at how superb

You 😇 seem 🤔 impressed 👀 with what you’ve shown 🎸🎶
But 🍑 I don’t 🙅 find it that compelling 😒
You’ve sung 🎤 my praise 🙏💖 but not your own 🤔
And well, I ☝ think 💭 that’s pretty telling 📖
But 🍑 while we’re 👬 on the subject 📝 of 👀
How I’m superb 👌 and leagues above 🔝, you ⛺
Ought to know I’m ✅ number one 👑
I 👀 know 😮 that might be hard 🍆to swallow 😫💦
This 👉 hurts 😭💔 you 😇 just as much 👐 as me 🙋
But 🍑 when this song 🎵🎶 is sung 🎤 then 😮 you 🎸 and I’ll 🎻 know 🙈
That you’re 👉 just 😫 a nobody 😭🚫

This is really stating the obvious, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks that the whole trip to the graveyard, Harry and Albus standing among Harry’s baggage, Harry showing Albus Cedric’s grave, is literally “Be honest with those you love. Show them your pain”. 

I knew the lines about Harry’s fears were in reference to that, but really it’s the whole scene. About how scared he is of being a father to Albus. About his relationship with Voldemort, and all the things he had to learn. About the loss of Cedric and how he’s still trying to say sorry. Every single thing is the embodiment of Dumbledore’s advice to him. 


The matchup that really matters today: #SuperBowl vs. #SuperbOwl

Bob Stocksdale (1913–2003),
Footed Bowl, 1973, black walnut from California. Lent by the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts.

G. Haven Bishop, An owl on a perch, 1912, glass plate. Southern California Edison Photographs and Negatives. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Frederick Hurten Rhead (1880–1942), Bowl, 1913–17, glazed earthenware with slip decoration. Courtesy of the Leeds Art Foundation.

[Owl], printed by L. Prang & Co., 1895, uncolored lithograph. Jay T. Last Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Maker unknown, Punch Bowl, undated, China, porcelain. Promised gift of Thomas H. Oxford and Victor Gail.

Harry Aleson, A Floating Owl, Dec. 1970, photographic print. The Otis Marston Colorado River Collection. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Maker unknown, Punch Bowl, ca. 1720, England, tin-glazed earthenware. Promised gift of Thomas H. Oxford and Victor Gail.

Cover of John Martin’s Book, A Magazine for Little Children, published by John Martin’s House, Inc., 1913. Diana Korzenik Collection of Art Education Ephemera. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Maker unknown, Bowl, 19th century, China, porcelain. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

John James Audubon, Plate CLXXI, Barn Owl, from The birds of America: from original drawings, 1833. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

The One, Part 7

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?


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Who’s ready for some more unnecessary Camp Camp analysis? [SPOILERS]

So since I’ve been rewatching Camp Camp quite a bit during my free time the past few days, I thought I’d do another analysis post, since like I said before they’re actually a lot of fun and help me appreciate even more the little details the animators of the series put in.

So what’s the topic for today? Another of my favorite scenes that I keep going back to.

David vs. Daniel in “Better Than You”

(Warning: this gets long)

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Daniel doesn't even play violin, he just brings it out for show and moves his wrist a lil bit while a tiny speaker plays a fiddle tune from his pocket.


why did you think the tune was still playing when they started singing their lines (david with ‘now please do keep this thought in mind’ and daniel with ‘while we’re on the subject on how im superb and leagues above you OOOUGHT TO KNOW IM NUMBER ONE’)

daniel is fake as hell


I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people that Jumin is very cold and asshotic to the people around him, and inspired by this post: (Can someone teach me how to use tumblr) I decided to write a little one of my own. A LITTLE RANT ON HOW UNDERAPPRECIATED JUMIN IS. Yeah, it might seem on the surface that he is an emotionless robot, but in actuality, he’s the one who suffers the most. Jumin is actually a sweet and caring boy who merely doesn’t know how to properly express love or emotions. He is often misunderstood, and here’s why:

Jumin actually tries his best to help in any way possible, and this DOESNT APPLY TO JUST THE MC.

For Yoosung, he calls his mom and offers a job as an intern so that Yoosung can get his shit together.

For Zen, he offers opportunities for commercials. Even when they’d only just met, he is willing to help Zen since Rika asked him to. When Zen is down, JUMIN PERSONALLY DRIVES (AND YOU KNOW HOW SHITTY HIS DRIVING IS? VERY.) TO ZEN’S SECRET PLACE TO COMFORT HIM.

