at least he replaced the face

A plea to the employers of millennials

Please. Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. Why? Because it’ll likely end up unsustainable and you’ll replace us all with machines. And right now, I am completely on fucking board with that.

I have been abused, mocked, humiliated, and threatened during my time in retail. People intruding into my personal space is only the least of it. I’ve had a manager spreading ugly rumors about my personal life because I’m “naive” and “stuck up.” (His definition of stuck up? Being tired during the night shift. Apparently this proves I’m weak and can’t hack it, thus coddled and snooty. I am not even fucking kidding right now. He said it to my face.)

I’ve had people screaming at me, calling me a lazy idiot, when I fail to notice them right off the bat because I’m busy answering the phones, manning the register, and working in the aisles all at once.

Day shift managers shift their duties onto us because they oh-so-diligently refuse to clock overtime hours that would be expensive to the company–leaving us to work the overtime and stand the heat.

People leave biohazards jammed in the sink, hidden on the shelves, sitting in the aisles. People come charging in at 1:58 AM, wanting to purchase an armload of liquor from the liquor section when state law prohibits sales after 2 AM and the liquor department takes five minutes to unlock. (This is my fault, by the way.) People sop up stolen tequila with diapers and, yes, leave them for us to find. People get in fights in the aisles and the cops have to be called. People accuse me of racism for asking for clarification. Note: I don’t hate you for the color of your skin, I’m just not very strong on AAVE and need to be sure what kind of cigarettes you wanted! 

So please. Replace us with machines. Yes, it will suck for those of us being unemployed. But right this moment, I welcome our new automated-checkstand overlords, because it will piss all these people off.

The screaming bitch can’t argue with a machine. A computer lets you into the liquor section then refuses to sell you the alcohol because whoops, now it’s after 2 AM, can’t do it, doesn’t care. Calling a robot a racist, a retard, or any of the various charming modern equivalents of “poxy whore” won’t move it a fucking inch. And the managers can sexually harass Checkerbot 5000 to their hearts’ content, but it will never give them the satisfaction of flinching.

This is how the machine war begins. Not with a bang, but with a “May I help you?”

Félicitations! (King George X Reader)

Request!: Your requests are open? Okay :3 then may I request a pregnant reader x king George? >///<

If you still take requests. Pregnant!Reader x King George III

Paring: King George III X Pregnant! Reader

TW: Pregnancy, Nervousness? Nothing to worry about. FLUFF

WC: 568

A/N- It is small, but it is good.  ((Félicitations means congratulations))


You spent days thinking about how to tell George the big news. He was currently in France, on behalf of England, trying to solve a problem between two major companies before it turned into a war. So, you couldn’t tell him in person, he was supposed to be there for at least another month.

But then you finally got an idea.

Facetiming The Small Crumpet


“Hello, beautiful!” Your husband’s face replaced the contact picture you had set for him. You could tell he was walking from the way he kept looking at you and looking up, then the whole video picture was going up and down.

“Hey!” You said with excitement, but on the inside you were nervous. You saw him stop and hold his unoccupied arm out.

“TAXI!” George yelled and you groaned at the sound that blasted in your ears for both of you were wearing headphones. A few seconds later the light that was hitting George’s face disappeared. You heard a door close and George tell the driver where to go.

“Did you get what I sent you?” You asked as he sat back in his seat.

“No…? Wait, hold on let me check!” His face went out of frame and you heard the latching on his briefcase open, and then the shuffling of paper.

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@omgpoindexterplease HIS NURSEY SHIRT I’M GONNA DIE

So, like, when Nursey shows up with the new shirt as a peace offering, Dex is ready to go off on him for flaunting his money in his face again or implying that his taste in shirts isn’t up to par or whatever. Which, you know, could be justified. But the one reason for getting so pissed that he never considers is that he.. is personally attached to this dumb shirt ‘cause of Nursey?

Until Nursey stops and says, “I don’t even get why you’re so hung up on this one shirt, Dex! I know for a fact you have at least one other one that abides by The Poindexter Party Dress Code ™.”

