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EXO Reaction: When they apologise after a fight thinking you're asleep and won’t hear anything

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Park Chanyeol

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Would get shy real quick when he realized you heard everything.

“Jagiii! You should have said something I was pouring my heart out!”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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“Okay, so this is not how it was supposed to turn out…”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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“Now all that we need to make up is an apology from your side…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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Would turn around and go back to sleep, hoping you will forget what he said.

Kris/Wu Yifan

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“Nope you didn’t hear anything, I definitely wasn’t the first to apologise just now.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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Would be so surprised when you told him, you forgive him.

“Ahhh, you were awake the whole time, don’t scare me like that!”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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Would cover his face with a pillow out of embarrassment and wouldn’t say a single word till morning.


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“You know if I had known you will be listening I might as well have woken you up beforehand.”

Byun Baekhyun

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“Well if you heard everything then it saves me the trouble of repeating everything in the morning.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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Would start laughing because of how silly this situation turned out.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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“I would prefer you tell me when you’re awake. How many more of my monologues did you hear?”

Oh Sehun

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“At least you heard it.”

paperweight — pcy

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park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,2k words. fluff/angst. au

—it couldn’t hold onto those letters forever. Neither could he hold onto her.

this one is for Liv @xiuminsm

Dear Chanyeol, 

I’m not quite sure whether to classify you as dumb or cute. Seriously, Park Chanyeol? You sent a ring along with a letter with the words “will you marry me?”and a doodle of yourself kneeling, I can’t believe you!

Oh, and PS: Yes, I will.

Love, ____.

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EXO-TALES: Scenarios Masterpost

I remember thinking I wouldn’t even get over 10 notes or followers and look where we are now :) Thank you guys for requesting scenarios/reactions/shippings cos we all know my own ideas are rubbish and also thank you for actually reading my writing 

for a 1 year old it sure contains some…raunchy things *wink wonk*

30+ Notes
First Kiss - Kai (fluff)
Your Thoughts - Kai (angst)
Not You - Kai (angst)
Coming Home - Xiumin (fluff)
“Sexy” - Suho (smut)
Interrupted by Sehun - Kai (fluff)
Whiny Jongdae - Chen (fluff)
Did He Really Just Do That? - Kai (fluff)
Your Soft Jongdae - Chen (fluff)
It’s Artistic - Chanyeol (fluff)
Bumping Into Each Other - Baekhyun (fluff)
It’s Snowing - Kris (fluff)
Valentines Day - Luhan (fluff)
Courage - Chanyeol (fluff)

40+ Notes
Liking Each Other - Sehun (fluff)
Like Like - Kai (fluff? angst?)
At Least I’ll Pass - Xiumin (smut)
It’s Professor Kim - Xiumin (smut) <– sequel to at least i’ll pass
“Appa!” - D.O (fluff)
The Rain - D.O (fluff)
Like A Man - Kai (fluff)
Valentines Day - Xiumin (fluff)
Valentines Day - Kai (fluff)
Just Round One - Chen (smut)

50+ Notes
It’s Not Normal? - Kris (angst? fluff?)
Meeting Him - Lay (fluff)
Almost Caught - Chen (smut)
Honeymoon - Luhan (smut)
I’m Sorry - Sehun (angst??)
When Fantasies Become Reality - Kai (smut)
Making Time - Lay (fluff)
A Kiss To Save The Princess - Chen (fluff+makeout session oh lala)

60+ Notes
Cake Making Fun - D.O (smut)
At Work - Xiumin (smut)
Not Monggu - Kai (fluff)
Fan Service Gone Wrong - Sehun (???)
Child Jongin - Kai (fluff)
Gentle - Xiumin (smut)

70+ Notes
Not As Much As You - Kai (fluff)
Luhan and His Movie - Luhan (fluff)
Jealous Jongin - Kai (smut)
The Benefits of Being Jealous - Sehun (smut)
Magic…What’s His Name? - Xiumin (smut)
Love Stains - D.O (fluff)

80+ Notes
Idol On A Plane - Xiumin (fluff kinda)
Not So Lazy - Chanyeol (fluff)

100+ Notes
Because of Bubble Tea - Sehun (smut)

180+ Notes
Ruining My Sleep - Tao (smut)

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EXO’s Reaction to You Pulling Them Close By Their Belt Loops

Thank you for requesting, Anon! I hope this satisfies you~♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would instantly turn super playful, like the puppy that he is. A wide grin would paint itself on his face and he’d place his hands on yours as you pulled him close. “Whatever you’re thinking, Jagi, I’m up for it.”

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would act super suspicious of you, wondering what exactly it was that you were planning. “What do you think you’re doing, Jagi-ya?”

Chen: Chen would be quick to playfully smack your hands away, chuckling at your reaction to it. “Ah-ah! Teasing is my job, not yours, Y/N!”

D.O: You would’ve decided to do this to tease Kyungsoo in a relatively public place. Feeling like he was in a playful mood, he would simply waggle his finger at you with a smile on his face. “Can’t you at least save it until we get home, Y/N?”

Kai: This action would likely turn Kai into a shy mess. A sweet smile would be on his face and he’d attempt to suppress the chuckle rising up in his throat, but his eyes would be locked on the floor as you pulled him closer.

Kris: Kris would certainly be turned on, but such an impulsive action would cause his dorky side to surface. Despite the naughty thoughts running through his mind, all he’d be able to do is laugh in response.

Lay: Lay would be taken completely by surprise, not expecting such a forward action from you. His nerves would only rise when he couldn’t decide if you were just trying to tease him, or if you were looking for something more serious.

Luhan: A smile would decorate Luhan’s face the moment your hands made contact with the fabric of his jeans, and it only grew as he allowed himself to be pulled by you. “I definitely like where this is heading.”

Sehun: Easily flustered maknae would be flustered. Sehun would look at you with the most innocent face he could muster and would likely try to laugh his embarrassment off.

Suho: Suho would be a little flustered at first, but he’d shake off his nerves quite easily and grin at you. “Alright, alright. I guess I’ll give into you, Jagi.”

Tao: Tao would be a cocky, little bugger about it, giving you a self-assured smirk. “I know I’m hard to resist, Y/N, but you could at least give me a little warning.”

