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Wanna Be Yours, 5/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.)

A/N: The response to the last update was so amazing! Thank you so, so, so much! And quickly, there are two songs that were sent my way that are so Wanna Be Yours that it physically pains me. Four Leaf Clover by Christian Hudson via @ellefraser17 gave me a meltdown on Twitter, and Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur via @onlyhere4olicity had me flailing on the couch this morning. Go listen!

My eternal gratitude to my amazing beta Margaret. She’s the actual best. The actual best.

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Wanna Be Yours, Part 5

It took all of Oliver’s willpower to leave her. How could he not pause to drink her in? The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was naked in his bed save for his shirt still hanging off her shoulders, looking up at him with the softest smile. Every bit of him had itched to reach out for her, to take even just one more minute.

Rolling out of bed had been hard enough - literally hard enough. It was a damn miracle he didn’t bust through his briefs, especially when he had to watch her sit up on his bed like it was the most natural thing in the world, like they hadn’t just decided this was a thing a short second ago.

She must have been able to read his mind because her mouth parted, her eyes darkening as she looked up at him. God, her eyes… He could look into them for days, swim in their beauty, drown in the fact that now when she looked at him, he saw the same desire he felt for her.

His head was spinning.

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Namjoon Scenario: Sleepless Night.

Request: Can you do a fluffy scenario with namjoon and the reader dating and namjoon is halfway across the world for a concert when he gets a call from the reader bc they had a really bad nightmare and just wanted to hear his voice?

Genre: Fluff.

-Could do a close up of that?-

You gasped faking outrage and if Namjoon had been in the same room you would have slapped his shoulder right then. -Kim Namjoon-

He laughed in response. -You can’t blame me if you wear that top Y/N-

You rearranged the angle of your camera to focus your body a little bit more. -Do you like it?-

Namjoon nodded. -Where are you going today?-

-I’m going to meet someone- you said with an insinuating tone that made Namjoon open and close his mouth and then laugh shaking his head reproving of what you said.

-No way, you can’t meet other guys Y/N, even less looking so…-

You put the camera closer to your face and arched a brow. -So…?-

-So damn hot- he answered licking his lips. -What are you doing? If you are really going to…-

-Namjoon!- you interrupted him laughing. -I’m not meeting anyone, I will just go run some errands and then meet up with my cousin to catch up-

Namjoon exhaled relieved. -That’s good, good girl-

You pouted. -There’s only one person I want to meet though-

-Soon baby, we just have a few cities left and then I’ll be back-

You sighed but nodded understanding, as of right now this was part of your daily routine, or at least  you tried to video call each other at least once a day. Managing the distance and the crazy schedules Namjoon had was something difficult and for you it had taken time to adjust, but it was all worth it for him, because you’ve never felt the connection you had with this man with anyone else, not even close.

-I can’t wait, I want us to do so many things, I know you still have concerts left here in Seoul but I just want to have you at least one day all to myself, like, just us and no one else-

Namjoon put a hand over his face as he smiled. -Don’t tell me that Y/N, then how I’ll be able to do things now? I can’t stop thinking about you-

-Well good- you said and both of you laughed. 

-It will be worth it, all this waiting just makes us stronger, when we meet you’ll see, it will be the best feeling ever-

At that your smile changed, if before you were doing it for the fun of the moment and your playful comments now it was filled with love, with adoration, he always knew what to say, Namjoon always knew which words to use to ease you, he was avery reflective guy and always thought about the consequences and the reasons of things, him saying that meant he had thought about this situation over and over and had ended up with that conclusion, and the fact that he was being positive for you made it all better, you needed that positiveness more often than not -I hope so babe-

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Ship: Wolfstar
Warnings: Angst

