at home workout plans

10 Week no-gym home workout plan

15 second plank
35 jumping jacks
25 second wall-sit
10 butt-kicks
20 squats
25 crunches
15 lunges
10 sit-ups
5 push-ups

30 second plank
10 jumping jacks
45 second wall-sit
20 butt-kicks
10 squats
20 crunches
25 lunges
35 sit-ups
10 push-ups

40 second plank
50 jumping jacks
35 second wall-sit
25 butt-kicks
15 squats
30 crunches
25 lunges
35 sit-ups
20 push-ups

30 second plank
25 jumping jacks
60 second wall-sit
35 butt-kicks
35 squats
20 crunches
15 lunges
50 sit-ups
20 push-ups

60 second plank
55 jumping jacks
45 second wall-sit
50 butt-kicks
25 squats
30 crunches
60 lunges
40 sit-ups
30 push-ups

I designed this workout to be printable so you can save it and fill it out every day! It’s a quick jump start meant to get you into a regular strength training routine. While this is a fantastic and challenging addition to your workout, remember that it is just an addition and to have visible results you need to do cardio and eat a healthy diet. Need some ideas for what to eat? Go here!

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I’m sure you’ve heard it before- abs are made in the kitchen. And although this is true, 80% of your results come from what you put into your body, there is also some work involved, and consistency is key.

5 Tips for flat abs-

1⃣ HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) like Insanity, T25 etc. these type of workouts are the most effective way to burn more fat in less time. With HIIT workouts, your body continues to burn calories long after the workout and you will improve your strength and endurance as well.

2⃣ Measure your portion sizes. So many of us eat portions that are double….even TRIPLE of the recommended serving size, and calories will add up fast. Measuring your portions will help you stay on track. I personally love to eat, and often have 5-6 *smaller* meals throughout the day while still staying in my calorie rage for my goals. This isn’t as time consuming as some may think, and once you get in the habit of it, it gets even easier. Aside from measuring portions, log it and track it in My Fitness Pal. If you skip out on this, you’re shooting in the dark and could be consuming far too many calories resulting in slow or no progress despite the work you’re putting in.

3⃣ Drink your water! Skip out on the soda and empty liquid calories from drinks, and down some more good ol H20. You will retain LESS water by drinking MORE water! There are so many benefits from drinking water and staying hydrated. To name a few, water will aid in fat burning, increased energy levels, healthy skin, and ridding your body of toxins.

4⃣ Avoid sugar! This was the hardest one for me, and I know many other women can relate. What has helped me was finding healthier alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth. That is the main reason I use Shakeology everyday. (For more info about Shakeology, click here). Let me break down what refined sugar will do for you– weight gain, tooth decay, foggy mental focus, insomnia and the list goes on. Get creative and find a better way to handle your sweet tooth…the less you have it, the less you will want it.

5⃣ Plank it out. The plank is a great exercise that will work your ENTIRE core and there are many variations of planks. This is one of my favorites and I always add some variation of the plank to my ab workouts. In addition, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and leg raises are great to add to the mix, so you hit your abdominal muscles from every angle (upper, lower, obliques). I like to do 10 min ab workouts 3x a week and choose 3-4 exercises completing 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps each.


Beginner Starter Pack

New to health and fitness? Not sure exactly what you’re doing? We’ve got you covered. This post contains links to a handful of posts that you can use to help educate yourself about the proper way to go about health and fitness. We’ve even included some beginner workouts to get you started!



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Whether you’re looking for a quick 10 minute warm up before strength training or a daily 20-30 minute routine, these are perfect wherever you are! They combine straight cardio with strength building cardio to maximize your time and give you more energy throughout the day! Have fun! :)

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Workouts on a Budget with No Time

So, I’m a stay at home mom. From the time my kids get up around 6 am until 8:30-9:30pm when they fall asleep I’m on the go. (Especially since 4 of my 5 are small and stay home all day everyday because they’re not old enough for school.) So, obviously workouts are HARD for me to get in, but I do it anyway.

I have found the best workouts are around 30 minutes. It’s something I can manage. DO WHAT YOU CAN MANAGE.

Another thing I’ve had to take into consideration is expenses. It’s ridiculous hard to afford a gym membership with five kids. So, home workouts are the best for me because it’s a ONE TIME cost and I can have the program for as long as I want it. Plus, I don’t have to worry about getting a sitter and since it’s at home I don’t waste any time driving somewhere else to do a workout.

