at least 10 year olds get it

just in case you haven’t heard, today two attacks have happened against Muslims outside of mosques. One in London, England where a white man drove over people walking out of the mosque chanting “kill all Muslims” and killed a man and injured at least 10. The other in Virginia, USA where a 17 year-old Muslim girl was assaulted with a baseball bat along with her friends before she was kidnapped and later found slain and dumped in a pond.

so at my Muslim friends, please stay safe. and at my non-Muslim friends, spread the word and get informed of the stuff that doesn’t immediately spread in your media and doesn’t get called hate crimes/terror attacks when they are.

Michelle Obama wrote ‘black-ish’ star Yara Shahidi a college recommendation letter

  • If there were ever a surefire way to get into the school of your dreams, a letter of recommendation from the former first lady would be it.
  • At least, we imagine such would be the case for 17-year-old model and Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, who mentioned in a new interview that her college applications included the praises of Michelle Obama.
  • “She is very amazing and such a supporter, which is something very surreal to say,” Shahidi said, adding that the then-first lady also gave her a “go get ‘em, tiger” back rub before her AP exams. Read more (3/13/17 10:15 AM)

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Going to the Yule Ball with Draco Malfoy would include...

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request -  Dancing with Draco at the Yule Ball.

a/n - i kind of changed it up and made it into a yule all with draco thing since i had a lot more ideas to offer into the request, hope you don’t mind!!! xxx

- he probably asked you by using a charm to be all cutesy

- he only went all out because he thinks you’re the absolute cutest in the school

- also would probably beat crabbe and goyle up if they called they said anything about you that was negative

- him asking fellow slytherins to tie his bowtie

- ‘draco all you’ve ever told me to do is go stick a dragons egg up my arse why should i help you now’


 - waits for you at the bottom of the staircase in front of the great hall

- might i mention that you’ve already tripped on your dress a good 5 times already

- your mom sent you that dress okay!!! it was special and you hope he would like it

- and oh boy did he

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I always thought it was funny that your player character in Pokemon is 10 years old. Like, yeah, they’re “anime ten” where they look at least 18 yadda yadda, but they’re still ten.

Imagine the people in the Pokemon League. These are fully grown adults, right? They’ve trained their entire lives to be the best trainers in their country. They’re the best of the best. And then a ten year old walks in. A high and mighty four foot tall ten year old with a big smile on their face walks in. They’ve never even seen a tity. They don’t know where babies come from. They’re ten.

How did this ten year old get in to your arena? Did they wander in here by mistake? They say they’re here to battle you. Aww, how cute. This kid wants to fight the big league trainers, so they snuck in to fight you. That’s cute and funny. You’ll tell the others about this next lunch break. You decide to humor the kid and accept their challenge. You toss out your level 50 Tyranitar. You and this Pokemon have spent decades together, you trained for ages to get it to Level 50. You’re the best trainer in the country.

The kid reaches on their belt and tosses a Master Ball. Wait, what? A Master Ball? How did that kid get a Master Ball? Out of the master ball pops…


God popped out of the Master Ball. 

The very same God Pokemon that controls the flow of space, that you go to church and pray to every Sunday. 

This ten year old kid just pulled out a Master Ball and threw God at you. God is, in fact, Level 73. 

God shoots Hyper Beam at your life-long partner Tyranitar, causing it to evaporate in to dust. He’s fainted in one hit. The kid yawns.

The kid wipes your entire party of Pokemon, the Pokemon you spent most of your adult life training and caring for. You are stunned. You ask the trainer how long they’ve been doing this. They say “I started a couple of days ago.”

This kid is ten. 


Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

How To Ask For Money On a POT Date....

One of the most highly requested question I get and that i see is how to obtain money on a POT date. Well, I’m here to answer :)

1) How to ask for money on a POT date? You DON’T

One of the biggest complaints when talking to SD’s is that their biggest turn off is when a girl comes across as “too greedy” “too desperate” “only about money” 
Yes, I know. If he can’t pay to be a Sugar daddy then he shouldn’t be one… 
Yeah, but your stuck up princess attitude is why you’re not getting past texting a POT or a second date. But that’s okay! :) WE’RE going to fix this together. Knowledge is power and your SD’s have a lot of it. You can’t treat them like guys our age, they’re stupid but not AS stupid as we want them to be. They can see through your bullshit.  

2) Men like to INVEST 

If your SD wanted an escort, he’d go looking on a different site other than SA. My mother and I know your mother or some female in your life has told you not to give a man everything too fast because if they don’t feel like they’re investing into you whether it be time, money or whatever, what are you to them? Nothing, a fling. So BE the investment they want. As a Sugar Baby, it your job to give them the companionship as well as the physical things they desire. We bullshit feelings and make them feel WANTED. Make them WANT to spend money on you because you’re a diamond in the rough. So have a vanilla job, go to school and AT LEAST have goals. The more independent you seem, the more dependent you’ll make them on wanting to be with you and spend money on you. 

3) Act 10 years older than you are but still be yourself. 

That is one of my biggest compliments that I get. “You look 23 but you act 35.” This isn’t connotation to be old and boring, it’s a “you’re not going to be drama for me and I like that.” Men are visual creatures. They want the cute, sexy 20 something look but they don’t want to deal with the immaturity of your actual age. It’s all about body language. Don’t slouch, cross your legs, keep eye contact, smile often, don’t interrupt and DO NOT get out your phone!

4) Bring up your goals to insinuate financial need. 

There’s a thing called subliminal hints to bring up financial needs. “Once I’m able to move out, I’ll hopefully be able to be your travel companion!” 
“I love people, hence why I’m in nursing school and I work on the weekends. I know being with you could really help me take the stress off.” 

Not only are you stating that you’re diligent in your work ethic, but you’re making it about them.  Most of these guys want to see you happy and know that they’re money is going to a good purpose towards your future, it makes them feel accomplished. This is why good SD’s will spoil you with gifts, they LOVE that affirmation that they did a good job.

5) Ask yourself, what kind of guys are your searching for? 

In all personal opinion, I’ll go search for guys on SA myself. Financial requirement for me are MINIMUM $300,000. I’ve found that their allowances are usually a few grand. If they have SEX ANYWHERE on their profile, I swipe left. “I want someone kinky and sexy….bedroom…” EW GROSS It’s bad enough that I may have to be intimate with your nasty ass, don’t make me visualize suffering prior to meeting. If they’ve had a prior arrangement before, score. They usually know how this works. 

A GOOD SD WILL COMPENSATE YOUR FOR YOUR TIME! Remember this. If you’re going on a free POT date, he’s not a good SD. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK FOR MONEY! <——Key.   

