at how good the fic is

This fic was really cute! I really enjoyed how they wrote Takenaka’s mind reading. My gosh, it’s good to see more Takenaka/Ritsu content, they work so weirdly well! I’m not sure if the author has a Tumblr account, if you know let me know and I’ll update!

EDIT: Author is @voiider and it was a birthday gift for @hydrachea, whom I both actually so hahahahaha

Things Better Left Unthought by wetsocks (Toki_Blade)

I know a lot of you are looking for an update from any number of my fics, but I’ve somehow found some inspiration for my original fantasy novel so I’m going to run with it as long as I can. The last time I was this productive with an original piece, I finished a whole book. So I’m gonna see how far this will take me. 

After all, I can probably get out a good 100,000 words in a fews weeks if I’m inspired enough. Maybe I’ll actually have something worth editing and publishing in the end. 

I can only hope. 

I really don’t understand how everyone sees Zach as some biology god and just gets good grades and it comes naturally. Like no Zach really loves biology and is good at it but he stays up until 3am going over notes and lessons. He sometimes falls asleep in other classes because he stayed up too late the night before, but when he walks into bio he automatically isn’t sleepy anymore. He writes little flashcards that he reads right before tests. He stays after school sometimes to ask his teacher about things he didn’t understand during class. He has a good grade in the class but he works really hard for it because my boy is just so determined to exceed in biology.

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Hey sorry but what war fic are you talking about?



he brings the sun (to its knees)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: dreampvck
Genre: College!AU, Texting, Friends with Benefits!AU, Neighbours!AU
Rating: NC-17
d-boy: i just met the cutest fuckin guy
princess jin: and ???
joonie: how is this… an issue…
d-boy: and i knocked him to the floor
d-boy: and swore at him
d-boy: plus
d-boy: im p sure he was on his way home after dicking someone down so
d-boy: he’s probably taken

alternatively: college au where jimin is yoongi’s next-door-neighbour’s fuck-buddy, and yoongi can’t keep his eyes (or his hands) to himself.

Admin’s Notes: Okay so I love this fic and wait for updates every single day.(that’s an exaggeration but u get me.) The characterisation of everyone is really good. It is probably one of the only fics I’ve read that has realistic feelings towards third-wheeling. Yoongi is a swell guy and he deserves the world in this fic. honestly everyone is so nice in this fic so I know it’s headed for angst town but I love it anyway.

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos!

-admin bex

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How would you make Todo react when he finally learns just what a huge, cruel joke that entire thing with Mido was? Do you think he would be furious with those kids he never knew? Or horrified? Or would he be hurting for Izuku above all? What would his first thought be? I imagine him gently cradling Mido's gorgeous face and then hugging the life out of him, and then giving him the sweetest kiss he's ever known. Your writing makes me think things, how dare you be this good.


Once he gets past the confusion he’d probably have a knee-jerk anger reaction on Izuku’s behalf. And he does voice his first thought in the fic: “Why would anyone joke about being in love with you?”

Because he’s completely gone for Izuku at this point, and those feelings (and Izuku himself) are incredibly important to him. So, the thought of someone turning that into a joke, to the point where expressions of love actually cause Izuku pain, is not only repulsive to him, but just plain doesn’t make any sense.

And knowing this, I think he’d put extra effort into showing Izuku that he is loved, and it’s not a joke. Of course, he’d show it in his own awkward, emotionally floundering way (he’s trying, okay, he’s bad at this but he’s trying) but the message gets across just fine.


A couple of days ago, was telling my dear friend @erikamariapell how I had this in my drafts - and today seemed like a good day to actually post it.

My current aesthetic is Bughead Soulmates Fic.

I need there to be a million of them. I’ve read like 5 and I’m hooked. HOOKED!

I don’t care if it’s their name or initials or the first thing they speak to one another tattooed on them. Or bumps and bruises turning the other person colours. Or only seeing in black and white until they meet (oooh what if Bughead always could see colour since they met as children!?) 

Or a timer built into their arm to indicate when they’ll meet their true love (like “Timer” the super cute film - if you haven’t seen it you should! And then write me a Bughead!Timer fic! lol.) but yeah. 

