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Okay okay okay so I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER ! 

I HATED that jacket. Seriously. Despised it.

It’s highly symbolic, in the same way that Clarke’s Season 3 costume was highly symbolic. That guard jacket? It makes Bellamy a follower. Even though he isn’t, and we know he isn’t, a guard is a soldier, and a soldier follows orders. We saw how following orders went for Bellamy in Season 3 and it wasn’t nice.

But Bellamy’s character arc this season was all a lead-up to him eventually leaving Clarke behind on Earth and becoming a leader in his own right, on the Ark 2.0. HOWEVER, in order to become that fully rounded leader, first he had to learn how to rely less on his heart, and 413 showed us the progression and “completion” (let’s be honest, a character’s arc is never actually complete but moving on) of that development.

It is NO coincidence that we see Bellamy holding the bottle that Jaha - the Chancellor of the Ark - left behind in space. It is called “The Baton”. Symbolically, the baton of leadership has been passed from Jaha on to Bellamy (at least in space).

And you know what major piece of Bellamy’s costume the past two seasons was missing?

Exactly. That fucking horrible guard jacket.

I doubt they would have brought that in the rocket. It makes sense that Bellamy would have left the symbol of him as a follower behind on Earth … for it to burn. 

Bellamy has ascended the role of being just a soldier, and officially moved on as the leader (even if it’s technically unofficial, yet accepted fact among the space squad) of a new caste - not Sky People, not Grounders, but his TRUE people: the remainder of the delinquents, and the outcasts.

Studio Tours- A BATIM Drabble

A drabble based off something I saw while going through @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU stuff for the thirteen thousandth time. They said that Bendy was good with kids so I figured, why not make a story out of it? That being said it’s more a mini-fic than anything. It’s certainly shorter than the last two things I wrote for it. Hope you enjoy anyways!

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Creature Appreciation: Until Dawn Wendigo

It seems like I’m on a bit of a kick right now, so I’m gonna talk about another horror related creature: Until Dawn’s Wendigo!

The Wendigo are a creature hailing from Native American folklore, a spirit that possesses humans with a hunger so ravenous that they turn on their own kin, becoming cannibals. Of course if you ask pop culture, this makes them some kind of bizarre deer man, but this isn’t really a thing in the original folklore. Wendigo look like humans. Albeit humans that look like they’ve gone a good few years without food, but still, no deer man.

I go into this because Until Dawn is pretty much the only thing I’ve seen that actually gets them right, or at least gets it closer than any other piece of pop culture does. The Wendigo of Until Dawn are just what they’re supposed to be, monsters that were once human, infected by a spirit that turns them into cannibals. They look frail and emaciated, but they are actually extremely fast and strong. These aren’t nearly humans that went insane, or people who did what they had to do to survive. These are monsters. Admittedly tragic monsters, as they have no control over their insatiable hunger, but monsters nonetheless.

The Wendigo are wondrous in Until Dawn, being truly terrifying antagonists, with one in particular being a rather large spoiler that I won’t get into just in case you haven’t seen it. You really should, it’s a fantastic game, giving homage to classic horror tales, with some interesting twists and turns in the story. Hell, the Wendigo themselves kind of count as a spoiler, as there is no hint to their presence I’m the game! Instead, there are hints dropped, and false leads leading to the wrong conclusion. Like I said, it’s pretty great​!

Now, there is one flaw to the Until Dawn Wendigo, one thing that isn’t really a part of the folklore it’s a part of. They’re blind. They track by sound and scent, which, let’s be honest, if they could see the entire cast would have been dead in seconds. But still, it’s only a single flaw in the depiction, and when the usual flaw is turning them into DEER MEN, I think Until Dawn can be forgiven for such a small one.

a scenario where ace s/o tells him that she’s pregnant? ❤ thank u ❤

A/N: Writersblock is being a lil poophead atm so I tried to write at least soMETHING…… this is it…. thank you for requesting 💗💗

s/o tells Ace they’re pregnant

Loud voices echoed happily through the whole ship. People were laughing, dancing, drinking and just having a great time at the deck of the Moby Dick. The sun was was about to set, warm colors of orange and red now painting the sky in beautiful harmony.

You were seated somewhere on the deck and watched your family celebrate, a glass of water sitting in front of you. Normally you’d be in between everyone, dancing and drinking into the night, but not today. Today was a important, maybe even too important. You glance at your dark haired boyfriend laughing with one of your friends and sigh.

