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Michelle Obama wrote ‘black-ish’ star Yara Shahidi a college recommendation letter

  • If there were ever a surefire way to get into the school of your dreams, a letter of recommendation from the former first lady would be it.
  • At least, we imagine such would be the case for 17-year-old model and Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, who mentioned in a new interview that her college applications included the praises of Michelle Obama.
  • “She is very amazing and such a supporter, which is something very surreal to say,” Shahidi said, adding that the then-first lady also gave her a “go get ‘em, tiger” back rub before her AP exams. Read more (3/13/17 10:15 AM)

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Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

hey guys, i need to ask a favor!

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sad bzp story time

Alright so it’s around 2005-2007. I submitted an application to “lavaside rahi” to be a guest star in his sprite comics. I never really asked to guest star often, but I saw that he was taking applications, and I went for it.

Few months later, I discovered that he put me in a comic. When I read it I felt absolutely awful, because the punch line was me getting thrown into some kind of void, and I couldn’t even figure out why. I remember showing my mom because I felt so upset, and she said something like “well, at least the ending pun was clever”. I didn’t care though, 10-12 year old me just didn’t know why my character deserved that.

Fast forward 10 years. Every so often my brain reminds me of that comic. It actually haunts me a little. For some reason I get determined to find this comic. After about an hour of digging, I actually found it. Behold:

(I censored my name because it’s full of regret. also I’m 99% sure my bio said something about cats and my self moc’s powers)

anyway according to his profile page he currently writes MLP fanfiction, and I’m unemployed, so clearly i came out on top in the end

Wolf Pup:  Harry Potter Imagine

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Summary: Remus takes in an orphaned young werewolf. 

“Get out of my house you little monster!  Get out and never come back!”  Shrieked my mother as she threw whatever she could get her hands on at me.  I had come home that morning, after a night with a full moon in the sky, covered in blood.  You may be wondering, How can a 10, almost 11 year old do so much damage?  Well I wasn’t a normal (wizarding world) ten year old.  At least not anymore.  A few months ago I was bitten by a werewolf.  I had been hiding it from my mother perfectly until tonight.  But now she knew.

“M-Mommy No.  Please, I love you…”  I sobbed.  

“Get out!”  she screamed as she grabbed her wand and pointed it at me threateningly.  I ran out of the house with tears streaming down my face.  I ran as far as my legs would let me.  I eventually had to rest.  I leaned up against the wall of a building and slid down as I cried into my knees.  

“Now, what has such a talented young witch so upset?”  Asked a voice.  I looked up and saw none other than Dumbledore looking down smiling softly at me.  I stayed quiet because I honestly just didn’t know what to say.  My mom kicked me out because I’m a werewolf?  Yeah that will go over well…  “I think I know someone who can help you.  Come with me and I will take you to him.”  said the great wizard as he extended a hand to me.  I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but hey what have I got to lose?  I took the elderly wizards hand as we started walking.

“Are you excited to go to Hogwarts?”  He asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

I looked at him surprised.  I hadn’t gotten a letter yet.  “What?  I mean. Y-Yes!  I’m very excited!”

“Your birthday is coming up too.  I bet you will get all sorts of great stuff.”  He said with yet another twinkle in his eyes.

“Uh…  Maybe…”  I said thinking of my mother.

“Ahh here we are.  Remus!”  called Dumbledore as he knocked on the door.  

A man, assumably Remus,  answered the door.  “Oh, good to see you Dumbledore.  what can I do for you?”  asked the man.  

“Take care of this young orphaned werewolf.”  replied old man as he motioned to me.

“How-how did you know?!”  I exclaimed.

The other man laughed.  “Because he is Dumbledore.  And your asking an awful lot of me sir.”  Remus said.

“Your the best person for the job Remus.”  Dumbledore explained.

Remus hesitated for a minute before letting out a huge sigh “All right…  Your right…  I will do it…”  He breathed as he ran a hand through his hair.  “Come on in…  Whats your name kid?”  Remus asked.  

“(Y/N)”  I replied as I was ushered into the house.  Dumbledore and Remus continued to talk for a bit until Remus walked into the house and showed me around.    

“All right,  This has always been the guest room.  But now its your bedroom.  Make yourself at home.  We can go out and get you some things like clothes and whatever else you need a bit later.”  Remus said.

“Why are you the best person raise me?”  I asked curiously.

