at least by the way society looks at it

Sexism (Music Industry)

Boy bands: *talent’s fine; with at least one good looking member; songs are okay; dresses anything the way they want*

Girl groups: *sweet and pretty girls; extremely talented, down-to-earth, and family oriented; multi-platinum recording artists; works their asses off; spends most of their time on tour buses; performs live in front of thousands of people with period cramps, difficult dance routines, and 5-inch heels*

You know what? Society is fucked up in so many ways and I’m gonna tell you what one fucked up thing is cause it is pissing me off.

Society wants females to hate themselves, or at least turn down compliments and pretend to be self conscious or whatever.

It is so fucked up that MY OWN MOTHER told me that it is pretty shitty that I’m confident. That me saying “damn I look really pretty today” is over confident. Literally paying myself a compliment isn’t just confident, but overly confident, big headed, cocky or whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

I fucking despised myself 6 months ago. I thought I looked disgusting. I am so glad to see myself positively and am I fuck gonna be told that it’s off putting.

If me saying I’m pretty is over confident then what is just plain confidence? Me saying “meh, I could be prettier”? Is that what y'all want? Nah, I’m not buying into that bullshit.

If you think your eyebrows are looking hella fly then you tell yourself and others. If you think your ass looks plump as hell then good for you, go walk down the street as if it’s a fucking catwalk and you’ve got Tyra Banks watching you and cheering you on.

If you don’t like your appearance then don’t worry, you’ll eventually grow to yourself and when you do, you’ll rock it. If someone pays you a compliment don’t deny it or say “you’re just trying to be nice”, accept it, just do it.

Don’t let those bitches at school that give you dirty looks, or hate you cause you lack in insecurities bring you down. If anything, try to befriend them or like their photos, or comment telling them that they look awesome because passing the positivity around is cool (do the youth say that anymore idek). Just don’t be a bitch back because society wants that, try and raise up their confidence and get them to take a compliment. Us gals need to stick together and break the stereotype that girls should think they’re ugly.

Peace out motherfuckers ✌️

Limits of Time


It was terribly difficult to blend in with other… well, humans. Could he really even be categorized as the same species as them? There had been a fear that humanity had diverged so significantly since the cataclysm 1000 years ago that his own society couldn’t give an accurate analysis of the past even if they had full access to it. It was more then just lacking the contextual information, but the development of a whole new way of thinking. Everything here felt so foreign it was unsettling. As well as making Satoru stick out. Knowledge of the past was common place for these people while it had been a privilege for him, as well as a terrible weapon for others. 

At least there was easy access to what he was looking for. A sort of small museum tucked in the corners of a winding alleyway. Something like a refuge for those with a pang of nostalgia. Not exactly the type of scientific exhibits he was looking for, but the little miniatures and dioramas on display were at least a start on learning about the past, even if there was a lot of initial confusion. At least he wasn’t the only one there. 

“Sorry to bother you, but are you more familiar with these events? This display isn’t doing a good job of explaining the historical context.”


met my maker in the mcdonalds parking lot
lying dying and ignored by the passerby
i coat the wound in their scraps
offering my greased up wounds to bystanders
to lick and lap at and satiate their hunger
fucking seize me please im at my end
keep me for a reason let me know im
looking into everyone’s eyes with a purpose

the blood is burning against the hot gravel
iron aroma high in the air
dried black low on the ground
employees stepped on my gurgling throat
on the way to their car, least to blame
not paid enough for empathy
with the high-rolling customers
paid too much for not having empathy
fell victim to an earth poisoned
and society apathetic

‘myself at my most isolated dreams
of a gutter home
an existential suicide to my being
as a social creature’

Weird thoughts

The other day I was thinking “Why is money a thing? We should just have something to represent that we contributed to society in some way and trade some of it in for our needs and wants. The greater the contribution, the greater the number and this would motivate people to do better in society” and I realized that that’s literally what money is… the only thing is that instead of pursuing greater deeds to gain more numbers, we pursue to gain more numbers for the least possible effort. Instead of giving more credit to skillful deeds that demand years of practice, we demean them and bargain to give less credit to them because people make it look easy. We hoard these numbers and some have so much of it that they don’t really need or even use because they might need to some day.

Idk. Just weird thoughts.

Really? Really. No ... really?

True story: 

Scene: me at the imaging center for my 3-moth CT scan (I also have cancer) - getting an IV put in by the tech - we’re discussing needles and blood draws:

me: Yeah… I’ve been diabetic for 35 years now, since I was 3, so I guess I’m kinda used to the needles.

tech: Well, at least it’s not AIDS. At least it’s manageable.