A few of your crew mates had arrived back from a mission today, which had took about three weeks. That also was the reason for the celebration, but you couldn’t really focus on that. Exactly three weeks ago, after the mission had started, you had started to feel weird, started to feel things you weren’t too familiar with.

Your back suddenly hurt, you got nauseous a lot, felt very sick in the morning and to your surprise, you got exhausted quickly. Way to quick for someone like you, someone who fought at the frontside of the Whitebeard pirates, someone who was not weak.  You couldn’t really explain what was going on at first, just too confused with your body. Normally you would talk about it with your lover, Ace, but said man had just left for the following days. After exactly two days with pain, you couldn’t bear it anymore though. You had walked into the doctors office angrily, already out of breath from the short distance, and asked for help, for medicine, for something. What you got from the doctors however, shocked you extremely.

“Ah, why do you look so grumpy, little one?” Thatch asks, ripping you away from your thoughts. His brown hair seemed to shine under the light of the sunset. “You’ve been gripping onto this weak glass of water for over an hour now, where’s the beer?” He laughs wholeheartedly. “Ain’t no party without beer, sweetie.”

You open your mouth, about to say something, when a big glass of alcohol was sat down on the table. A familiar smell arounds you as an warm arm sneakily gets around your shoulders. “Are you flirting with my woman, cook?” Ace teases, a big grin plastered on his face. “Because you better not be!”

Thatch grins right back at the freckled man, all while you feel yourself become more and more uncomfortable in this situation. You had yet to tell someone about your… well, situation. You had begged the doctors to keep quiet and even though they had felt bad, they tried their best to keep your secret for themselves. It wasn’t like you didn’t want your crew to know, it was just… you wanted Ace to know first. It was his child, after all.

“Well, you were gone for quite some time now, weren’t you? Maybe things happened.”, the cook winks at you and leaves the both of you alone. You could hear your boyfriend laugh quietly to himself, then you felt him push you closer towards him. “Ah, I missed you, Y/N.”

He looks at you with warm eyes and you feel your heart jump in your chest. Suddenly, you feel like you can’t breath anymore. “I-I missed you too.”, you stutter and smile at him, or at least you try.

“Are you okay? You look like something’s wrong.” Ace murmurs and pushes a strand of hair behind your ear. You stare at him for a long second, then you take a deep breath.

“Ace… I think we should talk.”

He pushes his head back and musters you surprised, mouth open. “This does not sound good… but, like now?”

You nod and stand up, chewing on your bottom lip in worry. You can’t help but be scared, this was not something that happened often. This was not something that was supposed to happen, you were a pirate after all!

You grab your lovers hand, feeling a bit of comfort at the warmth and walk to the very end of the deck, where it’s much quieter and less people are present. You let go of his hand and keep walking, the beat of your heart increasing incredibly.

“You’re scaring me.” He says and laughs nervously. “Is this the moment where you tell me, thatch was right and you guys really had something going on last few days?” Ace jokes, but you know, some part of him actually is scared of your answer.

“What? No!”, you say and shake your head. “I wouldn’t do that, stop being ridiculous.” You can’t help but smile at him and you feel like, that was the right thing to do. Ace visibly relaxes and you feel yourself calm down a bit too, but still not enough to catch the right words for your announcement.

You gulp and take a deep breath. This is the moment, you think to yourself, this is going to be the moment where everything will change. Not helping yourself, you think of the worst scenario. What if he doesn’t want this child? What if he doesn’t want you anymore after this? What if he’s mad at you? You know, Ace would never react to you like that, ever. But you just can’t help it, you simply can’t.

“Hey,” His soft voice lulls you back to reality. “It’s okay, just tell me.”

“I am…”, you stare right into his eyes. This is it. This is the moment. “I am pregnant, Ace.”

The sky is now completely dark and throughout the whole ship, lights are turned on. Lamp after lamp is switched on, the darkness slowly turning into a shining atmosphere. The ship glows in the sea like a star in the galaxy and you feel like, it’s the perfect description for what you see in your lovers eyes.

It’s a mixture between happiness, admiration, confusion and concern. It’s clearly visible, that he feels overwhelmed and you feel your eyes get wet. You bite your lip and try your best to get a grip on yourself.

“You’re…. what?” He asks, needing to hear it twice. You repeat your words with a shaky voice and glance at the floor.

