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But seriously making Damian cry should be illegal! I can't!


Like, why would you ever be the cause of this:

(No Damian, I was not talking to you and that’s not a good reason anyway.)

Or this:

(^ this is technically an hallucination. Tim’s hallucination after Damian’s death, to be precise. Just to add 10% more contest and 200% more pain to your feelings.)

I honestly don’t know how Bruce is still alive after being on the receiving end of that look. I would’ve crumbled down to pieces and never be okay again. That’s why I can’t be Batman, I suppose.

THIS CAN NOT BE RIGHT OKAY? (No, srsly, first time I saw this I had to put down the book because nope. NOPETY NOPE.)

And I’m sure I’m missing at least another panel of the apparently ever-growing collection of Damian-ripping-my-heart-out-with-a-tear-or-two pictures, but I think I’ve made my point. Yes, this is illegal and I’m calling the police.

Did Narti even exist?

Here’s a crack theory for you. What if we’ve been looking at Narti and Kova’s relationship all wrong?

We’ve all been led to believe that Kova is an extension of Narti, the cat being her eyes and ears. But.. what if it’s the other way around? What if instead ‘Narti’ is some kind of vessel for Kova? Here me out for a second.

First of all, I don’t think it’s coincidence that Narti can’t speak. If Kova is the operating mind here, then she can’t speak because he can’t speak. And ‘she’ doesn’t have working eyes or ears because ‘she’ doesn’t need them. Or rather, Kova doesn’t need them. He can see and hear perfectly fine. Therefore they aren’t necessary. 'Narti’ is simply an acting body for Kova to operate behind, a way to blend in and engage in combat.

But who would create something like 'Narti’ for a cat, and why would it be necessary?

Well. I think Prince Lotor can give us the answers to both of those.

We already know that Kova has been around for a while. He was there before Zarkon and Honerva were even married.

And he stuck around because of his exposure to the Quintessence. It caused him to stop aging. So it’s safe to say that Lotor probably grew up around this cat, or at least spent a lot of time with it.

But that’s probably not the reason he decided to keep Kova around. Let me remind that Kova is Honerva’s cat. And we know that Lotor was fond of his mother because of the way he talked about her when he and the generals were at the rift on Daibazaal.

He kept Kova because Kova is the last physical piece of his mother he has left.

But how would it look for the Prince of the Galra to need to carry a cat around? Probably pretty weak in their eyes. Here’s where 'Narti’ comes in.

'Narti’ is his excuse for keeping Kova around.

And Lotor absolutely has the means for creating something like 'Narti’ because he most likely has (at least some) of the magical Altean abilities that Allura and Haggar have. This would also explan Narti/Kova’s unique abilities to mind control and such, Lotor could have done anything.

So Lotor created 'Narti’ to give Kova a reason to stay at his side, and at the same time give the Prince another general in the field. And Kova is probably 100% capable of all this, again, because of his exposure to Quintessence. (We saw what it did to Haggar and Zarkon, there’s no telling what all it did to the cat.)

And Lotor didn’t tell any of the other generals about this because he didn’t want them to look down on him.

So when 'Narti’ got corrupted, Lotor didn’t really 'kill her’ because she never existed in the first place. It was just the cat’s vessel. (Dreamworks also made it very clear to us here that the cat is still alive..)

And he didn’t take the cat with him/didn’t give the generals a reason for killing their 'teammate’ because again, he didn’t want to look weak.

I’d also like to point out the look on Lotor’s face after everything has happened. He might just be tired but.. He looks upset to me.

Yes, his Father wants him dead, and his remaining generals turned on him. But.. Maybe he lost more than we realized. Kova probably meant a lot to him.

This theory could be far from true. But dreamworks did say that Narti has a 'mysterious past’, which has yet to be revealed. So we know we’re not quite done with this character, otherwise they wouldn’t have pointed that out to us. (Let me also point out the fact that this is Narti’s data table yet.. Kova is there.)

At this point, anything is possible.


This is slightly off topic, but Kova having been left behind while Zarkons forces take over the base gives him a chance to find his way back to Haggar, and maybe trigger some more of her memories. Like the fact that Lotor is her son.


I wish I could convey to everyone how my best friend/ Tangled storyboard artist @banannerbread was Varian before Varian even ever existed.