Here’s the thing.  I’m never looking for sympathy - that’s not my thing, does me no good, don’t want it.   But for the love of whatever god(s) you believe in - STOP MINIMIZING DIABETES.   It’s lethal, it’s progressive (not in a society is evolving kind of way either , but in a it gets worse and worse the longer you have it kind of way)…. it’s a lot of things.  Easy isn’t one of them.    Insignificant isn’t one of them.   SELF-INFLICTED ISN’T ONE OF THEM.     

I know I’ll never get this message out there.  But to those reading (because I know you’re all diabetics or love a diabetic … let’s be honest, we’re the only ones who care)  - I have mad respect for all of you (all of US).   We are all warriors.   When people say to me “God only gives you what he knows you can handle….” I think to myself, that’s a comforting notion, but honestly it’s more like - you adapt and learn to deal with it … or die.   So - take credit for that shit. You’re a badass, and I salute you. 


At one fell swoop we now had a whole empireful of Christians; as finally in a position to do some real good for humanity and bring in the truly just society. Talk about revolution! The church praised God from whom all blessings flow … and the empire snickered all the way to the bank. His empire had found the Lord and become “Christian” without having to make any changes at all; Christianity had done all the changing. Indeed, the conversion would probably qualify as “forensic justification”: all it took was a word from God (or at least his official representatives) and we now had “The HOLY Roman Empire.” Pretty neat, wouldn’t you say?

But just look at what actually happened in this Christian revolutionizing of the empire. The church became the Biggest Arky of All, graciously taking unto itself every evil the empire had ever represented. It sacrificed all understanding and appreciation of its God-given anarchy in its zeal to make the world good and do good for it. It lost the beautiful anarchy of its house-churches of human beings to build cathedrals of politicians. (Remember that cathedral means throne of a bishop.“) It lost the anarchical refusal of military service to mount armies bearing the banner of the cross and in this sign conquering. It lost its anarchical Jesus whose kingdom was not of this world to paint for itself an icon that needed a label before you could tell whether it was a picture of Christ or the Emperor (a sad, sad confusion). It lost its "holiness” in bestowing that title upon the empire instead. The trading of anarchy for Christian arky was the deflowering of the church.

So, my great fear about today’s Christian revolution, out to transform and save the world for God, is not that it might fail but that it might succeed. As for me and my house, give me anarchy or give me the last laugh–which may come to the same thing.

—  Vernard Eller

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X-Men Cinematic Universe (does that have a better name?)

favorite male character: erik and i also like scott/ oh and peter maximoff
favorite female character: storm is pretty cool and mystique
least favorite character: idk tbh 
favorite ship: erik/charles
favorite friendship: erik/charles
favorite quote: “You want society to accept you, but you can’t even accept yourself.”
worst character death (if any): scott or is that not canon anymore idk lol
this made me so happy you have no idea moment: the last two films are so good. much better than the older films.
saddest moment: when hank turned into beast. he was trying to get rid of the way his feet looked but it backfired on him. that was a sad moment.
favorite location: the school  

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have you observed that the male form seems most often objectified in art by gay male artists? and not nearly as often by female artists? if this has been true in your experience then why do you think it happens that way? & i don't think the "men are visual creatures" thing is true (at least not more "visual" than women are, whatever that even means) like idk im not even straight but i wish the hetero-objectification thing were at least balanced, like more women photographing men's asses

for men, being vulgar and direct is socially acceptable; it’s expected. it’ll be considered art. the subject looking away from camera will be ‘mysterious’ not a preference for them because they don’t want to feel weird when they are enjoying their voyeurness. they own their sexuality, society tells them to experience it however the fuck they want as long as it is straight and it will be normal, cherished even. they can slap muted effects on any wankable photo and some other old white men will praise its ‘artisticness’. they think female is their property, lands they rule upon.

i disagree with you on the last sentence though. i’d much rather have women photographing other women or themselves than male butts. that way, female artists can help making their bodies their own again in public’s eye

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1:43am and I'm thinking about if I'll ever get my first kiss or even a boyfriend. I'm a senior in high school and it's embarrassing that i haven't even kissed anyone. I'm feeling very self conscious about me and my features like the gap in the two front teeth that's unfixable. I just want to look some way that will make me happy and I'm really scared that I'll never accept it.

