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The Zodiac Signs and Journals*

Actually keeps a journal: Taurus, Libra, Aquarius

Tries to keep a journal but fails to write consistently: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Has a journal but never writes in it: Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces

Doesn’t have a journal: Aries

*Not a planner

A TBWF nightmare...

So last night I had a nightmare. But it wasn’t just any nightmare. It was a nightmare in manga form. More specifically, in The Boy Who Fell form.

So here I was being Saff, except with glasses :B, just being a tiny blood demon minding my own business while sitting down on a couch when all of a sudden someone comes from behind and takes my glasses off.

Not cool. You don’t take off peoples glasses >:I

But then I look up and this asshole took them.

Yes, he´s wearing glasses as well because he is LD and apparently he can wear whatever the hell he wants :B

 Except he takes them off and tries to place them on me while I judge him with my judging stare.

 When he finally succeeds, I notice I can see clearly. Like, really, really clearly. More clearly that humanly (demonly??) possible! Every inch, every pore, every cell, everything. You can see everything.

 But then poor Saff´s head started to hurt like HELL (no pun intended) and that jerk just steps back and watched. Whatever that pain was, it was his to deal with and we had been suckered into receiving it instead.

Being too much to bear, we throw all odds off the window and we jump off the chair trying to take them off and get ours back.

 Now this would have looked pretty silly and cartoonish if not for the fact that well…I did mention this was a nightmare, right?

 As Saff jumped and jumped , LD´s robes seemed to grow longer and darker, pooling down around Saff´s feet without him noticing and by the time he did, he was already caught in between the coils of this giant black and white snake with LD´s smug face.

I´m not gonna´ say we got eaten because we didn´t. Though it feels like we did. Instead what happened was that the coils of the snake turned gooey and swallowed the kid, hardening around him encasing him in what first seemed a black egg. But then quartz started sprouting from it. The irony, right?

 By the end, he looked like this.

So yeah. I had a nightmare about your comic out of nowhere where I got suckered into a bad situation and ended up being turned into a magical battery/laser pointer. Good times.

 That will teach me to go to bed at 4am.

 Anyway! usually my weird dreams are starred by my own nonsense but since this one was clearly dream fanart I thought I would share.


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