant he could get her to go out with him but in the end, had wound up as her best friend. No one really saw it coming, the two people in question least of all. But it had happened and now neither of them could do without the other.

Y/N climbed into the passenger side of the blue Camaro as she always did after school. Max was absent tonight as she was in AV club with the boys. “Hey.” She greeted Billy as she climbed in.

“Hey, princess.” Billy smiled his signature smile. He had adopted the nickname when he first met her and it had become a habit he couldn’t shake.

“I need you to help me with something.” Y/N fiddled with her fingers nervously as Billy pulled out of the school.

“What is it?” Billy glanced over at her.

“I have an art project to do and you know how I usually use myself as a canvas…” He nodded. “I need to do it on someone else and then take photos. I was wondering if I could use you?”

“Of course. You wanna do it now?” He questioned as they pulled onto her street.

“If that’s okay with you.” She said as the car came to a stop.

“Yeah, I’ve got nothing else interesting to do.” He smiled as they both climbed out of the car.

They were greeted by Y/N’s mother as they entered. “How was your day?”

“Fine.” Y/N replied as her mother noticed Billy.

“Oh, hello, Billy. How are you?”

“Fine thanks Mrs L/N.” Billy smiled.

“You two-”

Y/N cut her mother off. “I’ve got an art project. Billy’s helping me.”

“Okay. You kids be careful.”

Y/N quickly pulled Billy upstairs before her mother could say anything else.

“Does she still think we’re dating?” Billy smirked.

“Yes.” Y/N huffed. “No matter how many times I tell her different.”

Billy chuckled and sat on the edge of her bed. He watched as she collected various paints and brushes. She threw a sheet on the floor and pulled another one out of the cupboard and put it on the ground. She grabbed some paint covered clothes and a pot and went into the bathroom. When she came back she had changed and the pot was full of water.

“Okay, where do you want me, princess?” Billy smirked as she started to go red.

“I need you to sit on the floor.” She paused as he did so. “And take your shirt off.”

Billy raised an eyebrow as a more wicked smirk graced his face. He slowly started taking his jacket off. “You know, if you wanted to see me naked this much, princess, you could have just asked.”

“Shut-up, dipshit. I need to paint on your chest.” Y/N tried not to look at the way his muscles flexed as he lifted his shirt over his head. She sat crossed legged in front of him as she arranged her paints and equipment on the sheet. She tossed the spare sheet over his legs to protect his jeans. She dipped her brush in the first colour and applied it to the upper right part of his chest.

He jumped back with an intake of breath. “Sorry, it’s cold.” He chuckled and she joined him.

The tension in the room lessoned as she began to form beautiful images on his chest out of the simplest of movements. He watched her work with awe and was suddenly reminded by what drew him to her in the first place. She took her time as she worked; making sure everything was perfect. She ended up with paint in her hair and on her face and Billy couldn’t stop smiling. Every so often she would go slightly wrong and would have to correct it with a cloth. Every time it happened, Billy would hold his breath and will himself to think of anything else.

“Finished.” She smiled and sat back to look over her work. “Stay still. I’m gonna grab the camera.” She came back in and positioned him in front of a white sheet that was draped over one wall. She took a few photos and placed each polaroid on top of a folder.

“Is that all?” He questioned as she looked over the photos.

“I need to do another one. But we can do it some other time if you want to get home.” She told him as she grabbed a fresh bowl of water and a cloth.

“No, I got no where to be.” He smiled.

“Okay.” She motioned for him to sit down and started to clean the paint from his chest.

This time Billy couldn’t stop himself. He was in no position to ruin her work this time. Without a second thought he lunged forward and pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was primal and full of need as she melted into him and tangled her hands in his hair. He started trailing kisses down her neck before he moved to her ear. “I think we can do the other one some other time.”

“Agreed.” She muttered breathlessly.

He smirked as he kissed her again.

Over the years Dean imagined countless different scenarios how his first kiss with Castiel would eventually happen.

After a hunt almost gone wrong, with the emotions boiling over so spectacularly accidental love confessions would find their way out into the open, impossible to ignore. Or after a movie marathon with the occasional rom-com thrown into the mix, making one of them (most likely Dean) so mushy and touchy-feely he wouldn’t be able to hold back his very serious feelings anymore. Or maybe just on a totally normal day, Castiel staring at him with his stunning blue eyes for hours and hours on end, until eventually someone would crack.

Yes, Dean pictured this specific event a lot of times.

Like, a lot.

However, the actual truth doesn’t even come close in the end.