Xiumin: Xiumin would be quick to turn the situation around, tugging your body towards his and ensuring he was the one in control, not you. “You’ve started this, Y/N. Whatever happens is completely your fault.”


Exo Reaction

Exo Reaction when their kid is stuck in a tree

I personally love this, Hope you enjoy!

Sehun: *still as bratty as ever*
“I swear if I find a scratch on my perfect skin to get you down from there, I’m blaming this on (y/n)”

Kai: *Hears his baby crying*
“Oml! The Baby!? I FORGOT! (y/n) is gonna kill me*

Tao: *called the least reliable person to help*
“You see her, she’s right there! I can do thus”
Sehun: *shakes him* “Then why’d you call me”

D.o: *third time this month*
“Ugh, i gotta go get the ladder again. I swear I have to keep Baekhyun away from my girl”

Chanyeol: *impressed that his boy even got up there*
“Boy! how’d you even? I knew I should have stop feeding him bananas”

Chen: *not very concerned*
“THat’s My boy! taking on his fathers way”

Baekhyun: *coming to save his baby like…*
“Daddy’s got thus!!”

*tbh he has no idea what he’s doing, probably will call the giant known as Chanyeol*

Lay: *fast asleep to even notice*

Suho: *is prepared*
“Don’t worry, daddy’s got this”
*secretly been waiting this for this moment to prove to his little girl that he is a man*

Kris: *at a breaking point*
“I can’t get up there, my arms are gonna be ruined and then I can’t create my masterpiece, but then again (y/n) might just break my arms”

 Luhan: “Oh baby, don’t cry, don’t make me get you. You can do this yourself….. I can’t come up there, cause then we both would be crying”

 Xiumin: *impressed*
“Wow! It took the neighbors kid 4 weeks to get up there”

Exo reaction to getting rejected by you (idol)

hahalol-1234 said: Could you make an exo reaction,to you (idol,crush) rejecting them after they told you that they love you? Litterly I have no idea,if the “request box” is open or not…if not,just tell me :)


*In some reactions their not getting rejected directly, I had to change it up so they all wouldn’t be similar..sorry they r long*

Suho: He took three buses to failure. He couldn’t stop thinking about you all night and he just had to go and tell you how he felt. Of course he didn’t tell you he took three buses to get here, he claimed he was in the neighborhood, and decided to stop by, and tell you something important. But you wasn’t feeling a romantic relationship, you had to let him down. “Sorry for disturbing you this late, Y/N have a nice night.”

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D.O: He honestly didn’t want to continue the conversation any longer. After you rejected him, he didn’t need an explanation, or an quick excuse. He wasn’t understanding why you even continued to explain yourself. He didn’t say “OK, we can stop talking now” he wasn’t going to be that bold. He just decided to look zoned out and unfocused on you talking to him, hopefully he thought you would get the idea and just stop talking.

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Lay: He didn’t know how to respond to “I’m flatter and all, but I just don’t think..” You tried to explain to him that you weren’t ready for a relationship, but your words kept tumbling. He didn’t know how to keep a straight “It’s no biggie” face, he wasn’t understanding your explanation, he didn’t know if it was an real explanation or an excuse.

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Baekhyun: He wasn’t expecting to be rejected, he actually thought you felt the same way. Well at least you seemed like you did, you never rejected his flirting, you would flirt back sometimes, you two always texted late at night. So when you rejected him, he was really surprised. You had no clue why though, “Baek…I thought we were just best friends, I wasn’t trying to lead you on.”

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Kai: He was at the park when he noticed you sitting alone at a table reading, he hesitated whether to go up and sit with you. He was staring at you for about 2-3 minutes, when he decided to finally go up to you. Him: “Hey Y/N” You: “Oh hey, what brings you over to me?” Him: “….I can’t take my eyes off you, Y/N I really…” You: *Phones ring* “WHAT! GOSH I CAN’T KEEP ARGUING WITH YOU, BYE!”..”Sorry, that was my…ugh I hate relationships..but you were saying.?” Him: “I can’t keep my eyes off this book you have, Y/N I really love this series”

Originally posted by jonginization

Xiumin: He wasn’t just gonna come out and say “Hey, I love you”. He wanted to see if you even liked him or would consider going out with him. He couldn’t make it obvious that he liked you. Him: “Hey, Y/N, we are complete opposites, if we ever dated, it would be a disaster.” He was expecting a positive response starting with something like “No, actually-” But instead he got a response he wasn’t to shook about. You: *Laughs* “The thought of us going out is hilarious anyway, we would kill each other.”

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Chen: He thought it was the perfect time to tell you, he asked you out for dinner, but made sure to state that it was just a friendly dinner. Everything was going well…well so he thought. The waiter came to take you guys order, he wanted to make his order quick so he can talk to you privately. But then you and the waiter looked at each other shockingly, and hugged each other. He thought awwn that’s nice, friends reuniting. “Hey, let me take you out next Friday, maybe we can spark that flame we had?” Ump he thought , hey man how fucking rude.

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Chanyeol: He just smiled like it wasn’t a big deal. Before he could fully confess, you stopped him and told him that “Chanyeol, Your like the brother I always wanted, but never had” Well at least you didn’t blow him off, you said something that could save you guys friendship. Now he had no choice but to move on, he couldn’t love his so called “sister”.

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Sehun: You’ve been telling him about your boyfriend and how you two are close to breaking up, he didn’t show or tell you, but he was very pleased at the fact you two might break up, he always had a thing for you. When he decided to confess to you when you were alone, something unexpected popped up. Your boyfriend decided to surprise you with flowers and big kiss asking for forgiveness.

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Exo’s Reaction - Finding The Hickeys You Gave Them The Night Before

Here you go!