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below and help each other! This is why I LOVE the sugar baby community. <3

Hope this helps. xoxoxo



timmy’s secret wish is the worst episode of fairly oddparents i have ever seen :’D - forget about chloe or sparky or season 10 - this is the one where it turns out that timmy is actually 60 years old and cheated his way into never having to let go of his fairies - which results in cosmo and wanda losing Poof.

Naturally, all of this ends with Timmy getting his fairies, Poof and his youth back, without any permanent consequences or punishment whatsoever.

i cannot believe this ;____;

Seriously, guys, the more I think about the dynamics and such that are playing out in the last episodes of this season, the more I’m just LOVING what the show is doing for next season. 

1. We have Lady Knight Echo who lost her King, but finds a new one in Bellamy. We’ll likely get the whole knight/king (aka queen) trope between them, and I could see her being fiercely loyal and protective of him, and I’m honestly going to love seeing Bellamy having a loyal fighter who is completely devoted to him, ya’know?

2. We have two soulmates seperated by space and an apocalypse, and they’ll spend most of season 5 finding their way physically and emotionally back to each other. 

3. We have Bellamy Blake who is full out the central leader of his group, and it’ll be amazing to see the kind of man he’ll be now that he’s stepping in the role of being the head. He’ll be more mature and likely a bit more big picture thinking, and I can’t help think that he’s not quite going to be as emotional and impulsive like he use to be.  Bellamy is also going to be the leader that ALL of Clarke’s friends look to now, and I bet they’re going to have their own routines down and Clarke will find that she doesn’t really fit anymore (though, she’ll fit again, it’ll just take awhile). 

4. We have Braven being the new co-leader couple (not romantic, bc yeah, that ain’t happening), so that when Clarke comes back, you can already see that Braven will struggle with letting Clarke back in and Clarke will struggle with that fact that Raven and Bellamy are now use to being the co-leader couple without her. 

5. Clarke is now a mom, and it’ll turn her more into a heart, like Bellamy was, and now she and Bellamy will understand each other EVEN MORE (and I didn’t think that was possible). 

6. You just know that either Marper or Memori is having trouble in paradise and likely not together after 6 years, so we’ll find out what happened there and why. 

7. We’re likely going to see some pairings that we didn’t expect (for example, maybe Murphy x Raven or Octavia x Niylah or Bellamy x Echo, etc). 

8. BELLARKE REUNION (like… omg that’s going to be EPIC)

9. Octavia is totally going to be a completely different person, and Bellamy and her are going to clash on leadership ideas and decisions. 

10. These prisoner miners from space might allow us to have at least one good, old antagonist like in Mt. Weather and the story NEEDS that. 

11. We get to expand (truely expand) the world of The 100 and learn about a new culture, and realize that we have new cultures all around next season w/ Octavia’s group being the Mt. Men (basically), Clarke the grounder, Bellamy the Sky person, and Unknown Belters. 

12. We get to see how much Murphy and Emori change now that they’re part of a group and no longer outsiders. 

13. We get to see Jaha likely be a father to that boy in the finale, and him having a son again… and maybe doing right by this son like he didn’t with Wells. 

14. We get to see Abby’s brain falling apart slowly, while she likely has more premonitions (and is prophetic) and so we get some cool “magic”-like elements in the story next year. 

15. We learn more about the Red Dawn, Becca, and the Penal Colony and their connection with each other. 

16. We get to see how ALL of these new cultures will either destroy each other or work together to survive on that tiny bit of earth that’s still inhabitable. 

There’s just so much, and I’m soo excited for all these new possibilities. 

How to avoid ruining your tablet surface and nib (my art hack)

Why the fuck would you put a uncooked spaghetti stick in your tablet pen as your nib????  I just saw a post about how it works but damn I’m sure that shit could scratch up your actual tablet.  Please don’t put food in your tablet pen.  

If you are really worried about your tablet nib getting small (hell even your tablet surface scratching up), one way you could avoid that is using clear plastic sheets from a office supply store.  Usually they would give that shit to you for free or just charge you a couple of cents.  Hell I remember when I first wanted to get them, the guys at the counter were a little confused why I wanted two plastic sheets.  

(I got these at staples back my senior year of high school.  I’m a 3rd year in college so I had these for a while) 

And all you do is take one of the sheets, measure it to your tablet, and tape that shit down.  

The plastic was just slightly bigger than my tablet so I had to cut it down but it wasn’t a a problem.  I used a wacom intuos pro small (now I have a cintiq) and the nib to pen has not worn out in years.  And if you feel the plastic sheet is getting worn out, just replace it cause the office store might have given you too many sheets.  

Oh shit but what is this?  It came with my tablet and everything!  Is it a stand for the pen? 

Let’s open that shit and see it

Bam!  Holy fucki Batman there is like 10 nibs (there are ten but the shadow is covering the other two) plus a tool to help you remove the old nib!  What????  

Yes at least these wacom tablets have this new stand that includes a lot of nibs for you.  My cintiq includes this little stand so I have another extra 10 nibs.  

However if somehow you are in need of pen nibs, you can go on amazon and buy packs of them: 

Or you can buy it online!  Whatever it is, just don’t put a uncooked spaghetti  strand in your tablet pen.  

No (Or: Anakin Skywalker in Ten Steps)

1. When he’s eight years old he decides that freedom means never having to say “Yes Master” or any variation thereof again.

2. Two days later, he starts counting. In one day, he says it 13 times. Kitster says he said it 16 times, and Anakin wonders if that’s worse, or just more of the same.

3. When the Jedi comes, Anakin calls him “sir.” He hates that word, too, but he’s learned the hard way that it’s safer. The Jedi doesn’t correct him.

4. Even so, for a few days after leaving Tatooine he almost believes he’s free. He’s off planet (and that’s where all the freed people go, isn’t it?), and in a starship, and he’s going to be a Jedi. He’s heard a lot of stories about the Jedi, but none of them say they’re slaves.

5. He was wrong, though. He has to call all the Jedi “Master,” and there are rules to follow, and they cut his hair and dress him and tell him where to go and how to behave and what to do. Master Obi-Wan tries to explain the difference, but he can’t see it, so he doesn’t understand.

He chafes, but never too much. He’s always known just how far he can push, and no further.

6. By the time he’s nineteen years old, and in love, he’s said “Yes Master” 22,753 times.

7. Padmé is upset that they have to hide their wedding, that it has to be private and unshareable. She pretends that it doesn’t bother her so much, and in return he pretends that it does bother him, too.

It doesn’t, though. On Tatooine, all slave marriages are like this. He’s always known he would get married this way.

8. He’s going to be a father, and he’s joyful and giddy and terrified. (He’s now said “Yes Master” 35,802 times.)

There’s a corner of his mind that repeats the old Tatooine law like a mantra. Children follow the mother. His child will be free.