“Because, I’m a werewolf too.”  He explained as he walked out of the room.  

about an hour I was laying on my new bed in my new room when Remus came back in.  “You ready to go shopping?”  He asked as I nodded and hopped off the bed.   The two of us headed into town to some muggle shops.  “lets see…  What do little girls need…?”  Remus asked himself as I began to wonder if this man was really capable of raising a child.  “Well I suppose we will start with clothes”  He said as he led me to a clothing store and bought me all the clothes I would need.  

“Now… What else?”  he pondered as we walked around the store.  That was when I saw it.  It was incredible…  It was a stuffed toy wolf.  I had never seen anything like it…  I walked over to it in awe.  I picked it up and oh my gosh I had never felt anything that soft.  I hugged it close to my chest.  It was like hugging a cloud.  How did the muggles do it?  I really wanted it but I didn’t want to ask Mr. Remus for it.  I just met him.  Besides that he probably would say no anyways.  

“Of course!  Toys!  I see you’ve already found one you like!”  Remus Exclaimed from behind me.  He purchased the wolf and some other nice toys for me.  He also got me some great muggle books and stuff.  The creativity of those people is absolutely amazing…  We walked around the alley some more while I hugged my new stuffed wolf who, by the way, I named Diesel.  Mr. Remus bought me all the other things that I would need as well as we walked around.

“Thank you for everything Mr. Remus.”  I said.

“Oh, don’t you worry about it (Y/N).  I’m happy to help.”  He replied.  “Now, what would you like for dinner?” He questioned.

“Anything is fine with me sir.”  I answered.

“You don’t have to call me sir.  Mr. Remus was okay.  Does steak work?”  He asked.  My face lit up as I nodded vigorously.  “Steak it is!”  He exclaimed as we went and bought the meat.  

Finally we headed home and remus put the steak in the fridge and then helped me put all the stuff we bought away were it should go.  

“You wanna help out with dinner?”  Remus asked with a playful grin.

“Yeah!”  I exclaimed in excitement as I rushed to the kitchen.  I’ve never gotten to help with dinner before.  But I’ve always wanted to.  Now I finally can!

“Great!  But before we start how do you like your steak?”  He asked.

“Rare”  I replied.

“I figured that was the case.”  he said as he began to teach me how to cook.

“Can you set the table?  Everything is in that drawer.”  he asked once we finished the meat and he pointed out the drawer.  I nodded as I did what was asked of me.

We both then sat down for dinner.  We learned a lot about each other.  I learned that his last name is Lupin for one thing.  Which I found very funny by the way.  Mr. Remus however, wasn’t nearly as amused as I was.  Once I stopped cackling at his name, Mr. Remus also told me of his days in Hogwarts and about all of his friends.  Friends such as, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and finally James and Lily Potter.  Who are the parents of the boy who lived.  Sadly, they were not so lucky.  I told him about my mother and my life before today.  About when I got bit.  About how my mom found out my secret and kicked me out.  

“I’m worried about her.  I was the only family she had left.”  I mumbled.  

“Then she shouldn’t have pushed you away.”  Remus stated as he took another bite of his food.  Then he saw the sad look on my face.  “But I’m sure she’s fine!  Don’t you worry!”  He exclaimed as I nodded, Ignoring the worried feelings for my mom.  I know she kicked me out, and I should hate her for that, but I just can’t.  She was always a good mom to me, and I still love her.  I always will.  

We soon finished eating and cleaned up all the mess from dinner.  I let out a huge yawn.  “You sound like your ready for bed.”  Remus laughed as I rubbed my eyes and nodded.  “Alright then, off to bed with you.”  He said.  I extend my arms to him in a ‘carry me’ sort of way.  “Really?”  He said with a hint of amusement in his voice as I nodded sleepily.  “Fine, lets go.” he said as he lifted me up as carried me off to my bed and tucked me in.  “Goodnight (Y/N)” Remus said as he was turning out the light.  All he heard in response were quiet snores as I was already asleep.  

How to Start a Minimalist lifestyle: Decluttering

No you your stuff does not have to be all in black and white. All you need for the first step is DECLUTTER!

Throw out your middle school project that’s collecting dust in your closet. Donate or sell all your used clothes that you don’t use any more and don’t use the excuse “oh I might use it one day” NO! Don’t do it. Get rid of at least 40% of your belongings. Throw away old pens that ran out of ink 10 years ago. Delete pictures in your phone that is not worthy of keeping. Delete contacts you have not talked to in years! Organize your paper work and throw away old receipts and only keep the important document. Minimalize your makeup. Throw away expired makeup. If you don’t remember when you bought it, throw it away. Don’t buy anything you don’t need at the grocery store. Make lists before you go shopping! 

