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SKAM S04E09 Clip 2 - Your turn

[EVA: No, I still haven’t heard anything…. And you?

SANA: No, have you made Chris call William?

EVA: William isn’t answering either….

EVA: But think about it, they’ve been apart for a very long time, they’re probably just chilling, and don’t give a fuck about anyone else]


YOUSEF: Elias, try it.

MUTASIM: I’m so bad at this.

SANA: Hey.

ADAM: What’s up, Sana? Yoy doing well?

MUTASIM: Join us!

ELIAS: Join? We’re in the middle of a tournament. She can join later.

MUTASIM: Mikael, your turn.

MIKAEL: Easily.

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panzyparkinson  asked:

If the five main trc characters were Disney princesses which ones would they be?

Dear panzyparkinson,

I’m a little surprised that you would ask this question, as the answers seem too obvious to require inquiry. Still, I press on. 

Gansey is clearly Ariel. Ariel is a heroine defined by her cultural dysphoria; all day, every day is Human-Time. Although she possesses absolutely no reason to believe that she’ll get her wish nor any peers who share her desire, Ariel wants nothing more than to be a human. And although she’s given a lot of crap for being naive, the truth is that Ariel is kind of the foremost human expert under the sea. Maybe there is something the matter with me, she wonders, as Tumblr often does in the tags, even as she longs to be part of a different world. And when she does get a shot at being something more than mermaid, she fumbles benevolently. She fails at being human because she has studied rather than practiced, and her every misstep is characterized by her admiration and love for the culture. Gansey, you noble land mermaid.

Adam Parrish is obviously both Belle and the Beast. I want much more than this provincial world, he sings in a piercing number that takes place in the carport behind his parents’ trailer. Belle wants something out of this world, and moreover, she’s got the tools and logic to make it happen. She’s well-read and self-assured; she’s curious and brave. As Belle, Adam could really do anything, if he didn’t spend at least six hundred pages of the series cock-blocking himself by being the Beast. She’ll never see me as anything more than a monster, he thinks sadly, while throwing a table against a wall.

Ronan Lynch is Pocahontas. For starters, she’s the only princess who even begins to play compellingly with magical realism, and she’s the only one with a talking tree buddy. Pocahontas also faces what seems to be an impossible either-or choice: responsibility or the desires of her heart. Does she attend Aglionby/ marry Kocoum, even though both of them are pretty square? Or does she see what’s just around the river bend? Throw in the fact that she also has a host of animal friends and falls in love with a white guy, and it’s pretty obvious to me that Pocahontas = Ronan.

Blue Sargent is not a Disney princess and she rejects your gd gender expectations. She is Mike Wazowski. Mike is unlike any of the other monsters/ psychics around him: he is not scary/ psychic. Deprived of this essential monster trait, Mike is forced to find a different way to become successful in a world that prizes something that he can never be. It turns him resourceful, hard-working, bitter, wryly funny, judgmental. He makes friends with Sully, who embodies everything Mike can’t be, because the other option is to hate him. Ultimately, Mike finds a way to succeed that no one else has, all while being a lot shorter than everyone else in every scene. Really the only difference is that he has one eye and Blue has two as of the time of me writing this blog post.

I couldn’t think of any dead Disney princesses to be Noah. Mufasa? They both died from blunt trauma. Do any of the puppies die in 101 Dalmatians? He could be one of those.



thoughts from my Raven Boys reread:

highlights include some rambling analysis of Adam and Ronan’s dynamic in the first book, yelling about how Gansey definitely has social anxiety, gushing about the Henrietta library, and trying to accept the fact that this is probably the best book out of the whole series. WOO. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • Blue is impatient and vain along with being sensible and I love her for it because it helps her feel so real to me yknow? she constructs her difference so carefully and owns it and all that but unlike most YA protags she still feels BELIEVABLE in spite of how intentional she is about being “different” because she does it in a way that doesn’t feel contrived to me
  • there may be other issues with the writing in TRC but Maggie got that right good job
  • “I thought you were dead in a ditch” oh honey just wait :^)))))
  • I know we talk about Ronan’s oral fixation like…. all the time….. but. Okay I just really love this fidgety boy and his habit of chewing on those bracelets. Someone please get him a fidget cube or something
  • (jumping ahead to TRK but I loved the detail of Opal chewing on Adam’s watchband, it’s a nice tic for her and Ronan to share and it reminds you that she’s been living in his head for most of his life)
  • “All night. This was going to bother him all night” did you mean the moment I vowed to protect this socially anxious child with my life
  • Persephone is working on a graduate thesis?? She listens to angry music when she’s working on it??? Why didn’t we get to explore that more I have SO MANY questions (does she listen to Halestorm when writing like I do omg I would die)
  • “ARE YOU LISTENING, GLENDOWER? I AM COMING TO FIND YOU!” Gansey….. my nerdy son…… a dweeb…….
  • The gang doing traditional library research!! Digging through courthouse records of land ownership! Making maps!!! 
  • Honestly I’m probably biased as a current library science student but I would read an entire book about the staff at the Henrietta Library dealing with these weird teens and their magic quest.
  • …..yeah i gotta put the rest under a read more this got SO MUCH LONGER than I meant it to be just like every other post I make whoops

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Okay, but THIS woman. What do we say about her? Bobby Draper of The Expanse AKA Frankie Adams, a New Zealander of Samoan descent. Not only is she a respected boxer and an awesome actress, but she was very clear that she wanted a role she could identify with. 