One week out

Sirius opened his eyes and sighed at the warmth he was feeling around him. After many years in Azkaban he was so thirsty for what he didn’t get in the prison. He turned around on the pillow and found himself facing Remus who was looking at him with soft eyes that were doubting. Doubting that Sirius was here. After one week he still couldn’t believe the black haired man was lying next to him. He reached out his hand to touch his cheek. Sirius pushed his cheek into Remus’ touch. “Good morning…”, he said and moved a bit closer. It had been a long night because of his nightmares but Remus had comforted him. As soon he had felt his arms around him he could relax. “Good morning. Are you okay?”, Remus asked softly while bending to Sirius to kiss his forehead. “You slept better than the last nights.” Sirius wasn’t really sure if he was okay. But he felt much better since he was here. Of course he did but there still was the feeling that everything was too much. Living in the dark and cold prison listening to the talking and the screams of the inmates day and night made him feel weird now he was having all the comfort and freedom. It would need a long time until he would be able to really feel at home again. But Remus was already giving his best to make him feel good. When Sirius himself was raising his hand to touch Remus as well he felt a sudden weight around his wrist, making him flinch. He grabbed his wrist and sat up. He could still feel the heavy chains around it. His breath fastened for a second before he felt Remus’ arms wrapped around his body and calmed down again. “Thank you…”, he whispered and gave him a tentative smile.
Sirius still couldn’t believe he was finally here. Every second he thought he’d wake up thinking it was just a dream. But it just felt too real to be a dream. Remus close too him felt too good. And he had the smell of forest, tea and chocolate all around him. Whenever he could smell it he instantly felt better.
Slowly Remus pulled back his arms and got out of the bed. “I will make us some hot chocolate. It’ll make you feel better”, he said with a soft smile and left the room making Sirius staying back. The first five days he had been following Remus scared of being left alone. But he now understood he’d come back though he still felt uncomfortable. He pulled the blanket higher while digging his fingers into it. Soon after Remus came back and when Sirius was drinking the hot chocolate he was indeed feeling better.

One month out

While the days were going by Sirius finally could relax when being at home alone. At least during the day while he needed Remus in the night. He couldn’t be without him. The darkness scared him too much. During the full moon he stayed with Remus as well, taking care of him after the transformation as well. He was still used to it after doing that at school. He also didn’t feel that useless anymore. Though the feeling vanished soon after again.
Remus couldn’t leave whenever he wanted because of Sirius’ anxieties of being alone especially when it was dark outside. Sirius wasn’t happy about that. He didn’t want to tie Remus down and though he said it was okay Sirius knew it wasn’t. Not at all. Sometimes it made him aggressive and he started throwing things around. But at least he forgot to be afraid during this times.
As the months went by even that got better and he was okay with being alone in the evening and on better days also during the night. Of course it was always better when Remus was with him and he was having nightmares whenever he was alone. Over all he still felt better compared to some weeks before.
Remus was glad seeing Sirius’ condition getting better. But he still was worried. Sometimes when Sirius reached out for him he cringed, pressing his hands to his body because of no particular reason. Whenever he asked Sirius answered he felt like he would still be wearing the chains and sometimes he just felt a sudden weight around his wrists.
Remus didn’t question it and Sirius was glad he didn’t. He wouldn’t want to talk about it anyway.

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Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 6.5

Series name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Always on My Mind

Pairing: Danny x Reader, Markiplier x Reader

Word Count: 1,187

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 | (6.5) | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: Angst ahead, because I love y’all that much. I actually plotted out the next few chapters, so you’ll see at least two chapters in the next two weeks! This is a very quiet introspective chapter. 

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If you claimed that no one had ever ghosted you before, you would have been lying. It would be honest to say that it had never hurt quite this much.

You missed Danny in a slow, aching way, even just as a friend. You had no one to text during the day when you had random bit of a song stuck in your head that wasn’t quite enough to google. You couldn’t just dump your excess pasta on your neighbors when you made far too much for human consumption. You couldn’t look at a few of your favorite cheeses because they reminded you of that kiss. Of that date. Of that blissful day that seemed so fucking far away.

You were aware that you had fucked up.

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Cute Headcanon: Jacob will attempt to latch onto his early rising s/o and try and drag them back to bed or at least go deadweight so they can't escape. Works best on cold winter days. Not so much in the summer when it's too warm for so much contact.