You have to let go of your belongings. Most of it is irrelevant! Do you really need that picture of a cat on your phone? No! You will forget about everything being gone anyways. You wont even notice!!

Baby centaurs???

So foals can run the very soon after they’re born, but human babies can’t even walk until they’re at least, what is it, one, one and a half?
My idea for this is that centaurs have their babies at least a month longer in their bellies, (10 months) and that the centaur foal is developed enough to at least hold their head up after a few days. Until then they are cradled by their parent.

It takes longer for them to walk (compared to regular foals), but after around a month they’re able to - very wobbly, but they manage, with some help.

So, the time in the belly they develop a lot, but once they’re out and and a few months after that, they slow down and get on with growing in human speed.
Of course, their horse part grows slower than usual that way (a 1 year old horse resembles an 10 year old centaur).

I’m editing my old “how to write erotica” book, and I just came across my list of the top ten least sexy places in the world to have sex. I wrote it over three years ago, but man, number ten still gets me. Fuck.

1.  A bathroom at Burger King
2.  The ICU at Mt. Sinai
3.  My father’s nursing home
4.  The surface of mars
5.  The Republican National Convention
6.  The men’s room at the Port Authority
7.  Webster Hall on a Saturday night
8.  A Mets game
9. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
10.  Any building in the world with the name Trump on it

Random UD headcanons

-If Emily puts her hair in twin braids like Jess, she looks about 10 years old. All intimidation and badassery goes out the window. Jess delights in this.

-Jess gets into the most trouble out of everyone in the gang, simply because she has zero impulse control. She usually manages to drag at least a couple friends down with her.

-Josh would get in trouble most, but he’s a planner. If he’s going to fuck shit up, he’s going to do it with a pretty thorough escape plan. Unless he’s off his meds… then his plans are just as meticulous, but confusing and nonsensical.

-Jess can’t do winged eyeliner for shit, so Em will do hers for her.

-In fact, Em will do all of the daughters of darkness’s makeup. She claims it’s because she can’t be seen in public with them looking bad, but it’s really her way of showing affection.

-Chris and Ashley will trip over anything placed in front of them; books, bags, entire staircases…

-Jess and Ashley force the gang to join their Harry Potter marathons. They gather blankets, make popcorn, and lock the doors so none of their friends can leave. Josh pretends to be annoyed by them, but he’s a secret Potterhead.

-Mike and Jess do couple cosplays together, and always have, even before they were an item (they only stopped when Em and Mike were dating). It always made sense to them- they both love the attention they get from it, and they know they look good together. Add Jess’ love of sewing, and Mike’s natural charisma, and they’re a comic con match made in heaven.

-(Ashley begs them to cosplay characters from her favorite fandoms. She has hella convincing Bambi eyes, so they usually agree.)

-Sam and Josh love playing horror games together. Matt gets too easily freaked out to play himself, but he likes watching them.

-Chris can sing any song on the Rent soundtrack on cue.

I have so many more but I feel like this is getting way too long…

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Slutty/hoe confession: Last year(I was 19) my cousins best friend invited me and my friends to his apartment to "chill." There was like 10 dudes and 4 of us and they were all at least 3 years older then us. We were all drinking and getting fucked up and playing poker. At some point I ended up making out with the oldest guy there (30) and after he left I fucked one of the other guys. I found out the next day he was 29, engaged & had a 3 yr old. Ran into him while Christmas shopping. Shameful.


Right now, you’ll probably remember why a certain date was important to you, but in two years, 10 years, 20 years, chances are you won’t. Dedicate yourself to keeping track of all the details in your life for at least one notebook worth—you’ll be happy later, whether the memories are good or bad.

People get sick, things come up, and we are all way too busy. Try to remember this when dealing with your schedule. The party you planned for ten might only be three. The future you dreamt for two may just have one. There’s a reason if a plan can’t work out, even if you don’t see it.

You’re probably going to refer to something as “the last time” before you realize it’s over—“the last time we talked,” “the last time I saw her,” “the last time I went there.” Pretty much nothing is truly endless—even the Endless Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster sets a stopping point. It doesn’t mean you forget about something, it just means there’s no more places to take it.

Most of the time when you doubt something can happen, you really don’t know enough about it to judge. Chances are, the doubt probably isn’t worth it. Give it a try. Just because you don’t think it can happen doesn’t mean it won’t, and that is never a good enough reason not to give something a chance. Put forth energy!