“Adams, reached via phone just before the show’s premiere, said that when she found out she got the part she “screamed in excitement,” as not only was she excited to play a character with her same ethnic background — something that happens very rarely for her — but the character of Bobbie met at least a few of the things she looks for in a role. ‘Do I agree with the things she does, yes or no? Would I get a crush on this woman, yes or no?’”

you know i’m not even upset about the hug anymore. i’m upset because i’m seeing so many people hurt because of it. i can deal with my own hurt and disappointment but i can’t stand seeing people so heartbroken. that’s what makes me so angry. that because of the crap they pulled, so many people are hurt once again, and many people feel so disrespected and stepped on because of that hug. because it was supposed to be something happy. because it was supposed to be something meaningful. because it was supposed to be that “swan queen might never happen but at least we got a hug” moment for us. because it was supposed to be our consolation, something we could all happily remember even if swan queen doesn’t become canon. but adam and eddy took that away from a lot of people. so now instead of seeing people happy, i see people disgusted, angry, sad, and heartbroken. as if queerbaiting wasn’t enough to do the job. how cruel can you fucking be?

anonymous asked:

ya if he was the real killer why would they reveal it in ep 13? especially when ep 14 and 15 were originally not one long 2hr ep! total red herring..but maybe he set the fire after not being able to help wes??

That fact that he was helping Wes leaves me to believe that when he got to the house, Wes was already dead and he was trying to save him. It would also back up the original report of Wes being dead before the fire and would also make sense why he maybe was so adamant on Annalise possibly having something to do with it because I’m guessing he honestly doesn’t know who really killed Wes. That or he saw something the lead him to suspect Annalise or at least her involvement. I just don’t see that if he did do it, why press for Oliver to hack the phone backup because he’d know there was nothing on it pointing to her, so why bother being so intent on finding out what was on it. And if there was something on it pointing to him, he’d want Oliver as far away from it as possible. 

The fire, I could see him possible starting in a panic of not knowing what to do or being scared of something. Or even somehow by accident (though, it’s a long shot an explosion that huge would be an accident.) 

To have it be Connor also just honestly doesn’t make sense to me? Like, this whole time, he’s been one of the few that I think has reasonable reacted to being attached to a murder. Everyone else has appeared way too unbothered by having this many bodies stacking up. He’s almost the last person who I think would murder someone. It would ruin him and he’s already “broken.”  

onsra pt. 2 | kenny omega | adam cole

kenny omega x reader, adam cole x reader

Originally posted by theelite

 pt. 1

Summary: Long distance relationships are tough, but maybe it’s not the distance that gets in the way.

A/N: I managed to get this up just a day after part one! I’m shocked, really. I also managed to end this how I wanted to in just two parts, meaning no third part, but I hope this makes up for that anyway! Per request, tagging: @daintymissdevitt

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11 July 2017 - This is so ridiculously long. This is what happens with a robron heavy hour long episode. It obviously gets super depressing at the end if you make it that far. You don’t have to read past the #TriggerWarning if you don’t want to. Let me know if any of you make it to the end of this nonsense. I hope some of it is funny. 

[Outside the Shop with Robert, Aaron, Cain and Victoria]

ROBERT: We do have a kitchen at home you know? Remember that set they built us that we never use unless it’s for angsty scenes?

AARON: Yeah, but do we have a toaster yet? Nevermind. Didn’t really fancy seeing you though after our Plot fight yesterday. It’s the height of #PeakAngstWeek so I’m just going to be in a totally justifiably bad mood all day today, yeah?

ROBERT: Is this really how it’s gonna be?

AARON: No, this is how you…well the Plot really…but anyway…have made it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.

ROBERT: Well, it’s a good thing we conveniently work in the same place then. - side note, isn’t it great our jobs are semi important to the Plot today so it looks like we actually do them -

AARON: I never should have let Jimmy move the Haulage firm into the portacabin. I would have saved myself so much trouble.

ROBERT: Will you just let me explain what I think the Plot is trying to do one more time Aaron?

AARON: You don’t need to try and explain anything. I’m done with all the discourse. I just don’t like it. End of.

*Cain appears*

CAIN: Want me to batter him for you?

AARON: Have you even been briefed on our latest Plot Point?

CAIN: No, I just like hitting Sugden here and since you two got together properly, I haven’t had a chance to do it in a while. Let me know. Besides, I just needed to show that I remember you exist so that when I show up later to help you out, it’s a little less forced.

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When Fire Turned Cold (2)

Word Count: 4k

Description: Part 2 of Soulmate/Vampire Yoongi

Note: I still have no idea what I’m doing with this. This is just my way to write when I have motivation and practice writing. I’d love feedback if anyone actually reads this.