There are a bunch of cheap and effective programs out there. I mean, you can go down to Walmart and pick up a DVD workout for like $10. That’s pretty chill because most people can afford that. You can watch free workout videos on YouTube no matter where you are. Personally, my favorite workouts are Beachbody. I have been getting the results I’ve gotten with their programs. I love it. Not only do they have great workout programs, but the programs come with nutrition guides. They start at $20 and go up from there. (If you live in the US or Canada I can help you order workouts from them.)

There is seriously something out there for everyone. I promise! You just have to make some goals, get a plan in place, and GO FOR IT.


Ok! So I’ve been getting a TON of questions lately and I’m going to start working on answering the most frequent ones here for you guys. This is a work in progress, so give me a couple of days to get it completed!

What are your stats?
I’m 25, female, 5′0, and as of writing this, 110lbs. I started my weight loss journey in late June 2016, at ~171lbs. (I likely started closer to 175, but I didn’t weigh or take a progress picture until a week or two later.)

How did you lose the weight?
Primarily through calorie counting. I didn’t go to the gym at all until I had lost the first 25lbs, and even though I do maintain a fitness routine now, counting calories is my primary method of weight loss. The gym is for fitness; weight loss is achieved in the kitchen.

Do you follow a plan/regimen?
No. I weigh and count all of my food. I use a food scale to make sure that everything is weighed precisely - no guessing. I don’t restrict anything. It’s super simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy.

What app do you use to count calories?
I started off with LoseIt! and then switched to My Fitness Pal because it has a bigger food database. As of writing this, I’ve logged over 250 consecutive days of food tracking in MFP!

What do you eat?
In short: whatever I want, as long as it fits into my calorie goals for the day. I have one “cheat” meal a week, but I still try not to go crazy. I realize that this is a question that a lot of you are really interested in, and I think I will make a separate post that thoroughly addresses my eating, grocery hauls, etc.

What do you do at the gym?
I go 3x a week at 5:30am, but I don’t follow a super strict plan. I have a rough schedule that I tweak if I need to, but the most important thing for me is that I am active and doing something. A workout that you hate is a workout that you won’t continue doing. Currently my plan goes like this:

  • Monday: Home workout. I change this up regularly. Currently I am doing mostly Pilates and Yoga, to improve flexibility and core strength. I use the Blogilates videos for Pilates. I also use the Tone It Up routines. Home days are all about variety; they keep things from getting stale, and often I am able to hit more nuanced muscle groups that the gym doesn’t get so well.
  • Wednesday: All cardio. I’m a big fan of the treadmill with high incline. I spend an hour on the treadmill and change my speed and incline at 10-minute intervals. I challenge myself as much as possible without making it a torture session. I want to work on jogging next.
  • Friday: Cardio and full-body. I do a ten-minute brisk walk warmup, and then the full-body weight room at Planet Fitness. I do two sets of ten on each machine, as heavy as I can lift, and then I finish with 20 minutes of moderate cardio.

(This is another post that I may expand on in a separate thread, if you guys are interested.)

How long did it take you to lose the weight?
I’m still ten pounds away from where I would like to be, but it took me roughly ten months to lose the first 60lbs.

As I said before, this post will remain a work in progress for some time. I’ll add on to it as I see fit, or as more questions come in. If there’s something that I didn’t address here, please feel free to message me! I love to hear from you. c:


These workouts use combinations of strength and cardio to really make the most of your time! They all work on the idea of HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) by using shorter periods of more intense cardio with longer periods of medium intensity. This helps get your heart rate up and keep it up! If the weather’s nice you can even go outside and soak up some sun while getting your workout in! (If it’s rainy I love to put on my favorite show on Netflix and do these right from home). You can add these into your existing cardio plan (they’re great for cross training!) or cycle through them for a weekly total body plan!

For more at home workout plans go here! :)

Home work out 17/10

Went to the gym yesterday but is was sooo freaking packed. Almost everything was occupied and I could’t train the way I wanted to as I needed to wait a few MINUTES (!!!) before a machine was emty. I stayed for about 45 min (with 15 min wasted on waiting) and then decided to just get out of there as I wasn’t getting a decent workout in.

As I was not statisfied I decided to work out at home. What was supposed to be a short workout turned into over a hour. Most of the rest time between exercises I just danced 🙈. I mean the best thing of working out at home is that you can blaze your music, get low, look a hot mess and work the hell out!