Any kind of Soulmate Fic would make me happy today. 

Fic writers - do a girl a solid. *pupydog eyes*

Write it or Rec it. I’m easy. Just tag me so I can actually read it. lol.

Every Me And Every You - Eight

When you awoke the next morning you were still lying face down and Spencer was still in bed next to you. You’d been covered up at some point, the quilt heavy on your body and you noticed a bottle of aloe vera gel on the stand next to the bed.

You wriggled, assessing how sore you felt. It wasn’t too bad actually. Still a bit stingy but you could cope.

“Good morning.” Came a voice from the man next to you.

The first time you’d heard Spencer’s morning voice you’d been out on a case and the team had barely had two hours of sleep between you all. When you’d bumped into him in the hallway outside your rooms, you’d thought you’d walked into a completely different person. One that just happened to have your colleague’s face. In your sleep deprived state, that didn’t seem that odd.

It was amazing how different he sounded when he first woke up, quiet and croaky, his words breaking every so often. Two coffees normally did the trick though. You liked morning, pre coffee Spencer, getting to experience him most days now on the way to work as he chugged home made coffee in an effort to wake himself up.

He didn’t seem to sleep much, something emphasised by the dark shadows under his eyes although he’d told you they were there whether he slept or not. Sometimes they were more prominent, others times not. Pre coffee Spencer was often more amusing than post coffee Spencer. He got irritated very easily at rush hour drivers and would often go off on little mini rants just talking to himself for five minutes, his croaky voice filled with annoyance and expletives that stopped when he got to the office. Other times when he was more sleep deprived, he’d become very philosophical but it a lazy way. Starting deep sentences but then dropping off halfway through as if he didn’t know how to continue. You didn’t mind what he was talking about though. Pre coffee Spencer’s voice was what you were listening to. It was one of the things that added to his attractiveness and you were secretly glad that you got to experience it on a regular basis.

You’d never actually woken up next to pre coffee Spencer though. And lying in bed and hearing that voice made you feel things.

You rolled onto your side so you could face him, seeing him do the same.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, his voice fading on the you. He coughed, trying to clear his throat.

“I’m okay. Not too bad I don’t think. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it could be.”

“No, it’s not. I could very easily have made it so you wouldn’t actually be able to sit down, but perhaps I’ll save that for when I know we’ve got more than two days off.”

“Is it weird that I’m looking forward to that?”

“Stop asking if things are weird, Y/N. It’ll only be weird if you make it so. Just because this is out of your ordinary, doesn’t mean it’s not lots of people’s standard.”

“Sorry. It’s just….. So new to me. These feelings.”

“I know, I get it. It was to me as well when I first started.”

“How did you first start by the way?” Something you’d been meaning to ask him.

“A girl I was seeing when I was 22 got me into it. She asked me to tie her up and spank her and I realised that the thought of doing it didn’t offend me and actually quite excited me. So we ended up exploring it gradually together. I was with her for two years in total.”

“Really? No one’s every mentioned you having girlfriends Spencer.”

You all knew about JJ and Will, Penelope and Kevin, Derek and his one night stands, along with the stories of Rossi’s many wives. The team even knew about the two men you’d casually seen during your time with the BAU. Yet no one ever mentioned Spencer having a girlfriend. In fact he was the butt of many of Morgan’s jokes for his lack of a girlfriend.

“Just because I choose to keep that part of my life separate doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I just don’t like having my personal life paraded for all of the team to see and discuss. Plus, given my job, I feel safer not having the team know about any casual partners I’ve had.” Fair point.

“Have all of your partners been into this?”

“No. Like I said before, it takes time and effort to find people to do this with. Embarking on this sort of relationship with someone takes a lot of energy.”


“Spencer, what are we then? To each other I mean. Because I don’t feel this is a relationship as such, but yet you’ve made it clear that we won’t have other partners whilst we’re doing this with each other.” Ugh. You sounded like a teenaged girl having the “will you go steady with me” conversation. Which isn’t what you were trying to get at all.