Case and point:
- has a laboratory in her basement for science (sculpting, welding, sewing, slime-making, mold-making)
- befriended two raccoons at her last apartment that wouldn’t leave afterwards
- freckles
- asked me to dye a green streak in her hair before she ever even saw Varian
- accident-prone
- pulled a piece of scrap metal out of her boot in front of me two days ago
- has (at least) two chemical burns at present

These poses aren’t even from reference. These photos are interchangeable. Hilarious.

A Date With Crowley

gif is not mine

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Word count: 740

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by @tokentransboy: Could you write a Crowley fanfic where he goes on a blind date with the reader to kill her but ends up really liking her? I hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is welcomed & appreciated!

Crowley looked himself up and down in the full length mirror.  He was wearing his best suit.  It wasn’t for a deal, it was for a date.  The king of hell didn’t go on many dates, in fact dating wasn’t his thing at all.  This instance was different; he was out to kill.

After having demons watch you all week, he found out your favorite foods and your favorite places to eat.  When you got the invitation for the blind date and accepted almost immediately, the plan was set into action.

“Are you sure this is going to work,” a demon asked.  “Isn’t this [Y/N] some kind of hunter?”

“On the contrary,” Crowley replied plainly.  “She’s the most boring person on this bloody earth.”

“Then why kill her sir,” the demon questioned, handing Crowley the bottle of cologne.

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Somer: What “weird things” is she talking about?

Grae: Well … apparently there have been sightings of vampires there and-

Somer: (stifles laugh) You might wanna rethink that “not as crazy as I thought” sentence. 

Jae: Somer! (smacks arm) Quit being such a jerk. I mean, I’m not saying I believe the whole vampire thing but, this is a huge piece of information. This is a real place that really exists! That has to count for something..

Grae: Thanks.. At least someone here is supportive.

Somer: Look. Vampires do not exist, okay? It’s awesome that this place does exist and you’re not a total loony tune but.. Dude this is so stupid! You don’t believe that, do you?

Grae: ..Would it really be so out of the question? I mean, I’ve been dreaming of a place I didn’t even know about until today for years.. It can’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Somer: Oh, my god. (scoffs) Well, you and your girlfriend have fun in fantasy land. Tell me if you come across Frankenstein and Wolf Man, too.

Grae: Fuck off..

a discovery / tos comparison meta about sexism that got very long i’m sorry

hey so am i the only one who noticed the absolute lack of sexism in discovery? bc i haven’t seen any post on this at all so far.

(note that i’m sick and probably won’t make much sense, but i think i’ve got a point here)

the thing i noticed most was the complete and utter lack of sexism being addressed. there are usually a couple ways sexism can be addressed. it’s either shown, aka the world is portrayed as it is irl, with the figures of authority being men, the women rather occupied with children / “feminine/girly things” and/or jokes being made about how women aren’t “as important” or are “worth less”; generally this kind of portrayal has less female characters, even if the main character is a woman. in a way, tos did that a tiny little bit with uhura, having her be very feminine while also reducing her role to a galactic phone operator on occasion.
version number two has a definite, deliberate presence of “strong women”with the point that they are “just as good as men” - see for example mad max fury road.
version number three jokes about sexism, aka “haha, but women are exactly as strong as men, lol sexism is stupid”. those jokes are often made by men.
version number four is “woman rises above casual sexism” - a movie that did that very well was legally blonde, where elle stayed traditionally feminine while also kicking ass.

discovery doesn’t address sexism at all (which is also due to the tos-type social commentary that it hasn’t done so far), but it also has absolutely 0 sexism. like there is absolutely no difference between genders.
for example the bridge crew has three women. cpt georgiou was just a captain. that admiral whose name i’ve forgotten is just an admiral. cmdr landry was just head of security. tilly and burnham are just scientists. and at no point does anybody assume anything or say anything about how it’s “unnatural” or how the women maybe aren’t “as good as men”. the women are simply there, doing their job, and nobody bats an eyelash because it’s not something to bat your eyelashes at.

in storytelling, there are two modes with which you can tell the reader something about the character - you can show it or you tell it.
for example: “tilly is happy.” is telling. “tilly couldn’t stop smiling all day.” is showing. 
telling gives the reader an exact statement, and there’s no room for interpretation. she’s happy. that’s it.
showing, on the other hand, leaves room for interpretation, which means it engages the audience. she couldn’t stop smiling. the audience begins to imagine her smiling, maybe even associates memories of their own giddiness, and suddenly the audience is involved.
showing is the stronger form of narrating, because it involves the audience. a passive audience is a bored audience, an engaged audience is active and more likely to think.