Xiumin - *It doesn’t bother him at all and finds it impressive that you gave him them when he didn’t remember having them*

Lay - *Worried about how long they’re going to take to fade and doesn’t know how you managed to gave him some on his neck where he’s really sensitive* How?…..when?……never mind

Kai - *Can’t get over how impressive they are* Wow babe, your turn

Suho - *13 and counting, he’s really impressed that you gave him so many*

Kyungsoo - *About to whip the other members’ asses as they non stop tease him about how they are really visible and starts thinking about killing you but he loves you too much not too* 

Tao - *Worries how the others would react and covers neck, hoping his ass would be saved aslong no one gets a glimpse of them but deep down, he’s proud of them*

Chen - *He doesn’t care about how they’re visible, he’s too proud of them because you gave him them and when the members say something, he’d sass them* At least I get laid also 

Kris - *Doesn’t faze him at all and acts cool about it*

Chanyeol - *Teases you about how he ain’t got enough for his liking and when you go to give him another one, he gives you loads*

Baekhyun - *Like Chanyeol, he’d tease you and surprises you with sudden neck bites and hickeys*  

Sehun - *gif*

Luhan - * He’s really happy until his bitch face appears because the other members, Baek, Chan, Chen and Sehun are teasing him about them* Fucking stop going on about them!


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• you always thought he was intimidating bc of that little glare he does every so often so you never talked to him and he thought you hated him which was why he never talked to you

• but it was really just lack of communication and the both of you had this mutual attraction towards each other but couldn’t bring yourselves to say it

• but you’re good friends with jongin and chanyeol and the both of them are just stuck in the middle and have to listen to both you and kyungsoo babble on and on about how cute the other person is and how they wished they could talk to you

• it just reached a point where they got v fed up and was like ‘yo we gotta make them hookup i can’t take this anymore’

• so jongin convinced you and chanyeol convinced kyungsoo to go on a blind date w each other // which was a v V close call btw bc chanyeol doesn’t know how to be lowkey

• jongin wanted to go for something big like that expensive french restaurant downtown that serves fucking escargot and champagne or whatever but chanyeol was like ‘nAAAhhh fham, it’s too much effort, just make em go to the moo milk bar or smth’

• jongin actually wanted to protest against this ‘moo milk bar’ idea but the blind date was so last minute that it ended up getting planned so poorly and later when you both start dating, kyungsoo blames chanyeol for taking his first ever date w the girl he likes so lightly

• the both of you were fuming when you found out that a suggestion that sehun made, just to be a brat, was to make your first date at fucking Subway and chANYEOL ACTUALLY TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY

• but then mama suho came along and saved the day all like ‘nono u idiots, u gotta take her to AT LEAST a sushi buffet cmon’ so everyone settled on that but made suho pay the bill bc he always has the money $$$$

• so you show up and kyungsoo showed up but the second you saw him you were fuckfuCK GOTTA BLAST-

• kyungsoo was v mad at himself for not knowing it would be you bc cmon, who ELSE would they put him on a blind date with

• but more than being angry at himself, he was v angry w chanyeol :)))) and he was just messaging him all like


• everything was just a huge fucking mess, both of you barely spoke a word during dinner, the people behind you had an obnoxious seven year old that just would :)) stop :)))) rocking back and forth in his chair :))) and kyungsoo tripped on his own feet while pulling out your chair to sit just to be a gentlemen

• but you told your friend abt this blind date and you asked her to call you and pick you up in case it was going to shit but the second she calls you, the fucking darth vader theme just resonates throughout the whole restaurant and you’re fumbling your phone bc it was so loud like ‘fuck shit wa itoka y i swear i wasn’t trying to bail out on you i jsut-’

• but kyungsoo is like ‘hold up ,,,, you like Star Wars?“

• so ya you both ditched your meal imMEDIATELY after you both finished it and paid and just went to your unit in your condo to watch Star Wars movies

• everybody was getting so worried but when kyungsoo busted in the dorms looking tired as shit with prominent eyebags, everyone was like ‘kyunGSOO FUCKING SHIT, YOU GOT ACTION RIGHT ON THE FIRST NIGHT !!!!!!’


• but that was most probably the best shitty date he has ever been on

• you constantly argue over anakin skywalker

• ‘no, christ, kyungsoo, you don’t understand okay anakin jUST MADE A MISTAKE HE JUST NEEDED A LIL LOVE-’

• tbh kyungsoo couldn’t care less abt anakin, he’s more of an obi wan kenobi person but he only snaps back at you bc 1) you only like anakin bc he’s hot and 2) he doesn’t want to know which celebrities you find attractive other than him

• but really, he tries to avoid ACTUAL arguments as much as possible bc when he gets way too into it, he literally will not stfu and sometimes he talks so much that it results into you crying bc you got so frustrated with him and kyungsoo is just like 'agh fuck :)))’

• v afraid of your parents, esP your father

• when he came over to your house to have dinner for the first time, your dad was generally nice and was like aye whattup and put his hand on kyungsoo’s shoulder as a casual man-to-man welcome and he literally tensed as harD AS a fucking rock

• he was sweating profusely during dinner and your mom was just like ??? u good fham ????

• 'wh- whAT ??? ohOHOH O me ??? im pERFEC T :)) fAntAS TIC ACTUALLY !!! hOoO boy, it suRE IS A LIL HUMID IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME !! :))))’

• kyungsoo is usually v composed and calm and chill and hella rad but all it took was one dinner to send his walls crashing down

• overall, dinner was a success bc aside from, you know, your boyfriend being a nervous wRECK- he was v v polite and respectful and made his intentions w you clear + your parents liked him bc he was talented

• your parents invite him over for karaoke night a lot and always make him sing open arms by journey // and if they’re feeling pushy, maybe sabor ami

• you call him 'mom’ as a nickname bc cMOn okay, he can cook, sing you to sleep, clean up after your mess, look out after your needs and once you proposed to him w a ring pop

• probably the furthest you ever took this joke was when it was 2 in the morning and you wanted to text your mom who was on a night shift at her work to get you some on sale cereal on her way back home in a couple hours but you accidentally called kyungsoo

• he still brings it up to this day w a scowl on his face and uses that as his excuse every time he does something wrong

• 'okay yeah, i might’ve eaten that last slice of cake in the fridge that was primarily for you but remember that one time you called me at 2am :)))) a night before a concert, mind you :)))) thinking i was ur mom and asking me to get you some fucking honey nut cheerios :))))’

• 'ok listen that was oNCE’

• you guys sing in the shower a lot

• w8 don’t misunderstand, not tOGETHER IN THE SHOWER but when yall have your separate turns both of you sing a lot which causes the other person who’s in the kitchen or smth to hum along :)))