“Excellent question Y/N. The answer to which is complicated because of the dynamic and because we work so closely together. So forgive me if I’m vague. Right now, we’re two friends exploring a certain aspect of our personalities that isn’t that easy to explore with just anyone.”

“And that aspect involves us going out into public together, having you act like we’re on a date and then taking me home and fucking me senseless?”

“I hoped it wasn’t senseless Y/N. I’d hoped that you were feeling senses you’d not felt before.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do, but back to your question. I don’t know what category of relationship we fall into. I enjoy your company, I certainly find you attractive, and I definitely enjoy playing and exploring with you. And yes, this exploring will involve us going out and play acting as a couple. But are we a couple? No. We’re not.”


“So…. We’re fuck buddies? Friends with benefits. Sex with no strings attached?”

“Nope, only chains and clamps attached.”

You both laughed at his joke before he continued. “If it helps you block us off into a relationship category, then fuck buddies pretty much covers it.”

“Is that why you’ve not actually kissed me? I’ve never had sex before without kissing the person who’s penis is inside me.”

He pursed his lips, amusement in his eyes.

“I’ve not kissed you before I’ve never got the vibe that you wanted me to. If you want to kiss, then we can kiss. Just… Maybe after we’ve brushed our teeth.”

You thought about it for a few moments.

“Actually…. No. Not that I don’t find you kissable, quite the opposite. You actually have a very pretty mouth…. ”

“As do you, very plump pink lips, almost the exact colour as your other…”

You interrupted him.

“Don’t even go there please. And I presume we’re no longer playing so me butting in doesn’t count as a strike against me.” You chuckled at the double meaning of those words.

“Yes we’re no longer playing. Unless we’ve decided in advance that it’s an overnight thing then you can pretty much say that once we go to sleep, it’s definitely over.”

“Good. Maybe just to clarify you can tell me? Just so I’m sure and don’t wind up with a huge tally of whacks against me. But back to the kissing, I don’t think we should. I think it will help differentiate this from an actual relationship in my mind. If that makes sense.”

“Perfect sense. And I agree with both points. No kissing, at least on your mouth. And I’ll tell you when we’re done.”

“Thanks. Appreciate it. Is that aloe vera for me by the way?” You brushed a loose strand of hair away from your face.

“It is indeed. I erm…. I put some on you last night. I tried to wake you up but you were dead to the world when I came back in. But I didn’t want to leave it too long. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No its fine. Thank you, that’s actually really sweet. Very normal Spencer like… Except normal Spencer wouldn’t think of touching my ass.”

“Normal Spencer…. ” he commented, an eyebrow cocked.

“You know….The Spencer who doesn’t tell me what to do. The Spencer who doesn’t fuck me. Work Spencer, normal Spencer!”

He laughed. “Normal Spencer definitely has thought about touching your ass, just so you know. It’s a very nice bottom.” His voice faded out again, him coughing.

You grinned. “Does normal Spencer want to make me some coffee whilst I attempt a shower?”

“He does. Let me hop in again first though, I’ll only be five minutes or so and then it’s yours.”


Reid climbed out of bed, fetching towels and clothes for himself and leaving two towels on the bed for you before disappearing into his bathroom again.

Whilst he was gone, you pulled yourself up and out of his bed and inspected yourself in his full length mirror, pulling your t-shirt up.

You didn’t have any visible hand prints but both cheeks had a pink hue to them against the creamy skin of your lower back and thighs. You ran your hands over the still warm and tender skin trying to imagine what it would feel like if he’d gone on for longer.

There was something about seeing your skin marked as a result of a sexual encounter that sent shivers down your spine, making you bite your lip as your palmed your ass, checking how sensitive you were.

You could cope, you were fairly certain you could sit down without being in too much discomfort.

But the marks would fade again, just like the rope marks had.


You spotted your handbag on the floor, Spencer must have bought it in last night. Rummaging through it for your phone, you switched it to camera mode and angled it to the mirror.

Your t-shirt getting in the way, you peeled it off and took some shots, zooming in on your bottom and then taking a full body shot.

“You can send me one of those, Y/N.”