Warming up:
5 min. Dancing
1 min. Knee up
10 Burpees
25 Squat jumps
1 min. Toe touchers

Dumbell exercises with 16 lbs in each hand:
2 x 12 Deadlift with reverse lunges
3 x 12 Deadlift jumps
2 x 12 Stiff leg deadlift
2 x 12 Side lunges
4 x 12 Squat to butt up
2 x 12 Bulgarian dumbell squat

Barbell exercises:
2 x 12 Goodmorning (22 lbs)
3 x 12 Kneeling squat (48 lbs)
3 x 12 Deep squat (48 lbs)
2 x 12 Stiff leg deadlift (81 lbs)
2 x 12 Squat on bench (37 lbs)
1 x 12 Hip thrust (37 lbs)
1 x 12 Hip thrust (59 lbs)
1 x 12 Hip thrust (81 lbs)

Resistance cable exercises:
30 Kickbacks
30 Leg lifts
30 Side leg lift
30 Donkey kicks on bench
30 Pull throughs

Body weight exercises, repeated twice:
1 min. Squat jumps
1 min. Deep squat hold
1 min. Reverse crunch
1 min. Toe touchers
1 min. Leg raises
1 min. V-ups
1 min. Mountain climbers
20 Resistance band squat to kickbacks

So I wanted to draw a quick celebration sketch!
At the beginning of February I decided to start working out. And this time I didn’t quit and kept going.

I stopped doing regular sport after highschool because I moved to another city and honestly… I didn’t want to make time for it.  I also was always thin so I felt no real motivation to do anything because loosing more weight was not something I wanted. (I  did some climbing/bouldering, but when we moved away I stopped that too.)

But I definitely wanted to be fitter.  I wanted to become stronger, do something for my back (we all know, sitting in front of the PC all day long is not good) and just overall feel better.

I tried a few workout-sites but always found them too hard for a beginner, a lot of stuff was not doable without a chin-up bar and I definitely needed different workouts every day otherwise I got bored. And working out in the evening after a lot of drawing and work…nah.

So when I accidently found FB I was happy to see that it was doable as a beginner from home without any special equipment, I had a workout plan layed out for me that I could follow with changing workouts every day with no monthly fees, they propose a normal balanced diet (eat what you want as long as it’s not pre-processed meals) and by doing them first thing in the morning, I finally found a routine for myself. 

And now 9 weeks later I feel great: I’m fitter, more flexible, I have no backpains and as a bonus my muscles start to show a bit. Yay! 

Now I’m off eating that delicious burger!

This workout is really based around you doing the exercises with as much control as possible. You should use the numbers given as a loose guideline, if this is not challenging enough (keeping in mind there are two cycles) then go ahead and add more. If you need to do less then use these numbers as a goal but don’t sacrifice form or control for number of reps! You can also replace the 5 minute warm up with whatever cardio you like, especially if you’re looking for more fat burning! I use 5 minutes of jogging around my apartment as a baseline for warming up haha but if you want to run or power walk or do whatever you do then go for it!

A special note on alligator crawls- I tried these for the first time yesterday and WOW they are a new and wonderful challenge haha! The difficulty is really in maintaining the low push up form (bent elbows, back straight) and still moving forward. Have fun, I did! :)

For more at home, equipment free workout ideas go here. :)

2016 Capoeira Workout Plan

Here is a theory that I share with my students during their conditioning for the first half of our classes. The theory started with the question that my second Capoeira teacher asked me once after class. He asks “How does a lion take naps all day, but remain the king of the jungle?” I am well aware that lions roam the savannas but the question is still valid. He goes on to say “because everything else is on autopilot.” I thought about this quote for a long time since then, and further developed it for myself as, “How is a lion so strong, and all he does is sleep? or how is any animal as fast as they are and they don’t workout?” 

The answer is more obvious than it seems, the animal simply lives it’s life with passion and purpose. When it runs, it always runs as hard as it can, for as long as it can. When the animal eats, it eats as much as it needs, when it needs it. SIMPLE. Just like I like it.

So this year I am crafting a Capoeira Workout plan based on this theory. What would make a Capoeira more efficient at playing Capoeira? Creating that muscle memory of repetition to craft a solid technique, and simultaneously include explosive and isometric exercises for muscle development? 

So this workout plan has been in construction for a year, it’s still in BETA; however, I thought I would share what I have so far in hopes it could improve other Capoeiras in the world, like it has for me, that lack access to classes, so you don’t lose your health and abilities.

