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Homestuck Tips for First Time Readers:

  • Act 3 is when it starts getting good during your first read
  • The pesterlogs are long, but they’re important
  • The Midnight Crew intermission is also important, but not enjoyable the first time you read it, especially if you have trouble following circular time travel plots.  It’s much funnier the second time around, I promise
  • The Exiles are not enjoyable the first time.  They grow on you, don’t worry (and they’re funnier during Read #2)
  • When you reach Act 5 and meet the trolls, you may become irrationally angry that you just got used to the 4 kids and now you have to meet and like 12 more characters?  Fuck this and fuck you Hussie I’m not reading this comic anymore these feelings are normal and expected
  • Take your time with the interactive games, they’re full of easter eggs that are plot relevant
  • Sometimes Hussie just fucks with you
  • Have fun and go at your own pace

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Shinji and Kaworu from Evangelion for throwback-thursday <3 the desperation i have felt over the years from wishing i could protect their happiness is IMMENSE. and i’m sure i’m not alone in that <3 <3 <3


this is nct dream


Keith gets embarrassed and annoyed because he messed up with trying to connect with people but he specifically uses Lance as an example, this could indicate that he wants to connect more with people but especially with Lance yet he just can’t.

He pushes people away because he has a fear of rejection, but who do we see him act as if he pushes away the most? Lance. Keith pushes Lance away with the ‘rivalry’ thing he does and it’s more extreme to Lance than any other character we see. Maybe this could be because Keith cares deeply of Lance and Lance is the last person he would ever want to be rejected by.

This could prove some theories where Keith and Lance think one hates the other so they don’t do anything about their feelings for each other. In reality Keith is just pushing Lance away because he feels that Lance would reject him because he thinks Lance hates him and Lance won’t do anything because Keith is putting up walls and makes Lance think that Keith hates him.

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Can I get uuuuuhhhhhh some klance with langst on the side

Uuummm, so just be careful reading this, I hope this made you happy, it’s p shitty though (like took me 30 minutes and it probably isn’t even 1k words, but I kinda tried) 

Lance was brought to his knees in front of Shiro and Keith quite forcefully.  The Galra behind him pressed the gun against the back of his head.  “It’s okay, guys, everything will be fine.”

Lance attempted to soothe his distressed teammates to no avail.  A Galran commander paced around them, making sure to nudge each one of them harshly.  He hummed, “Actually, the Blue Paladin isn’t as important, kill the Black Paladin.”

At this, the gun retreated away from Lance’s head and the Cuban jerked.  “No!  Let’s make a deal, hot stuff, how ‘bout that?”  Lance heard both Shiro and Keith protest his statement, but he ignored their worried calls.

The commander turned to him and cocked his head, “What could you offer me?”

Lance bit his lip and immediately spit out, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you let them free.”

The commander smirked and held a hand up that halted his subordinates in their tracks.  “Anything, you say?  You’d lick the bottom of my feet?  Tend to my every need?  Even be my personal fuck toy?”  Keith was fuming and screeching by this point, ignored by both Lance and the commander.

A now-familiar taste filled Lance’s mouth when he bit his lip too hard.  “Yes, as long as they leave unharmed.”

The commander smirked and stepped forward to force Lance to look up with the tip of his boot.  “Then, you’ll be calling me Master from now on out, my pet.”

“Fuck no, Lance, you can’t do this!  I won’t allow you!”  Lance glanced at Keith and shot his significant other a soft smile.  He mouthed an apology and then turned back to his ‘Master.’

Suddenly, the Galra kicked Lance harshly across the face, making the Blue Paladin fall to the ground.  Keith and Shiro both let out cries of distress just to be ignored yet again.  The guards yanked them to their feet and to say they were protesting it was an understatement.

As Keith passed by Lance, he lunged towards his boyfriend with tears in his eyes.  “Lance, I love you!  Please, don’t leave me!  You said you would never leave my side!”

Tears welled up in Lance’s eyes and he had to look away to keep a sliver of his brave face.  He heard them struggle down the hall and nearly sobbed when their familiar cries went out of earshot.  His ‘Master’ looked down at him with a devious gleam in his eyes.

“Are you ready for our first night together, pet?”

Shivers ran down Lance’s spine and it couldn’t keep the tears from falling down his cheeks, only to be wiped away by the Galra he would soon come to love in a twisted way.

rebecca lied about them having sex and ross is the baby daddy (or she’s faking it I don’t care lol), and robert’s been having a breakdown ever since cos he can’t remember :( which is why he’s been scheming against the whites, cos otherwise what is his actual reason for doing that other than projecting his pain and being trash lmao?? but that’s why he was so determined to lie about it to aaron, cos he’s so scared to tell him the truth, and he said to liv it was all under control until they found out she was pregnant and everyone had to find out.  he doesn’t think anyone will believe him cos everyone just sees him as a cheat, so he’s trying to get the truth out by himself by doing what he did with lawrence, which is what rebecca did to him. literally every time he thinks he’s getting closer to aaron and things might be ok again, aaron rejects him and the next scene is always robert instantly going back to scheming cos he thinks that’s the only way he can get proof and honestly I need this more than air

When the jone3rys shippers:

  • Use book quotes that refers to Sansa to say it’s a foreshadowing of Jon x Danielle marriage.
  • Use gifs of Jon looking at Sansa for their romantic edits with Danniele.
  • Ignore Sansa’s storyline and importance to say Jon is the key to the North.
  • Create scenarios where Ghost/the Stark kids love Danielle so much.

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I don’t take so much care of my body so you can come and physically hurt me like this.