at least get a bucket

The Official Yuri!!! on Ice Drinking Game!!!

So I decided to fill that void by creating the *first Official YOI Drinking Game  because I was bored and needed something to occupy my time till we get season 2 info! **Guaranteed to get you as shitfaced as Yuuri at the banquet before the first episode is even over!!!

Required Materials:

  1. Season 1 of Yuri!!! on Ice
  2. A safe place to get drunk (pls drink responsibly)
  3. Cups
  4. Shot glasses
  5. Your alcoholic beverage(s) of choice. Best results when your shots are stronger than the drink in your cup but the same drink can be used for both.
  6. At least one other friend to get wasted with you. The more the merrier!
  7. Buckets/Bins just in case things get messy.

*I think this is the first I haven’t seen any yet.

**Warning: This drinking game is not for the faint of heart, stomach or liver. You have been warned. 

The Game:

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Sip when: 

  • ‘Born to make history’ is sung in the theme song. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Victor does something flirty. Take a shot if it’s with Yuuri. 
  • Every time Yuuri is anxious, self conscious or lacks self confidence (basically whenever he’s vulnerable/depressed). 
  • Yurio talks shit/ is angry. 
  • Yakov flips shit/ is angry. 
  • Lilia acts like a bitch. 
  • Stammi Vicino plays. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Katsudon/Pork cutlet bowls are mentioned/ shown (yes this does include when Yurio calls Yuuri pork cutlet bowl). 
  • Someone calls Yuuri pig/piggy.
  • Maccachin does something cute. 
  • Whenever Victor is naked. Take a shot if his bare ass is shown. 
  • Someone says ‘huh’. Take a shot if it’s Yurio. 
  • Someone says 'vkusno’, 'davai’, or 'gamba’. 

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ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo Wants To Get At Least 30 Certifications On His Bucket List

[Soompi Article]

On October 16, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo held a Naver V live app broadcast just before he went to sleep.

Lying down on the bed, he began, “I want everyone to lie down like me. And then hold your phone up like me. If you get tired, don’t drop your phone on your face and lie down on your side. Secondly, make sure you cover up your stomach with the blanket because the weather has turned chilly lately.”

He updated his fans on his latest activities, saying, “We promoted a lot overseas and did a lot of individual activities and worked hard on our next album. I’m trying to study languages since we’re doing overseas promotions lately.”

Cha Eun Woo also shared part of his bucket list. “One of the things I want to to do is get at least 30 certifications,” he said. “Certifications for things like the license to own a pet, the license to look after plants, a psychological test certification, and a skin scuba certification.”

What an interesting bucket list!

Marianne and Dawn are sisters where there’s no competition on who’s the “better sister,” in-universe or no. One’s a rough-around-the-edges outcast, the other a boy-crazy debutante. Both of them confuse and frustrate their father to no end, but he still loves them dearly. Marianne looks after her sister in the place of their (most likely) absent mother, and Dawn looks up to Mari as both an overbearing chaperone and her hero. They tease each other and aren’t always at the same wavelength, but they always try to help in ways they best know how: Marianne through her sword and fists, and Dawn through sincere comfort and optimism. 

In the film, they respectively find someone who truly loves them for who they are. Even though both cases are nothing that either princess could have imagined, their love is wholly and freely reciprocated. And as the viewer, you can choose which of the fairies you most relate to/admire more, but the film doesn’t set up any direct competition. The sisters’ relationship isn’t always a smooth one, but neither is it rooted in jealousy or contempt. Through all their differences, they love each other, and the audience is encouraged to love them for that.