9. There’s something to be said, he thinks, for choosing one’s own master. Or at least having the illusion of choice. He’s now said “Yes Master” 35,998 times, and as he kneels before Palpatine, he could almost believe this is what he’s always wanted.

10. Luke is twenty-four years old, whole, and beautiful, and he’s never said “Yes Master” in his life. Vader doesn’t know this empirically, of course, but he knows it all the same. The slave can always recognize the free man.

It’s not until Luke lifts away his mask and looks at him with desert blue eyes that Anakin realizes he’s said “No” for the very first time.

Democratic Nomination 2020

so I figured I’d give my hot take on 2020 Democratic nomination because why not?

No Country for Old Men:

Jerry Brown: Brown’s name, to my shock, has come up a few times. The first a most major problem is that Jerry is ALREADY 79 years old, and will be in his 80s by 2020. Not to be grim, but it’s mathematically unlikely for a man who is 82 on taking office to live to serve two full terms, even one term would be a gamble. Past the mathematical issue, Jerry is a household name in California politics but over 40 years has never managed to build up a base of support outside is home state. Best known as “Moonbeam” two flopped runs for President hint how round 3 would go even if he was 10 years younger.

Bernie Sanders: It’s pretty clear that Bernie is at least thinking about another run at the Presidency. His problem is in the same as Brown, if slightly less intense. He’s 75 right now meaning he’ll be 79 election day 2020 asking people to vote for a President who will be in his 80s in office is a tall order. I realize that age for whatever reason didn’t hunt the 70 year who eats trash, never sleeps and hates work outs, but I feel like a nearly 80 year old can’t get away with it. I’ve heard many of his supports saying he should run on age alone. Past this Bernie failed to connect with black and latino voters in 2016 and has made a few notable missteps since becoming a mega political figure. More and younger progressives are interested in running and the fandom around Bernie is unlikely to relight with the same flame in 2020, even if it did, it was not enough in 2016, he needs to widen his support outside of white liberals and college kids to win the primary.

Joe Biden: again age is the biggest single problem he’ll be 78 years old on election day 2020, and like Bernie it’s pretty clear Joe is at least thinking about it. Again I think asking voters to have a President in his 80s is a bridge too far. Though the health of the sitting President might be a factor, if Trump very unhealthy lifestyle plus the horrible stress of being President leads to Trump looking sick, weak and unhealthy after 4 years, even a older man who was slim and fit and sharp might benefit next to a fat slow unhealthy mess. Though it might also serve to highlight the risks of an older President. Past age Joe has no geographic or Ideological base. While remembered with a level of fondness by Democrats, his image is as something of a drunk uncle (I know he does not drink) who’s fun and says what we’re all thinking. I’m unsure that translates and the warm fuzzy feeling people have about him as a member of the Obama team I don’t think boost him much. His last two tries to run for President were total failures and his 2015 non-run didn’t show very impressive polling for a sitting VP

Hillary Clinton: While much younger than the 3 other people in this camp (she’ll be a youthful 72 come 2020) and younger than Trump, she’s a woman and as we saw in this campaign women are badly punished for showing signs of age. It seems fairly clear Hillary does not want to run. Her running would set all the former Bernie people’s hair on fire and generally the press would have a field day printing nasty stories and playing the 2016 primary all over again along with “have the Democrats learned nothing?” all pretending that Hillary didn’t win the popular vote and is super out of touch, blah blah blah. What’s more many of her hardcore supporters suffered a soul crushing loss and might not have the energy to gear up for a 3rd bitter battle to the nomination, while many feminists who like Hillary but aren’t worshipers likely feel it’s time for a new younger woman to try to take down the glass ceiling

When you’re famous, they let you do it:

Kanye West: he said he will run for President, if he means it, or remembers saying it, who knows. A lot of people will say in the age of Trump we should count out any rich or famous person. However this over looks that the Republican Primary voter and the Democratic Primary voter are very different. The later is more likely to be college educated for one thing, as well as ethnically diverse and think experience is important. Getting back to West, he’s generally seen as a huge egomaniacal crazy person. His troubles with mental health are public record with his very public break down in November 2016 (and some other things). His ego and weird need to pick a fight with the First couple of hip hop Jay Z and Beyonce has made him a messy and controversial character even with-in Hip Hop and the black community. What’s more is November trip to Trump Tower and on stage weird pro-Trump rant are unlikely to go away. Also there’s the in-laws, his wife is someone a lot of people love to hate, and his step-mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner has gotten a lot of well earned stick for being a Republican Trump supporter and rather tone deaf on most issues.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He has a history, low key granted, as a Republican, has not really voiced any support for any policies or issues. On the plus side he’s handsome, can laugh at himself and seems generally likable and well liked. That said there’s no proof he’s smart in any way and much of his history has been playing over the top characters and then over the top characters making fun of the fact that he’s the Rock. All of which might give Democratic votes Trump flashbacks. If he can speak clearly on issues and takes progressive stands on things he’ll have an outside shot, but if he can’t sound like an adult and draw a line under the guy who stars in the Baywatch remake he has no hope

Mark Cuban: As boorish and bullying as Trump, with vague political ideas that mostly circle around Ayn Rand and discount libertarianism Cuban is unlikely to get Democratic voters hot. Voters will likely also dislike his early softening on Trump after the election. That said Cuban has clearly made a lot of money, a lot of Democratic Primary voters loath Trump and might wish for a candidate who only bullies, attacks, and mocks the object of their hate, his money and experience with politics before now puts him above Johnson or West but behind the next guy

Mark Zuckerberg: One of the handful of business people in the 21st century to be a household name. Young, tech friendly he and his company seem the very embodiment of white millennial ideas of diversity and inclusion. Sadly for the Zuck the place one might expect him to most popular, with people under 35 who are on-line a lot is the place he’s the least popular. Justified or not a lot of people get a creepy big brother vibe from Facebook and Zuckerberg has become something of a Hollywood stock villain type, with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor just being a retread of his performance from The Social Network. indeed that movie is a major problem for Zuckerberg, he’s a villain and a creep in a hugely popular movie all about him. Zuckerberg is and always has been a slightly awkward, slightly off nerd, and lacks the charm to fight off attacks that he stole Facebook from someone, he’s too California tech kid to be relatable for much of America. That said weirdly Zuckerberg might play well with older voters who didn’t see the Social Network, don’t understand the problems people have with Facebook and see a young, fairly good looking young man who built a company they know and likely use, who’s used his money to do good stuff, who has a charming and beautiful wife and a multi-ethnic family, basically a kind of anti-Trump. Outside of the story of how Facebook started I’ve never heard any stories of him being a jerk on a personal level, and while we laugh at him feeding cows, some people like when the big city liberals come out and get their hands dirty.

