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Do you have any idea why tumblr keeps constantly (at least seemingly) sabotaging your blog? Is your archyenemy working there or something? It's just really confusing. Is it normal for big blogs to get so much hate from tumblr staff? Hang in there, your blog is really, really good.

Someone at tumblr does not like me, not sure why. I have never heard of a gif post taken down for copyright infringement when I still see all the gifs floating around tumblr but so be it.

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What was your first time with a guy like?

Oh you want story time?

Okay. Gather ‘round, children.

The year was 2003, and in a few months, I would graduate high school and be off to college. I had figured out that I was about dudes, and wanted to try some shit out, but the way one dips a toe into the pool to test the temperature.

For these purposes, I sought out a fella who met three specific criteria.

First, he had to be older than I was. I wanted someone who had already done some shit with another guy. Two first-timers trying to solve the Rubik’s cube of dickstuff didn’t seem like a wise approach, and at this point in time, friends jamming their Nintendo 64 controllers in their crotches and intentionally taking damage so the rumble pack would give them a boner at sleepovers was about as close as I had come to boarding the Mystery Wagon.

Second, he had to want nothing to do with anal. At least with me, anyhow. That smacked of an AP course whereas I was looking for something more along the lines of Introduction to Dickstuff 101.

Lastly, he had to be geographically close enough to meet up, but far enough away that our social circles were unlikely to overlap in any way. I was still in the process of coming out to people, and wanted to retain as much control over that as possible.The possibility of a pants-off dance off with another guy was a variable, and even 17-year-old-me had begun to be risk-management minded to some extent.

I took my time perusing public-facing profiles on the website of good old XY Magazine, pilfering AIM screen-names of nearby fellas and chatting them up. With little fuss, I found myself a 24 year old pilot who checked all the boxes and was pretty good-looking according to my tastes at the time. Man, how those have changed.

Anyhow, I got him (hereafter known as “Pilot”) to agree to meet up. We grabbed Chinese food at my favorite local spot, then drove around aimlessly for a bit in his car before parking in the parking lot near the soccer fields where my team had games on weekends. It was around midnight, so no one was there.

At this point, I basically jumped over and started making out with him because I was not really interested in waiting a fucking second longer to try this shit out. Soon enough, the penises were brandished. This is where the evening took its first strange turn. Pilot was packing, let’s just say it, the smallest penis I have ever seen in person.

I hadn’t really been around many – if any – naked men up to that point in my life, and the porn I had seen was, well, a fantasy. So I didn’t really know what to expect. Based on Pilot’s confidence in what he presented, and the reaction to what I presented from my own jeans, I assumed that Pilot was average. And that I, by comparison, had to be a freak of nature tripod monster.


I distinctly remember Pilot saying “You’re definitely part Italian” before attempting to stuff my dong into his mouth as I hit the recline button on the passenger’s seat of his car.

A lot of unproductive fumbling happened from there, truth be told, until a cop car rolled into the parking lot and Pilot and I put the goods away and sat frozen with terror. The cop never even got out of the car, though, and rolled away. Dicks came back out, we the fondling and sucking exchange resumed with gusto but without much real progress.

I began to worry that maybe I wasn’t into this stuff so much after all, and while it turned out to be relatively easy to intuitively work Pilot’s modest offering to get Pilot to shoot onto his chest, getting me off seemed to prove a taller task for him. At this point the only thing he had successfully blown was my fucking curfew, and so I made the executive decision to get my ass home whether or not dessert was going to be served to all.

Assuming some unwritten rule that we couldn’t be “done” if I didn’t goo, but getting nowhere by way of Pilot bumbling around with my meat, I decided to do something idiotic: I faked my orgasm.

He asked “are you close?” and I just took that opportunity to say I’d already shot.

“But where?”

“Really far, uh, most of it went over my shoulder. Oh fuck, can you drive me home? I’m late for…”

“Do you need a shirt to clean up or…”

“No I’m good I’m good.”

And so he drove me home.

My head was spinning when I got into my bed. Was I still gay? Was I just confused? Or did that guy just give really, really shitty head? I decided on that last one as the truth, revved back up the engines, and finished myself off properly.