Originally posted by sugakookie

When you regained consciousness after what your worried and horrified best friend would’ve described as years, you were overcome with confusion. As you had forgone the ability to control your body, you’d all but thrown yourself from your sitting position on the bench you were previously on and had almost thumped flat against the ground, surely making a spectacle in front of your entire university. Through means unknown to you, your lax body was floating awkwardly above the concrete, your open eyes immediately transfixed on the vivid blue sky. Yet somehow, you weren’t bothered. You were unusually calm, a sweet serenity coursing through your veins like a tranquil spring in the most delightful of meadows. In this place, you felt nothing but such strong peace that could solve every war that had ever been started. Your heart was thumping at such a mellow pace you wondered if it might stop altogether. You were warm. Your entire body was so comfortable and heated that you could imagine being high in that moment. You could forget everything that you’d ever experienced and live only in that moment, the peace and warmth and nothing else.

A slight shift under you and a cough that was entirely too forced pulled you back to reality. Pulled you from the high of your calm and slammed you down to earth. You shifted your view from the beautiful sky to lock eyes with a pair of luscious, brown orbs above you that wracked a shudder from deep within your core. They were so exquisite that you wanted to stare at them all day but when the realization that you had, in fact, seen them before slapped you across your glowing face, you gasped louder than you should’ve. Your gaze instantly moved to see the face those eyes were attached to and when it happened to be the exact one you thought it was going to be, you jolted yourself from the arms you didn’t even know had been holding you and the invigorating warmth rapidly drained from your body.

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Reading is Fun?

Word Count: 742

Pairing: Winchester Sister Reader x Dean

Warnings: Language, fighting, Mentions of Adam, Angsty-ish

Author’s Note: This is one of my three submissions for @straightasdeanwinchester ‘s 2,000 follower Challenge. Congratulations!! I know I said Winchester brothers x Winchester sister Reader, but this one is mainly focusing on Dean and the reader’s relationship, yes there’s some Sam in there.My prompt was “It’s called reading, dumb-ass. You should try it sometimes.”

Originally posted by bensoloser

You curl up in your favorite chair in the library with an actual book, not some lore book. You had picked up The 5th Wave series at some department store. You’re working on the first one right now. You’re so engrossed in the book you don’t hear the door open and feet coming down the stairs.

“What are you doing?” Dean asks, interrupting your escape.

It’s called reading, dumb-ass. You should try it sometimes,” you grumble.

“You read all the time. Why are you reading now?” he asks, looking slightly horrified.

“Because that’s reading to kill something, this is reading for fun,” you inform him.

“How is reading fun?”

“It takes you to an entirely different world, one without hunting and monsters. Sometimes I forget I live in this world,” you answer honestly.

“So you don’t like hunting?” he asks.

“Dean I never said that, I was just saying it’s exhausting sometimes. All the death and sadness it wears people down, this is how I deal with it. You deal with it with booze and women, I deal with it with books,” you state.

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2dead2function  asked:

Could your please write a Kovic x reader where they've been friends since high school and now that they are working together at funhaus Adam finally has the courage to make a move on his long time friend. Lots of fluff and "stuff" emphasis on stuff! Thank you so very much!! I love your writing and I was beyond happy to see your prompts open! Keep up the amazing work!!!

A/N - And here we are for the last fic of this batch! Aww, thank you so much, friend! It’s always a ton of fun writing Kovic! I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by ‘‘stuff’‘‘, so I kinda just went with an overly fluffy and super goofy idea - so I hope that’s OK!

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - None.

Word Count - 1, 803

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  • [Aaron kicking the door at the scrap yard. Adam drives up.]
  • Adam: Woah! What are you doing?
  • Aaron: Kicking this door.
  • Adam: All right good cos I was fed up of that not being broken. Has this got something to do with a certain unborn baby?
  • Aaron: No. The baby isn’t… Actually, the baby is the problem, but at least he’s honest about that. There’s a timescale to it so I know where I stand with that, which is more than I can say about him. You know, I think I know where I stand with him and it turns out I don’t. Then I do, and I don’t.
  • Adam: All right, all right. I tell you what, let’s go and get some cans.
  • Aaron: It’s half nine in the morning, Adam.
  • Adam: Yeah, good point. Looks like you’re going to have to talk to me sober then, doesn’t it? Come on. In. In!

anonymous asked:

I just notice something when re-watching Season 1 and Season 2 of Star vs the Forces of Evil. In Mewberty, Glossaryrk said the Star will be back to normal at "3:57" pm and in Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Star calls Marco "3" times no cutting off in the voice message and received "57" miss calls. I decide to check on the 3:57 in the internet and only get was the "Lamentations 3:57" that states {You came near when I called you, and you said, “Do not fear.”} Can you analysis this, thank you.

And it’s also the time shown on the TV during the news in Lobster Claws. I don’t know what it might mean (the production code for the show is 474S, so that’s not it). I really don’t think it has anything to do with any holy scripture, and I can’t think of anything it could reference in the show.

I remember someone saying that Adam got asked about the time in Mewberty on Twitter, and said that it was just a random number, with no meaning, but I haven’t been able to find it -and, after all, it’s not like he could spoil anything, even if he knew, and he probably wouldn’t have known, at the time at least, possible plot points from two seasons later.

