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Growing Hearts

               Emotional Coaster

April stood at the van, staring at her aunts apartment. She came to live here when she was around the age of her sons. She frowned, thoughts running through her head, fear slowly over taking her. But all that vanished when a husky voice spoke up. “Do you need me to come with you?”

April smiled a bit, feeling safer knowing her friend was willing to go through this at such an hour. She turned to him, “Im not sure, you might just scare her.” She teased. Masking her inner self that was truely scared. Why was she? She was twenty six for godsakes. Maybe its cause of what happened ten years ago. Yoshi laid a hand on April’s shoulder. “Ill be right here if you need me.”

April took comfort in his words. “What if— What if she doesnt take me in, or at least my kids?”

“If she really loves you Im sure she will.”

April’s smile faded out. “She doesnt. She never did. But my kids deserve better than living a life in poverty.” Her voice became a mixture of anger and disgust when she added the last part. Just remembering the site she saw when she discovered them gave her chills. Her eyes shifted back to the apartment. Sucking in a breath, she proceeded up the walk and closed the distance from the front door. She looked back, seeing Yoshi standing where she’d left him. He gave her a thumbs up before making a funny face at her which she couldnt help but to throw out a small chuckle. She gave him a playful warning look. He winked, smirking. She rolled her eyes. Focusing back on her task, she gave three knocks on the door. A long moment went by prior to April knocking again. This time she put more sound into it. “Auntie!?” She called out.

The door finally swung open causing the red head to jump slightly. The older woman looked annoyed. Her hair tied up in a messy bun. She wore a robe that really didnt do any good at covering the right places, so April decided to find a focal point. Bunny slippers. How amusing. She thought having her innerself to amused at the situation. Her eyes shifted back to the woman’s face. “Auntie.”

“Do you have any idea what time it is April?” She shrieked.

April looked at her clock, then back up at her aunt. “Nine thirty in the morning?”

Her Aunt gave her a cold glare. She wrapped her hand around Aprils arm and dragged her in with no warning. She slammed the door. She spun on April. “Thats right. To early for your begging. I already told you the answer last night.”

April frowned. “Please, at least for tonight Auntie.” She hurried after her aunt as the woman started towards the kitchen. “They are wonderful boys. Respectful, obediant, great company—” She stopped short when her aunt turned on her.

“They are also freaks. Mutated mistakes.” She snapped. “They ruined your life. If it werent for them, you’d be still in college, hell you would of been done with schooling by now. And having a job. A better one then being a waiteress.”

April watched silently as the woman turned back for the kitchen. She stood there for a moment, ready to throw in the towel but memories of the day she had found them, broken and hurt. She closed her eyes tight. Courage overcame her. She opened her eyes, narrowing them. She hurried past her aunt and blocked the kitchen access, slide to the right just as her Aunt did, then to the left. Blocking every way the woman can go. She then spread out her arms, holding the woman at bay. “Im not taking no for an answer this time.”

The woman looked baffeled, as if she was just seeing her for the first time. “April—”

“Ive been shoved around by you, and thats fine. But I’ll be damned to have my children out on the streets due to your stupidity. Those mutated mistakes you called them, they saved my life more than you did. Especially when I lost both my parents. Who was there to hold me when I was in the process of mourning? They were. Who was there when I got fired from that job that I wanted so badly when I was just fresh out of high school?” The woman was about to say something but April didnt give her a chance. “Them. They were my family when you stopped being mine. So please for once in your life and consider me and my boys as your family. At least for tonight.” She desperately begged, praying to her parents and god himself for her Aunt to find some humanity.

The woman gave April an expressive look. She looked angry. “How dare you tell me I havent been your family.” She grabbed April’s arm, tightening her grip, making markings. She then shoved April into the kitchen, making the girl loose her balance and knock into the small round table. “Who took care of your father when he was on his death bed? Who made sure your schooling was paid for? Who kept a roof over your head?!” The woman stalked closer to April, making the young red head bump the kitchen table. April noticed the look in her aunts eyes, the same look she used to get when she was younger. As scared as she was, she refused to show it.

“Im not a child anymore. You cant scare me.” April said, watching her Auntie grab a near by beer bottle. “Im just asking you to do me this one favor.”

“Ive done enough for you.” The old lady snarled. April gave her aunt a concern look. She held up her hands in surrender.

“Auntie, calm down.” She said softly. “If it bothers you this much then I’ll be on my way.” Besides her kids really didnt need to be around this. Not ever again.

“You have ten seconds to get the hell out of my apartment.” The woman stated. April took that chance and bounded past her. She swung the front door open. She hurried down the steps. She looked over her shoulder a couple of times, paranoia setting in. She screamed when she felt arms holding her forearms. She jerked a bit till her mind grasped the voice that was trying to calm her down. She looked up seeing Yoshi. He had her, his gentle grip holding her up right. His face worried. “Your shaking, what happened April?” He asked.

She couldnt comprehend words at this point. She felt her body shake even more. Her knees buckled, causing Yoshi trying to balance her. “April?”

