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Hello! Based on a lot of requests and positive reactions, I am looking to commission some pieces from my designs! This would be a paid commission/collaboration.

So what I’m looking for is a seamstress who has at least 5+ years experience under their belt. Someone who has a portfolio or something that can showcase their work. Also possibly professional references or a website. (Please understand I need to make sure someone can be trusted with this big project especially since I would like to put good money into professional quality clothing). I need someone who understands this style and aesthetic and has great knowledge of construction and textiles. All questions and negotiations will be discussed privately.

Privately message me for serious interest ONLY.

Please reblog to get the word out, thank you so much everyone!

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… A Hand in Everything.

Our spacesuits are built up from various piece parts, torso, arms with sizing rings, legs with sizing rings, boots, helmet, and gloves. The variation of the different pieces allows the engineers to construct a suit from generic hardware that fits, or at least come as close as they can make it. One of the most important elements of a spacesuit are our gloves. They are the only piece tailored specifically for us. Spacewalking is a bit of a misnomer on the International Space Station, since we don’t do any walking. We are floating and have to use our hands as the means for moving ourselves from place to place. This sped up example of one of my pool runs demonstrates this form of space “walking.”

With the increased pressure of the suit (to protect our bodies from the vacuum of space) and all the operations with our hands, it can be very fatiguing. Hence, the custom gloves allow us to work for longer periods of time, with much more dexterity for repairs.  

How do you make custom gloves?

Bobby Jones literally had a hand in everything, because his work included making my space suit gloves. He noted that “as part of the process, we traveled to Houston to make casts of the astronaut’s hands for use in the design process. The hand casts are very life like.  When I had these hands all over my office it looked like a zombie movie, where the dead are coming back to life and digging their way out of the ground.”

This scary looking hand looks familiar! Using the hand molds, the engineers make the design requirements for each aspect of the glove. They determine the EXACT dimensions that are required in order to have the knuckles bend in just the right places, with just enough spacing to allow the hands to flex more easily, but snug enough to provide the needed dexterity.

Then with those very precise patterns, the fingers and palm are hand-sewn within tenths of millimeters of margin!

Olga Bustos is shown sewing the fingers of a glove. She has been sewing gloves since the Apollo days and even participated in the construction of Apollo era space suits.  

The space suit has to be pressure-tight. In other words, while working in the vacuum of space, we don’t want any leaks! The inner lining of the suit is cut according to a very specific pattern and then the pieces are heat sealed together to form the barrier that protects us from the vacuum. You can see the yellow inner bladder being heat sealed by Whitney Lowery. You might be surprised that her degree is in fashion design!

There are other layers of protective material over the inner bladder, which is why you see the white fabric on the outer surface.

Fun facts you may not have known about spacesuits: The space suit weights 250 lbs with the backpack. 

The suit components come in sizes like medium, large and extra-large. (Females have to work that much harder in a spacesuit because of all the extra room).

The suits are all hand sewn on old sewing machines.

The gloves take 14 months to design and build.

Engineering is a good start, but they don’t teach space suit design in college. Get exposed to as many things as possible if you want to work on spacesuits someday.

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So, when I was in 7th grade, my English teacher had to have major emergency surgery, so she was out for half the year. They brought in one of the retired high school English teachers for our long term sub (seemed like a good idea). He walked in on the first day of class and said “My name is Stowe…but you can call me God.” He refused to answer to his name for the next 3 months. He also spent an entire class period telling us dumb blonde jokes. I’m talking an entire double period, so this was at least two hours. We did no work in that class; he’d let us read/not read whatever we wanted. Didn’t make us work on our portfolio pieces (which was a big deal in 7th grade 🙄). I have never seen a teacher more pissed off than mine was when she got back. She had a screaming match with him in the hall. It was hilarious. I also had this same sub my freshman year for English. That English teacher had the most obnoxious timer that he used every class period. He referenced that timer in the instructions. Stowe looked at it. Looked at the window. Looked at it again and then launched it out the window. He looked at the class and said “who wants pizza? I bet we could tie it to a rope and pull it up through the window.” It actually worked. He was the best sub ever.