For Jaehee, he asks her to come to his house for fear of her safety, and offers her more work THINKING THAT SHE WOULD BE HAPPIER. Notice that almost all of these actions are misunderstood, but all have good intentions?

Jumin doesn’t know the proper way to express love, that’s why after the MC comes, he is able to open up and understand how love works and the proper method of expression. This is evident in how he constantly asks questions (e.g I’m your honey bunny? …. Yes, your honey bunny is here) He was unaware and is learning with you, the MC, around. Nobody had ever taught him that in his whole 26 years of life about how life normally works until you came along.

Can you imagine Jumin being like a little boy, cocking his head at a new terminology or idea? Yeah.

Sure, he might be insensitive to Zen’s allergy, but if you consider how Elizabeth 3rd was his sole source of comfort and happiness after Rika and V’s disappearance and before you, the MC’s appearance, you’d realize that Jumin HONESTLY, SINCERELY only wanted to share his happiness with Zen and everyone else.

Same for Jaehee. He’s groomed entirely to be a businessman and only knew how to think in terms of contract, money and gains (Quite evident from his style of talking). Hence, if you think from his perspective, it would be natural for him to think that JaeHee would be happier with more work , given the employer-employee r/n. Work is also one of the few sources of comfort and provides him solace from the world. Naturally, he would assume the same of others, no?

As to why, it’s likely that his assumption of others being similar to him is explained by his childhood. Surrounded by a dysfunctional family and sycophantic panderers for the majority of this life, no wonder he turns out the way he is. Everyone wants to get on his good side. That’s why he, in the process, started to believe that what he thinks is absolute. He says that he respects his father a lot because of the fair treatment and the love he gives. That, and his friendship with V, is pretty much the only happiness that he’s truly felt through his childhood. So who can blame him, if he prioritizes business over emotions? To him, excelling in business makes his father, whom I emphasize is one of TWO sources of comfort in his childhood, proud. Naturally he would want to please his father by being good in business. Furthermore, he’s seen from young how emotions can be disastrous. He’s exposed to how emotions can render a person illogical, or how people are two-faced and the emotions they show may not always be what they feel. SO HOW, can anyone blame him for focusing on work and ridding his emotions? Work is pretty much the only thing, to him that can give a good outcome, whereas emotions, the reverse. That’s why you can observe how he throws himself into work when something upsetting happens (He even becomes more productive - referring to after his father announced the marriage to Glam Choi). Before you came, work was an important outlet for him to spend his repressed emotions.

This is also why he throws away everything else when you come. He is unaware of his emotions because he’s repressed them for so long. He subconsciously has been acting based on it, but because it was so out of norm he was termed as emotionless. Truth is, he just had a different, uninformed method of expressing it. So when you came along, you who he viewed as someone worth ‘investing in’ (Note how prior, Jumin viewed things with the idea that anything with a good outcome = worthy of investment, be it subconsciously in terms of emotions or in terms of business), of course he would choose to abandon work and Elizabeth 3rd. In fact, to him, you were someone BEYOND investment, worth so much more than anything. You were more valuable than work and Elizabeth and absolute figures and costs and benefits, you provided him so much more. You became someone who could receive his emotions, his happiness and his love because you understood him.

The fact is, Jumin only wants to fit in, be loved, and to love. Notice how Jumin tries to help others, share his happiness, and at times try to fit in? (The attempts to use slang even though he might be scolded by Jae Hee, and the gap moe?)
Yeah. Jumin was merely calling or yearning for understanding the whole time. Yet, all this while he’s only met with hostility, indifference or else a lack of understanding. No one invested effort into correcting him, they all just pigeonholed him as an emotionless asshole without giving him a chance. They mercilessly poked fun at his flaws (although I do not blame them) Smh. How can you not pity him?

To Jumin, hostility may even be a form of attention that he is glad to receive. As a corporate heir, many would try to pander to him. So fair treatment or treatment that is basically not kissing his feet, to him, is considered positive. Shocker. :’(

In terms of the RFA, Jumin is also the one who handles all the issues calmly and I would say, in the best way. Out of all of them, I would say that he is most responsible and loyal (when unaffected by emotions). I would also say that he is the one who cares the most when it came down to it, mainly because he loves and appreciate RFA. When the threat of Unknown was revealed, he sent bodyguards. In Seven’s route, he offers to handle the party. He shows most concern over the party, more than anyone else. He also keeps in touch with V and after Zen’s route, it was implied that he spends much of his time searching for V. For those who have watched the secret endings, you know very well what he has done as well. When V fails to step up, he sees it as his responsibility to replace V and take care of everyone. He faithfully believed in V when everyone else doubted him.

