at laughing planet

  • liam: any family involved in the first contact war?
  • vetra: how is this supposed to help
  • liam: it's small talk
  • vetra: small talk is 'how's the weather,' not
  • vetra [southern accent]: did yer elder shoot mah grandpa

A ferry ride home and I’m officially on my staycation. One week of no commuting, no work, no classes, and no homework. I’m going to get so much done! And I might just overlook my entire TBR and current reading lists to start this pretty new release, a follow-up to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.

A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers

I mean, people do know that other games are allowed to take inspiration from Greek myths right? Not just borderlands?


The many faces of Hannes Braun from Kissin’ Dynamite


Once again, Ignazios laugh has completely done me in. And Gians arse slap. 😂

Imagine being the newest recruit onboard the Enterprise…

“You must be the Ensign Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Jim offers you his hand. “Jim Kirk. I’ll be your Captain for the new three years.” He smiles charmingly at you.

Your smile mirrors his as you take his hand. “I’m looking forward to it, sir.” He’s even more attractive in person and your cheeks start to flush pink despite yourself.

“Well hopefully I’ll be seeing you around.” Jim’s grin turns mischievous then. “I heard a little rumor that our first stop for shore leave is gonna be a pleasure planet.” He laughs as your cheeks flush darker at the implication. “Have a nice first day, Y/N.” And with that, he’s off towards the bridge leaving you alone in the hallway to collect yourself.


Requested dark!Saigeno. I’ve always wanted to draw them myself too so it was a pleasure ^_^

A bit of headcanon for these two tho. 

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2015 year in review

- shitty school
-drew all over my room
-covered my wall with photos
-got my first boyfriend and first date
-didn’t last very long
Became obsessedwith rock bands Shinedown, guns n roses, metalica,black stone cherry,halestorm,highly suspect, radiohead list goes on
-attending download festival in June
-turned 16
-got one A in exams
-gave up on life
-realised theirs stuff to live for
-then became an inspirational little shit


I don’t know the context, or why it’s funny, but i’ve been laughing at this for the last few days and i still don’t know why