{Oh, dearest—he probably sleeps nude on warm/hot days. ;) Don’t think it would be a problem still grabbing them, but they might have to get used to something poking them through the night and morning. xD}

He was a light sleeper since the moment he took to the field and gained enemies. Assassins always worried of whoever might come to kill them in their sleep. When Jacob felt the mattress move from where he was resting there on the bed, he opened one eye to watch as his lover took to her feet to escape into the early morning routine of waking up.

Moving quickly, Jacob grabbed at her wrist and pulled her back down on the covers allowing for a rather brief and loud yelp of surprise at his sneak attack to surface from his lover’s lips. Her hair sprawled about on the covers as she looked at him wide-eyed and a bit startled, a casual yet playful grin crept across his lips.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he breathed intently, planting a loving kiss upon her forehead.

“It’s early, Jacob,” she reminded him, struggling against his grasp. “I cannot handle being in bed for far longer than this.” Honestly, it wasn’t a bother, but she did feel she could get things done if she got up early enough.

Jacob’s weight moved, pressing upon her in a tender manner to keep her in place and there in the bed with him, his hands roaming the length of her arms before taking her palm into his. “Just a few minutes longer,” he urged, nose brushing against hers in a loving way, his eyes closed to take in the warmth and feel of her close to him yet again. “The bed gets quite lonely and cold without you in it.”

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What are all the weird/ embarrasing/ cute things that even saw isak doing in the two months before the bathroom scene?

okay this shit is actually my jam. even thirsting after isak from afar is good shit:

  • isak makes the weirdest faces when he’s trying to open his locker like a mix between “i want this locker to burn in a fiery pit” and “this is karmic revenge for not reading that one biology chapter isn’t it.” like that boy has a harder time trying to get his locker to open up than bella did with edward at the beginning of the twilight series (ok, even’s only seen the first two, and he was trying to tap into a teenage phenomenon - you can’t blame him). even almost goes over there at least ten times to offer his big muscles to help. seriously, the time when he just taps on isak’s locker and it swings open is just pure luck, and he pats himself on the back about it for at least an hour afterwards.
  • “have you heard the rumors about my rapping??” oh boy even’s totally seen it on instagram, but it’s nothing compared to hearing him rap in person. he’s just casually passing behind isak’s table in the cafeteria (trying to get this boy to look at him but he’s oblivious), when jonas is like “dude u rap like a white boy” and isak’s like WATCH ME and tries to do fuck tha police and even….will never listen to that song without cracking up again
  • actually isak seems to be purely motivated by people telling him he can’t do things?? even sometimes sees one of isak’s friends make a comment only for isak to get this really offended look in his eye and do the thing anyway. so far, even’s seen him try to climb the walls of nissen spider-man style, plank on the bike rack (he falls within 3 seconds), and pouring at least half a bottle of hot sauce on his cheese sandwich (he runs to the bathroom pretty quickly after that).  
  • one day isak comes to school still drunk from the night before that he accidentally knocks over his orange juice onto his biology notebook, and even hears him mutter “huh….capillary action”
  • speaking of studying, this guy who acts too cool for school with his snapbacks and hip friends (except for like magnus but he’s hip by osmosis) actually studies quite a bit. the first time even sees isak cracking open a schoolbook at lunch, he assumes that isak’s cramming for a test, but he has no idea that isak actually genuinely likes learning until he sees a book about multiverse theory poking out of his backpack. even had been intrigued before, but this is when it starts becoming an actual crush. because there’s more to him than the cute boy who can’t rap?? and even wants to learn so much more about him, wants isak to tell even every detail about his life and his interests with those wide eyes that even is already having a hard time looking away from.

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Zhang Yixing killed me with Lose Control and I’m loving every bit of it. Continue your work Satan, take my soul if you have to.

Meanwhile, enjoy this super fluffy-cringe-y fanfiction of Yixing :)

Yixing smiled as he smelled your shampoo scent. He was lying down beside you, he just got home from work and he’s super tired. He fell asleep immediately with his arms around you, your back towards him.

And that’s exactly when your nightmares started.