• he always cleans up after your messes

• when you have some friends over and have a makeup night or smth and they leave, your whole room is just a mess with bread crumbs everywhere, maybe some spilt water, and kyungsoo will literally stop whatever he’s doing to help you clean up bc 1) he hates mess and 2) he feels uncomfortable with the sight of you cleaning alone

• isn’t a fan of couple items so when you asked if you could at least have like, something v discreet like couple rings, he was like ,,,,,, yo idk ,,,, if the media and the company finds out about us i ,,,

• this slightly upset you but you gotta understand his point of view bc idol life is hard so you just smile all like lmao right i got you its all good, i didn’t really want em anyway but the idea just sounded cool hahahHA

• but lay awake at night just thinking about it and is all like yo jongin, u up

• so he just kinda chats w him for the next hour or so just contemplating bc he’s just like 'ik she wants these rings man gdi she told me she doesn’t want them bUT I KNOW SHE DOES so like ??? what should i do ???? i kinda want them too they’re cute af but the manager might bust my ass joNGIN DID YOU FALL ASLEEP’

• but one day when you’re both watching those star wars cartoons on teletoon or smth, he’s like hey gimme ur hand and you’re like k and she just kinda slips that ring into your finger

• you’re just kinda staring at it wide eyed and before you can say anything, he’s just like 'w8 ok this is not a proposal, i would’ve given it much more thought than this if it was’

• so he has this habit now that he takes your hand and kisses your finger that the ring is on

• gives you tremendous support in your studies

• when you’re confused w something, he’ll either come over or FaceTime you to help you study or when you’re distracted, he’ll get your focus back on track like what would u do w/o do kyungsoo honestly

• whenever you both watch a romantic drama movie that he’s starring in that has many cute and romantic scenes w his costars, he points at a close-to-kissing scene all like 'i was thinking of you when i had to shoot this okay’ or 'don’t pay attention to this, let’s skip it forward’ or 'im just going to remind you right now that you’re my number 1 and i love you so much’

• and you’re like chill soo, i know

• probably willing to buy you pads or tampons

• literally willing to do anything or try anything for you

• one time he asked you what your favourite dish was and you said smth like idk, beef stroganoff ????

• he was like hm i dont know how to make that and you were like lmao it’s chill, only my mom knows how to make it and if you thought he would let go of the topic so easily, guess what’s coming

• you come back home from school or work, tired as shit and ready to take a nap but the second you enter your house, a smELL SO GOOD AND SO FAMILIAR WAFTS TOWARDS YOUR NOSE AND YOURE LIKE WAIT IS THAT-

• yes fam, it’s kyungsoo in the kitchen cooking your favourite beef stroganoff

• you’re like holy shit and he’s like try it !!! and it tastes exactly !!! like !!! your mom’s !!!!!! and you’re like hey how did you get this recipe, its my moms secret and soo was like lmao i asked for it :))

• he rarely ever cries but the only time you remember him crying was on his birthday and he was in another country on tour so he couldn’t spend it w you but the boys planned smth and next thing he knows, your face is on the big screen on stage and the fans have their flashlights out and waving it all around and everyone including yourself is singing him a happy birthday and he just :’)))))))

• so when the concert is over, the whole fandom knows about your relationship but let’s not talk about that bc its kyungsoo’s birthday and he spent the whole night facetiming you and just expressing his gratitude

• 'i love you so much for this, you know that?’

• 'yes soo, ive only known in the past five times you’ve told me in the last ten minutes’

• he also gives the best hugs

• usually, he’d just lazily snake an arm around your shoulder to pull you close and give you a forehead kiss or smth; kinda like a half hug

• but in times when you haven’t seen each other in long whiles, like when he’s back from tour and you come to the airport to meet him, he will put both hands around your waist and clasp them at your back so you can’t get out and lean back a lil so you gotta go on your tippy toes

• he’s also gonna put a hand at the back of your head and kiss either your temple or your hair

Wait. (Part 2)


GENRE: Series!! (short one)(maybe)

PAIRING: Reader/Gang!Kyungsoo ft. Jongin


PLOT: Being related to a gang member isn’t as easy as you thought, even if he is on the good side.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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“You have reached your destination.”

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pup-and-potato  asked:

Hi, i just want to say to all those who think that there're hardly any cb moments in showtime, and that we shippers need to go super ninja just to see the moments.. then maybe you're blind and deaf too? bc chanbaek was everywhere in EXO ST. They hold conversations across the room, even without looking at each other... they complete each other's statements, answer each other's questions, make side comments and react to what the other is saying.. it went all throughout the 12 eps. so pls.

Tell ‘em girl, tell ‘em! I thought we were the only ones who noticed Baekyeol moments in pretty much every single episode. Be it up close or from afar, in the initial camera shot or uncaptured, their moments were literally scattered everywhere around the 12 episodes. The episode of Chanyeol’s birthday, everyone was complaining about how the Baekyeol in that episode was so scarce, and I was literally like what… are you kidding me. Although it was a sad-ish episode to us Baekyeol shippers, we got to see how attached Baekhyun truly is to Chanyeol. You could see how he wanted to grasp Chanyeol’s attention throughout the episode or at least what we were able to see of what they recorded that day.

-admin SFS

Lol, “deaf” and “blind”. Yet, it’s hard not to agree with you. If we exclude episode 7, every other episode had at least a couple of Baekyeol moments, sometimes way more.

Let me put some of the gifs/pics I saved. And I will add some of my thoughts too - at least about the first two episodes for now, because we haven’t analyzed them here before.

This is going to be long.

episode 1

Even though it was Chanyeol first who picked on Baekhyun saying Baekhyun resembles Lee Sung Mi, a middle-aged female comedian, look how nervous he was here. He even said “ears” himself like he wanted to beat Baekhyun to it, and thus soften the blow he knew was coming.

And this is something I caught quite recently. It was the moment when they all started talking about who is the most handsome in Exo, and Chanyeol said “Then I think…” and then Baekhyun gulped slightly and looked at him, and this secretive smile showed on his face, and Chanyeol was looking at him too, back and forth, and they locked eyes for a second or two, and I’m surprised nobody gifed that because it seemed really meaningful.

And Baekhyun’s face when Chanyeol has chosen Kai… He looked down and didn’t appear very happy (obviously).