Personally, until something changes, I’d just consider it an inside joke, or a coincidence.

14 September 2017

[The Mill of Mayhem with Aaron and Adam]

AARON: *Shooting at things with his Virtual Reality gun*

ADAM: Aaron, mate, are you sure these settings are right or is the Plot setting me up for something?

AARON: I think it’s the first sign of a Filler Plot for you, mate! Congrats! Moving up in the world!

ADAM: Yeah well at least my Eyesight Filler Plot means I didn’t see your #Mess when I walked in. Just fell over it instead.

AARON: Yeah, well, I’m just trying to outdo Robert when he was squatting here post break up.

ADAM: Yeah Vic told me it was a mess. Well done mate!

AARON: *Casually Sexist Comment Alert* Stop moaning mate. We gave ourselves the day off because the Plot doesn’t need us to work today and we clearly never do anyway. I honestly have no idea how we make money. But anyway, we’ve got Virtual Reality and we’ve got bacon, one of the major food groups, that. I would make us toast but I can’t find the toaster I bought as a break up present for myself under all of this mess. Plus, we’ve got these super awesome chairs that I told Robert I hated but now practically live in. Life is good. We’re living the dream. I don’t miss Robert at all…really #AreWeBackTogetherYet

ADAM: Yeah, well I just want to see the dream we’re living in a bit better. I’m really not going to like this Eyesight Filler Plot am I?

*Phone Rings*

AARON: *Searching through the #Mess for his phone*

ADAM: Good think the Plot thought to put the sound on or we’d never find that amongst all of these pizza boxes.

AARON: *Answers phone* Mum? It’s been so long. Come back the fans miss– wait what? Well where is she? The fans will be concerned about her too!!

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Pynch Fic Rec - The Raven Cycle

Close your eyes and shut your mouth

Five times Ronan slept at Adam’s, and the one time Adam asked him to.

If you could, than I could, I swear

Ronan dreams up a stone that changes color depending on who is touching it. The result is a crazy existential crisis that he is absolutely not documenting.

Let’s be reckless teenargers in love

It was like the shopping cart all over again.

This isn’t a heist

Ronan only says it to piss off Declan. He doesn’t take into account what it will do to everyone else. (Or, that one where Adam and Ronan are fake dating.)

Worthy of a crush

Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, but by everyone at school, apparently. Do you enjoy copious amounts of time jumps, cracky situations, POV shifting, unnecessary original characters, and Tad Carruthers? Then this is the fic for you.

Let’s get together before we get much older

Adam doesn’t know what compels him to make an attempt at finally finding out.

Does Ronan Lynch have a crush on me?

(Do I have a crush on Ronan Lynch?)

Otherwise known at the one where Ronan, Blue, and Noah visit Adam and Gansey at their university for the weekend.

It won’t ever get old, not in my soul

It was honestly an accident, just pure divine intervention, wrong place wrong time type shit. Or right time, depending on how you looked at it. And because of Ronan’s impeccable timing and lack of manners, he was looking at everything Adam had to offer.

Or basically, Ronan walks in on Adam naked. A character study of sorts.

I would be glad to tell you and walk away

The problem, when it came down to it, was that the longer he waited for Ronan to actually do something about how he felt, the more Adam wanted him to.

Simmer down and pucker up

He blinked and, behind the boat shoes and tan ankles, Adam’s face grew into sharp focus.

He was looking straight at Ronan.

His eyes were round, shocked into complete stillness. His cheeks were pink. One hand curled around grass, and Ronan watched, with a slow dawning of awareness, the way Adam’s knuckles grew white as he tightened his hold on the ground.

Cabeswater, Ronan realized. Cabeswater had taken his dream and shared it with the only other person who could ever be close enough to Cabeswater to see it.

Roses on parade

Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it. Gansey is also briefly very Gansey about things.

Alternate summary: Adam has feelings and hyperventilates about it for 9,000 words.

Drive it like you stole it

“He wants you,” Gansey said bluntly. Adam sucked in a breath, feeling the words in his whole body. “I’m not saying Cabeswater can do anything about that. But I think it’s important to wonder if it might.”

Boys on fire never burn out

Ronan’s always Ronan. Even when he isn’t.

Roses in between my thighs

Four things that could have ruined them but didn’t.

Things to keep in mind when loving Adam Parrish

A mental list that Ronan carries as he progresses through his relationship with Adam.

I am stained with light

One morning Adam wakes up to find that Ronan has cut himself on a sharp, heavy piece of stained glass he accidentally pulled from his dream. This gives them each different things to consider.

Keep those eyes wide

“If I had to have magic ritual sex with someone,” Blue said thoughtfully, “Ronan would be near the top of the list.”

“That is less helpful than you seem to think it is,” said Adam.

Burning away from inside

Adam and Ronan get snowed in at the Barns for a few days and it’s pretty much as disgustingly cheesy as you can imagine.

All I hear is your song

Ronan’s lungs feel tight. He’s not actually worried about what any of these idiots will think of him for being who he is. It’s just that it’s none of their fucking business. It’s that Adam’s whole survival plan hinges on going unnoticed in most places. Ronan knows that accepting the kindness of the ticket is a big step for him. Accepting Ronan himself is even bigger. It seems selfish to push for more. Also, dances are still stupid.