Capoiera’s Workout Plan 

Warm up

100 Burpees            > 8   m

20 Mile Bike             > 30 m

(These exercises are interchangeable based on how busy your schedule is)

Calisthenics - Interval Style

Hand Stand Pushps     15 reps     2 sets

Pullups                         15 reps     2 sets

Pushups                       50 reps     2 sets

Leg Raises                   60 reps     2 sets

Squat Jumps                30 reps     2 sets

Back Cruntches            50 reps     2 sets

(The maximum break between the exercises should only be 30 seconds. This builds your endurance, and muscle development. This section is primarily for your performance muscles, so knock these exercise out quickly with proper technique.)

Calisthenics - Super Slow Style

Leg Raises          Max reps       6 count     2 sets

Pull ups               Max reps       6 count     2 sets

Squats                 Max reps       6 count     2 sets

(This is a mixture of full range and isometric training that allows similar benefits found in isometric training and develops the muscles in their full range. This exercise is tough so I do these exercises before bed)

Capoeira Drills

Esquiva Pra Trás | Esquiva De Frente          

25 reps    1 set

Cocorinha >>> Esquiva Pararelo                   

15 reps    1 set

Kick Drills (practice all basic kicks, one at a time)       

 20 reps

Controlled Au (perform an au slowly. 3 count)             

15 reps

(These reps are set to each side so double the reps should be the total of each exercise you do. If you are not tired by now, you are superhuman at this point. A few more things to do though.)

Capoeira Chair Training

Benguela                       6 m

Sao Bento Grande         6 m

(If you do not know what the chair training exercise is, have no fear, a video is here!!! Also the game styles mean the speed and style you should play with your chair, or object to focus on of your choosing. I normally play with my backpack if I don’t have a chair.)

In conclusion, the beginning of me starting this workout plan came from an idea I received from my engineering teacher. He said for every hour you spend in this class you should spend the same amount of time studying at home. So if you came here for 30 mins, you should study for at least 30 mins when you go home. He only requested this as the bare minimum. I saw that as a great way to think of training for martial arts. If you go to class for an hour? Spend at least an hour at home perfecting that class. 

I do this workout plan 6 days a week, and I also teach class so it doubles. I don’t do this exercise on days I travel 21 miles one way to work though.

Axé e Salve 

Here's my workout plan (I haven't forgot you guys lol)

At Home Weekly Workout Plan 💪
Monday: Leg/Glute Day (Each exercise with 1 minute in between)
5 x 10 Donkey kicks with each leg
5 x 10 Squats w/wo weights
5 x 5 Side Lunges
4 x 12 Squats with kickback
1 minute of Step Ups
5 x 10 Hip thrust
5 x 10 Squat and lift knees
5 x 5 Kickbacks
5 x 10 Bulgarian Lunges
5 x 10 Glute Bridge

Tuesday: Abs Day
1 minute of plank twist
3 x 10 Ab Pulse Up
45 seconds Flutter Kicks
1 minute of Regular Planks
20+ Crunches

Wednesday: (Rest day)

Thursday: Arm/Glutes
20+ Push Ups
5 x 10 Sumo Squats
Regular arm lift w/ weights
5 x 5 Jumping Squats
10 x 10 Hip Thrusts

Friday: (Rest Day)

Saturday & Sunday: Mixed
20+ Push Ups
5 x 10 Donkey Kicks
5 x 10 Squats
20+ Crunches
45 seconds Flutter Kicks
1 minute Planks
1 minute of Step Ups
5 x 5 Bulgarian Lunges
5 x 10 Bounce Lunges

This workout is really based around you doing the exercises with as much control as possible. You should use the numbers given as a loose guideline, if this is not challenging enough (keeping in mind there are two cycles) then go ahead and add more. If you need to do less then use these numbers as a goal but don’t sacrifice form or control for number of reps! You can also replace the 5 minute warm up with whatever cardio you like, especially if you’re looking for more fat burning! I use 5 minutes of jogging around my apartment as a baseline for warming up haha but if you want to run or power walk or do whatever you do then go for it!

If you want a bonus challenge with the superman lifts (locust pose if you do yoga!) try bringing your arms out straight in front of you. Remember to focus on engaging the target muscles in this and in every exercise. Purposefully focusing on those muscle groups will help activate & engage them even more! :)

For more at home, equipment free workout ideas go here!