at home kurt is hiding his red face in his hands but blaine can still see the wide grin on his face

anonymous prompted: i don’t know if you’re taking prompts but i’d really really reallllllllllly love if you wrote a little something including cheerio!blaine and skank!kurt you’re so amazing and i know you’d do it such justice (✿◠‿◠)

(also heed the warnings for drug use [it’s only pot])

It’s a warm day for March, which is nice—it means that Kurt doesn’t have to freeze his ass off just to blaze up before going back home. Quinn was supposed to join him but ditched, and normally Kurt would be bothered, would call her a piece of shit and get a glare in return, but he’s feeling solitary today and it rolls easily off his back.

Cheerios practice is going on as he ducks behind the bleachers, pulls the joint and his lighter from his pocket. Today probably wasn’t a good idea, since anyone could see him, but Kurt doubts that any of these prissy cheerleaders would dare to tell on him.

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Fic: The Love You Make

The Love You Make
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Word count: 1,700
Rating: General
Notes: Thanks to damnpene​ and wowbright​, beta readers and enablers.

Summary: Blaine still loves a proposal. Future-fic, references 6x08.

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They’d started Lima Bean Films as a way to find interesting new projects, and for tax reasons, but Blaine really thinks it was mostly so they’d have an office to go to in the mornings. When he isn’t in the middle of a movie, he likes hanging out there: working from home means being tempted by distractions and shooing the cat off his laptop. He’s eating lunch and reviewing his notes for the latest script revisions when Lima Bean’s three production assistants all come back from lunch together. They’re excited and laughing; it’s good to see that they’re friends.

“Blaine!” says Mabel. She’s the talkiest one. “Josh is going to propose to Ivy!”

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Heart for Two, part 8

Vampire!Blaine/Soulmate AU, part 8 in which there’s home and happiness. 

Fate was a cruel thing. 

It watched as Kurt and Blaine missed each other before never even meeting each other. It laughed when they would have united on that November day, had Blaine not died. It chuckled when Kurt finally moved to New York and the two of them were closer than ever without knowing it. 

But in the end, the finality of death was overpowered by coffee. 

Coffee, dropped coins and a touch were all it took to bring fate to its knees and admit that Kurt and Blaine were meant to be and death was not the end of their story. 

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fic: light the spark (3/3)

summary: when blaine gets a job at vogue, working for senior editor kurt hummel, he doesn’t expect things to go so well, or for what started as a bad day to turn into something so amazing. soulmate!klaine, vaguely inspired by the devil wears prada

(in this world, people are born with a tattoo somewhere on their body that symbolises their soulmate (like their personality) and it’s a silhouette, essentially. when soulmates kiss for the first time, the tattoo finally becomes coloured - in between meeting their soulmate and kissing them, someone will have dreams that essentially point them towards their soulmate)

(part one) (part two)

‘So let me get this straight,’ Tina says around the straw poking out of the corner of her mouth, quickly leaning forward to take a sip of her vodka and coke. 'You’ve been having hot eye sex – ’

'It’s not eye sex!’ Blaine interrupts her quickly, flapping his hands to try and shush her, or at least get her to lower her voice. He looks around them awkwardly, at the other tables filled with couples and groups of people. Somewhere near the bar, there’s a table full of guys Blaine’s pretty sure are college graduate aged who are wearing extravagant bird costumes.

'You’ve been making eye contact – therefore, eye sex,’ Tina says, rolling her eyes like she thinks Blaine’s being stupid. She then goes back to her original point and continues, 'You’ve been having hot eye sex with your boss and he’s been leaving you coffee?’

'He knows my coffee order,’ Blaine adds in a weird sort of mumble, blushing. At this moment in time, he’s grateful for the low lighting in this bar, hiding the red that stains his cheeks. Tina full out grins at him from across the table and takes another sip of her drink. She looks contemplative as she regards Blaine, not taking her eyes off him for a few seconds. Blaine sighs, hand going to the opposite arm and fingers trailing lightly over his mark again, the tiny crown marked on his skin.

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Klaine Go 'Round Fic #3

likearumchocolatesouffle prompted: Kurt buys something embarrassing and Blaine is the cashier.
Word Count: 1350
Warnings: None, unless you count brief suggestive comments about produce
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG 
Authors: black-john-lennon, dandalion, istytehcrawk, justtoogaytofunction, kurtswish, lurkdusoleil

As the customer in front of him finished paying for her items, Kurt glanced over his list once more, making sure he didn’t forget any of the groceries he’d need for his lunches over the next few days. Romaine, carrots, tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, deli turkey, provolone, granola bars, and bananas, check. He made small talk with the gorgeous cashier – the one who always flirted back – while he loaded it all onto the conveyor belt, along with a few other odds and ends. While the clerk – Blaine, according to his nametag, though Kurt didn’t have to look to know it – rang up the groceries, Kurt pulled out his phone to reply to the text Rachel had sent a little earlier.

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