Goodbye highway

Declan wanted Ronan to stay overnight in the hospital, because Ronan’s head injury had been nowhere near bad enough to cause the kind of amnesia he had, and the doctors were worried. But Ronan outright refused, insisting that he return to Monmouth with Gansey.

Adam and Blue heard this from Gansey, out in the hall, since Ronan had demanded they leave the room. He’d stared at them with wide eyes, the closest to panicked Adam had ever seen him, and when Gansey had said “But–it’s Blue and Adam–” Ronan had snarled and snapped “Get out, I don’t fucking know you.”

Wanna lift this curse

It’s not a secret, not really; they don’t decide to not tell anyone. It’s just — no one else needs to know. It’s just theirs, whatever it is. He’s not ashamed or afraid. He thinks it might disintegrate if exposed to sunlight, and he’s not ready for that. Not yet.

Or: The one where they hook up sometimes. And it’s all casual, obviously.

These hands are tied

“At first, I thought Gansey and I were doing something wrong. Then I realized that it wasn’t our problem at all! It’s you two. You can be jerks but you’re always touching, and kissing, and doing that annoying telepathic thing.” She scrunched her nose, “It’s kind of disgusting.”

Adam felt his face burn and immediately said, “That’s not true. We don’t- get off me, Lynch.” He pushed at Ronan who had been resting his head on his thigh this whole time.

Noah decided to pipe in, “Like she said. Disgusting.”

That was what made Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves.

In your dreams

Ronan’s been dreaming a lot about Adam lately.

The numinous intent

For Adam and Ronan, fathers and poetry and love are heavy things, made more so by their necessity. But bodies, bodies are simple and can say twice as much.

Ad meliora

Gansey is sick and tired of living in a world where Ronan hasn’t asked Adam out yet. And he’s got a plan to fix that.

Or: The one where Ronan, Adam, Gansey, Blue, and Noah all go on a vacation to the beach.

Only to come back

Spoilers for The Raven King.

Adam accidentally moves into the Barns.

He’d always been the one who spent the most time with Ronan at the Barns anyway; after everything that had happened, following a quiet and somber Ronan back home had seemed inevitable.

You will always be enough

Ronan can’t dream and can’t stay in the apartment, and Gansey sends Adam along with him to keep him out of trouble. Adam does not do a very good job.

Alternate summary: Ronan yells at Adam, Adam yells at Ronan, and Adam decides the best way to resolve this is to kiss Ronan. There are feelings and they spill everywhere. The Barns is involved.

Time isn’t real (But you’re a constant)

“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” - Albert Einstein.

Adam wakes up in the future, learns a few things about himself, about time, and about his priorities. But mostly he just wishes that Time was doing it’s job better.

Hold on to me as we go

It’s like they’re enjoying some fantastic beginners luck, but they don’t actually know how the game is played…

Revised relationships come from the settling dust of unmaking, and Ronan and Adam try to find a balance between grief and joy, love and sex, friendship and occasional hand kissing. They navigate first times and promises and a feeling like magic - even when they’re forest-less and wide awake.


Of blankets and binder clips

Adam will stay at the Barns overnight, on the condition that they build a blanket fort. And far be it from Ronan to deny him this.

My beating heart wanting more

Ronan wants to burn every piece of himself into Adam. He wants to make his mark, to make sure it’s impossible for Adam to forget about him. Mild TRK spoilers.

A light that never goes out

I love you— it was such a simple, small combination of words. Less than five syllables. It would take Adam less than two seconds to speak them aloud.

But two seconds wasn’t enough. Three syllables wasn’t enough. Adam wondered if there were any words in any human language that could properly encapsulate every single thing he felt for Ronan, but he could not think of anything that came close.

(Adam and Ronan, after.)

Three weeks

It’s been three weeks since Adam has returned to the Barns. Ronan has grown a beard and Adam has no chill.

When Adam kisses him first

Adam Parrish was a complicated thing.

Bend it like Parrish

The soccer AU no one asked for. Adam Parrish is Aglionby’s soccer star. Ronan Lynch has never been interested in sports, but suddenly, he thinks he could be.

Never have I ever (been in love with a magician)

What was love, then? Was it the way Adam’s heart beat faster every time Ronan touched him or smiled at him? Was it the way Adam could not stand to see Ronan in pain, the way he felt the urge to reach out and soothe his fears? Was it the lightness he felt when he woke up next to Ronan, the safety and sureness he felt in Ronan’s arms, like nothing could ever hurt him again as long as this beautiful boy was at his side?

(Or, the one where the gang plays Never Have I Ever and feelings and relationships are revealed)

That time Gansey caught them

Opal is at 300 Fox Way for the night. Ronan and Adam take advantage of that. Or at least, they try to.

A truth so loud you can’t ignore

Set between the last chapter and epilogue of The Raven King. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. The first line is a major spoiler. Fair warning.

Adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family. It’s no surprise that Ronan’s at his side.

