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I didn’t get a video with Darin De Paul, but I did write down a few of the memorable things he said to my friends and I:

“Sorry I killed your fiancé. Actually, I’m not. Hashtag sorrynotsorry.” (to @codenameleaf as Noctis)

“I’ll kill you later.”

“Actually can you hold the camera? Noctis should be crying.” (before “stabbing” me with a sharpie)

Shout Out

I’d been meaning to do this.

Katsucon 2003, aka: “Kat-snow-con”.

I dressed up as Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

All through the con, people kept asking me “are you with Jack?” I was a solo cosplay, so I kept asking “Jack who?”

Turns out there was someone there doing a rather impressive Jack Skellington cosplay. This involved a paper-mache head and window washer stilts. I remain impressed to this day.

We FINALLY ran into each other purely by accident. Jack did not speak, but was very excited to see me, gave me a big hug, and we spent the next 20min or so posing for photos.

Never got a name, or an email, or even a picture of the both of us in the same frame.

Jack, if you’re out there, that was an awesome cosplay.

anonymous asked:

what cosplays did you wear for 2016? do you have stuff planned for this year?

I wore 5 in 2016!

I’m definitely going to be attending Katuscon and Otakon this year.  My plan for Katsucon is…

  • Ariel ~ The Little Mermaid (Friday Morning/Afternoon
  • Palutena ~ Kid Icarus: Uprising (Friday Evening)
  • Belle ~ Beauty and the Beast (All Saturday)

I’m going to be part of a Kid Icarus photo shoot later on Friday! I’m really excited to wear Palutena again, she’s one of my favorite cosplays :)

For Otakon, my plan is to make Great Lord Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening and rewear Belle.  I’m going to try Worbla for the first time so we will see how that goes haha

As for the rest of the year…I’m not sure! I might try to go to some new cons.  There are a ton of cosplays that I want to do in the future


More Kingdom Hearts as promised from Katuscon, and I still have a few more half-decent photos in my repertoire!

Sora - myself

Roxas - @ohimesama-chan

Xion - @niknak1811

Riku - @monahkaaz

Saix - @jessecarachelle11

King Mickey - @kingkitsu

Queen Minnie -  @wreckitronnie

Iris Musicia's Grand Horn Tutorial

The #1 question I was asked at Katuscon was “how did you make your horns?”  Because there’s no short answer to this (and I want to be thorough) I thought I’d make a tutorial.  Here is how to make large, realistic-looking horns that would be excellent for the Grand Highblood, but I decided to use on Gamzee because why the heck not, and there’s no reason you couldn’t use these for Kurloz as well.

I made mine and Cyrus’s horns this way, so it’s able to work for a difficult set of horns like Tav’s.

This method can be adapted for Condesce or Handmaid horns as well.  Basically, any large or weirdly-shaped horns!

Also includes how to attach them because whenever I read horn tutorials that didn’t tell you how to attach them, it would piss me off.  These horns were difficult to attach and I don’t want to piss you guys off or leave you with horns and no way to wear them.

Image heavy and a long post, so it’s under a cut.


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anonymous asked:

I feel stupid asking this but, what is going on with katsucon?

Basically, at the masquerade, the entire theme was centered around the MC, who did a horrible job at MCing, having two women on either arm and trading them/bargaining/bribing the tech crew in the back with them. They were traded and sent off back and forth, and even once bribed with money to do so. The entire representation of women and the relationship between these two “men of power” and women really upset me. I was irritated that, in a community where sexism is a big problem (the anime community), the members of this skit, the MC, the women, and the coordinator, all thought this would be FUNNY and acceptable to do.

When I presented Katuscon with my concerns and the issues I had with the representiation of women, I was combated with “well, the women in the skit consented so it’s okay”. No. It does not MATTER if the women in the skit thought it would also be funny, because it’s not. They were representiting women and for them to think it’s okay to make a joke about women being possessions or being objectified is NOT okay. Anyone who thinks this is funny and humorous is not okay. I had NO problem with the women’s attire - while those that replied to my concerns seemed to think I was offended by their outfits. In NO WAY was I put off by the women’s sexuality or their outfits, I was put off by the idea they are presenting to this community that it’s okay to treat women this way.

Even if “it’s all for light hearted fun, no harm intended”, the fact of the matter remains that people do not know the fine line between satire and reality and that they will believe this to be acceptable because it is acceptable to joke about. Then it won’t be a joke anymore.

Again, it does NOT matter that the women in the skit consented, because that’s not the concern. The concern will remain that these women represent women in this community and for them to be okay with being objects and presenting the green flag for others to follow this display and treat women this way is NOT OKAY.

And I’m pissed about it.


Millenium Senshi with my moony lady’s!!
Photo by Lionel Lum

Mercury- Emily Skrodzki

Mars- Camille Sheri

Jupiter-Elizabeth Lepisto

Venus- Rebecca Hawk

Neptune- Michelle Ramsay

Uranus- Carrie Wink

Pluto- Kellie Wagner

Saturn- Darlene Starshadow

everyone did a lovely job. ^_^ it was so much fun.
sailor moon was one first anime i like as a kid beside dragon ball z, vampire hunter D and any thing i could get my hands on. doing a full sailor moon after 12 year. sailor moon was first anime series i ever cosplayed from. it was at katuscon as will funny how this things work out. katuscon 8 i cosplay sailor mercury and 12 year later at KAtuscon i cosplayed sailor Uranus. I’m very lucky to cosplay with all this lovely lady who are very sweet and great friends.- winkonthings