Think about it. When Rika ‘passed away’, and when V went blind and eventually (spoiler), who did you think suffered the most..? Jumin was practically kept in the dark despite being V and Rika’s close friend. I can safely say he suffered much too, alone. Yet he pressed on.. If I lost my only two friends I would probably just die lmao. I honestly don’t know how he’s still alive.

Even after all that shit, he continues to love and take care of the RFA. He even said it himself, he views them as family, and when he needed an escape (e.g dining with father and Glam Choi) he turned to RFA, citing it as, I quote “quite addictive”. Even when he didn’t exactly fit in with the RFA, he called them his family. The connotations of a family? Warmth, belonging, love.

I repeat, even when he was picked on a lot, he called the RFA his family. A guy who thinks that all women are terrible money leechers or who seems emotionless willingly recognizes RFA as a place of warmth and love. Still emotionless?!?!!

he extent of his loyalty can also be observed in how he was willing to help them even when they didn’t benefit his business. Like with Yoosung or Zen’s initial offer, he was willing to make sacrifices with work, which I have established that he values, for RFA - to him, the RFA is above work. Emotionless my ass. He is the most precious, loyal and caring baby you can find.

Seven loves MC in all routes? Then Jumin also loves MC in all routes (this is up for your interpretation though). In every route he willingly helps the MC. He offers her protection and advice. To him, you, the MC, provide an opportunity for him and the RFA to relive the warmth and the days when Rika and V were still around. Of course he would care for you dearly. You, who joined RFA, had also become his family.

In his route, he desires to protect the MC because he is afraid to lose you, who is practically the light of his life. Who can blame him for being fearful, he who is deprived? He would risk you hating him if it meant you were safe from Unknown. (Pls i he didn’t take the precaution to delay you, you would’ve been bombed into smithereens by Unknown). He would defy his father for you. He would drop anything for you. Can you see that selflessness?? Sure it starts off as possessiveness, but as you guide him along, he learns what love is and how to love properly!!

Honestly if this doesn’t convince you of Jumin’s character, idk what will because if I’m in his shoes I would never let my s/o go even if they wanted to lmao.

And honestly? His handling of his emotions is marvelous in the good ending. Imagine if you’ve been starved for food with little scraps here and there for your whole life. Then suddenly one fine day you have a buffet offered to you. What would you do? I reckon it’s the same with Jumin. The fact that he is willing to grapple with it and overcome it when he can just up and kidnap you is superb tbh (how did he not become a psychopath lol). He understands the consequences. He values and loves you more than he values his own satisfaction :’( My baby boy.

Yeah sure Jumin behaves really unpleasant at first, but if you take the time to understand him you’d realise that he’s just a precious boy. And Jumin’s character undergoes SUPERB development. From arrogant and ignorant he becomes sensitive and humble. And that goes to show how he is actually just a sweet boy who only wishes to improve.

In fact, I strongly suggest that all of you try his route and get the good ending/normal ending. Especially the normal ending. (SPOILERS!) Jumin becomes a man who is humble, and openly caring in the normal end. He quits his job as a director and opens his own business with MC, and develops a close relationship with his employees, to the point where he even surprises the MC on her birthday with them! I personally interpreted his resignation as freedom from the cold world of business and his attachment to his father. Godsdamn, I was so HAPPY. (SPOILERS END) I almost cried when I got it tbh, Jumin becomes the best he possibly can. He grows so much and becomes so much happier with the MC. Personally I would say it’s my favourite ending of all the endings in the game. :’( Would strongly recommend it, esp for Jumin haters! I assure you it changes your opinion of him, his character development becomes really pronounced.

People should be more appreciative of Jumin and acknowledge what he’s done for the RFA. If the RFA were a game he would be one of the team carries lmao. He may seem an ass on the surface but he is actually just a precious baby trying to protect himself with prickly spikes :( We need to protect him!!!

I just want to take a moment to appreciate how superb the whole Moana soundtrack is. That’s it, you can move on with your dash now. 

Friday Top Ten-Week 1

So I LOVE making lists…. I’m just weird that way. I thought it would be fun to do a weekly list having to do with my obsession…..Supernatural, what else??? So every Friday I’m gonna post a Top Ten list related to my favorite show.  So here goes! My list for week 1.

My Top Ten favorite episodes of Supernatural…………

10.  Heaven and Hell- I loved the Anna character, and I thought it was really cool how they came up with the idea to let the angels and the demons fight it out so they could get away.  