I didn’t bother seeing Pilot again, and I wouldn’t get a proper blowjob until college, and let me tell you, that was a real eye-opener. I don’t know what Pilot is up to these days, but I hope someone has fucked him in the ass. The end.

Two Lies of Omission on Supergirl

Just my two cents:

People are actually trying to compare Mon-El lying to literally everyone about his identity to Maggie’s lying to Alex about how she was outed???? Smh.

Mon-El: lied to save his own ass. I mean, if someone I knew came from AND BENEFITTED FROM a classist slave-owning culture I would probably not like them either. At the very least I would look at them differently. As Kara said, “You didn’t give me the chance!” This brings up the interesting question of consent. Would Kara have consented to being with Mon-El if she knew the truth beforehand? Mon was in a position of power and could make change but he chose to just lay around and fuck girls. He predicated his entire relationship with Kara on a semi-false persona. A relationship that mind you had even less organic development than many other CW pairings. But that’s not even the selfish part! He now has the chance to go back, with a somewhat more altruistic mindset, and make things better by rebuilding Daxamite society from scratch. And yet he chooses to not do that, why again? Because he wants to fix the relationship that Kara was in the right to end? That’s not monumentally selfish and dickish of him at all! Not even one episode afterward and he’s already violated her personal space twice post-breakup. Showed up uninvited in her apartment and showed up at the DEO. I have even less respect for this guy now. I have looked at this from every perspective I can and… nope. Still can’t find any positives! I really wanted to like him, and then this shit happened. “Oh well he’s learning!” Boohooo! I’m sure if their positions were reversed, Kara would be crucified for doing problematic shit and behaving very problematically while “still learning about earth culture”. That’s not an excuse to write off his behavior so don’t come at me with that.

Maggie: lied to keep Alex from stressing herself out about her sexuality and new relationship any more than she already had, because she “wanted it to be better” for Alex. A lie so Alex Danvers, who already has enough trouble identifying her emotions and being true to herself without the sexuality revelation, could feel safe and secure. An incredibly minor thing in comparison to the above because it has not informed their dynamic in any way. This is something I highly respect her for. This demonstrates a great measure of selflessness on her part. Still a lie but at least she’s honest and upfront about who she is!

Maggie is objectively a better person than him. End of discussion.

I really wish ppl would headcanon characters as bi/pan/ply/etc without having concrete evidence of attraction to different genders?

I feel like everyone looks at characters and goes “ooh theyre gay!” and then bi (any mspec orientation but I usually see bi used for this) becomes the “fallback” when it’s revealed they have liked someone of another gender.

I’ve been in multiple fandoms where this happens, and it always makes me feel like being gay is the One True LGBT+ Orientation, and then bisexuality is like gay lite, how unfortunate that that character likes other genders.

I’m not saying I want ppl to stop hcing characters as gay, that’s awesome & I love being in fandoms where the text is ignored where it fails LGBT+ audiences. But it would be nice to see at least a few characters be bi as the fan favorite headcanon, and not just bc they’ve been ‘demoted’ from being gay.

None of my friends fucking care about me because if they did they would have been able to notice I was upset this evening and not just ignore me until they absolutely had to talk to me. Like on the literal night out for me..... no one even mentioned me or the fact it was my birthday dinner until almost an hour in (andyes I'm petty and I kept track of time). Like god please someone tell me I'm not being a petty monster and I am valid at least for feeling kinda unbalanced now like my emotions always make me feel

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who's,,, like,,,,, ur dream partner (describe them)

like. ?????? someone who puts up with my shit????? like idk Specifics but. someone who messages me a lot n reassures me and is silly with me and makes me laugh. someone who makes me smile just thinking about them. someone who’s interested or at least listens 2 the things i’m interested in. someone who’s soft and gentle and sweet and thoughtful. someone who indulges me and supports me but also like. gives me solid advice bc i have a lot of worries and not a lot of confidence. idk my dude just. that feeling u get when u say ur going 2 bed but then you stay up another two hours bc you can’t stop talking to each other, that’s a Good feeling, it makes my heart do this funny flip thing, i love it…… i just want a lot of affection and like. someone who helps me communicate and actually Talk about my feelings and needs which i Suck at doing like you wouldn’t believe how Terrible i am at communication. i want someone who i feel safe with, that’d be nice

so in the past hour:
-two Canadian pilots crashed with me at the terminal and we got to talking
-some women came up and made them feel uncomfortable and they were too Canadian to tell them to them to go away, so I did the honors and lied when the woman asked if she was interrupting
-the guys are married and have partners so they were like “thank youuu” and I was all, please watch this lesbian’s bags while I go to the bathroom as payback