As a result we had Sehun almost choking on his juice, which made me think. Especially since Chanyeol reaction to this was to laugh it off and telling him to grab a tissue. And I think Kai’s eyes wandered to Baekhyun for a split of a second too, but I can’t be sure because it was so quick. And then there was Kyungsoo choosing Baekhyun as the most handsome member right after that - almost like he wanted for him to feel better.

Idk. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. And maybe I don’t. But I’m really starting to think that everyone in Exo-K knows about Baekyeol, and probably most Exo-M members.

episode 2

This one was so full of Baekyeol goodness ♥.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol keeping close to each other.

Looking at snapbacks together:

Sitting next to each other in makchang restaurant.

In-sync (as usual).

When Kris asked Baekhyun to taste if the makchang was ready, Chanyeol immediately followed, and took a bite as well.

External image
External image

External image
External image

Here we have Chanyeol being the perfect gentleman he is. Giving Baekhyun a soda, and upon noticing that Baekhyun was without a glass, fetching him one and pouring him a drink.

Keeping close again.

Chanyeol being generous and paying for the food, while pointing to Baekhyun to grab the tray. Trying to impress someone Yeollie?

Making sure they would sit facing each other.

They both took care of Tao. Chanyeol assured that Tao had a little fork, and Baekhyun fed him Tteokbokki.

Chanyeol was smiling at Baekhyun all the time, and not only when Baekhyun was being his adorable self like here:

External image
External image

Since they had good view of each other, you could see how much Chanyeol was concentrating on Baekhyun. When he was speaking about eating all kinds of food next, it was as if he was speaking to Baekhyun alone.

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

To sum this up: throughout this entire episode Baekyeol acted like a freaking couple.

And this was only the beginning.

-admin MTL

Unscripted - Part 2 (Kai)

Back after a really long time, I’m sorry ;; But good news, I’ve ultimately decided on five parts instead of the initial three I had in mind. 

(You’re improvising at this point but hey, so is he.)

Chanyeol’s studio is a complete luxury. Not only does it include total sound proof walls and up-to-date recording equipment, but also extra open space with vertical mirrors and polished floors for dance practices. You never understood why Sehun always went through great lengths—such as buying Starbucks every weekend for the other boy—to get some time in the studio.

The room is massive. He can do his theatrical sessions without any interruption. Everything’s clean and bright, neatly tucked away, sunlight spilling through the blinds in patches.

You’re in the middle of wondering why you’ve only visited this gorgeous room now when there’s a series of short knocks at the door.

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Chanyeol, the destroyer of confetti (or at least the ones on Baekhyun’s head)

*flick flick* Chanyeol being a good boyfriend pal and helping Baekhyun out, aww, so cute. Is it just me or does it look like Chanyeol would be making little sound effects, like “Ba! Ba!” Wait Baekhyun are you smiling? You like getting attention from Chanyeol don’t you~

Being a little sweetie, and Baekhyun obediently letting him~

(from the same moment :3) Never fear Confetti remover Chanyeol is here to save Baekhyun’s hair from life threatening confetti. Did you see how he literally rushed over to Baekhyun, just to get confetti out of his hair? How adorable~

Then most recent, Chanyeol blowing away a random piece of confetti, or pieces I can’t tell. Either he is OCD or something, or he’s being a caring boyfriend, I’m leaning towards the second option tho, cuz apparently when Chanbaek was rooming together way back, their room was always the messiest. *wink*

This ship this ship this ship, why you do strange things to ma heart? 

So why don’t we just enjoy some Chanfetti and Baekfetti?

(why must they look so perfect together…?)

…V-sign…out……..for now…mwahahahahahaha (more Chanbaek in the future ya’ll, just you wait!)

anonymous asked:

Okay I'm new to chanbaek so I've recently been watching a lot of moments of theirs. I was wondering when sehun made them hug on stage why was chanyeol not wanting to? Like baek literally fell into it and looked all small and shy. Do you think chanyeol just didn't want to because of everyone watching or do you have another opinion on it? Also love your blog:)

owh that hug.. hehehe.. 

actually i dont get why people said Chanyeol don’t want to hug Baekhyun - or he looks like he is rejecting the hug.. have you really watch the hug is 100 diff angles (coz i did.. lol..), Chanyeol looks so nervous tho.. he doesn’t show any awkwardness or show that he is uncomfortable… he is nervous.. thats shows so clearly on his face.. he tried to dodge the supposed “kiss” by tiptoe-ing.. bcoz theres no way Baekhyun can reached his face if he tiptoe.. but towards the actual hug, you can see that actually, Chanyeol lower his tiptoe and Baekhyun tiptoe instead.. 

Chanyeol does not hating it.. he doesn’t look like he is hating it.. from what i saw, he is actually nervous.. he have the same expression with the one moment they had on MAMA era..

this one..

i just realized i have videos on it saved but none of the gifs.. omg.. T_T

you can basically see that Chanyeol is smiling and nervous af, but how hating it.. he is - dumbfounded(?).. hahaha.. 

Baek is totally into it tho.. he shy smile, his satisfied face, his hand placement.. all are perfect.. Chanyeol probably don’t want to make it too obvious that he is also liking it, maybe thats why people look at him and say “he hates it”.. he definitely not.. hahaha..

well at least thats what i saw.. lol…

btw.. Welcome to the family..!!! Firelight family always welcome new member ^_^.. lets get stronger for this ship, and when the time comes, lets go down with it.. ^_^ hehehe… 

and thank you ^_^

love -Ai-

Antihero (With Chanyeol, part 11)

genre: angst? smol smut
1802 words

pt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12

“When’s the baby due? I’m guessing in six more months?” Chanyeol’s father asks, smiling wickedly as you try to process the question in your head. You’re most definitely not pregnant and unless Chanyeol says otherwise, no one has a clue where this idea comes from.

“I’m sorry but I’m not pregnant.” You try to keep your voice low, out of reach of the eavesdroppers in this mansion waiting for future gossips to discuss in the hollow hallways.

