at how good they look

marelamia  asked:

oh my god oh my god oh my goDDDD AYMMI THOSE ANDREWS. what a strong sweaty boy. on a scale of one to ten how much was neil blushing when he saw andrew like that,,, like,, neil: *running on the treadmill, cool, calm, collected* andrew: *looks like that* neil: *trips* we gotTA GO

the boy HIMSELF!! also since a lot of u wondered how neil would have reacted, this is my take:

I can’t believe Dan and Phil have got the nerve, the fucking gall, to walk around looking rich and sexy like that. Like they have any right to be that damn good looking. Like I don’t have shit to do on this nice Tuesday afternoon. Honestly how dare they


“First of all, thank you to Swings and to those who voted for me on The Unit. I feel like I grew a lot through The Unit and it was a good opportunity for me to look back on many things. Thank you to all of the teachers, senior mentors, and Rain for teaching me many things and your helpful words. I also want to thank the staff who worked night and day for the show. I was unfortunately eliminated, but I will use this to work harder on the next album activities and personal activities. Thank you for giving me lots of love and have a warm winter!”  Sebin of SNUPER (46th place)

when darkness turns 2 light………… it ends 2night….. it ends 2night….

……………………. in the end I gave in


breathtaking 🌅


the happiest boy when surrounded by dogs ♡