She couldnt take it anymore. She couldnt hold it in any longer. She covered her face. She was horrible. She couldnt even stand up for herself against an old lady. She couldnt protect her own children. She heard some heart breaking moans and cries go through her. Letting herself go again. She was glad her boys were safely away from all this. She felt herself hyperventilating all so sudden. Her hands were moved from her face, and there she saw yoshi trying to calm her down. Though his voice sounded disoriented, distant. Her vision was giving way. Her heart was pounding fast. She couldnt grasp the moment to actually breathe. She closed her eyes tight, hoping she would wake up to better things. Her kids finally treated right. Herself making more of herself than just a dead beat mother.

“April think of your boys. Your boys.” For some reason those words sunk into her mind. Making her eyes pop open. She watched how Yoshi was doing the breathing exersices. Just like she does with Donnie. She followed his techniques and eventually got her breathing back to normal. Her heartbeat simmered, and her body slowly came at a hault with the shaking. Yoshi looked relieved, he stroked her hair. “You alright now?”

She took a moment to respond, “I think so.”

“Good cause I really didnt want to be the bearer of bad news to those boys of yours.”

She eyed him then looked down, feeling defeated. “They deserve better than a mother who breaks under pressure.”

Yoshi rose his brow. “For as long as Ive known you April you hardly break. And even the strongest fall, but whats makes them strong is their constant need to get back up. Your boys deserve you. You are their family.”

“How can I be a mother Yoshi? I dont have a home, or a job, heck they cant even stay in school long enough for that to happen.” She frowned. “My only family basically tried to off me cause I pissed her off.”

Yoshi pondered her worries for a moment, then smiled softly. “Thats why you have me and tang shen to fall back on.”

When about to protest she was mute when Yoshi held up his hand in front of her. “Dont even think about objecting. You need a break, and help.”


“And that means you just let me and my wife help out. Like family should.”

“Really?” She asked, hoping it wouldnt be a cruel joke, but then again its Yoshi. He’s always been her go to guy in situations like these. So understanding and caring. Reminded her of the times with her father sometimes. Yoshi nodded. “Now lets be going home. Your sons are waiting for you.”

April smiled up at him. “Thanks Yoshi.”

“Dont mention it.” He helped her up to her feet and made sure she had balance before letting her go. He then noticed the faded bruise on her arm. He rose his brow, but surpressed the urge to ask. He opened the passenger door for her before getting in himself. Once the two were clicked in, Yoshi brought the van to life and eyed April. “Any last words?” He asked as is someone died. No one died. But something inside her died as she looked at the apartment. And her dads antique shop. “No.” She responded, feeling a small remorse for the shop, but none for her only living relative. With that response, Yoshi proceeded to drive off into the early morning traffic.


It was a crisp October morning. It was cold, even for a turtle. Leo looked outside at the sun covered drive way. Shen came out of the kitchen with the childrens breakfast, she noticed Leo was the first one up. He had that cap on, like he always did whenever she saw him years back. She set the plate down at the katatsu. “Leo honey its quite nippy, why not get warm under the blanket.”

Leo stayed put for a moment, he sighed and stood up. He went to the table and scooted under the blanket. He smiled at the warmth. He saw she had made muffins, his favorite. “Wow those look good.”

“No eating until I get the others.” She eyed Leo. Shen then headed into the living room. Leo heard Shen waking up his brothers, even though his mind was else where. He remembered the events from last night, he had a big ache in his chest all night, he could hardly sleep just thinking about the struggle his mother is going through. All cause of them. He set his elbow on the table, supporting his face with his hand while gazing at his other hand. His thoughts grew louder as the time lingered but they soon vanished with a loud sneeze. Leo blinked a moment, realizing he just had a bit of a zone out moment. He got to his feet quickly and saw his two little brothers coming in. Donnie looked misrable and Mikey looked exhausted.

“Now Don after you eat I’ll give you some medicine and then you can go lay down in our bed.” Shen said, rubbing the small turtles shell.

Donnie sniffed. “Im fine, really.” He argued, though his stuffy nose and coughing didnt really benefit his argument.

“None of that Donatello.” She gave him a stern look, using her stern voice. “Your mother has enough to worry about, she needs you to do your part to get better. ” She knelt down beside the boy and smiled. “That means you fuel that tummy of yours.” She pointed to his tummy making him chuckle a bit. “And resting those big puppy dog eyes.” She gave him a wink.

Donnie smiled a bit then nodded. “As long as I dont have to take yucky medicine.”

Shen stood up, “Oh im sure theres some of that involved. Now go on and eat, Ill make you some meds.” She told Donnie, as she headed to the kitchen.

Once gone and they were all sitting, Leo watched Mikey and Donnie. “Why dont you two go back to bed. Ill tell Shen that you are still to tired.”

Mikey shook his head, but his eyes drooped. His soft snore ventured out. Leo sighed, he got up and went over to Mikey, he picked Mikey up. “Come on Don, Ill talk with Shen.”

“Awe but I wanna see Apri. She left so early that I havent seen her yet.” Donnie frowned.

“Im sure you will later, you were out in that storm and you know how your immune system is.”

Donnie slowly got up, groaning. Raph met him when he went over to Leo, he placed a hand on Donnie’s shell. “What if I tell you a story.”