A few long seconds pass and neither of you speak. You feel bad for telling him now, after he hadn’t been back home for a day, but you had to tell him.

“I’m sorry, Ace, I-”

And then you feel his arms around you, hugging you tightly. The warmth that spreads through your body is unexplainable, it’s the feeling of finally being home, finally able to breath and finally there where you belong. “I can’t believe it… I’m so happy, Y/N…”

He grabs your face in his hands and stares at you with wet eyes. “Is it… my child?”

“Ace!”, you can’t help but laugh. Your feelings are a mess, you are sure you’re about to get an heart attack from how fast your heart is beating, but yet, you laugh in delight at his words. He is happy! “Yes, of course it’s yours.”

“Oh god, I’m going to be a father… me,” He shakes his head. “That’s crazy…. woah.”

You agree with him, it sure was crazy. “I’m scared though.” You whisper to him and touch his hands softly with yours.

“I’m scared too, Y/N. I’m the son of…” He whispers back and stares into the distance. “It wont easy for our child, I’m not necessarily a good choice of father, but-”

“What? You not being a good choice? That’s ridiculous, you will be a great father, Ace!“, you say, hurt by him saying those things about himself. “You’re so much more than just the son of Roger, you’re a loved part of this family, you’re a Whitebeard pirate, you’re the second division commander and you’re going to be a great dad, an amazing dad! You’re so much more, Ace, and I love-”

He leans down and presses his lips against yours, stopping your rambling. “I love you too.”, he smiles softly. “We have our family; oyaji and the others… we can do it.”

You nod yet again and this time, you smile from ear to ear. He pecks your lips once, twice, thrice, so many times, you forget to count. The both of you stand together for a long time, holding each other and whispering sweet nothings into the night.

Ace was going to be a great father. Yes, he might had a few things to learn, but so had you. You both had each other and your family, that was everything that mattered.

(Modern AU) Having a crush on Jasper Jordan would include

Originally posted by tommensbaratheons

  • you being a new student of this school
  • and sitting next to this boy who wears goggles, who caught your eye since day one
  • thinking he just noticed you as “the new girl”
  • your heart always beating a little faster at the sound of his voice -which happened a lot since you sat next to him-
  • always laughing at the jokes he told
  • and at anything stupid he did
  • like the day he was throwing some pieces of paper on the hair of the boy who sat in front of him
  • and you, seeing this, started chuckling
  • and then he looked at you and a grin appeared on his lips as he put one of his fingers on his mouth to ask for silence
  • staring at him
  • you smiling at him every time he looked at you
  • wishing you could at least be friends with him because, after all, he seemed to be a nice guy
  • but not knowing how to approach him
  • until the day his best friend (who was the same boy sitting in front of him) missed school
  • and he asked if you wanted to sit in Monty’s place so you could talk
  • spending all the classes talking and getting to know each other
  • Jasper making you laugh all day
  • you thinking, the next day, Jasper wouldn’t talk to you anymore, since Monty had went to school
  • but the moment you entered the classroom, he greeted you cheerfully -which he didn’t do before- and introduced you properly to his best friend
  • you getting super happy when he called you to spend lunch time with them
  • after that, you became good friends
  • you managing to not get so nervous around him
  • loving his goggles
  • asking him if you could wear it once, which he happily accepted
  • being enough to make Monty start calling you “goggle girl”
  • asking for help in chemistry for Jasper, even when you weren’t having difficulty
  • not paying much attention to his explanation because you would be too busy paying attention to him
  • Jasper playfully flirting with you and you always blushing when that happened
  • thinking of him at random moments
  • “Okay, but this show is so good. Does Jasper like it? It would be nice to talk to him about it.”
  • you making some other friends at school
  • and telling them about your crush on him
  • “Who? Goggle boy? I never thought I would hear that in my life.“
  • they letting you sigh and tell them how amazing you thought he was
  • just enjoying talking about Jasper
  • and saying his name
  • "Jasper Jordan. What a wonderful name, don’t you think?”
  • your heart racing every time you heard the name ‘Jasper’
  • being invited to hang out with him and Monty
  • “It was just making some new friends for you to forget about us, sugar.”
  • being happy that he seems to miss your company
  • Jasper starting to call you to spend lunch time with them and you obviously accepting
  • your friends getting upset about it, but that was the perfect opportunity to tease you
  • “Oh, look who we have here. Monty, (Y/N) and- Wow, Jasper Jordan. What a wonderful name, don’t you think?”
  • but your friends never told Jasper that you liked him
  • they told Monty
  • you not understanding why he seemed so excited to know that
  • begging him not to tell Jasper
  • and then he telling you that Jasper also had the biggest crush on you too
  • “And he kept talking about the pretty new girl who sat next to him and always laughed at what he did. He was way too nervous to talk to you.”
  • Monty promising not to say anything to Jasper because he wanted you to tell him
  • him making up an excuse and leaving you and Jasper alone at the lunch time the next day
  • you being a nervous mess
  • Jasper noticing that and asking you if there was something wrong
  • “I like you.”

