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someone else’s shoes. chapter one.

pairing: ladynoir / adri(e)nette

chapter: 1/?

rating: t

summary: hawkmoth, as per usual, creates a new villain – one that may cost ladybug and chat noir their biggest secrets. 

notes: i got this idea kind of from the trend going around where ladybug and chat swap kwamis – although i toyed with it a bit and this is the result. i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it! :)

also this is dedikated to katie my love @chatnoirrs

Through the halls of Collège Françoise Dupont walked a lanky boy, books held tightly to his chest as he tried to make himself as small as possible. It was not difficult, no, since he – his name was Lyle – was already short for his age, but somehow through the crowd he was still spotted by his least amicable peer.

“Hey, shorty!” Eugene grinned, striding over to Lyle and looming over him with his impressive height. Two of his friends flanked him, following him like betas to an alpha. “Did you do my physics homework like I told you to?”

Lyle stood up straight, evenly meeting Eugene’s stare. “No, I told you I wasn’t doing it.” His words broke off when a bout of anxiety ached within his chest and he cursed himself; had his voice not shaken, Eugene might have been more inclined to leave him alone for the time.

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After a few rather terrible, soul destroying days in which I cried a lot and hated myself even more, I actually had a Very Good Night and am feeling slightly more optimistic about the future. Thank god. :)

I received several rejections in a row from jobs I really wanted this week, including an editing one I was counting on at least getting to the next stage, so my self-confidence - never very high to begin with - was one of it’s lowest points, and I’ve been feeling disillusioned with my aspirations and feeling totally unworthy of anything, but especially the things I actually want, and hope to achieve. I managed to convince myself to leave the flat and go to a book signing, and I’m so immensely glad I did. 

At the reading I bumped into a fellow former-bookseller I’ve known on twitter for years but never met, and joined her for a chat at the pub afterwards, and then at the official publishing party launch for the book afterwards, where I chatted with lots of people, was barely as awkward outwardly as I felt inside (a real achievement for me!), and hopefully made a few new friends. It was wonderful. I also had a nice, and possibly productive talk with a media marketing manager about how he can get more involved with the YA and general book scene in town, offering advice and potential contacts for local authors and places to host events…I’m hoping this will lead somewhere exciting and he said he’d contact me soon so we shall see :)

I just really needed this night out with industry people, to remind me I can do these things that would be required of me in a publishing house, I can schmooze and network and engage with people at parties and events, and more importantly I love doing it too. Now, if only someone would hire me… ;-)


2/10/2016 Daily Report

Do  I even need to say anything about water? Like .. yeah, doing my best. 

There is no end in sight  to the cold temps here meaning 7 days, which as far as the forecast goes . I really hope the wind will at least stop soon. I got a walk in today, but I was so miserable the last 10 minutes walking directly into the wind. I don’t like being miserable when I workout, I want to LOVE it. Miserable and working out need to not be in the same sentence. But i needed the steps. Damn you, fitibit!

Did much better on calories today, even skipped my evening piece of 85% dark chocolate bar tonight cos I was not hungry. Now there’s an NSV! I did still have my tea tho, with heavy cream. See above re: cold.

Tomorrow night my friend is coming over for hot wings and a movie, so I will miss hot yoga again. I hate that, but Thursday is really the only night that works for us.  Anyway, I was thinking about going to an Orange Theory class. One of the girls in the Yoga with Weights class goes to it and seems to like it. If I can get them to get back to me about the free class, maybe I’ll go. They have one at 3pm, which would work and will maybe not be very crowded. Things that worry me about it: I have never, ever, in my entire life been on a treadmill or a rowing machine. Do you get to practice on them before they toss you in? Probably not. Anyway, we’ll see. If I can’t get that, then I’ll probably do that core yoga video I did a couple of weeks ago and walk. 

If anyone’s done an Orangetheory thing and you have any advice, LMK! 

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Hey Ally, I need your advice. By lunch I ate 1,000 calories. I don't know why it overwhelmed me. It's been 5 hours since i had lunch (2 rolls of avo&cucumber sushi) and I'm still not hungry for dinner. What does this mean? Did I eat too much? I'm overcoming an ED where I'm used to eating just popcorn for lunch.