At least Dean never thought for even a millisecond it would actually happen with Castiel sitting across from him at the breakfast table, an amused glint in his eyes as he recites some stupid joke he read on the internet the other day.

“What kind of bagel can fly?” Castiel asks with a crooked smile and pauses for the dramatic effect, his gaze fixed on the hunter as though he doesn’t want to miss even a single twitch in the other man’s features, before eventually revealing, “A plain bagel.”

He grins widely, looking so freaking pleased with himself, so gorgeous and beautiful, like there hasn’t been a moment more proud in his long-ass existence as a celestial being, and dammit all to hell, Dean just can’t take it anymore!

How is a grown-up man supposed to deal with that?

“Ugh, you’re killing me here, Cas!”

Not even a new apocalypse would have kept Dean from leaping to his feet and surging forward, grabbing a seriously surprised angel by his collar and pulling him ridiculously close, until there is not an inch left between them.

Castiel’s eyes widen as he stares at the hunter shell-shocked, but he doesn’t try to get away from Dean’s grip – on the contrary, he even seems to lean into the touch – and Dean simply can’t wait another minute. Another second.

So he leans in and finds himself kissing the man he’s been crazy about for years.



First it’s soft and sweet, just a warm press of lips, and it’s absolute bliss in Dean’s book, but then Castiel has the damned audacity to make a growling sound deep in his chest and Dean completely loses his mind in the process. Tongues get tangled, hands are running over bodies, fingers card through hair and Dean finally knows what Heaven feels like.

“Seriously?” Castiel pants eventually when they pull apart to catch their breath. “A joke about bagels?”

It takes a while for enough oxygen to arrive in Dean’s brain again. “I dunno, man,” he answers, his chest heaving. His gaze roves over Castiel’s face, tries to drink everything in right in front of him, and his whole system is flooded with an almost unbearable warmth when he registers Castiel’s flushed cheeks and dazed eyes. He actually didn’t think that angels would be able to blush, but here they are.

“Nothing about our relationship has been normal,” Dean whispers, his mouth still so freaking close to Castiel’s you can barely tell them apart. “So you’re surprised about that?”

The angel appears to consider this for a moment, tilting his head in that adorable way of his. “You’re not wrong,” he agrees in the end, nodding. “But still? Bagels?”

Dean smirks as he shrugs his shoulders. “My new favorite food, so it seems.”

“Next to pie, of course.”

For some reason Dean’s heart squeezes hard at that. “Yeah,” he whispers. “Next to pie …”

And then he decides that his lips have been without Castiel’s for way too long already and they get lost in each other once more.

So when Sam eventually returns from his grocery run about twenty minutes later and presents them a bag of bagels he bought at the local bakery, both Dean and Castiel grin so hard Sam can’t help studying them suspiciously and in the end declaring them insane.

stray kids ↠ getting jealous/angry

stray kids masterlist // official masterlist


requested: anon: you are my fav writer on tumblr 😭 your writing is just so good and detailed, would you mind doing an [angry]-fluffish skz getting jealous ? it’s just everyone else’s is always so cutesy when i’d prefer it to be more serious and to end up fluffy. fighting!! you’re the best !!

a/n: oof bby idk if you’re just saying that or you’re serious but thank you !! i’m so so so so sorry this took so long !

scenario: [member] tried not to get jealous. he trusted you with his life, he knew you would never leave him for someone else. he knew it was stupid. still, he couldn’t help but have a burning feeling inside whenever you hung out with another member you seemed to be a little too close with. [member] sat back and watched for a while, occasionally trying to get your attention. his fists clenched every time you and the other member hugged, or held hands, or even looked at each other a second longer than you should have. after some time, he couldn’t handle it anymore. abruptly standing up and walking towards the door, all [member] said was, “y/n, let’s go,” in a low, monotonous tone as he stormed out. the ride home was quiet, him not saying a single word. when you entered the empty dorms, you asked him what’s wrong, causing his emotions to snap in half.

woojin ♡

“nothing, babe, it’s nothing.”

woojin knows it isn’t worth getting mad over; you and felix had always been close, even before you two had started going out. however, when you tell him that he can tell you anything and that he can trust you, something in him snaps. something saying that no, he can’t trust you, not when you were acting like that with the younger member.

you have never heard woojin raise his voice at you before like this; when it happens, it’s always when you two are playing around. this time it’s different, though. you can hear the anger in his voice, and it startles you. all you can do is sit there and listen to him go off about how you were getting a little too close with the young aussie for his liking. because you aren’t used to hearing him like this, your eyes start to tear up, feeling bad that you had made him feel this way. woojin continues for a minute, but upon seeing your watering eyes he immediately hushes himself down, regretting ever getting mad at you. woojin pulls you into his arms, rubbing soothing circles on your body as he whispers “sorry”s and “i love you”s in your ears.