“Stories are for night time Raph.” Donnie said in a matter of fact manner. Raph rolled his eyes. He rubbed his brothers head. “Your not sick enough yet, your still giving me sass.”

Donnie stuck out his tongue. Leo took Donnie’s hand, and started walking towards the hallway. Though they came to a stop when Miwa stood there. She was in a night gown, her hair looked like a tornado struck and took over. Leo moved aside letting her through. Miwa eyed them. “And what do you think your doing Lameonardo.”

And here it comes. Leo should of expected it. With all the times him and Miwa had to be forced together in multiple situations, she would always give him a hard time, but at the same time be nice to him. He didnt get it, and never will. “Your mother told Donnie he could sleep in her bed—”

“And get snot all over it, gross.” Miwa stuck out her tongue in pure disgust.

“Well she let you in it didnt she.” Donnie retorted, not really in the mood for her at this point.

Miwa was about to say something when Leo steered Donnie towards the hall. Still carrying his baby brother. He turned and walked backwards, “Lets do this again sometime.” He offered, trying to make amends for his brother’s comment. He turned back, sighing, his eyes then shifted to Donnie. “You okay Don?”

“Why dont you ever give her a hard time too?” He asked, sounding annoyed all of a sudden. He covered his mouth as he coughed.

“What?” Leo frowned confused.

“She’s always making fun of us, bullying you the most, when will you ever get sick of it?” Donnie asked.

“Donnie, theres a time and place. This is certainly not the place or time. Miwa, shes a handful, you just gotta let it roll over your back. Er. Shell.” Leo laid a hand on Donnie’s shell.

“Well, im not apologizing. Shes such a snot nose little brat.” He spat. Leo sighed silently, he must be really sick since he’s being a mini Raphael.

“Donnie, you dont mean that. Your sick and tired—-”

“I am, tired of her.” Donnie stopped in the middle of the hall and frowned. “Its not fair Leo, why are we always ostracized, made fun of, humiliated, or kicked out of stuff? Just cause of how we look.”

Leo looked at Donnie, realizing this is more than just Miwa. He took Don’s hand and led him to Shen’s room, once Mikey was tucked under the blankets, fast asleep, Leo grabbed anafghanistan from the foot of the bed and placed it around Donnie, who was looking out the window. Leo rubbed his brothers shell. “This isnt just about Miwa is it?”

Donnie was mute, he hadnt spoken a word the whole time he was taking care of Mikey. “Donnie—”

“Mom lost everything cause of us Leo.” Donnie said, tears were forming, though he wasnt crying, at least not yet.

“She did—-no—”

“Face it Leo, since we came into her life, we messed it all up for her. She cant even finish school now cause of us.” Donnie spoke all the stuff Leo had been thinking. Leo frowned, to know his little brother was suffering the same thoughts as he did. The small turtle coughed once more along with it followed two sneezes, one of them made the turtle fall back, though luckily Leo was behind him, keeping him up. He the wrapped his arms around his brother.

“I think she had a choice Donnie.” He said softly. “She saw us, and was the first human that didnt abuse us. She saw us as people, thats gotta count for something, right?” Leo asked looking down at him.

Donnie shrugged. “I dont know, Leo—”

“Life will always be hard, for anyone Don.” He pulled back and turned Donnie around towards him. “But its those who we hold close makes it worth everything. She saw us worth it, and that we see her as worthy as anyone.”

The olive green skin turtle looked down at his feet. “I just feel that, we are always at fault.” His brown eyes shifted up to his older brother. Leo gave him a sympathetic smile. Donnie leaned into his brother’s plastron, his eyes heavy. Leo stroked Donnie’s head before picking him up and carrying him to bed. He set the turtle on the bed. He helped him under the covers. Donnie looked at Leo, “Are you leaving?”

“No, not until your sound asleep.” Leo said.

“Why though? Why are you always so nice to us?” He asked, yawning a bit. He used the blanket to cover his mouth as he coughed.

“Thats what big brothers are for Don. Im the oldest besides, I need to care for the three of you. Its in the job description, besides being a Japan baseball fanatic.” He teased a bit making Donnie laugh lightly. His eyes slowly closed and opened till they finally closed and stayed that way. Once the two were sleepingly peacefully, Leo made his way out, closing the door all the way. He turned, leaning against it. He slid down, hugging his knees. Emotions he kept in that whole time slowly surfaced. Silently tears strolled down his face, he kept his cap down to his most of his face. He gasped lightly, trying to stop himself, though once the sob fest started, it was hard for him to stop.

“Leo?” A voice made the emotional boy tense. He glanced up, noticing it was his other younger brother, he turned away from Raph so he wouldnt witness the emotional state he was in. Quickly he scrubbed his face.

“W-what is it Raph?” He asked, sounding unsteady. Raph frowned, he went to Leo. He knelt down next to Leo. He didnt say a word as he watched his older brother, the brother who never really cried, not even when he gets hurt. Raph silently hugged his older brother, making the blue eyed turtle pause at what he was doing.