The (White) Dude abides:

Steve Bullock: Freshly re-elected in a bad year for Dems out of a Red state. All sounds good, but the state is Montana, who’s Democratic party is hardly reflective of the national party. In a party headed to the left it’s unlikely a western conservative will get people off. past this he has no national name recognition, and his last name is a British slang term for a testicle, something the internet will love

John Hickenlooper: a two term governor of a key swing state that Democrats need to win, Hickenlooper has a fairly progressive record, will likely make stoners and college students happy because his state has legal pot (even though he didn’t support it, that’s likely to be a detail glossed over by 2020). counting against him is that he’s largely unknown outside his state and political nerd circles, and he has a frankly ridicules name and is skinny and odd looking. A strange looking man with a very weird lass name, politics can be piety that way.

Terry McAuliffe: another governor from a key swing state, but like Bullock and Hickenlooper with very little name recognition outside is own state. Past this McAuliffe will have been out of office for 3 years, the 2017 race is likely to get far more attention than his race and if Tom Perriello replaces him, he’ll have been beaten in what looks and feels like a Clinton Bernie rematch, with Perriello as Bernie, close links to the Clintons will likely get him tarred as a corporate Democrat.

Still feeling the Bern:

Tulsi Gabbard: A lot of ink has been spilled about Gabbard, but she’s young, very pretty, multi-ethnic from a minority majority state with a military record. Her support for Bernie endears her to a block of his voters. However, she’s just a Representative, no one since Garfield has jumped from the House to the Presidency. Again remember Democratic Primary voters different from Republican ones. Her support for Assad has won her alt-right fans, but both those facts will likely be horrifying to most Democratic voters. It’s unclear if she’ll be able to use her status as a minority and woman to hide from attacks based on past homophobia and islamophobia. Finally her early meetings with Trump, her statements about Russia and Putin and the bridges she burned down with non-Bernie supporters in the party are all likely to hurt her badly

Elizabeth Warren: Likely the only person the American Left liked more than Bernie going into 2016, and her being a lady and feminist well known for forcefully speaking her mind warmed her to one group Bernie struggled with, Feminists. That said Warren likely suffered damage by sitting out the 2016 primary as long as she did, hardcore Bernie supporters feel betrayed and did nothing to win the hearts of Clinton fans. Past that Warren’s tone and attacking passion has made her a hate figure for Republicans but not widened her appeal past the left of her own party.

The Senator from somewhere

Sherrod Brown: A populist leftie in a key swing state. Downsides being he sided strongly and early with Hillary, thus is “no longer a progressive” to Bernie supporters. Much ride on if Brown can be re-elected in a state that is getting redder all the time, his raspy voice has never lent itself to rising oration, and it’s a little unclear what he brings to the table, despite his best efforts he’s never captured the left of the party’s hearts and minds the way Sanders and to an even greater degree Warren did before 2015.

Chris Murphy: having been in room with Chris Murphy, Chris Murphy thinks he should be President. He’s young, good looking and has laser focus on one easy to understand policy idea that is fairly popular with base Democrats. Sadly for him, that policy is gun control. While nothing he’s saying is radical the NRA will do anything to stop him, and his campaign will likely get attacked early and often by Newtown truers fueled by Alex Jones. bluntly Murphy is not a great speaker or a very interesting guy, nice enough but likely to struggle in any state without be cities with gun crime problems, like say Iowa or New Hampshire.

Cory Booker: He’s young, he’s black, he’s hot. Sadly for Cory every time he opens his mouth people want to hear Obama. Booker lacks Obama’s speaking skills and has failed to impress basically every time he’s gotten a prime time shot at the mic. Past that he doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments to his name, For whatever Reason Bernie supporters went after him hard early in the year for voting against Bernie, if this is a sign of the progressive reaction to him or not is hard to say. Booker seems to be skating on Street Fight 15 years later. Past that Booker is a single man, in politics being young, handsome, and always single makes people talk

Mark Warner: Senator from a key swing state, looks like he was sent from casting to play the President some time between 1940 and 1964. This hinges a lot on what the next 4 years looks like, Warner is not the fire breathing Trump slayer a lot of Democrats want right now, but will they still want that in 2020? Will Warner slowly become a national figure based off being the face of the Congressional inquiry into all things shady Russian and Trump? who can say, if not Warner is too bland and boring, if he’s the claiming face of justice slowly wading toward the truth, thats a leg up

Al Franken: Funny, witty, and good on the attack. Al is the kinda guy millions of liberals are turning to every week, the grandfather of political humor in the style of the Daily Show, as well as of left wing TV (MSNBC’s Maddow got her start with Franken on Air-America Radio) It’s the world he help build that’s keeping millions of Democrats sane. However most of them don’t know this, Al’s more or less been on ice since getting elected though his first book in 12 years might help people rediscover him. Another problem is Franken has been in comedy for 40 years, jokes that were funny and/or off color in the 1970s are surely offensive now, so there are surely hours of clips of Al saying racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic things as joke on SNL and later stand up and in his often crassly funny political books from the 1990s and 2000s

The Ladies doing it for themselves

Tammy Duckworth: A lot of women were put out and also made spitting mad that a sexist monster beat a woman for the Presidency and want a woman badly. Duckworth is a war hero with an inspiring story, a fresh and new face in the Senate. Sadly for her, her disability will surely be an issue, it wasn’t in her Senate race because she was running in a deep blue state, against someone who also had a disability and couldn’t walk well. However a FIT President is important and the standard to be a fit woman President was clearly higher, people won’t be comfortable with a President who has to sit to talk to world leaders. Past that she’s never been a great public speaker and would face “well she’s been a senator for what? 15 minutes?” criticisms

Tammy Baldwin: A strongly feminist Democrat from a state Democrats normally win but lost in 2016 and want back badly. Having heard her speak she’s not amazing but pays the bills. Sadly for her she’s a lesbian, her sexuality, the electability of same, would likely take over her campaign, with people gun shy about “identity politics” it would likely handicap her against more well known candidates.