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Dipford - Dipper and Ford have to share a bed for some reason, and Dipper wakes up to find that he is trapped in Ford's embrace, and doesn't want to move bc es too embarrassed and it might wake him up.

First, I want to say that I absolutely adore this prompt because I love accidental/dub-con cuddling.
And second, this was beta’d by the awesome incesstancy!

Dipper was bouncing on his feet as he packed, super-excited for the monster hunt Grunkle Ford had planned. It had originally been much cooler, some big adventure to unearth a thing that Ford hypothesized lay dormant under Gravity Falls, but that had been nixed by Stan a week ago. After he and Mabel tag-team puppy pouted for four days Stan had finally decided to let them go, but only if Ford promised they wouldn’t go too deep into the forest and that they’d only go after harmless creatures. It wasn’t quite the adventure he’d been hoping for, but Dipper was just glad they’d be out of the shack and actually having fun. After almost a week and a half of slow days watching TV and helping Stan stock stuff in the shack, it was something. Plus, he’d get to spend time not only with The Author of The Journals, who he admired, but also with his Grunkle who he maybe had a huge, huge crush on.
There, he said it. As if his birthmark and squeaky voice and real name weren’t enough, he had to be even more awkward and get over Wendy by falling head over heels for a certain sixty-year old, six-fingered relative of his. He finished packing, brushed off Mabel’s question about the bright blush blooming on his cheeks, and rushed down stairs to put his pack near the door, waiting anxiously, not minding the fact that Mabel wasn’t ready, or that they had planned to leave after breakfast. He was ready, and this was going to be awesome.

But then the whole trip went to hell.

They’d thought they were stalking a small, cute animal, but had, inevitably ran into something big and with lots of teeth. They all made it out with just a few scrapes and bumps that would eventually become bruises, (most of which were from running through and into the trees as they were running away, terrified), but Mabel had been so angry at him and Ford for breaking the promise they’d made to Stan and for risking their lives, that she’d somehow moved her and Dipper’s tent into a tree and refused to let Dipper up.

And, since he was way too sore to bother climbing up, that’s how both Dipper and his sleeping bag ended up in Ford’s tent.
Dipper was red the entire whole time, his heart hammering in his ears as they shuffled around the… intimate space. It was gets even worse as when they both laid lay down.
Dipper tried, at first, to relax but he just couldn’t seem to. His heart a steady rhythm, his brain screaming ‘crush!’ every time he sneaked a glance over to his Great Uncle. He couldn’t even hide it. He had tried to wrap himself in his fluffy sleeping bag, but the nights were still really pretty hot, and Dipper’s face and body already felt like they were on fire. He opted to just sleep on top of the bag, taking a peek over to Ford and seeing him do the same.
They say goodnight to one another without any fanfare, both too tired and sore and, at least on Dipper’s part, too awkward to discuss the day.
Ford had turned, for some inane reason still in his turtleneck, despite the heat, to face the other side of the tent and Dipper’s heart calms a bit, his face cooling some, and he turns the opposite direction, trying hard to ignore how close he was to the object of his affection. Eventually, some long time after listening to his Grunkle’s slow even breathing, the soft snores that had at first made Dipper’s heart flutter and spark also managed to lull him to sleep.

Dipper wakes up hot, sweat trickling down his face and matting his hair to his forehead. Even in just a t-shirt and boxers he felt like he was beside a space heater. And that’s not the only thing he felt. Something was pressed against his back and wrapped around him. Something firm, and strong, and uncomfortably warm.
Something that was breathing

Dipper, already panicking and thinking about all the teeth the creature behind him could have, managed to look down as he struggled in the thing’s tight grip, and saw a pair of large hands wrapped around his middle, the wrists attached clothed in the sleeves of a red sweater.

Huh, who knew Grunkle Ford was a cuddler? Dipper certainly hadn’t and, as his butt accidentally rubbed against Ford’s crotch for a few fleeting yet scandalous moments it was pretty clear to him that if he had, he would have been sure to  spend the night outside. The fire in his face was back with a vengeance, and quickly spreading to the rest of his body.