And if you want to go to heaven you should fuck me tonight

“I just-” said Adam, trying to control his laughter. I love you. “You’re so fucking difficult.”


“You can’t just let me say or do something nice, you’ve always got to make it into a competition.”

Ronan snorted at that too. “Look who’s talking.”

“You probably can’t make it ten minutes without trying to take control.” There was an idea starting to form in the back of Adam’s mind.

Ronan raised an eyebrow. “Want to bet?”


Or, Adam makes a bet and gives a lap dance

Angry proclamations of love

Because Adam hasn’t had enough experience with how it feels when someone loves you, Ronan accepts the responsibility to teach the student a couple of lessons.

Sick headcanons

So this is entirely keltic-moon’s fault. (See their recently posted fic) This is how I headcanon LI’s reacting after their Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor gets sick.

  • Solas: Quiet and caring. Keeps all but the most essential people from seeing the Inquisitor, normally with the help of Varric who mother hens as he always did in Kirkwall. At least once teases the Inquisitor about how they got sick. Follows them into sleep to keep fever dreams at bay.
  • Fenris: Entirely unsure how to help but almost trips over himself when something comes up that he knows what to do. Hawke’s feeling hot? Runs to get a bowl of water and towels to make compresses. Hawke’s cold? Grabs every blanket in Hawke’s estate. No exaggeration. Troubled sleep? Crawls into bed with Hawke to pull them close and soothe them away. Invariably gets himself sick in the process due to his adamant refusal to leave Hawke’s side at all.
  • Alistair: Worries. Incessantly. The Warden always ends up hitting him, silencing him. But he’ll just smile this crooked smile at them and say something about how much he cares that makes the Warden’s heart melt. After this, Alistair is actually helpful at making the Warden feel better. The next day the cycle begins again.
  • Iron Bull: Varying degrees of annoyance at the Inquisitor depending on how sick they are. Can always pinpoint when they got sick. Slips pointed comments into conversation concerning the Inquisitor’s fault in their own sickness. It is painfully obvious the annoyance comes from a deep concern.
  • Zevran: Has a surprising knowledge of teas to help ease any ailment. He almost constantly speaks, volume varying for whether the Warden is awake or not, as a way to soothe and distract. Sometimes he will tell entire stories in Antivan to lull the Warden to sleep with the singing lilt of the language. Will teasingly chide them for getting sick if only because he can’t kiss them. Time to time, doesn’t care and kisses them anyway. He secretly enjoys the Warden’s half-exasperated, half-loving care when he falls ill as a result.
Hard To Trust ch. 3

Finally here’s the long awaited part three of our story!!

Give @pathybo a giant thank you because not only is she the mastermind behind this, she also took over writing some for me!! She’s so wonderful!! Thank you for all you do, love!!! <3

Here’s pt. 1

Here’s pt. 2

Enjoy!! Love you all!!

Hard To Trust 3

The wind blew your hair around your face as you fell. You took that as a symbolization of the old you falling away as the new you took over. You were leaving your old life behind, your old memories and most especially you were leaving all the pain and hurt behind. You deserved this fresh start.

A giant net stopped your fall. As the exhilaration took over, you laughed. Suddenly the net dipped and you rolled off. Four was there to catch you. A smile started to form on your face but he looked at you sternly. You took it as a hint to pretend like you didn’t know him.

“First jumper,” he yelled. There were members of Dauntless all around you. “What’s your name,” Four asked.

You responded with something that came to mind when you jumped. Something freeing from your old life.

“(Y/N), first jumper,” Four shouted and applause chorused behind him.

Eric was the last to jump down, after all the initiates had jumped. You noticed Four didn’t help him from the net. You watched his every move as he told you all the immediate plans for the night. He nodded to you as he took the Dauntless-born on their way. You noticed a girl with bright pink hair scowl at you.

Four showed the transfers around the compound. You were not impressed with the dorm, you didn’t like the idea of having to sleep, use the restroom and shower with everyone. There were only a few minutes for everyone to change into their new Dauntless clothes and get rid of their old ones. Eric had been very specific about what time to bee at the dining hall.

You purposefully walked in last, hoping for a chance to talk to Four. No such luck. Looking around from the back of the hall you spot a girl you recognize from the transfers waving you over. As you walk toward her you can feel eyes on you. You look around and see the girl with pink hair glaring at you. You ignore her and keep walking.

“Hey,” the girl who’d waved you over smiled. “I’m Alicia. It’s so nice to meet you.”

Alicia stood to hug you before you sat beside her. “Nice to meet you too,” you say as you awkwardly hug. “I’m (y/n).”

“You’ll have to excuse Alicia,” a blonde guy says from across the table. “As you can tell, she’s from Amity.”

Alicia giggled. “And Chris here is an Erudite.” She took your plate and filled it up with food then set it back in front of you. Chris smiled and nodded when you looked over at him. “I’ll get us some dessert when that dish comes around,” she smiled again.

The three of you talked and laughed during your meal. You finally see Four when he and Eric sit a few tables in front of you.

“Is it just me, or does Eric seem to stare a lot at (y/n),” Alicia asks.

