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London Fog

A/N:  This was written during the Write-In hosted by the incomparable @lepus-arcticus, and it is literally nothing but fluff and ridiculousness. 

Their third week together, Mulder tosses something at her as she walks in the door.  She ducks and barely catches it, shooting him a scowl when some coffee sloshes on her plaid blazer.

“What’s this?” Scully asks.

“I noticed you didn’t have one.  I know you probably didn’t have use for one in sunny Califor-Nay-Yay, but for most of the climates we’ll be travelling to for our field work, especially in the Pacific Northwest and here on the East Coast, they’re going to come in handy.”

Scully finally glances down.

It’s a London Fog catalogue.

“Trenchcoats, Mulder?”

“What, you have something against them?”

“Not really, but they’re a little…Spy versus Spy, aren’t they?  What, are we gonna get matching hats to go with them?  Start talking like gangsters?  ‘You’ll never catch me, Coppa?’” she says before biting off a smile.

“Nah, these are really nice.  They’re weather resistant, they keep the chill off, and they’ll keep your suits nice and clean.  They even come in size extra petite, or whatever you are.  I checked.”

Scully thumbs through the catalogue, fretting.  “Mulder, don’t you think an umbrella does most of those things just as efficiently?  And I have thicker peacoats I can wear over my suits.  I just don’t know that I’ll use it enough to justify the expense.”

Mulder takes a sip of his coffee, shrugging. “Just pick one out then and tell me which one you decide on.  I got a guy back in the UK.  He’ll ship it over to me.  No import tax.”

She stares at him before flipping through the glossy pages again.  She has to admit, some of them do have a certain appeal. Especially that camel-colored one.  

“I just think that this whole aesthetic lends itself to some excessively grandiose concept of what a G-man should look like that you have built up in your head, Mulder,” Scully says, indignant that she’s actually considering this.  “That dark trench you have, it’s like your cape and cowl.  Maybe it’s more your thing than mine.”

“Then get a lighter one, Scully.  I really think it’d be both functional and…becoming on you.”

“There’s a pick-up line I can sense coming that you should probably keep to yourself,” Scully murmurs, just loud enough for him to hear and smirk at.

She finally pauses on one page with an audible intake of breath.  It’s beautiful.  A lighter color, halfway between wheat and grey.  The perfect neutral.  Cinched waist, double-breasted, it even comes with a detachable hood.  

“Hand it over, Scully,” Mulder smiles.

And she does.  

every time someone shits on my classics/archaeology degree for not being ‘useful’ like honestly employers/interviewers eat that shit right up??? like yeah it’s not better than some very specific degree for a specific job you want but damn sure it’s better than some basic business or communications degree and also i actually enjoyed getting it

Drunk in Love

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff (…idk if you’d consider it fluff…but hope you do)

Summary: You loved him, you wanted to forget about him, but all you could do was drink your feelings away

Word Count: 3545

Warning: Depiction of excessive drinking; cursing …at this point cussing is just a standard in all my fics 😂 

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The ground shook beneath your feet as you danced your way through the thick mesh of people. The beat of the music entranced you causing your body to move with such fluidity. A smile creeps up your face while you soak in the free-spirited atmosphere that this club had to offer. You were trying to escape, and nothing screamed “escape” more than a loud rave party and bunch of drinks to chug down. 

What was it that you were trying to escape exactly? Work problems? Responsibilities? Parents forcing you on blind dates? Nope. You were escaping your own feelings. 

Every moment of every day you always thought about him. You always wondered if he was doing okay, or if he was eating properly or if was over exerting himself. You were always worried about him both mentally and physically. The entirety of your mind, every nook and cranny, was dedicated to the thought of him, and you hated it.

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usually i keep my cool and say nothing to reposters, but sometimes, when the planets align and i have been reporting for 2+ hours,  i run across one that says the dumbest, most entitled bullshit and i gotta let them know 😂

whether i say anything or not tho, without fail, within the hour:

b y e  lmao

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Yay Dee thank you so much for doing these again! Could I request Tae's POV from the first part of Business where he fucked the OC after Jungkook came inside of her?

» Business 2 [i fucked up and wrote the scene from Business 2 instead of 1, sorry :(, i noticed after i wrote it]

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Honestly, Gemini actors/actresses are so diverse??? Like, they all have a different vibe to them. I mean, Scorpio actors/actresses carry a pretty similar vibe; like Winona Ryder, Anne Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, etc. It’s hard to explain but they just embody Scorpio so well. Whereas Geminis are scattered, and I think it fits in with the whole notion that Geminis are more multi-faceted than most, more multi-dimensional.

Clint Eastwood in “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” for example - I swear, I thought he must have been a Scorpio because he’s dark and intimidating (turns out he does have a Scorpio Rising) but Gemini as his Sun sign? That was surprising for me. Then you have the charismatic Malcolm McDowell Gemini, the absolutely awkward Michael Cera, the chill/cool/collected Pam Grier, the innocent/charming Carey Mulligan, the wise Morgan Freeman, the promiscuous Marilyn Monroe, the eccentric Helena Bonham Carter, and so forth.