“What does this mean?” It means you’re recovering from a mental illness that distorted your relationship with food! I have 1000 calories for breakfast alone some days, it isn’t a big deal. If you’re around my age, the recommended minimum is 2000 calories (if you aren’t exercising), so you’d hope you were at least halfway there by lunch time! Eating only 1000 calories and not being hungry is likely due to your stomach shrinking and metabolism slowing from starving yourself in the past. The best way to get past this is slowly let your body regain its trust in you, and heal itself to work optimally. Eat a little bit more everyday, and before you know it you’ll be able to eat normal healthy amounts and feel as vibrant as ever :)

K-Pop Tag

| tagged by my lovely Ashley @abottleofjin <3

here we go

first ever kpop song: SHINEE - ring ding dong

first ever kpop group you liked: SHINEE

first ever bias: G DRAGON (i would say Hobi or Tae, but damn, crayon got to me first)

song(s) you know all the words to: i’m starting to learn the words of Baepsae and Dope and Fun Boys and every freaking damn song from BTS somebody help me

favorite girl groups: Red Velvet, Mamammoo, SPICA 

favorite boy groups: BTS, Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Sonyeondan. Did I say BTS?

favorite solo artists: Rap Monster, Jhope (he isnt a solo artist yet but i dont care he’s my fav), Gain, IU

favorite dancer: J HOPE.

first kdrama: Boys over flower (and i still wonder how i liked that thing… can you fall in love with your freaking bully? why?)

favorite and least favorite kdramas: fave: It’s ok that’s love (if you know sth better than this, show me), reply 1994. least fave: boys over flower, oh my penisvenus (cringe worthy) and the FREAKING ENDING OF REPLY 1988!!

how long have you been a kpop fan: 2009. holy mother of bts, it s been a long ride, and kinda difficult one since i discovered bts. my poor heartu. 

| I tag these people ^^: @pjiminnie @taehxyung @hailsuga @yoon-gurt @parkjiminsass @suga-n-cream @uniquetaehyung @eridanianada @bluetivity @sugxxaxxbangtan @jurassicjin @jeons-jalebi @namjoonspornstash

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I'm not sure if I've missed it, but do you have any specs about where Robin is these past few episodes they've filmed? I know he's unfortunately not much more than a prop and I know that we only hear of a tiny portion of what we'll see on screen. But usually he's at least by Regina's side and we haven't had reports or pics of that in a while.

I haven’t had any. I keep hoping that the show will expound on this so called “terrible” thing he did that he’s keeps whinging about. Plus you’d think if we’re in the UW…Marian would show up? I’d think she had some “unfinished business”? At the very least, she could berate him for leaving their son with the Merry Men or something, LOL.

I mean, he’s one half of OQ, so I’m sure he’s not dead or anything. Maybe if the Zelena thing gets resolved somehow, he and Regina can actually WORK on their relationship rather than important stuff happening off screen. (Seriously, show. I WANT to root for them. But you’re making it damn hard.)


I wrote this about Danny avidan, don’t you fuckin judge me. He’s an adorable ray of sunshine and this is adorable and I hope you like it.

“Dammit!” His voice boomed from the hall. You walked into the bathroom confused as to what he was yelling about. His hair was a mess covering parts of his face and sticking up. You laughed before slipping in front of him and moving his hair from his eyes. You checked for injuries before asking with a chuckle, “what did you do?”
“I broke another one.”
Pulling yourself up onto the counter you tilted your head, “Another what?”
He lifted his hand holding up a purple hair tie, or at least what was left of it.
“Is that mine?” You quirked an eyebrow at him turning your gaze back to his face which was dusted pink with embarrassment.
“Maybe.” He mumbled looking over your head.
You laughed loudly at the realization, “have you been stealing my hair ties and fucking breaking them in your hair.”
“IT CANT BE TAMED.” He shouted dramatically and you laughed running your fingers through the curls.
“Here” you pulled him closer so he was resting between your hips, “ you’re buying me a new pack.”
With gentle determination you pulled his hair up into your left hand with your right. His eyes watched you from his crouched position, you bit down gently on the tip of your tongue as you finally wrapped the elastic band around the bun you made. It was perfect. It has a few loose pieces falling out but buns aren’t perfect. He smiled happily at himself in the mirror and quickly pecked your lips happily. He galloped out of the bathroom back to the couch where the movie was waiting.
You rolled your eyes before settling into his open arms to watch the movie once again. A comfortable silence blanketed you for awhile as you both got lost in the moving picture before you. It was eerily quiet in the horror film when loud snap filled the air and a shocked scream ripped past your lungs. You glanced over at him to see his wild hair was free once again before you both keeled over from laughter.


Comedian Owen Benjamin says Beyoncé did a “KKK dance routine” at the Super Bowl

In a since-deleted tweet, stand-up comic Owen Benjamin wrote “I really really hope Beyonce fans google ‘who were the black panthers.’ Never support her again. She basically just did a KKK dance routine.” Many on Twitter showed him the error of his ways — but at least, he’s made a proposal to actually learn something.


So I just found this golden video today. 

*Bless the subber* 

In here we see a glimpse of BTS during pre-debut. At this time i think, RM have already been left by the former BTS members, and are now currently with the rest apart from Jimin and Taehyung, who probably still haven’t joined Big Hit yet.

Three things come to mind after I watched this.