You hadn’t realised Spencer had finished in the shower, he was now stood leaning against the frame of his bedroom door, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and rubbing a towel over his hair.

You felt embarrassed that he’d caught you and felt that familar burn on your cheeks. Sex and nudity didn’t normally get to you, it was natural and you knew you had a decent enough figure. But it was just the situation.

“Y/N, please don’t be embarrassed. I should have knocked, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It’s your bedroom. I’m not embarrassed that you’re seeing me naked again….. Although yet again, you’re fully dressed. It’s just embarrassed that you caught me taking pictures.”

“Why is that embarrassing? I assume you’re taking pictures to remember how you looked…. Because the marks will fade and you never know when we’ll be able to do this again right? There’s something beautiful and astounding about seeing the masterpieces a lover can create on your skin with their body or implements. And you do have the perfect skin for it. Don’t be embarrassed about enjoying looking at it. Not around me. Okay.”


“Although I meant it…. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a copy of those photos.”

“What happened to the eidectic memory Dr Reid.”

“It doesn’t always apply to images, only things I’ve read. But you don’t have to send if you don’t want to. I can wait until next time.”

“Ill send it. But what will you do with it exactly?” Knowing that he’d have a naked photo on you on his phone was making you curious.

“Exactly what most other guys will do if they had a photo of a gorgeous naked girl on their phone.”


“I need a shower.“ You hit send to his personal cell, and then tossed your phone onto his bed. grabbing the towels he’d left out striding past him completely nude.

“Turn it to the left for cold, Y/N.” He called after you, chuckling.

Bastard. He fucking knew.

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Sorry to bother but can I please ask if money shot Yuuri knows how to pole dance? Because if he breaks that out as a suprise for Viktor I would literally ascend to heaven(or hell rather)! Also I am super looking forward to Minami's fight I hope the sweet bab wins the fight(and senpai's recognition)! Thank you so much for all of your amazing fics! I always go back and read your oneshots, everlasting end, dream awake and spoil me pretty to name a few, when I need a good viktuuri fix!

I did mention in last chapter that Yuuri has no idea how to move his body like that, like he just knows how to fight pretty much XD he might know how when he’s drunk though idk.
And yaaay I’m looking forward to getting to that part too! Thank you for reading my works omg. 

Final Hours

Characters: Dean x reader; Sam; Toni, Cas, Rowena & Chuck (Mentioned)

Warnings: um… it’s kind of angsty with a hint of fluff maybe? The reader also swears once because why not. 

A/N: This is my entry for @hannahindie​ and @pinknerdpanda​ ‘s #HanPan Punk’s Not Dead Challenge. My song was “So Long, Astoria” by the Ataris. I used one line from the song in the fic (it’s in bold and credit goes to them for it) but mainly this is my interpretation of what the song inspired. Memories that brought you to a certain point in your life and how you move forward from them. This hasn’t been beta’d by my bff @sandwich1317​ like they usually are so I’m not sure if it’s good or not. Please let me know with feedback! 

(gif by yourfavoritedirector)

They say in your final hours, your life flashes before your eyes. If that’s true, then you certainly believed these were your final hours. As you stood trapped in the bunker you once called a home, the memories of every step that led you to this point came flooding back with vivid recollection. They made your stomach feel hollow and your mouth dry.

The first memories to come were the most recent. If you were being honest with yourself – and the present situation called you to be – you were still in shock.

“Your bunker makes a nice tomb,” you could still hear Ketch say in his stupid British accent. “You dying in here is rather… poetic,” he mused while his new pet Mary had her guns trained on the three of you down below.

You could see Mary’s empty eyes when you closed yours. The two of you had had your differences since her return, so it was no shock that she might pull a gun on you – but to pull one on her own sons? There was no remorse behind her eyes, no heartbreak, not even a silent plea for help, only cold calculation.

The look on Dean’s face was heartbreaking. As Ketch gave his Bond villain speech, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Dean.

“Mom,” his voice had said weakly. “Mom, look at me.” You could see on his face he was losing his mother all over again and it made you want to cry. All you wanted to do was hold his hand. You could even feel the imaginary traces of his hand slipping into yours like you always pictured. You just wanted to let him know at least one thing was still going to be all right.