-I’ve been staring at this flight attendant who has the best phrasing to tell men why they’re stupid (in a professional way)
-this woman’s way of getting to men where it hurts is my sexual orientation
-she has such cute short hair
-and a glare of death
-she looks like she wants to kill someone -which does things to me

last but not least:

-I needed help with a flight connection and Death Glare said “I can take you” when she was already so busy, so I technically cut a small line, and when we started talking she fucking smiled and called me “sweety” and my soul left my body

I cant get over how lance reacts in episode 8 to keith being in danger. He just looks at Allura, and says:

Look at his expression! That is one of fear. Lance is scared for Keith and I don’t care if you take this platonically or romantically, Lance cares about Keith and if you noticed, he was the only reaction shown after they figured out that keith and shiro must be in danger (specifically keith, since they know that the red lion would only be driven to protect its own paladin like that)

and as they’re waiting to extract him?? lance looks extremely worried

tell me that isnt the face of someone who is extremely concerned about someone they consider at least, a friend


A lot of people have just been pointing this moment out that this is Hunk making Galra jokes, which is definitely happening, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel like it overlooks something else that Hunk is trying to point out:

Galra Keith, really is, way funnier than regular Keith.

Keith is more emotional than ever before this season. Believe me, I loved Keith a lot in the first season as well, but after Keith has figured out some stuff about his past, he has changed. And here’s the kicker:

I think the writers paired him up with Hunk specifically for this purpose.

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Someone pausing still frames of SU, intentionally gathering the least attractive ones and using it as Concrete Evidence that the show is “terrible” tells me one thing and one thing only:

-how much someone knows jackshit about animation because you can literally pause any piece of Western animation, no matter how highly regarded, and find “bad” or “funny looking” frames. it’s also easy to intentionally leave out all the good qualities of said show to fit your half-baked argument just because you don’t personally like it and need to make it look as bad as possible

following this logic, by default, I guess all these shows and movies are terrible too

yoonbum’s point of view

okay, so i decided to write a post for all of you who feel confused about why yoonbum behaves like he behaves

this post will be long but i hope it can help someone to understand yoonbum’s mental state at least. whole post is of course what i think about yoonbum’s motives and this is my opinion - you can disagree with me.


so, first of all - i want to clear one thing that should be obvious to all killing stalking readers

the “relationship” between yoonbum and sangwoo isn’t and can’t be called love. this is a very toxic and sick relationship and sure it is between two males, but it has been shown in a really psychological way and never shown in a romantic or cute way in this comic. the author NEVER idealize any of characters’ actions. you all should know this and keep it in your mind. 

so, let’s move to the main topic of this post - a yoonbum’s point of view

as all of you know, yoonbum lived with his grandparents ever since he was kid. he mentioned it in chapter 5, when he was talking with sangwoo. he then marked that he lives with his uncle now (of course before he break-into sangwoo’s house). after sangwoo’s question about yoonbum’s uncle, he told him that the reason he cut his wrist was beacuse of his uncle and because he felt lonely. yoonbum then didn’t say the thing straightly but in chapter 7 we all can see how his uncle really treats him. 

External image

and then we can see something like flashback from yoonbum’s past. 

it clearly means that yoonbum was/still is a victim of sexual abusement and the culprit is his own uncle. 

although he hasn’t told about whether his relathionship with his own grandparents was good or bad, i can be almost sure that he has never felt nor understood the meaning of real love in his whole life. because of that he doesn’t know what real love looks like but he had been searching for it desperately. you can also see a weird thoughts with flashbacks from his past when he was trying to break-into sangwoo’s house in chapter 1

as you can see, these flashbacks were from very bad moments in yoonbum’s past - his life has been filled with stressful situations like for example probably misunderstanding with one of the girls from his school or - on the last flashback - probably an attempt of hit yoonbum by his grandfather but his grandmother tries to stop him. 