Chris turns to look at Eric, “You know, I’ve noticed that as well.” Eric glares back at Chris, but his eyes seem to soften when he looks back at you.

When you and your new friends finish the chocolate cake, you risk a smile at Eric. Unfortunately he doesn’t react, but the girl with pink hair did.

“I don’t like the way you’re looking at Eric,” she snapped, jabbing a finger to your chest. You’d never been confronted before so all you could do was stare. Luckily Chris stepped in between you.

“There’s no reason to get angry,” he started. “No one’s doing anything wrong here.”

“Let’s all just be happy we’re here,” Alicia smiled and pulled you further from the girl.

You were able to walk back to the dorm in peace. As you left the dining hall you saw Eric and Four talking to the girl with pink hair. It didn’t look like a pleasant conversation.


Almost everyone was still out when you returned to the dorm so Alicia decided to take a shower. Being from Abnegation, you were uncomfortable being naked so you left your underwear and bra on during your own shower. You tried your best to hide behind a bed while you got dressed after. A bunch of the transfers started coming in while you hid. Still, one guy noticed your wet underwear on the floor.

“Oh, look at the Stiff,” he yelled, bringing unwanted attention to you. “(Y/N) is too embarrassed to shower naked,” he laughed. Some of the initiates laughed and teased you as they went to take their own showers or get ready for bed. You caught that the first jerks name was Zack.


You’d been laying in bed for over an hour. Everyone else was still asleep, but you were used to starting your day early. So you were unable to fall back to sleep and didn’t know what to do.

Eventually 8 o'clock rolls around and Four comes in banging around to wake everyone up. He notices you sitting on your bed fully dressed and ready to start.

Walking up to you he sighs, “It’s gonna be a long day on no sleep.”

You get up and together you walk to the training center. “I slept,” you admit. “Just woke up to early.”

He looks down at you. “You’re free to come in here and practice before class.”

You playfully punch his arm. “Thanks Four, I believe I’ll start doing that.”

Four walks around making sure everything is ready for class. As he’s fidgeting with equipment you notice Eric glaring at him. Eric’s head snaps around when you say good morning to him. He looks you up and down, not saying a word.

At this time the other initiates were walking in so Eric distanced himself from you. He and Four told everyone to gather around while they started class. Alicia and Chris stood beside you while Zack and his minions stood behind you.

“Already getting friendly with the trainers,” he laughed in your ear. “I guess that’s why you won’t shower naked, they’re the only ones you want to see you naked.”

You roll your eyes and “accidentally” backed up on his foot. He groaned and shoved your forward.

Eric stopped talking about the stages of initiation and yelled out, “Do we have a problem?” He stared you down as you and Zack both mumbled no.

Four took the group to the other side of the training room and started showing you how to punch bags. Alicia smiled at you as she picked a punching bag next to yours. “So what’s the deal with you and Zack?” she asked you. “Oh, he´s a bully, he’s just giving me a hard time, but I can handle him!” You answered.


The rest of the morning training went by quickly with Eric’s eyes on you the entire time.

You all had a quick break for lunch and went back to the training room. Four showed you some fighting and defense moves then placed you in doubles so you could practice on each other.

You and Alicia were practicing together. The afternoon flew by and next thing you know Four was wrapping up the class.

“I hope you enjoyed today, cause tomorrow will be harder. You’re done for now, go get some dinner and rest up.” He said then left the training area.

You and Alicia were almost by the mess hall to grab some dinner when you felt a hand grab your arm.

“I told you that I don’t like the way you’re looking at Eric” the pink haired girl, who you found out to be named Amy, punched your face. It took a second to understand what was going on and you started to defend yourself. You were using everything that Four had taught you the previous year and you were beating the girl pretty bad

“Initiate, what the hell is going on here?” Eric’s voice echoed through the hall and you stopped beating the girl in front of you

“I’m just defending myself, sir. She attacked me.” You said explaining yourself.

“I don’t care who started, I’m ending it. You’re an initiate, you can’t go beating on Dauntless members! You’re going to be punished. And Amy, you will be punished as well. Pack your things, you’re leaving to the fence for two months. Initiate, you will be helping me set up the training room for two months, every morning, one hour before class starts.”

“Noooooo,” Amy screamed. “I don’t want her anywhere near you” she said

“What part of ‘Go pack your things’ don’t understand?” Eric taunted.

At that point there was a crowd around you and Four came quickly to your rescue.

“I’ll take the initiate from here Eric, (Y/N), come with me, I need to talk to you privately.” he said, pulling you from the crowd.

When he was sure you were alone he spoke. “(Y/N), what was that? I saw the fight, but why?” He asked.

“Toby, I really don’t know what’s wrong with that girl, she thinks I’m hitting on Eric! I’m just trying to go through initiation, I’m not trying anything.” you complained.

“Don’t call me Toby, not here. Amy is Eric’s girlfriend, at least the closest he has to one. If she thinks something is going on it’s because she knows him and how he acts. Stay away from him, he’s bad news. I heard your punishment, just do what he says and keep to yourself. I think he’s onto something, otherwise he wouldn’t send his own girlfriend to the fence for two weeks. Please, be careful. Come to me if you need anything. Stay far from him.” He was adamant about that.