  • him looking genuinely surprised and shocked for a moment before a big smile widened on his lips
  • “Are you serious?”
  • being his turn to be a nervous mess
  • but him going forward to kiss you
  • his first kiss
  • him pressing his lips on yours and putting his hands awkwardly on your waist
  • him pulling away with a embarrassed but happy smile
  • “I like you too.”

Welcome to our No White Saviors Allowed, a Big Bang challenge for The 100 characters of color!

As we all know, the show has a terrible track record when it comes to treating characters of color, so we figured they deserve some love from the fandom at the very least. Also, we haven’t done anything together for almost a year, and we never had a lot of long fic, so let’s dive into it!

1. What is a Big Bang?

A Big Bang is a challenge for writers who want to produce longer pieces of fiction, and for writers who want to do fun collabs. Here is how it will go: on the 1st of June, we will open sign-ups. Everyone who wants to write will have three weeks to send us a brief summary of the story they want to write, plus the estimated length of the story. Length will come in two categories: 5k - 15k words (we will call that Mini Bang), or above 15k words (we will call that Big Bang).

On June 21st, we will post all the received summaries, and everyone who wants to make art (by which we mean: fanart, graphics, gifset, fanmix, fanvid) will be able to declare which author they want to collaborate with. If the author agrees with the match, it’s first come, first served. From that moment, you will be working together on producing a story + art that correspond in some way.

As the challenge progresses, there will be check-ins for you to talk about how you’re doing, ask for help, find support if you get stuck. Writing long fic is a lot of work, and you will be required to post it all in one go – no splitting into chapter! The only people who get earlier sneak peeks are your beta readers and your artist.

When the deadline comes, we will ask for everyone to send in their stories via email to make sure everything is in place. Every story and accompanying art will get a separate posting date, to make sure everyone has a chance to shine!

1. Schedule

Writer sign-ups start: June 1st

Writer sign-ups end: June 21st

Artist sign-ups start: June 22nd

Artis sign-ups end: June 30th

Stories to be finished (Mini Bang): September 21st

Stories to be finished (Big Bang): October 21st

First story posted: September 25th

2. Sign-ups

In order to sign up as a writer, you just need to click submit button, and send us the following: your name, the main characters / ships of your story, a one-paragraph summary of what you want to write, and an indication whether you’ll be doing a Mini Bang (5k-15k words), or a Big Bang (over 15k words). The content of your sign-up is not a secret, you can discuss it with anybody and even post it publicly on your blog.

In order to sign up as an artist, you need to click submit button, and send us the following: your name, the summary of the story you want to do art for, and an indication of the art form (fanart, gifs, edits, fanvid, fanmix, etc.). You can send up to 3 sign-ups at once, in case you don’t get your first choice.

All the main characters in your story need to be characters of color. You can write gen fic or shippy stuff, all ratings allowed, but if you write ships, please remember that none of the characters involved can be white. So, for example. Raven/Anya – go. Anya/Lexa – no go.

3. Assigning collab partners

So, as you already noticed, a Big Bang is a collab challenge done by a writer and an artist. An artist can choose up to 3 stories at once. When you send us a message saying which story you want to work with, and you were the first to claim that story, we’ll ask the writer if it’s okay. If they say yes, congratulations – you are Big Bang buddies now! You can start working and planning together straight away. If not, or if you were too late, we will ask your second choice, then third.

(If you can’t get matched with anyone even after that, we will think of a solution, but it’s very unlikely to happen – Big Bangs usually struggle with there not being enough artists.)

If you are a writer who didn’t get an artist, we will do our best to find you someone, but it might happen you’ll end up on your own. If that’s the case, we’ll message you to talk about some kind of a solution.