(flashback from chapter 9 - he was probably bullied in his school age)

and then he met sangwoo - in the second semester of his first year of college (he also mentioned that he entered the college 4 years late, so it can be also caused by his mental state and abusive grandparents/uncle). sangwoo at once impressed yoonbum - in his point of view sangwoo was gentle, emapthic and considerate, so everyone wanted to make friend with him. and since that moment yoonbum had a crush on him. but caused by his distorted view of what love is he even didn’t want to talk to sangwoo - he was maybe not shy, but definitely scared of what will sangwoo do after yoonbum’s conffesion, again - due to his problems since childhood (and also to the whole problem with homophobia in korea). he also knew that he won’t have any chance to be with sangwoo. but before long, when yoonbum was in his army duty, he was being oppressed by his platoon’s fellows. and then, just accdientally sangwoo interrupted this whole bullying. and since that moment he was like savior in yoonbum’s eyes - it is very important to know because it has an influence in yoonbum’s further actions. after that incident yoonbum decided to admiring sangwoo from the distance even more, but he hadn’t seen him since that. he felt miserable and lonely and decided to just forget him little by little. until he accidentally spotted him on the street with some girl. after that the whole thing yoonbum considered as love for sangwoo and his admiration to him hit him really hard, and then he felt like forgetting about sangwoo is no more possible. so this is probably the moment when the whole serious stalking has begun. 

let’s move a little bit further in action - to the moment when yoonbum found a woman in sangwoo’s basement. he didn’t even once think that sangwoo could tied her up and left her in his basement - he might as well thought that sangwoo didn’t know about such a thing. then, after sangwoo hit yoonbum with baseball bat, yoonbum was scared and filled up with confused thoughts. he didn’t recognize sangwoo.

and this was probably the moment when the image of sangwoo which was created by yoonbum’s mind has split up to two different people - one of them was the sangwoo who yoonbum has known to that moment - a gentle, warm, empathic and nice person who helped yoonbum during his army duty, and the other one was the sangwoo who was uknown for yoonbum until then - a brutal, aggressive and ruthless one who looks exactly like sangwoo but isn’t a “real” sangwoo. this is why yoonbum thought of this

then, yoonbum - afraid of dying from the “uknown” sangwoo’s hands - tried to confess his feelings towards “real” sangwoo - he might thought that by this way he could bring the “real” sangwoo back. after that sangwoo touched yoonbum’s forehead in gently-looking way. he then said that he and yoonbum should go up which was something like a singal for yoonbum that the “real” sangwoo was here back again. yoonbum was really happy and relieved but he still couldn’t believe that sangwoo really forgave him. you may notice that after sangwoo’s appearing yoonbum didn’t even once thought about tied up woman who was still near them. he also like forgot about that sangwoo had hit him and want to kill him, even more - he thought that all of these was his fault and nothing was wrong with good side of sangwoo, beacuse it all was done by his bad side. 

you all know what happened next, so let’s move a little bit further again - to the moment when sangwoo was “feeding” yoonbum with porridge. sangwoo asked him how does he feel and yoonbum - probably still believing that the “real” sangwoo may come back - said “i feel good”. sangwoo was disgusted, he called yoonbum a retard and then started kissing him. yoonbum once again utterly forgot about what sangwoo has done to him to that moment and thoguht that the kiss was from “real” sangwoo and is something special. 

okay, so now i want to talk about yoonbum being imprisoned altogether. before that, i want you to get to know with some like a little summary of the book which is an authentic story of natascha kampusch - a girl who had been trapped in some guy house for more than eight years (the book is called “3,096 days”, you can google it for more information). she describes in it what these eight years look like - she was being bullied not only physically but mostly mentally. she says that after some time she got used to being physically abused and imagined that she was watching the whole situation by standing nearby this guy and her body. but she never got used to metnal abuse. natascha was really strong mentally and even when she was kidnapped by age 10 it took that guy some time to break her. then she was trapped in her own mind, she had many, like, many chances to escape, but she couldn’t. her mind was so twisted due to that guy that she couldn’t even think about escaping. it was really horrible for her, she could think only about how to not annoy her oppressor. moreover, even if she didn’t know him before kidnapping, she started to feel something like pity for him after some time. she doesn’t want him to got into trouble because of her and she tried to understand him. 

so i see yoonbum.

