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Honestly can we really just take a moment to be really happy of the fact that this album is about someone she’s still with even when it comes out? Because think back to basically every Taylor album like ever , and she was usually single after it came out . Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it just makes me as happy as a child on Christmas morning to know that this album will have alot of love songs on it because shes so happy right now . How is that not everything?

hello ladies and gents and taylor, just dropped by to post this^^

what am i doing here with this pic? well, buckle up kids, the ride begins.

firstly, i am happy for and congratulate everyone who got into ss, it’s truly an honour to hear the album and spend time with the most adored artist of yours, and mine as well.

there are people who are truly deserving of meeting taylor, the kindest and sweetest people, they’ve put their hearts and effort for years and years in trying to meet her; i’m happy for you guys.

where i am getting now applies to a minorty who got in. it seems quite unfair to invite people with such homophobic views (like the tweet above), who are disrespectful people, and ones who dare to steal anything (this time a board game) from taylor, even just for a souvenir’s sake. it’s gotten out of control, of course. note that, stealing is a serious crime, committees face charges for that. it’s unacceptable, no matter what’s taken.

people, fans are chosen to meet her for their adoration for taylor. fair enough. but there are things we need to consider too.

speaking of respect, what’s said in the screenshot isn’t. it isn’t respect towards an artist who changed, neither towards the lgbt+ community, nor her decision of clothing whatsoever. how do you expect from people like that to show the same amount of love and support blah blah blah if, let’s say, taylor comes out as whatsoever (or whatever the situation could possibly be). who are the first ones to trash and attack her for that? not me, not taylor stans for sure. it’s them.

being so far up her ass doesn’t mean they have the right to be rude to others but still be excused for whatever they do if they are vile just because taylor swift held them in her arms in her house.

being a fan is not about being far up an artist’s ass. it’s also about being critical of what they do. that’s why twitter fans are looked down bc we dare to have an opinion. and it’s never a bad thing.

what is a bad thing, is being disrespectful and doing unforgivable things. it’s hurtful! it’s immature. and i can carry on for days.

it’s unfair for us to see someone be all of the above i said, meet her. this sucks. and is disappointing. because you see, one can be disrespectful and still be far up her ass yet have bigger chances of meeting her than people who are actually truly deserving. this sucks. and it’s unfair.

maybe taylor and her team should dig a little deeper when choosing. and i am not here to shame taylor at all i am just saying they should be careful when picking.

that’s all i wanted to say. it’s my opinion. and many others’. i just put together what people have mentioned so far. you can agree or disagree with it.

((i have no idea how the picking goes btw do not attack me for that)) ((and i didn’t proof read so it’s messy))