4. Beta readers

You can have a beta reader to help you work on your fic. In fact, we encourage you to find one. It can be anyone you want. If you have trouble finding a beta reader, please feel free to advertise by making a text post titled “beta reader wanted” and tagging it “nws big bang”. If this doesn’t work, please send us a message. We’ll help.

5. Check-ins

Once every two-three weeks, there will be a check-in going around, where we ask you how you’re doing, and invite you to maybe share tiny snippets of your writing, or ask for advice / encouragement. Just try not to post more than, like, 100-200 words worth of snippets during a check-in. We still want your work to be mostly a surprise.

6. Posting

Each collab pair will be assigned a posting date after September 25th for Mini Bang, after October 25th for Big Bang – so that the people writing longer stories get more time to work on them. The exact schedule will depend on the amount of people signing up, but each pair will get at the very least their own day to shine. As we are nearing posting date, there will be more detailed instructions for how to post.

7. Crossovers

It’s your party, chase your bliss. Just remember that the main focus of your story need to be characters of color from The 100.

8. Questions

If you have any questions, please message ravenbells. Yes, even if they’re stupid questions. Yes, even if it feels like you’re asking about something you should know. She is inhumanly patient, and also ridiculously excited about this challenge. Just to pre-empt some of the questions that will probably pop up:

When can I start writing?

You can start now for all we care. You can even use this challenge to finish a story you have already started on, as long as you produce at least 5k (Mini Bang) or 15k (Big Bang) words of new content, and finish the story.

Can I do more than one story / be an artist for more than one writer?

If you think you can manage, chase your bliss.

What if I need to drop out?

Message us as soon as you know. We need to figure out what to do with your buddy.

(Banner made by Andrea. Please spread the word about the challenge wherever you can!)


I went to the San Francisco MoMa today! I forgot they had the Calder exhibit up and I was so surprised and delighted to see work that I had learned about in class!! That and the Warhol and Krueger pieces absolutely left me starstruck. I left with a lot of new artists to research to say the least

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know where I can get good clutter?

Hi Nonny!

@mio-sims is probably my fave for random clutter. It’s been a bit since they have posted, but if you haven’t been to their page before, you’ll find TONS of great stuff. I’m also a big fan of the clutter and deco items that @peacemaker-ic and @saudade-sims4 include in their sets. And last, but not least, sometimes I will just spend an evening scouring through TSR for some good random pieces! 

Hope that helps!

Pickpocketing Adventures
  • <p> <b>A little backstory:</b> I'm a lv.3 Drow Rogue that has a double proficiency in pickpocketing, resulting in a +9 to my rolls. My party has killed a first boss which we were never supposed to kill, and we were walking away with upwards of 18,000 platnum pieces combined. I rolled shitty on my looting roll, so i only had around five thousand gold.<p/><b>Me:</b> I go up behind the our Druid and swipe her coin purse off of her.<p/><b>DM:</b> Okay, roll to pickpocket.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Rolls a 17* With my plus nine, i have a 26.<p/><b>Whole Table:</b> *is astounded, our teifling druid is very distraught*<p/><b>DM:</b> Alright. Druid, you have to roll at least a 17, 18, or 19 to even slightly feel the weight of your coin purse being taken from you.<p/><b>Druid:</b> *rolls an 11* NO!!<p/><b>Me:</b> *Cackles*<p/><b>DM:</b> You're slightly pushed to the side by your short, Drow companion on her way to the armorsmiths table. You feel a slight carress of your ass and feel a little better about yourself.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Buys mastorwork studded leather armor, a mastorwork dagger, a masterwork rapier, gets Armor enchanted twice, along with the dagger, takes an extra 150 platnum for myself*<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm gonna put it back on her belt.<p/><b>DM:</b> Okay, you approach the Druid who is at the bar drinking a beer. Roll to pickpocket.<p/><b>Me:</b> *rolls a 4* Thirteen.<p/><b>Druid:</b> *Rolls a nat 1*<p/><b>DM:</b> The beer that you're drinking tastes SO GOOD, and after a few sips you're completely shitfaced. You feel another, firmer carress of your ass and turn to see the Rogue standing there. Roll for charisma.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Rolls a 3*<p/><b>Druid:</b> *Rolls a nat 20*<p/><b>The rest of the night:</b> I end up buying her a few more beers and she suspected nothing.<p/></p>

Tagged by my darling wife @quizzikemen or more precisely her art blod @quizzikemenart to post 5 pieces of art I like the most (ahem or dislike the least you mean )

Thankyou babe

Keith, that emo child from voltron

Lenna and Dev my two baby Ocs

Shaahk my DnD Half-Orc lady

Ashlee my space queen OC

And my space prince OC Alexio

There’s a lot of shit that I don’t post (because it’s shit)

but also because I don’t always dare

maybe one day I’ll have the courage to post all the drawings (per fandom maybe, because I also drew Dragon age Fanart, and Megamind fanart, and Voltron fanart, and Haikyuu fanart… etc.. just… a lot of fanart)

One day i will get better at this 

I don’t know who to tag, so I DARE WHOEVER SEES THIS POST TO DO THE SAME!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a least favorite color to work with?