One, they all looked so young and full of hope. It’s just so refreshing to see. Not that they lost it now, but you kinda see their aura here is really youthful (aside from the fact of how young they physically all look), you just see the pure hope in their eyes, you know?

Two, I think Jin is dating someone (or at least during that time), after Jokwon asked them if they were currently dating. Maybe Jungkook was too, since he openly already said he did date someone when he was in middle school/pre-debut. Given by their reactions to the question made me kinda notice it. ㅋㅋ

Lastly, I think what Jokwon said here is true. Just looking at them at this video made me feel a sense of pride, like… I wanted to tell them that they’re gonna have such a bright future, rough, but still bright, and will receive so much love that could possibly pay off all the fatigue, sickness, and all the struggles and that it’ll keep them going.

Seeing how BTS stand now, how they always say that ARMYs give them strength, I think they understood and felt what Jokwon finally meant back then when they heard it from him the first time. It’s one of the biggest reasons why they work so hard, it’s also because they get their energy from us, ARMYs.

Sometimes some of you might think that you’re just a speck of dust in a sea of people to them, or that sometimes you’d think, oh they love K-ARMYs more than us, or oh, they’re giving them better attention, they must love them more than me. But truth is, I see it all the same. 

Regardless of how they communicate to fans day-to-day, on their SNS, on their fancafe, during events or concerts… it’s the same glimmer in their eyes, regardless of the place, country, language. They’re always really humbled by ARMYs, and I see their efforts to give everyone as much love back as they can. Whether through events, online posts, pictures, videos… If one would stop and just notice you could just see how precious each and every ARMY really are to them. They love us all the same. 

I’m honestly honored to witness them live their dream, and pull us along with them on it too.


I seriously hope Adam has gone insane, leading to the sadistic brutality we saw in this episode. I would hate it if Adam was like this before Blake left, but if it turns out that he lost his mind after learning his love had betrayed him, joined the humans, and even befriended a Schnee, then it could at least make sense why he did what he did.

I would also love a flashback of when he was a better man, showing him actually caring and protecting Blake.

Also how adorable was Zero sort of stepping up to Jude to kiss him. Jude is a lil bit taller than him and it looks like he lifted up on the balls of his feet at first.


1 in 4
  • Honoka:I heard 1 in 4 people are gay.
  • Rin:but there's 9 of us.
  • Honoka:exactly, That means at least one person in here besides Nozomi + Eli are gay.
  • Rin:but they're 2 people.
  • Nozomi:No, we are one.
  • Maki:I hope it’s Nico, because Nico's cute. *thinking*Crap did I say that outloud. *looks at the others* damn it. (Leaves)
  • Hanayo:Yes! Kotori you owe me 5bucks.
  • Kotori :damn it maki, you had to pick today of all days to be gay.

“My music is addressed to my people… deliberately to provoke this feeling of ‘Who am I? Where did I come from? Do I really like me, and why do I like me? And if I am black and beautiful, I really am and I know it, and I don’t care who says what.’ That’s what my songs are about…Though I hope that in their musical concept, and in their musical form and power, that they will also live on after I die.” - Nina Simone, 1969

From Alan Light comes a biography of incandescent soul singer and Black Power icon Nina Simone, one of the most influential, provocative, and least understood artists of our time. WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?, the essential companion to the Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary, is available now everywhere books are sold. Read an excerpt and get the book here.

[Photos courtesy of the Estate of Alfred Wertheimer]

okay yeah but imagine

FlowerFell!Sans and Core!Frisk meeting.

And Sans knows that it’s not Frisk, because the colors are all wrong, the flowers are missing and the eyes that meet his promise only the Void and not hope and life like his Frisk did.

But still he holds them tight like he’s never letting them go. Like he’s going to drown if he does.

“I am not the one you are looking for,” Frisk-but-not-Frisk says. After a while, “I am not your Frisk.”

“I know,” Sans admits and buries his face further into their shoulder, “But please, for a while…let me pretend.”

And Core!Frisk lets him. Because they know what he’s been through, and it’s the least they can do for their counterpart’s sacrifice.


Sans Part 1

Sans Part 2

Undyne (Here!)


Remember that character that I said I’d post skins for “soon”? Well, apparently “soon” means at least a week. Whoops!

You know, Undyne deserves to get more attention in this fandom. That’s why I decided to make a few Minecraft skins for some of the cool Undynes in the Multiverse!

Some of the biggest differences are not immediately apparent, as their hairstyles aren’t visible in the photos. 

Hope these skins make you feel like a badass!