chan ♡

when you ask him what’s the matter, chan turns around and presses his lips together, eyes closed as his head dips to the floor. he tries to keep his emotions in, knowing he’s going to end up too heated if he starts now, so he takes a deep breath and gives you an obviously forced smile as he says, “nothing, prince/ss, i’m fine.” you ask if he’s sure, and he responds with a cold, “actually, no, i’m not sure, y/n,” and proceeds to fuss out his anger and jealousy at you.

at least one of his hands is in his hair the whole time, his tongue red and sore from constantly biting it to try to hold back. if you don’t speak english, you’re just sitting there as he yells because that’s what he’s speaking in, profanities dropping from his mouth like they’re the only words he knows. if you do, however, you’re better off not saying anything as well. when you do try to speak up to object to his statements, it only makes his anger worse, upset that you’re not letting him talk. his face is red and hot, his voice fuming as he continues to pour out his emotions. in the heat of the moment, chan screams, “why don’t you just fuck off and bother seungmin some more since you seem to like each other so much, huh !?”

as his rant comes to an end, he’s facing the wall, leaning against it with his arms above his head. he turns around, head dropped to the ground and tears in his eyes. he runs a hand over his mouth before mumbling, “just … i’ll just leave you alone for a while …” and he quickly makes his way to his room. he gives you a few hours for the both of you, mostly you, to think things through, because he knows he’s upset you with what he’s said. he eventually comes out with puffy, red eyes and croaky apologies draining from his lips.

minho ♡

minho is definitely someone to start yelling when he gets mad, especially out of jealousy. it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s just that he knows what hyunjin is capable of—he’s talented in many areas and has a great personality, not to mention the fact that he’s drop-dead gorgeous. and although minho knows he’s all of those things as well, he couldn’t help but feel you might think hyunjin was a little better and choose him instead. when you ask him what the problem is, he mumbles a small “nothing, y/n,” which sets you off, because usually he calls you by little pet names. so you pester him a few more times, trying to get him to speak up, but minho is not having it right now.

he busts a fist on the wall, completely exploding to get his feelings out. minho throws his hands in the air a lot, bringing them back down to rub his hair behind his head. he somewhat has a hold on what he says, so he bites his lip whenever he thinks he might be going too far. minho expects you to react in some way, and he notices the worried look on your face when you try to calm him down. not in the mood, he rolls his eyes and says, “you know what, fuck it, i’m done,” before walking into his room and slamming the door shut. he’s a stubborn boy, so minho expects you to apologize to him and refuses to interact with you until you do.

somebody turn the ac on bc this boi is hot

changbin ♡

you don’t even get the chance to ask what’s wrong before changbin’s already on your case. changbin trusts you, he really does, he just doesn’t like the fact that you’re so clingy to his leader when it’s him you should be spending your time with, especially since you don’t see each other often because of his schedule. 

“really ? what the fuck was that, y/n ?”

his tone is cold and raspy, but it’s not as loud as some of the other members’. his voice raises to a yell mostly towards the end of his sentences. every so often he throws his head back with his hands on his forehead, slowly spinning in a circle as he takes a breather before going back to what he was saying, quietly then back to booming. changbin asks you questions, like “what’s so good about him that you can’t make time for me ?” when he realizes how loud he is, he becomes more insecure, thinking that with all the screaming he’s doing you might go back to chan for comfort, or ultimately leave him for a partner who isn’t as jealous. he quiets down, running his fingers through his hair once more as he whispers, “i’m gonna go lay down for a bit …” and heading to his room. he leaves you alone for a while, but unlike chan, it’s mostly for his own sake over yours.

hyunjin ♡

he’s angry and confused. what’s so special about his youngest member that you wanted to spend more time with him ? when you ask him if he’s feeling alright, he rolls his eyes and shoves past you.