“We’ll keep this between us.” Raph said softly, as he rubbed his older brother’s shell. The relief Leo felt so suddenly swept over him, he turned in his younger brother’s arms and burried his face in the crook of Raph’s neck. After holding so much back he finally allowed himself to let it all go. In that whole time, Raph stayed perfectly still, comforting the much needed brother. Slowly the sobbing died down and Raph took that moment to pull back and lift up his brother’s cap. “You shouldnt put so much crap on your plate idiot.” He rose a brow.

Leo couldnt help but to chuckle at that. He shook his head. “I didnt even know I needed that.”

Raph rolled his eyes, he shoved the cap down to hide Leo’s face half way. “Man my big brother is such a cry baby.” He teased. Leo grunted then shoved Raph’s hand away from his hat, adjusting it he gave Raph a glare. Raph smirked. “Now thats a look from an older brother I should be getting. Non of that wimpy crap.”

A smirk appeared on Leo’s face, “Oh I’ll show you who’s wimpy.” He leaped on top of Raph, making the two roll down the hall, and stopped, Leo shoved Raph onto the floor, pinning him. He smirked. “Hah!” He chirped victorious. Raph laughed then held up his hands, “Okay fearless brother, ya got me. Now get off me.” Leo proceeded, then helped up Raph. Once Raph was on his feet, he walked past Leo, picked up the blue cap that fell off during the roll around. Raph patted the dust off of it prior to putting it on Leo’s head. He then shoved his older sibling down into a bing bag. Leo lifted his hat up so he could see, “Oh your gonna pay for that!”

“If you can get up, Lameonardo!” Raph teased.

Leo watched Raph walk off, frowning, he narrowed his eyes as he tried to get out of the death trap. Why do people even have these things? Leo growled slightly, frustration setting in. A few minutes past till when Leo finally gave up and kept still, his eyes on his lap looking at his hands. At the sound of the door his head snapped up, seeing April come in a smile spread across his face. “April!” He cried out, but as he struggled up the bing bag was taking him down. “Argh. Stupid thing” He grumbled.

April couldnt help but to laugh at the sight of her son. She went over to him and held out her hand. He looked up at her and grabbed it. She pulled him to his feet then brushed off his shell, force of habit upon her. She was so used to them getting into anything dirty she guessed. “So, did you have an eventful morning?” She asked.

Leo rubbed the back of his head, feeling his cheeks heat up. He nodded. “Yeah. Very….coastery.” He looked up at her.

“Your getting the naming make up thing from Mikey arent you?” She laid a hand on his cap.

He chuckled a bit. “Maybe a bit.”


April held the pamphlet in her hands, her eyes shifted up to her friend then back down. Leo looked over her shoulder, raising his hat so he could get a better look. “Whats that Mr.Yoshi?”

“That my son is your new school.” He held up a hand to April’s protest. “I already talked to the school, they understand the situation.”

“Its big.” Donnie exclaimed, looking over April’s other shoulder. “Really big.”

April afraid to ask how much this would even begin to cost. Yoshi must of seen her worried expression since he grasped her hand that was laying on the katasu. “What are you thinking?” The red head snapped her head up, she was about to say but noticed her children was still around her. She cleared her throat and pulled away from his grip, she pushed some of her hair back. “Boys why dont you play outside.”

Raph rose his brow. “In the dark?”

April sighed aggitated. She gave Raph the stink eye, he rose up his hands. “No need for the stare. Come on guys, lets go see if we can see the stars.” He took Mikey’s hand and pulled him along. Donnie stayed put till Leo convinced him that April will be alright, with a little help from April of course. Once the boys were gone April confessed. “I dont think I can afford this.”

“No?” Yoshi rose his brows.

“No. I dont have a job nor even my own place Yoshi.” She sounded irritable, she knew he was only helping but the thought of her boys starting in that school only to be shut out again, for once it wouldnt be about the appearance problem but had to with her not being financially stable. A hand on her shoulder carried her away from her thoughts. She looked up from the pamphlet that remained in her hand, seeing Yoshi had sat right beside her.

“April, I would never put you in a spot where I didnt think you could make it. You keep forgetting that your not in this alone.” He rubbed her back to show her comfort. “You can live in the guest house till your ready to go. Also if you are interested I do have a job for you.”

April rose her brow. “Its not gonna be shoveling manure is it?”

Yoshi chuckled, he shook his head. “Not this time. How good are you with kids?”

She rose her brow, giving him her signature look that she usually gives her kids most of the time. “You really didnt just ask that did you?”

Her words made the man chuckle a bit. He laid a hand on her head. “I was just making sure. I would like you to be assistant at the dojo.”

The woman rose both her brows. “Where I get you coffee?”

“No, you help me with the children and learn yourself.” He explained. “The pay will be good.”

“Me as a martial arts assistance? Im not sure Splinter. I haven’t had a karate lesson since I was fifteen.” She leaned forward, putting both elbows on the katatsu. She watched Shen as she passed through with a load of laundry. Miwa following her. The slender woman opened the sliding door and stepped out. The young child did the same. April shoo herself away from the commotion outside and brought herself back to what Yoshi and her was discussing.

“Dont doubt yourself. I wont through you to the cubs just yet. You and I will do one on one training.” Yoshi stood up. “So I suggest you get to bed early tonight. We are gonna be up early.”

“Tomorrows Saturday though.” She got to her feet as well, turning to him.