Dex just says, “Whatever,” leaves Nursey with his replacement shirt, and skulks off. And thinks. And overthinks. Because Nursey’s right; he doesn’t want to wear his one other party shirt, but he doesn’t totally get why. Or maybe he does, but he doesn’t want to dig any further into it than he already has.


oceansgrxywaves  asked:

Do you have any headcanons for how the chocobros sleep? (on their back, side etc)

Thanks for requesting this, it was funny to imagine how they would sleep. Hope you like this xx


-he is sleeping beauty we all know that, so I don’t think he prefers a certain position to sleep in. He moves a lot though, and i’m sure that he wraps his arms tightly around his pillow as well.

-if he is sleeping with his s/o they will replace the pillow (be prepared to feel like a damn burrito because this man will wrap his legs around yours and hide his face in your neck)

-Also, does not matter if it’s boiling outside, he needs to sleep at least with one blanket.


-Listen. DO. NOT. EVER. SLEEP. BESIDE. HIM. He will move so freaking much during his sleep that the person next to him will either end up being with limbs on top of them, or with some nasty bruises because this asshole kicks a lot. 

-If his s/o is with him, they will fall asleep cuddling him but by the end of the night they will be on the floor.



-he likes to be warm when he is sleeping so he likes to lie on his stomach (and it’s also easier to bury his head in the pillow if any of the boys start snoring @gladio)

-if he is with his s/o he would like to have them pressed against his chest and wrap his arms around their waist, so that they know he will protect them.


-He likes to sleep on his back, just to be quick and prepared for a sudden attack.

-Sometimes he does not sleep with blankets just because he is a freaking sauna.

- Huge believer that the best way to sleep is to do it naked, so imagine the great view his s/o gets when the blanket only covers certain spots.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Final part!

‘I don’t know if this is a good idea.’ Stiles said as he looked at the loft building.

‘Calm down, it’s not alike they will turn you away.’ you assured.

‘What if they do, or if they found a replacement or something?’ Stiles argued.

‘Stiles, stop worrying, get out of the car and talk to your friends.’ you said.

Stiles took a deep breath before finally opening the car door and stepping out, you followed behind him.

Once you two were at Derek’s door Stiles stood for a second before making a determined face.

‘I know at least six of you guys hear me out here so let me in.’ Stiles yelled.

The door opened revealing Scott McCall.

‘Hey.’ Stiles said awkwardly.

‘Hey.’ Scott said back.

‘Gonna let me in or what?’ Stiles asked.

Scott stepped aside and let you and Stiles in.

Everyone looked at the two of you, but mostly at Stiles.

‘So…’ you said awkwardly, waiting for someone to say something.

‘We thought you were out Stiles.’ Lydia said.

‘I was, but what can I say, I miss all this craziness. I might have even missed you guys, like only a little bit though.’ Stiles said.

‘Stiles, I know we already said it, but we are all really sorry, and we are going to make it all up to you.’Scott said.

‘Hey woah man chill, I don’t want you guys to get all weird and over-friendly. Just try to not be assholes this time around, if you guys can do that then we are good and everything is good.’ Stiles said.

‘Like hell we aren’t about to get weird.’ Erica said.

‘We are about to be all in your face like mace.’Boyd added.

‘Totally never leaving you alone.’ Isaac joined.

‘Agreed, starting right now.’ Allison said as she stood up and opened her arms and began walking toward him.

‘Oh no, nope.’ Stiles said as he backed up.

‘Come on Stiles just a hug.’ Derek said as everyone opened there arms and got closer.

‘It’s a group hug, a werewolf group hug. It’s already hot, you know.’ Stiles said awkwardly.

Before Stiles could give more reasons as to why he wasn’t down for a group hug his A.G.A yelled.


The pack basically pounced on him, someone, he wasn’t sure who, had knocked them all down.