You went straight to the dorms and Alicia was waiting for you. Unfortunately Zack was as well.

“So, stiff, you’re a pretty good fighter. I knew you were getting close to Eric to secure your place in Dauntless, but you impressed me. Beating up a dauntless member. Who knew you had it in you” Zack smirked.

“Just leave it, Zack, go find something else to do.” Chris defended.

You and Alicia showered and got ready for bed. You laid down thinking that at least this punishment will help you have something to do when you wake up earlier than the rest of the initiates. You had no idea how hard this was going to be on you.

Eric escorted Amy out of the compound to be sure she would be on the next train to the fence.

“Eric, please babe, let me stay. I can think of somethings I can do to make it up to you.” She said seductively.

“Amy, you’re not my girlfriend and you never were. We were just helping each other, friends with benefits. You don’t own me, no one does. I’m a leader, I do whatever I damn well please. And now I want you out of here. Now go.” He was harsh with her and just stood there as she left, sobbing.

sweatersnervously  asked:

☠ gansey UuU

ok so I’m obviously not sleeping and this is a Gift so 

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

im gonna do this in stages so get ready 

  • stage one is all of Gansey’s nerdness magnified 500000x like. he’ll sort of grab random people and intensely and earnestly recite Glendower/history facts at them 
  • alternatively, if nobody is around he’ll call them 
  • “JANE”
  • “Gansey it’s 3 am, what’s going-” 
  • “You’re drunk again aren’t you” 
  • “… That’s not the point just liSTEN” 
  • also there are monologues and dramatic poetry recitations. especially Hamlet 
  • Gansey doesn’t remember where the dollar-store plastic skull came from and everyone is too embarrassed to tell him
  • Ronan has video of the whole thing 
  • stage two is Gansey’s Mom Friendishness amplified 100000000x accompanied with more theatrics and occasional crying 
  • also more phone calls (Ronan and Noah aren’t gonna stop him cause this is HILARIOUS) 
  • “…Adam?”
  • “Gansey it’s four and I’ve got Boyd’s tomorrow, what do you nee-” 
  • “D-did you s-see that note I…I put in your l-lunchbox yesterday?” 
  • “No I didn’t notice…oh my god Gansey, are you crying?” 
  • [Noah and Ronan laughing uncontrollably in the background] 
  • it probably said something like eat your vegetables or wash behind your ears. this boy i s2g
  • stage three is random pseudo-philosophical thoughts accompanied by passionate mumbling
  • this is ronan’s least favourite stage 
  • “if the rainbow road in mario kart was real, how, hypothetically, would that impact commerce and trade?” 
  • “Get out of here or I’ll burn all your fucking boat shoes I swear to God”
  • this is why ronan never drinks with gansey. Ever 

send me a symbol and a character/ship for headcanons 

Don’t You Remember (All I Ask part 3)

 Characters: Dean X Reader

Summary: You knew Dean many years ago during high school. Suddenly, he shows up when you least expect it.

All I Ask (part one) When We Were Young (All I Ask part 2)

Here we are! Part three of All I Ask. My brief hiatus from Tumblr prevented me from posting it for so long. I hope you like it <3 

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Hamilton characters as group project partners
  • Aaron Burr: seems really cool and capable but never actually does anything, though you can't complain about having him in your group because the prof loves him and you figure that gets you some points right?
  • Washington: is in charge. Sends all the mass emails. Sets up a group chat. "Guys this is due in ten weeks we need to start now :)"
  • Charles Lee: claims he did everything after the fact when in reality he disappeared from the group chat halfway through and Lafayette took over his parts
  • Lafayette: not in charge but fucking doing everything, keeps going on anarchist rants?
  • Hercules Mulligan: writes his name at the top first and you're pretty sure it's at least one font point bigger than all the others but you can't prove it; does great research
  • Laurens: turns the whole thing into a social justice rant somehow
  • Angelica: see Laurens
  • Eliza: seems really concerned about the structure of the whole paper, writes a crazy outline
  • Hamilton: ...thE OTHER FIFTY-ONE (by which I mean, he does the whole thing himself without asking anyone no matter how many times y'all try and stop him and he shows up with Starbucks on the day of the project due date like "man I pulled an all-nighter on that some project huh?" and then you realize your project has 75 more pages and an index)
  • Jefferson: always seems like the smartest kid in class because he won't shut up to let anyone talk and every time your group meets you're too busy stopping yourself from fighting him to figure out if he's also smart in a small group setting; does some work I GUESS but you're pretty sure it was only the pithy intro
  • Madison: got sick and a pass from the prof, but he wrote at least a paragraph anyway
  • John Jay: also got sick. Contributed only derivative dither you're pretty sure he copied and pasted from Locke
  • Peggy: ???
  • The Reynolds: seem more concerned about the professor liking them than actually doing the project
  • King George: thinks he's Washington but seems less organized; breaks down near the end of the project and you feel bad enough you give him a collective pass
  • Philip: LITErally the smartest kid, but you're worried he actually will fight Jefferson so he stresses you tf out
  • John Adams: you're sure he did something but you couldn't point to it in the project if asked