Amy Klobuchar: One of the longer serving Democratic Women in the Senate, Al Franken’s other half, a well established member of the establishment liberal wing of the party. She likely will suffer by not being as well known as others, she’s also awkward both physically and in speech, funny she’s just a little big too nerdy, to nasally, plus as an establishment woman she’s likely to rub Progressives the wrong way

Kirsten Gillibrand: Young, beautiful, experienced in the Senate and having built on a rock hard anti-Trump record, one of the one’s to watch, the connections to Hillary (a blonde NY Senator holding Hill’s old seat) likely will get those hardcore Hillary supporters behind her, but also runs the risks of setting off progressives, her hardcore anti-Trump stand and not having jumped into the Clinton campaign as forcefully as some may help

Kamala Harris: A lot of people see her as grown in a lab as an admixture of Obama and Hillary. Young, Beautiful, smart, well spoken, black multiethnic and coming out of the State that is framing itself as the anti-Trumpland. Kamala has downsides of course, first being no one is gonna know how to say her first name, but if Obama got over it so will she, second the “what she’s a been a senator for 5 minutes?” her race is likely to get people talking about “identity politics” though she’s managed to make a good case on that, likely her time as Cali AG will bring the wrath of some parts of BLM but we’ll see how much that matters

Too Slick by half

Andrew Cuomo: Governor of a major anti-Trump strong hold, managed to score some out of state progressive brownie points with a very public free college plan that had both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton next to him. However Cuomo is loathed by the progressive base of his state’s party and is seen by basically everyone in the know as a low-key political mobster, his New York sleaze factor is unlikely to go over well in Iowa or New Hampshire (just ask Chris Christie)

Gavin Newsom: Still young, still pretty Newsom has waited a long time to get from “rising star” to Star but he’s almost there, just has to manage to win the California governorship, but that seems pretty likely. Newsom has the record of granting gay marriages at the unthinkable time of 2004 which likely will buy him support of the LGBT community (or at least it’s professional activists) likewise he’s been pro-pot something likely to endear him to college students, much will depend on what he does with real power once Governor, and many will say that he’s only been in high office a year. Past that many again see Newsom as “establishment” making him not very popular with the left of his state party, how much this will be translated outside of Cali, if his slick California air and style will play poorly in eastern rural early primary states is hard to say
  • Warning: OOC to the max. This is actually a continuation of a three year old post that I had rediscovered recently.
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  • Sherlock: *Huffs* He won't listen to me.
  • Molly: *Gently strokes her husband's cheek* Just be patient.
  • Sherlock: I have been patient for the last ten minutes!
  • Molly: *Looks out through their open bedroom door and into the silent sitting room* Reason with him in the same way you've reasoned with him before. *Looks back at her frustrated husband* You won't be able to do that if you hide here.
  • Sherlock: *Huffs and ruffles his curls* I have explained to him. I have reasoned with him. Bargained. Bribed. Even 'begged' *Points wildly to himself* Begged! *Throws his hand in the air* Me!
  • Molly: Sherlock...
  • Sherlock: *Looks pleadingly to his wife* Please, Molly. I have a case. Lestrade has a case waiting for me. *Gestures towards the sitting room* Waiting for 'us'. You have to intervene now.
  • Molly: *Contemplates for a few seconds before nodding* Okay, I'll try. *Grabs something from the bedside table* Come on!
  • *Husband and wife both goes out of their bedroom and into their sitting room.*
  • John: *Quietly sitting in the sofa and staring at the approaching couple*
  • Molly: *Moves towards the center of the room then stops a few feet away from the sofa* Hi, John.
  • John: *Nods* Hello, Molly.
  • Molly: *Stares back at her husband before facing John and kneeling*
  • John: *Eyebrows shot up but remains quiet.*
  • Molly: *Smiles softly at John before turning back to stare at her still standing husband*
  • Sherlock: *Huffs but goes and kneels beside his wife*
  • Molly: *Whispers to her husband* Why don't you try again?
  • Sherlock: *Sighs deeply but bends closer towards the floor* I have explained to you using logical reasoning. I have bargained with a fair match. I have bribed with a rich price. And I have 'begged' with utmost sincerity. Still, you remain stub-
  • Molly: *Nudges her husband* No wonder he won't listen to you! You sound like a nagging robot. My turn. *Looks straight back before lowering herself closer to the floor* Evan, sweetheart, *she says with a sweet and gentle voice* Daddy needs his scarf back now. He and Uncle John have a case and they need to go out to catch the bad guy. But it is cold outside, so he needs his scarf. Would you please give it back to daddy?
  • Sherlock: *whispers bitterly* How is that any different from what I did?
  • Evan Hooper-Holmes, 11 month old extraordinaire who had been sitting on the floor beside his godfather's leg: *clutches his prized possession closer to his body* Nooo.
  • Molly: *Still smiling sweetly* I know you like that scarf sweetie, But Daddy needs it. He'll get sick if you don't give it to him. Do you want daddy to get sick?
  • Sherlock: *protests* I don't get sick!
  • Molly: *turns back to glare at her husband before looking again at their stubborn toddler*
  • Evan "Ain't-I-the-cutest" Holmes: *Looks at his hard-earned price before staring back to his poor daddy who is now wearing his "have-pity-on-me" face* Noooooo, ba scaffy ain!
  • Molly: *leans closer to her baby and touches the edge of the blue scarf* I know, it's your sweetheart -
  • Sherlock: *protests* It's mine!
  • Molly: *looks back again to glare at her husband*
  • Sherlock: *sags in resignation* Fine...
  • Molly: *Smiles back at her son.* I know it's yours sweetheart so maybe you can let daddy use it for now? So that he won't get sick?
  • Evan "I-have-the-British-government-wrapped-in-my-pudgy-fingers-even-if-he-denies-it" Holmes: *Looks down at his precious treasure*
  • Molly: *Sees her baby boy's resolve breaking down* Tell you what Evan, while you are lending Daddy the scarf, I'll lend to you Mommy's scarf. *offers her possession that she had snatched before exiting their bedroom*
  • Evan "I-can-make-the-girls-swoon-faster-than-my-three-continents-godfather" Holmes: *Sees the elusive but equally, if not more precious treasure, goes to throw away the blue scarf and grab the pink one* Eyyyyyy.
  • Sherlock: *Sees how easy it is for his son to discard his scarf in favor of his mom's, starts to get competitive* That *points at his discarded scarf* is a vintage Paul Smith cashmere scarf that is not produced anymore! Meanwhile, 'that' *points at the black and pink scarf now being chomped by his son* is just a home knitted scarf that your mother's spinster aunt give out every year! Spawn, you clearly still need a lesson in taste!
  • Evan "I-can-make-anything-my-division" Holmes: *Stops and stares at his father*
  • Sherlock: *stares back at his mini-me, willing him to understand how far superior his scarf is over that of Molly's*
  • Evan "genius-in-the-making" Holmes: *Giggles at his silly father before taking a bigger bite of his recent acquisition*
  • John: *Stands up from the sofa and retrieves his best-friend's discarded scarf* Come on, man! You've clearly lost this one. At least now you have your 'cashmere' scarf back *Drops the scarf on the head of the still kneeling consulting detective*
  • Molly: *Giggling at the sour look of her husband* Come on, Sherlock. At least you got it back!
  • Sherlock: *Stands up and finally loops the scarf in his neck* I don't even need this, I don't get sick anyway!
  • John: *Waiting outside the flat's door* Then why did you spend 10 minutes 'begging' to get it back?
  • Sherlock: *bends down to kiss his wife goodbye* Principles, John. Principles.
  • John: *Snorts* More like, your costume won't be complete without it.
  • Sherlock: *Moves on to ruffling his son's curls before straightening up and exiting the flat* As I said. Principles.
  • ----------------
  • Edit: As @sherlolly29 asked, this is the old story written three years ago:
taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