“don’t act like you don’t know what’s pissing me off, y/n, i’m not in the damn mood .”

the second you open your mouth to protest and explain how no, you don’t know, hyunjin begins rambling about his frustration towards you and jeongin. his voice is louder than he meant it to be, but he’s already in the moment so there’s no quieting him down. whenever you try to talk to him to help, he shuts you up immediately, mood becoming worse than before. his lip curls up into a snarl as he speaks, his voice growling lowly at you. hyunjin rolls his eyes and huffs at you a lot, and he expects you to agree with what he says. once he notices the startled look on your face, he softens up a little, and although he’s still upset at you, he grabs you by the arm and drags you to his room, angrily snuggling under the covers with you until he feels better.

can you just imagine an angry cuddle sesh like what does that even mean

jisung ♡

jisung slams the door shut and leans his back against it, one ankle crossed over the other and his arms folded. his head tilts down as his eyes look up at you blankly, not a drop of happiness on his face. his hand comes out to gesture towards you as he seethed,

“explain yourself, prince/ss .”

you know what he’s talking about, as he’s questioned you and changbin’s relationship in the past. as you go to explain yourself, jisung stops you with, “actually, i don’t really care.” he continues with his own string of sentences as he describes what you and changbin have done recently, ignoring your own boyfriend to hang out with one of his older members. the longer he complains, the louder his voice gets, the more he moves around the room with his hands thrown in the air. he doesn’t get to the point where he’s yelling, though, his voice is only slightly louder than an inside one. after he’s gone to the point where he’s out of breath, jisung looks to you as if he’s expecting a response. when he gets none, he scoffs and rolls his eyes, poking his cheek with his tongue and storming away, slamming is door shut when he reaches his room.

“seriously ? you’re not even gonna defend yourself ? i can’t believe you …”

felix ♡

like minho, felix is another member who would no doubt get loud when he’s mad. however, he probably won’t be able to hold it in. the second you ask him what was the matter, he throws his bag down and locks his fingers behind his head, walking in a circle and laughing ironically.

“‘what’s the matter’ ? are you fucking serious ? i can’t believe this shit …”

it baffles him that you don’t understand what he’s talking about. all day you had ignored him for minho, clinging to his side like it was going to kill you. even when he tried to get your attention, you just continuously brushed him off to continue whatever you were doing with the older, and if that hadn’t pissed him off enough, you not noticing definitely did. when felix raises his voice at you, you jump slightly and step back a little to allow him room to pace around the room.

out of all the members, he’s the loudest, screaming profanities and throwing his arm out to the side whenever he tries to make a point. he doesn’t notice how aggressive he sounds until he swings his arm again a little too close to you, causing to flinch involuntarily. felix immediately stops, not having meant to scare you. his eyes water, realizing that he could’ve actually hurt you had he not been more careful, and he pulls you into him, stroking your hair and whispering how much he loves you and would never try to hurt you.

“i’m sorry baby, believe me, i would never do something like that …”

seungmin ♡

upon hearing the question leave your mouth, seungmin just walks past you crying as tears threaten to fall from his eyes. he doesn’t want to look vulnerable in front of you, but he also hates lying to you and wants you to know everything about how he’s feeling. both of your hearts break as he turns around with tears streaming down his cheeks, lips quivering, as he tries to explain himself.

“i-it’s just … you and j-jisung …”

and that’s when he breaks down.

seungmin crouches to the floor in tears, hands balled up into a fist in front of his eyes. despite his soft personality, however, when you reach an arm out to comfort him, he shoots up and pushes your arm away.

“how can you just sit here an act so innocent, y/n !? i give you everything and all i get is you going off to hang out with another guy …”

you step back, shocked as seungmin starts yelling through his crying. you’ve never seen him jealous before, even more so in such a distressed state. his voice cracks and gets louder the harder he bawls, his jaw clenching as you try to walk nearer to him. he shouts your name once but finally quiets down when you cup his cheeks with your hands, water pooling in your own eyes. he lightly holds onto your wrists, burying his face into the crook of your neck as he sobs and falls to the ground trembling in your arms.

jeongin ♡

being so young, you’re his first serious relationship, and him knowing he had a lack of experience in that area produced many insecurities. when you had asked that one, simple question, he tried to say he was fine, but ended up choking back tears instead. that’s when it all crumbled, his feelings pouring out like water from a bucket. it started with him crying before it elevated to him yelling. it wasn’t intended towards you, just him yelling as he spoke, but the fact that you had never seen him this upset before out you off a little.

you sat there, listening to jeongin’s complaints, how he didn’t understand why you liked hanging out with an oldest of his group more than your boyfriend. he knew woojin wouldn’t ever make a move on you—you were young and he saw you as a little sister. however, he couldn’t help but feel he could lose you to the older, since he was more mature and, in jeongin’s eyes, a lot more talented and experienced.

jeongin was choking on tears while he walked around the room yelling, stopping when he finally turned to face you with tears running down your cheeks. his voice halted immediately as he stared at you for a second, the guilty look on your face that should be innocent causing his heart to drop. he rushed to you, coddling you in his arms, whispering apologies.

“i’m so sorry, jagi, i-i don’t know where that came from …”


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