moreover, he has been in love even before sangwoo has trapped him, so his sympathy towards him is even more exposed and even more distorted. when the “unknown” sangwoo is with yoonbum, he just tried to not annoy him and do everything by right way so sangwoo won’t have a reason to punish him. in chapter 4 you could also see that yoonbum was thinking about escaping from “unknown” sangwoo (because he is still in love with “real” sangwoo), he was really confused and his mind started to twisting and imagining how would it be if he managed to run away. but even for this not-so-long period of time being impriosoned he couldn’t even tried to escape, he was so scared of what kind of punishment would sangwoo do to him after his obvious failure. (i love how author showed yoonbum’s disability to escape due to his physical and mental state by drawing him in a cage… for real, it was a really good way to show how yoonbum was feeling by then). it is alsow very important to notice that yoonbum was so desperate he tried to poison sangwoo and after realizing that it was impossible he probably tried to kill himself by eating poisoned food.

although yoonbum was aware that sangwoo has his two sides - good and bad, he still ignored almost everything sangwoo had done to him in his bad mood when he changed his side to good one. by then, only some kisses and nice words were enough for yoonbum to forget about sangwoo’s bad side. after incident in end of chapter 5, sangwoo had changed. yoonbum was still aware of his two sides, though, and in chapter 6 he concluded it.

it was probably the time when he still recognized two sides of sangwoo. but after some time his image of sangwoo started to blurring - since that time he didn’t know whether sangwoo had changed and he will be a nice person from then on or this is just an another switch to his good side which won’t last forever. then, more kisses and sangwoo being “gently” towards yoonbum. and after that the image was even more blured and twisted, so was yoonbum’s mind. but when sangwoo left the house in chapter 7, the really strong dose of common sense hit yoonbum and he realized that was probably his only real chance to escape. even though, he started to not recognize what is true and what is his imagination. he had hallucinations and a lot of visions what would happen if sangwoo was there. he utterly lost his sense of time. but during this whole hell, he decided to escape. then, he disobeyed sangwoo for the first time. 

it was like he finally understood that sangwoo has never been any good, even when he is in his “good” side. 

after that, sangwoo turned mad and came back home to punish yoonbum. yoonbum tried to calm sangwoo down by kissing him and proposing him another thing instead of punishment (everyone knows what he meant by “another thing”), but he was still madly frightened of sangwoo. then, it is no longer something like he want to bring “real” sangwoo back, because these sides never really existed, he realized that. after the whole “airplane” thing, yoonbum didn’t longer think that anything will work on sangwoo so he just started saying that this was too much and he remonstrated, even got a little bit angry. but after that he realized that he has no right to order sangwoo around. 

but again, when he was playing cards with that old dude, he felt like he was someone special to sangwoo, because sangwoo was helping him to “win”. even after yoonbum lost, sangwoo still was treating yoonbum like he was something “special”. yet, i don’t have a clue whether yoonbum still thinks that he is someone “special” to sangwoo or that it was just another of sangwoo’s insane actions. 

and in chapter 13 you could see that yoonbum hid in the cupboard underneath the sink. this action also have a two possible motives - one, he didn’t want to get sangwoo any more angry and he thought that even if he wouldn’t hide, sangwoo would make up a story to policeman that it all would look innocent in cop’s eyes, so it was better to hide, and the other motive - yoonbum still believed that he is someone “special” to sangwoo and he still wanted sangwoo to treat him in a “special” way. but then, at the very end of chapter 13, he slipped his hand off sangwoo’s back, which might mean that he believes none of sangwoo’s words anymore. 

in chapter 14 he had an opportunity to escape from sangwoo again. he first started panicking where sangwoo is, but then he realized that he wasn’t literally tied up to anything, so that meant he could escape. even though he could walk, he couldn’t move, so again, it is like mental cage made of scare of sangwoo or scare of he won’t be “special” to sangwoo anymore. as i said before, i still have no clue what his way of thinking is now.

okay, so i think this is almost the end of my so-fucking-long post. i tried to not make it this long, but yet i wanted to explain my point of view, because, yeah, i feel it is really important to understand why yoonbum is or was (because i have a feeling that he has changed) like that - miserable, lonely, and that he at first wasn’t paying much attention to all these bad things sangwoo had done to him until he gave him some kisses and a “good” vibe. so, to all of you who thought that the thing between sangwoo and yoonbum is “love” - no, it never was, it is not, and it will never be. i hope yoonbum finally understands that his meaning of love was utterly wrong and does not exist in a real world. 

i am also going to write a very similar post about sangwoo + his motives of murders, so stay tuned and wait for another post! 

jfc, i hope it makes any sense because english is not my native nor first language, so i have made some mistakes for sure, so sorry for that! 