“Thats right, got a lot to do in just two days.” He patted her back a bit to hard for her body’s liking, She gave him a smile to hide her pain. Once he set off for the kitchen she rubbed her shoulder, mainly the spot where he’d gave her a friendly pat. Padding across the living room she made a stop at the sliding door. She saw her boys sitting on the porch with Miwa. Mikey was the first one who saw her. “Mama!” He quickly scrambled up and ran to her. She picked him up and held him out before placing him on the side of her hip. “Okay boys after Mikey’s and Donnie’s bath, its your turn.”

In unison all three of them awed in disappointment. Donnie frowned. “Why do I gotta take a bath with Mikey? Im older you know.” He said as he went to her.

“I know you are but Mikey loves baths with his favorite brother.” She smiled at the turtle. Donnie shook his head. “Im not his favorite. Raph is.”

“Dont bring me into this gappy.” Raph spat.

Donnie turned to Raph. “Shut up stupid!” He snapped. April sighed, as she watched the two go at it. Not again..

“Your the stupid one.” Raph growled.

“I am not. I can at least pass second grade.”

At that moment, the green eyed turtle snapped, he went to strike Donnie but Leo quickly stopped him. “Donatello do what April says. Raphael calm down.” He said over the sudden wailing of Mikey. Mikey never cries unless its for good reason. Donnie covered his ears as he kept glaring at Raph, daring the bigger turtle to hit him. Luckily Shen heard the rucus. She apprached the commotion with caution. “Am I interrupting anything?” She said yelling over the crying.

“Raphs about to knock Donnies head off.” Miwa informed, in a loud voice, trying to be heard over the small turtles wailing, not looking up from what she was doing.

Leo held Raph at bay. “How about me and Raph takes a bath.” He suggested to April before pulling his angered brother in, passing April in the process. April bounced her youngest till it became semi silent, leaving the crickets chirbing and the frogs ribbiting. She watched the two brother’s disappear into the bathroom. She then looked at Donnie sternly. She wasnt mad, just a bit upset. Donnie looked a bit guilty. “Im in trouble arent I?” He asked.

She held out Mikey to him, “Why dont you take Mikey and both go to your room until I come and get you for your bath.” She made her voice stern even though all she wanted to do was comfort him, be gentle with him, though a voice inside her kept telling her to be firm or they will never learn. Donnie sighed, taking his little brother. He carried Mikey as he went on his way for the bedroom they all shared. April rubbed her forehead, ready for this day to be over.

Raph had his arms folded, letting Leo scrub his shell. “So arent you gonna tell me why you got so mad back there?” He asked calmly.

There was a long silence, so long that Leo constructed that Raph wasnt going to say anything. But the green eyed turtle made a sigh. “Im not stupid.” He said, though it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than Leo. Leo frowned remembering what Donnie had said. Raph was always sensitive when it came to things like grades or schools.

“Raph, Donnie was just upset. He’s still young compared to you and I”

“I dont care how young he is, if he starts that again, Im gonna pound him.”

Leo rolled his eyes at his brother’s empty threats, “You wont.”

“I will.”

“Raph since we were five you’ve been saying that, you never do.”

“This time I will. Just wait.”

“I wont let you. Raph, this isnt you, your better than that. Your smarter to.”

Raph hugged his legs, poking out his bottom lip, staring down at his feet that laid in the water. Who was he kidding, he was never smart. Leo and Donnie always had the great grades, and Mikey had an excuse, his ADHD. Him, he was just plain dumb. Memories of other kids from their previous school flooded into his mind. Stupid. Dump. Ew. Your gross. Raph laid his hands on his head and burried his face into his lap. Leo noticed the shift of his younger brother. “If it counts for anything Raph, I think your the smartest guy I know.”

Raph lifted his head up, putting his hands down onto his knee caps. “You do?”

“Yeah, who else could of built that bird house in shop class last year. Not me thats for sure. Then when April’s car broke down, who save us from being stranded just cause he knew how to fix it?”

Raph looked over to his side, “Me.”

“And who helped that old lady get her cat?” Leo asked. A smile slowly curved on the turtles face.


“And not only did you stop Mikey from getting bit by that snake, but you saved us all from your heroic effort.”

Raph turned more till his shell was leaning against the bathroom wall, he looked at Leo. “Heroic effort?”

“You wasnt afraid of that snake at all Raph. When Mikey screamed, you were there before anybody.” Leo laid a hand on his brothers shoulder. “You may not be book smart like Donnie but your smart in other ways.”

“All that stuff you listed was just needed to be done though.”

“No it didnt, you could of ignored all those problems, but you took your skills and used them, thats the smartest move yet. Dont let what Donnie said get to you, cause honsetly he cant work on cars, he’s afraid of cats, and he was hiding behind me the whole time you were defending Mikey.”

Raph looked at Leo, then smiled a bit. “Thanks lameo.”

“Hey this lameo just forced you to take a bath.” Leo teased and splashed him. In return he got splashed back. They stopped when the door opened.

“April.” They both said in unison. April smiled a bit, happy that at least two of her sons were getting somewhat along. She closed the door. “Seems like you two are getting along.” Surprisingly. She sat down some towels on the toilet before kneeling down beside the tub. “You okay Raph?”