#5: COOK!
It’s a practical skill you’re going to need. That attitude you had about it not being worth the amount of time it takes isn’t valid. Alright, so maybe a boy got you to open your mind to the idea, but you shouldn’t close it. Cooking is really freaking awesome, dude.

The girl you sand karaoke with when you stumbled into a commuter event during Welcome Week? The dude with the kind of awesome hair who sits in front of you in your 9AM class? The simple act of triggering some thoughts in your mind doesn’t warrant an entire creative project. Let. It. Go.

Yes, it will rain, you will have three papers due on the same day, and technology will fail to work in an appropriate manner. That’s just life. If you’re already prepared to handle this sort of mess, but it doesn’t end up playing out, your day will seem so much better.

Maybe it’s just something about doing an activity with your hands to make something look better, but it feels really rewarding. When you’re bummed or thing aren’t going your way, whatever—chances are if you go about cleaning up, at least seeing that will make you feel better.

You won’t realize how much you miss your couch, how dire counter space in the bathroom is, or what benefits a full size bed can have until you aren’t with those things all the time anymore. Small spaces are a huge change.

It will make the above issue better. It will make the cleaning up of a mess way too large to handle better. It will teach you how to put in hardwood floors, a kitchen backsplash, and support beams, which chances are you’ll never use, but there’s something great about seeing and knowing it all.

I mean, don’t go insane and jump far out and away from your comfort zone, but don’t just stick to your list. Talk to people who you may not know anything about just for the sake of learning something new. Go to new places and walk around, just get a feel. Go explore more!

People, places, things—all of it doesn’t stay the same for long. You’re included in that. Don’t be surprised if something you once loved doesn’t have the same effect anymore. This phase will pass, too, but go with it for now.

It’s far unhealthier to walk around on the cusp of breaking down than to just take the day off and crash, knowing things are a mess. You can never see it when you’re at the lowest point, but things will go up eventually. Hang in there.

First off, there’s a big difference between pulling the all-nighter because you think it’ll help study and just doing it for the sake of telling people you have. Acknowledge that, and the fact it’s only really productive when you’re passionate.

If you feel like they are, it’s because you’re making it that way. You probably had an initial gut feeling—go with it. If you truly think you’d be perfectly happy either way, then chances are it’s not important enough to stress over.

There’s no reason to be held to the same position your past put you in. You know your backstory and what you do with it is what makes it relevant. Don’t feel obligated to carry it around with you.

Don’t label something a mistake right after it’s made. You can’t understand why it was wrong yet. Indeed, even if it was a bad move, you did it for a reason. Try to understand before beating yourself up.

Even if it breaks your heart, even if it makes you the kind of “not okay” cleaning can’t help, even if it ruins all your planned endings, it will set you free, and that might be more important in the end.

—  On the eve of my last night before my last
year in teenager-hood, I leave you with the very little I retained over the
last 365 days. Therefore, I present “18 Things I Learned in My Eighteenth

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How about two?? :3 ⭐️⭐️

First fact about me: I don’t produce the hormone (or at least not enough of it) that tells your body it’s tired, so I don’t get tired in the same way as most other people and can cope pretty well with very little sleep compared to most people!

Second fact: I wear glasses and have done since I was about 9 or 10 years old! Not a very interesting fact, but a fact nonetheless hahaa ✨

Brooklyn to Broadway (A Janthony Fic)

Yes, here it is. The childhood au that I’ve been talking about forever. Enjoy! This is a long one!

prompt: Anthony and Jasmine grow up around each other but don’t really know each other. I see this one as like Jas lives the good life with her family and stuff and Ant isn’t that lucky (this is already similar to real life) and Anthony has this big crush on Jasmine but he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her? And they eventually get together later one obviously. (Think of this as Benny and Nina, at least that’s how I see it in my head lol)


At 10 years old, Anthony Ramos knew he loved only two things in his life, his family and baseball.

His mom and his siblings always came first and then it was the love for his favorite sport. But maybe that’s changing now.

He’s in his local corner bodega when he spots the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen in his life. She enters the bodega with a group of girls, smiling and giggling with them.

Her long curly hair was almost down to her butt and the way she smiles makes the glittery lip gloss on her lips reflect the light; her laugh sounds like a song.

The group of girls pass Anthony and head to the back of the bodega where the snacks are and Anthony blatantly watches them.

“Can I get a soda?” Anthony’s little sister asks but none of her question reaches him. “Hey! Earth to Anthony!?”

Stephanie waves her hand in front of her brother’s face and that snaps him out of it. “What?”