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Honestly this "it had to be ~someone like you~" just made me cringe.. I guess in straight people land this is an acceptable reaction for a father meeting his daughter's gf/so but I just.. ew?

yeah it was definitely not the best choice of words lol, but i also know there’s speculation that it’s like, a jeremiah imposter? like someone/thing from cadmus pretending to be him?? so idk. i’m not jumping to conclusions just yet, but hopefully the rest of the scene is better than that bit haha

Dear YOI merchandisers, 

Mila is in a lot of episodes of the series. I get it, she’s a girl and this show is popular with an audience that generally buys merchandise of male characters. But like, who doesn’t like Mila?? She’s impossible to dislike. Could we at least get at least one or two pieces of merchandise of her? There’s literally 137 pieces of merchandise listed on my figure collection featuring Seung Gil and 112 featuring Michele for example, and the former has less screentime than her (he has so little!) and the latter is less popular than her (even in Japan tbh), but characters like them keep getting piled in merchandise and I don’t get it. Just a little something for Mila? Even an acknowledgement or two in official art would be nice…

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What things Mycroft holds in his suitcase?

Lots of useful things.

There’s hard copies of whatever documents he may need for the meetings he has to attend,

Expensive pens (at least 3)for signing things,

Some moist wipes in case of emergencies,

energy bar,

Feminine products in case Anthea or some other lady needs a spare,


a notepad,


some Band-Aids,

breath mints,

a tracking device incase he gets kidnapped,

a phone charger,

a comb,

a gun that he can piece together in case things go to shit,

a picture of his family,

and an extra phone battery.

Episode 4. $69 Lunch ~Mistress

A/N: Based off of episode 5, $57 Lunch. Whenever there’s a part that involves Courtney I have to do actual research. Kinda wish we had Tim Tams in the US, they sound yummy. Like seriously you have no idea how helpful the feedback is–it’s incredible and keep it coming because I am an insecure piece of shit.

Summary: The Thunderfucks seek out Adore the New Girl to recruit her to their side by offering to buy her lunch. They seriously underestimated Adore’s appetite.

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Name for my violin please? :D It was previously owned and I've had it for five years but somehow it still hasn't broken into twelve pieces.

maybe steve? at least consider the name

Just wanted to let you know that this site is a lot prettier than the official one! Good work!

All credit goes to the theme maker, we’re just using what they made! Thanks though! And haha at least Shoma’s official website is pretty easy to navigate, that’s what’s most important.

re: the alternative costume…i bet it was a laundry issue!! (i mean, it happens) I’ve also enjoyed all of his EX pieces so much. I loved see you again, in that it’s nice to see him relaxed and joyful, like he was really eager to go home to his family! Love everything you post and thanks.

I’ve heard this theory (that Shoma’s other costumes are being cleaned after 4CC) from other fans too, but I guess we’ll never know the real reason he changed costumes. I totally believe him when he says he just felt like it. Seems like something he would do. Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog!

Can’t get through with the live stream! Can you suggest any other sites?

Streaming info for AWG can be seen here. The ones on the Sapporo 2017 website worked very well for me, and they don’t have commentary. If none of the streams in that post work for you, CCTV 5 is also airing most of AWG, but I’ve never encountered very reliable streams for CCTV 5. You can search it up yourself though.

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You just have to love her extra hard when she comes back upstairs :) I'm sure it's fine.

Yes, I will.  I miss her.  I have a lot of things planned for when she is finally back with us.  I want to take her to the part and the cafe.  I have been composing a little piece for her, which I want to play to see if she likes it.  I have some new sea life videos to show her, and ordered her some new books and toys which should be here by Monday.  We will have lots of things to explore.

I suspect that she will spend the first day, at least, expressing her displeasure with us.  Which is fair, as I’m sure she doesn’t understand why we had to have her away from us for so long.

while it deeply pained me to see Luffy being reduced to such a state…

this once again demonstrates the extent of Luffy’s resolve and how far he would go simply for the sake of his nakama. but seriously, please don’t ever let this boy nearly starve himself to death again…


pharah closet cosplay i whipped together? idk i was bored. my bangs are shit but hey…..

also someone please be my mercy and i’ll give u smooches thank u