‘Ooomf, I’m being crushed.’ Stiles gasped, but his smile showed no displeasure in his current situation.

‘Forgive us and we’ll get up.’ Jackson said.

‘Fine I forgive your fat asses, now get offa me.’ Stiles.

It took them a minute of detangling their limbs before they were all standing on their own two feet.

‘Now are we all good, no more weirdness.’ Stiles said.

‘Well it is Beacon Hills, so weirdness is always gonna happen, but we’re good.’ Jackson said.

‘Yeah, we’re all good, right Stiles?’ Scott asked for assurance.

‘Yeah completely cool.’ Stiles said, puling Scott into a hug, a single hug.

‘You see this, one on one, that’s how you hug.’ Stiles said as he pulled away.

‘And that is a job well done for me.’ you smiled.

‘Hey, (Y/N)? What happens to you now?’ Stiles asked.

‘Well you are in the clear, and my job is done, so now I go back to the invisible side lines.’ you said.

‘So I won’t see you again. I mean I will, but not for a long while, like a long long long while?’ Stiles said.

‘No spoilers, policies and all that jazz.’ you giggled.

‘I’ll miss you, you know.’ Stiles said.

‘I know, just remember me when you can’t find the other sock.’ you said sweetly.

The pack all watched as you again began to vibrate as the bright white light radiated off of your body. Soon the light faded away and the vibrating stopped.

‘Well that was an experience.’ Lydia said.

‘Hold on.’ Stiles said, looking down at his right foot in confusion.

‘What is it?’ Derek asked.

Stiles ignored him as he sat down and and took off his shoe revealing his foot, his bare foot.

‘She stole my sock with out taking off my shoe.’ Stiles chuckled as he showed the bottom of his foot were there was a message written on it.

 See ya Sukas

( bc @hyperieon kind of enabled me to talk about this ).

– obviously the most noticeable one, and easily his trademark feature, is the one that runs almost from cheek to cheek over the bridge of his nose. it’s the result of a particularly nasty gladiatorial battle that did not end well – and coincidentally he remembers a good part of it, because it scarred more than just his face. 

his hands bear a lot of marks, or at least both of them until his right arm was replaced with the cybernetic. the scars on his left hand are hidden under his glove, but his knuckles bear plenty of discolored and somewhat keloid scars ( with stress and a weakened immune system, you can bet the healing process was neither fast nor efficient ). shiro himself doesn’t remember how he got them, but it was actually because he once punched a wall out of sheer anger and frustration. 

– and speaking of which, it isn’t just his skin that is scarred; in a sense, his BONES are as well, particularly the knuckles of his left hand because of the aforementioned incident. striking the wall introduced microfractures in his knuckles – which, upon healing, made the bone stronger and more reinforced. gladiatorial combat in general also did the same thing, which has led to his shins and knees being equally reinforced. 

– seriously, don’t let shiro snag you with a left hook to the face because he’ll break your jaw. 

– and now the elephant in the room: HIS RIGHT ARM and naturally, I’m talking about the stump. we all know stress can do one hell of a number on you; not only does it weaken your defenses, but everything else suffers as well. couple that with the fact that shiro was malnourished and lacking in– well, pretty much everything nutrient-related, and he’s definitely got it bad. despite the fact that the surgery was actually pretty clean, the join where flesh meets cybernetic did not heal well. 

– his shoulders and back are also riddled with smaller scars, some more noticeable than others, and each of them has got a story to tell. 

the more i think about it, the more i feel like jimon is basically set up as a love story??? at least up until ep 6, like, they have heated confrontations with small affectionate scenes scattered in between, there’s the common love interest they fight over but will eventually realize was just a replacement for each other

they have the scene in ep 6 where simon catches jace with clary standing all close, and when she leaves they stare at each other all dramatically, then simon gets frustrated and attempts to leave but jace stops him by saying his name, and then the camera focuses on jace’s face as he struggles to find the words and then looks away, and simon has the saddest look on his face??

like without context (and even a bit with context lol) it’s set up like that classic confession of love thing where they’re Not Ready To Say It so it’s all angsty, and then simon makes a nice gesture and leaves, and jace stares after him looking fucking heartbroken?????

i mean this is some classic romcom shit right here

anonymous asked:

TIE Vader + Ahsoka

Ahsoka stood silently in front of it; the new ‘body’ of Darth Vader, the man who had once been Anakin Skywalker.