“Dammit!” the smack of Dean’s palm on the door above you brought you back from your memories and you cursed yourself quietly for allowing your unrequited love for the man to take up brain space at a time like this.

You are going to die in here if you don’t do something, Y/N, you thought to yourself. It won’t matter whether Dean loves you or not if you’re both dead. Fix it.

Keep reading

  • i don’t think people talk enough #onhere about how fandoms can be addictive. 
  • like there’s a lot of “hahaha why don’t other people have obsessions like i do with these fictional characters” humor on this site and it kind of makes me cringe
  • because healthy levels of interaction with stories and fandom and characters exist and most of y’all are not at it, you’re way beyond
  • i can talk as someone who has totally used fandom as a completely unhealthy coping mechanism to try and escape from how shit my life was
  • i don’t blame anyone who is at that stage – i’ve been there, i know how hard it is
  • but ultimately, if you’re gonna get better: 
  • that means separating yourself from fandom if you need to 
  • it means developing limits on how much time you spend on tumblr or reading fic or making gifsets or whatever
  • balance is good, balance is key, for almost anything
  • too much of anything is a really bad thing for you
  • and there’s a culture here of thinking that someone saying that very true fact is shaming you
  • no shame, guys. 
  • fandom, in moderation, is a really cool thing – but it, like anything really cool and fun, is completely fucking addictive, and addictions are unhealthy. 

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motherfucking @starshaping made me an aesthetic for one of my stories



and now I am gonna spend the next couple of hours touching up that fic (cos it’s an older one, just wanna bring it up to my current standard, I’ve improved since then) just so that it’s as good as it can be for when I post this aesthetic as a link post


She loved my story so much she made something that expressed that and how she saw the fic and I CANNOT EVEN


(it’s Vanilla peeps, VANILLA)

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have u read the latest sin city update?

*wheeze* Not yet! I was freaking out to @btssmutgalore this morning about how good Tae looked in one picture on my dash and she told me she had just recently reblogged a picture in a similar outfit. So I went to her blog to find it and lo and behold the first post was the Sin City update. Clever plan, Dee. Now I have to spend the next several hours wishing away all responsibilities (like I don’t do that enough already) so that I can read the update in peace. I am ready for my heart to break.

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I feel like you'd be good at writing Akatsuki no Yona fics. Like you mentioned once about Ryuishi being a drug dealer if she never got into being a shinobi, and I'm just imagining a drug dealer/arms dealer esque person in AnY? Your characterization feels like it could bring to life the royal politics and how the masses feel about the previous king and his pacifist ways in the face of the truth of the high class people exploiting the lower class.

I have no idea iwhatthis is but now I gotta know.

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On the Cordy/Tara fic thing: Cordyslash is about the only archive I've found Cordy/Tara on (aside from the weird-ass ooc stuff on AO3 that I don't want to go in to). It's a pretty good source for Cordy femslash in general tbh.


i love how many fic archives there are for the buffyverse altho it would be neater if i actually Knew about them sfkhjjfk i just keep discovering more

thank you so much!!!


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”

Oh, Danny. Where would you be without your wingman?

Inspired by a scene from chapter 19 of Treading Water. I laughed hard and had to draw it. Go read it if you love the fandom. I guarantee it won’t disappoint. ;)


horrortale paps because of @redtomatofan sparking my inspiration to finally draw the cute teef boy!!

also featuring another horrortale design (this one actually being the one i saw first wayyyyy back when and i fell in love with the sans design aaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

top designs by @sour-apple-studios, bottom designs by @under-tomb


Fic Rec: Axe For the Frozen Sea I II III IV  by @dessertarianism​ 

Summary: The five things Eijun learns from Animal’s book // Eijun wonders what the great swordsman had to say about running away // Eijun cries over fictional characters & shoujo manga // Eijun doesn’t look like an idiot when wearing glasses.

p.s. Happy super belated birthday @verbingweirdslanguage!!!!!!!!!!!