Keep reading

Secret - Jay Park scenario (requested, fluffy)

Originally posted by jayparkisagod

@leyarren said:  Then can I request when you cheer him up after a fight with loco, and you push him to excuse himself into aomg he does it and that’s when everybody tells you that you should date and may confesses to them that you were dating and it was the reason why he fought with loco is that he knew it when he saw you kidding quickly xD and wanted to tell the others so it came to the now where Simon teases the hall out of you both since he is your bff with gray😂😂😂

- FINALLY I FINISHED IT! I hope you enjooooy my love and have fun! Hope you like it! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY

Word count: 913
Genre: fluffy
Members: Jay Park x You

“I wonder does Y/N even like, you know like you.“ Loco laughs as he leans back on the couch.

Jay’s eyes just stared at him, he was annoyed.
You sat on a chair, next to you Gray and Simon. All of you were hanging out in AOMG studio.
Something in you knew that Loco saw Jay and you kiss in front of the building the other day. Actually that he saw and told everyone and is now doing this on purpose just to piss off Jay.
You were fine with that, actually found it funny when he teased Jay. It was matter of time where you guys should come out in public. Dating in a secret for a couple of months been hard for you two.
It is amazing and great, just the hard part is keeping it in private and secret.

“Like look at you, getting old.” Loco pokes his arm and Jay takes a deep breath
You chuckle a bit and just Jay’s look could tell you everything so you stopped laughing.

“Loco you talking shit and you don’t have a girlfriend yourself”
“Ohhhhhhh” Simon and Gray said
“You telling me that and you haven’t had a girlfriend in 10 to 15 years at least” Loco laughs pointing at him

Jay was getting mad.
“Fuck you Loco. Get you little boy ass out of here” he points at the door
“Jay…” you said
“No like what the fuck. Since when is everyone picking on me-“
“You can’t take a joke Jay man” Simon cuts him off

Jay gets up and storms out of the studio to his office. You sigh and look at the boys.
“Excusee me” you said and walked out to Jay’s office

He sat in his chair, his legs on the desk.

“What?” he spreads his arms
“Why are you like this?” you smiled and walked over to him
“He’s just getting on my fucking nerves”
“Why do you even care? He’s just teasing you” you said
“Ugh I don’t know. Just everything he said-“
“I think you should apologize for ending up that rude-“
“RUDE?!” Jay raises his eyebrows and stands up and you sit down on the edge of his table
“He started it!” he points

You put your hands on his waist and pull him towards you.
“Jay, come on.” You look at him
“I think we both know why is he doing that”
“He saw us, didn’t he?” he spoke
“Yeah, and I think we should not hide it no more” you spoke as your hands travel on his chest, down on his stomach…
Jay smiled a bit, licking his lips.
“Yeah I guess so”

Jay cups your face and leans down to kiss you. Right away his tongue swipes over your lower lip asking for entrance. You let him in and two of you start to make out. His hands slide down your waist, on your hip. Move back on your thighs, as he slowly goes up and down.
His hand starts to move up, under your skirt, but then you place your hand on his.
“We can’t…” you pull away whispering
“Right” he spoke and two of you moved away from each other

“Now you go apologize to Loco” you spoke and he just takes a breath and nods his head.

Soon after you two walk into the stupid, Simon, Gray and Loco looking at two of you.
“Loco I’m sorry for yelling… Being an asshole” he said and sits down on the couch
“It’s okay man.”

Simon and Gray look at each other then back at you.
“Y/N you actually convinced him to apologize to Loco?” Gray said
“Yeah” you smiled
“Wow… I mean we saw so many times you being there for Jay and just being nice and supportive. He needs someone like that in his life.” Gray smiled at you and then looked at Jay
“Two of you would look good together, personally” he added putting his hand on his chest

Jay and you look at each other for a moment. You saw in Jay’s eyes telling you “Say it”. He nods slowly his head and looks away.
“Well ummm… The thing is…” you laugh nervously
“Jay and I are dating really.” You added and watched everyone’s reactions

They were either shook or they knew it.
Loco smiled
“I KNEW IT SEE?! I KNEWWW IT” he raises his hands in the air

“Oh my Jay and you, actually….” Simon points at two of you and starts to laugh
“AWWWWWWWWW” Gray smiled
“Oh my God…” Jay puts his hands over his face

“Does he call you babyyy come here”
“Goodmorningg babe”

Simon and Gray started to tease a lot.

“Wait. But for how long?” Loco said
“Two… And half months?” you look at Jay and he nods his head
“Oh they fucked for sure” Gray laugh out loud
“Guys come on” Jay laughs embarrassed
“Aww he’s blushinnnn” Simon and Gray said and everyone laughs

Jay licks his lips and smiles.
“Come on I wanna see you kiss” Loco said and Jay and you look at each other
“Ahh no no” Jay laughs
“Do it, do it, do it” all three of them started

Jay looks at you and you smiled. Two of you lean in. Jay gives you a peck on the lips.
“What the hell was that?”
“Oh my God”
I can’t believe”
“I thought some fire will be”
“Guys. Chill” Jay laughed and threw his arm around you.

How to Start a Minimalist lifestyle: Decluttering

No you your stuff does not have to be all in black and white. All you need for the first step is DECLUTTER!

Throw out your middle school project that’s collecting dust in your closet. Donate or sell all your used clothes that you don’t use any more and don’t use the excuse “oh I might use it one day” NO! Don’t do it. Get rid of at least 40% of your belongings. Throw away old pens that ran out of ink 10 years ago. Delete pictures in your phone that is not worthy of keeping. Delete contacts you have not talked to in years! Organize your paper work and throw away old receipts and only keep the important document. Minimalize your makeup. Throw away expired makeup. If you don’t remember when you bought it, throw it away. Don’t buy anything you don’t need at the grocery store. Make lists before you go shopping! 

You have to let go of your belongings. Most of it is irrelevant! Do you really need that picture of a cat on your phone? No! You will forget about everything being gone anyways. You wont even notice!!