He no longer had even the shape of a person, armored limbs replaced by the cold, curved wings of a TIE Advanced; the transparisteel window to the cockpit obscured his already-masked face, and if that wasn’t some terrible metaphor she didn’t know what was.

But despite the sick wrongness of it all - wiring himself into a starfighter - this was the body he had turned his back on the Empire in, turned his back on the Emperor in, and Ahsoka didn’t know what to think, what to feel, much less what to say.

if this made you at all sad, just imagine that scene in ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ with Vader descending from above in a beam of light as the TIE Advanced, instead of standing on top of it

I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

Michigan Governor Warns Congressmen of GOP Health Bill's Impact

Rick Snyder, Michigan’s Republican governor, is warning congressmen in his state that a bill repealing Obamacare could harm some of their most vulnerable constituents.

Snyder sent personal letters to each member of Michigan’s House and Senate delegation on Monday, saying that the American Health Care Act would limit federal funding, and detailing potential harms. Snyder had earlier said he opposes the AHCA, which repeals and replaces portions of the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare.

The health law overhaul faces a vote in the full House as soon as Thursday, and Republican leaders are working to gain needed support to pass it and send it to the Senate. Both of Michigan’s senators are Democrats, but nine of the state’s 14 congressmen are Republicans.

More from Comey Deals Trump a Political Blow When He Can Least Afford It

“While reforming the nation’s health care system is vital, it is imperative that gains in health coverage and access to care are maintained,” Snyder wrote in a letter to Republican Representative Tim Walberg. The AHCA would lead to 49,000 people losing “Healthy Michigan Plan” Medicaid coverage in Walberg’s district alone, Snyder said in the letter.

More from

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@classicrockcassettes​ cont.

Frowning at the snarky comment, Castiel trailed his gaze back to the other. “You know what it means, Dean,” he said, standing up from the bench he’d been sitting on for longer than he was willing to admit.

He wasn’t all that surprised by the words that followed. “Sounds like you made good use of your time, as always.” The look on his face was quickly replaced by a flash of uncertainty. Said angel mojo had been acting up lately, again. At the least, it required more effort. But the other option was to leave Dean get beaten up.

“Let’s find out.” Castiel reached to grab the other by the shoulder, zapping them to the empty playground he’d seen no more than a mile away. “For the next time, try not to ‘sweet-talk’ anyone who looks too official. It never ends well.” He ignored the sudden wave of nausea before pulling his hand away.

Cassarric / SFW  / inspired by THIS PROMPT

Writing has been a struggle the last few days, so please enjoy some shamelessly self-indulgent fluff!

The Seeker wasn’t exactly known for her way with words. In fact, Varric thought she was as close to the human embodiment of ‘show don’t tell’ as you could get. If she respected you, it showed in her unwavering loyalty. If she hated you.. well, that was one of the easier ones to figure out.

But if she liked you, that showed in the way her face softened and her shoulders relaxed. Gone were the harsh lines and flashing eyes, replaced by gentle smiles. And her words came easier then, the less she thought about them.

It was a fact he was becoming more and more acquainted with, something he relished. Their strained relationship blooming into friendship… and possibly into something else. At least he thought that might be the case, except they hadn’t talked about it because she wasn’t known for her way with words.

Especially when she thought about them too much. Like now.