(Files under the cut)

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Jin x Reader
Genre: Smut (of the jealous variety)
Length: *indescribable mumbling to signify not knowing* idk it’s long though

This is dedicated to @namhyong, @jiminmusings, and last but most definitely least cause I’m still up set @pjiminnie. They were all like “YAS FUCK ME UP” so I did. Here you go. I hope you enjoy ^_^ (and thankyou to @jimins-meatstick for editing)

The lights flicker dimly, a line of purposefully murky bulbs to set an aesthetically pleasing mood for the summer night party. Seokjin only notices them when your attention is elsewhere, speaking to your professor. The series of events leading up to this moment sprouts the beginnings of a revelation in Seokjin’s mind: he’s quite oblivious.

In fact, the only thing he is utterly and completely aware of is your beauty.

He would whisper the words daily like it was apart of his morning, afternoon, and evening routine: …so beautiful…

What he never knew he failed to see was how much others didn’t fail to see the beauty he saw, as well.

Tonight, specifically, the signs are thrown from every direction, men circling their cloud of cigarette smoke and their eyes following your every move. Maybe Jin grips your waist that much tighter as you walk forward, never giving the strangers a blink of an eye.

Jin always glances as eyes dart to your form, the form clinging to his side, as you walk into the lowly-lit art gallery. Looking is fine, never an issue, especially when your eyes only seem to see him.

What he finds he isn’t too keen on is that your professor’s eyes seem to do more than stare. The satisfaction Jin would usually hold being able to proudly say his girlfriend is quite the sight gets replaced with a burning, irrational rage. The man’s hair grows white at the fraying roots, skin folding in wrinkles around vibrant eyes that wander over your body slowly.

But of course, you seem to share his personality trait of oblivion. You don’t seem to notice.

Your professor hangs off your every word, his gaze never leaving yours as you thank him for inviting you to his party and express your excitement for your next art theory project. Jin doesn’t notice the way his fingers dig into your hip until you casually place your hand atop his and smooth over his knuckles, thumb rubbing circles into the back of his hand.

His introduction finally comes, and you nudge your boyfriend as you look to see his eyes glazed over, staring at a bulb in the distance. “Jin, sweetie.”

Your voice is calm, and Jin almost lets up on the clamp he has on your hip as he feels your serenity radiate off of you. He wonders how could you be so blind. Instead of expressing the question with his eyes or loosening his grip, he smiles at the professor, instantly noticing the lackluster tone in his greeting that’s comparatively dull to the exuberance in his shaky voice as he addresses you.

He should have let it pass as he did with the strangers on the street, but maybe the knowledge that your teacher was not just another stranger, but someone that you had almost daily interaction with, made his hair stand on end.

His observance fails him yet again when he finds himself being dragged into a small hall, pressed close to the wall as you look up with a hint of concern in your flitting scrutiny.

“Are you okay?” you ask, urgency in your words.

Jin almost wants to forget his earlier internal breakdown, seeing the way you care for him and show interest. Almost.

“Do you see any of your other classmates?” he asks, voice surprisingly gentle with just enough curiosity to leave you ignorant.

“No, but he teaches a lot of students in different classes. I’m sure there’s some here from his other classes.” At his impassive nod to your answer, you try to push forward. “Would you like to go look at the art?”

He smiles warmly and pulls you in by placing a hand on your neck. “Why would I look at pictures when I have a beautiful masterpiece right in front of me?”

You fight to keep your composure, smirking at your cheesy boyfriend as he places a peck on your cheek. “Jin, please.” You tap at his chest, expecting him to fall back with a laugh of his own. But he only presses closer, lips trailing down your neck and settling right below your ear.

You’re sure the moan was his, though it doesn’t help the noises rumbling in the cage of your own chest.

“Do you think he’d notice if we left?” Jin is sure you will hear the bite in his tone, implying that he knows how your professor will feel about you leaving. Alas, you remain unknowing.

You whine playfully, flinching against the ticklish feeling of his breath on your neck. “We just got here.”

“It’s fine,” Jin reassures you, using his mouth as makeshift hypnotizer. “Just make up some excuse.”

You roll your eyes then, not attempting to argue since the silky touch of his lips set your cheeks ablaze and you’ll acquiesce soon.

You mutter a fine, fine before pushing away, and he finally lets you go as he follows you back to the party to find your professor.

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[3/100] - 2.2.2016 // So I got home from school not that long ago, finally. I wrote the test from economics, I managed to answer every single question so I am hoping in the best aka B or at least C nothing worse - hopefully. There was one exercise to calculate the loan that we were supposed to solve though and I went through it but we were also supposed to count the days so I messed up on that… but hopefully the answers for other questions will make up for that one exercise :)
I am making notes for surrealism now for my history of art class. I did that on Sunday too to prepare a bit for today (just because there was no test) but I want to continue and hopefully learn it properly, together with a couple of other art movements that follow.I have a test from English tomorrow but I am hoping I will ace it like I usually do, so I probably won’t spend too much time on that one.
Also this time Hoseok is keeping me company together with my elephant planner. Isn’t it cute.

How’s it all going for you? Make sure you drink and eat enough and also take breaks!