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Net Neutrality and Tumblr

SO I’ve lived on Tumblr since 2013, when one direction was a big deep andI’ve met so many amazing people along the way. But that’s not event the top thing. The top item here is that Tumblr is my home and practically everyone here is my family and the fact that some punk ass whats to came to my home and fuck with my family is unacceptable. So that’s why it’s not just my right to support net neutrality but my duty to everyone.

one of the sickest things about having an organist mom is during a halloween fair there was this science guy who one year had a tesla coil hooked up to a piano that’d adjust electrical output based on the keys and such. so he asked for volunteers in the crowd and he saw mom politely raise her hand, and she got to play the piano tesla coil thing. but what did she play? Toccata and Fugue in D minorTHE Halloween song. 

Witchcraft Does Not Have To Be Pretty

We’re 21st century practitioners. We mix the craft with our lives. I love going out into the woods and making things in nature, or lighting candles and putting together spells, but I’ll be the first to say, 95% of my witchcraft isn’t pretty.

I blast Imagine Dragons when I talk to my deities.

I’m usually making spell sachets while watching The Office.

I do EVERYTHING in my yoga pants and college sweater, because who wears real clothes at home?

And idc if Practical Magic is just a movie, I will quote that shit until the day I die.

yuuri isnt as verbal as viktor when it comes to love confessions. it only makes viktor happier everytime he does it (ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ)💕 #yurionice


You guys see what I’m seeing from that sentence? XD I imagine it to be the same situation as this:

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Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

Reblogs > likes!! :’D

I cannot, will not, bear you. (vent art, sort of)

BTS reaction to you giving them back your hoodie because it doesn’t smell like them anymore

This was requested by my main hoe @sammieboobear1100! I hope you enjoy it, bitch!


He had been so confused when he couldn’t find his favorite pink hoodie (the one he wore almost every day in Bon Voyage). He looked everywhere for it, even blaming Jungkook for stealing it just to mess with him. The answer finally came when you had it balled up in your arms when you went to visit him one day. After a whole “YOU HAD IT THE WHOLE TIME” scenario, he would finally ask why you were returning it. When you told him why, he would get flustered and pull you by the hand into his room, only to open his closet and tell you to pick which hoodie you wanted.

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When you entered his room and silently handed you his hoodie, he would be confused. When you said it didn’t smell like him anymore, he would get that signature smirk on his face and tease you a little. After he was done teasing you, he would grab his special you-can-only-buy-it-in-Dubai cologne and spray it on the fabric before handing it back to you

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He, automatically thinking the worst, would freak out when he saw his hoodie folded up on his bed when he got home from practice. He would call you, not caring that it was 2:00 in the morning, immediately demanding to know the meaning of this. After you’d woken up enough to register what was going on, you would explain that it didn’t smell like him anymore, so you returned that one and grabbed another one when you had been by the dorm earlier. He would feel embarrassed after your explanation and would immediately apologize for waking you up.

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He would also be confused at first, but your explanation would confuse him anymore. “But I don’t have a scent.” taken from when Yoongi said that Namjoon doesn’t wear cologne or body sprays When you explained that you were talking about his natural scent, he would still be confused, but would go grab you another hoodie from his closet just to try to move on from the conversation.

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When you gave him his hoodie back and asked for a new one, he would ask why as he moved towards his closet. Once he heard your explanation, a blush would immediately appear on his cheeks and he would giggle quietly. He would hand you the new one he picked out and would whisper “I hope you like this one as much as the other one.” Before hiding his face so you wouldn’t see how flustered he was

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The second you said his hoodie had stopped smelling like him, he would pull off the one he was wearing and try to pull it over your head for you. You would finally push his hands away and tug the hoodie over your head before staring at him in bewilderment. “What other hoodie would smell as much like me as the one I’m currently wearing?” He would inquire as he pulled the hoodie you just gave back over his own head.

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“Aish, you know I don’t like sharing clothes!” He would nag at you and complain nonstop, all while going to his closet and pulling out another hoodie before throwing it at you. “You’re just as bad as Yoongi hyung!” He would pout as you stared at him.

“If you don’t want me to, then-”

“Oh, no, go ahead, steal my hoodie.”


“No buts, just take it.”

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