9.  Season, Seven. Time for a Wedding!- This was my least favorite season, but Becky is a hoot, and this episode is the introduction of Garth, who I adore! Also, the bad guy is Leslie Odom, Jr from Hamilton.

8.  Just My Imagination- Was Sully not the cutest? Dean had some really funny lines in this, and Richard Speight directed.

7.  Goodbye Stranger-  Meg 2.0 dies in this one.  If I was a demon I would probably be Meg.  LOVE her! Megstiel forever!

6.  Fan Fiction-  There is no singing in Supernatural, except when there’s subtext.

5. Baby- Sam and Dean in the car being brothers.  

4.  Mystery Spot-  THE TRICKSTER!!! I just love Gabriel so much! The snark! The one-liners! He better not be DEAD dead.

3.  The Rapture- How Jimmy became Cas.  Superb acting by Misha Collins. Jimmy sacrificing himself to save Claire! Another appearance by Anna.  

2.  The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo- CHARLIE!!! This so appealed to the Ren Faire geek in me I can’t even tell you! And Dean looked SO hot in that outfit.

1…… Clap Your Hands if You Believe- Soulless! Sam does THINGS to me, and this is the best Soulless! Sam episode in my opinion.  So many good lines. “Fight the fairies, Sam!” “The fourth kind is a butt thing!” And Robert Picardo was my favorite Star Trek doctor, so it was great to see him again!

And there you have it!  Stay tuned for next weeks list

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pastel-mep  asked:

Can you post the chords?? :DD

  G         G           D
I hope this won’t sound impolite
   G    G         C   D
Or come across as too forthright
    G    G7         C    Cm
But even though you seem alright, I...
G         D           G
Think I’m better than you!

    G                   D
Now please do keep this thought in mind
       G                D
That’s just my personal conviction
       G         G7          C         D
You’re smart and fun, you’re sweet and kind
    G                      D
I’d call our friendship an addiction

     G                      G7
Your shoes are shined, your breath dulce
    C              Cm
But still I find I have to say, I…
G       D                    G
Think I might be better than you!

You seem impressed with what you’ve shown
    Cm                   Gm
But I don’t find it that compelling
You’ve sung my praise but not your own
    Cm                          Gm
And well, I think that’s pretty telling

But while we’re on the subject of
    Cm             Bbdim
How I’m superb and leagues above, you
Gm       D/A             Gm
Ought to know I’m number one

Cm                           Gm
I know that might be hard to swallow
Cm             D               Gm
This hurts you just as much as me
Cm                              Gm
But when this song is sung then you and I’ll know
D                      Gm
That you’re just a nobody

     G                   D
Well friend I don't know what to say

    G                  D
Try starting with your resignation

      G               D
Let's end this in the finale

    G                D
I'm dying from anticipation

You’re really great, but let me state (You've been outdone)
You denigrate and seem to hate (Now I've really won)
The fact I’ll break you, abdicate (But it was fun)
Before I can asphyxiate, I... (Your end's begun, and...)

G       D                    G
Think I might be better than you! (Now I know I'm better than you!)
G          D               G
Don’t hate me because it’s true! (And I'll prove it to you, too!)

     G     G7  C      Cm (hold it till the end)
Just know, I'm better than.....
(So watch as I identify
The skill to show I qualify
Like keeping up this camp charade
And tricking kids to drink kool-aid
To sacrifice them—)

(( these are the chords and here is the website I found them from uwu ))

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2D with an s/o that loves to give him affection, allllll the affection for him, like they think "only the best for him cuz he is the best and i love him" they just spoil him, can be in the nsfw sense to if ur up to to (love ur blog m8 <3)

i don’t really do nsfw haha ill have to add that to the rules lmao


  • You love spoiling your boyfriend with your love and affection, no doubt about it.
  • Every morning after waking up, you make sure to give him a big ol’ hug from yours truly.
  • 2D is kinda-sorta really clingy, so he never minds. Ever.
  • PDA like hand-holding and cute kisses are very okay, very acceptable, and very, very nice.
  • Cheeky smooch? He doesn’t mind. Cute little post-it notes hidden around the house that tell him how cute/nice/sweet/superb he is? Oh, he loves that. And trust me, when you deflect Murdoc’s petty side-comments, Stu feels so heart-warmed. 
  • Movie nights are always fun. Cuddling is the best. 
  • When you kiss him, it’s so full of meaning and purpose that he has no other choice but to kiss you back, obviously.
  • You two are so in love, and trust me- you think that you’re too affectionate? He’s the worst at leaving you alone (which is good, by the way). 
  • He likes givin’ you the daily smooch-smooch as well.