tos had a male character go and say (paraphrased, bc i can’t remember the exact words): “she’s human, and she’s allowed to do as she pleases!” (kirk about reyna (?) sorry i have 0 sources but there’s a screenshotset being perpetuated, you probably know the one). tos does that a lot, and considering the time it was made in, and considering how many female characters that weren’t entirely ridiculed / pushed to the sidelines it had, that was revolutionary.
tos went and said: “hey, women are people too! women are strong, too!”
for its time, that was revolutionary. 
but today, we need to redefine what revolutionary means. if discovery had blatant sexism, and a character would constantly go and say “hey, that’s bad, women are people too!”, then that would be a step back from what tos did. we are 50 years in the future, after all.

so instead, discovery shows what equality/feminism looks like. by giving us a ton of diverse female characters. by having random background characters be female. and by not having anyone remark upon that, because there is nothing to be remarked about.

tos wrote and cast women. discovery wrote and cast people.
tos made revolutionary statements. discovery shows revolution. that’s where discovery’s social commentary is. (even though i do hope they do make some statements, don’t get me wrong!)

also, in regards to “but they killed off georgiou and replaced her with a white male captain!” - yes, they did. and they show a massive, massive contrast there. georgiou is kind, calm, straightforward, honest, even loving, a thoroughly likeable character. lorca is twisted, manipulating, scheming, even downright evil on occasion (which makes him a very great kind of villain, which is nice. most villains we have atm are just plain boring - see loki, immortan joe, ares etc).
they gave georgiou the white, male, asshole admiral - and lorca gets the female, not quite asshole admiral. it’s a lovely contrast.
also, notice how lorca, the only (assumed) straight white male of importance on the show, is evil? i don’t know whether that just so happened or whether that’s a conscious choice made by the creators, but … man, it’s nice.
and tilly! the only (assumed) straight white woman of importance - kind of oblivious, tries but does tend to fall short a little bit. there’s a message there. and meanwhile, tilly isn’t even the obvious kind of white woman - in comparison to burnham, she’s a little on the chubby side, and red hair is not what we commonly imagine for white woman. 
discovery is sending us a ton of messages. we just have to see them. 

also, a lot of tos plots were kind of flawed, don’t you think? they relied on the “savior” storytelling method, which is a trope that is very predominant in our stories. it assumes that in times of trouble, somebody will come save you, speaking words of wisdom, whether it’s jesus, captain kirk, iron man or your politician of choice. popular media (and yes, i’ll count the bible as a popular media because it did and still does influence western culture incredibly much) has always told us that we will be saved. that we are already inherently good, and that after we’ve suffered enough, somebody will come to save us.
a lot of tos plots were exactly like that. kirk and his officers descended onto cultures or groups with “inferior thoughts” and spoke out against that (see for example plato’s stepchildren), effectively “saving” the people.
that’s pretty idealistic. as lovely as the concept of a savior is, it’s just not realistic. when the monsters come, we can’t wait for heroes to fall from the sky and save us. we have to save ourselves. (yes, pacrim. but i like the way they said it). we have to become what we want to be, not talk about how we want it to be. and that’s what discovery is doing far better than tos, in my opinion. yes, tos was a different time period, i know, i get that, but so many people complain about discovery in comparison to tos, while discovery is going places tos never did.
tos said “it should be like this”. in discover it is like that. and that’s pretty damn great.

tl;dr: discovery is pretty damn cool and also the least sexist piece of media i have ever encountered.

thoughts anyone?

Avex will be offering Dandevi merch on their booth for AGF2017, which this year’s theme for these boys is “airlines”.

Of course, this is also to celebrate the release of Fortuna as Marius is pictured right there in the middle, as well. All in all, I think the roles they all have kinda fit according to their personalities (at least that’s what I think so).

But, my Mage bias is strong on this one.

Like, uhm… for starters, I’m always pleased when the characters designers and illustrators’ give him different hairstyles besides his normal one.

But… the one-piece mechanic suit.

How… why… did they knew that…


Not that I needed the mental image right now, thankyouverymuch… but… *sweats* it’s not like I haven’t been really into designing and creating an OC that does use this as he is a (motorcycle) mechanic, who happens to be partly inspired in the guy who voices this dork…

Hahah…hah… ha.