“Yeah, I am now.” He glanced at Leo.

“Wonderful.” She rubbed his head then got up. “Hurry up though. Its late and I need to get up early.”

“If you want April I’ll give Donnie and Mikey a bath.” Leo offered.

April set her hands on her hips. Raph noticed her hesitation. He silently sighed, “Ill help too.” He offered.

“You two dont have to, especially you Raph—”

“I called him a name to, so its not just him at fault. Plus its okay now.” He looked up at April. “Leo will make sure of that.”

April looked a bit token aback, she then laid a hand on his head. “Is this bath water to hot?”

“No? Why?”

“Cause I never heard you talk so… maturely.” April teased. She then laughed at her sons offended face. She kissed his head. “Okay. Im counting on you two.” She said to them. She opened the bathroom door and let herself out. Now its time to go talk to Donnie. Mother’s job is never done.


Mikey rubbed his crying brother’s hand. “You okay Don Don?”

Donnie shook his head, lifting up, revealing his tear stained face. “Its not fair. Raph started it, like he always does.” He said, wiping his face. “And of course since he made a scene he’s gonna get sympathy and I like usual get grounded or something.” He let out some hiccups as he kept sniffling.

The youngest turtle watched feeling helpless, he couldnt help but to start crying, he always did this when he saw anyone cry. Donnie noticed Mikey’s silent tears, he frowned. “Why are you crying?” He asked.

“Cause your crying.” He said, quivering his bottom lip. Donnie gave him a small sympathetic smile. He laid a hand on his baby brother’s head. “Dont cry little brother.”

“But your sad.” Mikey blubbered.

Donnie watched him, He slowly sat up, pulling his little brother up onto the bed. He hugged Mikey, “Now that your here, I feel better.”

Mikey blinked, looking up at his older brother. “You do?”

Donnie nodded. “Yeah. In fact I feel so much better that I wanna play.”

Once the word “play” made itself known the spark in the eyes of the baby blue eyed turtle lit up like Christmas lights. “I wanna play too!”

Donnie cleared his throat, he got down and sat Mikey on the bed, “What do you recommend your royal highness?” He asked in a fake old accent that was used back in the medevil times. He knew his baby brother always loved it when he used them. Mikey clapped, “Piggy back! Piggy back!”

Donnie chuckled. “You always pick that.”

“Thats cause your tall and you go fast!” Mikey exclaimed as he climbed on Donnie’s shell. Donnie put his hands under Mikey for support, once the freckled face turtle had his arms around his neck Donnie made a noise and held up a pretend microphone to his mouth, “Are all passengers fastened in?” He asked looking at Mikey.

Mikey nodded, Donnie put away his pretend phone and took off once his hand was back in place. “Hold on tight Mikey.” He told, he ran in circles before jumping onto the bed, he heard Mikey laugh. Donnie found himself laughing along side his brother as he jumped. He then jumped off the bed and made his way around the big room. “Faster!” Mikey ordered.

“Faster? This ride can only go so fast.” Donnie laughed before jumping onto another bed, he started jumping again. They two were both having so much fun, no worries, both in better moods, it was great that is until Donnie lost his footing, the two both slammed down on the floor, Donnie groaned, lifting himself up hearing his little brother screaming to high heaven. Ignoring his own injuries if he even had any, Donnie hurried over to Mikey, he lifted his brother up, looking him over. No injuries he could see he thought. Though luck was not on his side, blood was running down his side of his head. “no no no no.” Donnie said, “Shhh, its okay Mikey, calm down.” He tried to calm the turtle down. The door swung open as his two older brothers rushed to them.

“What happened?” Leo asked, taking Mikey from Donnie. He stood, and started doing what April usually did. Raph watched Leo, then eyed April, who looked scared. She hurried over to Mikey and Leo. “He’s bleeding!” Leo said.

April calmly took Mikey from him, “Leo go ask Shen for the aid kit. Raph go get some water for him.” She bounced him a bit. She started singing softly to him, making the crying die down slowly. Donnie watched helplessly on the floor. He looked down at his hands. He usually was always careful with Mikey. He frowned. April noticed Donnie, she sat on the bed, rubbing the smaller turtle’s shell. “Its okay honey.” She said softly to the both of the brothers.

Donnie kept silent, still, feeling numb all over. Leo came back with the aid kit. Raph followed him in, he gave her the glass of water, “Drink this Mikey.” Mikey sniffled and took the cup, he started downing it, getting water all over him. April waited patiently. Leo got out some gauze and a bandaid.

“What happened Donnie?” Raph asked. When the third brother didnt say anything, the older brother growled. Leo put a hand over his shoulder.

“Dont Raph. The last thing he needs is you yelling at him.” Leo said.

“I wasnt gonna yell.”

“Or hurt him.”

“I was just gonna gently shake him.” Raph frowned.

April handed Mikey to Leo, “You boys take your brother. Make sure he doesnt fall asleep, just in case.”

Leo took Mikey and pulled Raph by his shell after shoving the first aid kit to Raph. “Hey I can walk!” Raph said.

“I know, but Im not taking any chances.” Leo retorted.