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Imagine Chanyeol trying to connect with Kyungsoo again. Kyungsoo has been extremely busy lately, what with all his acting deals, the promotions for “Love Me Right,” and all the interviews he’s booked to do. Chanyeol’s afraid that Kyungsoo will forget him if he doesn’t see him enough. And so, Chanyeol goes to great lengths because he can’t afford to lose Kyungsoo after all the progress he’s made with the him in terms of their relationship friendship. He prints two hundred pictures of himself and tapes them all over Kyungsoo’s clothes and travel bags, even putting at least twenty inside Kyungsoo’s wallet. In case that isn’t sufficient, he changes Kyungsoo’s wallpaper to a picture of them together, changes the ringtone to the sound of his voice, and is about to put himself as #1 on speed dial when he freezes at the screen. When Kyungsoo walks in and curiously glances at his dropped phone on the floor, Chanyeol quickly darts away and locks himself into the bathroom.

After a few minutes, Chanyeol finally lets himself smile. He didn’t need to change the speed dial. Kyungsoo’s #1 speed dial is him. And, what’s more, his number is saved under “Chanyeollie.”  He pumps his fist in happiness and wiggles around on the floor since there’s not much else he can do. Maybe he has a chance, after all.

byun-chanyeol  asked:

jealous chanyeol please! Ps, im quite new to this fandom so all of these beautiful humans are seriously overwhelming, help!

So many dramas, so little time!

You were browsing through your DVR, wondering which show to binge-watch next. You were going to go out wiht your boyfriend, Chanyeol, but your cramps were so bad there was no way you were going out.

You love Chanyeol and all, but he is not one for a quiet night in. You just needed to chill and eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s by yourself.

You pulled the fuzzy blanket you had wrapped over yourself tighter and made a decision on what to watch.

The Heirs… leggo

You pressed play and felt your phone buzz underneath your butt.

How in the world did that get there?

You untangled yourself from your blankets and food wrappers and finally got to your phone. You answered without looking who it was.


”_____ I know it’s late, but I need to ask a favor.” You pulled the phone away from your ear and looked at the caller ID.

Jongin never calls me…

“Is everything okay?”

“Minji broke up with me and kicked me out.” You sat up straight, shocked. Jongin was going to propose to Minji in a few weeks.

“Are you serious? What did you do?!”

“Nothing! She said she met someone else…”

“That’s terrible! Do you need somewhere to crash?” Jongin was one of Chanyeol’s best friends and ever since you and Chanyeol started dating, you and Jongin got to be close. Since you lived within a few blocks of each other, it wasn’t that uncommon for him to swing by whenever Chanyeol was at your place.

“That’s what I actually called you about. My friend Kyungsoo is going to let me move in with him, but he doesn’t get off work for another three hours. I just need somewhere to hang out for a little while and I don’t really feel like being by myself.”

“Of course! I just have to warn you. I’m wearing one of Chanyeol’s old sweatshirts and don’t have a stitch of makeup on so approach at your own risk.” You listen as Jongin laughed and sighed.

“That’s alright. Are you sure it’s okay? I haven’t been to your apartment without Chanyeol there.”

“I’m helping out a friend in need. I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Cool. See you in a bit.” You said your goodbyes and hung up the phone.

Well I guess I have to put pants on now.


You were just really getting into the drama when you heard a knock at the door. You hurriedly paused the tv and ran to the front door.

You opened the door to a defeated Jongin. Your heart broke. He sounded so collected over the phone.

His eyes were puffy and red, as if he had been crying. His hair was disheveled. All he had on was a pair of skinny jeans and an unzipped hoodie.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt, you idiot! It’s freezing out! Here…” You pulled him inside and immediately gave him Chanyeol’s sweatshirt. All you had was a tanktop on underneath, but you didn’t really care. You were never one for boundaries.

“Thanks. Trade?” Jongin took off his hoodie and handed it over to you. You both traded and flopped on the couch. You pulled the blanket over the both of you and turned to face him.

“Alright. Tell me what happened.” Jongin sighed and rested his head on the back of the couch.

“She didn’t feel like our relationship was going anywhere. She met some hispter guy at work and thought he was more interesting than me so… here we are.” You could tell he was upset about it. You saw his eyes mist and panicked.

“Have you ever seen Heirs?” He turned his head to look at you.

“Are you kidding? I love that drama!”

“Well good, because I just started it and I am all kinds of confused.” You pressed play and pulled the blanket in closer. Almost simultaneously, your stomachs growled.

“You got anything to eat?” Jongin asked.

“I have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer I was saving for a special occasion.” You started to pull the blanket off of yourself, when Jongin stood up and stretched.

“I’ll get it. You stay here. It’s the least I could do after you letting me hang out here for a bit.” You sank back into the couch and started to get comfortable when someone knocked at the door.

Must be Kyungsoo.

You flipped the blanket off of you and opened the door.

“Surprise!” You were greeted by a smiling Chanyeol who held several plastic bags. “I brought a heating pad, Ibuprofen, chocolate, and movies. You can’t cancel on me that easily, _____.” He leaned down and kissed you on the cheek and made his way into the apartment.

“Wow. This is a surprise! I wasn’t expecting you at all!” Chanyeol landed on the couch and burrowed into the spot Jongin was moments before.


“Oh, hey, guess what hap…”

“Hey, _____. Where do you keep the spoons?” Jongin asked as he wandered into the living room. Chanyeol looked confused as ever. He turned to see who else was here.


“Oh, hey Chanyeol. I had no idea you were coming!” Chanyeol stood and stared at the sudden guest. He turned back to you.

“What is going on here?” Chanyeol just stood in the middle of living room, confusion hanging on his brow. “Why are you wearing my sweatshirt?” Chanyeol pointed an accusatory finger at Jongin.

Oh crap.

“I gave you that sweatshirt for when you were feeling lonely. Why is he wearing it!” Chanyeol was getting more and more angry by the second.

“Because he didn’t have a shirt on…”

“Why was he shirtless?!” It just dawned on you what this looked like. You flashed a panic look towards Jongin.

“Chanyeol, look…” Jongin walked over and put a hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder, who immediately shrugged it off and pinned Jongin to the wall.

“You never answered me! What are you doing here!” You ran over to the two and tried to pry Chanyeol off of Jongin, but you were only pushed out of the way.

