at least danny's hot


remember that time when Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost wrote some steamy Nicholas/Danny fanfiction and called it Hot Fuzz har har har on Twitter? Yeah. Good times. Sorry not finding a link atm though.

Might have to make more of these. uwu

Doctor Who fandom’s reaction to the announcement of a man of color as a new recurring character is predictably the messiest.

First of all, I’ve seen SO many people refer to him as Mickey 2.0. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. INTERESTING. Why not Rory 2.0? (lol u know why) I mean, there’s been zero indication that there will be any kind of romance between Clara and Twelve. So why assume that Danny is going to be playing the same kind of role in the Clara and Twelve relationship that Mickey did?

burntlikethesun even found someone who speculated that Mickey and Danny might be related.

LITERALLY WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT? (lol again u know why)

And then we have people saying “now you can shut up about calling Moffat racist and sexist!”. MMMMM NO. I mean, it’s definitely a good thing that it appears that Doctor Who will have its first recurring POC since 2008. I am genuinely happy about that! But the jury is still out as to what the writing for Danny will be like and also, it doesn’t absolve the show of any other potential messiness that might happen with other characters.

And THEN we have the people who are like “YES FINALLY. ANOTHER MALE COMPANION. I CAN ENJOY THE SHOW AGAIN!”. lol sit the fuck down. It’s literally been half a series since the last male companion. And also we don’t even know if Danny is going to be an actual companion or not. So yeah.

So in conclusion my feelings are as follows: If I have to watch a poorly written character  (which lbr, Danny will be because Moffat), at least he’s hot. And I hope that Clara actually gets some development next series and that her characterization isn’t completely either tied up in Danny or pushed to the side in favor of Danny.