April rolled her eyes at the two, then settled in front of Donnie. She put her hands around his, “Hey.” She began. “Its okay, he’s okay.” She said softly, scooting closer to him.

Donnie pulled back, cupping his hand in his other, April noticed he always did that before his anxiety set in. “Donnie, talk to me baby.” She said calmly, stretching out her legs around him, she took his hands and pulled him to her. She stroked his head, “He just got a scratch and was scared, thats all.”

“I did that though.” Donnie said. His voice unsteady. He felt his bottom lip shake. “I wasnt paying any attention.”

“Tell me what happened.” She caged him in by sitting criss cross with him on her lap, she laid him against her.

“You’ll get mad.” He said softly, he grabbed some of her hair from the low pony tail she had it in, he started playing with it, avoiding all eye contact. “You’ll yell at me.” He added. Hiccups sprung at him as he sniffled a bit. His eyes were glassy, but he didnt have tears streaming down his face, like he would usually do.

“When have I ever, mother of the year yelled at you?” She asked, rubbing his shell.

“When Raph drew on the wall.” He mentioned.

“I have to yell at Raph for that hard head of his to get my voice in there.”

“And what about when Leo broke your aunts vase with his baseball.”

“I told him three times, he knew it was coming.”

“And when I—”

April stopped him by putting a finger under his chin, angling his head, making him have eye contact with her. “A mother only yells when her children diliberatley dont listen. But a mother also knows when its time to be understanding and calm. Right now thats what Im doing so take advantage of that Donnie.” She pulled hand away from his chin and was placed on his thigh.

Donnie looked down, still playing with her hair. “W-well, you know how you said never jump on the bed?”

April sighed softly, laying a hand on his head. “And you did?”

“I was just— I was upset and Mikey started crying so I decided to play with him– we were having fun, that is until I lost my footing and hurt him.”

“It was an accident Donnie. It could happen to anyone.”

“Not Raph. Not Leo.”

“Yes to Leo and Raph.” She stood him up on his knees, “You gotta understand that your brothers are not invincible, just like you. You four are equals, which means you four can get hurt the same way.”

“Not true, those two hide their pain.”

“Thats because they havent learned that its okay to cry, it helps actually.” April said. “And this incident helped you too. Now you know why I tell you not to jump on the bed.”

Donnie nodded. “C-can my punishment be over now?” He asked.

April sighed and smirked at the small boy, “Awe I dont know,” She pulled him into her arms and started squeezing him, “Im kinda loving the snuggles from you.” She then attacked him with kisses forcing the turtle to laugh, She pulled back smiling. “Theres my Donnie.”

Donnie chuckled a bit more. “So your not mad?”

April stood up and picked him up with an mph, “Mad? At you? Pfft. Dont think of me as an old lady just yet.” She winked at him but frowned when she heard Raph add his two cents. “I do!” he shouted from the other room.

“Wanna help me tag team him?” She asked Donnie. Donnie nodded laughing. She set him down. She took his hand and went out of the room.

Raph was cleaning up the first aid kit when he suddenly felt himself shoved down, April above him, “Think im an old lady huh?”

Raph laughed nervously, “Whatchya doing?” He asked.

“Getting even.” She smirked.

Raph hurried out from under her and ran off, April rushed after him, “Ill show you old lady boy!”

Leo chuckled watching the entertainment, he looked over seeing his two other brothers joining in with him. Donnie set himself on the couch beside Mikey. Mikey smiled big, “Donnie!” He hugged onto his brother. Donnie rubbed his head. “You okay Mikey.” Mikey nodded then let go.

“Leo gave me some of his juice.” He showed Donnie the juice box. Leo sat back, eyeing Donnie. “Are you okay Don?”

“I am now. Yeah.”

The three watched Raph run past them, April following him with a broom? The three looked at each other before they burst into laughter.

It seemed this night was better than last.

Fresh start indeed.


I’m already seeing some johnlock accounts on twitter announcing things such as “guys it doesn’t matter if johnlock never happens because at least we have this picture”  and then they have this setlock picture of martin staring at ben…and i m like?????? how does it NOT matter if johnlock happens??? MANY, and i repeat, MANY people have found happiness in the possibility of two characters being portrayed as gay as it is something that has NEVER been done before and proves to be inspiring to them. it helps them get thought their day knowing that the one thing they believe is actually something true and real and not just a hoax. 



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it's 10:10pm and I'm not straight, and I'm scared to say it

ok this is prob a rly unpopular opinion but i honestly dont believe in coming out. not for me, at least. i just dont think its ppl’ business and i shouldnt have to announce my sexuality to everyone i know? and i know a lot of ppl choose to come out and thats okay too. just remember you dont ~have~ to come out. u arent obliged to, u dont owe anyone anything. if u want to, thats fine too. but just take all the time u need and if u choose to, gr8 im proud <3 but if u dont that is fine and that doesnt make ur sexuality any less valid or anything. <33

anonymously tell me what time it is for you and a secret you’re keeping.

the queer community on tumblr doesnt seem like a healthy safe place anymore at least for me tbh theres so many arguments and everyone just attacks each other and u kno? it’s ugly and it sucks

hey guys! so i told myself i’d wait to reach my next hundred to post this but lol i don’t have any self control and i was just too excited and y’all are too lovely for me to wait to post this!! 