He hadn’t meant to sneak up on her, of course he doubted she would’ve noticed had bear come charging at her. He found her pacing in front of the stream behind their encampment in the Emerald Graves, and at first he thought she was angry. She was gesturing wildly as she stalked along the bank, every so often she would pause and either run an agitated hand through her hair, or spread her hands like she were entreating someone. After a moment he realized she was rehearsing something, changing how she stood, how she tilted her head. If only he knew what she was saying.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Varric crept closer. He wasn’t subtle, but still she didn’t take notice. The closer he got, the more he became aware of her muttering, trying to find the words. No wonder she was so annoyed.

“Varric,” she said, and he froze, figuring the jig was up. However, her back was turned and she kept pacing.

“No,” she muttered to herself as she made another pass along the bank. “It sounds like I’m accusing him. Varric,” she tried again, changing her inflection slightly. She cycled through several variations of his name; some light, some more serious, and even one that came out on a particularly breathy exhale which made his pulse jump.

She stopped her pacing and covered her face. “Why must this be so difficult? He always has the right words.” She paused for a moment before her shoulders straightened, face brightening slightly.  “What would he say?”

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The Lie

“I don’t love you.”

It wasn’t pouring rain or grey and gloomy.  They weren’t in a situation where Dean was trying to push him away so he could secretly save his life.  At least, Cas didn’t think they were.  It was a bright, sunny day in May; the skies were blue with big white fluffy clouds drifting lazily overhead.  Birds chirped, bees buzzed.  They were sitting at a park table playing chess with broken pieces and more than one piece replaced by small children’s toys from fast food restaurants.

Castiel had half-laughed at Dean’s declaration, a smile frozen on his face.  Maybe it was a joke because Cas had just taken Dean’s bishop and put him in check.  But Dean didn’t look like he was frustrated at missing the obvious opening.  In fact, Cas had been beating him rather handedly today and he’d been wondering if something was wrong.

“What?”  Was the only thing Cas could think of to say.

“I’ve been thinking,” Dean said, his eyes focused on the chipped game board.  “You’ve got all these grand schemes about where we’ll go and how we’ll live together and that you’ve got plenty of time to wait until I get a job somewhere before choosing a graduate school.”

Cas nodded and waited.  He could tell that Dean had something important to say, and it was always best to let him think things through and speak at his own pace.  He’d been like that since they were children. It had taken him forty-five minutes when they’d been in high school for him to explain why he got jealous when Meg Masters flirted with Cas, but that he wouldn’t be able to ask him out until college.  He had been worth the wait.

They hadn’t gone to the same schools, but they’d been within an hour’s driving distance.  So after one semester of awkwardness where neither was willing to be vulnerable enough to admit to much of anything at all, things had easily changed from close friendship to inseparable boyfriends between them.  Well, inseparable on the weekends when they took turns visiting each other at school.  And of course surreptitiously canoodling when they were home on breaks.

“The thing is, I got a job,” Dean finally spoke again, interrupting Cas’ nostalgic trip down memory lane.


“Let me finish,” Dean interrupted, still not looking up.

“I got a job with an engineering company based out of Flagstaff.  None of the schools you applied to are there.  So, we should break up.”

“Wait.  What?”  Cas felt pressure like something heavy was sitting on his chest.  His vision kind of tunneled on Dean.

“Look, you’ve got these ideas that we’ll be together forever and get married and adopt kids or some shit.  Like, you’ve got this idea that we’re this happily in love couple.”

Cas’ hands felt clammy.  “Aren’t we?”

“That’s just it.  I feel like I’m leading you on because I don’t see that happening with us.  So, we shouldn’t prolong it.  I mean, it’s been fun.  And I care about you.  But come on, man.  We’re not meant for the long haul.”

Cas could feel the tears building up in his eyes.  He was not going to cry in front of Dean.  Or whoever this person was.  This wasn’t the man he loved.

“Dean, if this is because of your father—”

“It has nothing to do with my family.  I just don’t love you.”

“Look me in the eyes and say it.”

Dean sighed and continued to stare at the table.  Then he looked up and met Cas’ eyes.  Tears spilled down Dean’s cheeks and his eyes were red and pain-filled.  How was he keeping his voice so steady?

