at least a little bit

little missives from Sheith Hell

¤ all the times shiro acknowledges keith is the better pilot of them

¤ hmmm this asteroid belt looks impossible to cross, keith get in there

¤ hmm that thousand-eyed monster’s lasers are everywhere, keith go play dodge with it

¤ he just knows keith is good and casually trusts him to do the impossible, like, it’s not even a question of whether keith can do it or not, shiro just knows that he can

¤ keith just going “kay” and pulling off these wild, dangerous, nearly deadly stunts without breaking a sweat because he’s that good and it’s second nature to him, but tell me he’s not at least a little bit proud that shiro trusts his skill as a pilot this much

¤ and shiro’s humble and realistic about it, like yeah he’s the leader of their little pack of wolves and the head of voltron and he was the garrison golden boy once, but keith is the better pilot of them, it’s just facts

¤ real talent recognizes and acknowledges and appreciates real talent, is what i’m saying

¤ ace pilot boyfriend crushing on his ace pilot boyfriend’s skills, is what i’m saying 😍

You actually have choices- free to choose what could make you feel happy, contented but there were times you’re picking up the worst. Sometimes you neglect the fact that your choices defines the future you’re upholding. Nothing’s wrong with it but as long as you’re learning, its alright to feel at least a little bit better about the choices you made.
—  dentedheart
Thank you!

Hello everyone! The first Eruri Weekend is over. A big thank you to everyone who participated. I hope it soothed our souls at least a little bit.

See you next time!

P.S. Late entries will be still accepted.

i hate old games (especially the ones that im playing for first time bcs they do not have any nostalgia value for me) because i have been spoiled completely by modern graphics so obviously i often wanna mod them to look at least a little bit more bearable. but the problem is that old games are not exactly the most modding friendly things and they tend to shit themselves and crash 34958 times per sec if you do not do everything perfectly. and the fact that old games do not get very well along with new games does not help at all.

anonymous asked:

hi! hope you don't feel at least a little bit upset bc of the ask that the person wrote, bc sheith is a normal ship out of many reasons and the only excuse for you to feel bad about shipping it is only when you're looking through some angsty content, hehe. have a nice day!!

Not upset at all lovely anon ( ˘ ³˘)❤ thank you for your message, and omg of course ! but I love sh.eith even if it comes with extra angst 😭 haha


I was tagged by @broadcastingbooks,thank ya sweetie! ♥

Countries I’ve lived in:

Czech republic, that’s that little thing between Germany,Poland,Austria and Slovakia if you would not know. :D 
And I lived in UK for like month but that doesn’t count I guess xD

Favorite fandom:

the whole DCEU and then ofc JxHQ

Spoken languages:

Czech-it’s my born language, English and little bit German,but that’s really just few sentences and some vocabulary :D

Favorite 2015 film:

I didn’t like any tbh

3 songs from shuffling my music:

Tear In My Heart by Twenty One Pilots
Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco
Here by Alessia Cara

Last thing you bought online:

Graphic tablet 


I have a huge arachnophobia.

How would your friends describe you:

cute,could actually kill them, drama queen, sometimes pretty messed up, but they still love me because they are the only people I trust at least little bit and they appreciate that. Also I am usually nice to them and funny when I am comfortable :)

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first:

All the pop! vinyl Harley figures that exists xDDD

I tag everyone who wants to do this :) ♥


we cross our bridges as we come to them and burn them behind us,
             with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke,
                            and the presumption that once our eyes watered.

                                       // (★) august evaluations ! one on one

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unabashedtimetravelcandy replied to your post “It has been exactly a year since @peccosbagnaia, @tangerina42 and I…”

Nooo so jealous!! Bambi seems a cute guy to meet. I mean, there are some riders who gives bad vibes, you know? Bambi seems a genuine guy.

He was! Tito was meant to go too but crashed in qualifying (hence Axel being there) so I gave Alex a note to give to him and he promised to try and pass it on. He was so sweet! He was making an effort to talk to everyone at least a little bit, it was lovely. 

Halloween Reverse!verse for dahliasheng

“Cas? Cas? C’mooooooooon.”

Castiel groans and closes his eyes. You’d think that, as an angel, the green-eyed being would be a lot more… angelic. But, in the two months they’ve been working together, Dean has only managed to be a heavenly pain in Castiel’s ass.

He’s curious about everything, spends an inordinate amount of time watching television, and has singlehandedly managed to use up Cas’s monthly data for porn. As if all this isn’t bad enough, the worst angel in the garrison has been hounding him for an entire week about Halloween of all things.

Castiel has, insofar, been successful in ignoring his questions about candy and modern tradition, biting back that if someone hadn’t used up all the data he could search for answers on the internet, but for some reason, Dean has fixated upon the tradition of dressing up. “But why? What’s the point? Cas? Cas? I’m gonna keep asking until you explain it.”

Eventually, Castiel had explained Halloween, costumes and all. Unfortunately, instead of silencing the angel on the matter, Dean had only become more incensed.

Apparently, he really wants to experience Halloween.

Apparently, he needs a costume a do that.

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what I hate the most in my school is my world history teacher.

how, when studying ancient religions, they will make an assumption and say “obviously nobody believes in [Zeus, Odin, etc.] anymore”

how they treat the ancient gods as simple archetypes that were never perceived as being anything but that

how polytheism is treated as a joke.

Sometimes I think and wonder how much of an extraordinary person Lily Evans must have been….I mean, her characterization doesn’t have much to go on, but really, if we analyze it, it’s obvious that she captivated the attention and admiration of so many people; Slughorn adored her, always admiring her cheekiness, bravery and wit + her inexhaustible intelligence. I mean, she really must have been truly a great person for James to chase after her for so long and never find himself capable to shake his feelings for her. Lily Evans was an explosion of personality; she was charming, clever, intelligent, cheeky, kind, caring, vivacious, and seemed to run more on emotion than logistics, despite the fact that she was very smart. I think it’s safe to say that her death was at least a little bit of a blow to her professors and people she met even in mere passing. Remember what Slughorn said from HBL: “Liked her?” said Slughorn, his eyes brimming with tears once more. “I don’t imagine anyone who met her wouldn’t have liked her….Very brave….Very funny….It was the most horrible thing….” She was radiant and always affected the people around her in positive ways. Lily Evans is everything someone should aspire and hope to be. She’s such a wonderful, lovely character and I desperately wish there was more that we knew about her.

Just a friendly reminder that idols don’t owe their fans anything except mutual respect (notice I said mutual). They should have every right to do everything that a normal person does without being scrutinized, which includes being able to date freely without it being blown up as a huge scandal and being attacked, being able to walk freely and peacefully out on the streets without being stalked and followed, not getting attacked for not smiling for 0.01 seconds and have the right to at least a little bit of privacy. These are just basic rights every human being should have and I really hope kpop fans learn to understand this soon.