Aw flower, that’s not embarrassing at all! Don’t be in a rush to have your first kiss, and don’t feel like you need to to fit into society. Wait until you fall in love, and it’ll be so special. And you will fall in love one day, when the right person comes along. Usually it happens when you least expect it though, so don’t spend all your time worrying about it! You’re so young and there’s so much more to life than having a boyfriend. Take this alone time to discover yourself more! Go out and experience and enjoy the world. You have time! And about the gap in your teeth: that’s not something to be upset about! The world may make you feel like that’s unattractive but it definitely isn’t. A lot of people actually really love that, and I feel it makes you look so unique and beautiful. It’s something that makes you stand out from the crowd, just like a cool tattoo. Fall in love with yourself, bumblebee❤️

Something that I think is really interesting about this episode, is that the beings who reside under Unity have a race war going on, about the shape of their nipples.  If you look at this reference to the show Community, these people exist in real life, and are of different races, at least in the way our society defines it.  The lady on the left, and the man in the back are purpleish, but in real life, they are African American.  So obviously a lot of care went into recreating these people in the show, meaning I think Justin and Dan did this on purpose.  Maybe to make fun of how “races” are “separated” by completely by completely trivial things, like the color of our skin, or by the shape of our nipples.  Or not.  Who knows.

Poetry (for those who at times let there insecurities take control)

It’s not like I look like those girls from those photos.. You know? The ones that turn you on? But I thought at the very least that I was the one. The one who you found sexy, the one to make you think of beauty. Maybe not in that ideal classic way that today’s society has made us to believe, but a weird version of beauty that’s somehow unique. I guess not, I guess I’m just the girl who’s here, the one that sticks around, because she’s in love and doesn’t want anyone else. I always thought myself to be beautiful, not gorgeous or what men would consider a bombshell, but at least beautiful.
But I’m not those girls, the ones you post and read about in maximum magazine, and help get your rocks off while you watch tv. I’m just me… And for you maybe me doesn’t mean beauty

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✫ 11 Barista AU? :D

Fuck that, I’m going to write an X-Files AU :D

“Hey Amelia, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?” Roderich asked, he expected at least a grin from not only climbing up a ridiculous tree, but also topping it off with a fantastic one-liner. He raised an eyebrow that she couldn’t see in the dark and heard a small snort that was one part amusement and two parts derision. 

He’d take what he could get. 

The blonde pathologist looked at him from the window, she, like most of polite society decided that stairs were definitely the way to go. “Roderich, try and stay somewhat focused, also get down from that branch before you die. I just finished one autopsy, I’m not doing two.”

//super short I am sorry 

I know that a lot of people in this fandom are close-minded. (I mean just look at all the recent drama) And yeah I get it it’s a cishet game it’s normal

But is there anyone out there that has like the hugest crush on Rosa or at least ships their candy with her or idk any other mcl girl.

Also am I the only one that headcanons Lys as nonbinary because fuck society rules you know. It’s just the way I see it, but for someone that wears Victorian fashion as an everyday clothing is not much of a stretch. People are just people you know. 

A Rather Unfortunate Event

The 9-year-old version of me was actually not unlike my current self, especially in the aspect of self-presentation and non-conformance to societal expectations. It may seem like a peculiar idea for a third grader to be contemplating on, but this specific year of my existence was when I began to question the informal norms which society associates with my gender. Upon regularly hearing sentiments about my apparently inappropriate behavior from family members such as “Don’t do that, it’s not ladylike”, “You’re a girl, you’re not allowed to do that”, and my least favorite, “The way you dress concerns me, why can’t you just look like a normal girl?”, I often pondered about what exactly made a girl look and act like a so-called “normal girl” and why it had to be that way. There was one experience, however, which could be considered my tipping point in challenging this overly traditional mentality.

On the third year of grade school, our creative writing program held a year-end presentation showcasing the written works of its young members to a number of spectators (although they would consist mainly of our own parents and teachers, an audience was still an audience; and therefore something to be excited about). Being the aspiring writer that I was at the time, my feelings of enthusiasm for the event were impossible to conceal. With each passing day, my exhilaration only increased – that is, until our head teacher informed us of the required attire. This event was a formal one, therefore deeming it mandatory for all students to wear dresses. The whole event was ruined for me, as I was never comfortable in such clothing; and this particular attire invoked unpleasant memories of my parents pressuring me to put on certain clothing which I found to be genuinely uncomfortable, whilst claiming that it was simply fitting for a girl to appear in a conventionally feminine way.

The whole event was generally ruined for me; simply because of the required dress code. Instead of this presentation being something I was originally looking forward to, it turned into a day I dreadfully feared. I examined my options and did everything I could to avert this case, but my parents persisted (they probably foresaw the chance to see me dressed as a “proper lady”, as they would label it, and took advantage of the situation) and urged me to follow through. All my petty excuses and attempts at reasoning out were to no avail – I had no choice but to conform to their expectations.

The day of the presentation eventually came, and I was obviously not looking forward to it. As demanded, I put on the dress chosen for me by my parents, and proceeded to the event. Throughout the creative writing exhibition, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, consciously tugged at my dress while reciting my piece – but nevertheless, survived it all.