“I don’t love you,” Dean said.

Cas nodded.  “Okay.”  He stood up and walked away.

Sixteen Years Later

“Tell me again why you’re so reluctant to go to your twentieth high school reunion?” Hannah asked as she straightened Cas’ tie.

“Seeing as how you’ve already strong-armed me into going, why are you pushing your luck by poking at me?”

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“Aaaand what is going on here!?”

The door opens with a bang, light flooding into the room – well, the broom closet, really – and immediately there’s not only one camera but two running to capture every second of the possible drama for the hungry audience to devour. It’s what they’re there for, after all.

The expectant expression on the director’s face is soon replaced by shock, though, as what he expected was some gossip and sneaky scheming turns out to be something very, very different. He opens his mouth and closes it again, searching for words and finding none. 

Kibum at least has the sense to unwrap his arms and a leg from around Minho, but Minho’s palms stay shock still on Kibum’s hips as he stares at the intruders in surprise. The cameras are still rolling, but neither of the cameramen seems to be paying much attention to where they’re directed. 

“It’s… not what it looks like?” Kibum tries after the silence begins to drag on too much to be tolerable. It’s a feeble try, with the mussed hair and kiss-bruised lips, flushed cheeks and heavy breathing. In contrast, it’s quite clear they’ve been here for a while already.

It’s not what— No!” the director cries out, throwing his hands up in the air. “This is a disaster! It’s a clear violation of your contracts! You’re here to compete, to connect with the bachelorette, you’re– No, just get out. Get out. Now.” He seems more embarrassed than angry, for now at least, but it doesn’t stop him from storming off as fast as he can.

The cameramen stand still for a few seconds. After an awkward glance towards the two in the closet, still pressed against one another, they dash off.

“Well,” Minho begins, and clears his throat, “I’m thinking neither of us is going to get a rose tonight.”

Kibum nods, slowly. “Agreed.”

Closer || Michael & Rihanna

Michael went to Rihanna’s place with promises for cuddles, feeling guilty as their conversation obviously had upset Rihanna. Or at least it seemed like it. He knew how hard it was that fans saw him as something more than a human, and he had made the same mistake with her. The blonde man rang the doorbell, signaling that he had arrived at her place. As he waited for the door to be opened, he quickly ruffled his hair, shuffling around on the steps of her house. The click of the door as it was opened startled him, but the surprised expression on his face was quickly replaced by a bright smile.


Bonnie, my sweetheart,

Bonnie, Bonnie my baby boo, I love you but you have never sounded more delusional than you did in that entire convo with Damon. You might as well call yourself a Dullena stan. Your “I love him, Damon” was about as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips. She was like “yes Enzo is a pretty shitty replacement for you and yes he’s the reason I’m dying, and yes he’s probably not competent enough to save me, but at least I know he won’t leave me.” IDK but honestly, it felt like she was saying I’m in this relationship and will stay in this relationship to spite you. She’s trying to prove something to herself by staying with Enzo while ignoring all the logical counter arguments  Damon (and logic) is throwing in her face. I found that hard to watch so I know Damon felt like he was getting slapped in the face.

 It wasn’t like her usual “call Damon out on his shit” with pain or door-slamming, it was different. It reminded me a lot of Damon’s personal hell with Bonnie not caring about herself and pushing herself for everyone else, only this time she’s not caring about herself through settling. Damon is seeing Bonnie clearly settle for Enzo because he made the mistake of leaving her. This is her SHOWING Damon the consequences of him fucking up instead of openly scolding him like we’ve seen in the past. This brings a whole new layer to Damon’s jealousy over seeing BE together.  Whenever he sees them together cuddling on the couch, he’s being vividly reminded that he fucked up and taunted by the fact that it literally should be him (a fact basically said by Bonnie herself). I really think that’s why he looked especially pained in that last scene watching them on the couch compared to the other jealous third wheel scenes. God, there’s so many layers to Bamon right now, I can’t….like when will your otp…