Baby centaurs???

So foals can run the very soon after they’re born, but human babies can’t even walk until they’re at least, what is it, one, one and a half?
My idea for this is that centaurs have their babies at least a month longer in their bellies, (10 months) and that the centaur foal is developed enough to at least hold their head up after a few days. Until then they are cradled by their parent.

It takes longer for them to walk (compared to regular foals), but after around a month they’re able to - very wobbly, but they manage, with some help.

So, the time in the belly they develop a lot, but once they’re out and and a few months after that, they slow down and get on with growing in human speed.
Of course, their horse part grows slower than usual that way (a 1 year old horse resembles an 10 year old centaur).

hey guys, i need to ask a favor!

my 8-year-old brother joey made himself a youtube channel and his only new year’s resolution is to get over 10 subscribers. it would mean the world if you could get him more than that though! you don’t have to watch his videos or anything, just subscribing to him would make him the happiest kid ever. his channel is RibbitGaming (because he likes frogs a lot), you can find it here! if you don’t subscribe, at least reblog!

again i just want to help him out, he’s only 8 and he puts a lot of work into his channel. be a pal! i’ll do something in return if you’d like, as well!

ALRIGHT well here we go then

Yuri [Patronymic unknown] Plisetsky is the best character in YOI because of the HUGE change he goes through from episode 1 to episode 12

He starts out as an antagonistic little shit and end up as the most sympathetic character, in my opinion. 

Here’s the basic facts. He’s been supporting his whole family since he was a rookie. You can enter Juniors at 13 and he’s shown in the ballet studio at 10 so at 10 years old, possibly earlier, his whole family depends on his winnings and grants from the Kremlin. It’s not stated outright how big his family is BUT we know it’s at least his grandpa and his mom so he, at TEN YEARS OLD, is paying for himself and two adults at minimum.

He also has no friends. Mila is the closest to his age of all the senior skaters and she’s still three years older than him and treats him like a little brother, not an equal

He’s talented but also a super hard worker? You don’t get that good with just talent or the talent of those around you. You can’t just say “I’m going to surpass Viktor Nikiforov” and sit around and do it, you have to train harder than anyone in the world. And he DOES beat Viktor in the end! He takes his record at FIFTEEN! 

Obviously he has a huge attitude but this is CLEARLY a front based on the scene where he opens up to give Katsuki the birthday piroshki AND the flashback in episode 12 where he admits he thinks Katsuki is a talented skater during the Sochi GPF.

And then! he goes and kicks down Katsuki’s stall because he doesn’t fucking understand social interaction because literally his whole life has been skating! It’s never shown that he goes to school and a lot of young russian athletes have tutors and don’t attend regular school. There are literally “sports schools” in Russia where athletes practically live.

He’s so angry and frustrated but there’s a lot of deep hurt in Yuri, I think, because he’s had such a difficult life. On his shoulders rests the legend of Viktor Nikiforov, who he respected enough to ask for choreography from and then!!! Yuri was abandoned by him!! Viktor was like, yeah kid you’re good and I respect you and I’ll give you debut choreo and then he just leaves to go to Japan!! Fuck you, Yuri, you’re being abandoned again!!!

Otabek is the only person (outside of Yakov, Lilia, and Nikolai) that seems to see him for who he is (a determined hard worker, saying he had the eyes of a soldier) and not just a punk kid with a potty mouth and a love of cats. 

He’s just a kid who wants to support his family and figure out what agape means and create lasting!! valuable!! friendships!! and people keep just saying he’s a dumb kid!! and it pisses me off!!!!!!!

Middle Of The Night

Pairing: Kenny Omega x OFC

Authors Note: This is my first fanfic posted, but my second written fanfic

Warnings: smut might be bad sorry! NSFW, light swearing

don’t be silly wrap your willie

The familiar tone of a facetime call rang from my phone across the room, and I smiled at the name that appeared on the screen before I answered, taking a second to connect.

“Baby girl.” Kenny smiled seeing my face on his screen.

“Hi babe.” I smiled, walking over to my bed and laying down.

“How’s my girl?” he asked getting up, walking towards his mini fridge, taking out a water bottle.

“Good. Just missing you, but what’s new?”

I’m at my parents for a small vacation. I live in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan to purse and my family lived in Orlando. I got a break from NJPW, due to my storyline injury, so I decided to go home for the month, mostly cause I missed my family too much.

My parents were glad to have me home, knowing that I was already looking for a home to move in with Kenny, I would be staying out there permanently. My parents absolutely adored him, even my sister had the biggest crush on him, but she’s 22, and I’m 27, so I’m not exactly worried, plus Kenny found it adorable. Kenny and I had been together nearly four years now, and my whole family loved him.

He’s actually flying out for the last week of my stay so he could see me, Adam, Nick and Matt. When I left, Kenny had been making appearances in the Independents on the west coast, so he was already gone for two weeks before, and now I had to go three more without seeing him.

“Don’t worry though babe, I’ll be there tomorrow! Promise.” Kenny grinned, switching the camera to his suitcase he had packed.

“I know! I can’t wait.” I smiled, biting your lip.

Kenny and I talked a bit more, just about the plans for the week he was here.

My family wanted to take us out to dinner one night, and my dad wanted one afternoon with him reserved to watch the game, and my little sister Laura wanted to go to the beach at least once. For a 22 year old, who has the mind of a 10 year old, she was surprisingly smart, talking about how she’d get to see his ‘hot bod’ there.

I didn’t care though, I just couldn’t wait to be in his presence. I’m not clingy by any means, but it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve seen him.

Kenny said his flight was supposed to land at 1:30, so I set my alarm for 10 so we could get ready and everything and then go get him from the airport.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t wake up to my alarm. In fact, I woke up before it. Laura has this habit of always coming into my room and waking me up. Usually she wanted me to help her coordinate her outfit, or sometimes she even wanted to take me somewhere against my will.

When I felt someone poking my nose repetitively I was completely annoyed. I knew she was doing this because she wanted to go with me to the airport, and she always got over excited about stuff like that so she would always wake me up early.

“Laur… Just give me 5 more minutes.” I groaned trying to pull my blanket over my face, but the poking didn’t stop.

“Laura.“ I opened my eyes to face an innocent expression plastered on my sisters face.

“What?” she asked, a sweet smile on her face.

“Just give me like 5 more minutes.” I pleaded.

“Fine.” she rolled her eyes, getting up and walking out of your room.

Laying in bed frustrated that couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m way too excited to finally see Kenny in what felt like ever. 5 minutes later though, Laura walked back in and I got out of bed, deciding to shower.