  • Remus: I just can't do it Sirius.
  • Sirius: ... Someone once told me... Shoot for the moon, and if you don't make it, at least you'll land among... like... stars.
  • Remus: ... Where you'll float in the black abyss, aimless and alone, until your oxygen drains, your helmet cracks, and your brains get vacuumed into the freezing depths of space.
  • Sirius: ... Well shit.

Someone recently asked me to compare two Van Gogh pieces - I’ll start a tag for this because I like the idea - here’s the first set: 

Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette, 1886. 
Self-Portrait with Pipe, 1886. 

These two pieces are from what I consider to be Van Gogh’s “first awakening” period. In 1885-1886 he finally released himself from the drab green-grey-brown Dutch palette, and started to branch-out more in to Impressionistic and even what we could consider (at least here) to be Gothic influence. 

This period symbolizes his beginning steps toward becoming the most masterful colorist of all-time, the father of expressionism, and a pioneer for bringing sacrifice, individuality and emotion in to his work. 

Both of these are in fact Self-Portraits, although the first is more of an allusion or a joke of sorts - with this juxtaposition it’s easy to see that Vincent used himself as a model. The smoking in each piece likely serves a dual, and balanced purpose, first, it represents the creative fire within (life), and at the same time, it represents a certain understanding of, and resolve with death. 

okay, I honestly don’t get where ppl get this mindset (mostly teenagers) that a celebrity is yours, and that in your mind you’re married, so they can’t date anyone. Even when I was 15 and a huge fan of a band, I never thought they were solely mine. Sure I fantasised about dating them, but I knew it would never happen. Most of them had girlfriends, and you know what, I didn’t hate them. I loved them for making my favs happy. So I really don’t get it. 

Be happy for your favs if they find someone they like and makes them happy. They’re not yours, they’re not an object you can possess, they’re human beings.

I was grocery shopping today and was gonna pick up the ingredients to make one of the many wonderful recipes that @askrustynail has made for me over the years….



a wiggles calls for honey and vanilla vodka but I DRANK ALL YOUR DELICIOUS HONEY VODKA ALREADY

and idk where to find godvia liquor for a spock

THIS WILL TAKE SOME INVESTIGATION and i guess a visit to like an actual store instead of just going to fresh marketttttttt

I’ve been sat at my desk for a while now, trying to think of a way to describe my feelings for you. I don’t love you, or at least not yet. That kind of stuff takes time, but I feel like I could love you one day. I already love so many things about you. The way you look at me when we pass in the hall, your smile, your touch. It’s a funny feeling, knowing that your falling completely in love with someone.
—  Kiannah Joylinn
Elephant in Glass

As have pointed out, Arwel likes elephants. I thought there were no elephants in TLD, and took that as a bad sign, but they’ve spotted the glass of Eurus’ cell is “Elephant Glass. Shock Proof.”

I’ve already thought the glass might be significant - Eurus’ glass cell (which draws on Silence of the Lambs) reminds me of the phrase ‘Glass closet’ - the name used for gay people and gay relationships in Hollywood, where the insiders know what’s going on, but it’s an open secret - it has not been made public. Is TJLC now in the ‘glass closet’?

Add to that the fact that the glass walls to Eurus’ cell aren’t actually real, apparently, at least in Sherlock’s scene… and the interpretation could be that TJLC is in the glass closet, but the walls aren’t really there. Or, as it looks like the walls do exist later (someone clear that up for me, please - I am so confused) - maybe only some people see the walls? Added to that are the walls in Sherlock’s cell, which are not real, and he’s able to knock them over and go to save John.

I have a feeling the glass walls being there, or not, is an important metaphor. I’m just not sure I understand it.

(Edit - Oh my goodness, just seen, Arwel actually retweeted the denofgeek article where this glass shot is pointed out!)