Dipper groaned and tried to turn in Ford’s arms again, pointedly keeping his backside pulled away from the older man. He angles his head slightly, and breathes a sigh of relief when he finds that Stanford’s eyes are still closed, his soft, cute snoring audible now that Dipper wasn’t panicking. He laid there, watching Ford’s nose twitch, his slightly open mouth moving with his breath. Dipper’s still somewhat overactive brain zeroed into the movement, drawing the boy’s attention to his Great Uncle’s lips. His lips were soft looking, wet with a little drool and Dipper found he couldn’t stop staring at them. He bit his own lips in response, using all his strength to keep from finding out if they were as soft as they looked.
He could feel his blush heating up his face and turned his head back because he really didn’t need to be thinking about that right now, his whole body was on fire as it were, no thanks to Ford’s turtleneck, and he didn’t need to add to that with his less than pure thoughts.
No, what Dipper needed was an escape plan. Preferably before he drowns himself and his crush in his own sweat. Or, heaven forbid, Ford wakes up.

“Come on Dipper, think!” he muttered under his breath, trying whispers to entice his brain into turning on and getting him out of his… situation.

He took a few calming breaths and attempts to form a plan to get out of Ford’s grasp. He thinks about squirming free, and about how strong his great uncle’s arms were. He briefly thinks about just pretending to be asleep, but that makes him think about how hot it is, which makes me think about how hot Ford is and that made him think about Ford’s lips again and that just made him sweat more.
“Ugh, don’t think about that!” he scolds himself quietly, his face heating up even more.
He groaned again, this time at himself, and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the little snoring sounds that were right in his ear.
Dipper finally realizes that the only option he had was to wait until Ford moved in his sleep. After all - he had to move before he woke up, right? It was already way too hot and he couldn’t cuddle forever, could he?

Two hours later and Dipper was pretty sure Ford could win some ‘World’s Greatest Cuddler’ award.
The tent had gone up at least five degrees in temperature, and Dipper’s shirt and Ford’s turtleneck were drenched with sweat. Dipper felt like he was about to pass out. He finally succumbed to the heat, cautiously lifting his arms up and over his head, narrowly avoiding Ford’s large arms in the process. To his embarrassment, and if he were honest with himself also his delight, he had to squirm his way flush against Ford’s body, his butt pressing against Ford’s crotch once again. He tried to suppress the blush as he shimmied his shirt up over his arms, the wet and sticky cloth doing little to help him in his endeavour. Ford groaned and tightened his grip around Dipper’s midsection, and Dipper froze. He waited for Ford’s snoring to continue before yanking his shirt off in one hard pull. The air hitting his wet body instantly cooled him and he breathed in a large breath out of sheer relief.
However, the relief was short lived, when he found himself pinned to Ford’s body, the strong arms wrapped around him tighter than before, one hand splayed out on his lower chest, one tickling his bare tummy. Dipper wasn’t sure how well he’d thought that plan out. But, at least he wasn’t cooking in his own clothes anymore. He sighed and resigned himself to enjoying Ford’s embrace. It wasn’t like this would happen every day, after all.

Stanford stirred a bit, his eyes fluttering open and his grip around Dipper managing to tighten even more. Dipper made a noise, almost having forgot that Ford was what had him anchored in place. His Grunkle yawned behind him, breath tickling his hair, and tried to sit up, his arms still tightly clinging to Dipper.

Stanford jerked slightly when he felt himself restrained. ‘Assess the situation’, his mind told him and he calmed his heart rate steadily. He tested his eyes first. He blinked and blearily opened them, taking in his surroundings and looking for potential enemies.
In doing so he ended up noticing that he’d wrapped himself around his great nephew like a starfish clinging to a rock, or like one of those many tentacle monsters he’d met in his travels. He felt his face flush instantly and pulled his arms out from around the twelve year old.

“Ah, Dipper! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stutters and begins to puts as much space between them as possible in the little tent.
Ford could feel himself staring wide eyed at Dipper’s shirtless chest, the slight red impression of a large, six fingered handprint there from how long he’d been clinging to the boy. He wracked his brain, trying to remember if Dipper had gone to sleep shirtless or not.