[Becoming close to Ozymandias is to gain a true ally. His loyalty is absolute, and he does not often break promises unless necessary. It is a often a long road to reach such a point since though he may be able to respect the brutality of an enemy or the determination of another’s heart as they stare him down, he oftentimes does not trust others. He doesn’t trust his Masters other than trusting in their desires for the Grail, or whatever purpose they called out to him from the void that is the Throne of Heroes until they prove he can do so (like Ritsuka, for example), and this is the same for Servants as well — at least when working with them has to be done such as during events in Grand Order. He’ll trust them to destroy their enemies, but as for sitting and sharing deep thoughts with them? No. He might share a piece of himself, but it is only a piece meant to inspire trust from them rather than the other way around. The larger picture is not shown unless that person can fully earn it. However, there are those that can get close to him in a way that feels effortlessly compared to others, although this is due to their honest and reliable natures.]
Like Real People Do - Chapter 14 - xiaq - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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V magazine does ask Kent about the shoes.

It’s supposed to be a puff piece in an online series about the average every-day life of Vegas superstars, and at least the reporter spends the first fifteen minutes on questions about his actual every-day life first, which was frankly longer than Kent anticipated.

“So,” the guy says, his smile both too wide and too white. “As I’m sure you’re aware, you were responsible for the hashtag #treatyobro trending on twitter yesterday. You want to talk about what prompted your tweet?”

A copy of said tweet is projected on the screen behind them.

Kent glances at it briefly before responding.

“Well, I bought my friend Eli some shoes as a thank you for taking care of me when I was injured a few weeks back. The tweet was in response to an Instagram post Eli made with a picture of the shoes—you can see it there. I thought a lot of the comments on his post were kind of messed up and I just wanted to call people out, I guess.”

“Well,” the interviewer says, still grinning broadly. “I think buying Louboutins for  your ‘bro’”—and you can totally hear him using verbal quotes the way he says it, gross,— “is a little different than buying, say, Converse or Jordans or something.”

“Yeah,” Kent says, intentionally missing the point. “They’re a lot more expensive, for sure. But like, I don’t think you understand how terrible I am to be around when I’m hurt. Converse would not have been enough for the shit he put up with. Not to mention that he cleaned Kit’s litter box for four days.

The interviewer laughs like they’re sharing a joke. Which they’re not.

Kent doesn’t laugh.

“So” the guy says, a little awkwardly. “Buying them for him didn’t make you uncomfortable?”

“No? Why would it?”

“Because they’re…women’s shoes?”

“They’re Eli’s shoes,” Kent says with studied blankness. “I bought them for Eli. And he’s a man. So I think they’re men’s shoes, in this case.”

The reporter doesn’t seem to know what to do with this.

“Look,” Kent says. “I don’t get what the big deal is. I’m really grateful for Eli’s friendship and his help and I knew they’d make him happy. Which. I bought Swoops a watch for his birthday over the summer that was worth four times as much. With like. Diamonds and shit. He put it all over his Instagram then and nobody cared.”

“You don’t think that’s different?” the reporter asks, his smile getting a little pinched.

“No,” Kent lies, thinking about Eli dancing in his kitchen the night before: the arch of his feet in the shoes, the distinct cut of his calf muscles, the twist of his narrow hips grinding to a low base beat, the glow of the Vegas skyline behind him.

“Not at all.”

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I'm having huge problems with male leadership/female submission in marriage. I've read almost everything (including TOB), but I don't find it to help aaatt all. I'm not even a feminist or anything (or at least what it has become) so I don't get it? It makes avoid devout catholic men which is so weird because I am a practicing catholic


I totally understand. I have three pieces of advice:

1. Keep reading (I recommend this post in particular).

2. Read all of Ephesians 5:21-33 (Especially verses 21, 25, 28-29).

3. Pray about it.

Ask God to help you understand and follow Him. It’s difficult to follow His design for marriage when we’re surrounded by secular messages, but His way is truly best.

Prayer is my biggest piece of advice to you, especially since you have already done a lot of reading on this topic.

I’m praying for you, too. God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

Today, I’d like to share some fascinating facts about clouds.

Clouds are made up of *redaction beep*.

Rain clouds are formed when *redaction beep* air.

When the density of the humid air, aka the cloud, comes *redaction beep*,

that’s when it rains.

Lightning is *redaction beep*.

And it’s important to *redaction beep* can kill you.

Or at least cause a great deal of body-altering pain and regret.

But take some time to stop and look at the clouds.

They are beautiful, wondrous creations.


I’ve just been handed a piece of red paper by one of the Sheriff’s Secret Police officers.

