at lady rainacorn

okay no offense but adventure time is significantly better than steven universe in most aspects

like it does almost everything su does but……..better.

Two things::
it hasn’t had two female (aligned) characters like. kissing on-screen like with ruby and sapphire
also at’s poc rep is a lil eh but there’s like four humans and the nonhumans can be thought of in different ways. like the coding isn’t as blatant as su, you know? i think jake and his dog family would count as black, lady rainacorn and her family are obviously korean, bmos creater is Indian, BMO is korean (his accent and va is Korean), ice king/simon is jewish, and there’s a bunch of background characters that i could get into.

Things that AT is better at:
Background characters
Character development
Filler episodes
Character models (I mean Su’s are non-existent lmao)
Well rounded characters
So like everything su is supposed to have/the themes of the show

They both have nb characters (stevonnie & smokey quartz, bmo) too, if someone would bring up that


FINN is PISCES because you guys can puncha my buns iF you kno what im sayin

JAKE is SAGITTARIUS because you guys are real chill about life yo

MARCELINE is TAURUS because you also have been traumatized by someone eating ur fries

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM is VIRGO because you guys are cool lil weirdos

LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS is LEO because dem lumps girl

LEMONGRAB is CAPRICORN because you guys are always finding things UNACCEPTABLEEEEE

ICE KING is CANCER because deep down yall be needin some love too :(

BMO is SCORPIO because yall may be cute but also r real sneaky

LADY RAINACORN is GEMINI because you guys talk a lot but nobody understands what you’re talking about

FLAME PRINCESS is ARIES because teh flames and stuff duh


CINNAMON BUN is LIBRA because you guys are a pure cinnamon roll bun