30 minutes later, I was out of the shower and had just thrown on an outfit. I walked into my room taking a blow dryer and a towel to dry my hair then the door opened.

“Don’t you know how to kno-” I stopped myself. In the doorway was Kenny, a smile plastered on his face.

“(Y/n).” Kenny said in a sing-song voice. I didn’t even say anything, I was too in shock so ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

“What are you doing here?” I muttered into his neck, completely forgetting about my wet hair.

“I got an early flight. I wanted to surprise you and your dad got me from the airport this morning.” he chuckled, putting me down, walking towards my bed and plopping down on it. I couldn’t stop smiling, which cause me to giggle. It didn’t matter that we had been together for four years. I still fell for him harder and harder everyday. I knew that he was the boy that I’m going to marry when the time came. We’re crazy for one another, everyone could see it.

“I love you so fucking much.“ I muttered.He smiled, leaning down and placing his lips onto mine softly.

Kenny’s been here now for five days, but me being me, I feel like I’ve barely seen him. Of course, he’s been spending time with my family, which I didn’t mind, I do find it adorable they all got along so well.

You wanted alone time with Kenny. Lately I’ve been feeling rather sexually frusturated. The last time we had had sex was nearly two months ago. I had went to see Kenny before his match, after I got “injured”, and we had a quickie and then after the show you guys had went out for drinks with everyone.

I planned that tonight we could finally have some alone time. everyone had went out to dinner, and I thought when Kenny and I go home, we could be alone, but Laura and her friend Alec wanted to play Cards Against Humanity with Kenny, knowing I wouldn’t play because the game was vulgar, and Kenny is just to nice to say no to her.

Around 11, I went to bed, cause clearly I wouldn’t be getting anything tonight, my sister and her friend had basically stolen my boyfriend.

I said goodnight to everyone then Kenny said he’d be up in a bit, and I headed off to bed. Putting on one of Kenny’s sweatshirts he gave me a long time ago, and panties, I laid in bed and within 15 minutes you were asleep.

I moaned out his name as he filled me up. It had felt like it had been forever since he had been inside me, and I loved it. It felt so good, him sliding in and out of me slowly. I was close, clenching around him moaning out his name along with a long line of profanity as his lips captured mine to keep me quiet.

My eyes shot open. Looking around I realized it was a dream, of course. I looked to my right, and next to me was Kenny sleeping.

If I hadn’t been so sexually frusturated the past month and a half, I probably wouldn’t have had that dream.

“Kenny.” I muttered nudging his arm.

“Hmm.” he hummed into the pillow.

“Kenny… wake up” I whispered. I didn’t care it was late. I needed it, I needed him.

A groan was Kenny’s response, but nevertheless he turned and sat up a bit, one eye open and looking at me.

“Yes?” he asked.

“I love you.“ I whispered trying to hint at the fact the I wanted something.

“You don’t ever wake me up to tell me you love me…what’s up?” he asked, sitting up fully, his back against the headboard.

“But you know I do love you.” I crawled over him so I’m straddling him.

“Right?” I asked, taking my hands on his shoulders as I looked in his eyes.

“Of course. I love you too” he muttered, his voice still raspy from just waking up.

I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. Pecking his lips several times before trailing my kisses along his jaw and making my way to his neck.

“Babe…w-what are you doing” he asked, as gave him a little love bite before making my way back to his lips.

“I just love you a lot” I muttered against his skin before my lips were back on his.

Kenny’s hands were on my hips as I started to make out with him, slowly starting to grind on him. Kenny let out a little chuckle and pulled away from the kiss, causing me to look at him.

“You did not wake me up in the middle of the night because you were in the mood” he laughed, looking at you.

“Kenny!” you whined, throwing your head back. “it’s been ages…“ I dramatized looking into his eyes.

A quiet laugh slipped from his lips. “This couldn’t wait until later?”

“Please… Kenny, I need you” I pouted my lip and giving him the infamous puppy dog eyes.

Kenny shook his head and rolled his eyes before wrapping me up in his arms and rolling the us over so he was on top. Looking into one another’s eyes, he let out a little chuckle before he smashed his lips on mine.

He started to grind into my hips, feeling the small little bulge he had in his boxers against my core made me 10 times hornier, finally feeling him even if it was through clothes.

We were both turned on at the point. Kenny didn’t realize how bad he had wanted, or needed me. In a matter of minutes I was left in just Kenny’s old shirt, and he was naked, laying back on my bed as I crawled back up to him, licking my lips with a satisfied smiled on your face.

“Shit, I forgot how good you were at that.” he let out a little laugh as I moved to straddle him. I smiled at him as I hovered above his cock, reaching down, ready to remove my shirt.

“No…keep it on, you look sexy as fuck in my clothes.”

Letting go of the shirt, I reached down and grabbed Kenny’s dick, aligning the tip with my entrance and slowly sinking down on it, throwing my head back as he filled me up.

I started to rock my hips back and forth, grinding on him slowly. His hands on me waist as he started guiding me, increasing the speed.

It was passionate, and you loved it. Sex with Kenny always was. He made mefeel so good. He pleased me in ways no man ever had before.

I started to ‘bounce’ on him, the pace quickening, and the sound of our skin hitting filling the room. I bit my lip to try to hold in my moans, but they still fell from my throat.

Kenny flipped us over, looking up at him now as he pounded into me. The shirt I’m wearing started to ride up just enough to expose my boobs, he watched them with each thrust as they bounced up and down.

My back arched up off the mattress, I wanted to scream out his name.

Kenny was grunting with each thrust, getting sloppier and I let out a loud moan, Kenny’s eyes going wide, realizing it was 1:30 in the morning, and I had nearly screamed.

Kenny reached down, running his finger against my lip, opened my mouth and him slipping a finger into my mouth, immediately I started sucking on it. My eyes were rolling to the back of your head.

Clenching around Kenny, knowing I was close I pulled him by the neck down to me to kiss him once more. Kenny removed his finger and reached down and started rubbing your clit as he thrusted into me.

I shut my eyes, moaning out as I came, my body convulsing and seeing stars. Kenny rode out my high as he got closer to his. I knew he was close cause he started to get sloppier, and he had also sorta fallen on top of me and was moaning into my ear.

I started talking to him as he tried to reach his release.

“Kenny.” I whined in his ear “please cum in me.” I muttered.

Kenny let out an almost growl in your ear, losing his control he bit down on your shoulder as he came, filling you up.

Riding out his high, he rolled off you with a huff.

“Fuck,” he breathed out, “you were right.” he let out a little chuckle.

“I know.” you let out a little giggle, snuggling into him, and pecking his lips.

“I’m not even mad you woke me up at 1 am for that.” Kenny laughed, wrapping his arms around you and the two of you falling asleep.