Fast forward 7 years later – I remain indifferent to the gender norms associated with choice of clothing established by the immediate society. Years of my persistence and stubbornness when faced with unfavorable (in my opinion, at least) clothing have led my parents to gradually accept my individuality as a whole. Dress codes no longer frighten me; I simply attend certain events sporting any type of attire I myself find appropriate, yet comfortable for the function or theme of the gathering. To this day, no one has ever informed me that my appearance alone had hindered the enjoyment of others, or disrupted the flow of a program; which I find satisfactory, because no person can ever tell another how exactly he/she should present himself/herself, as solely based on gender.

- powly


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There actually ARE women like that though, who hate men seeing their 'real face'? Like, not overly reliable statistics, but our newspaper did a vote, and something like 15% of site-using-women responded that they'd break-up with a guy if he saw them without make-up. Like I say, not overly reliable statistic, but at least SOME women do feel that way, and the advert might be aiming specifically at that sub-set if they have more reliable statistics.

um no society is just fucking sexist and constantly shaming women for not being as “attractive” as the fake females displayed in media. God forbid a girl wakes up and looks anything less than perfect. this commercial is telling females that their natural beauty is shameful and that we should feel the need to hide our own bare faces from our partners, who by the way should not even care about what we look like. take your dirty misogynistic female shaming ass elsewhere ✋

Shock horror: Fassbender in Assassin's Creed will look like Fassbender in Assassin's Creed

A new poster for next year’s Assassin’s Creed movie has just been “revealed”, giving us our first glimpse of Michael Fassbender in the iconic getup. Well, a CG version at least - there’s no way this is actually him in costume, right?

What we’re most likely looking at here is a photoshop that tells us little beyond that - yup - that’s Fassy in the AC outfit, and he’s going to be doing some assassinating.

The movie is out next December and will see Fassbender playing the role of Callum Lynch (a character that has been created just for the movie) who discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society and then starts reliving the adventures of his ancestor Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.

The film will be set in the same world as the games, so perhaps we can expect to see some more familiar faces. Faces that look a little less digitally enhanced, we hope.

Also, here’s the face of TechRadar’s John McCann on the same poster. We did this one in about three seconds. If any studios are interested, he’s available for screen tests.

Written by Hugh Langley from TechRadar on August 27, 2015 at 11:58AM
Shock horror: Fassbender in Assassin's Creed will look like Fassbender in Assassin's Creed

A new poster for next year’s Assassin’s Creed movie has just been “revealed”, giving us our first glimpse of Michael Fassbender in the iconic getup. Well, a CG version at least - there’s no way this is actually him in costume, right?

What we’re most likely looking at here is a photoshop that tells us little beyond that - yup - that’s Fassy in the AC outfit, and he’s going to be doing some assassinating.

The movie is out next December and will see Fassbender playing the role of Callum Lynch (a character that has been created just for the movie) who discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society and then starts reliving the adventures of his ancestor Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.

The film will be set in the same world as the games, so perhaps we can expect to see some more familiar faces. Faces that look a little less digitally enhanced, we hope.

Also, here’s the face of TechRadar’s John McCann on the same poster. We did this one in about three seconds. If any studios are interested, he’s available for screen tests.

%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3E%3Ca%20href=“>…read more
We Aren’t the World
Joe Henrich and his colleagues are shaking the foundations of psychology and economics—and hoping to change the way social scientists think about human behavior and culture.
By Ethan Watters

“More recently psychologists had challenged the universality of research done in the 1950s by pioneering social psychologist Solomon Asch. Asch had discovered that test subjects were often willing to make incorrect judgments on simple perception tests to conform with group pressure. When the test was performed across 17 societies, however, it turned out that group pressure had a range of influence. Americans were again at the far end of the scale, in this case showing the least tendency to conform to group belief.

As Heine, Norenzayan, and Henrich furthered their search, they began to find research suggesting wide cultural differences almost everywhere they looked: in spatial reasoning, the way we infer the motivations of others, categorization, moral reasoning, the boundaries between the self and others, and other arenas. These differences, they believed, were not genetic. The distinct ways Americans and Machiguengans played the ultimatum game, for instance, wasn’t because they had differently evolved brains. Rather, Americans, without fully realizing it, were manifesting a psychological tendency shared with people in other industrialized countries that had been refined and handed down through thousands of generations in ever more complex market economies. When people are constantly doing business with strangers, it helps when they have the desire to go out of their way (with a lawsuit, a call to the Better Business Bureau, or a bad Yelp review) when they feel cheated. Because Machiguengan culture had a different history, their gut feeling about what was fair was distinctly their own. In the small-scale societies with a strong culture of gift-giving, yet another conception of fairness prevailed. There, generous financial offers were turned down because people’s minds had been shaped by a cultural norm that taught them that the acceptance of generous gifts brought burdensome obligations. Our economies hadn’t been shaped by our sense of fairness; it was the other way around.”