i haven’t even been active on this tumblr for a year yet but i’ve met so many great people here that it’s ridiculous. i used to have a bunch of blogs in the past but really the community here (at least in my experience) has been the best. so many of you have messaged me or sent me asks out of the blue and i love it, i couldn’t ask for a better community to be a part of and my followers are those that i gotta thank for that!! so i thought i’d give a little shoutout to some special people - my mutuals! don’t get me wrong i love all my followers esp for putting up with my bullshit so pls don’t kill me if you don’t see your name here there are just too many of you and i’m really thankful for everyone ahhh

so without further ado, special thanks to you guys!! - 

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Why doesnt adrien have an Ass? I mean that thing is F.L.A.T he should at least have a little booty

Do you know how excited I was to see a notification this morning. I was like, “Oh look! An ask!”

But then


“no  w a i—

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This is so toxic. What kind of disrespect is this? is this hate mail? I am offended how dare? Do you know how precious the ASSgreste is??? And you say he has none?

Nuh-uh hunty 👏 let 👏 me 👏 give 👏 you 👏 a 👏 lesson 👏


Now my homie and baby Adrien is a model and an athlete; you think he isn’t gonna have some swole gluteus maximus? Fencing requires balance and squatting (probably), and he hits the gym pretty often to look good in those Gabriel skinny jeans (probably). Posing is also difficult and you use a lot of muskles to hold a pose (probably)

  • Evidence:

(👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌)

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And don’t even get me started on Chat’s suit. That shit is t-i to the g-h-t, and I can see every glorious detail. He crouches, like, all the time, and he uses his legs to spring from one roof to another #squatgoals

dO YOU EVEN know how many fics and fanart focus on his beautiful, luscious buns? Because Ladybug be noticing all the time. It is what our chosen ship, Marichat, is built upon. Fic writers and artists be woke as heck.

  • Evidence:

(yum yum in my tum)

So don’t you come into MY HOUSe and tell me that my sinshine child is lacking in  a n y t h i n g , okay boo? He may not have the LadyBooty (blesséd be) but lemme tell you, my boi be packin.

byeee chloe 👋

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ok and another thing that bothers me about dean is that people are like “rory treated him so horribly in season 2/3″ i mean i do agree that it was bad and unfair of her to continue to date dean while having feelings for jess but um…its not as if he was powerless to do anything?? he literally says “she likes jess doesnt she” and that wouldve been the point where he shouldve broken up with her or at least had a conversation with rory about it instead of having constant meetings w/lorelai behind rory’s back and he didnt have to wait until the breaking point when they were in public to break up with her like oh my god its not all her fault???

you all honestly believe that when a bisexual woman gets called a dyke for walking down the street with her girlfriend/wife shes just like “yikes, well, at least since i know im bisexual this slur obviously doesnt apply to me! ill just continue on with my day without fearing for my and my partner’s safety! this is just misdirected lesbophobia after all!”

i wasnt really feeling bewear when i saw it initially (it doesnt. look like a pokemon at all. it is probably the least pokemon of all pokemon) 

but they learn martial arts from watching people in the woods and have to be taught not to hug their trainers so hard that they kill them so consider me sold

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YESSS I've been thinking along similar lines, and I hope this is what happens. Having Shiro be recaptured would be heartbreaking (and interesting) but we can still get him back


Because like bRO Shiro is so powerful brainwash that bad boy and BOOM you got a hella powerful super soldier

ALSO the Voltron team would naturally trust him because they know him so when they least expect it Shiro like powers up his hand and is just…. 

“All hail Emperor Zarkon”


i got into an argument w my mom and brother abt abortion, if u can even call it an argument, bc it was just them yelling at me abt killing babies, they have a heartbeat, etc,etc, all the bullshit prolifers love to throw at u, as if the body and choice of the person having the baby doesnt mean anything to them.

like, and at the end of the day, no matter how u feel abt abortion, its still gonna happen whether its legal or not. itll just be illegal and not be a proper medical procedure meaning a MUCH HIGHER RISK of the person getting hurt or dying.

even if u dont like it, at least tolerate it being legal so people dont have to
f u c k i n g  d i e

d♥nt rebl♥g

  • evverybody dies
  • erierieriyay

Everybody Dies (an Eridan Ampora fansong)

id berate you for reducin me to just some desperate mess but

it kinda seems like that is all i am

i understand your point of vvieww but let me just confess

i do not givve a damn ‘bout that princess

i like guns an’ roman history

its not that big a mystery

i dont knoww wwhy you only see

me as a lonely fish

so wwhat if im a cowward

at least i can admit

that i really do not wwanna die

before ivve done some shit


fillin up my quadrants wwould be nice i wwont deny

but thats more out of fear than desperation

if you think my bloodll savve me wwhen the drones find me alone wwell then your wrong

cus evverybody dies

it doesnt matter howw or wwhen

evverybody dies

wwe all wwill havve an end so

evven though ill die

i still find that id like to be remembered

as more

than just a lonely little scaredy little lily-livvered feared wwhen livvid wwavverin little snotty little lonely fuckin fish