at last have some fem!sherlock

In the coming weeks/months: Reblog more fanart, comment on every fic you read, appreciate your friends vocally

We are heartbroken and hurt. Let’s fill our community with love and gratitude for each other. We deserve that. 

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pearlqueensposts  asked:


orange: What kind of shows/movies do you like to watch?

On TV I watch the pokeani as well as steven universe, rick & morty, always sunny, eric andre show, simpsons, Scream Queens, Full Frontal w Samantha Bee,..SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS W/ NPH IS ON NETFLIX NOW

On youtube: half in the bag (hilariously horrible movie reviews), jontron, h3h3, idubbbz, maxmoefoe and his pokemon channel ,

uhh movies I guess the first that come to mind is What we do in the Shadows (a comedy mock-umentary about vampires flatting in NZ), Blazing Saddles, harry potter i guess, Gattaca, Empire strikes back.. there are a million more