“Minji kicked him out so he’s been hanging out here while he’s been waiting for Kyungsoo!” You yelled. You couldn’t believe your boyfriend right now. He was acting crazy!

“Nice story. I’m sorry, Yeollie. I can’t go out tonight. My cramps are terrible. I can barely stand. Yeah, right. You blew me off just so you could have some alone time with your Cuddle Buddy!”

"Hey, man. She’s telling the truth!” Jongin kept trying to be a hero, but Chanyeol was in no mood for reason.

“You get out of here! Before I completely destroy you!”

“Chanyeol! Will you calm down for just a second! Listen to me!” You reached up and cupped his face in your hands. The look in his eyes was similar to that of a caged animal. “Listen. I’m not cheating on you. I would never do that to you. I love you. I was telling you the truth when I said that I wasn’t feeling well.”

"So you called Jongin instead of me.” The fury in his eyes was replaced by hurt. His eyes were glossy and it tore you apart that he was hurting.

“Is everything okay here?” All three of you turned towards the open doorway to see a confused and innocent Kyungsoo standing there.

“Hey, Kyungsoo. Everything’s fine. I’ll be out in a minute.” Jongin called.

“See?” You let go of Chanyeol’s face and unzipped Jongin’s jacket to hand it back to him. Jongin pulled the sweatshirt over his head and handed it back to you, putting on the jacket.

“Thanks again, _____.” Jongin said as he made his way out of the door.

“No problem. Sorry about my idiot boyfriend.” You turned and hit Chanyeol’s chest.

“It’s okay.” Kyungsoo and Jongin waved and left, closing the door behind them.

“God! Could you have been more stupid?! I can’t believe you would ever get that jealous!” You flopped back onto the couch and pulled the blanket tight around you.

”_____ look at it from my perspective. I thought you were alone and then all of a sudden, there’s another guy in your apartment.” Chanyeol sat back down and reached for your hand. “I’m sorry for lashing out on you.”

You pouted for a moment and sighed.

“I guess there was some lapse of judgement on my part.” You grabbed and kissed the back of his hand. “I love you, you gigantic idiot.”

“I love you, too. But seriously, why was he wearing my sweatshirt?”


Since there were a few jealous Chanyeol requests, I combined a few to kill a few birds with one stone. I hope you enjoy exotic-dimples!! Welcome to the darkside hehehehehe

You picked a good time to hop on the EXO train. This comeback is about to be KILLER!!!!

anonymous asked:

Exo's reaction when the parents of their gf only speak brazilian portuguese and she doesn't translate a thing

Let’s go. But just a friendly reminder that a “hi” or a “please” would have been welcome, sweetie. I work better and faster when things are asked nicely ^^.

Xiumin :
Once your parents left the appartment where you both live, he would drop on the couch, exhausted.
I really really need to learn some basics of this language…

Luhan :
When you talk enthusiasticaly with them during lunch and he doesn’t understand anything he would think -Just keep eating Luhan, they won’t notice…-

Kris :
-What the heck is going on…-

Suho :
When you father turns to him ask say something that sounds like a question
-What do I do, what do I do, what do I do ???-

Lay :
When he sees the other members after meeting your parents and they ask how it went
Her father was talking fast and he sounded so upset, but then he started lauhging……

Baekhyun :
When your mother starts talking to him and look at him, clearly expecting an aswer, he would turn to you with a “save-me-please” look on his face

Chen :
When you and your parents starts talking really fast
“Omg…and they staying here for a week”

Chanyeol :
When you talk to your mom and your dad start a conversation with him, he would turn to you, lokking for help, but you would ignore him
Ah why are you like thiiiis !?

D.O :
He managed to succesfully spend the whole dinner without having to talk but then suddenly, your mom ask him a question (at least he thinks it’s a question)

Tao :
He would have learn some really random basics sentences back when EXO had a concert in Brazil, so when your parents talks to him, he would answer using them, even if what he says makes no sense with what your parents asked
Your mom : “Zitao, you should comme visit us one day, I’m sure you’ll like Brazil

Kai :
When your dad starts talking to him really fast, his mind would just go blank

Sehun :
When you mom turns to him, and say something that sounded like a question
-Oh crap she’s talking to me

There ^^. Hope you like it ! Have a nice day :)

Exo dating someone similar to themselves

Anon asked:  Exo’s reaction to dating someone exactly like them


Xiumin: *Xiumin wouldn’t quite know how to react to dating someone who’s similar to him, he’d be surprised, excited, confused…. he’d observe how they’re similar and try to find an aspect that they weren’t similar to, which he would fail to do. In the end, Xiumin would end up being a bit shy towards his date/partner in the begin because of the awkward resemblance in personalities and traits that they had but he’d open up and accept the coincidence sooner or later*


Luhan: *Luhan is competitive so dating someone who could give him a run for his money in sports, at work, and even in personality and traits would be very pleasing for this man. Dating someone who is also mistaken for a younger age because of their baby face would also leave Luhan with a bit more ease in his mind since he’d no longer be the only one to suffer through such a thing. . What would shock Luhan the most about dating someone exactly like him is that they’d be just as germophobic about letting someone sleep on their bed as he is (which could turn out to be quite a problem later in their relationship). Luhan would love to have someone exactly like him to date because then they could play sports together (he’d go easy at first until he found out that you’re a true serious player, like himself), then once you won against him the first time you play against him he’d make up the excuse that he’s getting old rather than telling you the truth about going easy on you because he thought he’d win otherwise (which could lead to some teasing from his date/partner)*

*Luhan would also enjoy being able to watch and cheer for his favorite sports teams on the tv with you when he had the time off of his busy schedule*  


Kris: *Kris may seem like a stern, cold-hearted, overly confident person but really he’s just a giant dorky, seemingly easy going, hardworking guy who likes to take time to spend with his family and friends and occasionally just chill when he has the chance so that he doesn’t overwork himself . Wu would love to be around someone who could understand him, he’d take them to the fashion and movie premieres that he’s invited to and always have a smile on his face when they’re near by and he’d even try to get you special passes so that you could go behind the scenes and watch his acting when he’s filming for a movie*

Kris: “that’s a nice outfit you got on y/n. You seem like you’ve gone down the premiere carpets before.*