[I can tell that’s what he was because of his short cape, blow dart chest belt, and tight leather balaclava.]

Dear listeners,

I’ve been told to inform you that you are to stop looking at the clouds immediately.

Stop knowing about the clouds.

Intern Stacy tells me in my headset here that they’ve also been censoring my broadcast.


I back our public protectors.

And if they say to stop knowing about… whatever it was I was talking about,

then I’ll stop knowing about it.

breaking news: local artist tries to draw ex-cult man, and fails miserably

probably the only headline ill ever make tbh-

ok so i got some new markers, and i finally found a way to make them work at least a little and im so proud of myself, so here’s my first piece of art with my new markers!!

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Hello, I like yours tumble so much, I helps me a lot!! But can I ask something? So my problems is I am not Native speaker and I don't have good grammar.. I was wondering do you have any advice or any solutions that I can apply to help me? Since I love reading and put out my "wild" fantasy. Sorry for long post...

Thanks for the love! (And this is in no way a long post, I’ve had one person submit two asks to continue their question, which was also okay since it was only two. You’re fine and thanks for submitting!)

I can only give the same advice that I give to anyone looking to improve grammar: classes, self-teaching, and/or more reading authors in English. (I stress authors as opposed to online work because you at least know that a traditionally published piece of work has gone through a professional editor that’s there to catch grammar mistakes.)

I will say that creative writing doesn’t have to follow hard grammar rules, though. It’s a type of informal writing, so as long as your sentence meaning is clear, you’re usually okay. There’s a difference between:

“Tell the visitor that they’re welcome to come in.” (Technical plural subject issue, but okay since “they” is colloquially acceptable for referring to a person of unspecified gender.)


“I go to the store and I bought milk.” (Tense issue, confusing for time of action.)

It can also help to write something and get a critique! Since you know what your issue is, you’ll be prepared to hear and and won’t feel bad at the “fix this” tone because you want to improve. 

Sorry I can only point you in the direction of other things, but good luck with your grammar!

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You said before that it isn't necessary to stick to just one lolita style all the time and i was wondering if you do personally or if you wear more than one style? What kind of things do you wear when you aren't wearing lolita?

I usually stick to more Gothic things or if I do branch into other styles I at least prefer to wear dark colors. I do have some very Sweet pieces that I wear occasionally but not very often because I find that pastels just don’t suit me well. Outside of Lolita I’m not sure what I would call my look. It’s something that the average person might call goth but most goths probably wouldn’t? Haha I guess I just like to have a somewhat spooky vibe that’s also casual and comfy but sometimes a little nerdy too. Black jeans and a shirt with skulls or bats on it is a pretty typical look for me.

as it stands now, the one closest to figuring out that shiro is a clone is actually lance.

hear me out-

everyone else seems completely oblivious so far. maybe keith is slightly suspicious of the circumstances behind shiro returning –he spends a lot of time trying to reason his way through it– but he doesnt question that this is real shiro. even when shiro uncharacteristically and repeatedly shuts him down, he doesn’t ever stop to consider whether this is actually shiro. (keith thinks shiro’s criticism is his own fault, but that’s another topic entirely.)

lance has noticed something off about him from the beginning, even if he isn’t yet sure what it is.

otherwise, he would have gone to shiro with his insecurities in s3, not keith. keith even asks lance why he decided to go to him, specifically. 

lance says, “well, i mean, you’re the leader now, right?” but idk, that doesnt really sound like an entirely convincing reason to me.

and then in the last episode- lance says they need to get out off of naxzela, but shiro shuts him down and it. pisses. lance. off. shiro dismissing lance puts voltron in danger- it puts the entire team in danger. when they get back in their lions he literally growls. he is that frustrated.


i think that’s the moment when lance realizes that shiro (regardless of whether he’s the real one or not) is not the right leader for voltron. keith would have listened to him. even though we haven’t had much of a chance to see keith really lead voltron, from what we have seen in s3 e5, he is much more responsive to the team’s input than shiro is. and now lance realizes that. now lance knows that shiro isn’t the right leader for the team- at least not right now.

i want him to side with keith. i want lance to start keeping a more critical eye on shiro. and over time, i want him to notice all the little things shiro/kuron does that don’t add up. i really want lance to be the first to figure out. and the way things have gone, i think he’s already starting to piece it together. 


You sinners, drop everything
Let that harmony ring
Up to Heaven and sing
Sing, you sinners

so this game is pretty neat

(that’s an understatement)

(this game is really really neat)