“It’s- It’s okay, Grunkle Ford,” Dipper said in a rush, setting up and nearly tripping over his own feet. He grabs his shirt and wrestles it over his head, his birthmark showing briefly in the process. He stumbles halfway out of the tent, reaching to grab his hat only as an afterthought.
Ford is about to laugh at the boy’s awkward antics when he hears Dipper mutter “you’re a good cuddler,” under his breath as he darted back out of the tent.

Ford did laugh, but only nervously, more heat rising in his face as he whispers a heartfelt “thanks” to no one in particular, and sets about getting everything ready to go home, wondering when Dipper will realise he’d walked outside in only his shirt and boxers.

Fic Title: Camp Tobanga

Pairing: Pricefield

Rating: T

Chapter 1: Welcome to Camp Tobanga

Summary:  Max and her best friend Brooke grew up in Seattle and every summer Brooke has gone to Camp Tobanga near Arcadia Bay, Oregon. The summer before their senior year in high school, Brooke finally convinces Max to spend a summer there as a counselor. Once there, Max mostly hangs out with Brooke, until she’s paired with counselor Chloe Price to look after a group of campers.

Links: ao3,

The pricefield summer camp au is finally here! This is kind of a bad time to post it but I don’t care because I just finished it and I want to get it out there. so here’s the first chapter of Camp Tobanga!

Max sighed and sat down on the bed, pulling her messenger bag into her lap to once again go through its contents. She heard the door of the cabin open and someone walk inside but didn’t look up until she realized they had called her name twice. “Huh? What?”

Brooke laughed and walked over to stand in front of Max, her weight balanced on one hip and her arms crossed. “Max, you’re stalling.”

“No, I’m not, I’m…” Max trailed off, dropping her gaze back to her bag as a slight blush burned on her cheeks.

Shaking her head, Brooke stepped forward to briefly place a hand on Max’s shoulder. “Relax, this’ll be fun, I promise. We get to hang out at camp together all summer, how could this not be awesome?”

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Thank you! I finally got around to writing this prompt, which was number one from this list (yeah I know I’m terribly slow at answering prompts): “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth”. 

Clarke has no idea how this keeps happening, but here she is, pinning her best friend’s brother against a wall and watching as his expression shifts from surprise to wild hunger. She soaks it in for a moment, this sign of how much he wants her, and revels in the way it makes her feel, her body practically humming with anticipation for what’s to come.

And she knows exactly what’s going to happen next, knows because it’s been happening with increasing frequency lately. It started one night when one of their fights, barely disguised as a passionate discussion, spiralled out of control and got them thrown out of the bar. Leaving their annoyed friends behind, they continued their screaming match in the street outside his apartment, and from one second to the next, they had been in this exact same position, with his back against the wall and her lips on his and her hands on his shoulders not so much holding him in place as holding herself up when she practically melted.

They barely made it up the stairs to his place before they all but clawed each other’s clothes off.

That was six months ago, and she still hasn’t managed to quit.  

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Becky I will eat the Brandenburg Gate if the following didn't happen after the concert:1. Jensen slamming Jared against the nearest wall because Jared was so hot it made him *angry*. 2. Jensen licking the sweat off Jared's skin right along that tantalizing v of his t-shirt. 3. Jensen rucking up that ("Fucking too short, are you activel *trying to kill me Jay?") shirt and licking and biting along that sinful hip bone. At least this is what has been happening in MY head all damn day :)

Oh Myri 

Jared’s so smashed that he’s just laughing, laughing, laughing, delighted at the night and at Jensen’s lust and yeah a little at his indignation too, he bends over while Jensen’s still licking along his hips and drags Jensen’s jeans off and they tumble each other roughhousing onto the bed. Jared lands on his back, all flushed and tousled and beaming, and he looks up at Jensen and says ‘Jensen you’re so hot when you sing’ and Jensen grins up one side of his mouth and growls a little and says ‘gonna make you sing boy’ and yeaaaah