Oh geez like painting wise probably like.. viridian ahaha i just dont know what to do with that color!!!! It’s so….. intense and shocking i dont think ive ever really worked with it in a serious piece O_O

dementla  asked:

Dementia seems to be ripping something up, shaking it about in her mouth. Oh, seems like something was trying to sneak in and steal blueprints from the Doctor. It's a robot, and it's in pieces all over the floor save for whats in her mouth still. / (hi, thought this would be a good first interaciton)

( @dementla )


He hurried over to her, attempting to pull whatever she had out of her mouth. Why did she always have to tear everything up? At least leave it in some working condition so he could recycle it!

I believe this is the first time I draw without a lineart, or at least the first time I do it and I actually like the result. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like the face, but I’m pretty satisfied with the rest of the drawing.

I was trying to draw my Fatwin with some cute clothes, that’s the reference, I just changed a bit the original one. I still have much to learn but it was super fun drawing this one…

Fatwin is based on my fanfic ‘My lovely piece of cake’

endlessraj  asked:

4, 10, 23, 42, and 50 for the writer thing!

Hey Tina 😊 hopefully these answers will post this time instead of privately.

4. Do you have writing habits or rituals?

Hmm. The only things I can think of are; my space has to be quiet at least in the beginning. I can’t write with music usually or anything else that could be super distracting. Sometimes, I can only write after thinking about an outline I have for a specific piece of fiction or plot. Also, I’ve developed a new habit - looking around for quotes to inspire me, sent off something (thanks choicescreates lol).   I also have to have a cup of hot chocolate with me while I’m writing 😊.

10. Pick a writer to co-write a book with and tell us what you’d write about.

Oh gosh I have so many favorites. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a goddess in disguise of a human - I love her witty and sarcastic dialogue and her overall style and Sophia Kinglsey has the perfect amount of sassy, comedic and fascinating writing talent. I dream of co-writing with them.

Otherwise I guess I’ll keep this choices specific. I think my angsty favorites @punexpectedly and @endlessraj - i’d love to collab with them and create something so feelsy and emotional that people will tear up while reading. 

I think I could create something sweet with @storiesbehindyoureyes (I like her style :’) and I think it’d be great to work on something together! @choices-addict (I like what I’ve seen so far and I wish she’d do more) and @visualnovel-lover (her writing snippets are so great -please write moreee)

I’d love to collab with @hollyashton and @choicesmyway again because they’re fantastic writers! 👌 They bring so much life in what they write.

There are others on my list but I’m far too shy to post it here lol :’). Plus I don’t even know if they’d even read this.

23. Single or multi POV, and why? 

Single. It’s easier to immerse yourself inside a character when it’s purely from their perspective. I’ve dabbled in multi POV because sometimes I find it difficult to convey what the other sides are/is feeling without their own input. I mostly prefer a modest single perspective so I can truly get the depth of what’s being portrayed/what I write.

42. How do you figure out your characters looks, personality, etc.

Oh. I really like this question! Usually they’ve sort of begin developing on their own as soon as I think about them. I like to write general character sheets that cover their appearance once they’re inside my head. Personality wise fleshes out when I’ve thought about their background. For eg: One of my MC’s in TF is super jaded and damaged because of her past relationships with her family as well as other people. 

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

Recently I’ve had this idea of a nomad gyspy finding herself on a ship that belongs to a daring and crooked pirate. it’s not very fleshed out; but they basically find themselves on all sorts of adventures with the pirate occasionally trying to throw her off board and abandon her by some dock. In any case have you guessed where this going? ;) Maybe maybe not.

Thanks for the asks Tina 😊 ! @endlessraj


One Piece #783 || Sanji’s Homecoming ! Into Big Mom’s Territory !
Sanji Vinsmoke : “Don’t include me ! I have nothing to do with them !