“Can I have a soda? And we have to hurry up, mom said we had to be back by dinner.” Anthony just nods his head and notices that the group of girls are walking back up to the front to pay for whatever they had gotten.

“C’mon, let’s go pay.” He grabs Stephanie’s arm and pulls her up to the front, standing right behind the group of girls.

They’re all carrying arm fulls of chips, candy, and drinks. The bodega guy watches as the four little girls throw all of the snacks on the counter and he begins to scan all their items.

And it’s the girl that he’s been watching that pays for all of their snacks. Anthony watches as she takes a wad of cash and hands a full, crisp twenty dollar bill to the bodega man. The girls gather all of their food and as soon as they step away from the counter, Stephanie steps up and puts their stuff up there.

Anthony watches the girls and notices that the curly haired girl dropped a candy bar. He leaves his sister for a second and goes to pick it up.

“Hey! You dropped this!”

All of them turn around and the one that has Anthony’s heart fluttering walks up to him. He hands her the candy bar and she smiles.

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  • Brendan: Wait, but if she beat you, why are you still battling at the Pokémon League?
  • Steven: Hoenn's labour laws don't allow us to employ 10-year olds.
  • Mr. Stone: But they do allow for my son to get his ass whooped by one, hahahaha!
  • Steven: [looks at the camera like in the office]

I walked into my 18 year old sons bedroom and I was shocked when I saw he had a very large erection, only the thin sheet was over him so he was “pitching a tent”. I thought it looked to be at least 10 inches, I left the room to let him get dressed and when I returned he had an enormous bulge going down his thigh easily seen through his shorts, I couldn’t believe how big it was. Have any other moms been surprised at how big their sons are?


I am a new driver (I still have to take the behind the wheel test) but my dad went ahead and found me a car. It’s at least 10 years old, a nice silver, and a bit small for my liking. When I first saw it, I thought it wasn’t much, definitely nothin to get excited about. In short: I hated it. Then I got to driving it and began to warm up to it and ended up naming it Wynne. I even got custom grey warden seat covers and sunshades with the cover design (with the red dragon and morrigan) My sister asked me why I named my car this, and after a moment, I told her:
This car has been to so many different places and existed for a long time, with all the nicks and dings and tales to go with it. Like Wynne, this car will be my protection, my safe haven, and be my guide for a long time. She is silver, she is wise, she is safe, but she has spirit, and she is going to be my friend until the end. This game is very important to me, and this character is important to me so I want to honor it anyway I can. (She laughed but told me it was a good reason. I intend to keep the car for as long as I can)

EreMika is getting so much hate for being ‘incest’ while in anime such as-

Full Metal Alchemist: the most popular ship is between Edward and his younger brother Alfonse..

Ao No Exorcist: the most popular ships are all between blood related brothers…

Kill la Kill: one of the most popular ships is between Ryuko and her older sister Satsuki…

Sword Art Online even has incest and no one even talks about it. (at least I haven’t seen anyone talk about it)

Seriously, even Boku No Pico doesn’t get this much hate and that anime sexualizes 10 year old boys and has pedophilia… /_\

And honestly… I think people are in denial about how canon eremika is, but even if it does become entirely canon some people still wont ship it for their own reasons…

Can’t we all just get along?
SNK isn’t even a romance manga and that’s what everyone argues about most of the time..

And of course i’m hoping for an eremika moment in the next chapter but if we don’t get one *dies internally* it…i-it’s okay, no…biggie. We still have chapter 50 X’).

It was dark and cold out, the usual weather that would have drove you inside, this thing inside of you though, it liked this weather and had you out in a tank top and a pair of jeans. Despite the cruelty of the Nogitsune, you didn’t fight it. You were tired of being so nice, so sweet, it was almost a requirement to be in that friends group. You played your role fairly well, to say the least. You acted…Natural. Too natural while Stiles began to get all the blame. He looked disheveled trying to figure out how to get you back while you, you looked as normal as ever. 

The door slid open, you had more or less decided to meet in an old bar that hadn’t been used in a good 10 years. The rain outside had soaked stiles to the bone and as he walked in, there was disappointment in his face. “When are you going to tell them?” Of course those would be the first words out of his mouth. You shook your head, shook your glass and took a drink. “You can’t keep up appearances for-” 

“And that is why I have you to keep them up for me.” You watched him move to sit in front of you, water dripping from his clothes. “Scott is getting suspicious.” You realized he must have walked here, the jeep had been ruined, again. You would have felt bad but right now? It was amusing. “Then you need to pretend that it went away, Stiles. Look…Clean. Like you’re no longer having sleepless nights, they start asking questions and I might start…Dropping hints.” 

