at last i feel my burden lifting

Lunar Newt Year

Title: Lunar Newt Year (hehe puns)

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 698

Warnings: some cussing, burning, fluff

Summary: You are tirelessly preparing for the Lunar New Year but Newt feels excluded and arguments arise.

A/N: Finals are finally over! I’m going to try to update more, though I do have a lot of reality type burdens I need to take care of in order for my life to not plummet. Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year! It’s one of my favorite holidays I celebrate and so whipped up a little fic last night. Hope you enjoy! :)


“Newt, you know how important my family is! This is tradition!”

“I thought I was your family, too! You’ve been neglecting me since the beginning of the month!”

You huffed a breath, lifting the massive steaming cauldron of soup off the stove. It was Lunar New Year tomorrow and you were doing your best to prepare half a feast to help your mother. You were pulling your weight in between the preparations and work, so much that you hadn’t been spending as much time with Newt. But, boy did you have a short temper.

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In The Meadow (An Everlark one-shot)

The clouds are low and the sky is an overcast gray when I walk down the front stairs of my home in Victor’s Village. The bite of the air is beginning to lessen. It’s still crisp but I can smell the warmth of it coming back; I can feel it in my bones as well. My shoulders feel strange without the burden from the weight of my bow, but I roll them back and set my neck straight even as I stare down at my shoes scuffing the gravel. I’m not out to hunt today.

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