at least he tried!

Her Wearing Tight Clothes: SHINEE


JinKi would be so happy he would be on cloud 9, and even happier at the idea of being able to take those tight clothes off from your body, sliding them down to the floor and instead ravishing you right where you stood.


He loved seeing you wearing tight clothes, but he loved it only when you were wearing it for him this time around you were going out with friends, and he felt conflicted to let you go.


If you were dressing up like that and not going out with him, he would be worried, to say the least, persistent- even- as he tried to figure out where you were going and whether you did it intentionally to tease him for all he did to you.


MinHo’s leg would be twitching as you slowly pulled the little dress over your shapes, asking him to secure the zip at the top with the little pin. With a deeper purpose he slid a finger up your spine as he did the zipper, leaning to kiss your neck as he was finished and admired you in the mirror over your shoulder. “Maybe we should stay home tonight, hm?”


His hands would be roaming your curves accentuated by the clothes wherever you two went, not letting go of your waist and turning the slightest bit territorial, feeling proud in you and your wonderful shapes, getting so much attention.

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*pokes head in* hello I love your blog and I check in every day for updates I know it's Wednesday you can answer this any time but I had to ask before I forget... What do you think Saru and Misaki did with the dolls Totsuka made in the CD Drama?

They probably both went back to their respective homes, complained about what the hell are they going to do with the doll and then tossed it in a drawer for thirty seconds before retrieving it. Say Yata tries to throw his away, like part of him just wants to launch that Fushimi doll out the window and never look at it again, but he convinces himself that well, Totsuka-san worked hard and he should at least hold onto it. He tries to shove it in the back of the closet but after a minute he’s digging around and pulling it out again, staring at the doll and wondering what to do with it. It really does look like a little Fushimi and Yata smiles a little as he pokes its stomach, like well yeah but at least this one has some fat on its bones. He ends up keeping the doll like on his nightstand, somewhere not terribly noticeable but still close enough that he can grab it if he ever needs it. Sometimes when he and Fushimi have had a particularly bitter fight Yata will lie in bed staring at the doll in his hands and asking it all the questions he wishes he could ask the real Saruhiko, about why he left and does he care about Yata at all anymore.

On Fushimi’s side, he tosses the Yata doll under his bed with a vow never to look at it again. But then a second later he’s pulling it out and staring at it, wondering why Totsuka was making dolls of everybody anyway. It looks rather Misaki-like, the same stupid grin and bright eyes and Fushimi pokes its face like ‘hey, stop smiling.’ Misaki doll doesn’t answer though, just sits there in his hand and Fushimi clicks his tongue as he rolls on his side, the doll held close to his chest. Unlike Yata he doesn’t talk to the doll out loud, just mumbles things from time to time, but the rest of the time the doll is set up under the covers in the bottom bunk, and on days when old habits tale over and he finds himself looking at the bottom bunk Fushimi figures at least this way he’ll see something, even if it’s not really who he’s used to seeing.

Random Speirs/Malarkey domestic headcanons

– they both suck at cooking. Don at least tries very hard, but he always ends up burning something, while Ron doesn’t even bothers, so they usually end up eating something that they order
they have a terrible eating schedule

– Don moves a lot in his sleep, while Ron is one of those people that steal the blanket. Don is still wondering if he does that unconsciously or if it is a form of vengeance since he always kick him in his sleep

– Once a week Lipton visits them and help them clean the disaster that they make, knowing that they won’t clean if he doesn’t tell them, since they suck at being functional adults

– Every now and then Don brings dogs home, asking Ron if they can keep them. For some reason, even if he doesn’t particulary likes them, dogs love Ron.

– Once Don kidnapped accidentally a dog. His owner was a few feet behind but he hadn’t see him. Thanks god, the owner noticed and followed Don at his house to save his dog. Don is still sad about it – “It was so cute –”

– Ron doesn’t really like sweet food, but Don loves it, so, if he has any, he always give it to him. Even when someone offers him a biscuit or something at work, he always takes it and he brings it home for Don.

– Their apartament has a veranda. Don keeps there some plants, and they go there reading on rainy days.

– Don is the kind of person that gives a name to his plants. Ron finds that adorable.

– When they fight, it’s very rare that Ron is the first to be sorry. And even if he is, he never tell. Hejust hugs Don from behind and kiss his forehead, and stay there until he feels Don’s muscles a little more relaxed. They stay like that for a while.

– When it’s Don the first one to say sorry, he usually sits next to Ron – that always smokes after a fight – and looks at him for a moment with his puppy eyes, before muttering that he’s very sorry and that he’s an idiot.

– Don loves kids. Everytime they go to Harry’s house, since he had a kid with Kitty, Don plays with the kid while Ron takes a beer with Harry and Kitty.

– They always fight on who has to clean the dishes. Always.

– Don likes to use Ron’s t-shirts. He stole his Led Zeppelin shirt and he swear that he’s never giving it back.

– While in some situations Ron can be very silent, Don can never shut up. Evene when it’s 2 am and they just went to sleep he would just burst out something like “ do you think aliens would like beatles??? “ 


Everybody needs an Ignis, Ignis needs a Gladio.

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”


Don’t stop walking…★