You raised your brows, took a drink and set it back down, you really did not like whiskey, you suddenly remembered. “You can’t just give up and let this thing take over you, Y/N, you’re stronger than that, we’ve been friends since 8th grade, I’ve seen your baby pictures! Just let me help.” Giving up? Your head dropped into your hand and you sighed. As cute as Stiles was, he never really ‘got it’, did he? “I didn’t give up. I gave, willingly, Stiles. Now, look at me.” His head lifted slightly to look you in the eyes. Sadness and some sort of unrecognizable emotion filled his eyes, you found yourself hungry. 

“The deal was you make it seem like it’s not in me, or I leave. Remember?” Stiles nodded and swallowed hard. You stood, walked around the table and leaned down in front of him, taking your hands in his. Even with this thing inside of you, you still knew some sort of kindness. “I don’t want to leave you. Or Scott.” You, absolutely you, this wasn’t a trick, you did love them both. Leaning up, you pressed a kiss against Stile’s cheek and watched him shut his eyes. Before he opened them again, you had already disappeared, leaving him with your car keys on the table. At least he wouldn’t need to walk home again. 

  • Me: All the fish on the wall here are going to need at least a 10 gallon tank if not larger, and bettas will need a 5 gallon if you want to keep them right.
  • Customer: Look, I'm just trying to get something for my 4 year old... I don't need anything too -extravagant-...
  • Me: Oh why didn't you just say so? Fish just love children, that changes everything. Fish are totally okay with just giving up life essentials like warm, clean water and space to move around comfortably just for that warm fuzzy feeling they get knowing that they're going to make your child happy for a few weeks before they get bored of fish having and beg you for something else instead.

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Hi, I love your drabbles <3 But I wanted to ask for one in which they are older (+10/+15 years at least?) I have a special place in my heart for "growing old together" and Lamen would be perf

Damen sat up, stretched, and heard something in his back pop a few times.

Behind him, Laurent chuckled. “I think you’re getting old, Damianos.”

Damen turned his head to look at his husband, still sprawled out across the pillows. “And you’re just full of youthful exuberance, are you?”

“Of course. My back isn’t making that sound.”

“You weren’t standing half the night, listening to ambassadors complain about things. Don’t think I don’t know that you arranged to have that hunt run late.”

Laurent didn’t deny it, only smiled. Damen leaned across the bed to kiss him. Laurent lifted his hands to run them through Damen’s hair. “And what’s your excuse for why you’re the one with gray hair?”

“You like my gray hair.”

“I do. It makes you look regal and wise, which I find endlessly amusing.”

“And I’m not so sure that you aren’t right behind me with it.” Damen ran his fingers lightly through Laurent’s hair. It wasn’t as obviously graying as Damen’s was, but it was no longer the bright gold it had been in his youth.

Laurent kissed him rather than reply, and it was a few minutes before Damen managed to pull away.

“We’re supposed to be in the throne room soon,” he said, though he made no effort to get off the bed.

“We’re the kings. I’m sure they’ll wait for us. Besides, we have children. What use are they if they don’t cover for us sometimes?”

Damen laughed. “I’ll be sure to tell them that’s what you think of them.”

“It’s good practice.”

“Of course.”

Laurent leaned up for another kiss, then slumped back down into the cushions, smiling. “Come on,” he said. “Come back to bed. Properly.”

“We have a meeting. If we aren’t there soon they’re going to send someone in here to look for us.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been seen.”

“Laurent, I love you with all of my heart and soul but if you continue to be so completely shameless about the guards walking in on us I am going to have to put an end to this relationship.”

Laurent rolled his eyes fondly. “It’s good to know that some things simply never change.”

“Things like Veretians having no sense of dignity.”

“And Akielons having a sense of dignity I cannot begin to understand.” For a moment, Laurent didn’t move beyond continuing to play with Damen’s hair. “I still sometimes feel as though this is some sort of wonderful dream,” he said softly. “Even after all these years.”

Damen kissed him with all the reassurance and love he could manage. “You’re not.” In one swift motion he got off the bed and moved to get dressed. “But if that is an attempt to get me to stay in bed with you, it isn’t going to work.”

Laurent scoffed and Damen heard the rustling of sheets that meant Laurent was getting out of bed too.

Laurent’s back popped as he stood. Damen smirked.