*Wu would also like to have a date/partner who could help him improve his fashion and artist skills , he’s greatly enjoy watching as they painted a masterpiece before his very eyes then he’d attempt to do the same… slowly improving the more he observed and practiced with his date/partner*


Suho: *Suho simply wouldn’t be able to imagine that dating someone exactly like him was a reality, every day he’d wake up to the surprise of his date/partner calling or texting him to make sure that he was on time for his practices, was doing well and staying healthy.. all around just keeping check on him every chance they got and making sure that he knew that he was loved by them to the moon and back, he also wouldn’t be able to believe that his date/partner could spoil him as he did to them and to others*


Lay: *Such a couple would truly win the “best couple to ever exist” award if Yixing were ever to date someone exactly like him. Yixing is dedicated, hardworking, influential, caring, patient, he can cook, is selfless, he’s good with children (he’s good with people in general), he can be funny and playful from time to time, play instruments, intelligent (despite what most people think) there simply isn’t a single bad bone in this man’s body. If such a person were to exist that could match even half of Yixing’s traits then that would be quite astonishing and if they were ever to pair up together they would certainly accomplish many things as a couple: helping each other and others by changing and inspiring the world for the better with every chance they got. This couple would truly love each other with all of their hearts and everyone who could witness their love for each other would be inspired to love, work, and help out as much as they did*


Baekhyun: *Baekhyun’s case will be similar to Chanyeols except instead of playing instruments he’d teach his date/partner to sing and they’d spend more time joking around and being dramatic rather than going on adventures* 

Baekhyun: “to start off, let’s sing an easy song that everyone knows” (GG’s I got a boy starts playing)

————————————————————————————————————–Chen: *Dating someone who is exactly like himself would mean that Chen would have even more fun with trolling his friends and band members because he’d have someone to help him come up with great ideas and on how to troll someone and they’d also help him set up the plan, which is always a great thing for Chen. Chen loves to joke around so if his date/partner was similar they’d spend a lot of their time* 

Y/N: “hey Chen wanna help me fill these vanilla pudding cups with mayonnaise and watch your band members eat it?” 

Chen: “that’s a whole new level of trolling y/n. it’s so evil, I love it. Let’s do it!”

*Chen loves to joke around so if his date/partner was similar they’d also spend a lot of their time trolling and joking around with each other*

Chen: “Y/N, I can’t believe you poured glue in to my conditioner bottle! Why would you do this to me?! now my hair is all sticky from the glue that didn’t get washed out”

Y/N: “hey, if you can’t get it out then at least you’ll have a good excuse to shave your head and look like Kris”

Chen: (thinks of Kris’ shaved head) “but I don’t want to save my head! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


Chanyeol: *Chanyeol isn’t part of the beagle line in EXO for no reason: he’s a very outgoing, loud person who is also easily excited over things and is adventurous so he’d need to date someone who is just as energetic and fun loving as he is to keep up with him and keep him entertained. Dating someone exactly like himself would excite Chanyeol because he’d be able to take them along on adventures with him and have conversations with them that he’d normal be afraid to do with others since he wouldn’t have to worry about them being disinterested or burdened by such things.*

*dating someone similar to himself would also make Chanyeol happy because he’d be able to teach them to play instruments, or play along with them if they already knew how, and he’d always be happy to know that his partner would be interested and excited in hearing his newest composition immediately whenever he made one*


Kyungsoo: *Kyungsoo is extremely misunderstood so he would love to date someone like him since that person would be able to understand him. Everyone sees Kyungsoo for being a hard worker (which he is) but they also label him as an evil,Satan like person who wants to harm some of his band members (cough cough… beagle line) and wants to take over the world and, although he knows that it’s mainly just seen as a joke it still makes him uncomfortable to know that people joke about him that way. Kyungsoo is very protective, caring, shy shy shy, hardworking, and is easily embarrassed (although he can somewhat hide it at times) and knowing that someone would be able to notice that about him because they’re the same way would make him more than happy about life. An extra plus to dating someone similar to himself would be that if his partner was good at cooking like he was and was a very hard worker he’d make sure to let them know how proud he is to have them around and he’d know that he’d get the same in return and they’d send lots of time cooking in the kitchen together, whether Kyungsoo is teaching them or whether they’re good at cooking already like him* 

*Kyungsoo and his date/partner would also spend a lot of time talking about the things they admire and complimenting each other and, even though it’d embarrass him afterwards, the conversation would lead to him telling them how he admires them*

Kyungsoo: “it’s hard for others to understand people like us and I’m thankful that you don’t just see me as someone’s who’s “satanic.” You’re also a really great cook and the time and effort that you put up to deal with everything is amazing.”


Tao: *Tao is a really just a small kid trapped in an adults body: he wants to have fun, is easily upset/hurt, likes being comforted and hanging out with friends. Dating someone who’s exactly like him would be interesting: if both of them were upset at the same time it’d be a hassle to figure out who’s going to comfort who first and how and when they go out to hang with their friends and party they’re really going to PARTY and have the time of their lives.*


Kai: *talented, cute (and sexy), LOVES dogs, naturally shy, hardworking, kid magnet, and caring— if Jongin found someone with the same personalities and interests as him he’d make sure to keep them by his side and he’d do everything to make sure that they knew that he knew he was special to have them (and likewise)* 

Kai: (talking to his dogs)  “they’re absolutely perfect: they’re willing to go on long walks with us and they understand that I’m busy with schedules and tours so they said they’d take care of you while I’m at work and they work hard and they make sure that we’re always OK… I couldn’t possibly find anyone better to date in the world”


Sehun: *sass with sass can go either two ways: Sehun and his date/partner will either end up being the best of “friends” who will team up to out-sass anyone and everyone in existence (even though Mr. Oh can do that all on his own without much effort anyway)*


 *they’ll be constantly at “sass war” sassing each other to the point of breakup because of the overload of incompatible sass* 

Sehun: (to his partner) “oh look at me, the person who has plenty of time in their day to do the dishes but doesn’t because they’re too busy watching crybaby k-dramas”

Y/N: (to Sehun) “oh look at me, Mr. dirty dishes monster who expects others to do everything for him including washing HIS dirty dishes just because he’s a special maknae idol”

Sehun: “oh look at me ________”

Y/N: “oh look at me __________”